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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 1, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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supernova girl remakes is on spotify, and we are living. jobina: good morning, america. as the taliban seizes more control of afghanistan, president biden is not apologizing for that chaotic evacuation. defending his decision. the president on withdrawing from afghanistan. >> i was not going to extend this forever war and i was not extending a forever exit. >> calling the evacuation an extraordinary success as new images show the taliban celebrating. the president vowing to get those remaining americans out. raging inferno. race to escape the fast-moving wildfire closing in on a popular resort town. california firefighters battle the relentless blaze now threatening nevada. more evacuations ordered as dangerous winds fuel the flames. this morning, the latest red
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flag warning. we're live in the danger zone. battered and swamped. utter devastation across parts of louisiana. the governor warns evacuees not to return home and facing a critical race to restore power in new orleans. this morning, ida on the move binging possible tornadoes and flood alerts for 16 states. we're tracking the latest. breaking overnight, the controversial law in texas banning most abortions now taking effect. the supreme court making no moves yet to block it. coronavirus crisis. with hospitalizations soaring across the country will the nation surpass the peak? plus, the university disenrolling more than 100 status.s over vaccination - and did the patriots cut quarterback cam newton over his vaccination status. what is fired? mike richards out as executive producer of "jeopardy!" and "wheel of fortune." this after stepping down as the host of the iconic show, the fallout this morning and who's game to replace the late alex
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trebek. and horror movie history in the making. "candyman's" young director breaking records. >> a crowd started to form. >> is the film giving hollywood hope as audiences await "shang-chi." and after much delay 007 will finally fly into theaters. good morning, america. it's good to be with you on this busy wednesday as the nation battles two severe weather emergencies on both coasts. we will bring you the latest on ida and the wildfires out west. but first, we do want to begin with our top story this morning as we are learning more about the final u.s. troops leaving afghanistan. new images are coming in showing the taliban celebrating as they seize more control. >> the president forcefully defended his decision to end america's longest war and withdraw troops.
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he took on critics, vowed again to get the americans left behind. chief global affairs anchor martha raddatz starts us off, good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. yes, president biden remains defiant, no apologies for the chaotic and deadly evacuation as afghans wake up today with the taliban in charge and those americans and afghan allies who still want to get out wondering how that will happen. this morning, it is the taliban that control the kabul airport and virtually all of afghanistan. but in washington, president biden doubling down on his decision to leave. >> i refuse to send another generation of america's sons and daughters to fight a war that should have ended long ago. >> reporter: just one day after u.s. military forces departed, the taliban releasing this video they say shows their fighters flying over the city of mazar-i-sharif in an afghan military helicopter.
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taliban fighters entering a hangar at kabul airport previously controlled by u.s. forces. and holding a mock funeral, caskets draped with american and nato flags symbolizing their defeat. despite these images of the taliban in power, president biden calling the evacuation an extraordinary success and standing firm in his decision to pull all u.s. troops out. >> i was not going to extend this forever war and i was not extending a forever exit. >> reporter: biden did not apologize for the violent and chaotic evacuation. >> some say we should have started mass evacuations sooner and couldn't this have been done in a more orderly manner? i respectfully disagree. >> reporter: the president acknowledging there are up to 200 u.s. citizens still in afghanistan who want to leave and reaffirming his commitment to help them evacuate. >> for those remaining americans there is no deadline.
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we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out. >> reporter: but without u.s. military forces in the country and no diplomatic presence escaping is more challenging than ever. michael, a teacher in afghanistan and green card holder from delaware, is now stuck there. he tried going to the airport before u.s. forces left but could not get through. >> i feel like, you know, all my life i've lived in the united states, the u.s. has turned their back on me and ignored me. >> reporter: and as first reported by "the wall street journal," an interpreter who said that in 2008 he helped then-senator biden during an afghan snowstorm is now the one who's trapped. he says his visa application got stuck and when he tried to escape at the airport, officials would only let him, not his wife or children through. he fears for his life and has this message for president biden.
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>> please do not forget me and my family. please find a way and get me out. >> reporter: the administration says they have enormous economic leverage over the taliban to help get those who want to leave out. but that remains a dangerous and chaotic undertaking with no clear path on exactly how to do it, george. >> and there is enormous humanitarian need in that country as well. martha raddatz, thanks very much. michael. we're going to turn now to the wildfire emergency out west, the massive caldor fire closing in on lake tahoe. mandatory evacuation orders spreading to nevada. kayna whitworth is on the ground in south lake tahoe with the latest. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: michael, good morning. so right now, we have more than 30,000 structures that are being threatened by this fire and one official i spoke with said i never thought he'd find himself in a place where south lake tahoe is threatened but here we are and today is critical.
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overnight, firefighters battling out of control flames desperate to keep the caldor fire from taking over south lake tahoe. officials working day and night to save the community. >> i did see some damage to structures, the fire burned through there extremely fast, extremely hot. >> reporter: evacuation orders expanding into nevada as the relentless fire barrels through the dry terrain. burning nearly 200,000 acres and just 18% contained. to give you an idea of the kind of terrain these firefighters are dealing with, you see that incredibly steep hillside there and all of those trees sort of clustered together on fire at the same time. those fire damaged trees falling over is a huge concern for firefighters. the governor calling the caldor fire the state's number one priority as 100-foot flames are burning within miles of the city center. >> i would just need to make sure our firefighters stay safe, still do their jobs but at no time will you be in front of this thing because you will not stop it. >> reporter: richard geraghty
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recovering after suffering burns over 20% of his body. these firefighters have been on this fire for nearly three weeks now and doing it in tough conditions, cecilia, i have our air quality meter out here, and it's reading at 500. extremely hazardous. the good news the warnings will expire at the end of the day but as you know, this firefight is still far from over. >> it certainly is, kanya, you and the team stay safe. we turn to ida, the storm targeting the northeast bringing severe weather. possible tornadoes and major flash flood threats more tharin 64 million people. rob marciano is tracking it all. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, cecilia. the rain has arrived here in the northeast and flooding rain is what we're seeing already across parts of the northeast and midsouth. here's video out of maryland, rescues there. they got about nearly half a foot of rain in nearly two to three hours so that out there on their boats first responders trying to get people out of high water and out of harm's way and the rain just keeps coming down
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so we have that component to this storm but we also have a history of tornadoes with this storm. we had three yesterday. this is one of the three yesterday, two were in the south and one in blacksburg, virginia. doing some damage. these tornadoes are typically pretty small but they do do damage and we'll have that threat with that remnant low pushing off -- look at that rain shield. my goodness. that is dense, heavy rain and we're already saturated across the northeast. it's been an extremely wet summer so the soil can't take it anymore and looking at the possibility for tornadoes. this is pretty rare too. that area has a 10% chance of seeing tornadoes in d.c., baltimore, philadelphia, especially later on this afternoon. 6 to 8 inches of rainfall in the hot zone there and that's going to cause certainly some flooding overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. michael. >> all right, rob. we know ida is leaving the gulf to pick up the pieces. louisiana waking up in the dark again, residents desperate for fuel to fill up their cars and
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generators. matt gutman is in st. charles parish with more on the critical situation. good morning, matt. >> reporter: michael, good morning, there's destruction you do see. house after house crushed. that storm surge bringing in this sludge. a walker, someone left in haste to evacuate. then there's what you don't see, thousands of square miles without power, that means hundreds of thousands of people have no means to power their air-conditioners, their refrigerators for food, their medical devices. this morning, as new orleans wakes up in this swampy dark for the third straight day, power company entergy hope to restore some power focusing on critical infrastructure like hospitals and nursing homes. but new orleans could be an island meaning hundreds of thousands of other customers would continue living in the dark. there is no power and families have become desperate trying to fill up their vehicles but also cans for their generators.
