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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 21, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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plus, add xfinity mobile to save even more with a 5g phone on us... ...and, for a limited time, $300 back! don't wait! switch today. >> > this is abc 7 news. j.r.: tonight, more than a dozen wildfires continue to burn across northern california. tens of thousands of people have been forced from their homes. a fire near lake tahoe has now jumped highway 50. thank you for joining us. i'm j.r. stone. you are watching abc 7 news at 11:00, live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream. wildfires have been impacting our air quality for days. we want to get to drew tuma with more on the outlook for the rest of the weekend. drew: today you noticed all the elevated smoke, the haze in the
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atmosphere bringing smoke right here into the bay area. moderate air quality for much of the day today, improving conditions as we speak tonight. fresh air has moved in overhead. still the problem area is right around tahoe right now, unhealthy to a very unhealthy air quality at this hour. tomorrow morning we will have cleaner air, maybe some haze in the north bay, but overall tomorrow is a better air quality day than today. we will take a look at the air quality for the next couple of days before fall weather moves in in the accuweather forecast. j.r.: reporter: -- j.r.: the fire burning in lake tahoe has pushed over highway 50. caltrans closed 50 from pollock pines to myers, a vital tourist route. the fire started a week ago and has scorched 140 square miles and destroyed 270 structures.
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tonight the sheriff's office there says they are searching for one person who was evacuated from the fire area, but has not been heard from since wednesday. some people now leaving their homes, saying it is not worth the risk. >> i stayed here for a while. i think our house is safe. i decided to move out. >> plans are in the works to help evacuees vote in the upcoming recall election. a drop box is set up outside an evacuation center. officials want to set up in person voting at evacuation centers. the orange county registrar of voters says his office will even drive ballots to evacuees, if they call his office. now to the latest on the dixie fire. it has now burned 1120 squar miles northeast of chico. stronger southwest winds helped feed the flames today. first responders have been injured.
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the dixie fire has swept through five counties and destroyed 670 homes since july 14. containment is at 36%. all week we have focused on back-to-school. education is a key part of building a better bay area. for many students, education happens on and off the field. the pandemic led to a delay of high school sports across california, with teams not able to come together until spring of this year. now football is already returning for a fall season. dustin dorsey has the story from san jose. dustin: just four just four jusr teams played, a return to the gridiron for fall football in san jose. it may be just a scrimmage, but you could not tell from the excitement on the field. >> it has allowed our guys tos o thankful and reflect on what they may have lost, whether that
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be more or less than other families. we will not take that for granted again. >> football is something i have been playing since i was a kid, so i will keep playing, but it definitely feels better to be back. dustin: football was one of the only states in the country not to play football on time. covid not only delayed the season, but parents say it created struggles off the field. >> i know kids who dropped out because they did not have no sports, so being back is awesome. >> there is only so much you can do in your own backyard, so being back here and able to be back in this environment is so exciting. dustin: teams no longer faced such strict protocols regarding masks, but the threat of the delta variant still looms. the question was asked friday in our education town hall -- is it safe for these athletes to play high school sports again? dr. patel had a simple answer. >> it is incumbent on everyone
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to make sure their athletes are practicing all the safe hygiene techniques and doing everything they can not only on the field or the pool or the court, but everywhere surrounding it. >> we are still trying to let the kids know we are not out of it. >> the reason why we are playing this team is because of certain cancellations. but i definitely want the kids to have fun. >> we are doing what we can to make sure we have a season, because the last thing we want is for it to be canceled because of covid or for anybody to get sick or hurt. dustin: while there was no official winner on the scoreboard, the true victory was getting football back once again. >> illegals. -- go eagles. >> go bruins. j.r.: if you want to watch our entire education town hall, you can watch it on our connected apps. we also have a series of back-to-school stories on different topics. search abc 7 bay area to
