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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 20, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area -- moving fwaorrd, findgin solutis,on this is abc 7 wsne. kumasi: now at 6:00 a.m. -- a major announcemten on afghanista -n- pridesent biden expeedct to spe iakn a few urhos tonhe taliban takeorve and the evacuati conrisis at hand. >> we veha nothingot nhing. julian: devastation icln ear lake- - but in the midd olef despair,ei nghbors fdiinng hope. kusima: an aialr ert today. kemi nicco trainckg the smoky r in youner ighborho.od juanli:oo gd morning. thank u yofor beinheg re. you are wahitcng abc 7 mornings li oven abc 7,ul huiv le, and whereverou y stream. kumasi: we want to check with theor fecast,nd a howmo sky are we tkialng about? mike: there will be some isoledat areas le ikthere has beenhe t last coleup of days, but it could hapn peanywhere where oksme could ltfier its way
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down into the marine laryer o co imenn othe marineay ler leik itid d yesterd aayfternoon. airua qlityig rht now is moradete, but lat teroday there the posbisility oft i bemicong poor. ckmi sure yofou llow our streinamg ap,p f oorur website -- streinamg app or our websi.te thein wd is notas ftno eugh ght n.ow i18n fairfid.el thmae rine lay iers not cleangin the to fl ilusut o. theoa cst, mid-'0's througsah n anfrcisco. 70o t80 aunrod t bheay. 's inndla. i will show you why the air is going to be cleaner and why you will want to get outside this weekend coming up. kumasi: thank you. if happening today, make sure you have youvar ccinatiocan rd aor photo oitf on yrou own if you arple anning tdoo things in san frciansco. a w newill is iefn fect qureiring vainccations iyof u e arvisitingnd ioor bars, gyms, museums, and more.
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amy is live wi mthore on ts.hi amy:oo gd morninpeg ter we are at theym g this rnmoing, talngki people ttgeing there morning workt ouin, becae usthey are some of their fstf inothe t fit rsto haveo tdo this cabeuse it starts today. this place opens -- opened at 5:00.m a. and ruieqred people to show vaccination that is. that is the case in san franciscfoo r publicla pces like gyms,es rtaurantsen, tertainmten veesnu, theater -s- you ndee to show pro ooff vaccinioatn. fiestns ssaf ys they llwi be a ttle linang d, but thedoy n't think yoaru e going ntoeed to beuscae ifou y forgetou yr cdar they a preointing t ouyou can lookt i up online, but tyhe mitgh goas ey on youit wh a bit a grace pioerd, but that i thai , itand membs erwe talketod caisla it is t nothat bigf oa alde. >> itot ok autbo a mutine minutt knew what to eecxpt that i was
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fi wneith it. amy: how do youee fl about isth? >> a im ok it i have been dealing with this for a year and a halfik le everyone else, so i am fine. amy: now, a few fstir respondser in san franccois could leos thr eijobs orhe tir eight police officials, -- police officers, sherf'i's deputieths at have not own theiprr oof of vaccinioatn, the city is remmcoending may be suenspded and evtuenally thecoy uld lose theirob j, andlt ahoughha tts i the romecmendatiofrn omhe t ci, tyit is upo ttheir manager to make e thfinal desicion. live in san francisco, amy hollieyfld, abc ne7 ws. 'w'll wat hchow this aypls out. omfr san fraisncco tohe tou sth y,ba the couilnc there wlil be coidnsering anrd oinance to require vaccinaontis. this incdelus t sheap centeanr d e thconventi conenter. the mayor wassk aed if thcie ty is consideringro pof of vaccination toat e indoo,rs restaurants, go to the g,ym were
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four oth ierndoor acvitities ke san fncraisco. >> we ntwa tcoo nsider all options dan we llwi look at eth da wtae are sengei from san fransccio tond uerstand xt monthha tt wilrel quire ooprf of vaccinati ionndoor events- --- at inordo invents with morthe an 1000 people -- th 1000 oppele or more. y couanabc7ne.cwsom foinrmation honow to bk ooan poapintment d anget yourho st. julian: predesint biden- - makusi: president biden is expected to speak today. he and h aisdministrioatn are fangci cricitism. >> ithn e past tt hathe u.s. has evuaacted 3000eo pple. ny morere a clearedor f dertpaure. troops are helpi 1ng5,000