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now, there are so few gas stations open here that this line is over an hour long. it stretches beyond the interstate. it's even backing up traffic on the off-ramp. jeremy says he's been siphoning gas from his boat, but now everything is on empty. >> can't find it. it's gold. it's gold right now. >> how long have you been searching for an open gas station? >> two days. >> reporter: after an hour he finally filled the cans. for millions no power means no clean running water, air-conditioning, food in the fridge or lights. the governor warning those who have evacuated not to return home because this part of louisiana is unlivable. >> the schools are not open, the businesses are not open. the hospitals are slammed. there's not water in your home and there's not going to be electricity. >> reporter: late yesterday, we climbed in with the coast guard for an aerial survey, seeing that hurricane ida and its 150-mile-per-hour winds was a roof destroyer. so many of these homes have had their roofs sheared right off by the wind.
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you can see a thunderstorm coming. town after town after town, battered and swamped. >> minor destruction from up here is probably devastating for the folks who live there. >> reporter: the hardest hit, grand isle. not only is it swamped a couple of feet of water down there but every single house is damaged. officials saying the barrier island is uninhabitable. >> 100% of the structures are damaged. 40% of the structures they estimate are either completely destroyed or maybe just a wall standing up. >> reporter: we touched down on an island that's expected to be cut off from the rest of the world for weeks. the coast guard just dropped us off in grand isle. they're actually waiting over there. there is a truck that got stuck apparently in the sand here. we haven't seen anybody else on this island. >> reporter: but across the state many still holding on. >> i know what waking up the next day and having nothing is like. >> reporter: shelly huff decided to stay even though she lost everything in katrina. her community helping her stay afloat. >> we've all been banding together and sharing food,
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sharing drinks and an old neighbor brought us a generator. >> reporter: as we come back out to our drone shot, there are some buildings physically left standing but it's unclear if they'll be able to survive financially for 30 more days without power. there are cooling stations set up in new orleans, some power will come on in new orleans today but for hundreds of thousands of people there will be no power and that means they're going to suffer in this heat index of 100 degrees and that's dangerous for the elderly and the young. george? >> matt gutman, thanks very much. we turn to the breaking news out of texas. the state's controversial law banning most abortions has now taken effect after the supreme court took no action, at least not yet, to hold it off and rachel scott is tracking the story. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: george, good morning. this is one of the strictest bans on abortion in the country and it goes into effect in the state of texas, starting todckn
7:14 am
abbott signed this measure into law, it bans abortions as early as six weeks into pregnancy. that is before most women even know that they are pregnant. the supreme court had until midnight to respond to an emergency request to block this before it went into effect but they have not yet taken any action. in the state of texas, 85% to 90% of women get abortions within their first six weeks of pregnancy and so without any further action this will ban nearly all of the abortions in the state, george. >> rachel, after months of a standoff the texas legislature passed this law putting new restrictions on voting. >> reporter: yes, george, critics say this makes it harder to vote. this now heads to texas governor greg abbott's desk, he's promised to sign it and bans drive-through voting and also adds new i.d. requirements for mail-in voting. democrats had been fighting this for months, they walked out twice and fled the state of texas but republicans have the majority. they were able to push this
7:15 am
through and they insist that this protects election integrity. texas now joins 17 other states that have moved to tighten voting rules this year, george. >> rachel scott, thanks very much. now to the coronavirus emergency, an alarming rise in hospitalizations across the country and now a number of children getting sick has dctors especially concerned this morning. erielle reshef has the latest on this. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. this is what has health experts so concerned. more than 101,000 people are hospitalized with covid-19 across this country right now. that puts us on pace to surpass our january peak of 125,000 people hospitalized at one time and raising concern as well, 300 children are now being admitted to the hospital with covid every single day and, of course, as hospitalizations increase, so is the death toll. 900 people are losing their lives to covid-19 every single day in this country. that's up 370% over the past seven weeks, but there is some good news on the vaccine front.
7:16 am
since the full fda authorization of the pfizer vaccine just one week ago, 470,000 people are getting their first shot every day. that's up 17% from the week prior. cecilia. >> that is good news, we love hearing that, but we are now seeing this debate over requirements heat up. especially on college campuses. >> that's right. colleges are taking more and more action against students who fail to comply with their vaccination policies. the latest, virginia tech has unenrolled 134 students who either did not provide proof of vaccination or proof that they have a religious or medical exemption, this follows the university of virginia just several days ago which took a similar move against 200 students who did not comply with their vaccination policies. cecilia. >> okay, erielk u so you guys, take a look at this big league honor for the winners of the little league world series. the detroit tigers honored the young championship team from taylor north before the major
7:17 am
league game, they got a chance to hang out at batting practice and then they enjoyed the game with their families. something nice after you go through all that stress and to be celebrated by your home team. >> pretty great. following a lot on "gma" this morning, including the nfl covid controversy. did the patriots cut cam newton over his vaccination status? and new "jeopardy!" fallout. mike richards fired from his role as the game show's executive producer after stepping aside from hosting duties but first let's head back over to rob. hey, good morning again. guys, boy, be nice if we could take this rain and just dump it on the wildfires that are burning in the west. no such luck. we're going to have treacherous wildfire-fighting conditions today. here's some video out of state line, nevada, just across the border from heavenly ski resort. you can see, just anything, just to rinse out the atmosphere here. air quality horrific and flames getting very, very close to lake tahoe. red flag warnings are posted for
7:18 am
that area. we've got gusty winds up to 45 miles an hour, low levels of humidity and also, flash flood watches across six states. this is remnants of hurricane ora which came ashore. arizona which had a tremendous amount of rain in the past month is going to get some rain and to highlight what's happening in new orleans, with all the ac and power out, heat advisory remain up and will feel like 100 degrees. time now for your rainy cities sponsored by verizon.
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all right, guys, bring out the hat, the rain gear, the galoshes, all day rain event not just for us, everybody in the northeast. try to stay dry and safe. guys, back over to you. >> we're good. >> you get inside, rob. >> coming up, we have "dancing with the stars" judge derek hough will join us live. we'll be right back.
