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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 19, 2021 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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tracee ellis ross. have a goonid ght. dicky: omfr hollywo, odit's "jimmy kmeiml live" thwi guest host sn eahayes! nigh--t treeac ellis rs.os musi liu. and muc sifrom yola. and now,ea sn has!ye [ chee arsnd applae us] ♪ ch[ eers andpp alause ] >> sean: sndtap! u wow! stanupd ! t up! cheers a andpplause ] that's so nice. you gsuy are so ni.ce i'oum t of [ uglahter ]
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weomlce to "jiy mmkimmel le.iv" m i'your gue hstost, seahan yes. [ eechrs and alappuse ] is is clinosg night mofy criticlyal acclaim tedwo-show run. [ laught ]er everyoneer he has be seno kind d anhelpful. and anyo wneho hasn'bet en, i refid on thepo st. [ lahtuger ] eyth work fostr eve harv neyow. laughter ] vei' loved bngei up on ts hi agste, hosti ang show inro fnt live hunsma. 's so ni.ce [ eechrs and alappuse ] yes. ahye. it's me adme feel keli a kid m i'full of erengy and we okup ato text fr momatt gaetasz king fofer et pics. [ laught ]er text bacank d forth l althe time now. bezohas s officiayll reclaimed the tleit of world's rheicst doucheba--g i mean,er pson. laughter ] he w'sorth $18bi6 llion. it's auactlly kindf oimpressive that jf efbezos isti sll the chriest man tinhe world, coidnsering heec rently got
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divorc.ed that'sik le still inbeg the tallest rspeon in thwoe rld teafr gettinyog ur legs t cuoff. [ laught ]er this is e thguy bezobes at out for number one. uilos vuittocen o rnbeard arnat.ul looks le ika bond vlailin oswhe masterla pn is to dnkiap worlled aders angid ve them fabulo musakeovers. [ uglahter ] t bui'm comi fngor you, zobes. wh meny check eaclrs for htiosng the sh towonight, m i'gonna have four huneddr bucks. [ chee arsnd applae us] fobere taxes. [ lahtuger ] the pepo did notak me the li st of theor wld's richesteo pple, t buhe got setomhingve en ttbeer. s hivery ownoo fsball [ lahtuger ] yeah t,heree h is inhe t holy ruusmp room. [ lahtuger ] can you imagine plangyi the pope in a gamofe foosball? u'yore like,o di want twio n, or di o want to oiavd spendi ng eterni wtyith a pihftcork up my s? [ uglahter ] sically,he t vaticans i tuinrng into aav de and
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ster's. they'vgoe t a foosllba table, and yoreu' not alledow to leave unatndteed minorths ere. la[ ughter a mndoans ] oh, oh, !oh ohye, ah. applause ] we're gog into feel d banow? ah. laughter ] this is ndki of surpsiring. oppele are n botoozing iupt as in n aew gallupop ll, 60% of americansas y they dnkri coalhol, whi ichs down fm ro65% in 2019. are yodru inking ls,es illermo? >> guillmoer: i'm driinnkg less t i'm eangti more. [ lahtuger ] s>>ean: maybe less soumdi? guiller:mo maybe. >> sean:ea yh. la[ ughter ] vei' actuallbey en cutti bngack. latelyi', ve been indrking less alcol,ho but hufngfi more spy ra u yoknow, kes epme sharp. [ lahtuger ] d while mweay be drkiinng lesswe, 're smokg inmore. rearsech showsha tt nearlyal hf ofme arican adtsul have trd ie marianjua. th'sat right, lfha of us he av ied marianjua, and t ohether ha hlfas succeeded in marianjua. [ chrsee and appuslae ]
