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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 31, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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♪ >> our community is threatened and i never thought that that was possible. >> south lake tahoe at the caldor fire rages on, evacuation orders for nevada. >> demanding saver classrooms, teachers and students holding a rally in san francisco. >> governor gavin newsom making a plea for more californians at to get vaccinated. >> now from abc 7, live breaking news. ama: thank you for joining us tonight. >> new evacuation orders for the caldor fire in the last few minutes, parts of upper kings berry, lower kings very like the -- village, lower oliver's
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entity downhill region. the stateline casinos are not included in the evacuation order yet. the fire is pushing to the northeast driven by high winds. all evacuation orders in south lake tahoe are in risk. -- at risk, the fire is it 16% contained in spreading. life coverage with wayne freedman live in myers. >> good evening, i talked about the potential of this fire and what they think it might do in the winds you were talking about our all around us, maybe as high as already miles an hour in the canyon behind it. it's not like a while of flames, it is -- wall of flames, it is like a prize fight. it is doing little jobs, trying to go for a knockout punch. firefighters want the counterpunch. >> we are putting a lot of them
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possess on not losing homes but we can't guarantee anything. >> the place they call christmas valley about six miles from lake tahoe, today flames on highway 50 on one side and toward highway 89 on the other. the larger fire easy here spawned countless other ones and each demanded a response. this group from the lake valley fire district fought in its own backyards dutch yard as embers landed interrupted, a cycle that led to more fires if you hundred miles away, more like a series of skirmishes and a much larger war. if this was left alone, what would happen? >> it will keep burning. >> there is no way right now to communicate with christmas valley, they are in a radio luck, no internet in, no internet out, we can't hear the radios, we don't have ella funk mitigation. but i did speak with a fire official -- telephone communication. but i did speak with a fire
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official, he said no homes have burned but they are worried about the 40 mile an hour winds and should the spot fire land in the wrong place, all bets are off. dan: you were around firend firr all day, what was it like watching the flames develop? >> it is a matter of you have to do this for a while. you -- a matter of anticipation. looking at where the flames are, where the wind is blowing, how fast the smoke is blowing and you might see a flareup and it might slowly, but you see where the flareup is going. it might be a treat, a house, if you wait patiently enough, that item is going to go and the fire moves on. but it's all like a disaster, that is the best option. dan: thank you. ama: we continue with dustin dorsey, he has more from calfire
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and the mayor of south lake tahoe. >> a view from above the fir fir tells devastating story, calfire has mostly made progress but it continues to push along highways 50 and 89. wind depth embers and created spot fires one mile past the fire line, leaving south lake tahoe at risk. >> the fire was spotted well over the 89, well into the tahoe basin. >> homes are threatened, our community is threatened and i never thought that was possible. >> these are some of the views from overnight, crews desperately working to save structures as the fire rages on. many homes were not as lucky. in their briefing tuesday morning, kyle fire says structure defense is a priority as it pushes into tahoe. >> all night long we are doing structure prep and defense and a lot of this area down the 50 toward the 89. that continues to be our
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priority because we have so many structures to watch out for. >> the residence of south lake tahoe worked their way out of town when evacuation orders went into effect. the mayor says the city was evacuated in five hours. car lines like this are a common site into a normal labor day weekend but this year is not normal, empty streets, a fire rages on and hope it ends with a city still standing. >> people's lives are more important than worrying about tourism right now. we are trying to see what happens with the structures and businesses in our community and our homes. >> dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. ama: coverage continues with our meteorologist, they are worried about wind. >> that warning does continue, want to take you into the christmas valley area, this is where firefighters are most concerned at this hour.