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be obos.inct chatter ] t what we lumost, >> good morning. minutes ago, cal fire gave an update on the counter fire and el dorado county officials say they are worried about rain pushing -- wind pushing the far north. >> number one priority in the state, putting everything we've got on it. d.c. tends taking off and landing from nearby airbases, putting down the retardent. >> traffic. >> good morning. looking outside the oakland coliseum, looking at the freeway moving at a pretty good clip.
7:24 am
an accident by 92. take a look at the map work bound 880. both directions of the nimitz slowing. >>
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>> an update on the fire threat continuing around tahoe and also surrounding areas that goes until 11:00 tonight. we have some pretty critical conditions with the winds up to 50 miles per hour and spotting that up to half mile of the leading edge of the fire. the air quality will be horrible the next 48 hours. during the evening, can see smoke filtering in and it will increase tomorrow. cool conditions. >> coming up on "gma" jeopardyyy fallout. the men picked to replace alex
7:27 am
trebek is also out as executive producer. another update about 30 minu california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm.
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♪ ♪ have you ever flown one of these things before? >> no. >> welcome back to "gma." the wait for bond is over. daniel craig is finally back on the big screen as 007 in october. that is the final, the new final trailer getting fans hyped up for the movie after much delay. we cannot wait to get the cast on "gma" soon. >> looking forward to that. we're following a lot of headlines this morning, including president biden, he's defending his decision to withdraw from afghanistan as the taliban seizes more control. the president called the evacuation an extraordinary success and is now vowing to get the remaining americans out. also right now, the race to
7:31 am
escape those wildfires out west. california firefighters are battling intense flames and winds, also latest on the rescue efforts after u.s. navy helicopter crashed into the sea off the coast of san diego during some routine flight operations. one crew member was found. the search is under way for the missing. the control room tells me this is a business story not a football story, so here we go, the college athlete cashing in signing a three-year image and likeness deal for $1.4 million the incoming freshman signing with the sports marketing firm that specializes in autographs. taking advantage of the rules for deals like these. this one is believed to be the biggest deal of its kind so far. the buckeyes are four-time defending big ten champs and open the 2021 season in minnesota on thursday night. that is what i'm told. >> he is the backup, so what is the starter worth? >> these are questions i should be asking you, michael strahan. stay tuned for that. we have a lot more
7:32 am
coming up including on how the hit movie "candyman" made history. >> thank you, cecilia. now to new questions regarding the nfl and the covid vaccine this morning. all eyes on cam newton's sudden release from the new england patriots and whether the shot played a role and will reeve joins us with more. good morning, will. >> reporter: good morning, michael. cam newton won the heisman trophy in college. he was the 2015 nfl mvp and when tom brady left the patriots last year cam newton was brought in to take over and did have a rough year even missing time due to covid. he had a fresh start this year but then suddenly yesterday he was cut with some speculating his vaccination status is part of the reason why. >> newton with time, fires it over the middle and the pass is intercepted -- >> reporter: he started the first three preseason games but this morning, cam newton is no longer a new england patriot. the team releasing him after bill belichick said he was heading in the right direction.
7:33 am
newton missed three days of practice last week because of what the team called a misunderstanding related to covid-19 protocols. last season he was forced to miss a game after testing positive. in training camp, newton would not confirm if he received the covid vaccine saying only it was too personal to discuss. meanwhile, the jacksonville jaguars' urban meyer became the first nfl head coach to publicly admit his team takes vaccination status into account when selecting their final roster. >> can you share with us whether a vaccinated versus unvaccinated player had an impact on a roster decision? >> everyone was considered, that was part of the production, which is, let's start talking about this, and then also is he vaccinated or not. can i say that that was a decision maker was certainly in consideration. >> reporter: the nfl players association responding quickly saying over texts, these comments have led us to open an investigation. the nfl does not require players to be vaccinated but unvaccinated players face strict regulations including daily testing, wearing masks and social distancing.
7:34 am
they can be fined $15,000 for each break in protocol. now, if an unvaccinated player tests positive, he has to miss ten days automatically, or if he is deemed a high risk close contact with an infected person, he has to miss five days even if he tests negative. the nfl sent out a memo to all of its teams this summer saying that if a game cannot be rescheduled, and it had to be canceled in the first place due to an outbreak caused by an unvaccinated player, the team could forfeit a game. so that is the environment the teams are living in as they try to construct their rosters for this nfl season. guys? >> only 17 games, every game is very important so, if you have with two separable skills, i'm not sure they take that into account. >> thank you. we turn to that new "jeopardy!" fallout. mike richards now out as executive producer of that show as well as "wheel of fortune." this is just weeks after he was
7:35 am
picked to succeed alex trebek and then forced to step down. janai norman joins us with more on the story. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning. this left a lot of people wondering after richards announced he was stepping down from that role as host how could he stay in the role as executive producer of the show? well, it turns out he won't. this morning, what is a "jeopardy!" mess? just weeks after stepping down as host, mike richards now fired as executive producer of "jeopardy!" and "wheel of fortune." tuesday in a memo sent to staff that was confirmed by sony, the company that produces both shows saying the change would be effective immediately writing, we had hoped that when mike stepped down from the host position at "jeopardy!" it would have minimized the disruption and internal difficulties we've all experienced these last few weeks, that clearly has not happened. >> there was no way really for mike richards to continue. he doesn't have the support or the confidence of his staff and he doesn't have the support or the confidence of "jeopardy!"
7:36 am
fans and it's just an example of how poorly this entire process was handled. >> reporter: over the past few months, "jeopardy!" featuring a rotation of guest hosts before naming richards as permanent host and former "big bang theory" star and real-life neuroscientist mayim bialik as host of primetime series. but just nine days after landing the coveted role, richards stepped down as host when sexist and offensive comments he made on a podcast series years ago resurfaced. in a note sent to "jeopardy!" staff, richards writing, it became clear that moving forward as host would be too much of a distraction for our fans and not the right move for the show. but he plans to stay on as head producer of both "jeopardy!" and "wheel of fortune." "jeopardy!" alum arthur chu who had an 11-game winning streak in 2014 saying, recent events behind the scenes have taken away from what makes the show special on screen.
7:37 am
>> this scandal has obviously taken focus off the contestants. we really should be talking about the current "jeopardy!" champion, but it's all taking a back burner to this scandal with mike richards. >> reporter: this morning, the search for a new permanent host continues. >> now, they need to find a host that fans and the internet will agree on and that's the next step but they don't need to rush into it. >> and we've learned that this was sony's decision to let mike go. it wasn't what he wanted but the company felt it was the right decision and michael davies will be filling in temporarily until a new ep is announced. >> you said it, janai, what is a mess. thank you so much. coming up later, the magic number of hours of sleep you need to help your brain. dr. jen ashton breaks it down for us. and how "candyman" is giving hope to hollywood this fall.
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plus, free premium delivery. ends labor day. back with signs of life at we're back with signs of life at the box office. the horror film "candyman" debuted at number one beating expectations and making history as well. chris connelly is here with the story. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, george. when is a horror movie hitting nmber one at the box office a big deal? when it's a really big deal. something unprecedented.
