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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 2, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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♪ >> right now at 6:00, histori hi flash flood emergency in the northeast, record rainfall overloading the tri-state area. >> containing the caldor fire. finally gaining ground. flames still dangerous to south lake tahoe. >> tracking your air quality closer to home. >> good morning. this is thursday, september 2, you are watching abc mornings. mike: thank you. let's talk about the air quality. we are under an air quality alert and that means air quality will be fine. there will be a ton of haze into the air but there could be unhealthy pockets.
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overall we will be ok. nice sea breeze, gusting 20 mph in oakland. coliseum north on 880 toward downtown oakland, clouds are everywhere with drizzle along the coast. mid to upper 50's mainly. by noon, finally sunshine away from the coast, mainly 60's and 70's inland toward 4:00. below average temperatures. radar in the east.......... reggie: the remnants of ida delivering a historic soaking in the northeast. >> eight people have died in this flash flooding. we are looking live at the philadelphia area and you can see vehicles submerged under the water.
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the water is very high, people waking up this morning trying to make it through all of this. looks like some people are having to be rescued. state of emergency declared in new york and new jersey and that state is also reporting tornadoes. reggie: a flash flood emergency was declared for the first time ever in new york city. look at this video of a station in brooklyn. the train stopped and people got off and faced those conditions. trains have limited service this morning. reporter: overnight, dramatic images of the historic emergency in the northeast. what is left of hurricane ida pummeling new jersey with five inches of rain per hour. at newark airport, flooded. the airport suspending all flights last night and for the
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first time ever, national weather service issuing a flash flood emergency for new york city. water rushing into the subway station. subway service halted overnight. in the bronx, two dozen cars bobbing like bath toys on the highway, this man climbing to safety out of his window. >> i was taking my time when i saw the car started floating. the car started floating. then i looked -- crazy, you know. >> this showing the damage and a southern new jersey neighborhood. the family racing to the basement when the twister approached. >> that houses what bore the brunt of the tornado. reporter: outside washington dc, a 19-year-old man died after his basement apartment flooded. residents saying the rushing water came out of nowhere. >> it was literally rushing into
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our rooms. reporter: abc news, new york. reggie: to the fire disaster in california, red flag warning expired. caldor fire continues to keep crews busy. the fire has burned 320 square miles. the flames are threatening 33,000 homes and structures. there is hope. crews have made headway with containment up to 23%. amy: they are feeling better about the fight. they are getting a break from the weather. some evacuees got to go home on the western side. firefighters kept the fire away from the heavenly and kirkwood ski resorts. the fire mostly burned in remote areas yesterday. it was a cooler night. they are feeling good about their chances. there are still hidden threats
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that could change the course of the fight. >> the wind is calming down, the temperature is dropping. those spot fires continue to be a problem. the other thing is down to trees or trees that have not fallen down but have been weakened greatly by the fire. they can fall. we want to make sure firefighters are at a safe distance from any of that. amy: another roadblock in the fight? covid. 16 firefighters had to leave the site and go home to recover and quarantine. they have more than 4000 firefighters on this. the president has approved an emergency declaration for areas affected. the resources are there. the weather is backing down. the situation is looking better than it did at the beginning of the week. reggie: heavenly is doing a similar
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thing, using snow machines in an effort to protect the grounds from wildfire. a fire chief told us crews are working around the clock. >> an all-nighter, let's call it 36 hours before you go back to bed. reggie: firefighters are worried about the thousands of hotspots popping up because of the wind. mike, what is the condition today? mike: much better than the last two days. the wind will still be blowing. it will not reach critical conditions. couple things, this is the latest perimeter plot. within one mile of heavenly. it stayed in the hills and mountains. it did not climb down to the valley, thankfully. it is freezing cold. 32 degrees, relative humidity 57%. the inversion set up, cold air
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sinking down to the valleys with warmer, drier air and faster wind above it. as the atmosphere turns over during the day, the wind will pick up, they won't reach 50 mph. maybe 18 mph at the most, west to east, which will help steer the fire away from tahoe. tomorrow, the wind will be even less, 14 mph out of the west. they still have issues. the worst of it is over as far as the critical conditions but not the smoke and air quality. i will show you that coming up. reggie: president biden has approved a request for a emergency declaration, providing direct federal assistance to communities devastated by the fire. the governor getting a briefing from calfire chief. >> firefighters are making sure no hotspots flare up after a grass fire, reported just after
