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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 24, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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or do not come inside, not even a negative covid-19 test will suffice. the places that could be off-limits to unvaccinated people. >> planes landed the u.s. ringing hundreds of evacuees from afghanistan. this morning the mounting pressure on president biden. >> clean air in the classroom is especially important to stop the spread of covid-19 and to read the air of wildfire smoke. the big investment going into san francisco. it is tuesday, august 24 and you are watching abc seven mornings. >> let us start with the forecast with mike nicco. mike: good morning on this tuesday, the exploratory camera showing cloudiness and it will spit out drizzle near the coast as the marine layer is the dominant feature. the wind in fairfield gusting uj
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mid to upper 60's, 60 five, richmond. 70 to 75 for the rest of the bay, the south bay, 76 to 80 and inland, low 80's. summer is gone for another day but more on that coming up. >> developing news in the fight against covid-19, the cdc will be meeting to discuss recommending a third dose of the pfizer and moderna vaccines to the general public. yesterday we told you that the fda officially approved the pfizer vaccine. health officials are hoping that this will convince more people to get the shot. the pentagon has jumped on board requiring more than one million active-duty troops to get vaccinated. united airlines says employees have until september 27 to get fully vaccinated or risk being terminated. it is the only major airline to
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mandate worker vaccines. in the bay area, san jose is considering a vac scene mandate to enter -- vaccine mandate to enter facilities. amy hollyfield is live, that one of the venues where you might have to show your proof of vaccination. if this passes the center will be one of those places that require vaccinations. the mayor made this proposal. it is that employees and attendees have to show proof of vaccination to enter more than 50 city buildings including the sap center, convention center and center for the performing arts. they might not start -- stop there. the mayor wants to consider requiring proof at private businesses like restaurants and gyms. >> we want to consider all options and look at the data we are seeing from san francisco to see how it is working, and what the impacts are on small businesses.
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we want to learn more, but all of the options are on the table. amy: so, that would be an issue for a future council meeting. , but tonight, they will consider his urgency ordinance, to require vaccination at city buildings with the mayor saying that he believes that the only way to return to the new normal is for the entire community to get vaccinated, and he hopes this will help motivate people to do it. this would not impact the guns and roses concert scheduled for the sap center. today -- tomorrow they will be giving large venues a grace period if it passes. if you are coming to the concert tomorrow night, he would not have to worry about it. live in san jose, amy hollyfield. kumasi: happening today the venetia city council will vote on implanting and endorsed mass mandate, the only mass mandate in solano county. it accounts for 30,000 cases.
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if the county does not require indoor masking. the mayor would like to see the mandate approved bueverybody is. >> if we could build up antibodies like the flu, then eventually it will dissipate. >> if everyone had been vaccinated or wearing a mask we would have this in our rearview mirror. kumasi: the solano county health officer says that data shows there is no need for an indoor mass mandate and blames private social events. reggie: san francisco unified is planning to buy a air purifiers to improve air quality during the pandemic and fire season. it will cost nearly $3 million. the board of education has to approve the plan and only about 10% of the more than 3000 classrooms have air purifiers. the district has already distributed 775 of them.