7:42 am
something that offers hope for the future in more ways than one. this zeitgeisty horror reboot is more than a hit in movie theaters, but history in the maki. >>andyman, candyman, candyman. >> reporter: "candyman" first terrified audiences back in 1992. this "candyman" from "get out" producer jordan peele outperforming expectations by pulling in $22 million at movie theaters last weekend. making its director/co-writer, 31-year-old nia decosta, the first black woman director ever with a number one film at the box office. >> this is what they've been saying in hollywood for years which is, we can do the job, we just need the opportunity. >> reporter: now brie larson in
7:43 am
"the marvels," decosta replaces ryan coogler as the youngest ever to helm an mcu film. >> the crowd started to form to watch the show. >> reporter: its strong opening is lifting hollywood's hopes again,t hat fans are eager once more to experience movies in theaters. >> between "candyman" and a lot of other pandemic-era releases is that "candyman" was available only in theaters. it boosted the overall number of ticket sales. >> reporter: even "clifford the big red dog" has edged away from debuting in the current climate of covid uncertainty, other films have stuck with their theater-based openings and it has paid off. >> this is the first time i've ever driven a car before. >> reporter: ryan reynolds' "free guy" hitting $10 million more than experts predicted for its opening weekend. >> paw patrol. ready for action. >> reporter: "paw patrol: the movie" did well too. >> a dog. >> actually sir, i'm a puppy. >> reporter: big budget fare awaits moviegoers.
7:44 am
marvel's "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings" coming this friday. and a mass transit mayhem of the battle on the city bus suggesting thrills of all kinds could be what lures the reluctant to buy tickets to movie theaters once again, guys. >> okay, chris, we know thrillers are doing pretty well. what about family films? >> maybe a little viewer hesitancy is the concern of studios. that's why we're not seeing maybe the box office numbers for those movies that we're seeing for thrill rides. so that's something to watch as the fall kicks in. >> okay, chris connelly, thanks very much. a mirror back there. candyman six times. >> hard pass. coming up later, everybody, we have an exclusive announcement from amazon that could help you find a new job and coming up next, our wednesday hump day "play of the day."
7:45 am
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♪ i'm walking on sunshine ♪ we could have played "who let the dogs out." just saying. back now with our "play of the day." we'll call this when the storm upstages the weather forecast. take a look. show you who has a starring role. global news toronto meteorologist anthony parnell's forecast. >> through the day tomorrow. yes, storm is in the building getting some treats, walking on thin air. >> storm is definitely in the building. he's searching for treats. he does finally get a little bit of reward.
7:49 am
someone threw him a bone, i'm told. but there he goes. >> storm is really comfortable on camera. >> how would cooper and enzo. i know jalisco wouldn't have -- given the accident that happened when the other day, i'm never bringing him in the studio here. >> cooper would have fun. daisy would just sit in my office. >> enzo would run up and down, he'd be fine. no accidents. >> no accidents. keep them away from rob and ginger. coming up, day two of our "deals & steals" labor day extravaganza and we're super excited, "dancing with the stars" judge derek hough is joining us live. stay with us.
7:50 am
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like a good neighbor, state farm is there. welcome back to "gma" wh welcome back to "gma" where the rain continues to come down at least right now lightly in the new york metropolitan area. it will be a wet day for millions of americans in this part of the country. it's a hot day across the south, where ida came from where they are recovering, where they are dealing with not just the devastation that that hurricane brought but a million people without power and heat that gets up to 100 degrees with the humidity. not just in new orleans but in biloxi and all the way towards dallas as well and it's going to stay that way, maybe a little cooling on friday, but right back at it on saturday, in new orleans, this is tough for you, as they scramble to try to get back power and people not to come home just yet. not even midway through hurricane season.
7:54 am
coming up on "gma," if you were looking to switch gears, we'll show you how to revamp your resume and get the job you always wanted. and the new study finding a link between sleeping poorly and alzheimer's. dr. ashton is here. plus, our insta-parent series. how to bring home a newborn to your toddler. the best friends and moms with almost 2 million instagram followers. this segment sponsored by u.p.s., the u.p.s. store, more
7:55 am
"good morning america" i "good morning america" is sponsored by state farm. like a good neighbor, state farm is there.
7:56 am
>> good morning. we're going to check in with traffic. >> we have slow and go traffic on 800 right by the coliseum but the slow traffic was because of an accident near 92 in hayward that has just been cleared to the shoulder, northbound right under the overpass of 92. traffic is stacked up all the way back to fremont with speeds just around 20 miles per hour or less. >> our breezes are picking september 1, one of our coolest and cleanest of the seven-day forecast. 60's into the bay, 70's inland. these are below average temperatures today, tomorrow but then we ramp up friday and
7:57 am
saturday and it gets rather hot with from the coast sunday and monday. >> coming up on "gma" how to rock your resume will stop -- rock your resume. another update in about 30 minutes.
7:58 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president biden defends his decision to withdraw from afghanistan. as new images emerge of the taliban celebrating, the president calls the evacuation an extraordinary success and now vows to get the remaining americans out. race to escape. that fast-moving wildfire closing in on a popular resort town. california firefighters battling the relentless blaze as dangerous winds fuel the flames. we're live in the danger zone with more. ida on the move bringing possible tornadoes and flood alerts for 16 states, this as the gulf picks up the pieces. utter devastation across louisiana and the critical race to restore power in new orleans. we're tracking the latest. the power of sleep.
8:01 am
the new study linking poor sleep to a high risk of alzheimer's and other diseases. so what's the magic number of hours of sleep you need? and how can you start sleeping better tonight? ♪ it takes two to make a thing go right ♪ insta parent. how to navigate bringing home a newborn to a toddler. the best friends and moms with almost 2 million instagram followers share the ten-minute miracle strategy to save the day. ♪ and it's time to dance with derek hough. the "dancing with the stars" judge joining us live ahead of the dazzling new season and he's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ oh, i wanna dance with somebody ♪ good morning, america. great to have derek hough joining us this morning as we gear up for "dancing with the stars," man, they roll around fast. >> i'm excited to talk to him.
8:02 am
also looking forward to career changes. we will tell you how you can revitalize your resume to stand out from the competition. plus, an exclusive announcement from amazon that could help you find a new job. first the news starting with the latest on the u.s. exit from afghanistan. president biden withdrawing u.s. troops and ending america's longest war and took on critics and vowed again to get the americans left behind. let's go back to our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz, good morning. >> reporter: president biden is not backing down from his decision to withdraw american forces nor is he apologizing for the deadly and chaotic evacuation even as afghans are waking up to a stark, new reality. this morning, it is the taliban that control the kabul airport and virtually all of afghanistan. but in washington, president biden doubling down on his decision to leave. >> i refuse to send another
8:03 am
generation of america's sons and daughters to fight a war that should have ended long ago. >> reporter: just one day after u.s. military forces departed, the taliban releasing this video they say shows their fighters flying over the city of mazar-i-sharif entering a hangar at kabul airport previously controlled by u.s. forces. despite these images of the taliban in power, president biden calling the evacuation an extraordinary success. the president acknowledging there are up to 200 u.s. citizens still in afghanistan who want to leave and reaffirming his commitment to help them evacuate. >> for those remaining americans, there is no deadline. we remain committed to get them out if they want to come out. >> reporter: but without u.s. military forces in the country and no diplomatic presence escaping is more challenging than ever.
