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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 1, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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only from nature's bounty. anchor: the fight to save tahoe and was another day. everything is going at the counterpart to get it under control. less than two weeks from california's recall election and two of governor newsom's challengers are stumping hard to replace him. co-anchor: waking up to a shock. in east bay homeowner is fighting after wildlife ripped up his front yard. look at this. a new grant focusing on the vietnamese community and the south bay. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. co-anchor: we will start the containment line starting to increase. anchor: optimism from firefighters as they dig into safe communities in tahoe from the caldor fire. i am co-anchor: dates. co-anchor:i dan ashley. as many as 200 people have been
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evacuated out of their homes. because of the why fire burning in marin county. it is burning in an open space area in unincorporated marin, putting up a lot of smoke dean and smelled from oz away. this fire started just after 2:00 this afternoon. cal fire says it has burned 30 acres spreading at a slow to moderate rate. it is 20% contained. firefighters are taking no chances, ordering care drops from helicopters and airplanes. we just received an update from the fire department of marin county not long ago. here is good news. >> we have the fog bank off the coast. that is a bit of the wind and in the lighter fields, that was a challenge. it is cooperating at the moment. the winds calmed down. we are making progress. dan: the chief says he anticipates lifting the evacuations by sunset so not too long from now. a couple more hours. local leaders say they are thankful for further response and a reminder of the dangerous fire conditions californians
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need to be ready for. >> we know what is happening throughout northern california right now on a massive scale. none of these areas are immuno. we have to stay on alert and we have to take the precautions. dan: several airplanes and helicopters have been assigned to the fire, making nonstop passes, dropping water and a bright red fire retardant. we will bring you an update on containment efforts as soon as we get more information for you but we are on it. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is here with a look at conditions near the fire in marin county. drew: we have to remember the next two months is when the fire danger is highest. at and october is when the vet at -- vegetation is dries and wins can be gusty. right now, 101 on the right-hand side of your screen. you can also see lucas valley road and we are seeing temperatures right now in the upper 60's so it is not too hot right now. the winds are out of the south.
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they're gusting close to 20 miles an hour but as the sun goes down, the winds will back off as well. it is a good reminder, most of us are an exceptional drought right now. our vegetation is extremely dry. it takes one spark to create these fires out of control. firefighters are getting a handle on the fire. dan: thank you very much for the update. you may notice during fire coverage on the bottom left of the screen is a qr code. you can scan it and it will pull up the abc 7 wildfire tracker and follow the major fires across the state and track the air quality for you neighbor hood. anchor: the caldor fire is threatening homes in lake tahoe. a red flag warning is in effect until 11:00. the fires crossed over the -- containment has improved to 20% per day. evacuation orders for the pollock pines area have been downgraded to an evacuation warning.
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live in the area with the latest on the caldor fire. wayne. wayne: an interesting day. let's begin with what we have heard from wildfires in describing this place. they call it stubborn, tenacious, unpredictable. that is a big word. unpredictable. that is affecting everyone in the region. >> we are paying the price f the extended period of drought. spot fires, everyone is taking off. w spot fires can be likeayne: calfire troop how to ground. they want in upper mars to make sure they never have a return. as fires fighters tell us, this is work that must be done every single hotspot. there are thousands. in a christmas valley, once modifier -- one spotfire turn it trees into torches and launched embers into the sky.
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they threatened neighborhoods downwind and a christmas valley on the other side of highway 89 or more flames moved down from yet another fire above highway 50. two flaming bridges, one vulnerable area in between. anchor: they're all a threat. i can't tell you which is here. the entire fire is of concern and a priority. wayne: and as we come back live in myers, look over my shoulder, a rage there. over on the other side of that ridge, that is where the flames are. not a lot of smoke right now. that is good. the heat to keep the fire on the other side. live in myers, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. anchor: we hope that happens. air quality has been an issue clearly for the past several days. how the fire crews handling that? wayne: i think the fire crews are handling it fine. they are used to it. they have the apparatus in need if they are getting in the bad stuff. they seem to be doing ok.
