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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 1, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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aircrews are making the water drops, and the fire is moving away f tonight, the deadly storms slamming the east as we come on the air. several reported tornadoes. and now tornado watches and flash flood alerts from virginia right up into the northeast. d.c., philadelphia, new york city up to boston. those reported tornadoes already touching down in maryland and virginia. a flooded school bus evacuated near pittsburgh. and more than 100ing vae waited and at least one dead when flash flood waters rush into an apartment complex. rob marciano timing this out in the hours ahead. there is also news coming in now, authorities moments ago on the deadly school shooting in north carolina. just as the school year gets under way. the school on lockdown. pierre thomas with late reporting. the worsening crisis in louisiana. hundreds of thousands still without power. worries over food, clean water and fuel.
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matt gutman on the ground tonight. the major news this evening involving abortion rights. in texas, a new law taking effect. one of the most consequential challenges groet roe versus wade. that state effectively banning most abortions. so far, the supreme court has not stepped in. rachel scott live in texas. >> reporter: thr three police officers and two paramedics now charged in the debt of elijah mcclain. placed in a choke hold and injected with ketamine. the wildfire emergency. 86 fires across 11 states. new evacuations tonight. more than 4,000 first responders trying to get control of the caldor fire, threatening more than 30,000 homes and buildings in the lake tahoe area. tonight, the taliban in afghanistan releasing video it says shows their fighters in u.s. military vehicles left behind. and tonight, america's top general and his message today in
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deeply personal terms. martha raddatz is here tonight. and the search and rescue mission under way after a u.s. navy helicopter crashes off the coast. one crew member found alive, five still missing tonight. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy wednesday night. we begin tonight with severe weather, the threat as we come on the air. in fact, a tornado watch was issued in new york city just moments ago. new york through parts of connecticut. these are all from storms from what was hurricane ida, now racing up the coast tonight. deadly flooding and several reported tornadoes. in fact, those tornado watches in parts of the east and what's being called a high risk alert for flash flooding in much of the northeast tonight. those tornado watches in seven states. this one reported near annapolis, maryland, today. debris flying through the sky in front of this driver.
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damage littering the road after it passed. the rain triggering flash flooding and high water rescues in rockville, maryland. and near pittsburgh, children were rescued from their school bus trapped on a flooded road. again, watches and alerts from virginia right up through washington, d.c., new york and boston. and authorities are warning of significant and life-threatening flooding into the night. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano leading us off. >> reporter: tonight, remnants of ida wreaking violent havoc on the northeast, spawning a nflury of tornado warnings near baltimore. >> we are tracking multiple tornado-warned cells. you can see lots of polygons firing up. >> reporter: this tornado spotted near annapolis. our janai norman just after the storms passed. >> this home completely without a roof. officials tell us multiple homes
3:34 pm
and businesses damaged and now there's a concern about gas leaks from underground lines. >> reporter: this waterspout spotted by a boat in edgewater, maryland. the national weather service issuing an extremely rare high risk alert for flash flooding, up to a foot in spots. this after powerful storms rocking the washington, d.c. area overnight. just before 4:00 a.m. in rockville, maryland, floodwaters overtaking this apartment complex. maryland families racing to get out. >> like the whole living room was floated, it was literally rushing to our rooms. >> reporter: rescuers helping dozens to safety. tragically, one person killed and another unaccounted for. some 150 residents now displaced. and near pittsburgh, first responders in boats pulling kids off this school bus. >> just incredible scenes all day. rob with us tonight and rob, this tornado watch that just went up here in new york city up into connecticut and potentially dangerous night ahead for much of the northeast. >> reporter: that's for sure, david. it goes until 1:00 a.m. the next few hours will be
3:35 pm