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you don'net ed a scitienfic udsty to telyol u that hf alof ameranics dabblen ipot. yojuu st need ktonow that pringl hesas chipsha tt are flavor ledike the ndwey's spicy icken sawindch. la[ ughter ] at is tr.ue finall ay, sandwicinh tube rm! laughter ] re in thu.e s., we le ovour poalt most as chmu as we le ov our tspe. accordintog a recensut rvey, a majotyri of ameranics say th ey woulgid ve up alhocol, junk food, d anthe inteetrn for a year, r fotheir pe.ts meanilwhe, 100% cofats would imdimeately eayot ur face yifou died iyon ur sleep. laughter ] and 71% pofeople sa tidhey uld eveniv ge up sexor f their nicery t, ferretwn oers. we knoyow u aren'tav hing sex. [ uglahter ] guillerm yo,ou have tspe, right? g>>uillermo :yeah, fo. ur >> sean: would you give up sex r your do?gs >> glluiermo: b [leep ] no. [ lahtuger and alappuse ] >> sn:ea better qutieson, would
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you vegi up sexit wh yrou dogs? laughter ] it'see bn an ausdjtment for me to be bkac in an offeic tshi ek. th so nyma workers returngni ttoheir cubicles, trehe is concer anbout peoe'pls new lelsve of comft orwhen it mecos ptohysical teinraction. some comnipaes have enev started issuing iswrtbands tt haare labeled d ancolor-cod deso employeecas n show wt hakind of contact eyth're okayit wh. esthe are erthe's one r fo-- hashndakes. hugs. anevd en one f eorlbow-bum ps esthe are ni, cebut as aag ring hypochdroniac, i d'ton think it es far eugnoh. i came wupith a feofw my n.ow from n oown, we'rels ao going to ve wristndbas to shoyow u're ayok with -- belly bsru. wet llwiies. general rshoeplay. omfr-behind gshu. fulluo-cmos. lf-cuomos. la[ ughter ] th oisne just diincates yo ur llingnestos get invveold in a multi-velel marketg inscheme. [ laugerht ] ust falls. che okholds. e [ blee].p [ laugerht ]
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sharing beef jkyer "lady &he t tramp"ty sle. my favitore, thirdas be on an [ laught ]er d anguillerms o'favoritedr, y mphuing on aer xox [ laught ]er [ eechrs and alappuse ] t a copyoo rm, you t!wo hey,t' is thursd nayight ands a isra tdition he,er it's ti tmeo eep and urbl the bigv t memonts of t wheeek whetr hethey ne iedt or not. it's "isth week innn uecessary censorsh."ip [ cheers and applause ] >> presintde biden takin hgeat over the ridap fall of afghantaisn. who did it get [ ble ]ep edup? >>he t taliban, good [ blp ee]ers, w iill tell u,yo theye'r good [le bep ]ers, we ve to geiv them edcrit for that, ty'heveee bn [ ble ]eping for a thousand years,ha tt's atwh tyhe do, they b [leep ]. >> i'mac mhlt ariro fm "the bachelor." vibrorat is probably wha it'm best known for. >> today is black [ bleep ] apecpriati. on >> a southptamon woman is cebrleating bngei wneinrs at the bleep ]f othe year arawds.
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do yousu ually [ beple ] your mom? >> trehe are studies to sayha tt u do [ ble ]ep your mo m. >> the dayton [ bleep f ]est is back. >> the jo'ske on me, i [le bep ] at lstea once a day,ay mbe twice if i feel rlleay diy.rt >> a sthou carolin maan stole eth horse and [ bleeped ] the animal in a bedroom. >> gre tatoee mt you. >> neic t moeet you. >> if you miss any of cqjaueli'sne [ bleep ], wlle' stpo them onur o websit e. >> you'd made toee s a man do what while he was [ beple ]ing you? >> fart. >> all across the house he goes, chewing as he a filthy [ bleep ]. [ chrsee and appuslae ] >> sean:nd a one morthe ing. so omef you makny ow that wi allrnett, jonas batemanan, d host a pcaodst called "smartle."ss thk anyou. [ chrsee and appuslae ] it has a.7 4 rating iontunes, whicish great, t buthose othe0.r 3 peopleav he been iting so vmeery coloulrf
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reewvis of theho sw on i've cpiomled a feofw my favorite as,nd tonig iht am gog into prese tnthem to you ain song. ♪ [ chrsee and appuslae ] if i hatod choose woa rd toep rresent ts hishow it i'snsufferae bl♪ it's inffsuerable there's thnoing to it don't dot i♪ ♪ save yourself read b aook sa yveourself adre a book ♪ [ chrsee and appuslae ] ♪ smee ait ltleoo t full of themseeslv ♪ love them asct aors but not so chmu aseo pple ♪ ♪ sm eeto be a ttlile fake keli mmjiy kimmel♪ [ cheersnd a applaus]e ♪ ts hishow is % 50an autozo cneommeiarcl ♪