8:04 am
and there are those 200 americans who still want to leave afghanistan and thousands of afghans at risk. the administration says they will apply diplomatic and economic pressure on the taliban to make sure those who want to can get out but so many still are frustrated and frightened. - >> understandably, thanks very much. turning to the wildfire emergency out west with more evacuations under way. the massive caldor fire closing in on lake tahoe. we'll go back to kayna whitworth on the ground in south lake tahoe with more. good morning, again, kayna. >> reporter: good morning. you can see the wind has really picked up here and it's sending embers into the sky. today the critical day here on the caldor fire and they are expected to see wind gusts of 45 miles an hour and an intense drop in humidity level. overnight firefighters battling
8:05 am
out-of-control flames desperate to keep the caldor fire from taking over south lake tahoe. officials working day and night to save the community. evacuation orders expanding into nevada as the relentless fire barrels through the dry terrain burning nearly 200,000 acres and just 18% contained. to give you an idea of the terrain they're dealing with, you see this steep hillside and all of the trees clustered together on fire at the same time so those fire damaged trees falling over is a huge concern for firefighters. >> reporter: the governor calling the caldor fire the state's number one priority as 100-foot flames are burning within miles of the city center. >> i would just need to make sure our firefighters stay safe and still do their jobs but at no time will you be in front of it because you won't stop it. >> reporter: firefighters are doing absolutely incredible work out here and they're doing it in really tough conditions. we actually have our air quality meter with us and it's reading at the highest level possible, the most dangerous very hazardous conditions and these
8:06 am
red flag warnings go through the end of the day today so, cecilia, this firefight is far from over. >> such scary news there, okay, kayna, thank you so much. we turn to ida after pummeling the gulf taking aim at the northeast bringing flash flood alerts to 16 states and back to rob marciano tracking it all for us. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, cecilia. we're not done with ida yet coming down in the new york city metropolitan area but coming down heavily already south and west of us, new pictures coming out of maryland which saw 4 inches of rain in a couple of hours and had to get the first responders in boats to rescue people. two people still unaccounted for this morning. in western pennsylvania, just outside of pittsburgh heavy rain last night and yesterday and this morning, there are rescues under way in and around the pittsburgh, pennsylvania, area. the low itself is not so much a concern as is rainfall, 16 states under flash flood watches and warnings near pittsburgh
8:07 am
and west virginia certainly problemat problematic, but four to eight inches in spots. an area saturated on top of this and will see a threat for tornadoes from d.c. to new york, george. >> thanks very much. how the power of sleep is affecting our brains and the possibility of alzheimer's. dr. ashton here with a new study. preparing your toddler to meet your newborn. tips on how to start your relationship off right. plus "deals & steals" labor day extravaganza, big bargains from small businesses with something special for everyone in your family. stay right there. we'll be right back.
8:08 am
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♪ everybody ♪ welcome back to "gma" on this wednesday morning. tomorrow on "gma," jojo siwa is joining us live. we're excited about that. we head over to you. we'll get right to our cover story on sleep and alzheimer's. the new study out of stanford finds getting too little sleep is linked to the degenerative brain disease and the cdc reports one in three adults do not get enough sleep each night. let's talk about the takeaway. >> published in jama neurology and wanted to see if there was an association between sleep quality and quantity and the findings we see so often in people with alzheimer's. these plaques in the brain. they followed about 4,400 people, tracked their sleep by self-report, and there appears to be a real sweet spot. people who got less than six
8:13 am
hours of sleep on p.e.t. scan had higher brain of she's brain plaques we found in soerks -- association with alzheimer's disease, however, too much, just as bad. >> what is that about? >> nine or more hours associated with poor cognitive performance. seven or eight hours is ideal and speaks to the fact more is not better. your brain needs a certain amount of sleep but too much actually kind of puts your brain to sleep. >> we know sleep deprivation has other consequences. >> sleep as a pr problem. we look at it as a luxury but as a necessity. findings associated with increased risk of heart attacks, depression, obesity and can increase your risk of motor vehicle accidents, so we need to prioritize this on par with our nutrition and fitness for optimum health and i always tell people if you are not reeling right look at your sleep first. don't work in morning television.
8:14 am
there are some tips i think are really important for people to commit to and really prioritize. number one, consistent sleep schedule. that means if possible every day you can't make up for this on the weekend so go to sleep and wake up around the same time. avoid any heavy meals, alcohol or caffeine in the couple of hours before bedroom. the environment is really important. you want to keep your bedroom cold, dark and quiet without something with a screen. that absolutely can disrupt our sleep then the last one, so important, so underutilized. meditation and exercise during the day has been sloan to improve sleep at night. so really just these things can really set people up for better sleep, remember, not too much. >> a lot of good advice, jen, thanks very much. to rob. hey, george, still raining here, so pitter-patter as you meditate outside and hope you don't get flooded because the ground is saturated here in the
8:15 am
northeast and a lot of rain from what's left of ida coming. pennsylvania already got a ton, maryland, d.c., this is shortly after dinnertime. two to three-inch rainfall per hour is what one of our computer models is saying northwest of new jersey and then into new england we'll see heavy rain going through boston by tomorrow
8:16 am
now to our insta parent series navigating life with a newborn. it's tricky enough but what about when you add a toddler's feelings to the mix. janai norman has more about making that transition. >> and the transition is just as difficult, michael. [ laughter ] >> it is. but i'm thinking, you've been going through it. >> and it is that difficult. >> it is live tv, america. >> it's been a little over a year since we spoke with the women behind big little feelings when they helped us navigate toddler tantrums and since then their community exploded giving all the tips and tricks before introducing a new baby to your toddler. ask any parent and there are some big feelings around bringing a little one home, especially if you already have a
8:17 am
toddler. best friends kristen and dina started their instagram page bi showed their nearly 2 million followers the perfectly imperfect sides to parenthood and giving them tools to help navigate the toddler years. >> it is real concrete tips that are backed in research and psychology that will help you ease the chaos while still achieving your long-term goal. of raising emotionally healthy, resilient kids. >> our hope is, feel less alone and empowered. >> reporter: when it comes to bringing home a newborn it is important to prep your toddler before the baby arrives to make them feel safe. >> there's tons of big sister, big brother books out there and using a little baby doll and really go through every single thing that you could ever think a baby might do. show them where the baby will sleep. show them how loud a baby is going to be.
