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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 24, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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area's largest district welcome to tuesday, august when he for. you are watching abc 7 mornings. we will start with mike. mike: good morning. we will start with a look outside and show you what is going on from san jose. cloud cover spreading across most of the areas. don't be surprised if you run the patchy fog. the breezes down a little bit, shooting through fairfield at 13 but strong enough this afternoon to keep temperatures about five to 10 degrees cooler than average. 62 at half moon bay. 64, san francisco. 76 in san jose and santa rosa. low 80's in the inland neighborhoods. it is going to get hot in a few days. rtifn'weare developments in
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cris the governor will ask the president for a major disaster declaration from the following counties. nevada, placer, plumas, shasta, siskiyou, to a, and trinity. jobina has the details. jobina: there are 12 major wildfires burning throughout the state. the dixie fire continues to grow , adding to his distinction as the second largest wildfire in state history. the fire has burned nearly 726,000 acres. containment is at 40%. crews have made progress on the caldor fire. it is now 9% contained. the fire has burned 114,000 acres. on friday, flames closed highway 50. calfire says the caldor fire is now the top priority for firefighting resources across the country.
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if the presidential disaster declaration is approved, for fire victims, it would cover housing and food assistance, on appointment, medical and legal services. >> it is designed to assist state, tribal and local governments with ongoing emergency response costs and recovery costs, including the placement of disaster damaged facilities and infrastructure like roads, schools, bridges, utilities. jobina: it would provide assistance for public agencies. reggie: take a look at the caldor wildfire's impact on air quality in lake tahoe. live air quality website purple air. those deep burgundy dots is about 500 on the air quality index. anything above 300 is considered hazardous. air quality officials say the region has some of the most toxic air in all of north america right now. >> developing news and the fighting is covid.
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the cdc is meeting to discuss the third dose of the pfizer and moderna vaccine's for the public. yesterday, we told you the fda officially approved the pfizer vaccine. health officials are hoping this will convince more people to get the shot. the pentagon has jumped on board, requiring one million active-duty troops to get vaccinated. united airlines employees have until september 27 to be fully vaccinated or risk being terminated. it is the only major airline so far to mandate worker vaccines. san jose is considering the vaccine mandate to enter many city facilities. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live. we know it is one of the venues where you might have to show the proof of vaccination. . amy: this will be big news for people who like to go to concerts or hockey games. sap center would require proof of vaccination if the mandate passes. it is up for discussion tonight.
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the mayor is proposing this. he is proposing attendees and staff show proof of vaccination to enter more than 50 city buildings, which includes the convention center and the center for performing arts, and proof of a negative test would not get it done. it has to be proof of vaccination. they might not stop there. the mayor was to consider requiring proof indoors that private businesses like restaurants and gyms. >> >> we went to consider all options and look at the data we are seeing from san francisco to understand how that is working. and understand with the impacts are on small businesses. all the options are on the table. amy: that would be an issue for a future council meeting. tonight they will consider his urgency ordinance to require vaccination at city buildings. the mayor says he believes the only way to return to a new
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normal is for the entire community to get vaccinated. he's hoping this would motivate people to get the shot. they are saying they would give large venues a grace period tampa meant a plan. tomorrow night's guns and roses concert would not be impacted if it does pass but it is something to keep in mind for future events. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> the venetian city council is voting unemployment again indoor mask mandate and it would become the only such mandate in solano county. it accounts for 3% of solano county's 38,000 cases. those of the worst numbers in the bay area. the mayor would like to see it approved, but the health officer says the data shows there is no need for an indoor mask mandate and blames private social events for the rising covid cases. reggie: the san francisco unified is planning to buy air purifiers for classrooms to
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import -- improve air quality. it will cost nearly $3 million. the board of education still has to approve the plan. only about 10% of the more than 3000 classrooms have air purifiers. the district has distributed 775 of them. some educators are using contact tracing technology to keep kids safer at school from coronavirus. woodside priory, all students have an app on their phone or tablet that can trace who they've had coast contact with -- close contact with it one develops symptoms. trace is specifically designed for schools. it uses bluetooth to track proximity and duration of contact. this allows the school nurse or administrator to narrow it down to who might be at risk without having to close an entire classroom or possibly the entire campus. >> it provides the confidence that if there was tracing we needed to do we had clear,
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unequivocal data we could use. reggie: they collect details for 14 days and isayis ibeing useddf afghanistan, hundreds more u.s. citizens and refugees landed in the u.s. this is video of evacuees at dulles international airport. they were passengers on the first united airlines flight to depart from afghanistan. the administration is facing growing pressure and today the president will be meeting virtually with u.s. allies to discuss afghanistan. the defense department is calling on delaying u.s. withdrawal from kabul until after the august 31 deadline. many people are asking why efforts to evacuate americans and alleys were not launched earlier. >> supporters of the afghan government, including many who want to come out now said doing so would trigger a complete
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crisis of confidence in the government. as it turns out, not taking out the -- not doing the evacuation did not save the afghan government. we acknowledge that. kumasi: officials say nearly 11,000 people were evacuated from kabul yesterday. you can find a collection of stories about the situation in afghanistan on the abc 7 bay area streaming app. keep up-to-date on what is happening at home and abroad. you can download the app wherever you stream. >> i think after this week we will start to see things settle out again into a new normal. reggie: local san francisco restaurant sharing severe losses they are seeing right now. the reason behind drastic ups and downs in the bottom line. >> take a safari with us. instead of animals, there is wine. i will talk to the first black woman to own a winery tasting room in alameda county.
