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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 1, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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feet high. >> the erratic winds, the dry weather, it has just done stuff i never would have believed would've happened. >> hotspots popping up just a few miles from south lake tahoe. firefighters are telling us of a new strategy to steer it. >> starting today a whole host of savings. no matter what service you use for your commute. >> it was yesterday -- i'm always a day behind or a day early. >> that's all right. at least you took it. and a trendsetter. yes, mike. >> i also took a before the new escalators. good morning. you are watching abc seven mornings. let's check on that weather with mike. mike: all of that craziness is not the only thing to look forward to. how about some cleaner and cooler air?
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hi, everybody. we have a little bit of fog out there. there has been a quarter of a mile to a mile visibility. it is on the move. not necessarily up-and-down 101, but to the east across 37. could be an issue in napa as we head to the morning commute. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge, where we have a west wind at 18 miles per hour. look what it does to our temperatures. 59 to only 71 at noon. look at that, 60's at the coast. this is easily our coolest day of the week. it will feel nice outside. >> south lake tahoe is inching even closer this morning. it has already burned over 300 square miles with a fire path that has been the worst of all possibilities. check out this time lapse. this is on the top of ski
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valley. high wind's are urging the fire to the northeast. amy hollyfield is live in the newsroom with the latest on the flames from overnight. >> not there. calfire tells me they have not heard of any structures that have burned in south lake tahoe. it is still threatened. today will be critical. this fire is at 18% containment and it has destroyed 491 homes. we have new video from overnight. this is along highway 50 west of south lake tahoe. the national guard is right there on the scene, looking very small next to that big fire. dealing with large flareups and spot fires that arranging out-of-control overnight. firefighters faced intense winds yesterday. they are expecting more that today. hey red flag warning is in effect until 11:00 tonight where the caldor fire is burning.
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lake tahoe has been evacuated. this is right before the labor day weekend. the mayor says they are not thinking about the tourism money they are losing. >> honestly, people's lives are much more important than worrying about tourism right now. we are trying to see what happens with the structures and businesses in our community and homes. amy: the fire fire fire fire fie nevada. evacuation orders were put out across the state line in gardnerville. calfire says the fire grew dramatically in the northeast and eastern divisions. it has now burned more than 199 thousand acres and more than 4000 people are included in those new evacuations. they have now employed the
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nevada national guard to help fight this fire. that is moving eastward, so the big concern is the winds. he can take one ember, carry it a mile, and start another one. they are expecting a tough fight today. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the fire has proven to be unpredictable and dangerous, but there is a new tactic to try and stop the spread. firefighters want to steer it toward the burn scar of the tamarack fire, a natural fire break that may spare entire communities. officials say they have not seen flames in this part of the forest for more than 80 years. >> the winds are not our friend. >> evacuees who left south lake tahoe were told to leave again yesterday as more evacuation orders went into effect in douglas county. >> it is very tough. my wife is a wreck, and i don't blame her. >> i will just pull off the side
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of the highway. i understand they have to do things, but this makes no sense. near kirkwood is also a major concern. crews cap to the brush yesterday trying to prevent fire from spreading to the neighborhood. want to point out the area where fire has destroyed the largest number of homes. it is the grizzly flats. this map is based on calfire data. flames burned through the sierra foothills at a breakneck pace of about 1000 acres per hour. the caldor fire has destroyed close to 500 homes. >> this was the view from the north end of lake tahoe. it was beautiful and serene, looking out over the water, but look a little further there and you can see that hazy orange sky. there are no evacuation orders or warnings for north lake tahoe. we want to check in with mike nicco for a look at conditions there. mike: let's take a look at what's going on as far as the red flag warning and how long it is going to last.
