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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 22, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> his terrified about what is going to happen to his family. liz: afghan americans are struggling to get their loved ones home from afghanistan. the roadblocks they are facing. trapped and in trouble, cast coast guard gross use teenagers from a cliff. you are watching abc 7. let's start with a quick look a the weather. frances: air qua air qua improving. here's a live look as we look toward emeryville. your day planner for the next few hours, most temperatures are
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in the upper 50's. we have fog and low clouds. by this afternoon, we will see mostly sunny conditions except for at the coast. inland temperatures much like yesterday in the low 80's around the bay. at the beaches, low to mid 60's. we are expecting better air quality tomorrow. enjoy it, things will heat up toward the end of the week. liz: do this morning, three teenagers are safe after being rescued from a cliff. last night, they climbed 400 feet to the top. they had to be rescued by a coast guard helicopter. the group of six were on the beach barbecuing when three of them decided to climb up the cliff. that's when they got stuck. thankfully, nobody was hurt. developing news, joe biden is it
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scheduled to address the nation after the fall of afghanistan of the effort to get americans out of the country. we know he made a last change in his plans to meet with his national security team. >> president biden canceling plans to go home to wilmington, meeting with his national security team at the white house on the massive logistical operation to evacuate americans. frustration and desperation mounting in washington. the pentagon emphasizing flights have resumed. trying to cut through the confusion over that embassy security alert, warning americans to avoid the airport unless instructed. >> if you are an american, you will be let in that gate. the state department is doing the best job they can to advise americans who still haven't made it to the airport. >> chaos on the ground,
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increasing calls for u.s. forces to conduct this special operations to extract those trapped. all options are on the table. they are careful not to make promises with troop movement outside the airport. >> the military mission we are executing now is a noncombatant evacuation. >> lawmakers demanding answers. working hard to try and contact those in need. mitch mcconnell saying the situation was avoidable. federal government told u.s. airlines they could assist with the evacuation if necessary. they have announced this is going to happen at united and
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delta. they are being asked to do this. they will not be taking people out of kabul, they will take citizens and refugees who have arrived at other bear airbases. as tim johns tells us, relatives and the bay area are trying to help their families still trapped there. >> nearly a week after afghanistan fell the taliban forces, the situation on the ground was as desperate as ever. >> he is terrified of what is going to happen. >> she is working with a man who lives in california, whose wife and family are still stuck in kabul. they have been unsuccessful or turned around every time. >> they can't leave. they can't get here. it is too dangerous for them to go to the airport. in 35 years. >>
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attorney is working with 50 afghan families. her clients have faced gunfire and taliban checkpoints. according to the block, all of her clients qualified to be evacuated back to the u.s. and have been given visa paperwork. things are still going wrong. >> they inundated this visa paper. you could get it if you were a resident or if you just wanted to get out of afghanistan. it doesn't have your name on it. it doesn't have a location on it. they could not get in and still can't get in. >> the attorneys say one thing remains clear. >> we need to be able to get these people out that relied on us and trusted the government to do right by them. there has to be a way to do that. liz: eric eric eric eric eric ec
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provided the statement. we are aware of reports of people having trouble get to the airport. we have been in touch with the state department the issue. happening now, millions of people are in the path of hurricane henri. the storm is expected to make landfall today. we will have much more on the track and potential impact coming up in 10 minutes. locally, wildfires are continuing to burn across california. 13,000 firefighters are on the front lines as thousands of people have been forced from their homes. a fire near lake tahoe has jumped highway 50. it is expanding toward small pounds. it has scorched 140 square
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miles. the sheriff says they are searching for one person who is evacuated from me fire area that has not been heard from since wednesday. some people living in their homes say it's not worth the risk. >> i think my house is safe where we are at. it's time for me to head out. liz: alternate plans are in the works to help evacuees. dropbox is set up outside and evacuation center. officials want to set up in person voting. his office will drive ballots to wildfire evacuees. now to the latest on the largest wildfire, the dixie fire has burned 1707 -- three first responders have been injured. the fire swept through five counties and destroyed 670 homes since july 14. containment is currently at 36%.