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woman: make sure our schools are safe. i want to thank parents and families for working with us. and continuing to be our partners. thank you so much. we can't do it without you. we can't do it without you. woman: because we know quality public schools make a better california... man: ...for all of us. reggie: back at 11 time. mike: we start out of the south bay with 60 in stanford. everyone else around 53. san jose and a mostly cloudy sky. mid to upper 50's almost everywhere. here is the smoke forecast. middle and upper parts of the atmosphere, that little twinge of a'haze is still around today. it keeps marching east tomorrow. tomorrow will definitely be one of the bluer and cleaners skies.
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walnut creek, south on 680. temperatures stay in the mid to upper 50's through 7:00. watch out for drizzle in the east bay hills and near the coast. 60's to 70's at noon. 63 of the coast. 82 inland. we are lacking summer heat. it comes back it will be pretty potent in some neighborhoods. jobina: good morning. we will start with a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. they came on at 5:53 and the backup is beginning. very different story on the south bay. a live picture of san jose and 280. a look at the map. our stretch of slow traffic out of the central valley is pretty thick. the drive times reflect it as well. antioch to concord, 19 minutes. the bta is expecting to provide an update on the progress made towards reactivating light rail service.
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pt officials will address when test trains will run on the ll return, and up limiting passenger service. there has not been an estimate as to when service will return. light rail service has not been running since may 26 when it bta employee killed nine coworkers in a mass shooting. reggie: thank you. a police department found have violated the constitutional rights of its residents. kumasi: our hotdocs canceled? -- hot dogs canceled? reggie: the speed slinging pods promising to go 600 miles per hour. the billionaire behind it explains how it works and when you can hop inside. kumasi: a look like
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reggie: the antioch city council is expected to vote on a proposal to ban police restraint
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tactics like the knee to neck technique. the death of angelo keto brought this to the forefront and antioch. he was restrained until he lost consciousness and later died. the mayor believes the city council will pass the proposal. the police union supports it, saying it is not epic it a knee to neck technique. kumasi: an investigation by the california department of justice at bakersfield police violated the constitutional rights of its residents. investigators say they have evidence that shows on reasonable force, including deadly force u --nreasonable force, including deadly force was used. the police chief denies these allegations, but says new policies will be enforced, including the appointment of an independent monitor. reggie: many restaurants and bars have reopened. as covid numbers have risen and then fallen again, so has business. >> we understand emergencies
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happen. it is difficult when so many emergencies are happening. folks are canceling. reggie: kim alter of night of nt restaurant is making the best of a difficult couple of weeks. more customers are canceling the reservations. they got hit hard with the company bought out her entire restaurant for the night and then canceled. she lost 8000 to $10,000. that business seems to be bouncing back in many spots, including fisherman's wharf. the golden gate restaurant association is hopeful. >> i think after this week we will see things settle out again into a new normal. reggie: the reason some businesses are going out locally is not good. the welfare near lake tahoe is keeping people in town, which could help businesses in san francisco. kumasi: later today, i'm taking you inside a new wine experience in the east bay.