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until 11:00 this evening. those embers have been shooting anywhere from a half mile, three quarters, to even a mile downwind and spreading the fire. here's a look at the current conditions. but you can see by 7:00 we are already up to 13. it starts to get more dangerous around 10:30. the most dangerous time will be around 4:00. that will last, those 20 mile-per-hour winds, through 6:30. they will back down during the overnight hours. we do have winds that are going to be erratic over the fire due to the terrain. you know fire can create its own weather. reggie? reggie: battling calif calif wildfires, calfire says a 16-member strike team has to quarantine after a covid-19
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outbreak. an incident commander told seven news the team is sideline for two weeks. a larger outbreak could create staffing issues. meantime, a volunteer firefighter is in the hospital with second third degree burns on 20% of his body. richard garrity's colleagues set up this gofundme page. it is to help his wife and two-year-old sun -- son. he is expected to be in the hospital for at least a month. >> abc 7 news can help you take action by providing resources. you can find it on the homepage of our website. that is abc 7 >> paid for your paper tickets. cold hard cash coming your way if you have any of those paper tickets. part of some big-time september savings on most bay area transit. >> maybe you prefer an uber or left?
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>> some really nice news as far as our air quality. it is going to be as clean as it gets today. it will moderate as temperatures rise thursday and friday, and we will watch saturday and sunday and see if those winds bring us some smoke through that hot air this weekend. for now we have green -- well, one yellow in oakland. i wish i could say for the same around tahoe. it is sensitive to unhealthy for those folks. there is a look at the near surface. notice we are in red or purple. we are in the two highest levels. the purple expands as we head into the evening hours. drop a little bit overnight,
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then tomorrow the purple expands, but as we head into the evening hours we will look at how the winds start to shift and write down 50 some very unhealthy air is heading that way. that is the wind shift i'm worried about. we will talk more about that coming up in the forecast. here is super. >> we are taking up to san rafael. it looks like the fog is starting to encroach on the southern part of the city. we look at the at the at rafael bridge, you can see a little bit of fog. it is not down on the deck. there is some eastbound, so heads up there. you may see a little bit of slow traffic. elsewhere, our real hotspot is 680 near automall.
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we had an over turnoff to the shoulder. the fire truck is blocking a lane of traffic. further to your north, southbound 680 near andretti. you are slow and go over t t t t snow great for most of your commute this hour. jobina? >> happening today, art starts offering 20% off fares for this september. if you are are are side's michael finney about how you can get a cash refund for your paper tickets. he says he got an envelope and sent in six paper tickets that he had accumulated. >> lo and behold, six weeks later a check came in from bart to me and i cashed the check. i got about $35 worth of money back from part. jobina: this is great.
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to get cash back your tickets have to be worth at least a dollar. if your paper tickets are worse than left -- worth in less than a buck, you can donate them. reggie: bart is not the agency with deals. the vta just brought back light rail service. that is going to be free through september 12. ac transit is offering fre offen rides every friday for this month, and the san francisco bay ferry already reduced fares in july. it will keep those prices for at least a year. jobina: very nice. coming up, jury selection day for the trial that has drawn national interest. the case of elizabeth holmes. already 10 potential jurors sent home for a single reason. reggie: plus, new details in this family's mysterious death.
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reggie: new developments following the death of a bay area family. forced officials have closed the nearby trails, citing safety concerns. investigators believe jonathan gerrish, his wife ellen, and their one-year-old daughter hiked most of the eight and a half mile trail in triple digit heat. there cause of death is still under investigation. officials are closing parts of nearby trails through september 26 on an unrelated note all california national forests are close right now because wildfire concerns. jobina: five people are missing this morning after a u.s. navy helicopter crashed off the coast of san diego. search and rescue crews worked through the night to try and find them. the navy says they helicopter crashed into the ocean while it was doing a routine flight
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operation around 4:30 yesterday afternoon. six people were on board, but only one has been located. the jury selection process is expected to resume today in the trial of elizabeth holmes. she did not answer any questions as she arrived at federal court in san jose yesterday afternoon. the judge excused 10 potential jurors from the pool of 200 because they were not vaccinated. prospective jurors were then excused if they had any connection to domestic abuse or violence. we have learned holmes may allege she was an abuse victim, as she fights charges that claims she defrauded investors. the trial is expected to last more than three months. reggie: we are getting a look at the robo taxi. this is the ionic five computer-driven car. hyundai and motional developed and. -- developed it.
