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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 31, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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pichardo, 25. marine corporal humberto sanchez, 22. marine lance corporal jared schmitz, 20. navy corpsman maxton soviak, 22, his father told a reporter that in the last facetime with their son his mother told him to be safe. he said, "don't worry, mom, my guys got me. they won't let anything happen to me." she now realizes that they all just went together. >> a grateful nation paying tribut it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat.
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>> the caldor fire getting out of control.
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the sky turned blood orange. we have the latest. dan: south lake tahoe under evacuation orders but not everyone is leaving. >> the caldor fire has now done something only the dixie fire has done. i will explain. >> coming up, a three-year-old american citizen from north and california trapped in afghanistan. sandhya: winds have changed, bringing better air and cooler weather, keeping the fire danger elevated in the sierra. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> this fire has proven to be very unpredictable. ama: a nightmare situation in lake tahoe. the caldor fire rapidly spreading towards neighborhoods. firefighters worn conditions will be the worst they have seen yes -- yet. tens of thousands under evacuation orders including all of south lake tahoe. >> i have two houses -- i hope we don't lose everything.
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ama: it is an all hands on deck to save homes and livelihoods in the path in the -- of an inferno. thank you for joining us. dan: with the fire growing and forcing more evacuations, the state of emergency has expended tonight. governor newsom added alpine, amador, and placer counties. he declared one for el dorado two weeks ago. ama: the fire burned more than 290 square miles. containment has edged up slightly to 15%. it dropped earlier in the day. dan: we have team coverage of the wildfire advancement toward south lake tahoe. we begin with stephanie sierra who spoke with crews on the ground. stephanie: we are along highway 50 less than a mile south from myers. wind picking up tonight. you can see trees going up in flames behind us as conditions deteriorate. crews on the ground tell us this will be the worst not yet. the caldor fire picking up speed.
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flames fierce as they fly down highway 50. thick, black smoke pummeling all the way to south lake tahoe. >> so far, it is not ideal. stephanie: tourists, the only people left, as the entire city and casinos cleared out. >> we will be leaving first thing in the morning. stephanie: hours earlier, this scene of traffic backed up for miles along highway 50 as tens of thousands of residents tried to evacuate. >> hopefully, there will be a home to come back to. stephanie: jeff bender in denial. living through the angora fire, he knows all too well the fear of losing everything. >> if there's ever a fire, it is going to be bad. sure enough, it is not good. stephanie: the flames even more ferocious, ripping down highway 50. do you expect tonight to be the worst? >> they mentioned tonight would be one of the hardest fights. the winds will increase so we will probably see more in --
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more extreme growth. stephanie: whipping winds continue moving the flames northeast. leaving hand crews hard at work in myers where flames ripped alongside highway 50 overnight, charring miles of land along the famous ski resort. the iconic ski resort is still standing. the ski lifts behind me are shrouded in smoke. crews watering down the charred grounds. only a maintenance building burned to the ground. the resort's main ski strip still intact but homes across the street not as lucky. only chimneys left behind. business owners praying that will not be him, bracing to leave his life's work. >> we will have to leave probably $300,000 of product behind and hope it does not burn. stephanie: the sky turning blood orange as the flames ripped through this stretch of highway 50. crews tell us this area will be the priority as winds continue shifting the fire northeast.
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stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. dan: take a look at this map. it gives you a clear picture of how widespread the evacuation orders are. the area highlighted in red under a mandatory order. the yellow area indicates an evacuation warning. it is advisable to leave. the entire city of south lake tahoe -- south lake tahoe an area south and west are part of the evacuation orders. ama: this camera shows evacuate -- evacuees leaving highway 50. we spoke with some who are heating the warning, while others are refusing to go. >> police and south lake tahoe telling neighbors to leave as the caldor fire moves closer, officers were going door-to-door. >> we are doing evacuation warnings. >> the mandatory evacuation creating epic traffic jams and all roads leading out. >> just trying to get out and safe. >> we just cleared the property
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of propane and gasoline powered tools. >> he evacuated his vacation house at camp richardson. the house been in the family since the 1940's. >> hopefully the fire never gets to us. it has nowhere else to go. it has to stay and burn. reporter: are you going to heed the evacuation order and leave? >> we are going to wait and see. reporter: one long tone -- long-term tahoe resident says he's not going. he says that the flames get close, he will be ready to leave. >> this is a big fire for lake tahoe basin. reporter: south lake tahoe residents praying firefighters will keep the beloved community safe. >> we live for tourists to it and if it is burned down -- ama: that is so scary.