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caribou wine lounge is the first black woman owned winery tasting in the county. she wanted to create a place not only for women and people of color to enjoy wine, but for those in the industry who craft and sell it. >> folks of color are hugely underrepresented. we are .1% of the wine industry in the country. creating a space that allows us not only to showcase our talents but also to feel welcome and included is core to who i am. kumasi: coming up on abc 7 news, we will talk about how she is taking her success to craft community and changing the wine industry one aspiring winemaker at a time. the whole winenenenenene each one of her wines is named after the big animals of the safari.
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she crafted them to go with a dish her mom makes. they are from kenya. drinking and eating. reggie: i love this. nice. beautiful space. kumasi: it really is. it is just fun. you just walk in there. i want to hang out here. mike: did you drink and eat? kumasi: that is my business. mike: i want you to tell us how good it was. kumasi: i will tell you later. i've had her one before. i met her at in event. what i learned more about her, because she is also a doctor at stanford, i was like we are doing a story on you. you are an inspiration. mike: thanks, kumasi. let's get through this weather so we can talk more about it. coming up on 6:20. you can see low clouds hanging out. no measurable drizzle on san bruno mountain.
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coolest afternoon this forecast cycle. building summer heat starting tomorrow. heill ling next week. this trough is extending fromndt is bringing onshore flow and cooler than ever temperatures across the state. we are seeing this in the cleaner air coming today, and especially tomorrow. the summer heat will stay on hiatus until thursday. then we will start to get some of that heat. we will make up for these absolutely wonderful temperatures to be outside. 71 at sunnyvale and cupertino. 67 at san bruno. 70 at san mateo. low 60's along the coast. 64 downtown. 63 in sausalito. some stubborn clouds today. inas you're going to the game,
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take your sunglasses. it could not get much better than this. it will warm up to about 70 as they take on the mariners. a look inland. 80 at san ramon and walnut creek. for tonight, 40's. we lose two minutes and 15 seconds of sunshine today. 49 at cloverdale and you can't. -- ukon. on thursday we flipped the switch. friday and saturday being the hottest days. reggie: good morning america coming up at 7:00 on abc 7. ginger: good morning. nice to be with both of you this morning. coming up on gma, the very clear that the fighting is covid. the applause with the fda approving the pfizer vaccine. we will tell you what it means
6:22 am
for starting booster shots and what it could mean forgetting our children vaccinated. the vaccine mandates already in place for some cities, school districts and businesses. dr. francis collins is going to join us live to answer the big questions. the race to evacuate afghanistan. the taliban is insisting bus respect the august 31 deadline to withdraw. how the u.s. is rushing to get allies out. we are helping you rise and shine from the great state of wyoming. that
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reggie: 6:24. let's get the kids ready for school. 55 to 58 with limited drizzle in the higher elevations. cloudy conditions through 7:00. mid to upper 60's at 11:00. 65 along the coast. 71 around the bay. a good time to be outside after school. i received my electric bill
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yesterday, the biggest one this year. it will take a little more electricity to stay comfortable. 95 on thursday. 100's friday and saturday. mid 90's next week. kumasi: we are learning more about who will be taking over hosting duties on jeopardy. sony announced big bang theory start miyam bialik will be the temporary host. she will tape three episodes. an additional guest host will be announced after that. this comes after jeopardy's executive producer mike richards stepped down after an appropriate, teammate about women on a podcast surfaced. >> it will be really awkward on that set for the time being. if anything it brings into question long-term with the plan is going to be and how the show is going to be right. kumasi: bialik was hosting
6:26 am
primetime specials and she might be considered to be a permanent host. richards will continue to be the show's ep. you can watch it at 7:00 you're on abc 7. reggie: richard branson showing off his vision for a high-speed transportation system. he unveiled that yesterday for virgin's hyperloop, which will sent people between cities in tubes at 600 miles per hour. the bullet train in a tube, originally conceived by elon musk, uses powerful magnetic pods to sling you around. virgin hopes to begin operations in 2027. hot dogs are an american classic, i guess. they can shorten your lifespan. a new study by researchers finds eating just one single hot dog can take 36 minutes off your life. the study looked at the carbon footprint and nutritional value of 6000 foods. on the bright side, a pb&j coul
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boost your lifespan by 33 minutes. i love peanut butter and jelly. i love peanut butter, period. i can take a spoon. i did this yesterday at different times. kumasi: i like it with apple slices. reggie: that's really good. the hotdogs we can just keep to the side. next at 6:30, the bay area county choosing moving up the deadline for its teachers and staff to be vaccinated. kumasi: the new way walmart is a spinning services to you starting today as part of your full money report. reggie: campaign countdown. three weeks from recall election day. new signs of the number of ballots. kumasi: let's take a live look outside now at 6:27.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: top stories, key findings released from the smartwatch of a berkeley father on a run. a deadly case that captured wide interest last month. confirming the clues to point of what happened that day. >> a lot of people die. kumasi: an east bay man escaping the taliban, fearing for his family. he is nets ggie: i key vaccine vote in the south bay potentially affecting everything from your next concert to wedding ceremonies. we are breaking all the information down. good morning on this tuesday, august 24. you are watching abc 7 mornings. first a check of the weather. mike: hi everybody. let's show you a couple of things. we will look at the winds.