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americans in up to 60,000 afanghs leave afghanisn.ta thste ate depamertnt ss ayup to 00 peoplare e still tathe kabul aiorrpt right w nowaiting their rntu. onamg them, davidhi, s we,if and eir three-year-old son. dad:vi i actuayll got whacked withne o of these fan bel ftsor t nomoving ftas enough. for me,s aa fatr,he h iave to weigthh e risksf othese dierffent optis.on toe, m the airrtpo is very dangers.ou >> souesrc tell abc news u.s. eth performcean at the baemssy in kabul sent a morngni to eth state dertpament warngni the afghan gerovnment wa ast risk of coapllse. day, predesintid ben's exptec it to spkea on thisnd a senators wi blleri befed on e thsituation thisft aernoon. juanli:ha tnk you. the fatrhe of a lol camarine ptcaainil kled in tiaconn i afanghistan islo csely watinchg what is uolnfding the arend reflecngti on his n's's crifice. socresat -- often visitths e
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adcrle of lirtbeyta stue in los his son ltos hisif le in 1220 prottiecng his floelw marineins thafe ghan he believehis s son wldou be upset byha wt is hapnipeng in afghanisn tanow. he ulwod be pretty sad becae usthe presceen in ghafanisnta was morthe an just ghting t thealiban. it wasat nion-builngdi. the ghafans love them. and lheoved tm.he vheiewed th nemot only is mrades iarn ms, but as persalon fridsen. lijuan:e hsays heoe ds nowat nt ttohink hison s lost hilis fe vinain -- he said he hopes for the best for the people in afghantaisn, calling them toh,ug relisient, andma srt. kuma:si developing news -- lake cotyun firefigerhts are keeping a close tcwah onhe t cacheir fe. 40% contaedin. nobody has died, tnkhafully. masany as 7pe2 ople have chkeecd in at eanvacuation the fire bneurd remarklyab fast througtwh o milobe heom pksar on
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wednesdaony the sthou endf o clrleaake in the township of lower here is abc 7 news anchor rrlay. larry: theac cheov me so fast. when crews aivrred ty hefound a lfha-acre loont fire. police not far behind. they beg ganoing dootor dootor get peopleut o of har''s way. onalgit wh resenidts, 1500 studen wtsere evacteuad from vefi schools in the area. osthe schoolnes eded deep cleaningef bore reopineng on nday. >> ino kw there rewe a lot of herosic in terms of resincug peop,le resincug anima -ls- oppe hlead to move fasatt the pace ts hithing it w sastunning. larry: 5ho8 mes reduced to to bble, buint theid mdle of destructn,io a sign of life. th cisat, sgeind and injedur by the fire, found hudeddl against onofe the few hesom still stanngdi. we areoi gngo ttake it to
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gesot me care. rrlay: kelly got out just in time. kel'y'som he surviv,ed b huter laretives we nreot thalut cky. llkey: my au't's hou bseurned down to e thground. my cousin's burnt down to the grou tndhey haveot nhing. kumasi: their fe ne larake tahoh slowed. outhsands of homesem rain thatreened as e thfire incshe oscler to hiwaghys 50 an iddiot. the firexp eloded -- 88. e thfirexp eloded55 2,000cr aes liness thaniv fe days and iist still zero- -55,000 aescr acres lessha tn fiveay ds, and it is still roze percenton ctained. julian: y couan tckra the dolownad the app wherer veyou ream. secharbc a 7ay b area. at wouldou y payor f a mpcoletely bneur ddown home? we havane update tonhe listing
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in walnucrt eek -- the final seinllg number of the new owner just paid in cold, hard cash. plus, you're not -- not your average rooftop cargo -- check this image from google street view. mike: that did not happen in florida. julian: good guess. mike: somewhere else. as far ass the commute hope jovita is not -- as far as the commute goes, i hope jobina
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smoke. it iabs out as tckhi as it cldou thanulkfly it doetas per, bututt ll hang ouarnd in quitalies we don'tan wt to seehr tough the evening. no ww,atch oveigrnht. u wake up tomorwro morni,ng what is ingog on --e hsaid it was gog into clear o.ut 7:00 p.,.m the rapid iits headedo tthe north be carulef if you'r' headed atth way. yoseu e the gray mixtu oref oksme and lolew-vel clos.ud teermpatures arod un58 to 62. lookow h murky it is in walnut eek. normal wlye woulday s this is the minare-layer ouclds. thats ipretty mhuc hazy conditions into th60e 's at on. 70's inland, and 60' 7s,0's, and 8''s at 4:0p.0 m. when we come back, we look at the cleaner air for the weekend.