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it has tit has tit has tit has t 1000 feet away. it is currently being tested in boston, las vegas, and pittsburgh. jobina: i'm ready for it. think about -- i don't know if you have ever seen this disney channel movie called xenon, but on there they had these video calls and it was so cool and just like, no way. you can't see someone on your phone. look at where we are. reggie: what you are saying is we should look back at old episodes of xenon? jobina: exactly. like this phrase that never caught on that was like xenus l opitus. reggie: say that slower. jobina: i need andrew, one of our producers, to convert this. it just means like, oh my gosh. mike, when you say i have donuts
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for everyone i can be like, xenus lopitus. one more time with me, reggie. reggie: xenus lopitus. mike: i'm taking a pass on that one. jobina: we are going to send it to you. [laughter] mike: hi. i'm mike nicco. i'm a meteorologist by trade. cleanest air and coolest highs, that is today. stays mild through at least friday, then we have a holiday, weekend heat wave. it's going to be tough to be outside in some areas, but of course the hottest temperatures will be inland. we will show you that in the seven-day. let's set the table for what's going to happen today. we have a cold front moving through and we are getting clipped, which is increasing the onshore breeze and the cooler conditions we are going to feel today. check this out, there is no 80's
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in the southbay. san jose, 75. we are a mix of mid-60's to mainly low 70's on the peninsula. the exception would be redwood city. about 71 in palo alto. mid 60's 60's 60's francisco. the brewers are in town and it is 59, so about a degree cooler than it was a last night's game. sausalito, 69 novato. a wide range of temperatures. richmond, hercules, oakland 70 0 to 72. barely some 80's holding on around antioch. mid to upper 70's in our east bay valleys. tonight temperatures in the upper 40's at our most widespread cloud deck during the overnight hours and our best
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chance of drizzle along the coast and to a lesser extent in the east bay hills. after that cloud cover tomorrow morning we will only warm about a degree or two. we try to get back to average friday and saturday, then we say forget that, let's keep getting warmer. sunday, into monday mid to upper 90's inland. still some nice 60's at the coast. reggie: thank you. good morning america coming up on seven -- right here. jobina: rob marciano is in new york with a look at what's ahead. >> good to be with you on this wednesday. rain coming down with remnants of hurricane ida posing a flatbread. plus, the news of the day, including president biden defending his decision to withdraw from afghanistan, ending our longest war. this morning, more on the presidents ballot to get remaining americans out if they want to leave. also, the race to escape the wildfires in california.
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now people in nevada have been ordered to leave their homes. firefighters battle another day of fierce winds. we are live in the danger zone. plus, the hour of sleep. the hours your brain needs to function. we are going to let you know what is the proper number for you. that, plus derek huff from dancing with the stars. hopefully he got a good night sleep. we are looking forward to the new season of dancing with the stars. reginald, i'm just waiting for them to tap your scales. -- your skills. we will see you guys on gma. jobina: yes. reggie: they are not ready for that, xenus lopitus. jobina: the world really needs to know about your skills. i have seen you dance, but have they seen you dance? reggie: that's what i'm saying. i'm ready.
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try my new spicy tiny tacos starting at $3.50. only at jack in the box. reggie: here is some good news. the heat escaped us in august after june and july being records. we were anywhere from less than a degree away from normal everywhere except for livermore. a lot of those areas just flipped to positive because of last friday and saturday. he is a look at tomorrow. you can see the 80's return. fairfield, antioch, they spread deeper into the north bay and southbay, and look at the 90's taking over saturday. reggie? reggie: dr. anthony fauci is the
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subject of a new documentary. found she looks at the life of the expert, including his work during the hiv epidemic. the movie pre pre jobina: just one week left in billboards song of the summer battle. there is one song that has held onto the number one spot every week. >> ♪ smooth like butter pull you in like no other ♪ [humming] jobina: butter by bts is is is s lead, followed by olivia rodriguez, and do a libra. the battle runs between memorial day and labor day. the rankings take into account a song's performance on the hot 100. reggie: it is dua for me.
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we do not need the name that shall not be mentioned. i do like that butter song. jobina: it is cute. i would say olivia is far third place, because that is a paramore song. reggie: i'm so tired of that song. i am on record as saying i didn't like it the first time i heard it. jobina: he is not new to this. reggie: it's not for me. more top stories. this morning, pfizer proposing a new way to treat covid-19. the idea and who it would be for. jobina: we are going to get back to the caldor fire emergency. a new update this morning to check on how close those flames are getting. reggie: a live look
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majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways...