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's aia gnt pile of ppyoo ♪ [ eechrs and alappuse ] >> sn:ea we've g aot good sh ow for yotou night. si lmuiu is we he avmusic fr yomola. d we'll rbeight bacwik th actree ellisos rs. [ chrsee and appuslae ] ♪ ♪ ♪ 'sit a wishlist on welhes. a choice that requires no expnalation. it's whe sreafe and daring seamlessly intersect. it u'snderstated, yet over-delivers. it is trulthy e mercedes-benz of spos rtseda.ns visit your local mercedes-benz de aler today for exceptional leeas anfid nancg ♪ ♪
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[ cheers and appuslae ] ♪ sean: wcoelme back "tojimmy mmkiel live." m i'sean toghnit, from e thnew marv el fi "lmshang-chani d the lendge of theen t rings,"im su liu is here. ch[ eers andpp alause ] s. then telar, from nashville,
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nnteessee, h aerlbum is llcaed tand forys melf." simuc from ya.ol [ chrsee and appuslae ] d "jimmyim kmel liveha" s some grt eahosts lid neup for nt ex week. on monda sy,tephen asm. ith will hostit wh his gut essnoop one direioctn's nialhol ran will take or veon tuesd.ay he d'soing somhietng speci al with t jheonas broerths. and oned wnesday a tndhursday, thgre eat rupa wulill host. then hlle' sashay ayaw. ch[ eers andpp alause ] r oufirst gut esis a goln de obe-winng inactress d an eneptrreneur fm roa very fouams everea hrd of throe ss dressor f less disuncot store? [ uglahter ] she'cus rrently minonated foanr emmywa ard for h verery funny show"b, lack-ish." please welcome tracee ellis ross. [ chrsee and appuslae ] tracee ellis ross. [ chrsee and appuslae ] ♪ >> hello! wa,it that joke was so funny. yes,'m i a ross dssre for less.
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>> sean: except for tonight. >> dssre for bold! >>ea sn: wa ait minute- - why --'l il bite. why the noho ses? >> well, sson said no shoes. sean: dr. sams?on >> i have a torn meniscu s. >>ea sn: mesa. i>>n a left kn,ee tnorab lrum in my right hip. 're on eth mend, we're on eth nd. [ applseau ] s>>ean: wa,it okay. so you, , meand i host a pcaodst called "hypochondri"hocyphondrir >>an c i come on? t thiiss rl.ea s>>ean: sos i th. is >> i havae high terolance for pain, so i've aaylws had bad eekns, i was a track runner -- hi! s>>ean: hi! >> and k inew somethingas w awry. tbu i thought iwat s my hip. like, sothmeing's wrong whit my hip. he's keli, yeah, you he ava torn brlaum in your p,hi torn mescnius inou yr left knee, buitrsis in your rhtig knee, moderateo tsevere ahrrtitis -- sean: wt aia minute, are you
11:53 pm
serious? in your hair? la[ ughter ] >> my irha, it's right here. [ laugerht ] s>>ean: howid d you trea it, dan how did youea tr -- >> i d'ton honestly know. >> sean:re ally? exerci,se ruinnng, wainlkg? >> i he ava feeling durgin t he pandemica, lot ofor wkingut o at meho. s>>ean: yeah. >> unsupeisrved, without a mirror, the whole tnghi. s>>ean: yes, yeah. >> sitting meor than usual. >> sea n:yes, i have ttha too. >> and i'mld eerly now. [ uglahter ] >> sean:ou y are notel derly, u look yngouerly. i>>t's a puzzle. ings hav geiven up. th'reye like, no, no! and i'm keli, hey, trehe! [ eechrs and alappuse ] >> sean:ai wt, that'his larious. you dony a kind of kooky -- ist i all wesrnte mecidine? do you do anythgin kooky, cool? i am the ckiooest eteasrn rson -- >> seanar: e you relyal? >> i am t nobe antioo-bt yoictt -- although i was vaccinedat, let meel tl you atth, that w aas quick [ eechrs and alappuse ] >> sean: a im not,nd a i rrentlyav he yellow fever.
