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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 20, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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> right nown o "america isth rnmoing" -- evacuatison ramping up. the u.s. military airliftgin thousands ofme aricans out of ghanistan. as more chaos unfolds outside the airport in kabul. uspl, the classifdie memo sent to eth state dareptment in july that warned of thefg ahan vernment c'sollapse. were tseho warnings ignored? hospitals overelwhmed. eth number of younger covid-19 patitsen reachin agn all-time gh. plus three membersf o conesgrs who are fully vaccinated ttiesng posiveti f torhe virus. and one state issuing the strictest vaccine mandates > brity'nes new the embattled priesncs of pop under investigation for algeledly striking one of her
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why helar wyer cal tlshe vestigation erovblown. plus,au cght on camera. eth dmaratic rcuese after a man fell toon bwsuay actrks. back from the dead. the icocni toyet railer set for a revival at a major department store. a tndhe show mtus go on. ♪ their ccle olif fe ♪ after a nglo coviimd-posed break thcae st of "theio ln king" welcoming broadway back wh itan emotnioal rehearsal. >>nn aouncer: frombc a news in new yorkhi ts isam "erica th is moinrng." >>oo gd friday morng,in everneyo. bweegin witthh e chaosn i ghafanistan and the race to evacuateho tusands of amicerans. overnight a white house official reporting an increase in the number of americans safely flown out of the country. >> right outside airport walls in kabulhe t situati ions growingor me dangeusro by the hour. guirnfe uperting, sdienng rents and children scramblin g for safe.ty c'abs alex preshaoi jns u fsrom
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shwaington with more. alex, good rnmoing. >> repteorr: andre awnd mo,na good morni tngo u.yo as the wtehi houseac fes increangsi critici fsmor the situatnio in afghantaisn, we're aringir dectly fmro one ameranic familyti sll scktu in kabul. this morninghe t urgency to escape kulab intensyiifng. 15,000 americans and up to 60,000fg ahans whoel hped the u.s.ow n desperate to escape. the white hseou saying the u..s evacteuad 003,0 peoepl sterday,it wh myan more clreead for departure. images from outdesi the airport show a country in chaos. rertpos of at lstea 12 peopl e killed since suaynd. talinba fighters struggle to keep ctronol ungsiun gs and batons against vicilians. >> i actuayll got whacked with- - you know, whit one of theseik le fan belts forot n moving fast ouengh. reporter: david fox is still struliggng to make it back statesid weith his afgha wnife and 3-ye-oarldon s. ghrit now they're caedmpmo ang the crowd at the kulab rpaiort. i was abl teo make conttac with one of eth marines a ind swa yelling, you kn,ow ameranic, erican, americans here.
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and he just -- you kn,ow iad me e contact with them and he st says "getac bk now, get ck now." d anthe maresin are just, you know, firing their weapons. firi wngarning stsho in theai r. i swa holding thi lsittle boy. andus jtry ting to kpee my banclae, tryin ngot toal fl do.wn r me as a father i alwaysav he to risk- - iav he to weigh the risksf o tsehe different options. so to mehe t airport is very daerngous. >>ep rorter: the pentango says more than 5200 u.s. troops are nothw ere attetmping to prossce remo peoepl faster. and in washingnto more scrutiny of the benid administraonti. sourcetes ll abc nsew u.s. pldiomats at the embas isyn bul sen at claifssied memo in july to top state deptmarent adleership iluncding sectarery state aonnty bliennk warning th tathe afghan gerovnment w as at rkis ofol clapse fm roa liban ketaover. presenidt bide wn,ho's remained stdfeaast in his decision to widrthaw, now expecte tdo speak on afgnihastan later today. d senatsor will get a briefing the situaonti in ahafgnistan
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is teafrnoon. namo and andrew? >> alex presha in wainshgton. thank you. now to the skepi inou ynger cod-vi19 tipaents. the numbe orf hospitalediz ilchdren andeo pple under the e of 50 haveow n reaedch their ghhiest level yet, andow n more members of congress have tested positive after being fully vainccated. this morning three u.s. senorats are now among the latest breaktouhrgh cases of covid-.19 gus king, rorng wicergeric wker johnic hkenloopernn aouncing separate tlyhey've tteesd posiveti as theen sate chamber is on summer break. allhr tee lawmaker ws,ho were fully vaccinedat, say they're experienngci mild symptoms. breaktouhrgh cases remain rare dea hlthff oicials stresshe t ccvaines are hhligyff eective at evprenting sereve illness. itom ces asov cid spitalizioatnscr aoss the countr hyit neayrl 93,0,00 the highes ntumber of pieatnts since january. the csiris deenipeng in the utsoh. where states heav among the west vciactinaon ras.te in alabama iscu are 100% full.