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this is abc 7 news. reggie: right now the calfireute pressure on lake tahoe, pushing forward in ways firefighters have not seen in more than 80 years. >> it pretty tough, but but but californians and we are pretty tough. jobina: resiliency in the race to evacuate. you're hearing the stories of those fleeing into nevada. reggie: just to give you an idea of what things look like, the state line so many of us have visited, driven through enjoyed time in, turned dark. military vehicles guarding the roads. firefighters doing all the candidate to keep the fire away. in morning on this wednesday, september 1. you are watching abc seven mornings. you're going to start with the accu seven forecast with mike nicco. this red flag -- this red flag warning goes until tonight. mike: those critical fire
6:31 am
conditions that do lay down just a little bit at night are going to ramp up this afternoon. they will go away 11:00 this evening. those conditions are the low humidity and gusty winds. 20 to 35 through the valleys. the reason why the embers are hopping anywhere from a half mile to a mile downstream and why we are seeing this spread to the basin. back here at home we have this same breeze. it is bringing us a breezy condition. 32 at fairfield. it is drawing in more marine layer clouds and cool conditions. clouds are back to the coast but they do not completely dominate the coast. 70's will be more common inland. 60's around the bay at 4:00 this afternoon. it is pretty hot here, and more on the fire and smoke coming up. jobina: returning out to that breaking news. new video from overnight shows
6:32 am
firefighters hosing down flames west of south lake tahoe. evacuation orders have now crossed into the nevada state line. calfire's latest update says the caldor fire has burned nearly 200 thousand acres. it is just 18% contained. at least 675 structures are destroyed. three firefighters and two other people were hurt. keita whitworth is at the front lines the fire in south lake tahoe. >> these firefighters have done an absolutely incredible job out here, but still we have more than 30,000 structures being threatened by this fire i spoke with one fire official who says he never got to find himself in a place where south lake tahoe was being threatened, here we are. overnight firefighters battling out of control flames, desperate to keep the fire from taking over south lake tahoe. officials working day and night to save the community.
6:33 am
>> i did see some damage to structures. the fire burned extremely fast, extremely hot. keita: evacuation orders expanding into nevada as fire barrels through the dry terrain. burning nearly 200,000 acres in -- and just 18% contained. to give you an idea, you see that incredibly steep hillside there, and all of those trees clustered together on fire at the same time. trees falling over is a huge concern for firefighters. the governor calling the fire the states number one priority as 100-foot flames are burning within miles of the city center. >> need to make sure our firefighters stay safe. still do their jobs, but at no time will you be in front of this thing because you are not going to stop it. keita: volunteer firefighter richard garrity, now recovering in the hospital after suffering burns over 20% of his body. these firefighters have been on the caldor fire for nearly three
6:34 am
weeks. our air quality meter is reading at the highest level possible, so these are hazardous conditions. the good news is the red flag warning's expire at the end of the day. as you know, this fight is still far from over. keita whitworth, south lake tahoe. reggie: firefighters have so far been able to slow western progress from creeping up to the northwest of south lake tahoe. new video shows what they are up against. take a look at some of these flames engulfing entire trees in a matter of seconds. cabins turned to bear pieces of plywood. this is the intense battle to protect echo summit and part of myers. this morning our team coverage continues with amy hollyfield. she is with calfire's -- calfire's plan. amy: for those of you just waking up, wondering about south lake tahoe, it is ok. so far they have saved south lake tahoe.
6:35 am
structures have burned that that they know of, but they are not willing to say that the fight is over, calling this fire very volatile. we have some video to show you from overnight. this is along highway 50, the national guard on the scene of this fire, looking very small next to those flames. firefighters are worried about another windy day. even as that fire moves east, they say the wind can take an amber and carry it away, as far as a mile away and start another one. that is why south lake tahoe has been evacuated. firefighters saying this fire is too erratic to have people living near it. the mayor of tahoe agrees. >> homes are threatened and our community is threatened. i never thought that that was possible. amy: the fire is moving eastward right now, toward nevada. they have put new evacuation orders in place for over the state line. those were issued in douglas county.