8:18 am
>> reporter: when the baby comes home they recommend introducing them in a neutral space outside of mom or dad's arms. >> think more a car seat, bassinet, somewhere that is a neutral space so your toddler doesn't feel threatened and doesn't feel like the new baby is replacing them. >> reporter: finally curb any sibling jealousy or acting out with a ten-minute miracle. >> ten one-on-one minutes with your toddler, no siblings, no phones, let them choose the activity and fill up their attention tank so they're not relying on negative behaviors to get your attention. >> reporter: overall they say it's important to be flexible during what can be a tricky transition. >> it won't be forever. someday your kids are going to be in a playroom laughing and giggling and it's just going to be the best feeling in the whole world. >> and they also say it's important to avoid accidentally
8:19 am
blaming the baby when the toddler is asking for your attention so instead of saying something like momma is business feeding the baby try instead momma would love to play with you but i need five minutes or my favorite when you need a break from of them, momma needs five minutes of silence. >> when does that work? >> not all the time, george. >> good information. we'll transition to george. hey, george. >> well done, michael. [ laughter ] thank you, janai. we're going to take a look at how to revitalize your resume. more than 40% are considering making a career change and rebecca jarvis has an exclusive announcement plus tips on how that stand out from the competition. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. yeah, that resume for many job candidates is going to be the first impression that employers make of you but in this new virtual environment it may also be the only real look they get into you and your background so here's how you stand out from the crowd.
8:20 am
2 1/2 years ago albert was making a career change until a cancer diagnosis got in his way. >> it made me more dependent on the job i had because of that health insurance. >> reporter: thankfully with proper treatment, albert is in remission and ready to start his next chapter. >> what are your biggest questions about landing your next job? >> how can i use the colonel experience i have now towards something i would want to do related in the music industry? >> reporter: albert sent me hess resume to assess. i love that on it you put skills right up top. are there any skills you considered adding to your resume you didn't? >> i don't know what skills would be applicable to like a lot of other different jobs. >> this idea about your strength under pressure that you're a great communicator, that is an
8:21 am
important skill and it's definitely something that a lot of corporations are looking for. we discovered skillful communication was a common thread throughout his work experience and something to emphasize. when you put that out there and show employers through your resume that you're really comfortable in multiple settings, that's the kind of thing that they'll know under pressure they can count on, albert. >> i would never have thought to put it that way. >> emphasizing skills on your resume is more important than ever. >> what happened during covid as companies were having a hard time finding employees they started to look at the employees based on skills as opposed to industry. >> reporter: experts recommend doing a skills inventory. >> take a look at the skills you have and compare it to the job description and make sure that you're really highlighting the skills they're looking for. >> reporter: to bill skills places like linkedin are offering free online courses for their 20 most popular classes through october 15th. and amazon tells "good morning
8:22 am
america" exclusively they will be hosting a career fair on september 15th offering 20,000 free one-on-one career coaching sessions. >> you might want some support on your resume or interview tips about amazon or you might just want generalized career advice. that's what the recruiters are ready to do. >> reporter: again, that career fair through amazon september 15th will have a lot more information about that coming up. but, cecilia, the bottom line is in addition to building up those skills on your resume include things like your certifications, even your volunteer and hobby experience. if it's relevant to the job you are applying to, cecilia. >> all of that helps. rebecca, thanks so much. we turn to our favorite "deals & steals," day two of our labor day extravaganza, right to deals by pointing your cell phone camera at the qr code. you know the deal. tory johnson joins us. smart products from small businesses. you start with this fun one for
8:23 am
kids here. >> yes, cecilia, this is ivi. making its "gma" deals debut. these are 3d carpets designed by an architect mom to encourage interactive creative play. it creates kind of a nice sensory experience because of that 3d texture, the carpets are hyper allergenic, stain resistant, flame resistant, vacuum safe. we have little toy sets or use your own, with ours the carpets start at $40, a great buy. >> we are spending a lot of time sitting and working at home these days. something to help our backs out a little bit. >> that's right. you can sit better with the added lateral support of the cubii. it fits against the back of a chair, a couch or even the seat of your car. its memory foam as well as the unique design that helps to provide immediate pain relieve as well as preventing it so you can get a little extra comfort
8:24 am
today at 50% off, $24.50. >> 50% off. fall is coming. who doesn't need and want a cozy blanket? so soft. >> it's so soft. this is cruelty-free eco-conscious. it is a buttery soft blanket made from luxurious faux fur and adds an instant layer of softness anywhere you are, whether it is car, chair, couch, on the go, you name it. to me, it's a little bit of a therapeutic blanket. it's kind of, like, anti-anxiety. when you rub the softness you kind of just exhale and everything is okay. three sizes, four colors, machine washable with our deal they start at $22.50. >> we've got your blanket and you're sitting there with your lumbar support while the kids playing with their mat, and you need something to protect your eyes from the computer. >> eye-just. blue light blocking screen protectors.
8:25 am
it's easy to apply to your device screens to filter out harmful blue light that is emitted from your devices, it's proven to help reduce eye strain as well as promote better sleep depending on your device, our deal starts at $12.50. >> dr. ashton telling us about the importance of sleep and people swear by these sleep machines. >> sound machines, that's right. this is yogasleep. their dome is one of the original sound machines beloved by generations since 1962. it creates your own personalized sound environment or helps to mask background noises and the result is better sleep, office privacy, soothing for kids and adults and even for sound sensitive dogs, huge assortment you will find online starting at $10. >> sound machine, not a sleep machine. we need someone to invent a sleep machine. so i need help with that. a great night's sleep, great
8:26 am
sheets. these are super soft. >> they are very soft. these are peachskin sheets and what's great about these is they allow you to sleep cooler and drier because they are made from a breathable high performance athletic grade fabric that's moise wicking and so that enables you to sleep drier, more comfortable, they are incredibly soft. they come in a big range of colors and sizes and no matter the size that you choose, cecilia, what i love about this company, they are all the same price with our deal, $42.50, big choice you'll find online and feel like dr. jen teed us up. we got the deals. >> i love the colors so thank you so much. we partnered with all the companies and get them by heading directly to our website. you'll be back tomorrow with so much more coming up. one of our favorites, derek hough is joining us live. stay with us. favorites, derek hough is joining us live. stay with us.
8:27 am
>> good morning. starting today, all sonoma county workers must be vaccinated or submit to weekly covid testing. county health officials expanded the order four weeks ago. let's get a check on traffic. >> we have a fender bender in the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza and already metering lights were on early and you're stacked up for the maze and 880 continues to be a problem. an earlier accident northbound near highway 92 has been cleared to the right shoulder. very slow traffic back to fremont where we have a new accident northbound at operator. >>
8:28 am
homelessness, housing, taxes, water, electricity, crime, wildfires. [sfx: bear roar] gavin, you've failed. we have to immediately cut taxes twenty-five percent. fix housing and homelessness. and make life in california affordable again. i'm a businessman, the only cpa running. shouldn't we choose ability this time?
