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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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of 13 u.s. soldiers. 60 afghans were killed as well. this attack happened after the u.s. embassy in kabul issued a warning for a terror threat. >> a source tells us it was a suicide attack where people had been gathering to get a flight out. there was a second explosion by a hotel a short distance away. 7500 people were evacuated from kabul in the last 12 hours. >> will not be deterred by terrorists. will not let them stop our mission. we will continue the evacuation. i've also ordered my commanders to create operations to strike their facilities. >> barbara lee and dozens of members are calling on the biden administration to increase the refugee admissions program cap to no less than 200,000 >> has been called a complex attack. we spoke with our political
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director about what happened -- what that means. >> is not just one lone wolf or individual. it means it was timed in some way. there are reports of more than one explosion as well as gunmen in the area. as you mentioned earlier, this is something that intelligence channels have picked up chatter around. they have won against us which makes it all the more tragic. this was a known risk and a risk we could not avoid. the fact that the service members have lost their lives is just horrible. liz: the situation for bay area nonprofit goes more tense by the day. trying to evacuate dozens of its at risk people in kabul. we have been following this story and you are here now with the latest. reporter: it has been in hour-by-hour situation who are
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looking for any safe passage out of afghanistan for the workers. they have traveled halfway around the world and it appears that officials are helping. following the attack of the kabul airport that killed a dozen service members, the situation growing more dire for this bay area-based nonprofit that has helped afghan farmers thrive for decades. there founders are not giving up and try to rescue their employees. >> special greetings to our afghan staff. we are here with you in solidarity in istanbul, turkey to support you and we extend to your families, our heartfelt concern during this catastrophic. -- period. reporter: they're working to evacuate employees and working with the new government. >> we figured a way to make payroll and it is in process as we speak.
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you will soon have that. the next few weeks will be lots of changes for all of us. we have to your out how to work in this new environment. reporter: appealing to the president and sending letters to nancy pelosi asking for assistance but we tried to speak to her, she left quickly without discussing the situation in afghanistan. meadow speaker, can we talk to you about afghanistan? -- madam speaker. reporter: we got this statement. in diligently with the departments of state and defense. getting near the airport can be terrifying. this man, a former interpreter from the bay area told about his experience where he thought he would be killed. >> four times.
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i had to sit down and have my visa, green card, and passport up. reporter: archdiocese tweeting support for roots of peace and offering prayers for afghanistan. in a special service on friday. house speaker's posey -- posey's office is working to get their people out of afghanistan as well. i spoke with them in the last hour and a half she got a call from pelosi's office and is hopeful for some movement going forward. liz: we hope some progress is made. larry: by most accounts, there are 1500 americans in afghanistan still looking for a way out. we have the comp. story of a family and their two-year-old boy who remains stuck behind convoluted redtape. reporter: the lines, crowds, the human crush -- humans crushed
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outside the airport in kabul. every person you see is leaving the country. they include this one-year-old girl blurred on this picture. it was taken two days ago. she is an american citizen of afghan dissent, born in the bay area, and stuck there much of the frustrations of her family's lawyer. >> it is indicative of so many of the other cases of u.s. citizens who are there. it is not that they were on some vacation and did not get the memo that we would leave the country. it is that they had to make such a difficult decision. do we leave family members in order to get ourselves to safety? reporter: a two-year-old brother born in afghanistan. he is the only member of the family without a green card. in the states, his aunt is worried not only for her loved ones, what for showing her face in this interview for fear of taliban prizes. >> they can use tiktok or
