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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 20, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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larry: sometimes it is hard to know if what you're seeing is smoke or clouds or a mix of both tiered the sky seems a solid gray. this is the view from sfo. from aquatic park, barely see the golden gate bridge. it was there. trust me. the good news is the view should improve as soon as tomorrow. >> let's bring an spencer christian to explain why. spencer: improvement is on the way. current service when spades. it is not gusty out here. the breeze, the onshore breeze has been strong enough to push some of the smoke out of here at the for -- surface level and upper atmosphere. let's take a look at current air quality. you can see what the green and -- to our north and east, air quality is still very poor. lots of orange and red and dark colored circles indicating the poor air quality because of the
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continuing buildup of smoke. our air quality will improve over the weekend. we have an air quality advisory in effect for tomorrow but not another spare the air day. moderate air quality tomorrow and good air quality sunday and monday as it sea breeze continues to push ease. near surface smoke animation showing how by late tomorrow and certainly into tomorrow evening, it will continue on through the weekend. i could weather forecast coming up shortly. to a new milestone for california in the kite -- fight against coronavirus. more than 22 million people are fully vaccinated. ama: more than 80,000 doses are administered per day, an increase from last month. the state averaged 67,000 doses per day. san francisco's indoor vaccine mandate took it -- effect today. if you want to dine in the restaurant or drink at a bar or go see a show indoors or go to
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the gym, you need proof you are vaccinated against coronavirus. abc7 knows reporter wayne freeman joins us after seeing how it has been going on the first day. wayne: where is a better place to go the north beach on a friday night? the restaurants are open and we are finding out that san franciscans are adaptive. imagine arriving in san francisco today, going to north beach for lunch and not being allowed to dine inside. >> i've never even heard of it until now. wayne: sheena spencer from denver would be an outlier on the first day of vaccine certifying and sandra nava attorneys pizza -- sandra: i will have to take your boxing card. wayne: she is one of countless readers with added responsibilities. sandra: it makes my job more difficult but it is for the betterment of our health. wayne: they spend today looking at vaccination cards or qr codes available online from the state. those are the door openers in
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san francisco. most people have been compliant good -- compliant. he is not vaccinated. he feels violated. is the rule now. even if it's -- fitness clubs. before daylight, no excuses. another layer of safety and still uncertain time. now the toughest measures nationwide. >> you want to move to florida, texas, louisiana? there is people dropping dead. all the hospitals are filled. wayne: as we come back live, adaptable san franciscans flashing their vaccination cards are vaccination proof as they get ready to go into a restaurant. these rules do not just apply to restaurants but also to bars or fitness clubs or theaters or
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gyms, especially where people are active indoors and do as they say heavy breathing. wayne friedman, abc7. ama: wayne, i did it during the 5:00 newscast. i will admit it. it is not that difficult to get the digital qr code. wayne: no. i was just kind of an experiment. how long would it take? it took 90 seconds. there it is. i have my vaccination card but now we have this story are doubled up. it works. there's a website and we are flashing on the screen. we will have it on her own website. it is easy to find. listen, if you cannot get into a restaurant, you do not have your card, everybody has this address on doors and signs. punch it in. a compass back as a text after 90 seconds. -- it comes back after 90 seconds as a text. ama: is your ticket to do things. thank you so much, wayne. larry: if you've questions about
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the vaccines, as the abc7 news vaccine team at abc7 bus vaccine. ama: the family of a hip-hop artist has hired attorneys to investigate his death. melanie woodrow spoke with attorneys and a family friend today. melanie: jorge guerrero, do see clips, says steven gains was his best friend. >> he was a kindhearted person. he loved to be peaceful and do music. he loved to make people feel good. melanie: he says steve ord zoom was a loving father to three boys. >> he loved them very much. they were his everything. melanie: his family has hired attorneys to investigate his suspicious death at all to bates summit medical center last friday. parent: that somethingggggg
