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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 27, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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hazy air around the bay area. it is bad enough to prompt back-to-back spare the air alerts for today and tomorrow. this is the view over sf. larry: this is better than what a lot of other people are dealing with. especially, the closer you get to the fire threatening lake tahoe. let us take a live look at tahoe. it is completely socked in. there are boats out there but you can hardly see them. it is terrible. stephanie sierra made the she will join us in a few moments to talk about wi-fi far to say the next three days could be the worst. liz: she is part of our team coverage along with our meteorologist who is monitoring these conditions how bad is our air going to get? sandyha: it will continue to remain in the smoky and hazy range.
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sunday changes are coming. let me show you live picture right now. hard to see anything from our walnut creek camera. we have seen ash falling. you will notice concorde and livermore are in the unhealthy range. oakland, san jose, is at 90 which is moderate air quality. you look at the views and really, it is hard to see anything. hard to breathe. smoke from multiple fires pouring into our region. you can see that smoke with the north wind coming into our area and you will notice the air quality is impacted vocally. worst of it will be tomorrow. sunday gets better. monday and tuesday, we get good air quality. tahoe is much worse. very unhealthy in the south lake tahoe area. i'll have an hour-by-hour smoke forecast coming up. casey: larry: they hosted a webinar
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posting tips to protect you and your family from wild wire smoke. -- wildfire. >> pick countable to state come to blend. you're probably looking at a living room or dining room. make sure you can close the windows and doors and create that sealed off space. filter the air. whether that is central air conditioning, and air cleaner, make sure you have something in there cleaning and he smote that does get in out. larry: there are a dozen wildfires burning up and down the coast. you can see them at a glance on our wildfire tracker. we are keeping a close eye on a few of them. one of them is the dixie fire. it is the second-largest fire to ever burn. it started in mid july and the estimate is that it will take until the end of september to get full containment. more than 750,000 acres have burned so far. firefighters are worried about this weekend's weather. liz: the caldor fire has burned
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144,000 acres and is 12% contained. check out the smoke seen from placerville. no visibility. this is about 10 miles from the spot on the highway shuts down between here. the fire is burning towards lake tahoe. the video you just saw was shot by our news reporter. she made the drive to tahoe today. she is joining us now. how are you doing? reporter: it is pretty awful. not only is it getting harder to read here but we are seeing the smoky asphalt freely from the sky as the breeze comes in, indicating that this fire is moving closer to this town which is where we are right now. 13 miles outside of south lake tahoe. fire crews are concerned about the trajectory of this fire. you can see from our point of view. the trees are barely recognizable.
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this is getting worse in the last two hours. flames have jumped both sides of highway 50, leaving residents fleeing their homes and bracing for the worse. >> this is where it goes down. reporter: the fire is inching closer to south take -- lake tahoe. how would you rank the risk level for south lake tahoe in terms of having a mandatory evacuation order tonight? >> i don't believe that will occur tonight. i believe the risk is low. there is potential if something were to occur but i do not believe the risk is high at this point. reporter: he is in working the front lines for this fire for the last two weeks. he expects the next three days could be the worse. >> it will be hotter this weekend. the wind has continued to align with the canyons burning primarily in the north east direction. this think -- reporter: this includes the town
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of strawberry work they are stationed to be redirected to fight the fire line just south of us. they issued new evacuation warnings along highway 50 east towards the community of myers, and the committee of strawberry where most of the active fire is burning with hotspots trailing down tree branches. we drove to the fire line. an outline of trees submerged in orange sky, threatening more than 18,000 homes. >> the majority of people have evacuated and are following the warnings we issued. reporter: as far as what is next? >> the concern is high. that is the direction the fire is headed. reporter: we are back with you live. just south of south lake tahoe. this air quality worsening by the hour. you can barely see through the trees. the air quality index in our 4:00 hour was 150. now it is over 253. just to show you how bad it is getting as the fireman's closer.