11:54 pm
[ lahtuger ] have scarl etfever. no, go ahead. >>ou y're very vacnacited? >> sn:ea yeah, very. yes, good. we neetod do thisor f each other. >> sn:ea yeah, ye,ah yeah. >> i am very big on trying everhiytng. acunupcture, infredar, crysta l. >>ea sn: meth? >>o n [ laugerht ] stju crystal--s >>ea sn: becau osef the energy. >> like an eneyrg crysl.ta s>>ean: yh,ea i've ner vedone the meth. >> sn:ea who has? >> i don't know, somebody has. laughter ] >>ea sn: what'she t wstor dgru yoveu' ever done? >> i've ner vedone a s>>ean: majuriana? e whole country's doing it. >> no. sean: w.wo >> no, i -- i mean, i love a cockta,il don't g mete wrong. >> sn:ea well, that'sha wt we're doing after t shehow, pss!ht i love th. at >> but no, d ion't do -- i don't partake s--ugar is the big drug. iev ner drank caffeine. i had a cup of ffcoee once in high schloo during exam as,nd i ank the cup of coff,ee and i lt like my entire byodla spped againsthe t clieing of the gym. d i was like --ow h do we g et
11:55 pm
it wndo? la[ ughter ] what dsoe one do? not go.od sugar, caffei, nenonef oit. >> sean: waia t minute,ai wt a minute. so didou y wipe yrou feet off, by theay w? >> [ ble ep]. soy,rr thawat s thero wng glenish. at was fncreh. dii dn't wantot -- >>ea sn: because you know, we're readgin everywheer about thbaing. i kn yowou wanted to do that, th'sat why i suggested it. readingbo aut bathing? s>>ean: that peoplere an't bathing. >> ppleoe say they wait uilnt somebodyls eeme slls them. if youai wt that lg,on you've been smeinllg for ysda, just da.ys if youe'v ever rdea tshi packe,ag itil kls everytnghi. s>>ean: giv mee that one you ju ustsed. >> no, ,no watch th. is >>ea sn: no, ias woi gng to -- >> this niso germs, no ges.rm i feel you shodulqu seeze this out into a shot asgls. >>ea sn: who's to say i didn't? [ laught ]er now waia t minute,ou y are gettgin -- well, i want you to tell eryvebody the big exciting wsne on hlyolwood i>>'m getti ang star. [ cheersnd a applaus]e ♪
11:56 pm
on the hollywood wkal of mefa. doesn't it meak you fl eelike, whoo! whoo! >> sean:o d ttha fast ouengh, you' tllake off on the ceiling agai n. >>ha tt is exalyct it, and my ckil wl comeff o again. >> sn:ea wait, do you ha aveny idea where ts hiis hapnipeng? no, i have no idea. 's the mtos excinitg thing. >>ea sn:ec bause i do. no, i do ritgh outside the ross dress for ssle. la[ ughter ] that wldou be amazing. >> okay. so -- i know side boob is in, but this is much. >> sean:ot n for me. >> stlien, you have e.on s>>ean: iav he a obbo? [ uglahter ] >> no, a arst. s>>ean: i dnoo t have a star. >> you dot?n' >>ea sn: no,an c you figureha tt tor f me? >> share mine. sean: leik a slash with our names? >> yes, it shodul just be ru"tnge." >> sean: "ray."es
11:57 pm
i've dreamt of an caosr, i've drmtea of a goldegln obe, i've dreamt o afn emmy,ou y do that. >> sea hn:ow doest i rkwo? eyth call yo ou,h my god i,t's timeor f you? >> i don't know, i got a phone ca, lli was li, keshutp. u s>>n:ea you'rell a in? >> ias w keli, shut up. s>>ean: you don't heav any eaid? eyth don t'tell you? uh-uh. sean: y'loul wear sesho erthe? h>>opefullyr. d dr. samnso will say i'm cleared. >> evyterhing'sot g to run rough dr .sam. i told him, i want to bebl ae to wear heels for the and i s walike,he tre's no way -- heig mht see this. was like, i'm not going to get trouble wn hei s,ay oh, they're hurngti. 'lhel be like, well, iaw s you with sean. [ laught ]er >>ea sn: well, you know. >> that's what you get, litetl lady. >> sea in: want to -- butou y -- was going to save it for lar.te bu ytou've bnee nominat fedor w many emmys now for "bckla-ish"? >> i n'cat. sean: h owma?ny your fifth nominati?on >> ian c't. e fifth minonation. [ eechrs and alappuse ] >> sn:ea how mantiy mes what? h>>ow many metis have u yobeen nonamited?