indeed dangerous. we had numerous tornado warnings out. one of the west side of philly and now on the east side of philly. you see the red inside those yellow boxes. we've got a flash flood emergency around the philadelphia area for heavy rain. that low, that's the remnant low of ida. that will spin across the i-95 corridor. the heaviest rain will be for the next few hours through midnight or so and clearing out quickly tomorrow, but that rain will be heavy at times and we have saturated ground. that pink area in through connecticut, a high risk of seeing river flooding. if you live near a small stream, that may rise quickly overnight. so, be aware before you go to sleep if you're in a flood zone. david? >> rob, your live picture says it all tonight. thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to the deadly school shooting and authorities just a short time ago on the shooting in winston-salem, north carolina. just as this new school year begins. and tonight, news of the suspect just coming in. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, an intensive manhunt underway as a
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student was fatally shot at a winston-salem high school, the nightmare scenario at the beginning of the school year. the suspect, identified as a student, initially on the run. reports of shots fired at mt. ta t tabor high school came in at 12:07. >> i need you to make sure that we get the entire building searched. and then we'll move out to the grounds. >> reporter: initial reports of a student injured as police and fire and rescue flood the scene. >> do we have anybody that can form a rescue team to go get the student that's been shot? >> reporter: the school immediately placed on lockdown. terrified parents gathering nearby. then the horrible news. the winston-salem police chief barely able to speak. >> medical responders began life-saving measures and the injured student was transported to wake forest university baptist medical center where he succumbed to his injuries. >> i haven't cried in a while, but i've been crying since i
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left the hospital. >> reporter: word just in, the suspect was arrested without incident. david, tonight, the governor of north carolina expressing his deep concern. this is the second shooting at a north carolina school this week. david? >> all right, pierre thomas live in washington. pierre, thank you. meantime, in louisiana tonight, hundreds of thousands are still without power and tonight, for some, there is now a desperate need for the basics. food, clean water and fuel. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman on the ground again tonight. >> reporter: first came that storm bearing 150-mile-per-hour winds and destruction. and tonight, that new crisis, the scramble for the basic necessities of life. you see it in miles long lines for gas, in the lines to buy generators and on the faces of hurricane survivors. >> we just lost it all. we ain't got nowhere to live, and then, we ain't got no food. >> reporter: food, water, shelter and fuel all desperately scarce. >> there's nothing open all the way through baton rouge.
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we were lucky to find this. >> reporter: it's been four days since that hurricane slammed through here and still, all of this sludge brought in from the storm surge remains. folks are starting to clean up, but these streets are still canals. and everywhere you look here in southeastern louisiana, you see destroyed or those tilting power poles. we drove through another flooded neighborhood in laplace, finding amy thomas and her family. how are you bathing? >> bottled water. >> reporter: and for mothers across louisiana like amy, the biggest worry -- their kids. >> not being able to cook properly, to eat properly. i just was overwhelmed. >> reporter: utility companies say there could be weeks more of this. a forest's worth of power poles down and thousands of miles or power lines. no electricity and no water is bringing critical infrastructure to its knees. terrebone hospital in houma now fully evacuated. but tonight, some signs of hope. more than 20,000 electric workers descending on new orleans. those crews restoring one of
3:39 pm
eight transmission lines that power the city, turning the lights back on for 85,000 customers. >> and we're going to stay on this. matt, we know there are still nearly a million customers wouts power. it could be out for weeks and i know many are now turning to generators and authorities are growing more and more concerns over carbon monoxide poisonings? >> reporter: david, ems officials here are reporting a 180% rise in their call volume, partly driven by those carbon monoxide poisonings. and today in new orleans, we learned that 12 people were hospitalized, including seven children, for carbon monoxide poisoning. we're at a gas station here and with our drone, you can see that line snaking about a half a mile in that direction. people telling me they've been waiting 4 1/2 hours for gas. most of them to fill gas cans for their generators. that's one reason officials here are bracing themselves for more of those poisonings. david? >> yeah, that fuel line really says everything. matt gutman again tonight. thanks to you and the team. meantime tonight, a new law
3:40 pm
in texas effectively banning nearly all abortions in that state. it took effect at midnight. the new law, one of the most direct challenges to roe versus wade and this new law authorizes private sit essentials to sue anyone who helps a woman obtain abortion services. all eyes on the supreme court now, but so far, it has taken no action. abc's rachel scott in texas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the most restrictive abortion law in the country has gone into effect in texas, banning nearly all abortions in the state. it's one of the most consequential challenges yet to the landmark roe versus wade decision. president biden tonight blasting the texas law as "extreme," stating it will "significantly impair women's access to the health care they need." >> hands off our bodies! >> reporter: protesters in houston and austin today calling for a stop to the ban. >> abortion is -- >> health care! >> reporter: advocates hoping the supreme court will step in, but so far, the high court has