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facebook. -- taliban reprisals. reporter: she is worried about retaliation for working with the americans. they have chosen to remain in kabul, hoping to return as a family intact. >> how can she leave the two-year-old alone? explain that to me it -- to me. reporter: attorneys continue to work on this but the immigration process usually takes years. this family now has just days. deeding the government is looking up for these people? -- do you think. >> no. they are not showing accident. reporter: this is one small story among 1500 american citizens and their families as time passes, no easy way out. larry: with so much tragedy and chaos, people are wondering how
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can i help? a local tech company is taking action. airbnb is expanding housing for afghan refugees. the current airbnb hosts, anybody can sign up to provide housing. they are committed to providing free or discounted stays for 20,000 refugees through their website for emergency housing. we have a lot more ideas on how you can help. just go to our website and you will see a way to support them. liz: let's turn to the headlines. for the first time in two months, icu patients finally decreased. oakland is one step closer to mandating vaccines for city employees. this in a draft for review. they announced they will implement the city's new requirement in less than a month on some timber 20th. they passed the mandate on
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tuesday applying to events with more than 50 people at city-owned facilities. the conversation surrounding masking outdoors is back. some experts argue a outdoor mandate should be to oregon is implement and one tomorrow. could california come next? we spoke to doctors on both sides of this conversation and she joins us live now in the newsroom with what they said. reporter: opinions are mixed. several infectious disease experts say it's not as safe outdoors in the age of delta. some supported and others think there is only a need in certain high-risk settings. throughout the pandemic, we faced a revolving door of masking rules. masks on. masks off in the face of delta. it is masks on again indoors. next? >> i think in the setting of the delta variant, an outdoor mask mandate is appropriate for this
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time. reporter: he sits on the vaccine advisory committee. he helped advise the state on best photo calls during the height of the pandemic -- protocols. >> just because you're outside as a main you not nexus somebody who doesn't have the virus. reporter: this doctor agrees. masking up in certain outdoor settings should be mandated. >> respiratory droplets with the virus could potentially contain a lot more virus floating out into the air than what was happening last year when people were outdoors. reporter: experts worry about the race of protest. studies found they did not contribute to covert -- covid surges. it is unclear if that would happen in the face of delta. >> we don't know if under the same circumstances that would not have been much spread. reporter: starting tomorrow, or gun will reimpose in outdoor amount -- mask mandate setting a
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rise in cases. california is not seen the same spike. hospitalizations are still increasing, even here in the bay area. >> the a think we need an outdoor mass mandate? reporter: i don't think we do. outside is as safe as it gets. we have had almost six months with delta and as not been a study that shows an increased link of outdoor transmission with delta or not. reporter: outbreaks have been tied to visit festivals in oregon. they packed giants game carry the same risk? >> depends on your behavior. if you are shouting at them and coughing on them, of course it be exposed. reporter: risk assessment is key. the doctor says if you are at a packed giants game and you don't know the vaccination status of those screaming and cheering, wear a mask. he would not be as concerned if he was listening to stevie nicks
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say at bottlerock, and a big spread out field. assessing the risk here, out have to go with the stevie nicks. not a better option. liz: we talked about this. i noticed and saw that stevie nicks has dropped out of bottlerock due to covid concerns. nobody is getting stevie nicks this year. thank you. larry: when you get vaccinated, you should've gotten your vaccine card. for thousands of people in san mateo, they did not. we are following up on the problems they are now facing as a result. liz: >> i'll have theave theave temperatures in the smoke forecast coming up. >> we will not live forever and we need to know that she is safe and well looked after. liz: parents face the greatest fear and look at their g
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larry: firefighters are battling a dozen wildfires and doing so in difficult conditions. the forecast is not giving them reasons to be optimistic. some progress with the crews battling the dixie fire, mostly burning. some evacuation orders in the fires western zone were reduced to warnings and certain warnings have been lifted. containment remains at 45% which is the same as yesterday and the fires burned over 700,000 acres since it broke out on july 14. not to the one under thousand acre fire heard concerns about changing weather conditions is pumping authorities for them to prepare to have adequate in south lake tahoe.