8:29 am
do you think john cox will be a better governor than gavin newsom? [sfx: bear roar] does a bear sh*t in the woods? >> another dangerous and exhausting day as critical far condition through 11:00 tonight. air wally will be horrible the next 24 to 48 hours. you can see toward sunset, some haze fan develops as smoke -- as smoke develops and increases. tomorrow is not a spare the air day but looking hazy or tomorrow. a lot cooler than average. we stawa hoteoast. >> another update and 30
8:30 am
minutes. ♪ welcome to my house ♪ welcome back. as you know around the country they're become in school, many for the first time in more than a year and amy robach here with that. >> good morning. that's right. school is just around the corner, in fact, my daughter also off to college with so many others. wait. what is happening? i'm confused. why is this coming out? guys, what's happening now? >> oh. >> just wanted to sneak in. >> you know what. >> that worked. >> got you, michael.
8:31 am
>> there's something wrong with everybody here. everybody. you can't do that to me. >> he's suspecting something. he said how come i don't have any -- >> i was the only one without. >> michael, you recognize these guys. >> i recognize these guys and i realize what's going on because they would never wear my jersey for no reason. they all love that me much. >> it's eli manning -- did- didd have any idea why your teammates are here today? >> i think so. jersey retirement, maybe. maybe that's it. >> smaller than you look. >> i will tell you this, you know, wouldn't be possible without these three. they are all very instrumental in my career. and, you know, i know eli is getting his retired as well and i carried all three of these
8:32 am
guys throughout their career. [ laughter ] this works out perfectly. >> we have a big surprise for you because -- >> there's more. >> in honor of your amazing career, the giants are retiring your jersey as you knew that. no one will ever wear 92 on the giants again. s that's happening right there. metlife stadium. home of the giants we are announcing the giants are officially retiring your jersey on november 28th, big blue faces the philadelphia eagles. >> mark your calendars. >> a good week. wow. >> jon runyan is going to be there, i think. >> surprised that none of you gave it up. i saw jesse at jim's golf tournament. you didn't say a word. [ laughter ] >> michael. >> this morning. >> i gotth deyo ave s
8:33 am
in the hall of fame, you're a super bowl winner. explain why it means so much to have your jersey retired. >> i mean that is like the ultimate respect from your team. it's like you did so much in that number, what you represented, not just on the field but off the field and the community for the team that we want to honor you by making sure not that no one else ever wears that number. that's not the important thing but that number is significant and attached to you and what you have done in new york so i'm honored by it. i'm really stunned and i know a lot of people are thinking, he must have known. i had no idea so i'm a little stunned but i'm just -- i'm thankful to have guys like this who have always been there for me who have taken time out of their busy lives and schedules to be here to surprise me with this and actually i know wearing
8:34 am
that number 92 -- enjoy. kind of looks good on you. >> talked about significance and giants fans will now the significance of having your jersey rear tired during an eagles game. we should point out, you sacked eagles quarterbacks more than anyone on any other team. special moment. they're not here this morning because they might still be recovering. you like how they did that. >> that was the one team i think all of us -- probably the biggest rivalry we had and it's special. if i had my number retired and we were playing in philly -- [ laughter ] it would be a lot of beeping going on as to what's being said to me. significant with the eagles being the opponent and a lot of respect. the reason i had success against them they challenged me to be the best player i could be and eli said jon runyan may be there
8:35 am
but that guy made me a much better player which is why i beat up on him so bad. >> we don't see the trash-talking michael on set but you're already bringing it out. >> this one here is who you don't see -- >> this guy, he was the best. and, you know, i knew the name mayim before i came to the giants and now about him and i walked in that locker room. definitely heard him before i saw him. he was talking and chirping all the time. what i appreciated is he brought it to the practice field and no one practiced harder, no one worked harder. for a young guy coming in see aing a guy in his 12th year bringing it every single day saying i got to match his intensity, you saw why he had success on the field because of the way he prepared, the way he practiced. the way his mind set was to get better every single day and know that's why he's had success in everything he does because of his work ethic. [ applause ]
8:36 am
>> nicest thing you've ever said to me. >> it's on tape. jesse, michael schools me in football almost every day but he has never told me the story that i heard coming into work this morning that you used to talk to his socks before the games. is this true? >> well, you know, michael did a lot of things, you know. [ laughter ] i called him mean me, you know. >> what? >> that's his name. you know, one thing about him, a great player but on top of that the nfl implemented a new rule for timing. never had to worry about him doing that because he runs away from the play and says, look at me. [ laughter ] >> i will say jessie is the most instinctual football player i ever played with. amazing, firecracker. got me out of a rut when i was and he's the only one that could have gotten me out of that rut and one thing i will say, the
8:37 am
biggest thing i learned about jessie, there is no "i" in team but there is m-e. >> you've said that you treated michael like an old fart. but you did have an emotional talk after super bowl 42. tell bus that. >> well, you know, the whole old fart thing started because me and one of my teammates osi. one day before practice i said like, i'm just going to kick michael out of the league because eli said this guy would always -- he prepared better than any -- you would think after being a player this long he would take a break and give the younger guys opportunity on the field. stra would never let me get any reps in practice. i made up in my own mild we were going to kick strahan out of the league so literally our narrative -- he has you fooled by the way. you see him all buttoned up in these suits but this guy is the
8:38 am
most competitive trash-talking person i've ever been around in my life so you got to learn how to give it back to him so my thing was i'm going to kick him out of the league. that's the only way i'll get an opportunity to play but after the super bowl we gave him a hard time. he gave it back. after that we had a moment of just appreciation. appreciation get an opportunity to watch this craftsman, you know, teach us how to be better pro, better donald trump players and a lot -- we all can have stories about how our success after he left was predicated on what we learned from him while he was there and till this day he is still one of these people we watch and everything he's doing outside of football and we try to do that in our lives, as well. >> that's beautiful. >> they used to call me old man. not only they say we kick you out of the league, old man. we gonna kick you out of the league old man but what they didn't realize i had to be that competitive just not necessarily
8:39 am
with them but to myself. i'm watching young guys, bigger, stronger, faster and wanted to keep up and not be a disappointment to them and i knew coming in being what, 13, 14, 15 years in the league i never wanted them to look back and say, i remember when you were still good and i'm still sitting there. i wanted them to be professionals and carried the torch and wonder woman a super bowl four years after i left and have more rings than i do. these guys are phenomenal human beings. [ applause ] >> congratulations to you. what an honor to have your jersey retired. >> you got me. somebody will pay for this. >> we will watch sunday, november 28th and we'll be right back.