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went on at the hospital that caused his death. melanie: they say he went to the hospital not feeling well. the police say they received a call for a patient in an altercation with nurses and security staff. >> we do not know that to be true or have the facts. melanie: it is unclear how or why he died. the attorneys have reason to believe there is video. a spokesperson writes due to our compliance with state and federal privacy laws, we are unable to comment. the family's attorney say they are looking at all of the factors surrounding his death. >> we will not and cannot discount grace. melanie: there will be a celebration of life this sunday at oakland from 1:00 to 6:00. >> what comes from this is, you know, the lesson of, i'm glad i was able to give him his flowers while he was still here. melanie: melanie woodrow. larry: 20 years ago, barbara lee
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was the only member of congress who voted against the invasion of afghanistan. she told us today she is not dwelling on that moment. she is focused on evacuating people who desperately need to get out of the country. rep. lee: we should learn lessons from the last 20 years that we cannot go around the world and nation build and we have three aspects of our military policy. diplomacy, development, and defense. we need to develop those aspects again. we need to do the right thing and withdraw from afghanistan. larry: president biden today a short americans everyone who needs to evacuate from taliban controlled afghanistan will be evacuated but families are still desperately trying to get their loved ones out. abc7 news reported dustin dorsey spoke with a woman about how dire the situation is for people there and hopes for her family going forward. dustin: as the taliban continue their takeover of afghanistan,
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evacuation flights leave the couple airport to get american citizens and afghan allies as quickly as they can. the speed of these evacuations are seen as a literal life or death situation. >> it is dangerous for the people. they are going home to find someone. they are working with the u.s. or any other country and then they are killing him. dustin: we spoke with this woman at the afghan coalition office in fremont. she fears repercussions for her family members as she tries to get them out of couple. >> they kill my family member. he worked for my government people. they find an identity card and shoot them. >> is tugging at our heart. dustin: eric swalwell hosted a town hall to learn more about how they can assist with evacuations. he suggested evacuating first and verifying the refugees second is the best way to get people out fast and safely. >> let's get them out of harm's
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way to qatar and some of the other countries that have been kind enough to host these refugees. verify their status. but do not leave people on the ground because they couldn't check every box. dustin: facing backlash on the handling of the situation, president biden assured every citizen, ally, partner, and people associated with a u.s. will be evacuated even if that keeps troops there longer than expected. pres. bifden: any american who wants to come home, we will get you home. dustin: as for this woman starts , >> if we wait, they will destroy everything. larry: you can donate directly to a refugee fund established by the city of fremont. it is managed by fremont's human services department. the city works with local afghan partner organizations to provide monetary help for refugees. go to our website abc7 to donate.
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ama: edd offices have been close for more than 25 euros to the public with employees working out of call centers. throughout this time, why are they better at answering your calls? seven on your side is looking into that tonight. spencer: abc7 news insider for spencer: abc7 news insider for that film is here talking about you doing okay with those new spicy tiny tacos, jack? yeah, it's funny some of those people you see, they... they can't handle it at all right? no, they can't. that's not you. that's not me. no. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50.
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my new spicy tiny tacos, a spicy twist on my snackable tiny tacos. 15 for $3.50 or loaded for just a buck more. i don't know which is better, the spice or the price. try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. larry: the recall election is 25 days a weight would remove governor gavin newsom from office. the battle over the recall
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turned into a battle over which side could yell the loudest today. recall supporters tried to upstage a no on the recall event in redwood city. this gathering was part of a got asked bus tour read by jackie's fear -- no issues or problems between the two sides. ama: vice president harris is making another trip to her home state, campaigning with governor newsom a week from today in the bay area. she is the highest profile democrat to appear with him to rally against the recall. and abc7 news insider joins us now and hopefully we have you. we are wondering what democrats are hoping this visit will do from governor newsom. reporter: there are hoping, le harris -- kamala harris will up the enthusiasm among democrats and undecideds who were sitting on the fence up to now.