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evacuation orders for between bridges area along highway 50. not far from the sierra and tahoe ski resort. the lake tahoe visitor authority is recommending that visitors postpone any travel. liz: the climate and understanding the effect of fires is part of our effort to build a better bay area. we reached back decades to understand the meteorology behind fire weather. we learned that the pattern they uncovered head home for at least one researcher on the project. reporter: the fires going through the gold country are a personal and professional challenge. >> to see those pictures, it was shocking. it was hard. reporter: she grew up in and around this area, just on the road from the community of grizzly flats. is now been left in ashes. in the months leading up to the
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fire, they're working to understand the forces that could unleash this devastation. a group of doctors called fire weather. >> that's three elements happening altogether. hot temperatures, dry air, fast wins. reporter: she and her colleague are with the weather nonprofit climate central. in a newly released report, they documented the increase of fire weather days driven in part by factors known as climate change. >> the big story here and a bit of a surprise for me is that it is the dryness. it is the lack of humidity in the air that is leading to elevated fire risk in the west but especially in california. reporter: the study analyzed data from different station stretching back to the 1970's. it was broken down into areas with similar weather climate features. foundries known as climate
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divisions. of the top hotspots, the study singled out to in northern california experiencing the highest percentage increases in the number of fire days. a large swath east of the bay area that includes towns like grizzly flats and paradise. in the epicenter of fires with now familiar names. >> i am seeing a major change in the conditions. what we are seeing today is unlike anything we have seen before. reporter: that change could add up to a week to two weeks of extra fire days per year depending on location. while the specific cause of a fire can always vary, factors like the drought and climate change have lightly played a part in making the landscape far more volatile. decades of change that this researcher can now track with both measurements and memories. >> it means these are coming together more frequently and that is putting us a lot more danger than we would be if the weather was different.
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larry: those pic t heartbreaking and it feels like we are in this endlessly that we cannot get out of. liz: seen this chairs in tahoe, people canceling their vacations, really sad. life and i cannot imagine another time this happen. climate change really controlling our environment paired once again, we have smoke filling the skies over lake tahoe, reducing visibility, reducing visibility across the region look at the satellite picture. you see the smoke the fire is putting out. you can see it pouring into south lake tahoe. we have multiple fires. some of this is drifting in our direction and also moving with the prevailing winds across the rockies and into the northern plains which is why air quality alerts are up from the pacific
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northwest all the way to these rockies. sandyha: here's a look at the smoky skies. the thickest smoke and haze is expected from california to the pacific northwest, all the way to the northern plains with the air quality impacts continuing the next couple days. on to show you the air quality in the tahoe area. it is really in that unhealthy range on the others into nevada. it is unhealthy. i'm starting to see some declining air as well. it is down to port for sensitive groups. we have some moderate air quality along the shoreline. hour-by-hour we go, overall later on tonight, we are still expecting good-moderate air quality for the most part. you will notice that the heaviest smoke in purple over this year at nevada, that will come down into our region. i think tomorrow, it will be
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worse than today with the declining air quality. visibility will be reduced and that will continue on through saturday as you can notice with that wind. and air quality advisor has been issued for friday and saturday. you're looking at moderate air quality the next couple of days. a little bit better on monday. from our camera, we still have that haze up above. 72 in oakland. it is a warmer day. in pacifica, it is 63 degrees. blue skies from our golden gate bridge camera. low 90's in concorde andndndnd livermore. temperatures got into the 90's, a couple of low 100s inland. you can see these hazy conditions looking back towards the city. hotter inland and the few days. there is a moderate-high heat risk inland. take it easy as the temperatures soar, we will have to deal with the sensitive people dealing
6:21 pm
with the heat illness risk. just a little patch of fog along the coast. we have a red flag warning for therow morng thugsaay morning. critically dry fuels mean that any fires that corrupt will quickly spread. we have a heat advisory on saturday. risk of heat illness is there with temperatures in the triple digits. hazy and hot inland. upper 60's to the low 70's. they shoreline will be in the 70's. hazy air and smoke it with elevated heat risk on through the weekend. lingering smoke on sunday, you will see in improvement on monday with much better air, cooler weather as we head towards the middle of next week. larry and liz? larry: any relief is welcome.