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we're expieerncing wtai times inhe t emergency room leik we've vener seen. they are waiting for hours and somemetis more than 24 hrsou in the ergmeency dareptment so that theyan c move stupairs to get a bed. >> rorepter: inis msissippi hospitalizioatns haveur spassed last winter's peak. eth goverrno has request aedn ditional 150 ventilarsto from the naonti's d now ,02000 stuntdes across the state are in qe afrte justhe t first wk eeof hool. the state's top doctoral cling this theor wst part of the pandemic. >> ware e clearly at the worst part othf ean pdemic that we've seen thrghouout andt' is ntinuingo t woenrs. r>>eporter:n ithe meaimnte more arimecans are gtietng vaccatined. e u.s. reporting more than 1 million vciacne doses inamisteredp n justhe t past 4 hour asnd stricter mandas teare lling out. inas whington state the governor suising an oerrd that reqreuis mostta ste emoyplees, health care woerrks, school employees and child carero pviders toet g llfuy vaccinadte or face losing threi bsjo. d unkeli other mandates washinongt steta's will tno
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loalw a wkleey ttiesng alteatrnive. d in texas last night the state supmere court ruled agaitns governor greg abbott. at ruling allows school stricts tinhe state to enforce mask ndmaates. theex tas housef o reesprentative iss backn i siness aerft some democrats ftle the state to prentve passeag of an eleioctns overhaul ll. just enohug of tmhe shodwe up at eth capitolas lt night to achieve qauorum and resttar the gislative process. stla month democtsra fled to washington, d.c. seeki sngupport to block the bill thatou wld verely restrict votginri ghts. the biden aindmistratio ins erasgin nearly $6 billion in fedelratu sdent loan btde. coversor me than 300,000 rrboowers whit permanent disalibities. but tens of millions of ericansre a still awaiting word on a plan toor fgive mtos if not all student loan btde. nex ntew detlsai about the man who claimed to have a bom b near capitolhi ll. he sreurndered after an urs-long standoff but not before tinakg to facebkoo veli. this mniorng the man whoro bught pitol hill to a anstdstillor f
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mo trehan five hours is now bendhi rsba. thsduray morning police say 49ea-yr-old fydlo ray robeserry parked his pickup truck on the sidelkwa outside theib lrary of corengss and called 911 saying he had a bomb. i've got a bomb in rehe. i dot n'wantob nody hurt. >> reporr:te robeserry confronting an officer at the scene. their fst thing i needou y to do is clear this, a two-ocblk rausdi. >> the offeric said it appreead to be a detonorat in the man's nd. reporte sr:treets sthu do,wn arneby buildgsin evacuated, including the supreme crtou and a hseou of reprenestatives offi cebuilngdi. rglae numbe orsfol pice and deral antges dendseing on eth scene. snipers movginnt io position. k-9 unitsnd a bomb sadqus ployed. a masvesi respoens for a city still on high alert from january'sap cital riot. roseberr ylivestreaming the event on faceboo lkiveak ming a number of rambling anti-gerovnment atstements,ve en rothwing chas outf othe window. police cceonrned about this rsty canister ithn e velistream. claiming thao ve bomb-mangki
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materials and 2,000 pounds in coins that could be used as rapnel. >>he wn thisom bb gsoe off therse' goingo tbe four meor ghrit behind it. >>ep rorter: febacook takinghe t livestreamow dn. then communicangti with officialvis a a dry erase board atne o pntoiri wting on"d't shoot ."me netigoaters ungsi a rotob to liver him a cell pho wnehich he refedus to use. exitg inthe vehie cland rrsuendering. >> t theacticalni uts that were close by toohik m into ctousdy thout incident. >> repteorr: polic seearching e pickup sinayg he nerev had a viable bomb. h>>is mivote remains unowknn. his heom in nthor carolin waas so searedch. nheow fesac a numrbe of federal charges. notow north colarina where maayor says the remntnas of tropicalto srm fred left behind a rrhuicane-si zedisaerst. at lea tstwoeo pple were killed inhe tlo foding andea srch foefrts are around 20 people and uncoting. official ssay the highat wer damagees dtroyed orve 225 homes and up to 15 bridges.