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the polls show the rates and net. with gavin newsom going either way. as larry pointed out,, there is a lot of question about who can yell the loudest. so far the recall advocates appear to be yelling the loudest among their crew and getting the road out. --vote out. the democrats have yet to do it. nationally, if gavin newsom armed with 50 to $60 million and somebody like kamala harris and the democratic establishment gets taken out by a ragtag group of people led by a retired sheriff debbie, what kind of message do you think that sense? not one that harris or biden wants to see. larry: that would be a sense of desperation for the democratic party one would think. we mentioned a moment ago congresswoman jackie spear on the peninsula met by a lot of yes on recall people. she called it a hostile environment and here's what she had to say about the recall. rep. speer: the republicans
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see it as an opportunity to play their game. they don't like the election results. try and overturn it. that is what is happening here.e the election and some of this has to do with gavin newsom and how he handled the covid, his trip to the french laundry when he told everybody to mask up while he sat down and dined out and smile. -- in style. it is a mixed message that is an embarrassment for the democrats but this is how republicans somehow wind up in sacramento. arnold schwarzenegger did it as well as couple of years back. there is a lot riding on this. there is a lot of interest according to the registrar of voters in san francisco. 79,000 people have filled out the ballot and sent them back. in contra costa, more suburban, a mixed group. 80,000 in the first week have signed up and sent back.
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registrars say that is a very high turnout initially. the big question is where is that enthusiasm coming from? is it coming from the yes with gavin newsom or the no -- yes for a recall? larry: we will find out. we saw kamala harri'ss's plans. we don't know about the president. any talk about enlisting the aid of the obama's? michelle obama would be incredibly popular here. obviously the former president himself, as well. if you have to go to that length, just to win by one to two percentage points, it kind of tells you the sense of desperation for the democratic party right now. ama: they have not gone that far. --reporter: the obamas have stayed out of electoral policies. a lot of former presidents do that. now they're sticking with the ones in office and going to see elizabeth warren and television commercials with bernie sanders and a few other people out there. they are trying to get younger
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writers and lefty voters and suburbanites out. so far those people seem to be not all that enthused one way or the other. larry: interesting. the ballots come in the mail. you don't have to go. reporter: here is the catch. the ballots, in the mail and so does a lot of junk mail. ama: yeah. phil: they're worried that people will throw them away and if they don't fill them out right away, they will be like, where did i put that thing? i can't find it. larry: you have been inside my house. phil: yeah. ama: send it in. phil: that's what it is. it is not a question of getting people to make up the mines. it is getting them to relay that back to the ballot box. larry: yeah, finding the ballot is a good start. thank you, feel. ballots for the recall election are in the mail as we mentioned because of the pandemic. every registered voter is getting a vote by mail ballot. you can register to vote up to four just two weeks before election day, august 30.
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you can do a conditional voter registration all the way up to election day, on tuesday september 14. ama: firefighters are making progress in the battle against the catch fire, and lake county. it is 40% contained after burning 75 acres. the fire has destroyed 56 homes and 150 eight vehicles. hundreds of people remained evacuated. officials in clear lake have approved a state of emergency declaration that allows the city to seek financial help for the state and federal government. across california, wildfires burned 1.4 million acres this year. there are 14 large fires burning, the cal door -- caldor which shut down highway 50 between pollock pines and myers. it has charted 73,000 acres and is 0% contained. worried about wind this weekend. the massive dixie fire has torched more than 700,000 acres and is threatening nearly 16,000 buildings.