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educators are using contact tracing technology to keep kids safe at school from coronavirus. education is key part of building a better bay area and david louis shows you how a- a inputo use. r nond at woodside priory, all students will have an app that will trace with whom they have been in close contact in case someone develops symptoms or confirms a case of the virus called trace, and it is designed for schools. >> they forget who they had lunch with yesterday, who they interacted with in the classroom a few days before, and so being able to provide more reliable information and quicker can really remove that human error from the contact tracing process. david: it uses bluetooth to track proximity allowing a school nurse or administrator to
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narrow down who might be a risk without closing down an entire classroom or campus. >> they provided us that confidence that if there was tracing that we needed to do, we had really clear kind of unequivocal data that we could use. david: it collects contact details for 14 days and then is deleted, laying privacy concerns. >> parents had concerns but they felt confident -- comfortable incompetence, but that is a good check for us. david: its app is being used across the u.s. and in a few schools overseas and alerts a school nurse or administrators who can implement their own notification plan. >> we provide the information to take the next steps so that the school can control the measurements. david: physical distancing remains an important safety protocol. kumasi: developing news in t
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fall of afghanistan, hundreds more u.s. citizens and afghan refugees landed in the u.s.. this is video of evacuees at dulles international airport, they were passengers on the first united airlines flight to depart from afghanistan. the abided administration faces pressure. the president will be meeting virtually with u.s. allies for a g7 meeting to discuss afghanistan. the defense department is calling on president biden to delay the u.s. military withdraw until after the deadline. and many people are asking why efforts to evacuate americans and afghan allies were not launched earlier. >> supporters of the afghan government including many of the people who wanted to come out now said that doing so would trigger a complete crisis of confidence in the government. as it turns out, not taking out -- not doing the evacuation did not save the afghan government, we acknowledge that. kumasi: white house officials
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say that nearly 11,000 people were evacuated yesterday. the east bay afghan community is mobilizing in an effort to help refugees escaping kabul. the islamic cultural center says it has been getting calls from friends and family trapped in afghanistan. it wants to help those who can make it out and resettle with everything from food, clothes, and legal assistance. >> they are calling and asking us if there is any way to help them out, they are afraid and they cannot go outside right now. kumasi: it is not known how many families could come to the bay area. the city of concord is pledging it support by contacting landlords to see if they can help them shelter. reggie: governor newsom is taking action in response to the northern california wildfires. he has requested a presidential disaster declaration for plumas, placer, tema, and trinity
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counties. jobina: thank you. there are 12 major wildfires burning throughout the state. the dixie fire continues to grow, adding to its distinction as the second largest wildfire in state history. it has burned nearly 726,000 acres. containment is at 40%. crews has made progress on the caldor fire, 9% contained. the fire burned 114,000 acres on friday. flames forced closure of hideaway 50 between pollock pines and myers. the caldor fire is the top priority for firefighting resources across the country. if the presidential disaster declaration is approved for fire victims it would cover the cost of housing and food assistance, unemployment, medical, and legal services. >> it is designed to assist state, tribal, and local
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governments with ongoing emergency response cost and recovery cost including placement of infrastructure such as roads, schools, bridges, and utilities. jobina: it would also provide assistance for public agencies. reggie: thank you. you can see all the fires burning at a glance, just look for this wildfire tracker at mike: i am going to take a look at some of that smoke forecast right now, in fact we will start with current conditions and then get to the smoke. there is a look at what is going on in the east bay neighborhoods where temperatures are mainly around 54 to around 58 degrees. we have 51 and up at ohio valley -- up at higher elevations. mid-50's to 60 degrees. 60, oakland. look at all of the 59th, hayward, mountain view, and san jose. here is all of the smoke
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forecasts. this is a twinge of haze in the same area and it will happen today through sunset. tomorrow, we wake up with it pushing to the east and more so tomorrow you will have one of the bluest skies this week. that is talk about what is going on as far as activity for today, a refreshing breeze if you are exercising and running errands. grab the sunglasses and have air conditioning if you are staying at home. mid to upper 50's with drizzle near the coast and higher elevations, watch out for that. low to mid 60's, 61 to 63 along the coast. the bay, 66 to 72. where is the summer heat? maybe we should not ask because when it comes back it will be pretty hot. i will show you that coming up. jobina: good morning, we will start with the bridge, not really because the chp has issued a wind advisory, but check out red line is a bit odd.
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speed down to six miles an hour on the bridge headed southbound. chp has not given us a reason wrought -- reason why. 680 and walnut creek looks good. here is a life picture in emeryville showing off 80 -- live picture in emeryville showing off 80. the bta is expected to provide the progress in activating light rare sort -- light rail service. they will announce when test trains will run and when employees will return and implementing passenger service. so far there has not been an estimate to when service will return. light rail has not been operating since may 26 when an employee killed eight coworkers in a mass shooting. reggie: the constant struggle for san francisco restaurants. >> i think after this week we will start to see things settle again and kind of into -- into
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kind of a new normal. reggie: the ups and downs restaurants have had to ride out. kumasi: this is not your typical safari, instead of animals, there are -- there is wind.