3:41 pm
not taken any action on an emergency request to block the law. >> what the supreme court is letting happen, essentially a de facto end to roe v. wade. >> reporter: and so, as of today in texas, "a physician may not knowingly perform or induce an abortion if the physician detects a fetan heartbeat," which could be as early as six weeks into a pregnancy and before some women even know they are pregnant. there are no exceptions for rape or incest, only for medical emergencies. tonight, supporters of the measure praising texas for being the first and only state to implement such a law. >> we're very happy this law is going into effect because many, many, many babies will be saved. >> reporter: but the law is not enforceable by the state. instead, it empowers private citizens anywhere in the u.s. to sue anyone who performs or even helps a woman get an illegal abortion in texas. and if successful, they can receive $10,000 at minimum. david, those private lawsuits run the risk of bankrupting providers and forcing them to shut down. the supreme court could still
3:42 pm
weigh in on this. and the lead attorney that is challenges this case tells us tonight that he is holding out hope they will respond in the next few days. david? >> rachel scott live in texas tonight. rachel, thank you. next here this evening, three police officers and two paramedics have now been charged in the death of elijah mcclain, the young black man walking home, officers stopping him, claiming he was acting suspiciously. he was placed in a choke hold, paramedics injecting him with cat that mean. he went into cardiac arrest and later died. here's abc's marcus moore. >> reporter: two years after elijah mcclain's death following a takedown on this dark colorado street, a grand jury indicting three aurora police officers and two paramedics on charges of manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. >> we're here today because elijah mcclain is not here and he should be. >> reporter: officers stopped the 23-year-old massage therapist as he walked home from a corner store. a 911 caller reported he looked suspicious. >> i don't know. he looks sketchy.
3:43 pm
>> reporter: mcclain's family saying he wore a mask because his anemia often left him feeling cold. >> stop right there. hey, stop right there. stop, stop. stop. >> i have a right to go where i'm going. >> i have a right to stop you because you're being suspicious. >> reporter: officers grabbed elijah, later claiming he tried to grab the officer's gun. during the encounter, police using a carotid chokehold to subdue mcclain as he pleaded for his life. >> i can't breathe. i'm just different. that's all. i'm so sorry. i have no gun. i don't do that stuff. >> reporter: paramedics then injected mcclain with ketamine, a powerful sedative. mcclain stopped breathing and six days later was taken off life support. >> elijah mcclain! >> reporter: with outrage building during last summer's protests for racial justice, the governor ordering a criminal investigation. tonight, elijah's mother reacting to the indictment. >> it is a step toward justice because, you know, i'll still praying for them to be in prison.
3:44 pm
my son's murderers and their accomplices all need to be in prison for what they did to him. >> reporter: david, the aurora police association tonight saying mcclain died from a combination of his decision to violently resist arrest and a pre-existing heart condition, saying, our officers did nothing wrong. david? >> marcus moore tonight. thank you, marcus. we turn now to the taliban in afghanistan and tonight, the new images of the taliban in u.s. military vehicles that had been provided to the afghan army that collapsed in just days. and tonight here at home, america's top general, mark milley, on the end of the war and his message, in deeply personal terms, especially to u.s. troops who served in afghanistan. here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: they left in darkness. the last u.s. service members seen in these new images, loading into the c17 quietly, quickly. hundreds of them packed into the cargo plane, leaving the misery of afghanistan behind. and today, the taliban
3:45 pm
triumphant, parading through kandahar in u.s.-supplied armored vehicles. a painful legacy for gold star families and the more than 800,000 americans who have served in afghanistan, including the chairman of the joint chiefs. >> i have walked the patrols and been blown up and shot at and rpged and everything else. this is tough stuff. war is hard. it's vicious, it's brutal, it's unforgiving and yes, we all have pain and anger. and when we see what has unfolded over the last 20 years and over the last 20 days, that creates pain and anger. and mine comes from 242 of my soldiers killed in action over 20 years in iraq and afghanistan. so yeah, i have that. >> reporter: general milley, like others in the administration, was stunned how quickly the taliban took over, overwhelming the afghan army. >> how we got to this moment in afghanistan will be analyzed and studied for years to come. and we in the military will approach this with humility, transparency and candor.