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a lot to be concerned about and as we said, worried about the wind and then of course even if you are not near the fires, breathing in air. larry: this smoke, hopefully a clear soon. spencer: the wind beings bad news and good news. it is cleaning the air. bad news for firefighters because the winds are strong enough and the fires are burning. i look at what is happening right now. live view from the camera looking at smoke and fog as we look toward the coast. a little reflection of the sunlight. a little bit is burning through the bay waters. six e2 in san francisco. 71 in san jose. 68 palo alto. the view from the east bay hills camera, the smoke is thick and the clouds are mixed in as we look toward the sun. 66 degrees and 7360 eight in napo the mid in fairfield. the view from the exploratory camera looking at the skyline of san francisco, we have a
6:20 pm
clearer, brighter view. our forecast, smoke will linger into the early part of the day tomorrow. we will expect better air quality tomorrow night into sunday. it will be breezier this weekend with below average temperatures. overnight, as the fog expands and the haze lingers, low temperatures in the upper 50's and tomorrow with hazy start to the date the brighter skies later in the day. highs range from the coast and right around 70 toward the bay shoreline and low 80's and the warmest lint -- inland areas. air quality advisory for tomorrow and air quality forecast for the next three days. moderate air quality tomorrow. air quality advisory. cleaner air and pure were skies on sunday and monday with good air quality. accurate 74 because. only low to mid 80's. low 70's around the bay shoreline. by next friday, we could look at triple digits inland. larry: thank you.
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larry: tolling operations are in effect for southbound 680 from marina vista boulevard and martinez to south main street in walnut creek. while today's opening means
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there is a continuous 22 mile express lane running the length --but all vehicles using that lane must have a fast-track toll tag. ama: committed to building a better bay area and one of the issues we are focusing on is climate change. the u.s. secretary of energy toward a berkeley energy lab and a solar power home today as part of a push to use more noble energy. it is a homecoming for the secretary, a former berkeley professor and a catalog. mariah carey spoke with her about what needs to be done to accomplish her goals. reporter: jennifer granholm walked around the lad at the lawrence berkeley national laboratory. a site that hasn't been renovated in over 20 years. she says it is time for that to change. many of them are decades-old. sec. granholm: in order for us
6:25 pm
to win the future as a nation, we have to continue to invest in these facilities. reporter: a renovation to the accelerator lab could cost $600 million. her visit was meant to learn more about how much money needs to be allocated from the federal government to support renovations. sec. granholm: we have to put more money into the physical infrastructure of these labs. reporter: she says it would need congressional approval. granholm is working on renewable energy in communities and neighborhoods including an app intended to ease the permit process to help homeowners invest in solar panels, cupping scientists say cannot happen soon enough. >> for my perspective, we don't make climate change job one, it doesn't matter what we do. reporter: especially as wildfires devastate northern california. secretary granholm says the united states needs to do its part to fight climate change, including investment in northern california. sec. granholm: if the united states is going to be leading the world on finding the
6:26 pm
solutions, we have to invest in the facilities to. reporter: it is clear we would not have these fires in california or greece or siberia >> if it wasn't for climate change. it is vital. if we do not stop -- start protecting nature, it doesn't matter what we do. reporter: meeting with the scientists and seen the facilities was only part of the plan. secretary granholm says she needs to go to washington and get the money to approved. ryan curry, abc7. larry: as a final day of our back-to-school week tonight. disproportionate discipline. the data shows there is a difference by race on who gets to spend it. the edd moved unemployment services to make call centers to make your life easier. i had on
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc7 news. larry: civil on your side revealed that edd closed all of its unemployment offices, not just for the pandemic but they
6:30 pm
did this for good and it was 25 years ago. ama: the staffed move to call centers taking claims and questions by phone at partly to keep them safe from disgruntled claimants but to improve efficiency. larry: why isn't this a better sift some after all these years? michael finney. michael: so many things went wrong at the start of this pandemic. full skirt and get to work or get benefits. they flooded the edd's call center. it was instantly overwhelmed. that has many wondering after 25 years of providing service by phone, why isn't it a state-of-the-art system? >> thank you for calling the employment development department. we are receiving more calls and we can answer. please try again later. >> it is absolutely ridiculous. michael: nearly two minute -- 2 million calls per week at the height of the pandemic. fewer than 1% were getting through. >> we are still getting comments
6:31 pm