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reggie: happening today, the antioch city council is voting to ban police restraint tactics. the death of angela brought the issue to the forefront. she was restrained for several minutes. the city council will pass the proposal. the police union also supports it saying it does not advocate a need to the next technique. kumasi: the san francisco district attorney is reacting to the news that his father who spent four decades in prison will be eligible for parole. his father was one of six people granted clemency by now former new york governor andrew cuomo. gilbert is serving a sentence of
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75 years to life. he was convicted in 1983 and a robbery of an armored truck that left a guard and officers dead. gilbert was the unarmed getaway driver and his mother played a role and was in prison for more than two decades before her release. it happened when he was 14 months old. he tweeted this photo with his father saying it was one of their last moments of freedom together. reggie: san francisco restaurants and bars have reopened but as kobe numbers have risen and fallen, so has business. we spoke to a restaurant owner who just lost out on thousands of dollars in just one night. >> we understand that emergencies happen it is difficult when so many emergencies are happening and folks are canceling. >> kim altar, chef and owner of night bird restaurant is making the best of what has been a very difficult couple of weeks.
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the hardest moment coming when a company bought out her boutique restaurant for the night and then called it off. >> they canceled due to new restrictions that they were going to put in, and because -- we learned a lesson, we did not have strong protocols because we never had anyone cancel a banquet before, we lost 8000 to $10,000. j.r.: the golden gate restaurant association, and one of her restaurants debt -- dealt with challenges friday. >> we saw the walk-ins make up for the no-shows. j.r.: seemed to bounce back at many spots over the weekend including fishermen's wharf, something that is likely due to the fires near lake tahoe which kept people in town and brought in others. altar is hopeful for a turnaround at her restaurant that had four cancellations on tuesday alone due to positive kos bid cases. >> nine tables, and when four
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cancel that is a big chunk of what we do every night. i think after this week we will see things settle again and into kind of a new normal. kumasi: later today, i am taking you inside a new wine experience in the east bay. this is in alameda and is the first black omen -- black woman owned winery tasting room. dr. chris not only wanted to create a place for those in the industry crafted craft it and sell it. >> folks of color are hugely hul underrepresented, we have .1% of the wine industry. so, creating a space that allows us not only to showcase our talents, but also to feel welcome and included is core to who i am. kumasi: coming up at -- on abc7 news, how she is taking her
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success to craft community and change within the wine industry one aspiring winemaker at a time. you know that i had a good time. not only because it is just a great place, and i tried her winds before, her story is so -- so inspiring. she is a doctor will also doing this. reggie: excuse me? she sleeps when? kumasi: and looks fabulous doing it and is helping people bring -- helping bring people into the industry, so i met her, i said we are doing a story, just for this part, but there are so many players. you have to watch. reggie: we are no longer going to complain about not getting sleep. maybe a little bit -- kumasi: maybe a little bit. mike: let us be honest, but we will always think of you. thank you. here is a look at eight 280 at 17, increasing clouds, our
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coolest afternoon is today, because building summer heat lingers into next week. here's a look at the trough bringing us a nice onshore flow and will continue to do that through tomorrow. cleaner air, it will keep the summer heat on hiatus, and tomorrow will be our bluest sky moving forward. let us look at our numbers, 71, sunnyvale. barely 80 in los gatos and morgan hill. 70, san mateo and menlo park. low 60's along the coast, more sunshine. 64 to 66 downtown south san francisco. barely 60 to 61 along the north bay coast. 70, napa. 80's in cloverdale. for the east bay, hercules, richmond, and berkeley, 65 to 68. everyone else around 71 to 74.
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it is an afternoon game at 66 and warming up to 70 degrees. the first pitch is 12:37. 80, san ramon. i got my electric bill yesterday for july and it was really big. hopefully this will make up for it. 49, santa rosa. cloverdale and the rest of us in the 50's with the same clouds and drizzle this morning. a couple of degrees warmer and then you can see that summer is back thursday and building heat with all above average temperatures. even on the coast friday and saturday and we taper the heat. kumasi: walmart is launching a to deliver products to businesses of all sizes called walmart go local. it will be available in suburban and rural areas where other delivery providers struggle. any merchant from national retailers to small-town shops can use go local for deliveries. it has signed a number of
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kumasi: 5:23 and if you are just joining us here are seven things to know, the cdc will meet to discuss covid-19 booster shots one day after the fda formally approved the pfizer vaccine. although officials hope that this will reassure millions of eligible but unvaccinated americans to get the shot. reggie: there are two covid-19 mandates up for discussion. the san jose city council voting on a proposal that will require full vaccinations at events of 50 people or more in the venetian city council will vote on an indoor mask mandate. kumasi: new york has its first woman of government -- as governor. kathy hochul replaced andrew cuomo who resigned amid sexual assault allegations. reggie: governor newsom requested a presidential disaster declaration in response to the northern california wildfires.