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fire crews tell us they know it will be a long road ahead and they are concerned it worse before it gets better. larry: liz: i know you're having a hard time to breathe during our 4:00 newscast. i hope you're staying safe out there. will the weather conditions help us out overnight? reporter: we are told winds will die down tonight which will help but they are concerned about the low humidity levels, dry conditions and excessive heat we are expecting over the next three days. this will be critical to see the outcome of how quickly this fire will move toward south lake tahoe. liz: stay safe there. larry: on the fires to afghanistan and the race to evacuate the country is worse than ever.
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another terror attack in kabul is likely. this comes after yesterday's suicide bombing outside the airport killing 13 americans including two from southern california. this is the deadliest day for troops in less then a decade. the pentagon says 5400 people are still inside that airport. >> i don't want to see in were casualties. that is why we are watching the threats closely. larry: in an internal note, the secretary of state thank the diplomats involved in the evacuation effort. you not say if keep a presence in afghanistan after the withdrawal the bay area is mobilizing helping afghan refugees may be coming. relief operation to help is happening in the east bay. we are live in hayward with the details. reporter: this relief mission happening in a big way.
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it is happening by the minute. we are where donations have been arriving by the minute and by the car load. all four refugee families coming from afghanistan. all the necessities are being donated by a generous public. clothes, food, and a lot of support right from the bay area. >> every single item you have in your home, we need for them. reporter: they organized a donation drive like no other. >> cookies for the kids. towels. shampoo. reporter: they brought all the supplies they can find to help refugee families escaping terror and violence in afghanistan. >> tough times that i feel the pain. the best thing to do is help out your people. any people. reporter: loop supplies are pouring in outside the mosque in hayward. food, clothes, toys, and prayer
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rugs to help afghan refugees you may be starting over with nothing. reporter: we don't know who's coming. want to make sure we are well-equipped. reporter: they are organizing this drive. for him and others, the mission is personal. >> what to make sure they are comfortable, at home, we don't want them to feel how our parents felt when they came here and had nothing. reporter: charitable donations collected in just the past week are enough to fill this giant warehouse in alameda. an outpouring of love and support. >> i am crying all the time. reporter: his brother-in-law was killed by the taliban. his sister now trying to keep her kids safe. >> they have six children still there. >> we have 20-30 family members back home. we are trying our best to see what we can do for them with the banks being clothes, our hands are clothes -- close to support
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them financially. reporter: this effort is helping those who are helpless. >> i wish the best for everybody in afghanistan. i wish the best for our troops and hopefully, everybody can be safe and sound and hopefully, we get through this. reporter: soap many folks telling us that they were so happy to help. they wanted to do everything they could. some had survivors guilt knowing that they are safe here in the bay area and others are still suffering what will happen to these items? it will be taken to that warehouse we showed you where refugee families can benefit from them. just an amazing effort here today. larry: great to see so many people helping out and donating. there are a lot of ways you can help. for ideas, go to the website. on that page, you can find supportive resources, especially
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for veterans during this difficult time. you will hear from afghan to help the u.s. military and now they are the ones who need our help to leave the country before it is too late. >> one moment, i was living out my dream and another, i was living out my worst nightmare. liz: cal student athlete partially paralyzed.
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prosecutors declined to argue against his release. his youngest son spoke in favor of granting his parole saying he was moved to tears by the 77-year-old's remorse. the governor can still block his release after a 90 day review. liz: the archbishop from francisco let a virtual player service for afghanistan. >> on behalf of all those suffering and struggling to come to the rescue, in the name of the father, son, and the holy spirit. amen. liz: he sent out a special prayer request for workers with this nonprofit. as well as six cajon valley students. they are traveling back to the u.s. right now but one is still in afghanistan. after the attack that left dozens dead, it is more urgent for people to get their family out to safety.
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we spoke with two former afghan interpreters that worry that if they can get their family out now, they never will. reporter: while fighting the war in afghanistan, the u.s. enlisted the aid of many afghan people. more than two decades of service and countless lives saved that is the story of these two men. former interpreters for the marines in afghanistan. >> we have seen lots people who died in front of my eyes. it is tragic to be there and watch all of those. you had to be there to help people and united states. >> i never refused. i just saw so much noise. i did my part but today, i'm asking and seeking help for all those people who see in hear my voice to help me and my family. reporter: these men are watching the scenes in afghanistan with fear and dread as they have family members still there he says his mother, sister, three
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brothers and nieces are desperately trying to escape. they have no money r&r on the run from the tele-band due to his affiliation with the marines. he fears they are out of time. >> they are taking it easy because the u.s. troops. they will pull out all the troops from afghanistan. they will kill every single member of anyone involved the u.s. or afghan national army, police or anyone. reporter: the congressman feels for member of his district were scared that these men and the family never make it home. they do everything they can to bring everyone home safely. >> i will not stop my advocacy and i will make sure that the white house department do not give up on making sure our commitment is fulfilled to people who work for us or family members. reporter: losses famine to tell ben when he served as an interpreter.