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2:00 yesterday afternoon. the parched hillside quicklycklk scorched 44 acres. residents evacuated. >> i heard fire sirens coming up the street. i looked out the backyard and saw flames all along there. i grabbed my cats. by that time they were banging on my door to run out. reporter: did you think you would lose your home with flames 10 yards away? >> definitely. the wind took it up the hill. >> evacuation orders were lifted, marin county fire officials say machinery likely sparked it. you may notice on the bottom left is a qr code. you can scan it and it will pull up the abc 7 news wildfire tracker so you can follow the major fires across the state and track air quality in your neighborhood. reggie: not so fast. oversight taking a new step. a federal court naming five
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mike: let's talk about the smoke. moderate air quality now. there may be pockets that push the sensitive group but they will be isolated. we are under and air quality alert today, the most dangerous will be around tahoe. the smoke forecast is red, the second highest level. through the day with more smoke in the valleys, it turns purple
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and spreads east. look what happens tonight. some of that starts to spread back to the west as far as colfax, shingle springs. it will be a wider swath of purple through friday thanks to the winds switching. the fire danger is lessening. the air quality danger remains very high. our chance of smoke and hot temperatures this weekend, coming up. >> good morning. we have slow traffic. drive times first. 580 westbound, high winds over the ultima pass. -- ultimalatamalatam late picking up near solano avenue. that is slower than usual. 101, san rafael across the golden gate, still a nice breezy
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drive for you, san francisco. the bay bridge is looking good. san mateo bridge, 15 minutes across the causeway toward the san mateo side of things. quick look at your880 pass the oakland coliseum, traffic is moving nicely. kumasi: the wait for marvel fans is almost over. you can watch the legend of the 10 rings in theaters tonight. a lot of theaters already have showtimes tonight. it is about a man who was raised as an assassin in china before escaping to san francisco. the lead actor says it is more than an action movie. >> something deeper and that spoke to a human experience and vulnerability and intimacy rather than just playing into the action sequences, which to be fair, are a very important part of the movie. part of the movie is to embrace the beauty of all sides of
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yourself. kumasi: it has gained a reputation for a movie with asian representation. reggie: i'm looking forward to it. plus, aqua fina is always good. kumasi: a little boy with serious laughs. how he is making his classmates laugh and the most 2020 one way possible. reggie: an intruder interrupting an anniversary. the day they will nev
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reggie: federal oversight of the oakland police department is nearing its end but there is still work to do. the department has five measures
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left to complete. one involves use of force investigations. another concerns traffic stops and racial disparities. a federal judge oversight in 2003 after a series of abuses and civil rights violations. three officers and two paramedics face criminal charges in the death of elijah mcclain. he died in a police chokehold. he was unarmed, walking home from a convenience store. he died after a struggle with the officers. a colorado grand jury levied 32 counts against them, including manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide. >> grateful to everything they have done to prove my son was innocent. i am overwhelmed and shocked. reggie: the paramedics injected
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him with a lethal amount of a powerful anesthetic. "there is no evidence the severe overreaction to the case has damage the police department." kumasi: men, women and children who escaped to the taliban takeover will soon be finding homes in the u.s. across the bay area, people prepared to assist them. the nonprofit, afghans for tomorrow is organizing temporary housing, counseling and the jewish family services is connecting them with host families, job support programs and esl classes. we spoke with a couple who has been hosting refugees since 2018. >> it was so easy to foster independence. all the refugees we worked with were looking at their future. kumasi: to find out how you can
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help, go to ction. we have a section dedicated to helping afghan refugees. reggie: charlie's philosophy iss just because kids have to wear masks in school doesn't mean they cannot smile. he is using his quick wit to write jokes on masks, with his mom's help. >> make people laugh. a lot of people like jokes. so um um i want to put them on my masks so people can read them. why did the banker quit his job? he lost interest. [laughter] reggie: charlie comes up with the jokes from watching tv, reading books and from his own humor. kumasi: it's the delivery for me. [laughter] mike: would be like, bad bad joke. kumasi: i support your jokes. mike: so nice having you back.