6:31 am
the onshore breeze blowing quickly through fairfield at 22 miles per hour. look at the link it of clouds across all of our neighborhoods as we look from above it on mount tam at about 2500 feet. winds continue onshore today. cloud cover less over the coast so enjoy my sunshine -- more sunshine there. 70's until you get to inland east bay. low 80's. one more day of this type of weather before the heat comes back. kumasi: the cdc is meeting to discuss covid-19 booster shots. this comes one day after the fda approved the pfizer vaccine. health officials hope this will reassure millions of eligible but still unvaccinated americans to get the shot. jobina has with dr. anthony fauci you might be saying. jobina: with fda approval, president biden says businesses and institutions should have more confidence to issue vaccine mandates.
6:32 am
nearly 90 million people who are eligible to be vaccinated have not yet gotten the shot. dr. anthony fauci tells cnn the white house had high hopes the country would be back to normal by july 4. the delta variant was "a sucker punch to hopes," which he now believes spring of 2022 could be when things get back to normal. >> if we keep lingering without getting those people vaccinated that should be vaccinated, this thing could linger on, leading to the development of another variant which can complicate things. it is within our power to get this under control. that is to get vaccinated. jobina: as children head back to the classroom, dr. rochelle walensky says more data is needed before kids under 12 can get the shot. that may be by november. many americans dying a covid. the average number of daily deaths is more than 700. reggie: thank you.
6:33 am
more bay area cities considering vaccine mandates now that the fda approved the pfizer vaccine. san jose city council members are set to vote on a measure that would require people to show proof of vaccination at city facilities. amy hollyfield joins us live the sap center in san jose. amy: good morning. the mayor is putting pressure on those who are not vaccinated. he is proposing a mandate that would require proof of vaccination to attend concerts and hockey games at the sap center in san jose. the proposal will be considered tonight at the city council meeting. it states vaccination is required for employees and attendees at city-owned buildings at events with 50 or more people. this includes the sap center, convention center at the center for performing arts. a negative covid test would not be enough. if this passes, it calls for proof of vaccination. the city has not said when it
6:34 am
would go into effect that it would give facilities and attendees at grace period, perme policies. t roses fotomorr night. the may i motivate people, people to go oetheir shots. especially people who come from outside the area into san jose to go to big events here at the sap center. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: thank you. the city of richmond workers are required to be vaccinated. they have to be partially vaccinated by september 7 and fully vaccinated by october 18. in antioch, the mayor will propose a similar measure. >> it's our responsibility as public servants and those that survive commissions to serve as an example for residents if we want to get past this point henry's beyond 62 prevent vaccination rate in antioch. that is dangerously low in my opinion. reggie: in contra costa county,
6:35 am
83% of the publishing of her 12 has received at least one dose. 213 people are hospitalized, up 14% over the past two weeks. sonoma county has moved up the deadline for school staff to be vaccinated by three weeks. the county's teachers, staff and administrators need to provide proof by september 24. if they don't provide proof, educators will be tested at least once a week. kumasi: developinlhanistan, an s confirmed the director of the cia that with the taliban's top political leader today. details of their discussion were not released. this is coming as the united nations raises concerns over reported abuse in areas held by the taliban. a san francisco company is supporting the thousands of refugees fleeing afghanistan. overnight, airbnb announced it will provide free housing globally for 20,000 refugees.