11:58 pm
sean: ito spped couinntg at 72, 73. [ chee arsnd applae us] tno at all, i tnkhi -- who kows? >>t' is like so ridiculous. >> sn:ea yes. >> toay s that'v ie bnee nominated fiveim tes? i'm stupid. >> sean:ha tt's so great. w homany havyoe u won? neno. s>>ean: thiiss the year. >> you inthk? sean: ye,ah i tkeald to dr. sam. >>r. d ssoamn said, if youea wr heels, youe'r getting an arawd? >>ea sn: no, he alrdyea kn. ew >> he did? sean: yeah, no. >> he knsow everytnghi. s>>ean: listen i, follow you on stinagram did you kwno that? i did not, i'm sorry. >> sn:ea thanks, big fan, are you aig b fan of me? the biesggt. sean: kiddin g. >> clearly the bigstge. s>>ean: you do the greatest inthgs. u dohi ts so -- i think it's so you honedorou yr mom in a certai nwa y. >> yes. >> sean:y b what, by taking a pho?ot >> i recreated aho pto of hers. i kdin ofov le doing .it i did itit wh somhietng else before. but i have this necackle of i think iwat s a necklace that was aactthed to a jumpstui she woren i mahoga.ny dan i have aaylws said every time iee s the picture,h o my god, h iave thatec nklace,
11:59 pm
she -- i steal stuff of >>ea sn: let's see. ther iet . is >>he tre it is. >>ea sn: there's andia. look at those arms, mein are t like that. >> sn:ea then yos.ur [ eechrs and alappuse ] >> so i respefuctlly inherit -- steal- - a lot of my mother's thgsin. >> sean: ye?ah >> and that necklace iav he had, ani d was reorganingzi, and like you know, recatagilong, ani d was lik aere iea rlly need dtoo it now. so yeah,he t hard ptar of atth picture is, those elbows. likei , don't kn -ow- >> sean: yeah, tt hawas some ceni eowlb work. >> it swa really- - t ihink maeybhe s's a lite tldouble jointethd ere. was reay llhard to t ge-- >> sean: is that the actua l drses too? aif dferent dress? >> difrefent esdrs, i just he av aan tk top on. e nklecace is the ectxa same necklace. ait ltle meor wore . in >>ea sn: that' sso olco. that photo d iid see on stinagram, itns ipired meo t do
12:00 am
the samthe ing withy mmom. >> shut up. >> sean: there's my mom. th'sat reallyy m mom. and erthe's me. [ cheers a andpplause ] mesa thing, ahye. yeah. i don't kn.ow doi n't know whoor we it ttbeer. nd ofoo lks leik i did. >> a im -- i mean, ias w a lifer for you. sean: yeah? >> now i'm going int oother velis. [ laught ]er sean: wow. >>hi ts is how it grew, myea hrt gr,ew seeing th. at sean: we both won. ysgu, more with tracee liels ghrit after this.
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rainbow. >> uh-huh? >> i found a red pill on the floor, and i may have taken it. >> why would you do that? >> i don't know, i'm retired. >> earl. >> what color was it? >> red, blue. i can't remember. >> well, in the next 30 minutes you will either have an erection or a heart attack. >> either way, i'll be there for you, baby. >> thank you, baby. [ cheers and applause ] >> sean: welcome back. we're talking with tracee ellis ross. so wait. fifth time. you've lost four times now. >> yes. >> sean: i mean the emmys. >> yes, a loser. >> sean: so instead of making that fake, oh, so happy to be nominated? >> no, actually. i feel the only thing that's better is the whole thing is not like -- because the whole thing was so overwhelming the first time. >> sean: yeah, it's kind of wild, isn't it? >> it's wild. >> sean: the red carpet, everything. >> it's also wild to get comfortable at something like that. that in and of itself is nuts.
12:06 am
>> sean: what about golden globes? >> i won a golden globe. >> sean: you won a golden globe. [ cheers and applause ] >> and what's crazy is i had never been to the golden globes. >> sean: yeah? >> my first time going to the golden globes, and i won. and i was just like -- >> sean: yeah. [ laughter ] >> like, this is crazy! everybody's looking at meryl streep. >> sean: yeah, yeah, yeah. >> very, very exciting. >> sean: yeah, yeah. "will & grace" in total was nominated 30 times. that's true. never won once. >> are you serious? >> sean: swear to god. i love how they kept inviting us back just to not let us win. >> that's crazy. >> sean: every time we lost, we'd do something. first what would you do after you lost? go somewhere? celebrate your loss? whatever. >> my favorite thing is to get home as fast as possible into my sweat pants. but in-n-out burger. >> sean: yes. >> mcdonald's fries. >> sean: yes. >> in-n-out burger, extra pickles, mcdonald's fries, a glass of rose. >> sean: i like that.