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reggie: coming up, time to talk about the weather. as we head into the holiday weekend, things will change, some good and some not so if you do not like the heat. pretty indicative of everywhere. it is cloudy this morning. below average highs thanks to these clouds that eventually turn into hazy sunshine. coastal clouds more dominant. clouds come back tonight, pushed closer to the ground. expect more fog. less drizzle. the only place you see that is along the coast. weekend, we have cleaner air and hot temperatures. this low is well over toward edmonton, dropping that trough, bringing that onshore breeze with wind out of the north. smoke in the air quality alert. temperatures wide-ranging.
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we have 70 in san mateo. 62 in half moon bay. 65 downtown. 10 degrees warmer in san rafae e east bay, berkeley at 68. as we move inland, upper walnut creek, everyone else around 80 degrees. nowhere will need the air conditioner. you see the cool push into the central valley. tahoe with all that smoke, 73 degrees. 55 degrees tonight in redwood city. the hayes hang -- haze hangs around tomorrow. the hottest afternoon will be sunday. it will still be warmer than average on monday.
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reggie: good morning america coming up at 7:00. kumasi: they are tracking the deadly flashlight emergency back east. reggie: let's take a look at what they are seeing now. this is over new jersey. we are not seeing quite the flooding we saw in the philadelphia suburbs. the helicopter is looking for trouble spots. pretty dry this morning, which is good news. ginger's he is on the ground with an up close look on the disaster. reporter: great to be with both of you. coming up on gma, behind me, so many stranded vehicles after the water receded. we have seen fish in the street in new jersey. odd to say the least and so was the weather. 3-5 inch per hour rainfall rates. brooklyn, queens, the subways filled. eight people dead and that is expected to go up. two people in this town alone
6:23 am
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to learn more, visit kumasi: a village of tiny homes is going up in oakland. this was on the site of a large encampment. move in is set to happen in the next few weeks. reggie: a couple will never forget their 13th wedding anniversary. they were supposed to have a quiet night in when they heard a loud crash. >> oh my god!
6:26 am
all my god what do we do? reggie: julie and jeff found an alligator in the garage in north carolina. there night quickly started to feel like a real-life horror movie. >> i saw a foot, i took a step back and question myself. we see small ones everywhere. >> not nearby though. could not even go to sleep. > my a gentleman was so worked. -- my adrenaline was so worked. i kept hitting him. reggie: they tried for nearly an hour to scare the gator. a neighbor finally came over with a huge broom and they were able to get it out and back to the pond where it came from. now it knows how to get in. it will be back.
6:27 am
kumasi: i'm just thinking about the neighbor with a broom. [laughter] like. reggie: the alligator looks very calm. kumasi: it is not bothered. reggie: is it doing anything? it is just sitting. why are you here? why are you not at the olive garden? kumasi: i don't judge. reggie: more top stories coming your way. your roundup report, a new poll of california voters show the governor's for staying in office with just 12 days to go. kumasi: we told you about the driver shortages across the country. now we are seeing the scenes and the effects. reggie: mcclory mischief. the reason the federal government is looking into the iconic mcdonald's sweet treat. kumasi: live look outside as we go to break. there is. looking good outside.
