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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 1, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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threatened and another thought that was possible. >> south lake tahoe at risk. we are tracking the battle against the magnifier -- mega fire. >> like you're coming back on in louisiana this morning. the struggle for hundreds of thousands of dealing with the aftermath. >> it is wednesday, september 1. you are watching >> is the hottest month in san francisco. while the rest of the country is cooling, we are doing the opposite. we are going to start september with our coolest and cleanest air in the seven-day cycle.
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you can see more cloud cover this morning. now through 7:00 this morning will be 48-50 degrees. you can see the clouds full of heart, except for along the coast -- fall apart, except for along the coast. mainly 60's elsewhere to a few 70's i went -- 70's inland. 70's are about as warm as we get. 60's elsewhere as we head towards 4:00. we do have the heatwave coming. >> the caldor fire's south lake tahoe is growing. it is already burned more than 300 square miles. amy: this
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it has destroyed 491 homes. we have some new video from overnight. this is along highway 50 just west of southlake tahoe. the national guard is on the scene dealing with large flareups. that is a large one. firefighters are facing intense winds. they are expecting more of that today. a red flag warning is in effect until tonight. south lake tahoe has been evacuated before this important labor day weekend, important to that tourism industry. >> honestly, people's livesple'i much more important than worrying about tourism right now. we are trying to see what happens with the structures and businesses and our homes.
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>> new evacuation orders were put in place last night across the state life in nevada as the fire is east. calfire says the fire grew dramatically in the northeast and that is because of the wind and low humidity. it has burned more than 199,000 acres. be unpredictable and dangerous. now there is a new tactic to try to stop the spread. firefighters what to your it toward the burn scar of the neighboring tamarac fire. the national debt the national fire break and spare -- the national fire break could spare committees. >> -- could spare communities. >> you have a section near cook
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would -- kirkwood. the fire is staying north of highway 88 because south of highway 88, that is where the kirkwood resort is and that is where a lot of people live. certainly, active situation. the caldor fire fight is the swing as firefighters are doing what they can to protect home. >> the winds are not our friends. >> it has created an active crown fire situation. firefighters are trying to prevent most members and these flames from getting any closer to southlake tahoe and area look desolate on tuesday where a coyote could be seen wandering the streets. kirkwood is also a major area of concern. i last checked, the fire has yet to go south of highway 88.
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>> my wife is a red right now and i do not -- wreck right now and i do not blame her. >> more evacuation orders wenton into effect tuesday in douglas county, nevada. >> they want us to go to reno. i understand they have to do things, but this makes no sense. west these flames have not been seen in this before has -- these claims have not been seen in this part of the forest in 18 years. this appears to be four miles from their and seven miles from the state line. >> we will point out the area where the fire has destroyed the largest number of homes. it is grizzly flats. this fire is based on calfire data.
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the caldorthe caldorthe caldortr close to 500 homes. >> this was the real from the north and of lake tahoe last night. you can see the orange skies in the distance. there is no evacuation order for north lake tahoe. mike: the very critical and very dangerous until at least 11:00 this evening, we have the red flag warning. it could hit 35 miles per hour through some of the canyons. that is why you see the embers jumping up half a mile to three quarters of a mile. let's take a look at what is going on. look how cold it is. 38 in the valley. relatively calm conditions, but here is what happens as we head
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into the morning. the winds increase around 2:00 or 4:00. around 24-26 miles per hour. as we head for the evening hours, it hurts to taper and that means most critical conditions will leave us. there is still going to be dry air and fuel fires to continue to feast on. while the winds will calm down, the conditions will be desperate in those other two ways. jobina: governor newsom says he will be visiting the caldor fire again today. >> is the number one priority in the state. dc-10 will take off and land from a nearby airbase is. jobina: the only fire burning. there are 14,000 firefighters battling 15 large active