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supporters in favor of the recall election and those against it shared their messages at the same time this weekend. >> it's not about republican or democrat. we just want our freedoms back. our freedoms are being eroded away. we are here to get our state back into the state it was. liz: supporters held a rally at the park yesterday. though support the governor held a counter rally across the street. >> this recall effort is a republican led effort by extreme right wing folks. it would be a disaster in our state. liz: recall supporters have another rally scheduled today in santa clara. , harris is returning to california. she will be in the bay area on friday to campaign with governor newsom. the vice president is the most
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high-profile democrat to campaign. we are focusing on it back to school. education is a key part of building a better bay area. education happens in and out of the classroom. the pandemic led to a delay in sports with teams not able to come together. football is returning for the fall season. we have the story from san jose. >> four months after teams played in the spring season, they returned to the gridiron for some fault football. it may be just a scrimmage, you couldn't tell from the excitement on the field. >> our guys have a lot to be thankful for. >> football is something i've been playing since i was a kid. i will do whatever it takes to
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keep claim. >> california was one of the only states in the country to not play football on time last year. covid delayed the season and it created struggles for students off the field. tonight, football began to solve the problem. >> i know kids that dropped out because they didn't have sports. >> there is only so much you can do in your own backyard. it is so exciting. >> the threat of the delta variant still looms. the question was asked friday in our town hall, is it safe for athletes to plate high school sports again. >> it is really incumbent on parents and athletes to make sure they are practicing all of the safe hygiene techniques and doing everything they can. >> we still are trying to let
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the kids know we are not out of it. >> the reason we are playing this team is because of certain cancellations. we deftly with the kids to have fun. >> the last thing we want is for it to get canceled because of covid. or for anybody to get sick or hurt. >> the true victory was getting football back once again. liz: the little sense of normalcy. frances: i'm shocked for you. check out the full moon. we are getting a last glimpse of it. we have cooler and cleaner air. that's coming up. liz: they are rolling up their sleeves for a third time. one of the first booster shot clinics opens in the bay area. tracking dangerous weather, the
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up the east coast. millions are in the storm's path. states of emergency have been declared in at least two states. >> this morning, henri closer. heavy rainfall, dangerous storm surge, hurricane conditions and flooding striking the northeast.
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55 million residents in its crosshairs. >> there is going to be a lot of rain. we could see trees falling down. we need people to be safe. >> heavy rains causing traffic jams. >> due to weather, all persons should move quickly and calmly to the nearest exit. >> the outdoor homecoming concert cancel. president biden approving a declaration for rhode island. states of emergency declared in new york and connecticut. >> give yourself some extra gasoline. make sure you have your phones charged. make sure you have five days worth of food. >> henri forecast to slow down as it comes ashore. >> you will see the wind come down quickly. it is going to compound the issue of the rain.
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liz: eight people are dead after hurricane grace made landfall in mexico. a left trail the destruction. six of the eight people who died were from the same family. a mudslide killed a young girl and a collapsed roof killed another person. this hurricane brought 125 mile per hour wins. officials say heavy rainfall is expected to bring flash flooding today. some areas could see one foot of rainfall. we are not dealing with that, we have the fires and the smoke which are starting to clear out a little bit. frances: that will continue through tomorrow. improving air quality, temperatures below average. this is a look at live doppler 7. you notice the clouds have spilled across the bay into parts of the east bay. we could see some patchy drizzle as well. you are looking at the gray over
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san francisco right now. today, we will get a little more blue on this side of san francisco. san francisco is currently 57. we have low 60's right now in mountain view. now, we'now, we'now, we'now, weo camera from walnut creek. there is not much hays expected throughout the day. santa rosa, it's cooler. we have 57 in nevada. fairfield is 56. temperatures are a little bit cooler compared to yesterday. anywhere up to five degrees cooler. it's a great time to open those windows. this is a live shot of the golden gate bridge. it doesn't hit the top of the bridge. that's why i think we will get more sunshine earlier on and it will spread into san francisco. today, we are expecting improving air quality, only
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moderate for the north bay. to have good air quality. right now, the index is good. lots of green and as we had farther east, it is very unhealthy with hazardous conditions in the tahoe area. this afternoon, the clouds will start to pull back. we could see some at the beaches. we are in that typical pattern. the sea breeze will keep things cooler as well. inland numbers, only in the 80's. antioch 83. it's going to be comfortable in san jose. in oakland, 69. we will see 70's through part of the north. santa rosa, 75.