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: look at this incredible video from new york city. remnants of hurricane ida hit new york and new jersey hard. other areas of the mid-atlantic, this flooding disaster now unfolding. let's look at philadelphia. this river has been overflowing. it has resulted in massive amounts of flooding in some suburban neighborhoods. farmland to subway stations, everything getting hit. kumasi: plus, controlling the caldor fire and checking the fight.
6:31 am
improving conditions helping firefighters on the front lines. reggie: good morning. you're watching abc 7 news. mike: hi, friday eve. let's look at positives. the cloud cover covering all neighborhoods. drizzle possible along the coast. that is the only place it is measurable. cloud cover will be slow to go. 50's through the morning commute. 60's with cloud cover completely back to the coast. plenty of cloud cover pushing through the golden gate and the gap and the lower elevations of the north bay. afternoon partly cloudy along the coast, 60's in san francisco, 70's around the bay, almost 80 in the east bay valleys. this evening, 60's dropping
6:32 am
quickly. rainfall amounts, more than a foot of rain from what was left of ida. kumasi: breaking news. eight people have died in new york city after the remnants of hurricane ida slammed the east coast. this is video of a rescue in the city. we want to take a live look at what is going on in philadelphia. earlier, we saw a happening here. look at this river. water is really seeping into neighborhoods in the area and causing issues for people there. flash flooding emergency had to be declared for the first time in new york city as subway stations were turned into waterfalls and midtown streets became rivers. subway service had suspended. this morning, service is limited. in the bronx, two dozen cars bobbing like bath toys on the
6:33 am
highway. one man had to climb out of his window to safety. >> driving down, then i was taking my time when i see the car start floating. the car just shut off. then i looked -- crazy. kumasi: this new video shows the damage a tornado left behind in a southern new jersey neighborhood. reggie: 400 flights canceled out of newark airport. the airport suspended flights because of the severe flooding. you can see flooding on the ground level of the terminal. it looked like a swimming pool. the airport had to divert passengers out of this area. kumasi: phil murphy is talking to george stephanopoulos on gma about the emergency. >> it was a heckuva night and we are not out of the woods. tornadoes touching down. severe flooding.
6:34 am
sadly, loss-of-life. we would beg folks to stay off the roads, stay home if you can now because we have a lot of trees to clean up, a lot of roads to clear up with stranded vehicles. all i would say is there is a lot of hurt and new jersey right now and we will be there for folks. it will be a long road to recovery but we will be there with them. kumasi: you can watch the entire interview with the new jersey governor, including his thoughts on climate change, coming up at 7:00 on gma. >> that is coming into my basement. i'm not opening that door. reggie: this disaster hits for rob marciano. you're taking a look at where his kids used to play. he calls this a horrific situation. >> if you are getting flooded,
6:35 am
you are not alone. this disaster has come home to me. i have water in the garage, in my basement, the entire lower floor of my house is flooded. i have covered these stories but never quite experienced one like this. i am not looking forward to clean up. now i know what it feels like. reggie: pretty terrible. let's check in with mike for the latest on this. mike: the heaviest of the rain is behind them but it will take several hours for the rain to gather in the creeks and streams and rivers. that is why they are still seeing flooding. you can see the rain barely holding in maine, moving into nova scotia as we speak. 2:00 yesterday, watch the yellow, orange and red, for 10 hours it rains. to the south of that, some of these supercells had tornadoes in them.