6:36 am
impacting about 4000 residents, then nevada national guard has now been deployed. have a red flag warning in place today. that is going to be in place until 11:00 tonight. firefighters are expecting another tough fight today. jobina: thank you. some evacuees say they are having trouble finding a safe place to stay. some people who turned up at the douglas county community center in nevada say they were told to go to hotels in reno, because the center is full. one evacuees is a student from thailand who is working and studying in south lake tahoe. she says she paid $800 for a taxi ride to a reno hotel during monday's evacuation order. >> jobina: that woman took an uber
6:37 am
back to the shelter and garden bill yesterday afternoon because she could not afford to keep paying for a hotel. again, she was turned away and was advised to go back to reno. abc 7 news, all of us here, we can help you by providing a list of resources and ways to help those affected by the caldor fire. you can find in on the homepage of our website. reggie: starting today, all sonoma county emergency workers must be vaccinated or submitted weekly testing. county health officials expanded the health order last month. we do not have updated data, but four weeks ago santa rosa said 75% of their staff was vaccinated. santa rosa police said 80% of their employees were vaccinated. jobina: one of the bay area's largest business groups is taking unprecedented action. the council is recommending member companies require vaccinations for employees and customers. the council says it is necessary because of the delta variant.
6:38 am
>> few members asked questions, you know, why do we have to do this, is this the proper role for the organization? they worry about attentional legal hurdles, but we feel we are on pretty good ground. if it was not necessary we would not ask for it. i think we are being rational. jobina: if you are not familiar with this group, check this out. lyft, exploratory mr among its member companies. -- are among its member companies. reggie: we are coming back with breaking news. caldor fire closing in. you are looking at the stock exchange. another update on how the markets are doing next. frustrations inside the fda. leaders now stepping down over the possible plans for covid booster shots. ♪
6:39 am
>> good morning. you're looking at your wednesday morning commute. we had the metering might set 5:40 one this morning. they are stacked back now to the macarthur maze for 15 minute backup. this is highway 87, approaching the airport. julian and the shark tank, you are moving well both directions here. slow and go over the ultimate pass. that is pretty typical. we had an accident south 680 with a car on that side off to the right-hand side. emergency crews are also on southbound 680. you can see traffic stacking up toward pleasanton and burnout. avoid that if you can. we will be back with more news, traffic, and whether in just a bit. sorry, it's mike. mike: we threw you a curve there. they flipped us because we have
6:40 am
something special at the end of the weather to show you. it is cloudy out there, a little mist in the air over san francisco. temperatures pretty much in thet 50's to near 60. pittsburgh at 60. we have 56 in san francisco. you can see the cloud cover is definitely more widespread. there has been a little bit of flog -- of fog over nevada. that is our biggest area of fog. the drive into the higher elevations you will drive into the marine layer clouds. faster breezes are already broke -- -- blowing. it is cool this morning. pretty comfortable for the rest of the day if you are taking mass transit. about any outdoor activities you may be doing. anything outside you are going to be dealing with the cleanest and coolest air in this seven
6:41 am
day forecast. let's take a look at the near surface. we hardly have any this morning. a little bit tries to leak into the north bay as we head into the evening hours, but there is a better chance as we go to the overnight hours and into tomorrow morning that the haze returns, especially in the east bay and northbay. a quick look at what is going on on the caldor fire. you can see south of lake tahoe, and the red represents where the fire is. and you have some spot fires developing in the mountains. what an earring way to look and see those mountains going on fire. and to know that the winds are blowing straight into the basin there, that is why we are going to have such issues today with that red flag warning. we'll talk more about that and a heat wave in our forecast. first we have a look at some other high temperatures. this is sponsored by visit california.
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it was the best call i could've made. call the barnes firm now, and find out what your case could be worth. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million reggie: we are staying on top of the breaking news. a firefight changing by the minute near lake tahoe. joining us on the phone right now is captain robert pous-tio. good to talk to you. the good news is there were no structures burned in tahoe overnight. the bad news is you have a very long firefight today and conditions which are far from ideal. what is the strategy today? >> absolutely.