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how about t cheommute? timingha tt out. jobina: cmute looking great. medium lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza, even though it does not look like it. we are get information from the chp there is -- getting information from the chp there is a three-car crash. you should be able to get by it fine because are no delays. live look at san jose, 280, very clear. no problems to report. look at the map, pretty much all green. the wind advisory for commuters, through the altamont pass. kumasi: take a look at this -- i dangerous drive played out on a freeway in detroit. a man change to the roof of a speeding suv. he barely clears several overpasses. the person who took the video says the vehicle is driving at least 85 miles per hour. julian: what? kumasi: detroit police say they
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have talked to this joy writer who could be facing charges. they say it was a safety hazard and he could be facing charges. julian: my goodness. you cannot make this stuff up. i am thankful everyone is safe this morning. a lot to talk about this morning -- student loan debt eliminated -- the government's plan. kumasi: plus elon musk's new robot -- the work it will perform in one bizarre moment during the big reveal. julian: and we'll talk about the video you are seeing here -- the heroic save you have to see to believe. the police officer jumping on the tracks just in time. kumasi:
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it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests
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and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. julian: welcome back. a southbay mother is urging the hit and run driver who killed
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her daughter to come forward. police released surveillance video of the white mercedes you see on the left of your screen. is suspected in this -- it is suspected in this deadly hit and run. the mother of five was struck while crossing in her wheelchair. the driver did not stop. >> please, if you are watching and you are the individual that did this, please come forward so we can have closure for our family. julian: police had a busy intersection has been the site of four deadly pedestrian accidents this year. the last one -- the latest one a couple of weeks ago. kumasi: the east bay congressmaa was in concord. he in massachusetts congressman jim mcgovern got a look at how plants produce and harvest their own fruits and vegetables on campus. they served it at a student-run restaurant. the teacher says this project
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helps them thrive. >> i have a hard the tomatoes back to the classroom because they get caught up, start showing each other, they are eating the tomatoes, and sometimes they do that with the bell peppers, and i am like "hey, guys are conlon kumasi: the congressman want -- hey guys." kumasi: the congressman want to find ways to end hunger. julian: the education department eliminating $5.8 billion in loans for borrowers with severe disabilities -- this will help more than 300,000 people. to qualify, borrowers must have a total and permanent disability -- that is what it is qualified as. the social security administration will automatically identify the eligible recipients. kumasi: a headset maker has created your buds were big with moderate to mild hearing loss -- meant as a steppingstone to
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people who are not quite ready to transition to all-day hearing aids. they will be available in the u.s. at the end of the year and sold to licensed professionals. no word yet on how much these might cost. there is a big concert planned for new york's central park and some heavyweight stars are expected to be there -- bruce springsteen, jennifer hudson among the headliners for the we love nyc, the homecoming concert. rob thomas, carlos santana will be performing. carlos: i am happy, really motivated, and i am enthusiastic about reentering this world again after almost two years, especially in the center of the world, which is new york. kumasi: the concert was planned before the rise of the delta very it, meant to slow the rise -- variant, meant to slow the rise -- celebrate the rise of the pandemic.
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there is a caveat, you have to be vaccinated. julian: carlos santana look good. kumasi: i hope to i -- i hope i run into him in the bay area, him and mc hammer. julian: you dreamed up the whole thing. mike: in their minds, they are best friends. would you go to that concert? kumasi: yes. mike: how about you, julian? julian: awesome lineup. mike: i would like to go. i still can't do it. julian: too soon. mike: it is still too much. we will watch on tv and we will all be safe. how about that? here is what is going on on the roof camera. wind is too light on the ferry building. low clouds. the low clouds will reveal more of the hazy conditions. temperatures close to average today.
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cleaner and cooler this week. keep hanging onto -- can't wait till tomorrow. as we head into next week, back to average, if not a little bit warmer than average. here is hi-pghresse urstarting h wind outf othe norteshwt. that will push clneear airn, i evenaltuly out othf e west, it will hd eainto theie srra if youre aea hded thatay w for the weekend. clear inah toe yesteayrd. not gointog be the seca soon. 86 in los about 72 80n othe peniulnsa. onhe t cstoa, 64, 65. mid to upper '0's. 78, petaluma. everyone else in the low to mid 80's' oaankld, 73. 80 andre fmont -- finremont. mid 80's to upper 80's. ouarnd the today in
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the san aqjouin vall, eybut ankfullyo nmore redla fg rnwaing's rfo us noror f the cramentoal vley. tonight, me orcloudov cer, even drzlize possib alelong the ascot. a litetl coor lewhen youak we up tomoowrr. oklo at the eacln-air coming satuayrd and suny,da especially sund.ay mpteeraturesel bow we will warbam ck to aravege moaynd and tueaysd -- mony,da tuesday, wmearr than avegera, t buit looksik le the skemo will stay awafoy r now. ank you, mike. good morngni americaom cing up 7at:00 a.m. kumasi:ob r marancio has aoo lk wathat is aadhe. rob: good rnmoing. lots coming up on "gma." a hurricaneot pentiallyom cing to t nheortheast- -i will be tracngki that yifou heav frndies and falymi. cweome of cours ae,re dealing with the sittiuaon in afghisantan, theat lest goinong famili, esyou haveee sn the ctpiures, desperate to lee,av and someme aricans strugglintog get thugroh taliban-run ecchkpoints,ei bng turned away, as the taliban cracks down on