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sandhya patel has a look at the high fire weather conditions crews are facing. sandhya: there's a red flag warning in effect until wednesday night. i want to show you alive picture from tahoe where ash is falling right now. winds really blowing that smoke and the fire, red flag warning until 11 p.m. wednesday night. winds and low will make things worse. winds gusting at 30 miles per hour. they have ramped up and it will push the fire towards south lake tahoe. it does not look good. as you take a look at a different perspective, it is just a matter of time before it reaches the lake tahoe basin. winds gusts expected to ramp up again from the southwest at 31 miles per hour. radar already picking up that fire. as we show you the visible satellite from earlier today, just look at the plumes of smoke from the multiple fires burning in california, including the caldor fire. i will be back with a full look at the local forecast. dan: our team coverage tonight
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continues with abc 7 news reporter j.r. stone who is here to ask clay my experts say the caldor fire is showing some really strange and rare behavior. j.r.: this is a map of the fire behind me. you can see all of it is a concern, but we talk about those evacuations near south lake tahoe and really where the arrows are pointed right there, that a some of the main concern. yes, it is getting close to south lake tahoe and certainly into the tahoe basin. >> the caldor fire is quite unique historically because it is burning from the entire elevation of the sierra nevada and over into the tahoe basin. j.r.: thousands of acres burning at all elevations in the caldor fire near south lake tahoe. something that has only been seen in one other fire and thoughts echoed by calfire and craig clements of the fire weather research lab at san jose state university. >> we've had two fires this year
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that have done that, the dixie and caldor fire. >> we haven't had fires burn from one side of the sierras to the other. two times in our history and they both happen this month. so, we need to be really cognizant that there is fire activity happening in california that we have never seen before. j.r.: clements says he's not surprised over the evacuations and south lake tahoe, saying the scientific community is well aware of the fire risk there. >> what is unique is that the risk right now is from a fire that started so far on the others of the sierra nevada. j.r.: in the caldor and dixie fires, even the high elevations with less trees and shrubs were not enough to stop the spread. something likely due to the low snowpack this past year and extremely dry conditions. >> and what is forecast for the next couple of days, we will have a red flag warning and stronger southwest winds.
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this could easily push embers farther distances into the tahoe basin which can be very problematic for firefighters. j.r.: craig clements says his lab is updating the state twice a day with a fire forecast for this caldor fire and the dixie fire. that comes from the 48 hour computer simulations that are changing as the weather changes. j.r. stone, abc 7 news. dan: raging wildfires in the state have led the u.s. forest service to temporarily close all national forests in california. these closures begin tomorrow at 11:59 p.m. through at least september 17. the agency says the intent is to better provide public and firefighter safety. people caught violating the closure can face a possible $5,000 fine, so they are not messing around. you can get live updates on all major wildfires in california with our exclusive tracker. you can find the interactive map of honor -- on our website.
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ama: a plea tonight from a mother in san francisco. she shares her tremendous loss that she blames on covid. what she wants families to know. >> it is sad, angering, disappointing. dan: he is talking about a three-year-old boy born in northern california now trapped in afghanistan. the fight to get him back to the u.s. in a store you will see only on abc 7 news. ama: the storms has passed [music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music.
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through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant...all covered with blossoms.