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wildfires across california. reggie: a volunteer firefighter is in the hospital with second and third degree burns on 20% of his body. this two-year-old son. he is expected to be in the hospital for at least a month. jobina: calfire maybe taking the lead nevada is helping out. >> we are using all of our resources, everything we have at our disposal ensure that the health safety of all of our resident protect structures, including homes and businesses and beautiful lake tahoe. jobina: nevada's governor declared a state of emergency. abc 7 news can help you take action by providing a list of resources and ways to help those affected by the caldor fire. you can find it on the homepage,
5:09 am reggie: at least seven people have died in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama. total destruction left behind by this powerful storm. the light started to come back on this morning but nearly a million customers are still without power across the state. much gas stations are out -- most gas stations are out of fuel. >> we are leaving today. there is no knowing when the lights are going to come back on. >> where are you going to go? what houston -- >> houston. reggie: same thing happened during hurricane katrina. the governor flew over st. john parish west of new orleans where over 800 people have been rescued. let's take a look at what is going on with the tropical
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storm. the winds are not an issue. it is moving up to the northeast, which is good because that means it has less time to create flooding conditions. there is still some possibility. west virginia, eastern kentucky, ohio, northern parts of north carolina and virginia all the way up into new england. that brain -- next green all of the flash flood warnings. it is still packing a punch. conditions could be a problem as far as trying to get there if you are traveling. here is a look at the air quality back at home. you will be ok today. thursday and friday will still be good. you can see a little bit of a change starting to develop as we start to get a little hotter. let's take a look. look how clean the air is up in
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the north. there maybe a little bit of haze. look what happens overnight for tomorrow morning. we will wake up with hazy, cloudy conditions. look at how much haze hangs around tomorrow into the evening hours. that is something we will keep an eye on. >> good morning, everyone. we have liked conditions out there on this wednesday morning. golden gate bridge looking good. san mateosan mateosan mateosan o drive from 880 across the causeway over towards 101. traffic is moving at the limit their. -- at the limit there.
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we will take a quick look -- they do have some roadwork on going but it looks to be pretty clear. we do have roadwork work on 242 in the concorde. . reggie: the robo taxi that could be driving you around. jobina: a chopper crushed off the coast of san diego, the overnight search-and-rescue. >> i'm going to fight for those 75 afghans. reggie: planning and escape, the
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california! all of our homes share power. but heat waves can stretch our supply to its limits. flex alerts remind us when to use less energy from 4-9pm. so we can all stay up and running.
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sign up today. jobina: five people are still missing after a u.s. navy helicopter crashed of the coast of san diego. certain rescue crews worked through the night to try to find the. the helicopter crashed into the ocean while it was doing routine flight operations around 4:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon. 60 more on board with people wt only one has been located.
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reggie: there were no apologies for the violent and chaotic evacuation from afghanistan. pres. biden: some say we should have started evacuations dinner. could this -- evacuation sooner. could this have been done in a more orderly manner? i respectfully disagree. reggie: he acknowledged up to 200 americans were left behind. president biden says the u.s. reached out 19 times in afghanistan with warnings and help to leave the country. the country is still committed to getting those citizens out. jobina: a couple in the north bay fighting to get their employees out of kabul. kate larsen spoke with the founders of other plant. >> -- founders
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>> i have never experienced such anxiety about the next moment. >> heidi and her husband just about the plane from istanbul, turkey, where they were filling out pieces for their afghan -- filling out visas for their afghan employees. heidi is the founder and ceo of of peace, which has helped replace 100,000 landmines in afghanistan when 6 million fruit trees. she and her husband scrambled to evacuate 75 at risk employees on buses, including a one-year-old girl. >> the desire of these people to reach the airport, it was chaos. >> none of them made it out. they are now working from their dining room table to save their people and the project.
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>> today marks the last day of the longest war and also coincides today with the death of diana. >> they hope to continue their work in afghanistan. the u.s. does not negotiate with terrorists. now they are trying to figure out how to organize their operation in taliban-run country. >> they invited us back. >> how do you feel about working with the taliban? >> it is on working with the enemy. >> gary and heidi have a plan to get their employees across the border to pakistan and eventually to california. reggie: there are many different ways you can help. for ideas, go to takeaction.