from people saying i tried for hours. i cannot get through. is that a unique experience or is it actually much more common than you would like it to be? >> is much more difficult than we would like it to be. michael: a far cry from the system edd envisioned 25 years ago when california's unemployment offices are closed and staff moved into call centers in part for their safety after a mass shooting at an edd office in 1993. >> it has always been a concern. people have come in and complaining. michael: the former edd director says the primary goal was efficiency. for the first time, unemployed workers confide a claim by phone, which took the teen minutes on average compared to three hours in person. >> they didn't have to come down to the office. you have people who are highly knowledgeable at call centers and are able to handle larger volume of claims. michael: the state audit found cause to the edd in 2001 lasted
6:32 pm
nine minutes on average but it also detected signs of trouble ahead. claimants began reporting wait times up to 67 minutes during peak periods. the edd added features like call routing and certifying for benefits by phone. it was also developing a computer system to process claims. not soon enough. when the great recession hit in 2008, the system kicks out more than 156 million phone calls. >> we determined the call center was only able to handle 15, 16% of callers ever coming in were able to reach an agent. where suggesting there need to be automation. michael: the auditor said edd needed to plan for economic recessions. 10 years later in the pandemic hit, edd still was not ready. >> the call center performance was dismal. it was down to 1%. >> we have ramped up our ability. michael: they tried to reduce the need to speak with an agent by playing several minutes of
6:33 pm
recorded information with each call. >> -- michael: and frustrated callers who had to sit through the recordings only to have a call hang out. >> please try again later. >> let's start on the phone and make sure somebody picks it up and have modern call center technology. michael: many blame the old computer system for bungling claims. prompting millions to call for help. >> i.t. system edd relies on is a 30-year-old system sitting on a 60-year-old computer programming language. >> the cobalt system as far back as 1995, we knew the system was dead and done. >> there are very few people today who program in cobalt. >> i don't want to say this but you know what, all the brilliant minds. hired by microsoft. michael: edd faced a higher threat of broad no longer seeing face-to-face claimants. they got away with as much as
6:34 pm
$31 billion during the pandemic. all the while frustrated workers wanted to talk to edd in person. >> i wish you could go into an office. >> i would drive down to socal and hold up all my paperwork. >> i would like to see in person hours back because people are frustrated. we need >> answers. edd needs to take a step back >> and think holistically, comprehensively from top to bottom to make sure this never happens again. larry: the edd call center overloaded to the state. data shows more than 2.5 million calls poured in during the first week of august. michael: only 9% got through to an agent. it right now, there is no plan to reopen unemployment offices, overshadowing it all, the legacy of a mass shooting. a documentary is coming out about that next year. i will follow-up and let you know about that. i could just feel. people at home like me, being
6:35 pm
triggered, the second night here, we have had so cause, please call back, it is so infuriating. larry: you hear it from everybody. no matter who you called. edd is real important. they have to get it done. thank you, michael. ama: back-to-school week on abc7. today on news at 4:00, we spent much of the newscast in a conversation with experts and viewers about having students in class. >> i do the work i do to be around young children and they are also happy to be in school. we are having a lot of fun. we have already had three cases of students testing positive at my site. that is teachers and parents and students to be in that situation. i would like to see more testing means made available so that we
6:36 pm
can catch cases before there is any spread within our classrooms. it and our schools can stay open. ama: special correspondent and pediatrician dr. patel had important advice for parents. dr. patel: especially all the parents of children under the age of 12 who are not able to get vaccinated, it is important everyone around you is vaccinated but you're also doing what you can to keep your child protected right now. we know the delta bearing is way more contagious and is never too early to keep kids important things like wearing a mask and basic hand hygiene. ama: you can watch the entire conversation and access advice online. look for the abc7 basie -- bay area app on apple tv, android tv, roku, or hulu and facebook. larry: abc7 is highlighting important issues affecting students and their quality of education as bay school
6:37 pm
districts welcomes students back to the classroom for in-person learning. abc7 news race and culture reporter julian glover examines excessive discipline in our schools and found disturbing different deaths differences in who gets suspended and how often. julian: school systems in our largest districts are facing unequal discipline practices. alienating students and forcing black and latino students out of the classroom according to an analysis from our data team. >> they push me out without trying to understand. julian: i shared miss greene's story, i teen pushed out of pittsburgh unified classrooms and into an independent study program after being excessively disciplined by educators. >> one year they suspended her 23 times in one year. that is way over the legal limit of suspensions. julian: it started in the third grade.