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download the app. supporters in favor of the california recall and those against it today shared their message at the same time and the same place. >> it is not about republican or democrat. we want our freedoms back. our freedoms are being eroded as we speak. we are here to get our state back into being the beautiful state it was. j.r.: recall supporters held a rally at carl larson park. those who support governor gavin newsom held a counter rally across the street. >> this recall effort is a republican-led record by extreme right wing folks. it would be a disaster in our state's continued efforts to win the war against covid-19. j.r.: recall supporters have another rally tomorrow in santa clara. on our website, we have all the info you need to know on how to vote in the recall election, whether you do it via mail or in
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person on september 14. the ballot questions may be different from what you are used to. we explain it all. just head to developing news, president biden is scheduled to address the nation tomorrow afternoon about the fall of afghanistan and the effort to get americans out of the country. mariella sparks tells us he made a last-minute change in his plans and will meet with his national security team. reporter: the wrestling scrambling -- west wing scrambling. president biden canceling plans to go to his home and willing -- in wilmington, meeting on plans to evacuate afghan americans and partners. desperation mounting in washington. the pentagon emphasizing evacuation flights have resumed, but trying to cut through the confusion over that embassy security alert, warning americans to avoid the airport unless instructed. >> if you are un-american
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american and you are at a gate -- if you are an american and you are at that date, you will be let in. the state department is doing the best job they can to advise americans who still have not made it to the airport. reporter: chaos and danger on the ground increasing calls for u.s. forces to conduct special operations to extract those trapped. the administration saying all options are on the table, but careful not to make promises within a troop movement outside the airport extremely dangerous -- with any treatment outside the airport extremely dangerous. >> i want to stress that what we are executing is a noncombatant evacuation operation. reporter: lawmakers demand answers, working hard to try to contact those in need. minority leader mitch mcconnell saying the situation was avoidable. our retreat has laid groundwork for a massive humanitarian crisis under taliban rule and a global terrorist resurgence under al qaeda leadership.
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j.r.: abc news has learned the federal government has told commercial u.s. airlines they could have to assist with evacuation efforts if deemed necessary. planes would fly into areas where evacuees have been taken, but not kabul. evacuees are still struggling to get onto planes. that includes relatives of bay area families. reporter: nearly a week after afghanistan fell to taliban forces, the situation on the ground is as desperate as ever. >> he is terrified of what is going to happen to his family. reporter: ann bloch is working with a man who lives in castro valley, whose wife and children are still stuck in couple. -- in kabul. they have tried to get to the airport, only to be turned around every time. >> they can't get here.
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it is too dangerous for them to even get to the airport. i have never had that situation ever. i have practiced immigration law for 35 years. reporter: the east bay immigration attorney is working with around 50 afghan families. she says her clients have faced stampede's, tear gas, gunfire, and telegram checkpoints. according to the syrian bloc, the state department says all their clients qualified to go back to the u.s. and have been given visa paperwork, yet things are still going wrong. >> they inundated this visa paperwork where everybody could go and get it, whether you are a citizen or a resident, or if you just wanted to get out of afghanistan. the soldiers started saying it does not have your name on it, your case number on it, therefore you cannot it in. -- get in. reporter: despite the terror and confusion, attorneys say one thing remains clear. >> we needed to get these people
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out that trusted the u.s. government to do right by them, and there has to be a way to do that. j.r.: in a statement tonight, eric swalwell's office provided this statement when asked about the issues that these attorneys are reporting, we are aware of reports of people having trouble getting to and through the airport gates, and we have been in touch with the state department about this issue. still ahead, a mystery in mariposa county. a family found dead on a trail. no signs of foul play. when investigators are looking into as a cause. they are willing up their sleeves again. the new push to get those most vulnerable a covid booster shot. and the 44th president officially has a street named after him.