6:36 am
the housing program begins immediately at airbnb will be paying for this days. -- the stays. the u.s. military just airlifted 60,000 people in a 24 hour per -- 16,000 people in a 24 hour period. an east bay man is counting his blessings after a harrowing escape from afghanistan and he is helping his family can get out. it was earlier this month. you can hear the echoing sounds of unrest in afghanistan. he says a car bomb shattered the windows of his family's business. he landed in afghanistan in early june to help his dad as he was recovering from eye surgery and review take over the business. with his flight scheduled last week, he was there when the taliban took over. >> women are running, men are
6:37 am
running. the children screaming in the street. what is happened? they said the television is coming. kumasi: safi got out sitting shoulder to shoulder with what he estimates were 600 other people. he fears his family willl be targets because they did contract work for the u.s. government. reggie: more top stories coming away. celebrating san francisco. the announcement made for every august to come. kumasi: cabin cell phone fire aboard an alaska airlines flight. how bad it got. reggie: the disney princess magic makers. an all-new week this year. see that need reveal for one of your favorite rides. kumasi: let's look at the big board. up by about 60 points. another update, next. ♪
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reggie: spotify's songs of the summer. there is one artist with the true claim to the throne. jobina: traffic. following a crash in emeryville involving a motorcycle. injuries reported here on westbound 80. the transition to southbound 880 right before you get to the maze. you can see how it is impacting traffic in emeryville. look at the west outside. tracking those speeds from berkeley through emeryville. averaging between 20 and 15 miles per hour. he will be at a bit of a crawl. for everyone else not moving for that corridor, pretty light as you make your way to the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on at 5:53. a quick look at the drive times. tracy to dublin is a 45 minute ride.
6:39 am
let's check in with mike. mike. mike: thank you very much. we are going to open the weather window on sfo. pretty cloudy. we go from 53 at pacifica, foster city, redwood city at 58. everyone else around 53 to about 59 degrees. our air quality is going to be good to moderate all the way through thursday. we have that advisory for some smoke. you can see it as many in the higher elevations east of san jose and up to the east of santa rosa, napa county. we had to the lunch hour. it gets a little cleaner along the coast and continues to get cleaner into the evening hours and overnight through tomorrow morning. some of the cleanest air will be tomorrow afternoon and evening. some of the bluest skies we had in a long time.
6:40 am
let's talk about your commute. the pavement should be dry. that's about it. let's talk about temperatures and cloud cover. we stay in the 50's through 7:00. by noon the clouds are back to the coast. they will break up for a little more sunshine than we've had the past couple of days. 60's around the beta 70's inland. very comfortable for lunch. 4:00, a few 80's around fairfield, antioch, livermore, ukiah. pretty much 70's except for 60's along the coast into san francisco. 50's are returning. 60's around the bay and some 70's inland. very comfortable day for outdoor activities. anything strenuous? i would do it today before it gets hot. we went to take a look at other high temperatures around the bay sponsored by visit california. >> this couple is working hard on our state's recovery.
6:41 am
they live in california. keeping the vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gerkin atop this archery masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done, friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here in help our state get back to work.
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kumasi: a cell phone cut fire after an alaska airlines flight landed in seattle. jobina has the details. jobina: the flight landed last night, forcing the crew to deploy evacuation slides to get everyone on board to safety. let's look at this video here. if you check it out closely, you can see someone sliding down to get out as passengers walked by to get inside the airport.