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i was wearing a mask yesterday. it could indicate there more used to it than some of our roads. anchor: thank you, wayne. our team coverage continues with abc 7 news meteorologist drew tracking the conditions in tahoe. drew: watching two areas closely around kirkwood and in the hills above myers where wayne freedman was talking about. zooming in, there is the northeastern end of the fire, the perimeter outlined in red. the winds will push continually to the north and east. what we are watching, the winds will shift later on tonight the winds close to midnight, lighter but more of a southeasterly direction. that will try and push the fire closer down into the base end. news, calfire has been working this area extensively over the past 24 hours. building lines with their dozers to prevent that from happening. another thing they will try to do, the tamarac fire, that started in july. the burn scar on the right-hand side of the screen, they will steer the fire into the burn scar.
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that would be a natural break. to kirkwood, we go. officials have told us the fire has not needed into kirkwood proper but it is very close. we will do with some good news. containment on the western side of this fire has been high. in fact in the last hour, we have seen evacuation orders downgraded to evacuation warnings. good news there. dan: that is good news. thank you so much. it has been a long fire season already and the toll is visible. countless homes have been lost in the flames. ryan curry introduces you to to bay area organizations that are ready to help people rise from the ashes. ryan: wildfires continue to devastate northern california. hundreds of structures have already burned, leaving many without a home. >> after losing everything i worked for and everything from all these years, it is gone. everybody says it is so irreplaceable. no. a lot of it is not. ryan: to local organizations and
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to donate thousands to support those affected by the wildfires. a director of community investment for the women's foundation in california says they gave over $200,000 last year to local agencies battling fires. she says they plan to do the same this year. >> we are hoping to make similar investments this year if not more so both providing direct relief but also providing support organizations that are doing this long-term structural solutions. ryan: most of their money goes to local shelters and programs to help those who lost their homes in the fire. >> our primary goal is to get the money out the door to communities that are closest. those that have direct access to communities that are impacted. ryan: they're not the only nonprofit. united way of northern california's representative says they are spending over 100,000 dollars each month to help those whose homes burned. >> we provide financial support to get people out of precarious housing, living in an rv or on
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their cousins so far, and into a stable, secure housing. ryan: he says government agencies like fema can give $30,000 to each person who lost their home. to get more money, united way relies heavily on donations. >> it is crucial. the government has a clear place in this puzzle but they cannot do enough. businesses have a place but they look to nonprofits to get the services out. to these people and all of that cost money. ryan: in the bay, mariah carey. dan: abc 7 news can help you take action by providing a list of resources and ways to help those affected by the caldor fire. you can find that on our homepage, on our website, abc 7 anchor: turning to the recall election, we are less than two weeks away. a new poll is giving hope to governor newsom that he may be able to hold onto office. this crites joins us now and covid is becoming a big issue. liz: the new survey from survey
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usa shows 51% of california voters support keeping newsom in office. 43% want to remove him. 6% remain undecided. that is white the next two weeks are going to be critical in determining the outcome of the race. he is making covid-19 and the final weeks the defining issue of his campaign. in the final stretch of the recall campaign, the governor dropping contrast between his handling of the can does pandemic and the republicans looking to replace him, pacifically larry elder. gov. newsom: he wants to end mass requirements and vaccine requirements before his first cup of tea. liz: elder says he would repeal code mandates as governor and tell cnn this. mr. elder: i don't believe the science suggests young people should be vaccinated. i don't believe young people should have to wear masks at school. i'm not sure the science has settled on that at all. liz: on twitter, newsom