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protests. we are live tonhe gunrod with thvee ry lesatt. plus, why you may want to start your holayid shoppinveg ry early this year. we havthe e details onhe t coupming shipping rcsuharges and how tovo aid them. d anthey gma sumrme conrtce ries is ckba in centl rapark. lorde wille bperformi wngith us ve. shise trendg inbecause tofhat perforncmaend a the facsht e opdrped her latest album a few
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juanli: welco bmeack. new here at 60 :0a.m., an inous si ognf globawal rning. thfie rst, macrrmuay and fl elat eth summit in green- -for the first time, rai fnell at the summ iitn greenla.nd an extmere rain eventum dpe billion nsto of wateonr the ice sheet. it usual olynly sees snow. a seni roresearch scienstti said
6:26 am
it is proof that greenland is warming rapidly. mi:ke it w 3as0 degre wesarmer than avegera. you think rn,ai that is great. no. eyth need tkeo ep the ice pack building, stinead rain melt snow and mitade itma sller. sothmeingha tts inot qui ates usunual, but stillar re lately -- a hriurcane thaist going to thi the hea ortf mexico. we heav gra hceere. we went to d belast nig whtith a storm noitw is a hriurcane at 85 miles per hou--r storm. now it is haurricane5 8miles perou hr. it is goingo tdump so chmu inra. flooding, dsmulides will be the biggt esissue withra gce as it vemos acrossex mico throh ugthe ekend. ckba here atom he, cloudov cer alonghe t coast, except the moerntey bay, where we llwi be the upp 6er0's. makusi: a manho w lost
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consciouessns and fell onto the bway tras ckin new yk orcity is safehi ts morningha tnks to a ougrp of nypd oicffers, andhe t whe olthing was captud reon llcephone video. 60ea-yr-old jessera bnch had a izseure on t therain plaortfm. this hapneped wednesy dahe fell on the tracksne o minuteef bore e train s waset to aivrre. a grouofp pole icofficers jumped io ntacti.on two othf e office arsnd a good samatarin attend tedo branch. two other oicffers were able to flag dn owthe traiopn erator. branch ssay he broke a cploue of bs, a bone in his arm, but othethr an that ihes all juanli: that is just terrifying. thankful h ies okhi ts morning. we knoa w lot of u yohave been interest aednd curio ausbout is 1 -- we veha new delovepments ithn at fire-chard homen ithe eastay b. it sold f $or1 millioinn cash. was a htyefum jp from eth liinstg price. a firees dtroyed t thewo-bedroom
6:28 am
home in lnwaut creek. rea al estate listing wentir val ter descbiring iast a bareon-bes oppornituty. $1 milonli in cash. kuma:si ok. julian:ex nt at 6: a30.m. -- califoiarn leaders given the delta sur dgeetailing the chans ceof chang testho e woplrkace to kusima: plus. >> c iameer he00 70 yes arago to prottec hums anfrom the deviants. kumasi: we areee mting the new superhoer fighting force
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solutis,on this iabs c 7 news. julian: now toou yr topto sries at:3 60 a.m. -- no vaccin ne,o entr--y proof ovaf ccination ruleins effect inan s francisco. we a lreive withha wt you need to kusima:il wdfiresro pmpting safety air contidions. mikes i loongki at eth chances we can see long-awaited blue ies retu trno the ar.ea julian: andak wing up wh ita smile -- b aigmi sle, waki ungp tonhe rightid se of bedhi ts friday -th- ere it is. the devio that wl ilmake your kusima: it doenos t get o.ld it jus dtoesn't. its iso cute. happy idfray. is guaust 20. u yoare watcnghibc a 7 mniorngs ve onbc a seven, huluiv le, and wherever you stream. before we share the video, we wanto t checkn iwith mikone the forect asand talk autbo the arspe-the-aialr ert. kemi: yes, we are under a sparthe-e-air artle.
6:32 am
wead h some greenar elier, but so omef the smoke is in the marineay lers we taldke about styeerday, salo l of usre a moradete with e thpotentiaofl goingor f as we h -ad- poor as we hd eainto the afternoon urhos. look at the rapid cleargin and cleanerir a that cos mein this weekend. i wi sllhare the latt essmoke forecastom cing up. how ouabt highs tod?ay 8''s inland. al ison the soh utbay. mid '7's,ai mnly l-8ow0's inhe t nohrt bay. cannot wait to show the smoke kusima: as mike mention,ed anheotr spa-trehe-air artle is efftec andis dtrict officials we nreot eecxpting to issue the alert, but on-two eebrzes push theil wd fire sme okoverhe t ocean in otour area and they saide w should peexct more alertsn ithe wee--k weeks ahead. w>>e areea hding intwio ldfirea
6:33 am
season andhi ts is theim te last year we went into 30 spare-e-thair days in a row. it is a goodim te to spto eppraring fowhr at you mhtig do en smokeoe ds elevatine your area -- nehbigorhood. juanli: dangero fusire ndcoitionsap c ofhe t.s u. for rvseice to tpoemrary closein ne rests -- condiontis u.s. fortes sercevi to temparory close nine forestsn ithe area. . kuma:si as thdee lta variant spreads,he t departmt enof holamend secury ithas exteednd noesn-sential avtrel cdiontions to the y -ou- to canada dan mexico. -- until thcre isis is wseor in southern
6:34 am
ates whe trehere are lower vaccinatn iorates. icu''n ialabamare a one of eth esprent full. >> we are expssreing waitim tes tinhe emergcyen rooms b wute ha nveever seen. th aeyre waiting forou h,rs and somemetis more tha24n hours in the emerncgey departntme so we can mo uvepstairs gtoet a bed. kusima: last nit ghthe texas supre emcourt rudle aingast governor greg abbtot s tohat hools caenn dorse max -- mask mandates. yestdaery, more than one mliilon dosse of the coed vaccine were given within 24 hou frsor the first time in almo ssteven ekwes. julian: arstting tod, ayyou will need tsho ow prooff o vaccinioatn at many indroo sinessesnd a events pick the st incdelus indoobar rs, restraaunts, -- events. theis lt includ iesndoor ba,rs restauras.nt amy hollyfidel is live sinan anfrcisco wi tthhe detai ylsou edne to know. amy:oo gd morning.