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lowe's will be a little bit cooler. low 50's through the north bay with some patchy drizzle developing once again at the beaches. we will see mid-50's for san francisco, oakland. enjoy the cooler weather. at the end of the week, high pressure will build inland and it's going to get hot. let's jump ahead to thursday. things start to warm up. we will see up her 80's in santa rosa. check out friday, triple digit heat. it is going to be difficult for inland areas because in some of these spots, overnight spots will jump into the mid 60's. heat risk concerns are possible. this is the forecast. cleaner air today. good air quality for everyone
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tomorrow. afternoon sunshine it, warming up and getting really hot. sizzling by friday and saturday. liz: thank you. we will brace for that heat. one of the first covid-19 booster shot clinics happened in the north bay this week and. the third dose was for residents who are immunocompromised. this is something many with health concerns have been waiting for. >> this is for immunocompromised. >> the line was long for this free covid-19 booster shot clinic. one of the first in the bay area. the 82-year-old got here early. >> i want to stop worrying. i appreciate what my county is doing. >> these are people who are particularly vulnerable. >> vaccine booster shots were
6:21 am
available to county residents who are immunocompromised. >> we want to make this third dose easily accessible to those who really need it, who have weakened immune systems. >> julie made an appointment the moment she heard about the clinic. >> going through cancer treatment, it was important to me to have the booster. >> her daughter calls the third shot a godsend. >> she has fought so hard for us. it's just one more thing that will keep her safe. >> the delta variant is on the rise. many say they have been afraid to go out. >> you don't know how safe you are. >> the cdc recommends only people with compromised immune system get the booster shot. the county could provide them next month, depending on fda
6:22 am
approval. >> for many, the booster is extra confidence. in a world where the pandemic is far from over. >> i feel a little bit safer. liz: this is the first we can for the latest covid mandates. if your inside bars or restaurants, you need to show you been vaccinated and wear a mask. we ask people if they feel safer? >> i do people. the chance of getting something is reduced. >> i think that's helpful. >> once we can sort of calm down, it will be worth it. >> you have to show proof of vaccination. michael explains what you need to know. >> are plenty of ways to prove you've been vaccinated, aside from showing the paper card.
6:23 am
you can take a picture of your card and show that. you can also show a digital vaccine record issued by the state of california. the san francisco department of public health has approved three digital vaccine at cards. >> when you have to walk around with private data about you, we think we can do that in a more secure way. instead of having to worry about the cdc card, we can make that seamless. it's a credential in the app. you pull it up and show your card and you are clear. >> with entertainment venues on the front line, the san francisco chamber of commerce is helping chart course. >> we believe in technology and science. we believe we should use every tool possible. >> the president and ceo.
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>> vaccine mandate will save space. there are many who want to go to a place and know there are people vaccinated as well. it's a safety consideration. liz: just ahead, what is a top priority for families and teachers going back to school? people can't agree on an answer. we will take a look at what i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen.
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trouble sleeping, tiredness, and anxiety. so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ parents and teachers have set their orders. david shows us how a special partnership was forged. >> every child has been impacted by the pandemic.
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a lack of exercise and play with friends, academic challenges, in the visitation valley, special partnership has been formed, linking parents, teachers, nonprofits group. >> no matter how difficult things get, they have someone or somewhere they can rest if they feel like mom is not the best candidate. >> real options for city kids launched a study to set your days. students listed emotional learning as their top party. teachers put mental concerns first. >> we want to have an even balance between the three of those to get started. >> kids are under pressure to excel.