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jobina: the jury selection is expected to resume today in the trial of elizabeth holmes. she did not answer any questions as she arrived at federal work san jose yesterday morning. in the courtroom, the judge excused 10 potential jurors because they were not vaccinated. perspective jurors were excused if they had any connection to domestic abuse or violence. she may allege she was an abuse victim as she fights charges that claim she defrauded patients and investors. reggie: we are getting a look at the robo taxi lyft plans to start using. the suv hathe suv hathe suv hata and the ability to see up to 1000 feet away.
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this morning, i had one of those cars behind me and i was thinking, it happens all the time, but i caught myself thinking, there is an autonomous vehicle. i have to let this is normal and go about my day. jobina: i do like it is going to be normal. reggie: isn't it wild? mike: think back to those movies from the 1980's. reggie: i'm sure it will be fine. mike: what can go wrong? they are on the roads all the time. i pulled up to one at a red light is already. i guess they are mapping and moving on. [laughter] ng t wayt 57 degrees.
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september starts the coolest and cleanest day. it will be the coolest and cleanest day of the seven day forecast. a warming trend will start friday and that will make it very hot this morning just as weekend away from the coast. here is a look at satellite. we have a dry cold front that is trying to drive in some of that cooler air and produce sea breeze laden air that makes us feel comfortable. it will make the sky look pretty blue. look what it does to the southland. peninsula, 60's. 66, san mateo. 60-62 along the coast. 63-65 downtown.
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if you are going to the game tonight, 56-59. we have low to mid 60's along the coast into sausalito. 69, napa. along the east bay, 64. as you move inland, a few 80's out there. tonight, you can see the cloud cover, upper 40's to upper 50's. a little bit of drizzle possible. tomorrow, we warm a degree or two. we will try to get back to average friday or saturday. look at sunday and monday, the two hottest days of the forecast. jobina: the seven things to know this morning, coming up. reggie: move over, murder pardon. -- hornet.
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jobina: new video from overnight shows firefighters as they continue to just leave fight tg. this is a long highway 50. reggie: governor newsom is expected to visit the caldor fire area today. this fire is the state top priority. jobina: pfizer is testing an oral medication to treat covid-19 symptoms. reggie: starting today, all sonoma county emergency workers must be vaccinated for submit to weekly covid testing. county health officials extended the order four weeks ago. mike: if you want to touch -- if you want a touch of fall in the forecast, you've got it. >> we are following yourourouror
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wednesday morning commute at the bay bridge. things are flowing very nicely. jobina: san jose's christmas in the park returned this year with two options. the event -- tickets go on sale this morning for the drive-thru. reggie: there is a new pest threatening agricultural crops and trees. it is called the spotted lantern flight. -- fly. >> if you see them, >> officials worn these past are wreaking havoc on food crops and lawn furniture up and down the east coast. they were first were first weret pennsylvania in 2014. they feed off 70 types of plants
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and trees. they have cost hundreds oft hunf thousands of dollars worth of damage. >> in terms of wine value, it is debilitating. >> all coming up at 7:00. jobina: not everybody is squishing it. that was so gross. reggie: i did not expect that. jobina: a squish at 5:26 a.m. is not -- it is deleted. reggie: the northbay city defying the county with its new mask mandate. >> the latest from the public information officer.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: fighting the flames, creeping closer to south lead tahoe. efforts to battle the out-of-control caldor fire. we will look at what happened overnight. jobina: smoky skies over the lake, problems some are running into as they try to go to safety. reggie: the vaccination recommendation. good morning. welcome to wednesday, september 1. jobina: we will start with a check of the forecast. mike: good morning. thank you for coming along on this wednesday. we are seeing a nice onshore breeze and that will bring us some really nice weather today, very comfortable. unfortunately, it is the same reason loading for the sierra and tahoe and reading dangerous
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conditions -- creating dangerous conditions. we have a little bit of fog around nevada. it should move across across acs farther to the south. we will keep an eye on this. look what it does to theto temperatures. 48-58 now through about 7:00 with cloud cover. the clouds will hang at the coast. 60's for the rest of us at noon. jobina: breaking news from the caldor fire burning. he shows firefighters -- new video shows firefighters west of
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south lake tahoe. calfire's latest update as the fire has burned nearly 200,000 acres. it is 18% contained. three firefighters and two other people were hurt in the fire. >> good morning. firefighters have done an absolutely incredible job out here. we have more than 30,000 structures that are being run by this fire right now. one official said he never thought he would find himself in a place where south lake tahoe was being threatened. today is critical. overnight, firefighters battling out-of-control flames and desperate to keep the caldor fire from taking over south lake tahoe. officials working day and night to save the community.