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winds from the southwest to the northeast have pushed the fire on the eastern side of myers and christmas valley on the hills and ridge tops, another perspective, there is south lake tahoe on your screen, lake tahoe airport, an area they are focusing on is on the hills above myers with a do have spot fires at this hour. and calfire is working on pioneer trail to keep the fire in the hills and along the ridge top and stop it from getting into the basin and structures, part of their structure defense. we are keeping this here, winds pushing in that direction. a red flag warning, west southwest winds gusting 35 miles per hour and that red flag warning has been extended until 11 p.m. tomorrow when -- 11 p.m. tomorrow night. dan: at an event today in oakland governor newsom says he will visit the caldor fire tomorrow. >> it is the number one priority
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in the state, putting everything we have got on it, you will seek d.c. tends to ignore fan landed from nearby airbases, putting down that red retardant. dan: more than 14,000 firefighters are battling the large active wildfires currently burning in the state, they are there -- throwing anything they can edit. get live updates on those fires with our exclusive tracker. you will find the interactive map with our full wildfire coverage including evacuations on our website. ama: happening now, san francisco educators and family rallying city hall to demand safer conditions in classrooms. our senior education reporter joins us with the details. leanne? >> the teachers union meeting this rally this afternoon but also with the support of parents and school board members. they want three things, one
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purifiers, air purifiers and every classroom, testing once a week, and they also want kids to try not to wear this and instead give them more protection against covid and the smoke. lyanne: it is a catch-22 situation. >> we have air quality issues, some teachers have asked coming in when we have bad air quality days. lyanne: but closing the windows reduces ventilation needed to protect against covid. last week not enough schools had air purifiers. during a town hall on abc 7, the district's cheap facilities chief facilities officer said help was on the way. >> parents can expect to see more news on the district over the next weeks as we both iron out funding and timing and deployment. lyanne: the funding was approved by the school board, $2.9
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million to buy air purifiers for every classroom. >> in two weeks we can begin this deployment and right now it is getting that planning ready and making sure that when we do get access to the supplies and start sharing them with our schools, the ones who need it most get it first. lyanne: some older buildings also need to be upgraded to meet electrical demands of having air purifiers working. the teachers union is also requesting that everyone be given a kid 95 mask which offers dual -- a k offers dual production. >> it will improve the air in addition to protecting from covid. lyanne: some parents also want weekly covid testing. >> we don't know we have it unless we get tested. >> testing is going to stop us
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from having a large-scale event. lyanne: back live at city hall at this rally, and the reason it is being held here at city hall and not at the school district is because they want a collaboration between the teachers union, city hall, the health department, parents, they want the school board members involved in that is what they want. they also know they have received millions of dollars of funding but they want more, they want more money, more funding and they know soon the city of san francisco at the state of california resources. ama: what if these requests are not met? then what? lyanne: this is not a situation where we will walk out if our demands or requests are not met. it's not that situation.
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again, it is a collaboration and they are looking for the support of everyone involved education. if you ask anyone, will say they want the safety of our children, but it it's going to take money as indicated and it's going to take time. this is not going to happen overnight and again they need everyone to be on board. ama: thank you so much. dan: governor newsom pushes for more vaccinations, efforts to increase them in one oakland community. ama:
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ama: santa cruz county sheriff's deputies searching for a suspect in the stabbing of a student at a high school. the incident happened on the football field around 2:20 this
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afternoon, the campus was locked down. they are calling it an isolated incident. dan: more than 101 thousand americans are hospitalized with covid. we are getting closer -- or that 101,000 americans are hospitalized with covid, closer to the peak from last year but the vaccination rate is double what it was in july. the u.s. is averaging 900,000 vaccinations per day, up 500,000 over a month ago. in california, more people are getting vaccinated but governor newsom says it is not enough and he was in the east bay today with another push. laura anthony was there. >> we still need to reach out to those that are on the fence. >> governor newsom says the caliph -- california may be among the leaders in the nation in vaccination rates but there is work to be done, especially in communities like oaklands fruitvale district. >> i want to encourage everyone who has not been vaccinated to
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avail themselves to these vaccines that are not only effective but the answer to how we get this pandemic once and for all behind us. >> at least 80% of the eligible vaccination -- population in california has received one dose. it is these efforts -- >> it is these community efforts that has led oakland to achieve 86% of our eligible population having received first vaccination. >> as much profit that's progress they have made here in fruitvale, this community lacks behind the rest of oakland when it comes to vaccination, 10% lower. >> in the beginning of the pandemic, the fruitvale in particular was hit so hard. our positivity rate was reaching 32%, which is extremely high. we are down 13% and it is still too high. >> maria told us she was hesitant to get the vaccine
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until recently but is now relieved she has received the second dose. and she will tell others. >> she said members and family members encouraged her and that is why she got her vaccine. >> we have a or .6% positivity rate, the seventh lowest in america, because we are leading with science. ama: the pilot program in san francisco will incentivize people not to commit crimes by paying them a stipend. as abc 7 news reported melanie woodrow explains, the program is not without controversy. >> the san francisco dream keeper fellowship is expected to launch in october and will pay at -- 10 at risk for violence participants $300 a month to act as public safety ambassadors. if they reach milestones they will be eligible for as much as $500 a month. the rector for the san francisco
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human rights commission -- director for the san francisco human rights commission, >> they are encouraged to dupe goalsetting for themselves, to think about how they can influence and impact communities to be better. >> davis says the program will be funded by taxpayer dollars, private funding and a federal grant. it was inspired by the office of neighborhood safety, a program developed by him. >> the office of neighborhood safety was created to interrupt, reduce, stop shootings. >> we have asked him to help think through how we build this out. >> the executive director for the national institute for criminal justice reform says operation peacemaker fellowship, a program of the richmond office of neighborhood safety, was massively successful. >> there was 70% reductions in shootings and homicides in richmond. >> but there was controversy. one member was later convicted
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of shooting and killing someone. >> you did not take their guns. you are giving them money to buy more guns. >> there is some thing to be learned from a program that we want to benefit from and we don't want to repeat. >> we need to do what we can as a society to turn people around and not always look at the negative. >> the notion of paying criminals not to shoot might be a sexy headline it is an inaccurate description of the intervention. >> the program will expand to as many as 30 participants. in san francisco, abc 7 news. dan: jury selection began today in the trial of theranos founder elizabeth holmes. she did not answer questions as she arrived to the courthouse in san jose today. the
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jurors because of not being vaccinated, they then dismissed some who alleged they were victims of domestic violence. the trial is expected to last 13 weeks. ama: homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time? do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods?