8:40 am
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we are back with the "dancing with the stars" judge who is now kicking off his own las vegas residenresidency, der hough. you have an aememememem the list so long. season 30. how is that possible? >> unbelievable. i mean, it just goes to show how popular the show is and it's just getting better and better honestly each season and this season, i cannot wait. i've rod heard some of the cast, i've heard more of the cast
8:43 am
well. i can't share with you but it's going to be an incredible cast this season. >> that is a tease so we had two members on suni lee and jojo siwa. jojo is partnering with a woman. the first time we'll see that on the show. how excited are you to see with what they come up with? >> i'm very excited. seeing two females dance with each other isn't a surprise but very common. we're actually trained in london, england, in the uk there's all female competitions where they dance ballroom with each other sew it's a pretty common thing in the ballroom world so i'm excited for america to see this. you know, on "dancing with the stars" i think it will be fantastic and also going to bring out a lot of great creativity so it's going to be great and looking forward to it. jojo is a great dancer so i think it's going to be good. >> she definitely brings it. if you could in your dream world as a judge bring any star, celebrity to come in and guest judge have you thought about who
8:44 am
it might be? >> you know, i might call my friend jennifer, j. lo, we've judged with each other before. we worked with each other. i'll get her out there. i think she would be fantastic and know she -- we know she loves dance. >> she would kill it and be so great on the show. speaking of killing it you are preparing for your residency in las vegas. congratulations to that. that is a huge -- that's going to be such a huge show. i know you danced on stages all over the world. what is it like to have one. >> there is an absolute dream come true. my mom loved there for 20 years and went down the strip and looking at the shows and signs and dreaming to have my own show there one day and here we are. i'm so excited. i have a live band, the most incredible dancers, all-star cast, you know, motown music, rock 'n' roll, latin dancing, ballroom, contemporary tap. truly is a show for everybody. updating the costumes making
8:45 am
them really over the top and very vegas and it's going to be an amazing show. i can't wait and the fun thing is i'm actually be judging "dancing with the stars" and do my shows in vegas at the same time so going back and forth so it's going to be a lot of fun. it's definitely come check it out at the venetian hotel and resort in las vegas. >> yeah, did we get you a billboard on the strip yet? >> yeah, yeah, i was just there the other day and big old billboard up there. absolute dream come true and beautiful, beautiful hotel. beautiful room where i'll be performing at on the stage and, yeah, it's going to be full out. it's called no limit because there's no limit, this show doesn't stop. it's going to be a high intensity show. >> so amazing. i got to ask about tiktok. you have a massive following, 5 million followers. we see you and girl hailey dancing on tiktok all the time. did you have to put work into
8:46 am
the videos. >> sometimes but really it's just stream of thought. it's just as you can see here we make our dog watch our tiktok. >> captive audience. >> oh, my gosh. captive audience. it truly is a place for me to be an absolute dork. >> i wouldn't call you a dork. >> i'll put you to work quickly. i think the control room is going to pup i a video. we want you to judge this in real time here. best judging skills, give us your score for what she's dancers that you may or may not have seen before. how are they doing? >> i'm quite disappointed in the gentleman's -- his attire. he needs to tuck his shirt in. looks like he's sweating and perspiring, good footclock. together and in sync not bad. she's better than him. i'll give her a 10. i'll give him a 5 or 6. >> derek, we always love having
8:47 am
you, congratulations on everything. season 30, we're so excited. derek hough, no limits kicks off september 22nd in vegas and tune in right here to "gma" on wednesday, september 8th when we'll reveal. he mentioned it the full "dancing with the stars" lineup. live from disneyland resort in southern california. you heard it from here. it's going to be good. over to rob now. >> thanks so much. >> hey, cecilia, luckily you won't see my footwork. numbers for seasonal rainfall. done with summer meteorologically speaking, two feet even for new york, second wettest summer on record. newark, hartford, worcester and boston with the third wettest summer on record and half a foot today
8:48 am
coming up we have fun in simple science experiments to do with your kids. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
8:49 am
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♪ we are back with cool kid activities at "good housekeeping," amazing science, 83 hands on experiments for curious kids and there's chief technologist and director, rachel rothman. good morning to you. thank you for joining us on "gma." >> good morning, thank you so much for having me. i love talking science. >> we love talking science with you. they are described as steam..- what does that mean? >> steam stands for science, technology, engineering, art and math makes and all will bring science to life for kids to make
8:51 am
it fun and edge gauging. >> when you make it fun for kids they want to learn and be more engaged. we'll start off with this one. this one is all about the bubble. show us what we got. >> yes, so here we're teaching kids about this. three spoon fulls of bubble and pour and dip your paper straw inside to get the tip and and aa play require trial and rearer. they will blow a bubble. >> that's cool. >> and then they'll blow another bubble next to it. what we're teaching them is a bubble is a perfect sphere and trying to be as efficient as possible and using as little surface area as possible. >> my bubbles connected. >> you'll form this beautiful hexagonal shape. if they want to try challenging put it inside and do a bubble within a bubble and keep building it out. like i said it may pop and that's okay. just keep on moving and trying
8:52 am
and if necessary, they can add a little bit more solution. a fun interactive way to learn that. >> i'm not a kid but not ready for a bubble in a bubble. that's too advanced. >> it took me a few attempts but my record is five so five bubbles within a bubble. try it at home. i know you're a little competitive so game on. >> you'll show us the next one is different. we'll mix them like a rainbow. tell us about this one. >> yes, teaching kids that like dissolves like. if you put food coloring inside of water it dissolves and creates beautiful water. what if you add it into something that has fat. this milk is whole milk. we will adding all these drops around. eventually we'll make this beautiful pollockesque artwork and i'll stop and get ready, add
8:53 am
the soap and see what happens when you add the soap. you see it repelled. it's the same concept if you have a greasy dish it will break it up and come back in a minute and see this beautiful art work we've been able to create so teaching them about like dissolving like. next up my favorite one. here we're teaching them -- >> we have to make it quick. >> how does it rain? so we would add the foam and here this is the shaving cream. and add drops of the food coloring and eventually if you keep on adding it you'll see it's going to start to rain so again a really beautiful way to teach them how does it rain and about condensation. kids, enjoy all the experiments at home. >> rachel rothman, thank you so much.
8:54 am
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>> building a better bay area. finding solutions. >> good morning. a look at traffic. >> we have got a couple of trouble spots still lingering. we had an earlier accident northbound on 80 near highway 92 in hayward. that has been cleared. now i knew accident before highway 107, backing things to 101. brian: -- >> first day of september. it feels like fall. temperatures anywhere from 6-10 degrees below average. cool tomorrow. the we warm friday. at the time we know it, the
9:00 am
holiday weekend is here and it is hot away from the coast. is hot away from the coast. >> we will be [theme music] deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, president bill clinton and bestselling author, james patterson. plus actress, julianna margulies. and the laundry guy is here to show us how to get everything squeaky clean. all next on live. and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [applause] hey! watch out for the carpet. good morning. sorry, i'm eating. -i smell nut butter. -i'm eating nut butter. i smell butter of nut. is that peanut butter? i think so. it's a piece of a protein bar. i know. i know. but i had to. i'm starving. my favorite combination is chocolate and peanut butter, chocolate and peanut butter is perfection. have you seen the new reese's peanut butter cups that are peanut butter wrapped in peanut?


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