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over 200 water rescueser we colempted. and n eewngland isra bcing for the arralivf o wt'has now optrical storm henri. it e'sxpected to strenhegtn into aur hricane as it moves north, crtieang dangeusro surf conditnsio algonhe t entire east ast. the worst of eth srmto isn't expect uedntil late ndsuay. 's been 30 yrsea since new glenand's last direct hit froam rrhuicane. and tim neow for aoo lk at yrou rnmoingwe ather. >> g>ood morning. 're tckraing henri as we head into idfray. is storms i movg inits way watord thetl aantic coast but 's going t toake a turnou fght northit wh a stron agrea of high esprsure in canada pusnghi is it toward the coasintle. if you're in southern new englan ed,astern long island, prepear for theos psibility of a category 1ur hricane f torhe cond hfal of this weendke. citould be alo cse shave for u.yo wee'r loongki at up to -mile-anou-hr gustsnd a up to eight inches of rnai in utheaste nrnew meanmeti, the fesir burning in cafolirnia. evacuaontis uernd way.
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i'm cuacweather metroeogilost vin skcoren. coming up, a major airline ys no alcohol for passengser until 2220. ls ao ahd,ea a bwsuay aan m falls onto ethra tcks as a trn aibarrels into the the dramatic rcuese caught on mera. plus, an arrest in the muerrd of a mmiiaur hricanes ayer ttha hpeapned 15 years o. the vict'sim former teammate is now charged. how inveigstators crkeacd the how inveigstators crkeacd the cold case. ifou y havpoe stmepanousal osteoporosis and a highis rk for frtuacre, now might not be the best time tosk a yoursel..f. ''are my bones strong?' life is llfu of maker obreak moments. that's y whit's isomporntta to help reduce yo rurisk of fctraure with prolia®. honlyro plia i®s proven to help h stngrethennd a protect bones omfr fracture wi 1th shot evy er6 months. do not take prol®ia if you have loblw ood calcium, arpre egnant, are allergic to it, or keta xge®va. serious allergicea rctio lnsikeo w blood pressure, tr oublbre eathg,in throat titnghs,es face, lip,
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[s: fxtoaster ding meet t 4he-year-ol o whrefused wtoear ntpas this mniorng. why, andi? i' m a nodisaur won't wearan pts, will eat eggo waleffs. geyot ur wins where yocau n enwh you l'eggo with eggo. frank is f aan ofaf st. he's a fast talker. a fast walker. thanks, ga.ry and for exunpected heartburn... frank ais fan of itor wks imin nutes. nexium 24 urho an d prilos oectc can ta okene to fo ur dayso tfully wo.rk pcpeid. stro rngelief for fans of fast. wee'r back with a hoierc rescue at a bwsuay station here in new york. a man had aei szurend a flel on ttohe track wsith a tinra fast approainchg. an nypd transit officer quickly jump dedown to hpel him. other offerics snaigled the trai noperat.or and a gdoo samitaranel hped the
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fiofcer lif tthe man to safety. the officers are being hailed as heroes for saving that man's life. >>it whout enve thiinnkg we all responded. theay w we were trained to. it's a good flieeng because when the communit wyorks with usnd a hweave their spouprt and they e we're there to help them great thisng can happ.en a>>s f torhe ctviim, he's recovengri in theos hpital whit veral broken bones,ut b he sayse' hs grafutelo tthe peoepl r saving his life. authoriti iesn washingnto atste have trackedow dnhe t firs mturder hornets nest of 2021. witas locatedea nr blaine not far from where a murderor hnet was spottedas lt week. stat eexpertsre a developing a anpl toli eminatehe tne st. thauoritiesay s there could be more and want the public to port any sightings. the hneorts prey othn e vuerlnable honeybee population. he t fan favoriteet railer toys " ur"s is oductionre a availableow n from and macycos.m. dan starting next year aid we seleioctn of customerav forites will beva ailable at pop-ups inside40 0 macy's stores across