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j.r.: one of the first covid-19 booster shot clinics in the bay area was happening today in the north bay. the first was for marin county residents who are considered immunocompromised. cornell barnard tells us with the delta variant on the rise, it is something that many with health concerns have been waiting for. >> this is for immunocompromised. cornell: the line was long for this free covid-19 booster shot clinic, one of the first in the bay area. this 82-year-old woman got here early. >> i wanted to get the third one to be free, to start moving, and i appreciate what marin county is doing. >> these are people who are
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particularly vulnerable. cornell: pfizer or vaccine shots were available to county residents who are immunocompromised. >> the whole reason we are hosting this clinic is we want to make this third dose easily accessible to those who really needed, who have weakened immune systems. reporter: julie from novato made an appointment the minute she heard about the clinic. >> because of going through cancer treatment, it was important to me to have the booster shot. reporter: daughter jenny calls the third shot a godsend. >> he has fought so hard this past year. it is one more thing that will help keep her safe. reporter: with the delta variant on the rise, many people say they have been afraid to even go out. >> you do not know how safe you are. there are a lot of factors that make me feel i need to do more to protect myself.
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reporter: for now, the cdc recommends only people with compromised immune systems get the booster shot, but the county could provide them to the general public as soon as next month, pending fda approval. >> we are planning for mass vaccination when that occurs. cornell: for many, the booster is extra confidence in a world where the pandemic is far from over. >> i feel a little bit safer. cornell: cornell barnard, abc 7 news. j.r.: it is the first saturday night of san francisco's latest covid mandate in place. if you are heading inside bars or restaurants, you need to show you have been vaccinated and you have to wear a mask. we asked if people felt safer. >> i do. it definitely feels like the chance of getting something is reduced. >> if it means saving lives, being vaccinated and showing proof of that, i think it is helpful. >> i think once we can calm this down, i think it will be worth it. j.r.: you have to show proof of vaccination, but what does that
11:19 pm
mean exactly? michael finney explains what you need to know. michael: there are plenty of ways to prove you have been vaccinated. aside from showing the paper card, you can take a picture of your card with your phone and show that. you can also show a digital record from the state of california. and the san francisco department of public health has approved free digital vaccine cards -- three digital vaccine cards. >> when you have to walk around with private data about you, you pull out cards in your wallet. we think we can do that in a more secure way. instead of having to worry about your cdc card, we can make that seamless, and it is simply a credential in the app. you pull it up, show your credential, and you are in. michael: with restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues on the
11:20 pm
front line, the san francisco chamber of commerce is helping chart the course. >> we believe in technology and science, and we believe we should use every tool possible but may have a choice. michael: rodney is the chamber's president and ceo. >> the vaccine mandate creates a safe space. there are plenty of restaurant patrons who want to go to a space where we know there are folks in the room who are vaccinated as well. it is a safety consideration. j.r.: if you have any questions about the covid-19 vaccines, you can ask the abc 7 news vaccine team at join right now by meteorologist drew tuma. should i call it the smoke forecast? drew: we have been dealing with smoke for what feels like weeks. today we noticed hayes in the atmosphere. the good news is cleaner air is coming our way over the next couple of days. we will show you a live look from the exploratory in camera.
11:21 pm
we've got low clouds. our marine layer is deep, meaning widespread cloud cover first thing tomorrow morning. talking about air quality, tomorrow is a day of transition. we are not going to completely rid our skies of elevated smoke. we will be between a mixture of good and moderate air quality, but the onshore breeze will continue to push smoke to the east so that by monday, no matter where you live, you will have fresh air quality to start the weekend. -- start the week. it unfortunately will bring breezy conditions across much of northern california, especially around the calder fire, which will likely see more growth tomorrow. it is at 90,000 acres, and the wind direction is going to push more smoke over lake tahoe. tomorrow, especially monday, lake tahoe will likely see unhealthy to very unhealthy air quality again. ekholm, 58 in the city, 60 in oakland, 59 in concord, 56 in
11:22 pm
santa rosa. overnight, the marine layer continues to expand, so widespread low cloud cover, likely some coastal drizzle as well. temperatures first thing tomorrow morning on the chilly side for most of us, upper 40's to mid-50's. hour-by-hour, let's timeout the marine layer. first thing in the morning, gray skies. cloud cover breaks down throughout the mid morning hours, and i think by the afternoon, even along the coast, we will find a fair amount of sunshine. unlike today, the marine layer being stubborn, he will pull back to the coast a little quicker. a lot of sunshine on the south bay. better air quality too. 76 in santa clara. these numbers slightly below average for this time of year. add hyena morgan hill. -- 80 the high in morgan hill. 74, menlo park. 64 for pacifica.