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he is splitting it he will not lose the rest of his family. -- pleading. >> save them before they get killed. liz: we should stick to the evacuation deadline. the vast majority, 81% voted yes. larry: even with covid case numbers relatively low, parents in this school district have decided to ship their kids dust shift there -- shift their kids to online. this system that we are tracking as part of our focus as we build a better bay area. we have the story from concorde. >> there is a lot of concern in the community about covid. people are being extra cautious. reporter: the situation is fluid of families requesting remote learning has more than
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tripled in just the first 12 days of class. >> we had 150 students who signed up independent study. over the boards of the last couple weeks, the number ballooned to 500. we need approximately 12 teachers in that independent study program. reporter: they will shift out of in-person classes so their students can get new teachers or have it combined with another. >> we call it balancing classrooms. i am empathetic students because it is changing. reporter: it feels unsettling. reporter: she has two elementary students have not been impacted by the changes, at least not yet. >> it makes me want to keep and i out for what is going to happen here and it asked me think ahead to what my options are. reporter: families here are pulling their families out of in person money even though the number of covid cases is small.
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so far, less than 50 it is student population of 28,000. he says he is pleased so far with how classes have gone for his daughter. >> i like having her in school. reporterreporterreporterreporter additional adjustments as the school year progresses. larry: we are obviously keeping track of today's top story. deteriorating air quality throughout the bay area. you could see the haze taken from our tower camera. an alert is all out for today and tomorrow and we are ringing in sandia patel. it will be problematic as a kind way to put it because it is terrible out there. sandyha: the bad air quality we are experiencing now will carry over into saturday but sunday
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will get at it. you can see just a layer of thick smoke shrouding the area. you get even make out where you are looking. the errors unhealthy in thors u areas. poor around oakland. it is very unhealthy over there. you can see some of the herbals there. it is hard to see and breathe. if you're seeing your rotation, that is why. keeping that smoke over the region. really, right on through tomorrow afternoon. thank start to improve as we see a sea breeze you start to notice to difference on the coast and our inland areas as well. temperatures in the 90's. 100s in the inland. 60's on the coast. it was a lack of fog. we are under a heat advisory
6:21 pm
tomorrow. risk of heat with the hot weather. hazy and warm. we head into the afternoon and you will notice it is still triple digit territory inland. a look at the seven-day at the and it will be warm to hot. haze continues sunday risk of heat illnesses but better air sunday afternoon going into next week and cooler weather for people to enjoy. liz: are fully vaccinated. that leaves millions who are not. meet a local woman leading a team i get it,
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liz: protesters against vaccine mandates rallying in front of. it took aim at the mandate that all city employees be fully vaccinated. they called the rule heavy-handed and un-american. attendees say they should make their own choices about getting vaccinated and not fear being punished if they want to decline it. larry: a group is working to get as many people vaccinated as possible. they have helped 1500. we spoke with a woman at the helm of their efforts. reporter: she understands
6:25 pm
covid-19 vaccine hesitancy. >> i almost gave myself a heart attack when i first got a headache. see, something is happening? reporter: after coming around herself, she is minute her message -- mission to encourage other. >> even when i am out talking tt one person, somebody else is answering the phone and we have a team out in the community. reporter: they encourage 1500 people to get vaccinated. >> you cannot beat it single-handedly by yourself. for every one person we get vaccinated, it has taken 5-6 people to outreach the information. to schedule appointments, to overcome their fears about the vaccine. reporter: an anonymous donor who went about her efforts gave her money to buy this van which he uses to deliver to elderly
6:26 pm
residents and provide transportation to those who need it. >> i am a negotiator. i went to five different places. i got two vehicles for the price of one by talking about what we are doing here. reporter: he drives the van sometimes. >> i didn't think i was doing that much of a difference but once the seniors started coming out and spoke with me, i realize how big of a difference i was making. reporter: no matter how you refer to her, she is in remission from lupus said she will keep on keeping on. >> i got work to do. liz: we are talkinge are talkine california's recall with an insider. election day is three weeks away. larry: update on our current air quality and what to
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>> this is abc 7 news. larry: check it out: rare
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glimpse of what i will call blue-ish sky. still great in the background. let's call it blue. we will take it. this is the live view from our tower camera that beach looks inviting given conditions around the bay area. liz: further away you get, the more the air quality improves. let's check back in. things have gotten better here in the week but this weekend will be pretty rough in some parts. sandyha: today, what you are seeing will spill over into tomorrow which is what we have a spare the air date today and tomorrow. here is a live picture from the live -- lake tahoe area. notice how smoky the skies are. changes camera so you could see other views locally. you will notice that from our san jose camera, it is hazy at sfo. you can see smoky conditions. it is very unhealthy in the tile area.