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>> i did see some damage to structures. >> evacuation orders expanding into nevada as the limbless fire barrels for the dry terrain, burning 200,000 acres, just 18% contained. you can see the incredibly deep hillside -- steve hillside -- stevep hillside. the governor calling the caldor fire estate's number one priority. >> now we need to make sure the firefighters stay safe. at no time will you be in front of this thing because you are not going to stop it. >> this firefighter now recovering in the hospital after suffering from burns over 20% of his body. the air quality meter is reading
5:33 am
at the highest level possible, so these are hazardous communities. -- hazardous conditions. reggie: incredible. video shows the smoky skies over lake tahoe. this is from the lake tahoe visitors authority. we have more on the conditions and the evacuations in the resort city. amy: i just spoke to a calfire spoke was in and he says they can firefighters have saved south lake tahoe. they are not willing to say the fight is over. they are calling this fire very volatile. here is some video from overnight of this aggressive fire. this is a long highway 50 and the national guard is on the scene. firefighters are worried about
5:34 am
another windy day today. that could take an amber and carry it as far as a mile ahead of the fire and start another one. that is why southlake tahoe has been evacuated. the mayor of south lake tahoehoe agrees. >> homes are threatened in the community is threatened and i never thought that was possible. amy: the fire is moving eastward toward nevada. we have evacuation orders over the state line in douglas county. the nevada national guard has not been deployed. the red flag warning is in place until 11:00 tonight. jobina: thank you. some evacuees say they are having -- having a hard time finding a safe place to stay. some people say they were told
5:35 am
to go to hotels in reno because the center in gardnerville is full. what evacuees is a student from thailand. she said she paid $800 for a taxi ride to a reno hotel during the evacuation order. jobina: goodness. that woman took an uber back to the shelter yesterday. she was turned away and advised to go back to reno. we can help you take action by providing a list of resources and ways to help those affected by the caldor fire. you can find it on reggie: all sonoma county
5:36 am
emergency workers have to be evacuated or they will have to submit to weekly public testing. county health officials expanded the order last month. four weeks ago, 65-70% of the stock was already vaccinated. santa rosa police say 75-80% of their employees are vaccinated. jobina: one of the bay area's largest business groups taking unprecedented action. the council says it is necessary because of the delta. . >> a few members ask questions, why do we have to do this customer is that the proper role for the organization? they worry about potential legal hurdles. we feel like we are on pretty good ground. i think being over the top -- i think we are being rational. jobina: doordash, instacart,
5:37 am
among member companies. san jose state, san francisco state, and cal state east bay. reggie: vallejo became the latest city to defy solano county. it is requiring masks and doors regardless of vaccination -- indoors regardless of vaccination status. we have an entire vaccine team dedicated to getting you the latest information about covid and the vaccine. go to and click on the big blue box. jobina: the teachers union requests as they do with poor air quality and covert concerns. reggie: a local hotel offered to help evacuees. we will check in with mike. mike: you can see geithner trail, the road -- pioneer
5:38 am
trail, this is a natural break that has been created. they are trying to widen that a little bit and you can see how close the flames are getting. here is a look at what it would look like from the tahoe airport. the winds are funneling down into the valley right now and the air quality is pretty brutal. back here at home, home, home, to be green and yellow all the way through the next couple of days in the air quality is going to be dangerous all across tahoe, reno. you cannot escape it. here's a look at 6:00 this running and it is building up into red and purple. the purple gets even bigger as we head throughout the day. the fire will be enhanced
5:39 am
because of it. overnight, we are still in the red and the purple returns tomorrow. look what happens tomorrow night. there is a little bit of a wind shift and it starts backing across 88 and 50 and starts going back toward placerville and pollock pines. if the wind shift puts it in the central valley, it could make it back to our neighborhood. >> we have a couple of mass transit deals to make you aware of if you are getting back in action on part. -- bart. the whole month of september, you can get deals. ac transit will be offering free fridays. the solid stream of headlights s is 80, the east shore freeway
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heading from gilman street and the racetrack all the way across to berkeley and into the macarthur maze. you have a lot of company out there. clear sailing across the bay bridge into san francisco. this is kathy oakland coliseum. -- this is the oakland coliseum. roadwork is scheduled to be picked up later this morning on 242 through concorde. i'm not seeing any slow traffic that area now. majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm
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when less clean energy is available. because that's power down time. boost and cricket charge you more for unlimited 5g. metro doesn't. introducing the big 5g upgrade. just twenty-five bucks a month gets you unlimited 5g and a free 5g smartphone. that's half the price... ...for one line of unlimited 5g smartphone data a free samsung galaxy 5g when you switch and trade-in.