5:25 am
it would provide millions of dollars to help fire victims. mike: summer hiatus continues, the lack of heat around 64, san francisco. 82, livermore, nine degrees cooler than average. jobina: a crash in fremont that is slowing things down. it will be on southbound 680 and fort washington boulevard and one lane is blocked. kumasi: a fall favorite is back, starting today, you can get a pumpkin spice latte at starbucks. it is one day earlier than it was released last year. reggie: sony announced a temporary host for jeopardy after mike richards resigned as a game show's host. jenae norman has the detail. jenae: jeopardy announcing mayim bialik as temporary host of the popular quiz show. sony pictures television, the company that produces jeopardy
5:26 am
saying bialik is scheduled to take three weeks of episodes, and adding that as they move forward with production, additional guest hosts will be announced. it comes just days after the game show's executive producer mike richards steps down from the permanent hosting role following inappropriate comments he made towards women on a podcast. >> it is going to be awkward on that set for the time being, and if anything, it brings into question long term what the plan is going to be and how the show will be run. jenae: all of that coming up at 7:00 a.m.. somebody' feeling are an amic tthean ortea new study by the researchs at the university of michigan finds that eating one single hot dog could take 36 minutes off of your life.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. reggie: now at 5:30, the, talking about booster shots.
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dr. anthony fauci lays out a timeline on when he thinks we will go back to normal. kumasi: san jose could up the ante against people who are refusing to be vaccinated. the restrictions under consideration. reggie: escapes afghanistan hopes that the rest of his family will also survive. why they might be targets of the taliban. good morning, tuesday, august 24. abc7 mornings is streaming on hulu live. kumasi: we want to start the check the forecast with mike. mike: hello, i want to show you the wind, because that is the main factor in our forecast, light and we always look at fairfield to see how strong the sea breeze is, 28 miles an hour. you can see the cloud cover using across our neighborhoods through the morning commute. san jose, 280 and we are going from clear to cloudy in about an
5:31 am
hour to an hour and a half, and here is how fast things could change. watch out for drizzle at higher elevations. the wind stays on shore and the lack of heat, the warm estate gets, 87, yucca. low 80's, and mainly mid to upper 70's and the south bay and low to mid 70's in the north bay, mid-60's to mid 70's around the bay. the heat is coming back. kumasi: the cdc will be meeting to discuss booster shots and it is coming one day after the fda formally approved the pfizer vaccine. health officials are hoping it will reassure millions of eligible but unvaccinated americans to get the shot. we have what dr. fauci is saying abouteouba ma the fda approval -- with thew fda approval, president biden says that businesses should have the confidence to issue vaccine
5:32 am
mandates, 90 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated have not yet gotten the shot. dr. anthony fauci tells the seat -- tell cnn that the white house had high hopes that the country would be back to normal by july 4 but the delta variant was "a sucker punch" to the hopes. but they now believe spring of 2022 could be when things get back to normal. >> if we keep lingering without getting those people vaccinated that should be vaccinated, this thing could linger, leading to the development of another variant which could complicate things. it is within our power to get this under control, and that is to get vaccinated. jobina: as children had back to the classrooms, director rochelle walensky say that more data is needed before kids under 12 can get the shot, maybe by november. the call to get vaccinated is urgent as more americans die of covid-19. the average number of daily deaths is more than 700.
5:33 am
reggie: more bay area cities considering vaccine mandates now that the fda has approved the pfizer vaccine. in san jose city council members are set to vote on a measure that would require people to show proof of vaccination at city facilities. amy hollyfield joins us live outside the asset -- the sp -- the sap center. amy: the mayor is looking to put pressure on the unvaccinated, he is looking to pass a measure that would require vaccinations to come to concerts and games at the sap center. it would be considered by the city council, and it will be on the agenda tonight. it states that vaccination is required for employees and attendees. at city-owned buildings at events with 50 or more people including the sap center, the convention center in the center for the performing arts. a negative covid test would not be enough.