6:36 am
i was watching his twitter feed yesterday. here's a look at what is going on with the rainfall. toward edison, willowbrook, 13 inches of rain. one foot or more. some of this came down at five inches per hour. drains cannot handle that much. that is why you are seeing flooding. 292 reports of flash causing damage. we had tornadoes, nearly five reports of that. the worst is over but they will be dealing with the aftermath of flooding for the next several hours, then the cleanup for the next several weeks. kumasi: tomorrow, president biden planning to visit louisiana to survey the damage from ida and to speak with local leaders. louisiana's governor says the visit will be crucial for the president to understand the destruction by seeing it for
6:37 am
himself. later today, the president will outline the response to the storm. reggie: you can help the victims of the hurricane through the red cross. abc set up a link. kumasi: promising news on the caldor fire. winds shaping up and the fight has been intense. we are tracking what they are dealing with. amy: it was a cooler night. firefighters are getting a break in the weather. they held the fire back yesterday. firefighters were prioritizing protecting the kirkwood ski resort area. that paid off. the fire did not reach the resort. it mostly burned in remote areas. there are hidden hazards that could throw off the progress today, possibly falling trees. they may be standing now but
6:38 am
those that were weakened from the fire could come down at any time and cause problems. >> when they fall, they cast embers and they are thrown up to a half-mile away from the fire front. that can cause problems with those spot fires. amy: there were spot fires from embers near the ski resorts yesterday but firefighters got them under control. 4000 firefighters on this. they lost 16 of them yesterday to covid. they tested positive and had to go home. they had a bulldozer catch fire on the job. they have had setbacks. they are feeling confident and hopeful about heading in the right direction today. abc 7 news. reggie: you can follow the major fires across the state and track air quality in your neighborhood by getting your phone and putting it up to this qr code we
6:39 am
have on the screen. scan it, it will pull up our wildfire tracker to your screen. kumasi: amazon out with a new change to get more drivers hired. this will boost applicants by 400% they claim. reggie: new york stock exchange now, another update coming up next. kumasi: keeping tahoe blue or not. what kind of an effect might these fires have on the deep beauty of the lake? mike: my friends and i were talking about that, coming up, let's bring it back home to our air quality. hazy marine layer, smoke. moderate air quality. overall today, tomorrow, their quality advisory, what that means, as the smoke above us is actually thicker and more dangerous. as the atmosphere overturns and gets warmer today, a pocket of that could come down to select neighborhoods. overall, we should be moderate.
6:40 am
it improves this weekend when it gets hotter. that is a change. yellow and orange out there this morning. in the east bay, the south bay and the north bay into the evening, wake up tomorrow morning, a little cleaner, into the evening, you can see a cleaner push. if you want to wait till tomorrow to spend significant time outside, it will be better for you. fewer foggy areas on the road and less drizzle and other than that alert, it is pretty good. we will look at the heat for the weekend coming up. sue: good morning. trouble spots, of headlights on the east shore freeway. you are moving at a good clip. you are in a a lot of company. bay bridge toll plaza drive time from the 80 core door up by hercules all the way through the
6:41 am
backup at the meters, which were turned on at 5:45 a.m. this morning. we had a car malfunctioning near the toll plaza. it was driving and rivers. -- in reverse. the driver could not get it to stop. i have not seen any accidents. so far so good. we will check with chp on that. earlier accident on the hayward, cleared. you will find patches of slow patches past 238. on 238 itself toward 880.
6:42 am
majestic mountains... scenic coastal highways... fertile farmlands... there's lots to love about california. so put off those chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm when less clean energy is available.
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because that's power down time. reggie: a controversial abortion law in texas stays for now. the supreme court justices voted 5-4 denying an emergency appeal on the law. this bans abortions once a heartbeat is detected, normally at six weeks, before some women
6:44 am
know they are pregnant. the law took effect yesterday. it is the strictest law against abortion since the roe v. wade decision in 1973. happening today, a new pro-gun law is also going into effect in texas allowing most residents who legally own a firearm in the state to openly carry it without a permit or any training. the controversial constitutional carry legislation is the latest in a series of pro-gun bills the state has passed this year. texas joins other states like iowa, tennessee, montana, utah and wyoming allowing some form of permit less carry. kumasi: 12 more days until the california recall election. the governor and one of his challengers will be campaigning in san francisco today. john cox campaign in the city yesterday.