6:35 am
we wteand to chk ecin with eth woourkt crowd. we are herate fitness sf cause thees are the fstir peopleo thave to owsh their vaccinatnioar cds. isth opened 5at:00 thisor mning d anthis wenint to effect today. starting today you are ruieqred show of vaccitinaon in puicbl places like gy,ms resurtaants, entertaiennmt venuesan, d eathters. customers we taedlk to saidhe ty have no problem showi pngroof wi sthome sayi ingt makes emth el the owner dsoe not exptec any oblems atht is casotr cation. i>> don'tht ink we wl ilhave y pushba ackt the carost loticaon. hweave a hiorsty of responses to ddleay viruseins this partulicar neiboghrhood. so far, ifot n most of our memberipsh seems tbeo vaccinedat, so it -- st of oumer mber shisep ems to be vaccitenad, so itil wl just
6:36 am
be a matr teof reporngti that backo tthe gym. amy: thi iss not thcae se with fit rsresponders -- eight police office, rsseven fifireghters, and two sheriffs dutepies heav no sthown pro ooff vaccitinaon, sohe t city is respondgin -- remmcoended ty heshould be suspdeend and tyhe could leos threi jobs. althoughhe t cyit is recoenmmding tt,ha they saity isp uto their manags erto meak thfie nal decionsi. li iven san fncraisco, amy holyelfid,c e 7 news. --abc 7 julian: the mayor is enc is people tgeo t vaccinedat. >> we wtan teno courage lkfos to get ibet cause i'' tired of weargin mksas, tiredf oimposing these blpuic health guelidines. they are not mea tnto be a punimeshnt. juanli: the may iorntroduced sey cook, whose son just died of cidov-19 afterer fusing to get vaccinated. >> they come in,he ty don'mat ke oitut.
6:37 am
they d'o't make oitut because theyav he not be venaccinated. eythie d. my son isea dd. myon s -- i ha ovenly one cldhi. bei gou y. i beg you. juli:an if that esdo not geto t you -- wow. the may oorffered thoo ld hands to hp elcomfort yoanne getting the ccvaine. eth city feofring to inbrg bimole vaccitinaonff eorts to any homeors any pla aces long as therere a five peoplgee tting the shot. you can s heeer literlyal holdgin someon''s hand right there. one of the ways to prove u yoare ccvainated and tdoo so without carryi anground thcae rd is with eth state's digital vaccine record. i put together this guide. yocau n findt ion our wsiebte, makusi:ew n detlsai during the
6:38 am
ltdea varia snturge -- many are callinong callow haos to reveis rules -ca- l oa shto revise les. bod aris currelynt excitedo t tevo under resul in septeermb. as onof w, will sta fteully vaccatined -- rules state fully vaccinated people are not required to wear masks awot rk. ere is ao lsno social distcianng requimerent or capacity resictrtion. lian: newes rtrictionfos r actehers on mpcaus indrsoo or tdoors. >> we are sibacally sayinwhg en you arrive on campusou yut p on yourac fialov cering,nd a that is whayot u aruse ing for eth day. we are eouncraging bckris of the bookan c remove cifaal verings. they can oiobvusly uncerov them while eyth are eatg inengine compedar -- and lijuan: this ulcod be temrapory.