11:23 pm
downtown san francisco, morning fog. 63 downtown, 64 in daly city. northbay is very comfortable, 75 the hyatt, 64 in sausalito, 73 in sonoma. six to nine in oakland, 74 in union city, this -- 69 in oakland, 74 in union city, the same in castro valley. 82 the high in livermore. for the next seven days, cleaner air tomorrow, good air quality for everyone on monday, so breathe easy, and temperatures start to warm up thursday, and by friday and saturday it is hot
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j.r.: former president barack
11:27 pm
obama was connery in san jose today. the city council voted to create a barack obama boulevard from sections of several local streets. dozens walked the newly named boulevard to celebrate the official dedication at the sap center. >> this sign, barack obama boulevard, is going to be that message that yes, it is possible that the community comes together. j.r.: the newly minted street stretches about half a mile. supporters raised more than $11,000 to change the street signs. it took four years to complete the project. chris alvarez is here with a preview of sports. chris: coming up, it sure feels like october. giants and a's, an instant classic in the coliseum. how this pinch-hit home
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chris: both the giants and a's made deals at the trade deadline to bolster their rosters, and the new guys have played a big role so far in this bay bridge series. at the coliseum, 6230 fans, all ages, rooting on their baseball team. this rb i double made starling marte 8-11 with three doubles and a home run in his career. -- in his career against the giants starter. kris bryant, two-run shot to left, just past the leaping mark canha. later in the inning, delevan solano -- donovan solano rips
11:32 pm
want to third. and jumps and makes it. what a great play. the giants would fail to add on in the inning. harrison reps a liner to left. rbi double brings him in all the way from first. 4-2. next batter, during darren ruf, goes deep. lamont wade junior, a two-run pinch-hit homer, and that is the game-winner. oakland remains a half game ahead of boston for the second wildcard spot. as you would expect, both teams have very different reactions to the home run. >> i probably would have shown more emotion after hitting that homer than i have all your. -- year. after a rough couple of games,s
11:33 pm
through and we needed it. -- when we needed it. that was a huge hit for us. >> not all losses are equal, but we needed to win that game. just -- it sucks. chris: the 49ers are gearing up for tomorrow's preseason game in l.a. against the chargers. nick bosa will participate in practice next week as he recovers from the torn acl. >> i think it starts back from square one. that year i had is behind me. i am coming out every day and trying to work on something different. trying to work on the little details. that is going to help me become a better player. >> dynamic player, always around the ball, always making plays. finds himself attacking the ball and getting the ball out. that is the style of defense we want to play, attacking the ball, and fred exemplifies that
11:34 pm
to the max. j.r.: much more to come news at 11:00. a massive outdoor concert in new york city canceled halfway through due to lightning. 20,000 people sent home as more severe weather threatens the east. a new report says facebook's most popular post for months this year was about vaccine skepticism.
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>> this is abc 7 news. j.r.: the food and drug
11:38 pm
administration could give full approval of the pfizer covid-19 vaccine this coming week. a senior federal official familiar with the situation shared the news with cnn. it comes as hospitals across the country are continuing to fill up with covid patients. reporter: medical workers overwhelmed with the rising cases. >> i am coming in for overtime because they are shortstaffed. i am picking up an extra couple of hours to help the team out. reporter: the centers for disease control and prevention says the hospitalization rate in the u.s. is the lowest recorded since january, but officials say that could change in the next few weeks. some hospitals have been forced to take drastic measures with their patients. >> we have had to look as far as oklahoma or up into idaho to be able to fly people to get the care they needed just because we
11:39 pm
could not take care of them here. reporter: over the past week, more than one million new cases of covid-19 have been reported. >> what is so heartbreaking is that these hospitalizations for those who are unvaccinated are preventable. the loss-of-life for those in their 20's and 30's is preventable. we need them to get vaccinated. j.r.: facebook says one of its top posts this year raised concerns that the covid vaccine could lead to death. "the washington post" reports that facebook today said that through january -- from january through march, the top post was a newspaper article about a doctor who died after getting vaccinated. facebook says another site that pushed covid misinformation was among the top 20 most visited pages. president biden is among the critics who say the site does not do enough to weed out inaccurate information.