6:45 am
we are still concerned about those red flag warning's. this fire continues to push northeast and east. have dedicated a lot of resources to slow the spread, put containment lines in there. reggie: what is the biggest concern this morning that you face? >> again, the red flag warning. we have the higher temperatures and those winds. we have had issue with the wind -- issues with the wind picking up on those bridge tops that cast those numbers up to a mile ahead of the fire. that creates some challenges for our firefighters. reggie: we have talked about this, the ability for this fire to do things we have not seen in past years. last week we were talking about how this was a very unlikely scenario that fire would into the basin. and here we are. what is so different we are seeing this now? >> i think one of the biggest
6:46 am
factors is drought. it is creating an environment where these fires are extremely fallible -- extremely flammable and moving quicker and just consuming so much fuel at such a rate of speed that it creates a difficult challenge. reggie: for people watching this today from all over, including here in the bay area, what is your message to them this morning? >> structures that are currently threatened. know that your firefighters are working day and night to bring this to an end. reggie: we talked about a strategy that would sort of guide the fire away from south lake tahoe so that it would instead go to the burn scar area of another fire and act as a fire break, how possible is
6:47 am
that? >> absolutely. that is the current plan. we have dozers putting in an additional line. we are trying to steer that fire in that direction. we have aircraft that are dumping anywhere from 150 to 200,000 gallons of water daily. that is our goal here today. reggie: captain, i know the men and women out there are working around the clock, doing their absolute rest to save homes, to save this jewel in our region. we cannot thank you enough. i know better weather is coming, we just have to get through today. thank you, again. >> thank you for your time. reggie: that was captain castillo talking to us from his public information officer for the caldor fire. governor newsom will actually be there again in this area, observing what these firefighters are up against.
6:48 am
>> it is the number one priority in the state. you will see dc-10's taking off from nearby airbases, putting down that red retardant. reggie: it doesn't mean it is the only fire. currently there are 14,000 firefighters battling 15 large, active wildfires across the state. the only fire bigger than the caldor fire right now is the dixie fire there is some good news to report here. all evacuations from butte county were lifted yesterday. orders are still in place for shasta county. there are evacuation warnings for ahima county. the dixie fire has burned 807,000 acres. it is 48% contained. jobina: you can get live updates on all of those fires with our exclusive tracker. you will find the interactive map, including evacuations, on abc 7 reggie: we were just talking
6:49 am
about the weather pattern today, mike, which is tough. mike: hopefully it is the last one for a while. it is going to get worse as we head to the afternoon hours. let's take a look at saffer cove, looking to the west. u can s jt howthththth south end blowing that smoke into tahoe this morning. that has added insult to injury there. you can see our marine layer is back and bringing us our cleanest and coolest day as we flipped the calendar and start september on a good note. we will start to squash the marine layer. nearing 100 in some neighborhoods.
6:50 am
let's take a look at the cloud cover. by noon you can see, back to the coast where it opens up for some pockets of sunshine. as we head into the afternoon hours it is along the coast we will see the cloud cover. the rest of us with a nice blue sky. temperatures will be up to 10, 15 degrees below average. if you are heading out this evening, your temperatures are going to drop rapidly. 71 in sunnyvale. warm spot on the there you go, 75 in redwood city. low 60's along the coast. barely some mid 60's in downtown. low 60's along the north bay coast, but you can see more cloud cover than yesterday. 69 in napa today. we are looking 64 at richmond. as you head inland,
6:51 am
barely some 80's in antioch. as we look around the state, it is pretty quiet everywhere other than the fire. that is why so much attention is turned up to that red flag warning. tonight, upper 40's to upper 50's with cloud cover. more drizzle likely along the coast. tomorrow, because of the extensive cloud cover, we warm a degree or two, with less cloud cover. you can see temperatures warm back close to average. it gets warm sunday and monday. jobina: now for your morning money report. a new study found ash finds more companies have moved their headquarters outside of california. the river institution companies have moved to other states this year. if the pace continues, it will double last year's number. researchers say the hottest destination is texas. highhighhighhighhighhigh
6:52 am