12:07 am
>> put it on a really pretty plate. [ cheers and applause ] >> sean: why wouldn't you? >> i sit there by myself, and it's like, mwah! >> sean: i love that. we would go to mcdonald's, in the restaurant, in our tuxes and gowns and everything, and eat there. >> as a group? >> sean: yeah. some of us would. depends, changed every year. >> i'm always by myself, dear. [ laughter ] >> sean: not anymore, i'll come over, have a burger with you. >> there you go. i'd go home solo, lick my wounds with a burger and rose. >> sean: wait, so "black-ish," this is the last season. eight seasons. >> eight seasons. >> sean: that's a great run. [ cheers and applause ] >> how many did you guys go? >> sean: we did eight seasons, took off 11 years, then did three. there's nothing like momentum. [ laughter ] >> you know what it is? you think, i want those shots to be right next to each other. >> sean: yeah, for sure. >> the young and the younger. >> sean: oh, gosh. god help us all. but wait, did you take stuff from set? did they let you take stuff? >> no, we're still shooting, second episode in, i think.
12:08 am
i don't know, i think i should start thinking about what i'm going to take. >> sean: yeah, take [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] they took your soul. you can take something. >> i love going to work. i have to say, the other day, banner, our props guy, who is -- there's just no one like him. >> sean: really? >> pristine, he's the most epic human being and has made -- even through covid, he's made everything so exceptional. >> sean: that's nice. >> he plays music when we come in to put our rings on, all that kind of stuff. as i was leaving work the other day, he blew me a kiss from under his helmet, he wears a helmet. i left the lot crying. >> sean: aww! >> i was like, i'm going to miss those people. >> sean: yes. >> we've become such a family. eight years, all the same people. >> sean: that's what happens, yeah. >> we've been making it through covid together. >> sean: you see them more than your family, yeah. >> yes. i've been married to anthony, to dre, more than -- longer than -- >> sean: ross? >> yes, longer than you and i have been married.
12:09 am
[ laughter ] we're old hats. >> sean: believe me. >> it's really bananas, actually. >> sean: what a great run. congratulations to you, all your success. it's so deserved. i hope you win, and i think you will. ladies and gentlemen, thanks to tracee ellis ross. [ cheers and applause ] the eighth and final season of "black-ish" premieres next year on abc. all episodes are available now on hulu. we'll be back with simu liu. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i've got moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. now, there's skyrizi. ♪ things are getting clearer. ♪
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> sean: welcome back. our next guest was born in china, raised in canada, and now exists in a universe called marvel. he is the star and hero of the new mcu movie "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings." it opens in theaters september 3rd. please welcome simu liu. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> sean: wow! >> wow, wow, so exciting. >> sean: this is your first talk show appearance ever? >> it is. you know, sean -- okay, okay. depends on what you mean --? >> sean: i was going to say, if it's your first time, i'll go slow. [ laughter ] >> be gentle, regardless. about four years ago when i just
12:16 am
arrived in l.a. from canada, my first pilot season, i was on a show called "taken." based on "taken" the movie. i was asked to be on -- i was like 15 on the call sheet, a glorified extra. i was asked to be on "noches." >> sean: i know it so well. [ laughter ] >> a spanish language talk show that films out of burbank, and the host is a clown, dressed in clown makeup. >> sean: welcome home. [ laughter ] >> and i was like, i made it! but i take back what i said, i've made it now in this moment. [ cheers and applause ] >> sean: you know i'm not jimmy, right? >> i know that. >> sean: okay, great. [ laughter ] very sweet of you to say. this film, you're the star of a marvel movie. [ cheers and applause ] this is crazy. it's nuts. >> isn't that amazing? >> sean: and so it's a giant win for the asian community, yes? for the asian commun cheers and] >> i mean -- a lot of asian
12:17 am
people here today, that's good. very encouraging, yes. [ cheers ] >> sean: you were the star of your first-ever premiere monday, next door? premiered next door? >> literally next door. >> sean: el capitan. who did you bring? >> brought some of my high school friends from toronto, some of my friends in l.a. everybody was so wonderful, so sweet and encouraging. then i brought my parents. [ laughter ] >> sean: yeah in very sweet. >> they were parents. >> sean: yeah, they must have been proud of you, yeah? >> they -- yes, they were. they were. [ laughter ] they were -- piling on anxiety at every single possible opportunity they could. [ laughter ] from the moment i put on my, you know, my outfit, and i walked out, and everybody, we're all at this big house that i had rented, everyone was so efussive.pthey were like, oh my look wonderful! that's what you're supposed to do, by the way. if you don't look great, you're supposed to lie.