6:39 am
styeerday th aeynnouncedhe t rus lefor maricon unty. weav he bneeoc fusingn o nccoernsor f familieass many of you he badack to iner-pson arning. r ouback tsco hool we,t' 's whit dia scussionap hpening a4:t 00 -- weekon ctinuesit wh a scdiussion hpeapning tod aayt 004:.m p. makusi: teehr leading faces in the recall ectleion -- the ndcaidates h padlenty tsao y ouabt the one person atth was t there. julian: youre a taking a leiv look atht e big brdoa at the wne yo srktock excnghae. rkmaets are onipeng up ritgh now. wweill be back with another checink a cploue of minutes. >> you s teehe peopl ae,nd they don'knt ow why, buthe ty cry. it is t rhelieaty of wt hathe wer of theater is. makusi: broady wais back. the director of "the lion king" givinghe t casat pepal tk and enth he movi sngurprise. yohau ve to he harow they unsod. kemi: we llwi take a looatk
6:40 am
whetr,he and thewen will get ck to th batecause tthaoo lks ciexting. not so excinitg, look athe t haz e rfo the bus-stofop recast. mid0' 's toid m 70's rfo1: 100 m.a. optimal toar wm later on. here is the neasmr-oke forestca wase had thugroh the moinrng dan lunch. nothgin wilchl ange oth terhan e fa tcthe low clouds will owslly retrie evand reveal the smoksky y. lookha wt happe insn the evening hours. if y aoure near e thmarin county coast, it sttsar to cleaour t by 007: p.m. by midnit,gh if you are having a late eveni,ng you canee s the a breeze start to ta okever n francio,sc all theay w thugroh the dtael. we weak up torrmoow morni -ng- swetill havthe e northyba and rtpas of theia dblo ran tgehat e going btoe smoky, but watch this qui rcketurn ofun sshine tomorrownd a a refreinshgly oler thaavn erageay d. ghrit n,ow mid 60's on the way
6:41 am
to the low '0's. jonabi: we arste arting whit the yri bdge tollla pza becau iset tisheus biest spot right now and iits not too b fador anyone falimiar. we have minor iuesss that ceon u make itht rough theet mering lights -- m aulti car crash that appes arto be blkiocng one a liveoo lk at thean s mateo bridge. veryaz hy, but tnghis are mongvi at the limit. looks good r fothe mostar pt. i ntwa to l yetou know iits the first day of fast-trkac tolngli. the nncoects witthh e existing prexess lanero fm walnutre cek to san ramon. eth stretchun rs from anomi viast anuvee to what had twho at funcontied as ara tditional toll lane. you edne a fast-actrkol tl tag to usehe t expressan le.
6:42 am
lltos rise as
6:43 am
sojan, did y kounow geic o could save youun hdreds on car insanurce and a whole t lomore? cool. so whaart e you wainitg for? mckaa ylmaroy neto get yourri fsbee offhe t roof? i'llet g it. ♪ (upbeat mus) ic♪ ♪ ♪ wh.oa here y gouo. n (iunison) anthk you mckayla! dudege, t it. i'nom t gettinitg , you geitt . yo u threw .it it's youfrr isbee. geico. stcwih today d ansee all thwae ys you cldou save.
6:44 am
julian: welco bmeack threofe the leadi rngepublicans chalngleing governoner wsom debad teeach oth lerast night. businemassn john ce,ox former san diegoay mor kevinal fconer, and sacrameo ntassemblyem mber vin kiley tk ooaim at the goveorrn they peho to gavin newm sowants tmao ke is aboutat nional potilics. want to kema it about calirnfoians. >> he iigs noring the fact he cann potroduce ectlericity, water, cnoant pteroct ppleoe omfr wildfir teshreateni tngheir istence. >> it us tedo be the state where anneyo could g aethead andow n it is ethta ste manyan cnotai wt ltoeaveeh bind. julian: the trilao id out their own platrmfo centeri ongn overturngin vaccinean mdates, sk rules, anbud rdens onma sll
6:45 am
sibunesses. noticeablysk a -- absent, consertivave radioos htar lry elder,ho w did nottt aend the deba.te hes iin the headlinesac fing allegatis onof makindeg rogatory coenmmtsbo aut women. we caught wupith the candidesat. eyth had a l toto say. >>t iis aboutta snding upha wt is -- r fowhat is ghrit. larry elder'sie vws are wngro. sti ood up f wororkingom wen and rkwoing wome hnave a ceearr and have f aamily. >> theom wan who spptoed for ne twso be hea.rd her account sulhod be treedat wi tthhe uostmt sioerusness. i>> think iist actually reprenehsible to tatre women in degradin fgashion, d ani have not done it in my li, feand i n'w't do it, and i wilstl and up againstt. i juli:an elder dieend a report where his ex fnciae accusehid m of brandishing a gun during a heated argumt enthey hadn i 2015. while the eceltion is quickly approachgin we ha eveverything
6:46 am
you need to know about how to vote in the recall election on our website. all youav he to do giso to kumasi: n fowor your mniorng nemoy report -- new data swsho yog untech workers are leaving their jobs at se omof the hight esrates inhe t world during t pheandemic. resecharers found that resignations for tech wkeorrs crineased 4.5% between mchar of 200 2and march of 21.02 the only iusndtry thahat d a similar resignationat re was alheth care, wchhi had about a rethe point 5% crinease over thatam se time period -- 3.5% incrseea over the same teim ripeod. car pceris may beta sying high for a while. toyota says it is ctiutng producti bony more than0% 4. it amounts to suspendi wngork at moreha tn one doesn't tell pltsan becseau it cann gotet enoughar pts, like the computer ips theyse ud toui bld the cars. the largest autakomer in the world,ol vkswagen,ls ao sayits mit ghhave to kema similar
6:47 am
productionut c soon. let's look at iyon rk stock exanchge. we areta srting up ghrit now about --ew n york stkocxc ehange done new york sckto exchange. we a sretarting up by autbo 100 ints. julian: officlsia say aug he ike in oinnle shoppi sngales has crteead a needor f hundreds of meoror wkers for mlai presocsing, trspanortationan, d inmatenance. motorrow'his ring eve ints fmro 10:00 a.m. until 2:0p.0 m. at the amaleda post offe.ic applicants mtus rsvp in advance. we posdte a link oonur wsiebte, abc7ne.cwsom. in the south bay, an entve for l the sneaker hea odsut there is comg into town. sneaker-con is hpeapning morrow a sndunday. veornds andoo ftwearan fatics can buy, tndre -- tdera, -- ll, or trade.