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. liz: sent residents are still out of their homes more than 30 hours after a gas leak force them to evacuate. pg&e crews are working to repair
6:25 pm
the line that ruptured by a third-party contractor yesterday morning. utility says it is a complicated process that involves isolating other lines to stop the flow of gas. that is not much consolation for the hundred or so residents ordered to leave. >> they didn't tell us much. we couldn't grab our meds or food for the dogs or change of clothes. it is a little inconvenient. liz: residents could smell gas late into the afternoon there is no timetable on when people can return home. larry: eastern broke ground on new affordable living situations. it is by the fruitvale station and will provide 181 units of formal housing units. it will provide housing for anybody earning 20%-80% less
6:26 pm
than the income -- median income of the area. >> also the job creation. the new residents that will come and shopping on international and creating jobs. larry: this project was planned by the unity council which works to create affordable housing in the fruitvale neighborhood. expected to be completed in fall 2023. liz: we are in a countdown to the recall election. part of the past of larry elder could derail his chance to run for governor. we spoke to his wife -- ex-wife that is making his domestic abuse charges public. reporter: we are straight ahead. larry: quick programming note. due to the breaking news coverage out of afghanistan, the full episode of general hospital did not air at its usual time. it can
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>> this is abc 7 news. larry: every day, more and more
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businesses and venues are requiring proof of vaccinations. it has become an issue for thousands who got their shot at a massive vaccination site in san mateo county. liz: they did not receive vaccination cards and they got photocopies. we found that continues to be a problem. reporter: a big problem. after our first report air, several viewers traded in their photocopy for the real cdc card. after a flood of requests flooded them, the county is not swapping them out anymore. she gote gote gote gote gote at the san mateo county event center. instead of getting acc vaccine card, she received photocopies of a card on two sheets of paper. >> i thought everything was fine. reporter: until she booked a cruise which required proof of vaccination. she asked if those copies would
6:31 pm
work. >> they said that will not do. you will have to have the card paired we will not take a photocopy of the card. reporter: in that case, all 100,000 of us that got the paper are out of luck. >> that is going to be a problem. >> that's why we gotta get the real copy. reporter: san mateo copy gave photocopies to 120 thousand other people to after hearing the story, many asked the county to swap the copies for real cdc cards. >> they just said no, they were not doing it and if i had a problem, let them know. reporter: they had a little more luck. she brought her paper copy to a clinic that administered some of the shots. >> she didn't look very happy. she looked at me and said ok, you will be the last one i will do this for. reporter: they copter information onto a cdc card but stopped doing stauffer others. we helped jane get her card from
6:32 pm
the county but there is no plan to replace all the others. >> it would be too difficult for us to go through one or 20,000 people and redo their cards. people have to understand we are still in a pandemic where resources are stretched so thin that we are focused on battling covid-19. reporter: the county manager says they followed all guidelines and early on, the copies seemed better than a cdc card. >> we put them on a larger piece of paper so we could put other information on the back which obviously, the cdc cards don't have. it'll do we know, they were needed as proof that you got vaccinated. reporter: folks said early on they were not concerned about proof. they emphasize that anyone can download their vaccine proof from the state website. sometimes, the information is wrong or incomplete. >> the lot number of my pfizer vaccine is not on there. reporter: destinations like hawaii require that information
6:33 pm
on a visitors vaccine proof. the county will issue a cities card for those who shout they are essential for travel. -- show. is there any good news? san mateo will give out cdc cards along with the third booster shot. the first two shots be listed on the card as well. for now, the county will consider requests if a card is essential for travel. i posted the information you need on the website. good luck. larry: i love the tongue with which you offered the good luck. it is frustrating for people reporter: they were trying to do the best they could during difficult circumstances. it just turned out this way. larry: give you the big piece of paper not to lose it instead of the little one and here you go. liz: we're just 19 days away from the recall election. if it passes, gavin newsom will get removed from office and whoever gets the most votes from
6:34 pm
the 40 plus candidates will become the governor. as candidates campaign across the state, gavin newsom's rally with kamala harris in daly city has been canceled. larry elder's ex fiancé is double down -- doubling down about his misconduct. his ex fiancé confirms to us that she is filing a police report from instant six years ago where he brandished a gun at her. he put -- >> he pulled a loaded gun to intimidate me. liz: she included a new allegation. he said that he pushed her during a fit of drug-induced anger. lapd confirms they know the allegations and they are investigating. earlier this month, he denied these allegations saying he had never brandished a gun at anyone.