12:18 am
[ laughter ] my mom takes one look at me, she's just like, hm. [ laughter ] i'm like, don't you like it? she's like, um, you know -- i'd worn this beautiful chain that had been lent to me by a wonderful jeweler by the name of ben baller. she's like, do you have to? it makes you look like a gangster, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> sean: hilarious. >> you don't look like a wholesome superhero figure. i'm like, mom, i'm trying to please go to my premiere. >> sean: what was your job before being a super-famous marvel person? >> i had many jobs. i went to school for finance and accounting at the university of western ontario. >> sean: yeah, yeah? >> accounting. [ cheers and applause ] >> sean: what? bravo, all the accountants in the audience. >> i've never heard anybody applaud being an accountant before. >> sean: that's great. >> congratulations, you love your job, you're one of three accountants who love their job, yes, i'm happy for you. i wasn't. when i made the decision to try
12:19 am
this acting thing out, obviously i had to, you know, struggle for a little bit. and i took on a number of side jobs, joe jobs, if you will. >> sean: yeah? >> one of them actually kind supervise hero related. i was a dress-up spider-man for kids' birthday parties. >> sean: oh, god. >> i did that one summer, yeah, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. you'll clap at anything, that's wonderful. >> sean: as a prep for this role, sure. >> yeah, it was like the same thing. i'd roll up to these -- a 6-year-old party, you know. i would basically get physically assaulted by them for an hour. [ laughter ] nobody ever believed that i was the real spider-man. i worked for a company that was a little -- like stingy. i feel like if you had gotten a movie-quality suit and you showed up, some kids might actually -- i had more walmart. [ laughter ] less marvel, more walmart. >> sean: right next to the mike myers halloween costume? >> exactly. the 1960s spider-man meme? they're pointing at each other? [ laughter ] it was like that. i showed up like that.
12:20 am
none of the kids knew what that spider-man was, they didn't watch the cartoons, they just watched the movies. so it was terrible. it was terrible. >> sean: but tell me about your parents. i think your story is incredible. your whole family's from china? >> yes. >> sean: your parents moved to america or toronto to become aerospace what? >> aerospace engineers, yes. so they did their post-grad studies at queen's university in kingston, ontario. >> sean: that's crazy, both of them? >> both of them, yes. very, very intelligent people, and they have no idea what happened to me. [ laughter ] >> sean: aren't they -- they must be so proud of you now. i mean, right? are they still like, hey, what's going on with the accounting thing? >> they are. it took them awhile to get there, let's just say that. they like to -- you know, i'm sure they're taking credit for all of it with all of their friends. i remember i was in the car, turning onto hollywood boulevard for the first time, they were with me, it was just such an incredible moment. because you know, the whole street had been cordoned off.