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dan: after 20 years of occupation, america's war in afghanistan is over. the pentagon released this photo of the last soldier to board the last flight out. more than 2400 troops were killed in combat in afghanistan, including the 13 who died during a suicide bombing last week outside kabul airport. u.s. forces say all military members have been evacuated. the same cannot be said for afghan interpreters and others who helped in the last two decades. >> there's a lot of heartbreak associated with this departure. we did not get everybody out that we wanted to get out. dan: this is how the taliban marked the end of u.s. occupation in afghanistan, by launching volleys of celebratory gunfire into the air. ama: the number of americans remaining in afghanistan is estimated to be fewer than 200. one is a young boy or near sacramento. dan noyes tells us what lies ahead for the child and his
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family. dan n.: this three-year-ol t was born near sacramento. he is a u.s. citizen and going through a harrowing overview right now, unable to escape afghanistan where hiding his identity with his father and other family members who are all u.s. permanent residence for fear of being captured. >> we received a call sunday morning at about 6 a.m. from a friend of mine who's in active duty marine corps officer overseas. he basically felt like his hands were tied and needed help getting his family out. dan n.: james brown is a veterans advocate who has been working to get the family a safe passage to the states. he contacted representative jackie spear and her staff. >> they have made numerous phone calls to the white house, the secretary of defense and secretary of state's office. dan n.: he wrote a letter to whom it may concern, i believe it is of concern that these and that's individuals be allowed to
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pass through the gate. the boy, his father and several other family members approached the airport but the taliban attacked. >> they were stopped by a taliban checkpoint and they received physical beatings at the gate and they were pushed back. dan n.: i spent today funneling questions through our abc news colleagues in washington to officials at the white house and state department. secretary of state antony blinken announced the u.s. embassy will remain closed and diplomats will be moved to qatar. >> we will continue or relet less efforts to help americans -- our relentless efforts to help americans and foreign nationals leave afghanistan if they choose. dan n.: movement on this and many fronts, including congresswoman jackie spear and her staff. i scheduled an interview with her tomorrow. late tonight, the boy and family are on the move after linking with other americans who are desperate to flee afghanistan. without the normal channels of the u.s. government and the chaos that was left behind.
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dan noyes, abc 7 news. dan: moving on now. abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area includes focusing on health and the fight against covid. the number of cases in children is soaring in the united states with nearly 240,000 reported in the week. at least six people on a container ship and san francisco bay have tested positive, according to the fire department. for the first time in about a month, california's positivity rate is under 5%. it is at 4.7%. in the meantime, an unvaccinated mother in san francisco was eight months pregnant when she says she lost her unborn baby after getting covid. now, the need help. abc 7 vaccine team member kate larsen spoke with the family about their regrets. kate: nancy should be soothing her newborn's cries but instead she's wiping her own tears and planning a funeral. >> to leave your baby at the hospital, it is very sad. kate: last week, she arrived at
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san francisco general hospital and found out her baby girl was gone. two days later at eight months pregnant, she gave birth to her stillborn daughter. >> the truth is i feel guilty about what happened. kate: nancy's husband got sick with covid at the beginning of august. he ended up in the hospital but thought his initial symptoms were side effects from his first dose of the covid vaccine, so he went home to his wife and three-year-old son who both got very sick. >> if i could go back in time, i would have gotten vaccinated sooner. kate: like 75% of pregnant women in the u.s., nancy was unvaccinated. after she lost the baby, she got her first shot. was the baby healthy before you got covid? >> yes, my baby was extremely healthy. i went to all the prenatal appointments. kate: in order to determine the baby's cause of death, an autopsy would be needed, but nancy feels like it worse -- was
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her covid infection. >> everything was fine until i got a fever, cough and chills. to the mothers who are not vaccinated, get the vaccine. kate: mario still has covid symptoms and was unable to work at his restaurant job all month. they organized a gofundme to pay for their daughter's burial. kate larsen, abc 7 news. ama: we turn to developing news and the impact of hurricane ida. a day of endless water rescues across louisiana. the category 4 hurricane inundated coastal communities with floodwaters. at least one death has been blamed. louisiana's governor expects the death toll to rise. water damage reported along the french quarter in new orleans. dan: just ferocious. ama: let's get to sandhya patel for the latest weather situation. sandhya: that tropical depression ida falling apart
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from the category form -- category 4 storm when it made landfall, but it is still dumping heavy rain across parts of the gulf coast states. it is expected to continue into the ohio valley, the tennessee valley area. weakening further, but flooding is still a big threat with that system. in the bay area, it is a quiet pattern. vera -- area of low pressure will continue to drop the temperatures. we do have a cooler pattern setting up. a live look from the east bay hills camera and visibility is fine. cooler weather will be noticeable. napa down 13 degrees from 88 today. it will be a lot cooler in fairfield. 10 degrees cooler in concord, from 95 to 85 degrees. air quality along south lake tahoe is in the moderate range. we are expecting better air quality in the bay area. already seeing it san francisco and santa cruz. as the on short -- the onshore winds causing problems with the red flag warning in the sierra nevada.