6:44 am
alaska airlines has a cell phone cut fire but it's unclear what caused it to happen. dear line says cream embers used a battery containment bag to extinguish the flames. a bus took everyone to the terminal. all 128 passengers and six crewmembers got to the airport safely. kumasi: the leader of proud boys has been sentenced to five months in jail. he burned up black lives matter benner last year and brought high-capacity rifle magazines to d.c. days before the january 6 siege. he pleaded guilty of to both misdemeanors. the capitol police officer who shot and killed pro-trump insurrectionist ashli babbitt will not be facing any charges. babbitt was shot on january 6 while trying to lead the mob through a broken window into the speaker's lobby. capitol police said the officer
6:45 am
was following policy. reggie: we are three weeks away from california's recall election of governor newsom. every motor is getting a mail-in ballot. half have already been returned. when you break it down by registered party, 3% to registered democrats have been turned in. 2% of ballots into people registered as republicans and people with no party preference have been returned. you have one more week to register to vote. after that, you can still vote but you have to do it by a conditional voter registration. that goes all the way to election day, which is tuesday, september 14. kumasi: new data and the death of a berkeley runner found. earlier this month investigators use to smartwatch to trace his final hours. the alameda county sheriff's office confirmed that the smartwatch data shows his pace slowed and became erratic
6:46 am
after the five-mile mark of his run. they suggest he likely died before the surgery and began. -- the search for him begin. reggie: if you're planning a trip to hawaii, the governor is asking you to cancel because the delta variant. the governor is urging people not to go through -- not to go there through the end of october. he has talked with airlines and hotels about spreading the message it is risky to visit, except for essential business. the bahamas have been added to the cdc's list of high-risk travel destinations. more than 500 cases per 100,000 residents in the past 28 days. people are urged to avoid travel to level four destinations. anyone who must travel should be fully vaccinated first. now, when you look at the brown school for public health declaration, they have done the research and they found 39 states, including california,
6:47 am
would also qualify for this list if they were their own countries. level 4 countries include france, turkey, morocco, israel, ireland and thailand. kumasi: walmart is launching a new go local line to deliver products to businesses of all sizes. the service will be available in suburban and rural areas where other delivery providers are struggling. any merchant nationwide can use go mobile. walmart has already signed a number of agreements. richard branson's space start is set to go public soon. version orbit will make its stock market debut at the end of the year. the committee posted its public findings -- filings on monday. it's missions are centered on launching small satellites into space. the company is separate from the virgin galactic company. they split in 2017.
6:48 am
let's take a look at the new york stock exchange's trading gets underway. we are up right now by about 63 points. reggie: facebook is bringing audio and video calls back to the main app seven years after the company introduced the messenger app for the same purpose. it is meant to reduce the need to jump back and forth between facebook's main app and messenger app. it is considered a test for now but already available to some users. facebook is starting to think of messenger as a service rather than just a standalone app. a new view of the red planet. this mars panorama is from the curiosity rover. it took 120 and images traveling at the side of a mountain. you see a 360 degree view of part of the gale crater. it reveals an ancient environment that is dried up over time. every summer has a song. let's say this year has been very good for olivia rodrigo. >> ♪ happy and healthy
6:49 am
♪ ♪ reggie: spotify released its most strained songs of the summer. "good for you" claimed the top spot with 773 million place. it's been added to more than 18 million playlists since it's released in may. her other hits make up nearly half of this list. justin bieber, drake makeup spotify's sizzling summer soundtrack. i'm glad you asked. kumasi: i know you are. reggie: "love line" i adore and i feel like people -- stream it now. make it more popular. i'm tired of "good for you." i'm just going to say it. kumasi: is it just too much? reggie: i never liked it the first, i heard it -- the first
6:50 am
time i heard it. if you like your music, i like that for you. kumasi: not for you and that's fine. reggie: good for you. not for me. mike: let's see if you like the forecast. 6:50. welcome to tuesday. you see behind my shoulder, where are the? there are a few of them up. a look from the gray start. you can see the marine layer and the sunrise. it's a gorgeous shot. today we will be below average. clouds and afternoon sunshine. clouds will come back and bring us drizzle along the coast and higher elevations. summer heat this week except for the beaches. things will change dramatically in the couple of days. no heat in the forecast. 80 at morgan hill. 76 at san jose. cupertino at 71.