6:45 am
the governor turns his attention to the front runner. >> the leading candidate, larry elder, wants to end vaccine requirements. >> i don't believe the science suggests young people should be vaccinated, should have to wear a mask at school. i'm not sure the science is settled on that at all. kumasi: on twitter, governor newsom said he is spitting lies. a new survey shows 51% of california voters support keeping newsom in office. 43% want to remove him. 6% undecided. initial unemployment claims have dropped from the prior week to a new post-pandemic low. the u.s. labor department released the weekly report. 340,000 unemployment claims filed last week, which is down
6:46 am
14,000 from the prior week. continuing claims decreased to under 2.7 5 million. the august jobs report comes out tomorrow. the future of construction is female. the industry is working to recruit more women to overcome labor shortages. one million women worked in construction and the number is rising. >> we are trying to get girls engaged in construction in all facets from architecture to engineering to sheet-metal to iron working, all the way, everything. i just give them tools and want to see them go crazy. build the world they desire. kumasi: the share of women employed in the industry hit 13% in 2020, up from 12.5% in 2016.
6:47 am
amazon has an idea to solve the delivery driver shortage. hire cannabis smokers. use. amazon says it can boost the applicant's by 400%. they didn't say how they arrived at the number. a live look at the new york stock exchange as trading gets underway. reggie: jury selection and the elizabeth holmes trial is expected to conclude today. day 2 saw more jurors dismissed. she did not answer questions, including whether she believes she would get a fair trial, given the high publicity surrounding her trial. many jurors said they were familiar with the accusations she is facing. this trial is expected to last 13 weeks.
6:48 am
she faces federal charges for defrauding investors with her now defunct blood testing startup. the next time you order a mcflu rry, the ftc is on it. there is no formal probe. the wall street journal reports they sent a letter to restaurant owners for more information on the machines. the agency wants to know how often restaurant owners are allowed to work on the machines. it is part of the biden administration's effort to draft new rules for the right to repair movement. federal officials want to make it easier for businesses to fix their own equipment. kumasi: school bus story in a moment. we will take the caldor fire.
6:49 am
reggie: it is burning south of lake tahoe. the one thing we are hearing from residents, incredible praise for the front lines. that is the case with kevin cooper, who arrived at his parent's house from tahoe yesterday. he has been a friend of the station for years. he made the decision to get out when he saw the flames reach the tahoe basin. >> it is hard for you to go and grab your life. five years, 30 years, 50 years, to try and think through your head, what is important to me and what is not? if the house goes tomorrow, our life is in the truck. everything we needed, we loaded up. i brought my skis and my surfboard. reggie: cooper is very concerned about the resorts. he says it is sad to think the thick forest he has always known
6:50 am
won't likely return in his lifetime. kumasi: smoke -- from the caldor fire is already making the clearwater murkier. others lake and how deep you can see could be affected for several years. more debris and sediment will likely flow into the lake from runoff this fall and winter. make sure you get your phones out. you will see a qr code up during all our wildfire coverage. mike: into that beautiful lake will change it a little bit. it is just how much and where it will change. it will turn it more acidic with all that debris flowing in.