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responded, writing elder is willing to get young people die. he focused on outreach to latinos and shot back. mr. elder: i'm opposed to vaccine mandates. we live in a free country. i have been vaccinated. liz: newsom's focus remains on elder but john cox made a campaign stop in san francisco today. mr. cox: i think the people of the state will say to themselves, can we get someone that is going to manage this state better? liz: with less than two weeks to go until the voting deadline, over 20% of voters have already returned her balance. paul mitchell of political data inc. says so far that is higher turnout than expected per special election, which could be good news for governors newsom. gov. newsom: something change. a lot of the democrats have gotten the news that the governor is being recalled -- at risk of being recalled. liz: many republicans might be waiting to vote in person. >> when we look at the
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outstanding balance, we see a lot of republicans and young people in a lot of latinos. those voters, if and when they vote, can really change the complexion of his final electorate. ama: this is continuing his get out the vote efforts, reaching out to minority communities and young people. he is attending tonight a virtual event with api leaders underrate. this weekend, he will campaign senator elizabeth warren at event in los angeles. dan: ok. ama: wild boars are back and look at this. they are terrorizing another east bay neighborhood. what one home earner is trying to do to protect his yard. ama: a surging problem in the south bay with drug overdoses. what is being done
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a wildfire has prompted evacuations this afternoon in lucas valley. dan: the fire department says the fire on mount lassen is holding at about 30 acres with 20% containment. the fire chief says the weather is cooperating so that is good. when's are coming down and there is a big fog bank rolling in from the coast. vaccinations could be lifted in a few hours. ama: kate larsen arrived at the fire scene in marin county to tell us what is happening. kate: idol barry road and mount lassen drive in the upper lucas valley neighborhood. there are mandatory evacuations in place from the marin neighborhood behind all these firetrucks you see here. sergeant brenton schneider is joining us live with the sheriff department. sergeant snyder, i've seen a lot of air support. it seems at this point, things are improving. sgt. schneider: we are seeing about 30 acres, 20% contained. little wind on the fire but the air support was closed and we have two helicopters here that
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have helped slow the spread of the fire. kate: we talked about evacuation warners -- warnings but have any structures burned at this moment? sgt. schneider: no structures have been burned. we are keeping the orders in place at this time. we probably see those going down to a warning but we are making sure we have everything wrapped up tight. there is no chance of a coming back in the neighborhoods. kate: it seems like already the smoke has cleared a bit from the area. there is a breeze. it is not too hot. any weather conditions you are concerned about going into the evening hours? sgt. schneider: we will have crews here all night. there should be a wind that will dissipate around 9:00 or 10:00, which should help the firefighters. kate: thank you so much. we will continue to keep you updated on this fire. live in his -- kate larsen, abc 7. ama: a reminder you're watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on abc 7 hulu live and everywhere you stream it. a while problem in the east
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bank. how would you like to wake up to find your rest ripped up? homeowner took this video after getting a visit from some animals, wild boars that decided his lawn was on the dinner menu. bar anthony spoke to the man who is now fighting back to save what is left of his front yard. >> i heard a scream and came out and i just cannot believe what i saw. laura: he told us his wife saw it first. their front lawn sunday morning look like someone had dashed it. ted: you can see the holes in the ground from where they dug up the grass with her tusks. laura: wild boars descended on his yard overnight coming down from the nearby hills. it is a phenomenon that has played itself out in years past. the wild animals interface with a domestic yard in a way that can leave serious damage. >> the resources will dry out so they will expand their search for food and water and never
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believe they end up in people's yards and gardens. laura: all the home earner can do is head off the next attack or remove the grass or garden entirely. some people even higher license trapper or try to hunting animals. that requires a depredation permit through the california department of fish and wildlife. >> if a wild pig or group of wild pigs destroys your property, you can file a wildlife incident report on our website. one of our staff will reach out to you and discuss options. laura: for now he put a green netting on his lawn to keep the boards away. he will do more and more thing. ted: absolutely we are cutting back on the watering. this was a good wake-up call. laura: it is a good move not just because of the drop but because there is nothing these animals like more than a moist, green lawn. laura anthony, abc 7 news. dan: the opioid echo -- epidemic is a deadly issue in the bay