11:40 pm
the reverend jesse jackson and his wife jacqueline have both tested positive for covid-19. the civil-rights leader and his wife are being treated at chicago's northwestern memorial hospital. 70 nine-year-old jackson was publicly vaccinated against covid in january and has advocated for vaccines for african-americans. despite having been diagnosed for parkinson's in 2017 jackson remains active, even participating in protests earlier this month. doctors say they will provide updates as those become available. 55 million residents across the northeast are bracing for hurricane henry, the first hurricane to hit the new england area in 30 years. states of emergency have been declared in connecticut and new york. residents are being told to stay inside during this storm. they are prepared for the worst, including widespread power outages. the red cross is urging everyone to prepare a storm kit.
11:41 pm
drew tuma is tracking henri and joins us with details. drew: we are seeing tropical storm warnings for hundreds of miles along the new england coast line. you can see a warning on the eastern end of long island, the south shore of connecticut and rhode island, and you have a tropical storm warnings from new york city up to the cape and the islands. we have a large area where the hurricane is potentially going to be felt. it has winds of 75 miles per hour, racing to the north at 21 miles per hour. thankfully it is entering cooler water, so it really does not have a chance to strengthen anymore than it is right now. here is the forecasted path. it is likely going to make rainfall anywhere from the eastern end of long island or into parts of massachusetts. it will likely be a category one hurricane when it does, and when it goes inland, it is going to meander and bring a lot of range of parts of new england. j.r.: thanks, drew.
11:42 pm
a concert celebrating new york city's recovery from the coronavirus was cut short due to a lighting strike near central park. >> due to approaching severe weather, all persons should move quickly and calmly to the nearest exit. j.r.: performers included paul simon, bruce springsteen, and ll cool j. still ahead at 11:00, a mystery on the hiking trail. an entire family, including their dog, are found dead near mariposa. there are no signs of anything
11:43 pm
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j.r.: an investigation continues into the mysterious deaths of northern california family and their dog in the sierra national forest. autopsies have provided few
11:46 pm
clues. reporter: tonight, the growing mystery of how this family suddenly died along the sierra national forest hiking trail. authorities say a family friend reported ellen chung, her husband, john gerrish, and their one-year-old baby girl missing after they did not return after a hike. >> have a healthy family, including their canine, deceased, so we are looking for answers. reporter: they say one possibility is toxic algae blooms. the trail they were on had a sero-national forest morning poster to stay away because of the toxic bacteria. the epa saying warmer weather due to climate change might make harmful algae more dangerous. investigators say another possibility is carbon monoxide
11:47 pm
poisoning from old minds. >> i have never seen there be zero explanation. reporter: gerace tevi's are hoping toxicology tests revealed -- sheriff's deputies are hoping toxicology tests reveal answers. j.r.: we are learning more about a family stuck on a boat in the delta for two days. today rescuers tell us a family of three was on a boat that had mechanical problems. a family friend on a separate boat came out to help them and also got stuck. crews say rescues in this area are not uncommon. >> the mud in the delta is very unforgiving, so both typically get stuck quite a bit. we launch our boat on average once a month just to assist people who are stuck. j.r.: fire crews say the family had no food. no one needed medical treatment. california's drought is leading bay area water officials taking
11:48 pm
drastic action to conserve water. sonoma water is offering free water saving kits this weekend to customers. there is a lot more than just these one-gallon buckets. inside is a low-flow shower head, a timer, a self-closing garden hose nozzle, and several other items to help cut back. if you did miss today, there will be more opportunities in the future to pick up a kit. now to drew tuma, who joins us with more on the weather situation, the smoke situation, and so much more. drew: it is going to get better with the smoke. we have improving air quality over the next 24 hours, so that is good news. temperature will be below-average through the second half of the weekend. air quality, tomorrow we fluctuate between good and moderate, but by monday that onshore breeze continues to push smoke out of our skies. by monday, we start the week with good air quality, no matter where you live. overnight, we find our marine layer deepening, at about 3000