12:21 am
it was all red carpet, hundreds of fans that were waiting outside for us. such an incredible moment. my parents were like caught up in it. and i was like -- you know, you didn't want me to do this, right? [ laughter ] you know that, right? >> sean: yeah, take that! >> and i love the mental gymnastics my parents have done and continue to do, because you know, my dad turns to me and he's like, you know, what we did made you stronger. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] what we did was we made you truly fight for what you wanted. [ laughter ] so, you're welcome, basically. >> sean: that's hilarious. i think the way -- i don't know if this is true or not, the way you went about getting the role for "shang-chi"? it started with tweets or something? is that really true? >> yes. >> sean: anybody can get a part in a marvel movie by tweeting? >> if only it were that easy, right? the tweet resurfaced after i got cast. it does feel like i'm
12:22 am
da nostradamus or something. when the tweet was announced i, i said to my 17 followers, hey, are we on or what, marvel? like kevin feige is like, yes, that's you! >> sean: kevin feige the director, right? i know nothing. [ laughter ] i'm like, mickey mouse, the president of marvel! disney! wait, so that started -- keep going. >> it makes sense, connecting the dots, going backward. but that's not how it happened. i sent the tweet, i forgot about it, nobody read it. six months later auditioned for it. >> sean: didn't you have to do a "good will hunting," a speech from that or something? >> when you audition for marvel, they're so secretive about all the scripts and everything. the first audition that i did, you know, didn't know the character name, didn't know the project are it was two scenes from "good will hunting." which is one of my favorite
12:23 am
movies. >> sean: yeah. >> but -- which was good and bad, because i knew the scenes, i knew the characters. but i also knew exactly the way that the lines were delivered. >> sean: yeah. >> so i, like -- i'd remember very clearly, i sent in two scenes of me doing "good will hunting," but doing matt damon from "good will hunting." >> sean: the accent? >> the full accent. the scene with him and minnie driver at the racetrack, he's talking about his brothers, "but marty, ricky, bobby, joey, jerry." but how do you not do that in a bostonian accent? >> sean: could you imagine if shang-chi spoke like that? >> "yeah, i got my ten rings, man." [ cheers and applause ] >> sean: hilarious. you had to go through tons of training to do all the kicks and the fighting and everything? i mean, that -- and you've never done that before? >> i mean, i had -- i had done backflips in my backyard and almost broken my neck numerous
12:24 am
times. that was the kind of extent of my martial arts stunt training. i'd done a couple of stunt jobs in toronto. this was the real deal. >> sean: yeah. >> so yeah, i mean -- yeah. >> sean: endless hours of just training and shooting and -- >> we did the whole thing. and the stretching. and the stretching, that was by far the most painful, the stretching. >> sean: the stretching? >> oh my god, yeah. i learned quickly, that's how you tell a real martial artist from a fake one is by the stretching. by how flexible they are. if you don't -- you can be the strongest guy if the world, if you don't stretch, if you don't have flexibility, your kick is never going to get that leg up there. >> sean: right, right. >> you've got to go -- you know. you saw the split kick in the trailer. that took some time.time.time.t. and hurt. >> sean: we have an awesome clip from the movie that shows a little of what you're talking about, take a look at this. >> you okay?
12:25 am
♪ >> yo, what up, y'all, i'm live on the bus. i actually did take a little bit of martial arts as a youth, so i'm going to try to grade this fight as water going. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> sean: that's amazing. that is amazing. that's incredible. you could almost feel it. >> yeah, yeah, i don't know that i want to feel it, but yeah. >> sean: thank you for being here. i'm not a nostradamus but i think it's going to be a 80 began did tick hit, pretty sure. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you very much. >> sean: thank you, simu. "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings" is in theaters
12:26 am
september 3rd. we'll be right back with music from yola. ok, so the prices at kohl's right now, i mean, whoa! you can't say no. we're talking denim starting at $21.99... throws and pillows for $11.99... and up to 40% off college essentials! did i mention kohl's cash and free store pickup?! kohl's.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> sean: now her album is called "stand for myself." all the way from nashville, tennessee, with the song "diamond-studied shoes," yola! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ everybody's saying that it's gonna be alright but i can't help ♪ ♪ but wonder if it's gonna be on my dime ♪ ♪ we are the poor ones
12:32 am
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♪ ♪ en la vida tú puedes dejar las cosas just like they are... ...or you can choose to dejar huella. that? it's a cheetos thing. >> sean: that's all the time we have. thanks to tracee ellis ross, simu liu, yola, and i am contractually obligated to thank jimmy kimmel. [ laughter ] "nightline" is next. goodnight!
12:37 am
♪ this is "nightline." >> tonight, after the fall. kabul in chaos. >> we are in huge danger, and we need help. >> the taliban rule the streets. >> tell him we have permission. >> militants confronting our team on the ground. >> it's one of those terrible situations where you can see things go badly wrong. >> president biden doubling down. >> because look, george. there is no good time to leave afghanistan. plus the irrepressible lizzo. ♪ yeah i got boy problems that's the human in me ♪ >> truth hurting hitting close to home, the victim of fat-shaming fighting back, laying bare her soul. >> sometimes it's like


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