6:28 am
>> academics are important. i want to know where you are at. let me know so mom knows how gauge or rework what's going on. >> partnering with teachers to help at the summer camp. >> we worked with schools. we had teachers at our summer camp doing literacy intervention. >> addressing parties that are different from one area to another. liz: approval of the pfizer vaccine could be coming this week. what the move minding for vaccinations in the area. what investigators are saying this morning.
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liz: good morning. you are watching abc 7 news. we will start with a look at the weather. frances: good morning morning, everyone. have improving air quality today. that is great news. we are dealing with a lot of low clouds and fog as you can see. sunrise at at at at most temperatures in the upper 50's. better air this afternoon with the clouds pulling back from the coast. temperatures will be similar to yesterday. low 80's around the bay area. we have low to mid 60's. we have improving air quality. get ready for a big warm up toward the end of the week. liz: thank. fda could give full approval to
6:32 am
the pfizer covid vaccine this week. a senior official shared this news with cnn. this could drive more americans to receive the shot. john explains as hospitals are filling up with covid patients. >> medical workers overwhelmed with rising cases of covid-19. >> they are really shortstaffed. i just came in and i'm picking up a couple of extra hours. >> the cdc says the hospitalization rate in the u.s. is below the highest reported in january, but that could change within the next few weeks. some hospitals have been forced to take drastic measures. >> we have had to look as far as oklahoma to fly people to get the care they needed because we couldn't take care of them here. >> more than one million new
6:33 am
cases of covid-19 have been reported. >> what is so heartbreaking is these hospitalizations for those who are unvaccinated are preventable. the loss of life for those who are in their 20's or 30's is preventable. we need them to get vaccinated. liz: coming up on this surgeon general will talk about the increase in covid cases. you can watch the interview on this week with george stephanopoulos. some sad news this morning, the reverend jesse jackson and his wife have tested positive for covid-19. they are being treated at the northwestern memorial hospital. he was publicly vaccinated against covid in january. he has advocated for vaccines. despite having been diagnosed
6:34 am
with parkinson's disease, he is active and participated in protests earlier this month. they will provide updates as they become available. the investigation continues into this mysterious death of a northern california family in the sierra national forest. autopsies have provided few clues. >> the growing mystery of how this family suddenly died along the sierra forest hiking trail. a family friend reported them missing after they did not return from a hike. >> we have a healthy family, including their canine. we are looking for answers. lex one possibility is toxic algae blooms. the trail they were on had a sierra national forest warning booster because of the toxic bacteria. warmer weather might make
6:35 am
harmful algae more dangerous. >> in many water b b b b reaching a tipping point. >> another possibility? carbon monoxide poisoning. >> i've never seen an incident like this, where there is zero explanation. it >> there was no visible trauma. they are hoping tests reveal answers. liz: we're learning more about the rescue of a family stuck on a boat in the delta. the fire department rescued four people on thursday. rescuers say the family of three was on this boat and had mechanical problems. a family friend came to help. rescues in the area are not uncommon. >> the mud in the delta is very unforgiving. both get stuck quite a bit. we launch our boat on average once a month to assist people
6:36 am
who are stuck. liz: the family had no food for 24 hours. thankfully, nobody was certain they are ok. dan harris joins us to tell us about good morning america. >> coming, henri takes place and with the northeast. it could be the first hurricane to make landfall in new england in 30 years. rob has your forecast. chaos at the airport. a new warning from the u.s. embassy. we have asked elusive interview with the secretary of defense. covid-19 hospitalizations climate again as burned out per square workers reach the breaking point. it's all coming up on gma. we will see you soon. liz: helping refugees. an organization has planned a big role in safety to those in need. here's a live look outside.