6:51 am
that is another byproduct of what we are dealing with that we did not think about before. now we have to deal with it. let's look at what is going on. san rafael could have fog tomorrow morning. it is just cloudy looking south on 101. san jose, 880, the sun trying to break through the clouds but it is covering all of us. when the clouds repealed to the coast, they reveal the coast. , onshore wind. below average temperatures. cleaner and hotter, how often do those terms go together for the holiday weekend? a heat wave brings cleaner conditions. the heat will taper tuesday, most of us heading back to school and work. we do not have as much fog or drizzle as yesterday. by
6:52 am
elevations toward the east bay. the coast will deal mainly with the low clouds. by 7:00, they are already marching east, getting ready. low 70's. 75 to 79 for the rest of the south bay. 60 along the coast. downtown 65. it is a day game today, the giants desperately need a win. four-game losing streak. it will be hazy and sunny with a slight breeze toward the end of the game. 77 in novato. berkeley, 70 to 74. 82 for our inland east bay neighborhoods. tonight, upper 40's and 50's with cloudy conditions. the haze hangs around
6:53 am
tomorrow and look at those mid 90's. it could reach 70 at the coast, where it will be most comfortable. reggie: let's look at the school bus. all that flash flooding caused it to get trapped in floodwaters. a raft had to be brought in near pittsburgh. the kids stepped off the emergency exit into a raft. wow. all 40 students and the driver got out ok. if the drought isn't enough to convince you to skip watering the lawn, maybe this will. an east bay homeowner hopes it will keep wild boars at bay. he recorded this video. he added netting over the grass and is trying other tactics to ward off the animals. >> absolutely. we are cutting back on water. you can see the holes in the
6:54 am
ground where they dug up from their tasks. -- tusks. reggie: the boars wander into neighborhoods in search of food and water. fish and wildlife homeowners should report this and consider removing the garden to avoid these attacks. there they are. they are out there. kumasi: we get up early. i don't want to encounter anyone's wild boars. reggie: or coyotes. kumasi: none of it. reggie: mountain lion? kumasi: that one. reggie: we have that around here. kumasi: ok. reggie: i am not inviting them. [laughter] kumasi: up next, the seven things you need to know today. reggie: if you have your phone handy, here's what you can do. this qr code, put your phone up like you are ordering food from an outdoor restaurant and it
6:55 am
will pop up the wildfire tracker which is exclusive to abc 7 news . it shows you air quality, where fires are currently burning and it pops up right on your phone. california, did you know our homes share power? but when we try to stay cool in a heat wave our supply is pushed to the limit. but you have the power to keep us up and running! “i do?” yup, we all do! with flex alerts. they notify us when to shift our energy use if our power supply is stretched. so from pre-cooling our homes, to using less energy from 4-9pm, together, let's flex our power to save our power.
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sign up for flex alerts today. this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly.
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. 10 people dead in new york city, new jersey and pennsylvania after hurricane ida pummeled the northeast. flash flooding forced a state of emergency in new york and new jersey. reggie: caldor fire crews making progress after getting a break from the weather. they kept fire away from neighborhoods in south lake tahoe and the resorts. kumasi: president biden approved a request from governor newsom for a emergency declaration. this would apply federal assistance to local communities. reggie: firefighters in marin
6:58 am
county are making sure no hotspots flareup after this grass fire burned close to homes. the fire burned 44 acres in lucas valley. reporter: the smoke is back. it is bringing moderate air quality for the rest of the day. we have an air quality alert. that means the smoke is more dangerous above us. as we go through the day, pockets of unhealthy air could develop. overall we should be ok with cleaner air developing saturday and sunday and monday. >> looking at your bay bridge commute. the metering lights were on at 5:45 a.m. early this morning for the third day in a row. erratic driver on the west side of the span. she has made her way off the bridge. those clear lanes are the cash paying lanes. otherwise you are stacked up. hercules through the corridor,
6:59 am
all the way to san francisco including your bay bridge backup, 31 minutes. >> jordan the fastest person running across the country. abc 7 news was there as he left from city hall this morning. he is running to raise awareness for mental health and donations for the american foundation. reggie: he has a website. the american runner. runner. mike: hopefully we can donate. reggie: he has a gofundme as well. he has raised $10,000. any other questions about this man that i can answer this morning? [laughter] kumasi: what is he wearing? reggie: exactly. it is dark. kumasi: what is he eating? if you live streaming? mike: does he wear the same
7:00 am
shoes every day? [laughter] reggie: i'm done with all of you. [laughter] good morning, america. as we join you this thursday, historic flooding slamming the northeast turning deadly. states of emergency. overnight, ida wreaking havoc for millions spawning destructive tornadoes. >> look at that tornado. >> toppling these homes in new jersey. flash flooding sweeping away cars forcing water rescues. people trapped inside. new york city issuing a flash flood emergency for the first time in history. the subway system shut down. newark airport suspending all flights as floodwaters swallow terminals. now, the search for survivors. ginger is on the ground with the latest as new jersey governor phil murphy joins us live.


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