6:35 pm
she says this denial is what prompted her to report to police. >> domestic violence is a crime. that applies to larry elder as much as it applies to anyone else. liz: he is the front runner candidate to replace gavin newsom in the recall election. he is drawing large crowds at campaign events and this week, he picked up an unexpected endorsement. a former california legislator and lard time charter school proponent. >> the recall of newsom is not about local party. liz: he declined to join them for a debate. he said he will only debate if newsom does. he was still a target. former san diego target took aim at him on his position on women. >> larry elder does not have the character, judgment, skill set or experience to be governor. liz: he is airing a new campaign ad that goes after newsom and elder at the same time. >> california is in crisis but we shouldn't replace just one with another. liz: this democrat join for the
6:36 pm
first time and pitched himself as the fresh candidate with out-of-the-box ideas including this one to battle the water crisis. >> i'll declare a state of emergency to begin the construction, as soon as possible, of a pipeline to the mississippi river. liz: also show the recall is a dead heat. the governor plan to hold a rally with kamala harris tomorrow in daly city but it is now canceled. a spokesperson for the brights -- vice-president said she is heading back to washington dc. her team has not explicitly said why the event was canceled but we can presume because of the tragic events unfolding in afghanistan. it is not been rescheduled. every voter is getting a mail-in ballot because of the pandemic. the only have until monday to register to vote. after that, you can do what is called a conditional voter registration all the way up to election date which is on tuesday, september 14. larry: nancy pelosi celebrate
6:37 pm
women's equality day. in 1920, congress passed the 19th amendment giving them the right to vote. -- giving women the right to vote. >> 101 years ago, after fighting, marching, struggling, starving and being starved, women gained the right to vote. these papers at the time said that women given the right the vote -- to vote could not be further from the truth. it was a big fight, historic, and it was transformative. larry: she urged women to vote in the recall election. reporter: more than two decades of federal oversight of police may finally come to an end. liz: meet the families who created in answer to the question that kept them up at night: who will care for their ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame.
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liz: the oversight over the oakland police department may came -- come to an end. this after two attorneys wrote they believe the department is ready to go on its own thanks to dozens of reforms. as we report, not everyone
6:41 pm
believes opd is ready. >> for the officers and community, i think everybody should fill a sense of hope. reporter: oakland police chief was just a young officer in the 2000s per the last time they were free from federal oversight. a reality that may soon come to an end. >> we have just been working as hard as we can to make sure we are compliant with the mandates. it is good to see that it would be recognized for the work being done we have not crossed the finish line. reporter: this potential and comes after years of reform efforts led by civil right attorneys. they filed a lawsuit 21 years ago that prompted the federal intervention. >> we are feeling good about the progress being made. racial profiling has gone down n and not just the use of delhi force. we have not had many police shootings and more important is accountability for the the
6:42 pm
committees to function properly. reporter: there but under the control of a federal monitor in 2003 after a series of abuses and federal abuses abuses abuses riders. this after a woman accused opd of lots of inappropriate relationships with her. many believe that they should not be lifted since five of the tasks have not yet been completed. >> i am lost why they did not have a community input process. when it ask oakland there's who deal with opd everyday? reporter: once lifted, the big question is: will all the reforms that led to this moment actually last in the future? >> over site -- oversight should never go away from our community. i know this community will never
6:43 pm
stop holding this city and this department accountable. reporter: there is no timeline for when the federal oversight will officially end. a court hearing is set for next week. larry: it is about to get hot. temps in the east bay will hit triple digits this weekend. we will saving starts with internet and wireless from xfinity. get a great low price on fast, reliable internet. plus, add xfinity mobile with 5g included and save up to $400 a year on wireless over at&t! get fast, reliable wifi to power your personal best... ...and show grandma you're crushing the school year on the nation's most reliable network on the go! get xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months.
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homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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liz: the supreme court has just ruled that evictions can resume across the country, blocking the biden administration from enforcing a temporary band. this was put in place to help the renters during the pandemic. 3.5 million people say they faced eviction in the next two months. this will affect a lot of people , especially in california. they said the cdc lacks the power to enforce this moratorium. california has a moratorium that ends in september. larry: that worry led to creation of a special community at half moon bay. we show you how these parents
6:47 pm
persevere despite obstacles and without taking public funds. reporter: 21 years ago, two families witspia needs they purchased 20 acres of land to create a special community. >> if you don't have people who want to make it work, it won't happen. reporter: it was envisioned to be a place where families knew their adult children with special needs could thrive and live for the rest of their lives. 31 families are involved, each stepping up to fan science to project without public funds. >> husband and i were looking for a place for her to live and thrive after were gone. we will not live forever. we need to know that she is safe and well looked after. reporter: the project has run into obstacles such as environmental impact studies, one of which that cost $6 million. the long-term vision is on track. they have a thriving farm for example, tended by volunteers and these adults. >> they learn how things grow.