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dan: bart today fired up the first of what will be 40 newly installed escalators at its downtown san francisco stations. the escalators at the powell street stations at market and ella's streets are built to be more energy efficient, brighter with led lighting and built to withstand the elements. they are replacing 20 three st-level escalators and 18 lot form escalators as part of this project. it is -- platform escalators as part of the project and it will be finished in 2027. the weather. ama: the meteorologist with the
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latest. >> the winds are gusting of the reason we have a double-digit drop in temperatures inland, livermore down 18 degrees. but these onshore winds are causing problem's near the caldor fire. the red warning going until tomorrow at 11:00 p.m., possibly over 50 over the ridges, low humidity near the fire lines. the wind is still gusty, over 35 miles an hour. this afternoon they have seen 35 mile an hour wind and it is still smoky and hazy over tahoe, but when you look at air quality, some reports is showing good air quality, carson city poor for sensitive groups on the nevada side. in the bay area, moderate a quality but it's starting to improve around san francisco and
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santa cruz. we will start to show you a reversal in our current trend, as we head into tomorrow he will notice more haze into the north bay, parts of the east bay tomorrow afternoon, the worst of the air quality expected over the tahoe area northern california near those fires burning. a live look from our san jose camera, hazy outside, air quality good tomorrow, good to moderate thursday and friday. highlights, low fog and patchy drizzle, cooling continues tomorrow and heating up inland for labor day weekend. a few from our south beach camera, nice to see some blue skies over the bay. 61 in the city, and alive picture from the santa cruz camera where they are seeing those skies. live doppler 7 showing you fog but we will see that expanding toward tomorrow. in the morning, some drizzle
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near the coast and for the afternoon patchy fog coast side, the rest of you looking at sunshine and cooler than average. temperatures in the 50's, you will need a light jacket if you are heading to school, make sure your kids have an extra layer. a nice day, exceeds and 70's for most of you, affluent -- a few low 80's, another breezy day. hazy skies the next couple of days, cooling continues tomorrow, below average for this time of year and then temperatures begin to rise, we will bring you the heat for the holiday weekend with mid 90's inland, upper 60's but the coast remains comfortable. ama: thank you so much. a
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it is all on demand on the app downloaded today. dan: east palo alto kids and their families are enjoying a new place to play and exercise. ama: the 49ers with community and business partners held a ribbon-cutting opening a new fitness zone at joel davis park. it is packed with exercise and other equipment to help kids cooped up by the pandemic. >> this fitness zone feel feel fills that need and provides a safe space and a green space that young people can come out, be physically active and improve their health and fitness. dan: once the formalities ended the fun started as a several former niners like patrick willis, ricky waters and die mcintyre kids from the boys and girls club through their paces running drills and competitions. ama: so fun. dan: world news tonight is next. ama: thank you for joining us
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tonight, several major stories as we come on the air. president biden before the american people, saying the war in afghanistan is now over. saying, "i was not going to extend this forever war." and hurricane ida and the dangerous storms now after. still on the move. tonight, the deadly highway collapse and severe weather now headed right into the northeast. tonight, after that image, the last u.s. service member to leave kabul and the last c-17s to fly out, president biden late today saying, "i take responsibility for the decision." at times defiant against those criticizing the withdrawal, insisting, quote, it was time to end this war. the u.s. evacuating more than 120,000 people, including more than 5,500 americans. more than 100 americans still on the ground.


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