6:38 pm
ms. green: they demonize me at school. >> this should be a more urgent issue. julian: a new analysis by the data team it shows how widespread the issue is with exactly two thirds of schools in the bay areas, to matters dealing with unequal discipline practices. according to the department of education from the 2017 to 18 school year. lack and latino students were more likely to be suspended, forced to miss time from instruction then the white and asian classmates. with the south bay, 80% are dealing with discipline and equity were black students are nearly six times more likely to be suspended than white students. latino students or three times as likely. in oakland unified, the majority of students reported in equity, black students were more likely to be suspended -- black students were 18 times more likely to miss school days
6:39 pm
due to suspension than whites. latinos are four times as likely to face suspensions. at sf students belong in school. they are committed to restorative practices, positive behavior and support and healing for practices from an antiracist lens, they said. >> we see virus since baird's -- disparities. it is us a spot -- societal problem. >> you can do address the student. you can do interventions to address the teacher. you can do them to address both. julian: he and berkeley researchers published the result of a study focused on five south bay middle schools where they engaged teachers with online instruction and encouraging empathy and restorative justice and correcting students behavior instead of punitive disciplinary practices like suspension. >> we found this intervention
6:40 pm
delivered to math teachers in middle school reduced the number of suspensions that kids had by 50%. >> julian: he says empathy and understanding lead to stronger bonds between teacher and students making for better education outcomes. he encourages schools to investt in building relationships as students welcome students back to the classroom for the first time in a year and a half. >> there needs to be dedicated space for rebuilding relationships. not just letting it happen. julian: another mitty -- missing piece to the puzzle, ensuring teachers are representative of the students they teach. recruitment and hiring of a more diverse staff doesn't happen overnight so he encourages districts to start with a can and that means bringing empathy into the classroom on the first day. by clicking on the story on abc7, look up your student school and see if excessive
6:41 pm
discipline is an issue there. ama: who is a host of jeopardy? i know who isn't the host. the game show search
6:42 pm
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a week after the new host of jeopardy, mike richards is stepping down amid that outcry over offensive comments from years back. now that the show will go back to searching for news host, our sister station has the story. reporter: a fun category to wrap up the week. american rock bands. he was the first of many rotating guest hosts on jeopardy over the past several months. after he was named the permanent replacement for the late alex trebek, reports began surfacing about questionable comments involving women, jews, and more that he had made in the past, including on a podcast he wants hosted. today, he released a statement saying he was honored to be asked to host, over the past several days, it has become clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show. i will be stepping down as host effective immediately.