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area. the number of accidental overdose deaths has shot up during a pandemic. health leaders in the south bay are launching a new expect fentanyl campaign to save lives. abc 7 news race and social justice reporter julie spoke with help officials today. julian: sounding the alarm on wednesday on a spike in accidental drug overdoses linked to fake pills and other narcotics >> >> laced with fennel. >> drug sellers mix it with a variety of substances including the party drugs, cocaine, and methamphetamine. individuals would not be able to detect that fentanyl is in the drugs. + julian: a coalition launching the expect fennel campaign today, spreading the word about the extremely deadly and potent synthetic opioid up to 100 times stronger than morphine. medical examiner worried the dead are younger and younger. >> we had certified 49 fennel related for tallies and that
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number in the counties going to increase. julian: the 49 recorded deaths this year outpacing the 88 recorded in 2020 and doubling the 27 debt's in 2019. the state health department reports synthetic opioid-related overdose deaths increased at an unpredictable pace in 2020 as people socially isolated and fat not made its way to the streets. >> we're seeing the same ramp up and ceric planet county as what -- santa clara county is what the east coast has experience for the last five to 10 years. >> i have lost friends and family due to overdose. julian: the concern, opioids must potent then that not but still deadly like care when disproportionately killing black residents according to 2020 data from the state. >> we give out pouches that have injectable nor can. julian: the message in 80's by the same as in the south bay. expect fed not and arm yourself --spec no.
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ama: time to check on the weather. dan: sandy patel is here. sandy? sandy: let's take a look at a live picture from our camera. the smoke from the fire is visible here. fog is rolling in and that should help the firefighters although the gusty winds do not help when you have critically dry fuels good air quality in the bay area is good along the coast but moderate far inland communities. as we are starting to see a little bit of page entering the atmosphere and that is going to continue as we go into thursday. you will notice some of the yellows indicating medium levels of smoke across our region. near the surface and then it continues into friday. the concern here is that if you
5:24 pm
are sensitive to smoke, try to avoid exposure. air-quality advisory issued for tomorrow and friday for the wildfire smoke we are looking at moderate air-quality the next two days. saturday and sunday, some areas will see an improvement just-in-time for the weekend. if you want to step outside and enjoy better air, you will be able to. it is not good, that is for sure. in tahoe, a live look. you can see how smoky it is out there. red flag warning remains up until 11 p.m. tonight for the sierra. wind gusts could be over 45 miles an hour combined with low humidity. that is concerning. hourly forecast showing you winds at 6:00 23 miles an hour. they begin to ease only to pick back up again tomorrow out of the west at 70 miles an hour. friday morning, winds will lighten up. hopefully that helps the crews out there. live doppler 7 showing the fog near the coast. we have had low clouds get about 3000 feet marine layer's. look at the temperatures.
5:25 pm
60's to 70's for most of you. this is well below average this time of year. compared to 24 hours ago, down 13 degrees in santa rosa. concord running 11 degrees cooler. tomorrow morning, starting with extensive low clouds and a little drizzle tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. in the clouds will pull away and most of you should see the sun but it is going to be hazy. morning temperatures, 40's to 50's. out the door tomorrow afternoon. looking at a mild, hazy day. 60's to low 80's. here's your accuweather 7 day forecast. we will call it hazy and below-average tomorrow. hazy friday but the warming begins and he comes in mid 90's for labor day weekend inland. 60's co-sid
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tonight, the deadly storms slamming the east as we come on the air. several reported tornadoes. and now tornado watches and flash flood alerts from virginia right up into the northeast. d.c., philadelphia, new york city right up to boston. wroo those reported tornadoes already touching down in maryland and virginia. a flooded school bus evacuated near pittsburgh. and more than 100 evacuated and at least one dead when flash flood waters rush into an apartment complex. rob marciano timing this out in the hours ahead. there is also news coming in now, authorities moments ago on the deadly school shooting in north carolina. just as the school year gets under way. the school on lockdown. pierre thomas with late reporting. the worsening crisis in louisiana.


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