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the > and amazon says ist' expainndg intohe t bricknd a mortar binusess with pnsla to enop departmten store-slety reta iloutlets. ch space wl ilbe about 3000,0 square fe,et smaerll than typical departmtento sres but stillto scked full of items like otclhing, householdte imsnd a eceltronics. and mtos american airline s paenssgers won b'tebl ae to have darink during their flight til janryua athe t earliest. e carerri says itslc aohol ban ishe t main -- in theai mn cabin isei bng eenxtded uilnt january 18th. that a'slso the deat the.s u. ma mskandate on public ansportaonti is set to piexre. > and coming up, a golden retrievesr' dramatic starowedn thwi a bear. aols ahead,he t new fhtig for brieytn spears. wnocc aused of striking her housekeeper. what the singer's lawr yeis ying abo tuthe allegioatns ne.xt
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bryan's life is now in custo dy and will beac fing charges. >> procusetors say patand a jones had ongoing issues and that jones previslouy dated pata's girlfrie.nd josne has said heas wt a home theig nhtat pa was kild.le instveigators,ho tugh, say nejos's cellho pne place hdim in e area of thkie lling. now ttohe new fhtig for brneity eth pop star is under investatigion for battery after a ushoekeeperai sd spears strkuc r durgin a dispute. abc's megan tevrizian has those details. this morning britneype sars under investitigaon for battery after a reported alterticaon th one of her plemoyees. the employee aeglled that dungri that dispu mtes. spears struck her. >> reporter:he t aerltcation fitrs reported by tmz daietling th satpears aeglledly slaedpp a longim-te housekpeeer's phone out of her has.nd no one was inrejud. bu tthat ushoekeeperil fing a complain wtith the vtuenra unty sheriff's office. >> to emphasizehi ts was extremy elminor. >> reporr:te easprs' attoeyrn ttmahew roseuangrd tellingbc a
4:19 am
news the invesgatition is erblown sensational tabloid foerdd, "nothgin mor than a plfrd he ssayhe s said regarding a cell pneho with no striking andbv oiously no injury whatsoever." ♪ it comes as the 39-year-dol pop star sksee to regain contr oolf her life and fortune. her faerth, jamie sprsea, has been heron cservator since 2008. last wkeeam jieay sing he now intends stotep downro fm that it reol hse' held for 13 years. as of now these are only liobgationsnd a i don't see that impactgin theon cservatorship preeocdings at all. if touhrgh an iesnvtigationor me cts come to light and we learn more autbo this, hypottihecally it could imctpa the proceedgsin t at this timehe tre'so n reonas to think that it will. >> rorepter: nowt' is up to the distctri attorn'seyff oice to cidede wthheer they'll file dranew, namo. men,ga thank you. nd a coming up, the retnur of simucals on brdwoaay. also ahd,ea the latt essign
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clar[ de iepnhale ] nasal airflow two timemos re cl aritin-d. get mo areirflow. time do r to check the pulse. we bineg wh itthe mov tierailer gettingll a thett aention fmro vie fa.ns >> oh, yeah. 'sro fm thear mvel comics film te"ernals." take a look. >> when you love somethin yg,ou otect it. ♪ >> just how much buzz is "ernteals" ttgeing? e traeril has been watched er 11il mlion tim oesnline since beingel reased yesterday. the movie is directed by academy
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awardin wner chloe zao. >> mvearl comics is aiv dision of ourar pent company disney. "eternals" hits tatheers november 5th. next the browaady show rcling bkac to life. disney's "the lion ngki" returnsit wh perrmfoances on septembe 1r4th, andhu trsday the stca made an etimoonal retu,rn suming rehearssal for the firs ttime since the covid crisis forced the show to go dark in march of 2020. let's take a lienst. ♪ na sibanya ♪ ♪ roaring bk acinde.ed thshe ow debut oedn badroway nelyar 24 years ago a inds one of the mtos popularta sge musicals in eth world. all right. what wldou you payor f a rned-out house? >> it seems you could get a real rgbaain, right? tno so fast. that's uesnls it's in the
4:24 am