6:31 pm
we will show you what it will happen. it will remain smoky here. pick a smoke over south lake tahoe. we'll start to see improvement here. red flag warning is still in effect surrounding foothills until 11 a.m.. it was hot today. gilroy set the record. warmth near the coast. 69 and half moon day -- bay. i will be back with another look at the weather and if you. -- in a few minutes. liz: if you want to vote in the recall election, this is your last weekend to register to vote. if you miss it, you can still vote but will have to do a conditional voter registration. john coxe made a stop in san jose to date during his bus tour. he laid out his plan to reform the education system. he wants to expand the use of school vouchers and school choice for parents. he believes in free market principles can apply to education. >> let's say i want to school
6:32 pm
and i want to get all the vouchers i can into my school because it is a good thing to get those vouchers. i'll make sure i had the best teachers so i'll have the best training. if i see eight teacher available and they are good, i will try to grab them. all been more than my competitors. liz: if elected, he will go tenure for underperforming teachers. teachers association have paiddd -- dented 1.8 million for these efforts. -- donated. can we get an idea of the recall results? reporter: yes and it's kind of like reading tea leaves. in san francisco which is a heavily democratic area, they had over 100,000 votes return. that is about in the first 10 days of what is turning into a month-long election process
6:33 pm
because we are voting by mail. that is a 25% turnout. one quarter of the voters have turned in their ballots and that is on par with what we saw with the biden/trump election. big turnout. same story which is more split in this county. they had 175,000 ballots returned. you might say ok, with the early people we are seeing, democrats are sending in more boston republicans? that may be true. one of the growing parties in california is the decline to state. former party people who are not that happy with their parties. there is a big question i will tell you among newsom's group and the republicans about what those declined to state voters are doing because it is anybody's guess. liz: still, the apathy among democratic voters and the fact that we are seeing pretty good democratic turnout
6:34 pm
so far, more than republicans, that has to make the newsom team feel better than they have felt lately to some extent? reporter: there's also been a shift. a question of if budding patterns will state of same. democrats of usually been the one to show up on election day care it you had the early returns the absentee or mail-in ballots, they were conservative republicans. the rich up on election day. now, the question is are they voting early but are publicans holding up for election date because after the last election and such that were thrown out there, they may not trust and will see a red surge that they saw in other states. like i said, these are the tea leaves. how you want to read them? people are paying money to figure it out. liz: that's what we bring you one. i do want to ask you about what was supposed to happen today. the rally he was must have with
6:35 pm
kamala harris now canceled. do you think this helps or hurts his chances? >> i think the rally would've hurt him between the optics in couple and the closer opti the the fires you are reporting on from the sierra. it was not a time to be in a parking lot in daly city saying roaracle for gavin newsom. it would not be a good look for kamala harris. not a good look for the governor. there are real questions about whether joe biden is going to be showing up here in the coming weeks, considering what is going on. this just isn't a time necessarily for the traditional campaign in part because you cannot do it because of covid resurgence. people will be wearing masks, going to go to door, so he wound up trying to clean up eight homeless camp today. much better picture as they say. liz: is a tricky secure nation -- secure -- situation for him.