6:45 pm
as a result, we will be canceling production today. the search is now back on for a permanent host. several famous faces have filled in and richards said today the show will be bringing back guest hosts to continue production for the new season. no names have yet been announced. in the meantime, fans have not been shy about their feelings on the matter, taking the twitter to say things like jeopardy is filling the drama vacuum left by the end of game of thrones and not a good idea in the first place for 1200. over to you, levar. #levaronjeopardy larry: no matter who the hostess, you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7 p.m. right here on abc7. ama: coming up next, a look ahead at the weekend. spencer has
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to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. ama: good things on the horizon? weather-wise? spencer: yes. larry: [laughter] give it to us. spencer: we have a refreshing breeze happening right now and that is moving our air quality into the weekend. there is a look at our current wind speed at the surface up to
6:49 pm
15 to 18 miles an hour in most locations. gus of 26 in fairfield and it will push some of the dirty, unhelpful smoke out of there and bring us better air quality. there is the air quality forecast. tomorrow will be not a spare the air that day but another day of air-quality advisory. today was a spare the air day. sunday and monday, we get good air quality across the area's is good news. we will have low clouds mixed in with the smoke in the bay area. overnight lows will be in the upper 50's. pretty mild in most locations away from the coast. tomorrow we will start with hazy sunshine and there'll still be lingering smoke. the skies will get brighter and sunnier as the day goes on because of the onshore breeze. highs tomorrow range from low 60's at the coast to upper 60's to around 70 and upper 70's still near 80 in the inland areas and here is they accuweather forecast. the next few days, we will have temperatures below average. that is not a bad thing as they
6:50 pm
are gets clear. we will have sunnier skies and high temperatures inland, ranging from low to mid 80's tuesday around the bay shoreline, low 70's. warming next wednesday and by next friday, building heat inland with highs up to 102 degrees. ama: thank you, spencer. larry: i'm in for danna. chris is handling sports. the internal question -- who will start at quarterback for the court -- 49ers? chris: the question has to be asked every single day. we can only be a little fed up with the same question on the battle for the quarterbacks. the battle in the bay. baseball style, giants and aids are getting after the comments are getting after the comments -- a's attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more people pay for health insurance — no matter what your income. how much is yours? julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month.
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>> abc7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. >> to baseball's best teams are in oakland tonight. it is a renewal of the bay bridge series. the giants and the aids. --- a's.look at the pregame video from earlier today. the best record in baseball. two back in the al west.
6:54 pm
san francisco took from oaklandd back in june and both sides expect the energy from the fans to have that special bay bridge series feel. >> the guys who have been here for a while understand it feels a little different. it is always fun to watch fans on both sides as well. if there was more of a playoff field during the season, same thing over there. pretty exciting we open a backup and have a lot more people in the crowd and i'm aggressive -- guessing we will have crowds out here too. >> i have been in the stadium for time to time over the years when it has been a big group. a big group of fans and it is a lot of fun. it is a really incredible,,, gritty, tough stadium and i am excited to see the fans here tonight.
6:55 pm
i'm anxious to see without feels like. it has been a while. >> the 49ers and chargers finishing two days of joint practices in costa mesa. kick off sunday at 4:30 at the brand-new sophia stadium. it is time for around. drew breeze, a future hall of famer saying hi to jimmy garrotte below. is number five showing up the wheels for what looked like an easy touch sound. tight end george kittle was act of -- asked about the quarterbacks and he is getting tired of answering the same question. >> whoever is playing ball, i hope they played at a high level intro me the ball. i have been asked many questions for three years. it is what it is. i'm going to look at you guys and smile and say everything i can. reporter: george kittle killing them with kindness. the full schedule released today and played six times on nbc
6:56 pm
seven. -- abc7.. garden state plays philly and milwaukee and the lakers twice on abc7. just one year ago today, this happened at the coliseum. no fans, cardboard cutouts, teddy bears in the stands taking foul ball's off the face. the diamondbacks liner hit the teddy bear square. the bear stood no chance. the bear was ok and set in the seat. the rest of the game. abc7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. we are happy to say a year later, many of fans. no teddy bears. get your gloves ready. larry: the fans could bring their own teddy bears i suppose. we may have 40,000 fans at the coliseum? wow. chris: that is what ihat ihat ii he was excited by it will have the playoff and world series atmosphere at the coliseum. larry: thank you. ama: tonight on abc7, is shark
6:57 pm
tank followed by 2020 and don't miss abc7 news at 11:00. that is going to do it for this edition of abc7 news. thank you for joining us. larry: all of us here at abc7, have a good night. hope to see you at 11:00. enjoy your weekend. it is friday. yay. we are almost on a. -- done. i'm so glad you're ok, sgt. houston. this is sam with usaa. do you see the tow truck? yes, thank you, that was fast. sgt. houston never expected this to happen. or that her grandpa's dog tags would be left behind.
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