costs, cost of living, and housing affordability are among the reasons companies have left california. zoom just saw its shares the big winner of the pandemic signaled a faster than expected drop in demand. analysts say it will take a few quarters for zoom to find new revenue streams. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. you can see we are down about 20 points. reggie: pfizer is testing an aura medication to treat covid-19. this is meant to help patients who are experiencing symptoms but are not at risk of hospitalization. pfizer announced it is giving the medication to the first participant in its phase two out of three nautical study. this trial will include more than 1100 people. pfizer plans to submit that drug for fda authorization. frustration is apparently growing inside the fda as the
6:53 am
push to ramp up vaccination continues. the agency is assessing new covid-19 approvals. vaccines for kids younger than 12, and booster shots. health officials have said they want boosters to be available to everyone starting the week of september 20. the fda has not given its authorization. a source tells cnn there has been some frustration inside the agency about the white house stepping into the fda's lane and getting ahead of where the science is by setting these booster goals. >> we have been very clear throughout that this is pending fda conducting an independent evaluation and cdc's panel of outside experts issuing a booster dose recommendation. reggie: two senior leaders in the review office have decided to step down over this issue. jobina: san francisco teachers are pushing for safer air quality inside classrooms. opening windows can help ventilate the air and prevent the spread of covid-19, but
6:54 am
that's not possible on days with poor air quality. as of last week only 775 classrooms within ust had air purifiers. there are a lot of other factors that decide which schools get purifiers. the school district has the funding to buy more of them, but it will take weeks before they are installed. >> in two weeks time we can begin this to -- this deployment. right now it is getting that plan ready and making sure that when we do get access to supplies we start sharing them with our schools, the ones who need them the most get it first. jobina: teachers union is requesting everybody in school be given a k n95 mask. they would also like we kucova testing. reggie: ticket sales started 8:00 a.m. for this year's christmas in the park driving event. it will be held at lake cunningham this year.
6:55 am
it was so popular they are doing it again this year. they are also still doing the free traditional christmas in the park event in san jose. it is going to return with a tree lighting on november 26. you can now build a spotify playlist with your friends. the streaming service role that a feature called blend. it is a personalized playlist that allows friends to discover how their musical tastes are -- tastes overlap. personal lists can be made using songs that appeal to both people. spotify will also make recommendations based on your tastes. i have the question of the morning. if i blended with you, does this song from xenon you have spoken so highly of exist on spotify? jobina: let me find out. you know what? we can find other ways to get it on air. because we know how to -- how the internet works. reggie: what is the song called? jobina: i think it is called my
6:56 am
supa nova girl. ok, it is just regular girl. reggie: is it there? jobina: it's on youtube. reggie: is it by rock eye jobina: i'm glad there is no audio on the anchor desk right now. there is a music video sing-along. reggie: i've got that. jobina: everyone, check out xenon. reggie: as we we we we a look outside. not at xo
6:57 am
6:58 am
r jobina: f desperately fighting the growing caldor fire. the big concern right now are the strong winds today. reggie: there are no evacuation
6:59 am
orders in north lake tahoe. you can see the smoke in the distance. jobina: starting today also know my county emergency workers must be vaccinated or submit to weekly testing. health officials expanded the state's health order four weeks ago. reggie: masks are required in the city of vallejo. vallejo is the second solano county city to mandate masks. mike: temperatures six degrees below average, from mid-60's to near 80 today. >> the bay area metering lights are on at the bay bridge toll plaza. a place to avoid this morning. jobina: also number seven, just one week left in the billboard 100 song of the summer battle. "butter" has held onto the number one spot every week this season. sue knew it. >> i thought duly but would be good. reggie: did sue just dab?
7:00 am
jobina: she did. reggie: also, i did find supernova girl remakes is on spotify, and we are living. jobina: good morning, america. as the taliban seizes more control of afghanistan, president biden is not apologizing for that chaotic evacuation. defending his decision. the president on withdrawing from afghanistan. >> i was not going to extend this forever war and i was not extending a forever exit. >> calling the evacuation an extraordinary success as new images show the taliban celebrating. the president vowing to get those remaining americans out. raging inferno. race to escape the fast-moving wildfire closing in on a popular resort town. california firefighters battle the relentless blaze now threatening nevada. more evacuations ordered as dangerous winds fuel the flames.
7:01 am
this morning, the latest red


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