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growing in afghanistan. tens of thousand people are fleeing their homes. jewish family and community services is stepping up to help many of these refugees. they are asking for your help. join us to talk about this is a resettlement coordinator. thank you for being here. >> thank you. liz: your organization received 50 refugees. describe how these past couple of weeks have been for you. >> it's been difficult. we work constantly. we want to make sure the refugees have a place to live, they have enough food. they are comfortable.
6:40 am
they are coming from uncertainty. everybody knows it's really bad. yesterday, we wanted to make sure we supported them. we want to give them a safe place in the united states. liz: how many refugees are you hoping to receive? >> for the past two individuals. we are expecting 40. that is for the month of august. that is a lot of work. our team is extremely busy. we are working around the clock. liz: what are the biggest struggles that come with relocating people? >> the biggest struggle we've been having right now is housing. housing is a huge challenge. prices are increasing a lot due
6:41 am
to the pandemic. my request from the community, from the landlord, from the property owners, please support us in this situation. help us to resettle thes resetts refugees comfortably. they have a say foam in the united states. liz: you mention the pandemic, any other ways the pandemic has affected your services. >> we are trying our best to support these families. we are trying to take the cdc protocol. we try to do orientation regarding the pandemic. we try to do our best to make sure they are safe. liz: i read a story in the new york times about a man who arrived for the taliban takeover. he must be in a difficult position, feeling like he escaped, but his loved ones are still there. >> they were placed in a hotel
6:42 am
right now. we are looking for housing for them. they left their loved ones behind in afghanistan. we are trying our best to makeo sure we provide help to the families. liz: the work you do is incredible. so many people is seeing the images and how can i help. what else can people do? >> we've been receiving generous support from the community. i want to thank everybody. it's been great. everybody is trying to help. the help i really want right now is housing. it's been very challenging. my messages for the landlords area please work with us. excuse the new arrivals.
6:43 am
it's impossible for them to make that. liz: thank you so much for the work you do. thank you for joining us today to talk about it. >> thank you for having me. liz: you can find out how you can help refugees through housing and donations. screen. i just been glued to twitter and the television watching these images. frances: they are heartbreaking to watch. it's great that we have found a way to help. this is a look from mount him. we are under low clouds and fog at the beaches. that cooler cleaner marine air is going to bring us better air quality today and tomorrow. i will have your complete forecast coming up. liz: the giants powered to a
6:44 am
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the next preseason game. they face the chargers. kickoff is at 4:30 this afternoon. the giants and days square off in the final games of the bay bridge series. logan webb rules at the oakland coliseum. the first pitch is at 1:07. the giants had a dramatic ninth-inning comeback. these are the highlights in this morning sports. >> both the giants and days made deals with the trade deadline to bolster their rosters. the new guys have played a big role so far. 36,000 in attendance. good stuff seeing the fans.
6:47 am
this rpi double made him 3-11 against the giants starter. oakland scored three in the first inning. kris bryant, to run shot to left. it was his 22nd home or overall. later, donovan rips want to third. the new guy diving stop. matt olson jumps to make the tag. great play here on defense. the giants fail to add on in the inning. a runner on for harrison at the plate. a liner to left. the rpi double will bring in matt olson. harrison pumped. top of seven, there goes team home or hundred 84. the next batter goes deep, it's the eighth time the giants have gone down back to back. a two run pinch-hit homerun, that is the game-winning swing.
6:48 am
the giants win, 6-5. oakland remains a half game ahead of oakland. as you expect, both teams with very different reactions. >> i probably showed more emotion than i have all year. after a rough couple of games, it was nice to see us come through when we needed it. that was a huge hit for us. max not all losses are equal. we needed to win that game. it sucks. >> the 49ers are gearing up for the preseason game against the charges. net osa will participate in team drills next week. the defense will be anchored by fred warner, who signed an extension this summer. >> i think it starts from square
6:49 am
one every season. the year i had is behind me. i am coming out here every day and working on something different. i am trying to work on the little details. >> he is always around the ball, always making plays. he is always attacking the ball. fred exemplifies that. >> denies will kick off the regular season in detroit against the lines. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. it's going to get hot later this week. frances: get ready for that. you are going to breathe easier with cleaner marine air. the satellite radar image, we've got lots of low clouds. this is a look from explorer. you can see the winds are right now.