5:34 am
if this passes a calls for proof of vaccination. the city has not said when it would go into effect but that they would give the facilities and attendees a grace period, time to get the shots and plan how to implement the policy. it will not impact the guns n' roses concert scheduled, so if you have tickets for that do not worry. the mayor hopes it will encourage people to get the vaccine, especially those who come from outside the county to come to big events like concerts and games. reporting live, amy hollyfield. reggie: in the east bay city of richmond, workers are required to be vaccinated, partially vaccinated by september 7 and fully vaccinated by october 18. in antioch the mayor will propose a similar measure to their city council. >> it is our responsibility as elected officials and those of us who serve on commissions and city employees to serve as an example for residents if we want
5:35 am
to get track -- past this point and reach beyond 62% vaccination rate, that is dangerously low. reggie: 83% of the population over 12 has received at least one dose, 213 people are hospitalized with covid, up 14% over the past two weeks. unvaccinated americans are costing the u.s. health system billions. a kaiser family foundation report finds the average cost of a covid-19 hospitalization is nearly $20,000 that is also likely an underestimate because it does not account for outpatient care. the report looks at government data and it says that vaccinations could have prevented 113 thousand hospitalizations in june t bli. kumasi: developing news in the fall of afghanistan, a san francisco-based country is supporting thousands of rigid --
5:36 am
refugees. airbnb announced that it would provide housing globally for 20,000 refugees. airbnb will be paying for this days. the u.s. military and allied forces airlifted 16,000 people out of kabul in a 24 hour period . despite the chaos outside of kabul's airport, evacuations are picking up speed. an east bay man is counting his blessings after a harrowing escape and is hoping that his family can get out to. >> in video taken in august the echoing sounds of unrest in afghanistan. only moments before, he says a car bomb shadowed the windows of his family's business located in the former diplomatic corridor. >> a lot of people are dying outside. if you see those buildings, you would not believe what has happened, no one could survive.
5:37 am
amanda: he landed in early july, they are to assist as his father recovered from my surgery, weekly taking over the business. >> my family and i work work wok different skills on the grounds. we provide security supplies, everything, plus construction. amanda: with his return flight schedule for the 18th he was there for the taliban takeover, in complete shock after witnessing the fear firsthand. >> women and men are running, old men, children screaming in the streets, everybody say they are coming. i asked what happened? they said that taliban's company -- the taliban is coming. amanda: after surviving a taliban attack and seeking
5:38 am
refuge in america, he looked to get out. he got out with 600 others, but upon his bay -- is returned to the bay area, he has got no sleep. >> i need to have -- i need help getting out my entire family. i want to try and get my father out. if anything happened, it is because of me because i serve the military. amanda: because his family did contract work, he fears that they are targets. >> i do not want to lose anyone anymore. reggie: as of today we are three weeks away from california's recall election of governor newsom, everybody -- every voter is getting a ballot because of the pandemic and half a million have already been returned. when you break it down by registered party, 3% of ballots sent to registered democrats have been turned in and 2% as those with republicans and no
5:39 am
party preference have been returned. you have one more week to register to vote and after that you can still vote you have to use a conditional voter registration which goes all the way to election day, which is tuesday, september 14. kumasi: the tourist hotspot begging you to stay home instead of visiting during this latest surge. reggie: the expected announcement from the mayor, that people -- the people that she wants to celebrate every august. but first, a check of the weather. mike: hello, i thought we would start with the east bay, you can see our 880 camera at the coliseum looking northward, and looking at the hills where there is a possibility of the drizzle through the morning commute.we 0 in oakland and union city. we are around six -- 54, santa rosa. 60, oakland.
5:40 am
everyone else in the mid to upper 50's. let us talk about what to expect air quality, it will improve in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere towards tomorrow, down where we live it is good to moderate and even through thursday, which is healthy, we have the advisory for a little bit of haze because of the smoke. here is the near surface smoke in the higher elevations and east of san jose. we have a little bit hanging around not only today but into the afternoon hours, and once we get into the evening and overnight hours, the deeper marine layer rose just rolls in with cleaner air for tomorrow so, let us talk about what is going on with the commute. patchy drizzle otherwise everyone is fine. fast breeze on the bag, golden gate through the delta -- on the bay, golden gate through the delta. what is going on with the roads? jobina: we are seeing improvements from this crashevee
5:41 am
shoulder about the speeds have been impacted, around 21 miles an hour, and right before washington boulevard is a crash site. i am moving to a live look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. westbound we have a stalled car blocking one lane. once you get past the toll plaza, and a live picture of the san mateo bridge, definitely picking out -- picking up westbound.