6:48 pm
hollande how to take care of chickens. alien where food comes from. they can make soasd, and help it grow. reporter: in the near future, a shop and café will be built. construction has started on 57 housing units. >> i've never lived outside of my parents house. that is scary but it will be exciting to see the structure go up. reporter: she developed special needs after brain tumor surgery when she was eight. she can now work at a quilt shop. big wave is giving her long-term security and support. >> she didn't lose the need to achieve and to contribute and be a part of society. more than any other program we have seen, this gives us the opportunity. reporter: this will cost $30 million to complete. it was conceived and developed by families with perseverance and love.
6:49 pm
larry: love and it is fantastic. liz: let's get a check of the forecast now. it will be really hot this weekend. sandyha: i want to show you a light picture from our east bay hills camera. we will noticed hazy air conditions as we lookout towards a reservoir, seeing an increase in the smoke pollution. the north wind will crank that smoke and push it right down into our area. winds should drink up, i should say. expect an increase of smoke in the region. continuing into the morning and continuing into the afternoon and going into saturday. a little bit of fog off the coast now cared new are looking at triple digits inland, hazy there. the and hot. elevated heat risk through the weekend.
6:50 pm
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casey: entering august, the mets were a first-place team. they played 13 straight games against the dodgers and giants and it did not go so well. new york is looking to avoid the sweep as the giants are breaking out the brooms. giant fans getting their selfies on. he homered last night. does it again tonight. he is been three batters into the game. it stays that way until the sixth. alex wood's last pitch. he hits it high and deep. is it fair or foul? it went about as high as you can go. third deck. it was fair. he was trying to channel the ball. this tied at 2:00. he gives them the go-ahead run but the giants had the bases-loaded. they could not score again. re-to giants bottom of the
6:54 pm
eighth. for the firstim, they will have a drone show. i acquired some rehearsal footage. 200 drones performing star wars in these patterns. this is cooler than fireworks if you ask me. if they can get synchronized drones to perform to music, they can get any stadium built, right? the a's in the city of oakland try to lock down a deal. a's ownership is back in las vegas. progress is being made but work is being done more behind-the-scenes to develop an agreement. >> we still remain apart on the economic terms. we are still working with the city to bridge some of those gaps. that is what we will work on. >> we are on the vast majority of the financials of the deal. they are getting to work on all those parks that -- parts that
6:55 pm
need to be fleshed out that we are in agreement on. casey: steph curry was one of the many athletes are called the discrepancy between the ncaa men and women's tournaments bubbles. he is putting his money where his mouth is. him and his wife announced that they are wanting a scholarship fund for all 10 of davidson's women sports teams. they met at davidson. he released a video talking about how his daughters have helped open his eyes to women's athletics and wants them and other girls to go up without any boundaries on their future. >> by granting access to additional resources and crating opportunities for women, we hope to uplift, empower, and foster an unbiased society that leads to a better world. let's close the opportunity gap and it is a great day to be a wildcat. that's go cats. casey: san jose state put out this video. a 2019 second-team honorary
6:56 pm
mowing down the football team. five straight strikeouts until the punter absolutely clubbers this baseball. he was an honorable m m baseballcheck this out. he is married to former seahawks coach. she has some ties about sports and foot all. larry: years ago, ago, ago, ago, you make contact, the next pitch is that your head. i crushed a ball down the line foul and next pitch was when i said, we are done. thanks. casey: i have no chance against her. unbelievable. liz: coming up on abc 7. the hustler airs at with us for abc 7 news at 11.
6:57 pm
that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. thank you all for joining us tonight. larry: for all of us here at abc 7, have a great night. hope to see you at 11. i just want one more at that. no i don't. i really don't. i want to keep my face. thank you. liz: good night. chromebooks are seriously easy to set up right out of the box. just sign in with your gmail and bam! all your files are right there. now get after it. cause you're good to go. switch to setting up the easy way.
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