6:50 am
this time, we are checking out the south bay. we do have gray skies. there will be hazy conditions through the inland areas. we are expecting a better air quality overall. santa rosa is 54 degrees. napa is 57. it is near 60 in concord. the air is a little bit cooler today. that is because the onshore flow and the sea breeze drawing -- driving away some of that smoke. check out this live shot. it is great. we could see some patchy drizzle at the beaches. the air quality index is expected to be good at the coast. it's moderate later on in the north bay. the a qi is in the 50's. that is pretty good.
6:51 am
everyone expected to get good air quality for monday. we do have good air quality, in santa cruz it will stay unhealthy. it is very unhealthy to hazardous. with a smoke continuing to blow east, it will stay that way for a while. this is a look at forecast animation. we could see it at the beaches. by this afternoon, it will mix out some of the clouds. we should get more sunshine data run, including santa cruz. temperatures will be on the cooler side. partly cloudy conditions at the beaches. san francisco is 63, downtown should get more sunshine. we will see 70's in the north bay. napa will be 72. we still have some hazy conditions for the interior locations.
6:52 am
san jose is 76 degrees. overnight lows will be cooler when we get into tonight. low 50's in the north bay. we will see lots of 50's all around the bay from san francisco down to san jose. this is what liz was talking about. get ready for a big warm up. in livermore, your average high is 88. we are below average. many areas are 5-15 degrees. friday and into overnight lows, you won't get much relief. this will bring bring risk concerns. cleaner air, enjoy it. temperatures do ramped up in the
6:53 am
middle of the week. friday, hot and hazy conditions. it's going to be summer sizzling heat, especially for those inland areas. even around the bay, it will be a great time to head to the beaches. that will be the low 70's. that's where we can expect cleaner air is well. liz: another event for you and your family is returning to san francisco. what movies you can check o my name is douglas. i'm a writer/director and i'm still working. in the kind of work that i do, you are surrounded by people who are all younger than you. i had to get help somewhere along the line to stay competitive.
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if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. san jose. the city council created barack obama boulevard from local streets. yesterday, people walked the newly named boulevard to celebrate the dedication. >> this is going to this is goi message, yes it is possible when
6:56 am
the community comes together and believes. >> the street stretches half a mile. supporters raised $11,000 to change the street signs. it took four years to complete the project. sundown cinema is returning this year. it was canceled last year. this year, it is back for five dates. the princess tarries in the pixar film soul, you can find that on their website. that is where you can get reserved seating. all movies are free. this is something very cute. the giant panda cub born during the pandemic is celebrating his first birthday. zookeepers gave him a cake yesterday. his name means little miracle because his mother is the oldest giant panda to give birth in the united states. the little one-year-old is also
6:57 am
the first giant panda cub in five years. mom seems to be liking the cake. frances: to say that she is all that 22? we have great weather head. we have improving air quality with that sea breeze. temperatures will be close to yesterday's numbers. we have upper 60's to low 70's around the bay and low 80's inland. cleaner air today, better tomorrow. get ready for a big warm up inland toward the end of the week. heat risk concerns might be coming up. liz: thanks for joining us on abc 7 mornings. the news continues at 9:00. we will see you then. have a great day.
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good morning, america. henri's hit. the storm closing in on the northeast. >> it's as serious as a heart attack. >> 40 million people under hurricane and tropical storm warnings for the northeast's first direct hit in decades. flooding fears from dangerous storm surge and overnight new york city's big concert canceled by rain and lightning. >> please seek shelter. >> our team coverage this morning. kabul crisis. the u.s. embassy warning americans not to travel to the airport without specific instructions as a stampede kills seven afghans outside the gates. martha raddatz's exclusive interview with defense secretary lloyd austin. >> we'll look at every means possible to get american


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