5:42 am
5:43 am
kumasi: gps data is revealing new details in the death of a berkeley runner whose body was found earlier this month. investigators used his smartwatch to trace his final hours. the sheriff's office confirms that the data shows his pace slowed and became erratic after he hit the five mile mark of his run at pleasanton ridge regional park.
5:44 am
that suggests that he likely died before the search for him began. reggie: if you are planning a trip to hawaii the governor wants you to cancel. hawaii is seeing a surge in cases due to the delta variant. the governor is urging people not to go there through the end of october. he says he has talked to airlines about spreading the message that it is risky to visit except for essential business. kumasi: the bahamas has been added to the list of very high risk travel destinations. that means more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents in the past 28 days. people are urged to avoid travel to these level four destinations and the cdc says that anyone who must travel should be fully vaccinated first. what was supposed to be a vacation to italy for one capital has now turned in -- couple has turned into an expensive quarantines day. reggie: this comes after one of them tested positive, so this is matthew and catherine walden,
5:45 am
they arrived in italy a week ago in the next day matthew tested positive, despite both he and his wife taking two tests 24 hours before they left and that both of them are fully vaccinated. they have to quarantine in a hotel for anywhere between 10 and 21 days depending on how it goes. >> i tested negative this whole time, so if i still continue to test negative i can leave on day 10 because i have been in contact with a positive case. but if i test positive that restarts my clock. reggie: the trip could end up costing them $10,000. it will not be covered by the travel insurance that they bought. travel attorneys say make sure you read the fine print before you purchase, and before you go on the trip. kumasi: doctors are urging people who complete at home covid test to report their results to the doctor and local health department. ryan curry shows how skipping
5:46 am
that step could affect covid data. ryan: make testing easier medical supply company abbett has been selling at home covid test, but doctors say those tests can make it hard to track the overall data related to covid-19. >> it can affect statistics. right now we are seeing a downtrend in the bay area. is it a real downtrend, or are more people are going to walgreens or cvs and doing those tests at home? ryan: dr. peter hawke says the tests are accurate but since they are done at home there is no way to tell of people are actually using it correctly. >> it is not observed, you can do a test on your pet dog or your cats, nobody knows except you. , it is not reported necessarily to public health, so they do not figure into the numbers that are reported to the state. >> as i was setting up my cleaning supplies i realized i could not spell anything.
5:47 am
ryan: edward wong used a test when he started showing symptoms, once he found he was positive he let his school no. >> i contacted usc student health and they sent me up with a hotel room. ryan: doctors hope that others follow his process. the first thing to do would be to call a doctor and he says after that letting officials know can help them keep track of data. >> i think it is going to help people, i just do not -- just on a numbers level globally and secondly, the most important reason to let someone know is that someone can help you with contact tracing. kumasi: if you want to be tested, we have a link to verified covid sites and you can find it at reggie: the san francisco mayor is expected to declare august as transgender history month. the announcement will be at 11:45 this morning and this
5:48 am
sunday the transgender district will commemorate the 55th anniversary of the compton cafeteria riots and respond to the violent harassment that -- of trans people kumasi: in the tenderloin. kumasi:breakout the ugg boots and north face jackets because you can buy pumpkin spice lattes from starbucks. dunkin released their fall drinks last week. starbucks has sold more than 500 million pumpkin spice lattes since the great -- drink was introduced in 2003. mike: i did did did did did didd wearing uggs. jobina: you know how you like to sometimes surprise me with things from starbucks? i do not think i have ever really tried one. reggie: i will 100% buy one for you. i tried every year, like this is
5:49 am
a year i'm going to like it, and i never do. i always wish it was a regular latte. jobina: do they have pumpkin spice chai? mike: i have never heard of that. reggie: i know people love it, it is just not for me. mike: has reggie tried uggs? reggie: how basic are you trying to make me? you are trying to push the pumpkin spice latte nld u -- and now the uggs. should i take an instagram picture with a bunch of leaves falling, and where hat? mike: right out of j. crew. jobina: anyway. mike: let us take a look at what is going on. i thought since tom brady wore them once. san rafael, looking cloudy down 101, below average temperatures with a summer cloud pattern. clouds blanket us with patchy