6:36 pm
every voter is getting a mail-in ballot you're probably already gotten yours because of the pandemic. as mentioned earlier, you have only until monday to vote. conditional voter registration is on tuesday. larry: make sure to sign your envelope. you will meet a man who never gave up. >> i am now injury and have not given up. i've not given up or taken a break on these days. larry: this injured student who is going to walk across the stage this weekend. >> how many gift cards you have sitting in a drawer right now? we need to talk.
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larry: americans spend $100 billion a year on gift cards. 3% of those cards are never used. that is $3 billion wasted each and every year. we have been looking at this issue. that is a lot. reporter: this is serious money that people have. when you get money as a gift,
6:40 pm
you put it in your wallet or bank account. you get the symptom money for a gift card and there is a good chance you toss it in a drawer and then you forget it. even if the cards are remembered, they may still not be used. she has a lot of gift cards. >> these are all the food ones, movies, shopping. i have 50 gift cards. they just hang out. i have a special pouch they go in that stays in my glovebox because that way, i always have it i still never get it out or use any of these cards. reporter: she is not alone. a new study shows how many of us get gift cards but do not use them. he is a senior industry analyst. >> we found in our survey of over 50% adults have an unused gift card or store credit or voucher and the average amount
6:41 pm
is 116 dollars -- 116 dollars per person. reporter: money going to waste. it is a perception problem. >> if you find $20, we are excited about it and put it to good use, we don't have the same feeling about gift cards. we probably should. reporter: gift card girlfriend of this website says the problem starts with the gift giver. >> it should be a gift not a coupon. if i am giving you a gift card to a really nice restaurant, i need to make sure there is enough money on the gift card to spend it. reporter: her mom gives her a lot of those cards we saw and make sure they spend, feel and look like a gift. perhaps in the future, by her physical gifts? >> i thought this would be a better idea but i think it is not. i put them in a box, i wrap
6:42 pm
them, i go through a lot of trouble to put gifts under the tree to make sure they feel like your gifts. not anymore. reporter: one final thought: stores get more money if you use the card. bank rate don't look the put the money on the books until the money is used. if it is not use, the government takes a cut. they both say keep the cards where they are handy. next year computer perhaps or wallet next to credit cards, perhaps in the glovebox is not a good choice. larry: not at the rate cars get broken into. if i glue it to my forehead, i might remember. reporter: it is tough. you need to use them immediately. that's how they get used. 50% are using the first year. larry: thank you. liz: it is a good weekend to be by the coast.
6:43 pm
hot temperatures and bad air quality. we had the details of what to expect and
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. liz: breaking news. a u.s. air strike has killed a
6:46 pm
isis-k lennar in afghanistan. there was very little information being released right now about the strike and if it was retaliation for yesterday's attack. i will keep you posted on our website. let's get a check of the weather. we will stay inside all weekend? larry: although, at little bit of optimism for sunday? sandyha: it will not be great but it will be better. let me share a live picture this is what we are dealing with. a smoky, hazy conditions. it is hard to make out what we are looking at. spare the air today and saturday. poor air quality for parts of the bay area. start to see some good air quality as the sea breeze comes in. also in the our region because of the north wind. that is why our air quality is
6:47 pm
suffering. it is in the red for parts of the inland east bay and orange which is poor for sensitive groups. in this sierra nevada, it is very unhealthy in south lake tahoe with reduced visibility and those impacts will continue as you look about smoke forecast. it will not be well at all all weekend long. it is expected to be smoky there. moderate air quality tomorrow. the blues indicating less haze and smoke especially near the coast. no fog on the coast. it was a warm-hot one. it will keep that theme going. 70's to 100 and a look at the tropical atlantic. hurricane ida will rapidly intensify as it moves over the warm water of the golf as a category for hitting louisiana on sunday. flooding will be a major
6:48 pm
concern. warm-hot and smoky tomorrow. less smoke sunday. much cooler air and better weather next week. larry: a long-delayed commencement ceremony will be held for the class of 2020. finally walking across the stage will be a symbolic moment for every graduate but even more so for student athlete who was told that after a terrible injury that he would never walk again. we have the story. reporter: we never really know how life can change in an instant until it happens. >> one moment i was living up my dream, and in another i was living my worst nightmare. reporter: the men we see was no longer the physical assessment he used to be. that was the day he broke his neck while playing football -- rugby for cal. the doctors were anything but optimistic that he would be a quadriplegic. >> he said that your injury is bad. reality is, you will never walk
6:49 pm
again. you will never move your hands and we will do our best so that you can do something like pick up a piece of pizza. reporter: there's a story we have told and he is told even more as he has turned the worst moment of his life into a reason for living. to inspire. >> i am now over 1500 days from my injury and have not given up. i have not taken a break on one of these days. reporter: he has addressed graduating classes at berkeley in virtual commencement. >> it brings me great joy to say congratulations to the class of 2021. reporter: the pandemic has been impossible for him to walk for a diploma until sunday went with the rest of his class, that will happen on his own two feet for a business degree. he has made that much progress in his recovery. >> help people see me walk across the stage that they see themselves overcoming their challenges but.