6:51 am
70 today in san mateo. possibly 60 at daly city. 64 to 66n francisco. 70 at napa. 76 in santa rosa. 80's cloverdale northward. we have 65 in richmond. 68 in oakland. some 80's -- 80 at walnut creek and san ramon. as far as around the state things are pretty quiet everywhere and cooler than average. 94, fresno. not bad for this time of year. 84 at sacramento. 75 at tahoe. as we talked about, the air is so nasty out there. if you have a vacation of their, postpone it. otherwise you will see a lot of gray and brownness in the sky
6:52 am
and breathing nasty smoke. some splotches of green. ukiah, 49. we lose another two minutes and 14 seconds of sunshine today. tomorrow we are a little warmer. then the warmth spreads to the bay on friday. the coast and it retreats back and lind on sunday and monday. reggie: san francisco mayor london breed suspected to declare august as transgender history month. the announcement will be at city hall this morning. this sunday, the transgender district will hold a block party to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the compton's cafeteria riots. they were in response to the violent harassment of trans people in the tenderloin. kumasi: for the first time in 18 months, the changing of the guard ceremony is back at buckingham palace. the famous tradition was postponed in march of 2020. the queens's guard pans responsibility for protecting buckingham palace and st. james
6:53 am
palace to the new guard. the queen was not at the palace yesterday to see it. she's on her traditional summer vacation at her scottish home, bell moral. -- balmoral. disney is launching world princess week, celebrating the heroines who captured hearts and imaginations. reggie: it showcases the princesses had highlights their impact as they promote courage and kindness. it is kicking off of the new sneak peek at the upcoming disneyland and disney world attraction inspired by the princess and the frog. kenneth mouton hosted -- coming up at 7:00, how you can get your daily dose of inspiration from the princesses, and disney's the parent company of abc 7. kumasi:kumasi: you need to see this video. a yoga instructor's zen
6:54 am
interrupted by a beach dwelling reptile. [yelling] >> you son of a --. reggie: oh. >> it bit my finger! kumasi: i did not hear all the sound on instagram. this is traumatic. a yoga teacher in the bahamas set up her cam -- i can't even read. she set up her camera to do a few poses as she stretched out her hand. this iguana, maybe it was curious or hungry. it bit her fingers. she went to the dr. and is doing ok. this video has been shared 35,000 times. reggie: i don't blame the iguana. kumasi: no. reggie: i'm sure this iguana has been fed many times on this beach by people. to the iguana i'm imagining it
6:55 am
looks like she is holding her hand out to give it something to eat. the iguana is jumping up to get it. then she gets nipped a little bit and super dramatic and not very yoga like. froze sand on it and calls it a -- kumasi: i don't cosign. reggie: she was just trying to have a nice instagram picture and did not see any iguanas. kumasi: he probably just sauntered up. look at that iguana. reggie: do you have a treat? you don't? i'm out. now you throw sand at me. kumasi: can i do my yoga in peace? that iguana needs to do some yoga. look at it. reggie: she needs to calm down. that is the iguana's home. she is taking up space. kumasi: the seven things you
6:56 am
need to know today. reggie: i'm glad she's ok. i always have to say that. don't text or get into my four newscast live or on-demand with the connected tv app. download the app now and start streaming. kumasi: as i had to break, a live look outside at 656 time. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen...
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ kumasi: if you're just joining kumasi: if you're just joining us, seven things to know this morning. the cdc will be meeting to discuss covid-19 booster shots one day after the fda approved the pfizer vaccine. health officials hope this will be millions of eligible but still unvaccinated americans to get the shot. reggie: two mandates are up for discussion. the san jose city council set to vote on requiring full vaccinations for events with 50 people or more. the venetian city council will vote on an indoor mandate. kumasi: the taliban says the u.s. has to complete its
6:59 am
evacuation of people from afghanistan by the august 31 deadline. politil ad of e taliban.ent bid. rert when that hap the governora presidential disaster declaration in response to the northern california wildfires to provide money for fire victims. mike: 64 in san francisco to 82 in livermore. 10 degrees below average. jobina: a big crash in emeryville causing. problems a large backup from albany through emeryville. our live coverage shows you on the westbound direction. really not good there. speeds are under 10 most power. kumasi: a fall favorite is back. you can get a punk and latte at starbucks a day earlier than last year. they do have pumpkin spice chai for us. i saw it on the internet, on the
7:00 am
starbucks. jobina: sounds like we need to make in order as soon as this music wraps up. kumasi: for now. mike: good morning, america. good morning, america. the major breakthrough in the fight against covid-19. a vaccine fully approved. pfizer comes in first. the fastest in fda history to get full approval for the vaccine. >> those that have been waiting for full approval should go get your shot now. >> the green light paves the way for vaccine mandates in corporations and schools across the country. now questions about the booster and when kids can finally get their shot. this as florida faces their biggest crush of covid patients ever and hawaii reverses course on travel urging tourists to stay away.
7:01 am
the director of the nih joins us live. evacuations ramping up. with one week until the deadline


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