5:50 am
drizzle for the morning commute, and then summer ht er theuano there to capet. a few 80's. morgan hill, 80, otherwise 71, sunnyvale. as you head up the peninsula you're looking at 70 to 76 degrees. san bruno, 67. low 60's along the coast. 64 to 66 downtown and south san francisco. the breeze will keep napa in the low 70's, while mid to upper 70's dominate the rest of the valleys. cloverdale northward, 80's. temperatures around 71. new work, 72. everyone else in the mid to upper 60's. low to mid 80's and the inland neighborhoods. the air is better as the wind is pushing smoke internet and then also into idaho, wyoming
5:51 am
temperatures are moderate, 84, sacramento. for us, temperatures 49 in santa rosa. everyone else in the 50's. let us look at the seven day forecast. today and tomorrow, our last days below average. even when we get to saturday, 70's to the coast, 80's around the bay and 80's -- 90's to 100 inland. in an 80's and 90's inland sunday and monday. reggie: there is a push to expand the use of recycled water. city leaders have agreed to work with the santa clara valley water district to create and sell recycled water. >> we have to be serious about this. in the last drought israel exports water, they live in a desert and they export water, how do they do that? they use every drop of recycled water they can and they have desalination. reggie: a partnership led to the
5:52 am
creation of one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in california. kumasi: spotify is set to reveal its top songs of the summer exclusively this morning and see if you can guess the summer jams being played across the country. you may have noticed some buttons on the facebook app. the feature that facebook is testing out. plus this heartwarming reunion between two dog siblings. we will get to all of that and take a look outside. this unplugged device is protecting
5:53 am
our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. helen knew exercise could help her diabetes... but she didn't know what was right for her. no. nope. no way. but then helen went from no to know with freestyle libre 14 day, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her.
5:54 am
take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. reggie: facebook is bidding audio -- bringing audio and visual calls to its main app. the new feature is meant to reduce the need to jump back and forth between the main app and
5:55 am
messenger. it is considered a test that is already available to some users. facebook is starting to think of messenger as a service as -- instead of a standalone app. a new view of the red planet. this panorama is from curiosity. it took 129 images while traveling up of -- up the side of mount sharp. you see a 360 degree view of the gale crater. the panorama reveals an ancient environment that dried up over time. kumasi: reunited and it feels so good. two dog siblings delighted to see each other after they were adopted by different owners. [laughter] >> say high. -- hello. kumasi: look at the little tail. mochi and rory seemed unsure, but you can tell by the tales that this was a happy -- tails
5:56 am
that this is a happy reunion. she says that she went from vegas to l.a. to meet them and they are hoping that they can have more play dates in the future. reggie: a special surprise from our parent company, disney, launching the start of its first ultimate princess week and unveiling a newly unimagined ride. we are getting exclusive access this morning. striking images of refugee families reaching the u.s.. more on the international pressure on president biden to extend the emergency rescue. >> they forget who they had lunch with yesterday and who they interacted with in the classroom. reggie: there is a lot more to worry about during the school day, the new contact tracing app that gives your students peace of mind while moving through the hallways.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> >> building a better bay area, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a proof of vaccine vote. full approval. the places you need proved to go inside. >> the top priority. the caldor fire earning the title from calfire, closing in on lake tahoe basin. the firefight this morning and what may be the worst air quality on the continent. the by
6:00 am
area's largest district welcome to tuesday, august when he for. you are watching abc 7 mornings. we will start with mike. mike: good morning. we will start with a look outside and show you what is going on from san jose. cloud cover spreading across most of the areas. don't be surprised if you run the patchy fog. the breezes down a little bit, shooting through fairfield at 13 but strong enough this afternoon to keep temperatures about five to 10 degrees cooler than average. 62 at half moon bay. 64, san francisco. 76 in san jose and santa rosa. low 80's in the inland neighborhoods. it is going to get hot in a few days. reggie:


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