3:46 pm
there are many tactical, operational and strategic lessons to be learned. >> and martha raddatz back here with us again tonight. and martha, the general sending a message directly to the american troops, veterans and their families across this country? >> reporter: david, you could really see the emotion on his face, but the chairman made one thing very clear. he said for any soldier, sailor, airman and marine and your families, your service mattered and it was not in vain. david? >> martha raddatz with us again tonight. thank you, martha. we continue to report here on the growing emergency in the west. 86 fires tonight across 11 states and more than 4,000 first responders now trying to get control of the caldor fire, threatening more than 30,000 homes and buildings in the lake tahoe area. a thick layer of smoke hanging over western nevada, in fact, new evacuations there tonight. abc's kayna whitworth on the front lines again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, firefighters desperately trying to rein in the caldor blaze. after days of low humidity and high winds fueling those erratic flames.
3:47 pm
>> the winds weren't consistent, they were going from one direction one minute and going to another direction another minute. >> reporter: tonight, more than 4,000 first responders hoping to get the upper hand on a fire that's still just 20% contained. this is the kind of work they're doing. they're removing trees and they're chopping them up to try to stop the forward progress of this fire. the inferno threatening over 30,000 structures in the tahoe area, already destroying hundreds of homes. and this video showing smoke moving across the skies of nevada, where new evacuations are now in place. >> you just hope that it's still going to be around when we come back, but right now, anything could happen. >> reporter: david, fire officials say it's a double-edged sword. as this wind moves in, it allows them to do the water drops, and that will really help them get more containment on the fire. david? >> kayna whitworth tonight. kayna, thank you. and now to the pandemic. child hospitalizations surging to levels not seen before. nearly 104,000 people now
3:48 pm
hospitalized covid. a seven-month high in this country. and this number. nearly 340 children are now being brought to hospitals with covid every day. in tennessee, schools in two counties tonight closed for intensive cleaning through next week because there were so many covid cases. late today, the fda now announcing its independent advisory committee will review pfizer's application for a booster shot, that third shot, on september 17th, three days before the white house suggested that the program would be ready to roll out. when we come back here tonight, the search and rescue mission under way. a u.s. navy helicopter crashing off the coast of san diego. and we'll have more on that tornado watch right here in new york city. when my brother passed away. and a couple of years later, my mother passed away. after taking care of them, i knew that i really wanted to become a nurse. amazon helped me with training and tuition. today, i'm a medical assistant
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we continue to track these storms in the northeast. the tornado watch in new york city. let's get right back to rob. rob? >> reporter: hey, david. i'm concerned there's a tornado in philly, moving to the northeast at 40 miles an hour. flood watch and tornado watch in a densely populated area. everyone who lives in this zone, turn their emergency phone alerts on before they hunker down for the night. david? >> rob, thank you. take this seriously. and we'll see you right back here tomorrow. i'm david muir. good night. >> that breaking news is
3:59 pm
evacuations happening right now because of this fire burning in the lucas valley area of marin county. sky seven is live over the scene. firefighters say this is slow to spread right now. slow to moderate pace, fueled by dry grass and trees. this is in unincorporated marin county, putting out a ton of snow. evacuation orders, issued for some areas of lucas valley. so far about 25 people have been evacuated. the fire has burned at least 20 acres right now. no containment. active flames right there. helicopters have been dropping water, making several passes over the head of the fire. as far as putting a lot of smoke open the marin county area, many residents have been telling us they see or smell smoke in their neighborhoods. cornell barnard checks in with us from his home nearby, saying the fire is burning away from houses, but still pretty nerve-racking. >> that is in fact what we sow.
4:00 pm
you saw the subdivisions, then above that, in the hills above them, you have the fire burning uphill for now, away from the homes. here's more from cornell on what's happening. we don't have him right now, buh we will get to it in a little bit. we want to give you a live look from sky 7. you can see near the top, a lot of fire engines there. drops of water and retardants. this fire in the lucas valley every of marin county has burned about 20 acres. about 25 people have been evacuated. they are saying limited evacuations right now. we will keep an eye on this and bring you updates as they come into our newsroom. other breaking news, new video from cal fire showing the dangerous conditions at the caldor fire. flames and smoke rising up from a hell skip on this drive. a red flag warning remains in effect until 11:00 p.m. tonight.