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all with the power of the t-mobile 5g network. rule your day with 5g. only at metro by t-mobile. reggie: the caldor fire burning closer to self lake tahoe, -- south lake tahoe. red flag warning is still in
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effect. joining us is the public information officer for the caldor fire. there were no structures burned overnight in south lake tahoe. you have a very long day ahead. captain -- captain castillo, are you there? we will try to get him back on the phone. evacuees who crossed the state line into nevada are considering moving farther east. some people are still taking -- staying at the hard rock. you can see how heavy the smoke is. the casino is exempt from evacuation orders. jobina: the hinder late union square hotel is offering evacuees a special discount and rate rooms. the hotel is charging $75 a night with working included.
5:44 am
there also discount at macy's. the owner got the idea for discount last year. >> is really disheartening and i thought, if i can do something that allows someone to possibly relax for a little bit, i have done my part. jobina: front desk staff will check for roof of residency. the special rate runs through november 2. do we have a fire season anymore? mike: it use to start this month and go through october, maybe november. no, the climate change, it can happen anytime of the year. we had red flag warning in january and february.
5:45 am
that was unprecedented until it happened a couple of years ago. that is what is so exhausting lately. we do not get a break from the fire danger. let's take a look at what is going on in san jose. 57 degrees. it is september 1, believe it or not. it will be the cleanest and coolest day of this seven day cycle. you will have the most cloud cover tonight. high-pressure will squash the marine layer and take away the clouds. that will allow a lot of sunshine. it will build to a crescendo over the holiday weekend. clouds will continue to increase as we head through the morning hours. watch out for a little bit of thought around the bottom -- a little bit of fog. look how quickly we see some sunshine and even at the coast, we are seeing patches of blue.
5:46 am
nice lunch hour. this will keep us pretty much sunny away from the coast. 71, sunnyvale. 75, san jose. 66, san bruno. low 60's along the coast with mid 60's downtown. same thing, north bay coast into sausalito. for the east bay, 64 at richmond. barely some 80's in the inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight, upper 40's to upper 50's. that will jumpstart a cooler than average day tomorrow. the warming begins friday. 70's, 80's, 90's away from the coast starting saturday and lasting through tuesday. jobina: texas has one of the
5:47 am
strictest abortion bands in the country. the controversial law to the effect at midnight after the u.s. supreme court failed to respond to an emergency appeal from texas abortion clinics. it prevents women from getting abortions past six weeks of presidency. it allows private citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman get an abortion. reggie: closed today and tomorrow after a 17-year-old student with killed in a stabbing on campus. the school was locked down as they search for a suspect. two students have been arrested. it is not clear what led up to the stabbing. jobina: san francisco teacher and families are pushing for safer air quality inside restaurant.