6:48 am
you c eanven haveou yr sakneers thenticadte to maksue re you have theea rl deal. the enevt not so oldutet y. yocau n still ybu tkeicts onneli. cas skare requedir inside. kumasi:ha ttoo lked --masks are requedir inside. kumasi:ha tt lookedoo cl. it is ti fmeor our guide to make re you he ava better weekend in the b aayrea. juanli: we knothw ings are constalynt evolvindug ring the pandemic but there a sretill enty of fun and safe tiacvities f aor better weendke. kumasi: herare e some iasde. jonabi:ou y are iitnved this weekend -- rniunng all mthon long cebelrating blackrt as, culture, a mndusic. julian: youee s some -- >> you seeom se of oakndla's finest tnkhiers, wrirste,oe drs, together in one pla icen the service tofhe ctuulre. do it f torhe culture. ntra costa it is aix m -- jobina: it is m aix of online
6:49 am
enevts to keep it safe. >>t iis digital undgreround day in the city of oakland. we are dsiispating ihin ghly llaborateiv tritebu. you arine for som feree entertnmaient from mbeemrs of gital unrgderound ansod me calol trsueares asel wl. all of it is absoteluly free to ethom cnimuty, a ind wldou be miress if iid d notiv ge a ousht outo t e40 who haspo snsored this fesvatil in part. jobi:na if y'u're looki fngor more micus, check tou the jzaz ndsuays in s fanrancisco. it ifrs ee and will feurate the charsle ungerxp eerience. because weov le free sfftu we have o mneore thing. thrive-city movie nights ar underway. screeningsta srt at 6:00 p.m. this evengni. kumasi: on thfre ont page of our website we ha pveut togetr hea
6:50 am
list of vicod-fridleny events happeng inall over the bay area this wkeeend. it iups right now on will stt arwith you. kumasi: i he avto finish dcianng ttohe musicou y had. i inthk i mig chtheck outhe t jazz tnghi you menontied. at seemsea rlly cool. i tnkhi that sodsun like a odgo thg into do. jobina: love it. julian? julian: i do''t have anyla pns, but yogau ve me seom gatre pls,an so i amak ting some notes th wiseekend. jobina: mike? mike: we have frndies coming into tn,ow and depdienng on the air alquity we wlil problbay go t in towfon r dneinr and seom newi tasting. jobi:na you are fancy, we see you. i am sineeg "haltmion" -- " ciexted. in san fncraisco.
