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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 26, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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>> coming up on this national dog day, by the way, in case you didn't know, we are sharing your photos. >> we share our plugs, plus the 11-story ferris wheel that just opened at the crossroads of the world. our own will ganss checked it out himself. but first, the three tropical systems that meteorologists are keeping an eye on. you're watching "world news now." say something. 'said it before and i'll say it again. if i thought a reverse mortgage was just some kind of trick to take your home, i wouldn't even be here. it's just a loan, like any other, with one big difference- and that difference is how you choose to pay it back. find out how reverse mortgage loans really work with aag's free, no-obligation reverse mortgage guide eliminate monthly mortgage payments, pay bills, medical costs, and more. call now! other mortgages are paid back each month,
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take a look at this water spout off the coast of louisiana. the ominous funnel formed take a look at this water spout off the coast of louisiana. the ominous funnel formed yesterday over the waters near the tiny town of venice. as thunderstorms and gusty winds swept in. more severe weather may be on the way. forecasters are keeping an eye on three potential tropical storms, and at least one of them could threaten the gulf coast. rob marciano is tracking them all. >> reporter: we've got now three areas of concern in the atlantic. the one we're most concerned about is in the caribbean south of hispaniola. it's just a wave right now.
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good environmental conditions to get into that will likely turn it into a named storm potentially stronger than that. and it's going to get into the gulf of mexico this weekend. anyone who lives along the coast of texas or louisiana needs to at the very least be keeping an eye on it. and over the next day or two, we may have to prepare for a tropical storm or hurricane hitting the u.s. for the first time since 2003, the u.s. open will be without the williams sisters. venus and serena announced on social media they'll miss the tournament due to injury. both sisters withdrew 18 years ago after serena beat venus in the final of the open. it starts monday in new york. >> andrew has been deep teasing this. coming up, we are celebrating national dog day, including one pooch that has a job as a cashier. but first, checking out times square from 11 stories up. that's next. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ when i go round in circles ♪ ♪ will he fly high like a bird up in the sky ♪ you know, mona, someti ♪ when i go round in circles ♪ ♪ will he fly high like a bird up in the sky ♪ you know, mona, sometimes new york city can feel like a circus. nothing says going round in circles in the steamy heat than a ride on a ferris wheel. >> you saw it there, luckily, a 11-story ferris wheel just opened up in new york city in the middle of times square and our own will ganss braved the heat to check it out. good morning will. >> good morning, mona. and yes, andrew, i can vouch for that steamy summer heat thing. but the high temps were nothing compared to the newest high-flying attraction. we asked new yorkers and tourists alike all about it. you've seen the london eye. you know the singapore flyer, and maybe you've ridden the las
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vegas high roller. but at long last, the big apple has a big attraction of its own. this is the times square wheel. how are you guys with heights? >> he was a little scared. >> no, i was not. no fear at all. >> reporter: right in the middle of broadway, a brand-new ferris wheel. >> times square is the center of the world. an empty times square was symbolic of the pause and the pandemic. and the ferris wheel is symbolic of our resolve and recovery. >> reporter: these days about 200,000 people passing through times square, but the goal to get closer to the 375,000 pre-pandemic numbers. >> kind of brought us here, gave us a reason to come here and see one of the coolest places. >> reporter: he tried riding ten minutes. >> i really went for instagram and tiktok. >> reporter: 110 feet above times square you can see the new year's eve ball behind me, a once in a lifetime view, and
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let's be honest, a once in a lifetime selfie opportunity. the times square wheel arrived on trucks from texas last week and constructed in time to open wednesday. >> i'm a little bit afraid of heights, but i felt very secure, yeah. >> reporter: that's always good, when you're 110 feet off the ground. for tourists like these ones in baltimore. if you could describe it in one word, just one, what word would you use? >> exciting. >> reporter: exciting? >> amazing. >> reporter: amazing? >> thrilling. >> reporter: thrilling. >> awesome. >> reporter: awesome? >> high. >> reporter: high. and even a few new yorkers finding a word or two for the new experience. >> touristy. >> reporter: you'd say what? >> bouncy. >> i would say magical. >> reporter: a great one. >> exhilarating. >> ooh! >> reporter: and that's your s.a.t. word of the day, kids. as of now, the ferris wheel is slated to only stay open through september 14. tickets go for $ f and $15 for kids. >> ithe y ac on there?
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that looks hot. >> no, you saw me glistening. no ac. coming up, it's national dog day.
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♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who, ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ ♪ who, who, who, who ♪ ♪ who let the dogs out ♪ >> we let the dogs out on this national dog day, starting with a billboard trying to help a dog get adopted. >> kansas city animal advocate scott has been working on getting sally sue a forever home. his goal is to find permanent funding so the ad can stay up. year round. scott says once sally sue gets adopted he can promote another dog. and next to a pawfect customer service. >> this dog belle is showing she can expertly receive payment and head scratches from customers. >> better employee than i used to be. the lab's owner runs the store, and belle makes any change necessary.
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>> belle is also the security for the shop. today isn't just about these dogs. it's for all dogs. >> that's right. let's bring in our own will ganss. checking it out on social media. >> we put out the call, and our wnn fans fetched some adorable pics. sit, stay, and check out some dog gone good pics. up first, this is maggie mae, ronda shared a pic of her fresh from the groomer. extra points for the pink flower. and then these three pups in cleveland, ohio are waiting to be let in. these pups are sasha, gigi and sukie. and this is luna and rascal. rascal is a mama's boy. still down to cuddle with his mom, you can see there. and then this is eddie from down under. he's a border collie and only has three legs, but he's crushing the game.
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this is eddie's 13th birthday. happy birthday. these sleepy guys are herbie. this is dahlia. supporting our troops with her u.s. army bandana. a furry fan from california. these two are charlie and ziggy. ziggy's that little yorkie in the background. and charlie is the 2-year-old pup in the front ready for his closeup. this patriotic pup is named ozzie. this is a dorgi, a dachshund corgi. this is max. a beloved member of our own wnn fam. chris in the control room says he misses you, max. and andrew, you remember these two characters, chief and ralph. >> yes, i lived with both of these dogs, they are incredible. >> last but certainly not least, this distinguished gentleman is archie. >> if you're watching, i miss you.
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i love you. i'll see new a few minutes,
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deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, actress uzo aduba and from ncis, wilmer valderrama. plus, helpful home hacks you'll definitely want to try and anthony ramos from in the heights. all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [rain on me by lady gaga & ariana grande plays] just deja's smile gets me going. it's a good smile. it's a good smile. it is wednesday, august 25th. good morning, everybody. nice to see you. yes, your spirit is contagious deja. thank you for that. thank you. -no, thank you. -thank you. deja, where did you grow up? i grew up in portsmouth, virginia and jacksonville, florida. so you, like ryan, you guys would already be back in school by now, right?


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