5:48 am
opening classroom windows can help ventilate the air and prevent the spread of covid-19. that is not possible when air quality is because of wildfires. only 775 classroom within the school district had air purifiers. that's averages out to fewer than seven or school. -- per school. the school district test the funding to buy more purifiers but it will be a couple of weeks for they are installed. >> in two weeks time, we can begin the deployment and it is getting the planning ready and making sure that what we do get access to this wise, we start sharing -- to the supplies, we start sharing them with our schools. jobina: the teachers union requesting that everyone be given anb
5:49 am
bart just fired up the first of more than 40 newly and salt escalators -- newly installed escalators. reggie: finally. jobina: how will you -- hallelujah. bart says the new built to be more energy-efficient, brighter with led lighting and tempered to withstand the elements. reggie: you can build a spotify playlist with your friends. the streaming service rolled out a feature called blend. it allows friends to discover how their musical taste overlap. after playlists are blended, personal list can be made. spotify will also make recommendations. i got served that this morning. i thought, should i do this with my brother?
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it will all be taylor swift. jobina: today. reggie: i need to get on that. i need to wean him off of you know who. jobina: we shall not name. reggie: a documentary on the nation's most recognizable dog. -- recognizable doc. jobina: health officials sort out what to do about booster shots. reggie:
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california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm,
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together, let's flex our power to save our power. sign up for flex alerts today. jobina: frustration is growing inside the fda as the push to
5:53 am
ramp up vaccinations continues. ks yoge than 12 and booster shots. u.s. health officials have said they want booster shots to be available to everyone darting the week of september. the fda has not given its authorization. there has been some frustration inside the agency about the white house stepping into the fda's lane and getting ahead of where the science is. >> we have been very clear throughout that this is pending fda conducting an independent evaluation and cdc's panel of outside experts issuing booster dose recommendations. jobina: two leaders have decided to step down. google is postponing it voluntary return to the office until january 10. the ceo made the announcement, adding the extension offers
5:54 am
workers more flexibility. last month, he said he was delaying office returns until october. reggie: ticket sale starts at 8:00 this year's christmas in the park drive-thru event in san jose. organizers to expect -- expect the tickets to sell out quickly. the drive-thru event last last t was so popular, they are bringing it back this year. it also returns with a tree lighting november 26. jobina: you can learn all about the world of dogs at the east bay spca in dublin. it is holding an interactive exhibit and today it is opening. it is called dogs more than pets. you should allow yourself 45-60 minutes to enjoy the entire exhibit. shelter ambassador dobbs will be there, too -- dogs will be
5:55 am
there, too. my allergies will be on 10, but i will be there. imated series from pixar streaming on disney plus. it follows the adventures of, the talking golden retriever the film up. ed asner died sunday at the age of 91. there are four episodes. did that take you all on an emotional roller coaster? reggie: did you realize he played the character in "up"? mike: quite a gentleman. a lot of people paying homage to him on social media.
5:56 am
he gave michael get him started. he will be dearly missed. you know what was duly missed in august? heat. most of these were were were wee average temperature for august until friday and saturday. oakland san francisco, san josee were little bit cooler than average but then they ended up a little warmer than average. tomorrow, we can see some 80's return to the inland east bay neighborhoods. just keeps getting warmer saturday. jobina: september is here and it is about time we crowned the true song of the summer. see if you can guess. reggie: right back to the progress of the caldor fire.
5:57 am
firefighters are trying to use a new tactic today. jobina: a covid-19 outbreak among calfire strike attention, california. new federal funding of $3 billion is available
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> the caldor fire as powerful as ever. new video showing the terrifying flames some described as 100
6:00 am
feet high. >> the erratic winds, the dry weather, it has just done stuff i never would have believed would've happened. >> hotspots popping up just a few miles from south lake tahoe. firefighters are telling us of a new strategy to steer it. >> starting today a whole host of savings. no matter what service you use for your commute. >> it was yesterday -- i'm always a day behind or a day early. >> that's all right. at least you took it. and a trendsetter. yes, mike. >> i also took a before the new escalators. good morning. you are watching abc seven mornings. let's check on that weather with mike. mike: all of that craziness is not the only thing to look forward to. how about some cleaner and cooler air?


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