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we will see better air quality in the bay area, but right around the fire zones, it is going to be still fixed spoke due to the fires burning -- thick smoke due to the fires burning. you are looking at good air quality for wednesday, thursday and friday. if you have been waiting to be able to breathe better, easier, it is coming. just a few patches of fog as you look at those temperatures. anywhere from the 50's to the 70's. water temperature, 60 degrees right now. temperatures in the morning will be in the 50's and 60's. a few patches of fog along the coastline into the afternoon hours. a noticeably cooler day. 63 in half moon bay. 82 in santa rosa. mid 70's from vallejo to napa. 80 in san jose. antioch, 87 degrees. breezy and cooler tomorrow. cool for the start of september.
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temperatures only in the low 80's. that trend carries over into thursday before it starts to warm up a bit. as we headed to the holiday weekend, we are talking about mid to upper 90's inland. mid to upper 60's along the coast. dan
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dan: breaking news just coming in with a caldor fire where evacuation orders are expanding tonight. residents across the state line in nevada are being put on notice. the fire has entered the tahoe basin and burning above christmas valley and nearing myers. it is several lies -- miles from south lake tahoe but asked was falling at the lake tonight. ♪ ama: that is mell mell mell mell violin on highway 50 while evacuating. after waiting in his car for a while, he decided to get out his
1:33 am
fiddle and entertain his fellow evacuees. >> i am really working on my bowing technique right now. i hate wasting the time just sitting in the car. ♪ ama: like many tahoe hopes he will soon be able to return home and spend the rest of the summer on the lake. dan: let's hope so. larry beil is here with all the sports. larry: the giants hampered by illness and covid opening a clash of division leaders. the niners to quarterback system on hold for a bit.
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>> sports on abc 7 is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. larry: giants open a four-game series with milwaukee. battle of division leaders but the giants with illness issues. johnny cueto scratched. alex wood has covid. these kids were all sugared up. bullpen game for the giants.
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corbin burnes snacks and rbis single off of jose alvarez. burnes went to st. mary's college, feeling very much at home. he gets buster posey. six scoreless, struck out nine. the giants score in the seventh. brandon crawford, rbis single scoring brandon belt. they threatened in the ninth, tying run at the plate. josh hader get austin slater to end it. the giants fall. their lead over l.a. is 1.5 we will see if the 49ers really is a two-quarterback season when the season begins but jimmy garoppolo will get all the first-team reps because trey lance is hurt. he injured his finger in the preseason game against the raiders. lance stayed in but the rookie has a small chip fracture so he cannot take snaps or play for a week. he should be ok for the regular season opener at detroit. here is lance on the injury. >> i don't honestly remember
1:37 am
what play it happened on, but i think i jammed it on a helmet or something. no, i am not worried about it. see how it feels for -- feels tomorrow. yeah, not too worried about it. larry: naomi osaka rocking a jersey. returning after skipping two majors for mental health reasons. great point at the net for the winner. the three seat and defending champ at the open in new york and she opens with a 6-4, 6-1 win. naomi is back. abc 7 sports sponsored by your
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