highri-pced sanra fncisco bay area w,hich this home is. aftethr is four-bedomro place ntwe up in amfles, the owners decid deto sell,sk aing for $875,0,00 mona. >> believe iort not, aid bding war broke out and it finally sold for $1 >> yeah. the housingar mket is on fire. next, ara bve golden trreiever i nasalka. >> t dheog wastn'oi gng to be shpued aroundy b aig b bear. tcwah the 11-yr-eaold dog nedam pretty standis hro gund andar bk aup storm as the breaoa rms around. >> at one point they're nose to se before prett wyins the battle of wills a tndhe bear walks off. >> ooh. and finally a new delivery oponti at ohio steta univertysi. robot -- students order through a grubhub app and seltec rover delive.ry >> this is how the rotob volution starts. th oerder is placed ain robot for delivery. offialcis say the process is quicker, cheaper and more 50 rovser are now availableut b eth school hopes toxp eand to
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he ccking the top orsties, eth white house official ernight saying the u.s. evacteuad 3,000 people, both americans and afghs,an frothm e rport in kabul, afghisantan. thsduray. president biden is scheduled to addresshe t ecuvaation effor t todayt a 1:00 p.m. eastern. hr tee u.s. satensor noanuncedhu trsday ttha they have tested posite ivfor the roconavirus. all three, jnoh hickenlpeoor of colodora, angusin kgf o mneai dan roger wicker of mississippi, are all fully vaccinated. setonar lindsey graham tested positive earlier this month. the online subscriptio n service onlyfans says it is banning sexually explicit content beginning in october. the site dha beceom popular with sex workers sellingon ctent directlyo t fans. andha tt wastn' sitting wl el wi ithts finanalci partners. to day's atweher, shorswe in e northner ckroies. sereve storms acro tsshe plai.ns andai rn stretches from ssissipp tio the etas coast
4:28 am
th thuerndstorms in eth > and finally, if you're cravin sgomething new to watch, therse' ale sw of movies and shsow premiering. >>er he's wlil gssan on what you oushld do this weekend. lkioong for weekend plans? rees heas you hey. e aryou in for suratday night? >> for stand up to caernc's big nightn o televisi?on of course we're in. >> oh, odgo. okay. have a few more calls to make. we've got to get everybody >> maybe wcae n carpool to -- llo? >> rorepter:ee rse, ken,nd a so many starsoi jningor fces on saturdayig nht onbc a and all eth other nwoetrks to stand up caernc, a funrad-ising evten 8:00,:0 70 centr faleaturing peorrfmances by svitee woernd, mmon and more. andf i youe'roo lking for somethinslg ightly me or sinister - - >> d ion't wan tto >> you're already >> repteorr: -- nicole kid sxhan melissa mccaryth starring in "nineer pfect strangers" on hulu about a mysteouris health retreat. e firsthr tee episosde streinamg now on luhu. gh jackn'mas new film "reminisnccee" out in theatser
4:29 am
and on hbo max this morning. >> nothing is more addictive than the past. >> reporter:he t sci-fihr tiller in neeofd rescuing, though, siinttg at 42% on rotten tomatoes. ckluily the cttriersro fm "paw paoltr the moe"vire a also in theaters tshi morning. >> a dog? >> tuacally, r,si'm i a puppy. that's even worse. >> repteorr: the family-fridleny film fetching a 91% on rteotn tomaesto. iorf you'reooking forew n jams, lorde's highly anticipated newlb aum dropping today. ♪ he atlanc"ti says rdloe's olar wepor" is a near loerd performgin thisor mning on ma" in centralar pk in jtus a coleup urhos. also in ctrenal park this ekweend the we love nyc mecomingon ccert ftuearing perforncmaes fromen jnifer hudsonbr, uce spristngeen, andr beao cheli, earth wind & re and so many remo. mo anand anewdr. >>ou yno kwha wt i'm dngoi this weekd?en >> sittingn oyour cou achnd
4:30 am
tching halfho tse shows and ghrit now onam "erica th is moinrng" -- acuations ramping up. the u.s. military airliinftg saounds of americans out of afghanisn.ta asor me chaos unfolds outside the airport in kabul. plus, the classified memo sent to the state deptmarent in july that warned of the ahafgn vegornment'sol clapse. were tho wsearnings ignored? hospitals overwhmeeld. th neumber of youngerov cid-19 patien rtseachingn all a-time high. plushr teeem mbers of congrses o are fullyac vcinated testing positive for the virus. and one state issuing the rictestac vcinean mdates yet. britnes y'new fight. the embattled princess of pop under investigation for allegedly striking one of her employees.


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