6:50 pm
reporter: his walk might be the last and most important lesson from four long years of them. >> is a be the most important 10 yards of my life. liz: just incredible. larry: all incurred will. i cannot wait to see him walk across the stage. remarkable. the 49ers are playing the raiders this weekend. it was playing quarterback? casey: everybody. that is the answer. what a beautiful story that was. it is time for another jimmy ruffalo and trey lance update. ruffalo and trey lance update. buster posey's bonds well ♪ unlock a summer of possibilities in a new chevy. fi n smer veures. find new roads.
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shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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>> sports brought to you by river rock casino. casey: giants played the braves for the first time since 2019. giants are 18-5. atlanta is just as hot. first place in the nl east. giants fans traveling well as usual. buster posey is back in the lineup. to run first inning homer. giants take a lead. but then, a thunderstorm will hit. this will delay the game for 35 minutes. they attempted to weather the
6:54 pm
storm. this former giant with his 28th homer of the year to make it 3-1. right now, it is 4-2 in the sixth. frustrations have to be mounting for the a's. after five straight tough losses, they are outside the playoff picture looking in. think is of 112 straight games. there is no time to sulk. >> it hurts. we have had some really tough finishes. from the giant series to the mariners. we control our own destiny and it sucks but i would have loved to win those last five games but that is baseball. this team is tough. >> we're looking for some small victories. winning and losing is the most important thing but i like to fight. casey: trey or jimmy? why not both? are we tired of talking about this yet? the 49ers final preseason game is on sunday against the raiders. the coach has a plan to continue to get them both on the field
6:55 pm
jimmy garoppolo is obviously going to be named the starter for week one. whether they want to announce it or not. there is a likely scenario where he comes in for key plays to keep opponents guessing. >> i plan on putting jimmy out there with the starters and mixing an trait like i wanted to last week. i want to get trey some look with the ones out there. we are trying to figure it out. see what they are good out and what they can help us out with. that's how we are practicing everything. i've never been in a situation where had a skill set or you had two guys who can practice it so that's how we are finding out. casey: this is awesome. marilyn native kevin durant surprised his alma mater with a message for somebody up for a scholarship he couldn't even get the announcement not because of the sunnis he said the name, they went berserk. -- as soon he. >> this is for greg rose.
6:56 pm
is from maryland. his heart to tell if he heard his message but it was received loud and clear what an amazing moment for that young man. that was special. we got a box from the 49ers. they are starting a new subscription service. $75 a month, proceeds to charity, and getting swag out to fans around the globe this sports report is concert by river rock casino. larry: casey, what part of -- piece of swag would jimmy where and what would trey pick? casey: they might go with this flag to show their true colors. i don't know. it might just go with both. go at this and go at this. why not make up our minds? larry: the great non-controversy. both going to play. thank you.
6:57 pm
liz: coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, shark tank followed by 2020 at nine and don't miss the news at 11:00. that is it for this edition of the news. larry: for all of us here at abc 7, have a good night and hope to see you at 11:00. have a great weekend. liz: good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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