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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  August 31, 2021 1:41am-2:01am PDT

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take a look at this. we are back with a freight train slamming into a semi-truck that was hauling a wind turbine blade. this happened near austin, texas. police say there were no injuries reported. the accident also damaged a building, three unoccupied vehicles and a crossing signal. >> wow. in california the state's wildfires have forced the closure of all the state's national forests into mid-september. >> mean time, the massive caldor fire was swelled to more than 177,000 acres forcing thousands to scramble to safer ground. here is abc's megan ter vazian.
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>> reporter: the caldor fire intensifying forcing people to evacuate, locals call it a nightmare scenario. >> we have 652 structures that have been destroyed, 39 structures damaged with over 18,000 structures threatened around the incident. >> reporter: the fire the worst in the area in at least 100 years. now making its way to the christmas valley area of south lake tahoe, straddling the california/nevada border. >> this is an evacuation notice, please prepare to evacuate. >> we are doing an evacuation notice. >> reporter: law enforcement going door to door, waking people in the middle of the night. >> this is crazy. i'm just -- it's just scary. this is my home, you know. >> reporter: the flames jumping highway 50 as thousands of people rushed to get out, many stuck in bumper to bumper traffic. abc's kena whitworth is in south lake tahoe. >> this fire is roaring right now, essentially we're surrounded by flames, burning at the top of this cliff and you
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can see the trees ignited over here and the wind is sending embers down the mountain igniting new spot fires. >> reporter: the caldor fire getting eerily close to the famous sierra at tahoe ski resort. more than 170,000 acres have burned so far, more than 3,600 firefighters are battling the blaze and a red flag warning is in effect again through today. >> 17 fires are burning here in california due to the extreme drought and heavy winds. the governor has now expanded his emergency declaration. >> megan, thank you. coming up, the lights are about to shine once again on broadway after a pandemic because of 17 months what some of the biggest stars of the stage are telling us that we can expect when those curtains finally go back up. later what an idaho man just did with 133 thumbtacks, that's later in "the mix."
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♪ ♪ ♪ and we are t minus two days away from jump starting the beating heart of new yor city. >> broadway is coming back, who better to usher in its triumphant return than miss piggy. will ganss was granted an audience. >> reporter: a year and a half since the lights went down on broadway and the biggest stars are ready to get the show back on the road. >> okay, you can go now. >> bye. >> bye-bye. >> maybe. >> reporter: i've been star struck several times tonight, i'm star struck right now, obviously darren, miss piggy. have you been star struck at all tonight? there are a lot of big names here. >> you can tell them the truth. >> well, yes, i've been in my
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dressing room the whole night and it's just been, you know -- one interruption after the next. >> reporter: darren criss and the brightest stars of the stage getting together for elsie fest. >> tonight for me is about joy, joy, joy, and broadway goodness. i want to see people's energy, i want to see people dancing and having a good time because we all need it, especially after what we just went through. >> reporter: tony nominee adrian warren blowing the roof off of brooklyn. ♪ >> reporter: before returning to broadway as tina turner. >> to have the moment to come back and be there with my cast, be there with our entire crew, i can't wait to see everybody, our ushers, wait to see everybody. >> reporter: the ushers got the shout out, too. >> yeah. >> reporter: my heart is like -- this shirt is drenched, i'm so nervous. >> reporter: which is honestly for the rest of us hard to believe. i mean, you are a bona fide tried and true like --
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>> star. >> star. >> reporter: beetlejuice himself alex brightman thrilled to be back on stage into this should be a selfish night for everybody, they should enjoy that theater is coming back, we should treat this as what it is which is a boat load of full and we should all have a really good time and i'm saying that to remind myself. >> reporter: musical theater fans with proof of vaccination ready to sing together for the first time in 18 months. ♪ >> reporter: grammy winner kirsten maldonado. >> it is is special, i haven't done a live performance in two years so that is pretty crazy given the amount of touring we were doing, but to be here by myself and doing musical theater with so many amazing people as well it's awesome, it was very exciting, i was very nervous. >> i mean, i feel like there are a lot of muscles that haven't been flexed. >> first of all, everyone here had to be vaccinated so get vaccinated, otherwise we can't do what we do, right? we can't do what we do in the arts. it's so important.
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and so i just -- i don't know, i just hope that people like fall in love, too, with some of the new artists tonight. abigail and emily. >> creativity always finds its way to the top and, again, we get to celebrate a small pies of that with the "bridgerton" musical that blew up on tiktok. >> reporter: and if broadway coming back isn't exciting enough the one and only miss piggy has something else to share. >> muppets haunted mansion. >> around the fall, the spooky times of the year and it's the muppets first -- >> first halloween special. >> first halloween special. >> yep. >> so we got to be part of that. we sang a little song tonight from that show and you sounded marvelous, no surprises. >> thank you. >> reporter: miss piggy, darren criss and the haunted mansion slated to hit this autumn. 35 shows expected to open by the end of this year. >> have you seen a broadway play
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before? >> me? no, i hate broadway. >> i was like it looked like a broadway audition. >> dream assignment there. >> every time we looked you were dancing and singing.
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by our licensed hearing professionals. and if you're an active or retired federal employee you can now get eargo at no cost to you. ♪ did someone say free? it's time now for "the mix." we are starting with 100 free bottles of wine. >> a province in switzerland is rewarding its longest living residents by offering them 100 bottles of wine once they reach the age of 100. preparation right side currently under way to reward the area's latest recipient, a woman named marie antoinette with a bouquet of flowers and enough wine to tok her cellular when she hits the triple digits on november 5th. >> the program offers a charitable donation or voucher for use at a local wine merchant or draftsman. for residents who decline the offer, but most of the 100 year
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olds have been opting for the wine. >> anytime she sees someone under 99 she will say let them drink wine. next to a bridesmaid who turned out to be a total pig. >> our pandemic pause has forced couples to get creative with their weddings, glen and hannah divine were no exception. >> the couple decided to keep their wedding as small as possible so they invited one guest, a default braids made who happens to be their pet pig. guess what the name is. >> it's got to be babe, right? >> it's babe. >> of course. of course. the divine's say babe did such a good job that she stole the show. the couple later celebrated with their human family members in the netherlands. all right. i've seen like dogs as ring bearers, but pigs? okay. next to a man from idaho who is truly the sharpest tack in the box. >> david rush has pinned himself a brand-new guinness world record title by moving 133
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thumbacks from one corkboard to another in one minute. >> #world -- records -- wedidn't -- evenknowexisted. he has broken more than 200 world records to promote stem education. he was able to use both hands but could only move one tack at a time. >> he beat the previously record of 83 set by a man from germany. >> finally to an overload of cuteness. >> the tsa who is unveiled this year's winner of the title cutest k-9 security dog with the award going to elena the four-year-old golden retriever. >> she works at the las vegas airport. she is trained to detect explosives. >> as part of his big win she will appear as the cover girl on the 2022 tsa k-9 calendar which i'm told is a thing. >> yes. never mind. >> what else will be in there?
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other k-9s, i suppose. >> i was going to say it's
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♪ the barnes firm injury attorneys ♪ with kelly and ryan. today, movie man, mark wahlberg and the host of "the dating game," zooey deschanel. plus from the flick "f9," tyrese gibson, and we'll check out all the hottest new toys. all next, on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [cheering] hello, good morning. you're going to get sick. you're going to throw up your brain. i just i just spun in a circle. yeah. i didn't find a, didn't find a point to focus on. happy monday, august 30th. good morning, everybody. nice to see you, kelly. morning. wow. the room is really spinning. yeah, long weekend. no, you just have to find it point to, you have to find a point to spin.


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