11:49 pm
feet, meaning clouds will stretch well inland tonight. it is going to take temperatures down to the upper 40's to mid-50's first thing on your sunday. tomorrow, we will find a gradual clearing of clouds back to the coastline. the coasts will likely see a bit of sunshine. temperature is average this time of year. inland very comfortable, low 80's. 77 in san jose, 63 in the city tomorrow. santa rosa, high of 75. here is your seven-day forecast. cleaner air for the second half of our weekend, good air quality for all of us on monday, and then our attention turns to the temperatures. by the end of the week, it turns hot and hazy. temperatures in the 80's closer to the water. we will see triple digits in our hottest spots inland. j.r.: i am just taking about monday. drew: it is great, yeah. j.r.: now to chris with a preview of sports. chris: coming up, college football begins a week from
11:50 pm
today. we will check in on the san jose state spartans. an
11:51 pm
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chris: the giants scored all six of their runs today in the bay bridge series v the homerun. san francisco is tied with toronto for most home runs in baseball. the big swing of today's game came in the ninth when lamont way junior hit a two-run homer off lou trevino. the giants are just half a game -- would be just have a game ahead avail a in the nl west if they lost. instead, they give a 1.5 -- keep a 1.5 game lead in the west. stay calm. lamonte shirted. >> i was staying calm and focused on a great at-bat.
11:54 pm
our offense was able to put together some real strong at bats, and i was able to follow suit. >> probably the best guy on the planet to be happy and excited for her. he works hard, cares deeply. such a good teammate and person. having a magical year. >> the game of baseball is cruel. it does not matter how hard you work, at the end of the day, it is baseball. white friendly, it sucks. we had the lead -- quite frankly, it sucks. we had the lead most of the game. chris: the a's president met with the media and said the team is still in ongoing negotiations with oakland on its proposal for a new waterfront ballpark at howard terminal. he also said team officials will continue to look into las vegas as a possible relocation site. we asked him about a post that says the city and the a's are in agreement on nearly all the
11:55 pm
terms approved last july. here is his response. >> that is not a fair characterization. we are still working with the city to see if we can bridge gaps. but that is something we are going to continue to work on in good faith, to see if we can find solutions around some of the open items. we are continuing to do that, continuing to move forward on some of the process issues like the environmental impact report, and we will continue to update both the media on our progress. chris: college football starts next week with only a few games, but several with bay area ties, including fresno state hosting uconn. the defendant mount was champion san jose state spartans will have -- mountain west champion, san jose spartans, will have fans. their only loss last season came in the arizona bowl to ball state. they look for consecutive mountain west conference titles.
11:56 pm
earlier this week, the cigna, te color returned in an event, celebrating the return to campus. >> i know the team experienced a lot of difficulties. we banded together, as spartans do, and we are facing adversity head-on and came out as champions. we are excited to have you all be a part of our championship run this year as well. chris: the san jose earthquakes are the hottest team in major league soccer. however, san jose now has a 10 match unbeaten streak. the new guys for his first goal with san jose -- new guy scored his first goal with san jose since being traded from portland, and he is thrilled to make a difference with his new club. >> i was brought into at my quality to the group, a group that is united and working toward the same goal, and everyone is wanting to step up. i was glad to get a goal and show resilience.
11:57 pm
that shows what this team can be, if we are in tune for 90 minutes. chris: that is abc 7 sports, sponsored by your local toyota dealers. j.r.: thanks, chris. a quick update, manny pacquiao lost a 12 round fight in what could be his last fight, but he lasted 12 rounds, so power to him for that. that wraps it up for tonight. thank you for joining us. is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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