6:51 am
i am excid tethey areac bk. julian: does juusli know yoaru e congmi? jobi:na he i wilbel going wh itmy friend ggie. mike: thawat s my wayf oasking. bijona: he has althl e cneoncts. if you go to a show, that is the person to go juli:an julius ses emsoic ne. mi:ke i do have someoo gd news, so hopulefly you wlil like what i haveo thear past today. you nncaot even ese the sunrise this morning. it is out erthe. trust me. low ouclds and allhe t heavy oksme -- it is just too mhuc -- e clos,ud the lowlo cuds will go bactok the the smoke will be right there iting awes peel that back, liunke this weekend enwh we pull back thelo cuds. a beaufutil blue s wkyill be waiting r fous. as we adhe into today, l't's lkta about
6:52 am
sajon se, morgan hl,ilow l to d mi80's. cloud vecor in santa cruz. 74 in san temao. 76 and palolt ao -he- and palo alto. 64 to 68ow dntown. 62 to i66n low tomid '8'mid aded up to the north bay wine 70 eicnrhment. -79- in rhmicond. th iats something u yocan do thisee wkend -- --xc euse m m seco.nd the erwe go. the et asbay neigorhbhoods, cloud cerovpr seads to rou nehbigorhood. thmae rine lay gerets taller, infuse wdith a lilett bit of juice. drzlize is possible. my acceauwther 7-day forasect, motorrow will be cleaner and
6:53 am
cool -er- not nesscearily when you kewa up. it will trsiantion durg inthe day omfr the coast tonl iand ighborhos.od ndsuayil wl be t aotal dayf o cln eaair. thsme oke doesot n come back and thees rtf othe fecorast, but averagtee mperatures dmoo nday and tuesy dacommand rmwaer than avagere wednesyda andhu trsday. ve a great -- tuesday, and warmerha tn average temperatures wednesday and thursday. makusi: ara tileror f who comes nextn ithe marv uelniverse. >> we came here 7000 years ago ptorotect humanfrs om the videance. kusima: all right. soth, e new trailer forar mvel's "internals" give us -- etern'l's" give aus look at the latesthr teat to hanumity, the deviants. e thsuperpower team does battle with the beasts in theaters on
6:54 am
noveermb 50nd a a disne ay,s you kn, owis the penart company of maelrv and abc 7. juanli: broady wais getting rey adfor theaictral retur.ns this video was reaelsed of "eth on king" rehrseaal. ♪ gmyoodness. u kn towhat is jtus them rmwaing up. thats iincrediblear pt. e thmusic wi blleac bkep stember at the eathter. "the lion king" has bnee on oadway for aoslmt 24 onofe the most pulopar ysphicals inhe t world scein its emieredn i 1997. 110 milln iooppele have ensehe t 25lo gbal prodtiucons. inedcrible. kusima: iou wld love stoee you mhtig feel groggy, little cousnfed when uyo wake ufrp om a ce, dpee seple, butht at is notht e case for isth baby in
6:55 am
. -- lk ooat this. can't'go to sle.ep no seple. kusima: -- so ce.ut itoo tk him a ilwhe,ut b matteo was havi ang nice dream. ybmae he juslot ves his daddy, happy toe balive. happy to see his face. of next, the sev tenhings you needo tknowod tay. lian: a live
6:56 am
6:57 am
kumasi: it is 6: a57.m. -- if youre a joining us,er he arehe t
6:58 am
seven inthgs you nd eeto know -- theew n san francisco proof of ccvaination ndmaate begi tnsoday -- iist required at gyms,ar bs, streaurants, meuusms. julian: the deptmarent of homelandec surithay s extended non-esntseial travel restctriions to nacada and mexi tcohrou sgheptember1. 2 kumasi: san fncraisco pubcli hethal director says a fifth surge cofovid is remo than likely. he says covid will be with us r fothe foreeaseble future. juanli: it is another spare-e-thair day in e thbay ea. district oicffials wernoe t expecting to issue the alert yeerstday, but onshore bezree is pushed more wildfire smoke over e thocean in otour mike: we ben githisor mning with healythir a. it is modera wtehere most of us livebu, t as we hd eainto the afternoohon urs it cldou turn po aorgain liket ihas theas lt wfeay ds,ub plic,hi wch cleaner it gs etthis weendke. bijona: nbeumr six, the commute
6:59 am
s habeen isth is the sibuest arenea ar e thbay brie dgtoll plaza. metengri ligs htcame on a6:t 05 a.m. kuma:si nbeumr seven,lo en musk sayses tla isre cating a borot -- this nisot theob rot,t i is a bizaerr moment omfr the nounceme yntesterdayec bause elon mkus doesot n have a protypoteea rdy, so tshi is what e thpeople g toto see -- a pers donressed uasp the rob.ot mike: it iseg rgie. kuma:si swihong off t dheance moves. juli:an my goodssne. could u yoimagine inbeg the employee like elon musk keli, i needou y to do sothmeing for me. jobi:na t mheore i wchat it, i do seeeg rgie undeearnth the suit. you are right, kemi. elon mk uscame oveher re. masi: recruedit. [lauteghr]
7:00 am
kuma:si it is psiosble. lian: i hopyoe u all he ava odgo day. kumasi: goodor mning, amicera. huicrrane watch. henrrai cing up the stea coast ght rricane rethat. hei nrgaining restngth andow n eespding up e theast new rkyo to masshuacsetts on aleraft ter alrey adgetting ammed wi fthlash floinodg from fred. 'rwee tracki tnghe very telast. urgentac re to esce.ap outse idthe kabuail rport, 15,000 amecarins and utop ,06000 afgha wnsho have lpheed the u.s. familieses dperate tleo ave ghanistan. someme aricans struggling to get throh ugtaliban-n rucheckpois nt being turned away as the tibalan crac dksown on protests. we're live on the grndou this >>pr> essure oprn esident debin grinowg after orgege's excsiluve teinrview.


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