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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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be wants to see. closed businesses and all of that on a holiday weekend. no one knows when this place will reopen. >> the immediate future what will happen in south lake tahoe -- >> i want clear air. >> it all depends on the surrounding mount with the fire smolders and burns britain's lists as calfire takes nothing for granted. >> this is not over. it is not the beginning of the end but it is the end of the beginning. >> they need plenty of work ahead but we found optimism as forest service crews continue to clear trees. >> seems like the fire is running out of fuel in some areas but not elsewhere especially in the heavy backcountry.
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>> this is the kind of work that has firefighters frustrated. po pp ke this... we are seeing orders of a mile in any direction your >> all leading to the question of when lake tahoe in this region might open up again to 50,000 evacuees first, they will need to stamp out the hotspots, fell trees and check power and utilities. >> even if the behavior dies down and the area is deemed safe, they are going to look at everything around it. >> so even though firefighters described this as a day for mop up and even if trends look good, the caldor fire is not yet over. >> that is where we stand up-to-the-minute on day 20 of the fire.
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i asked one of those evacuees a little while ago how it has been dealing with all of this and if it has been frustrating. he said it makes no point to be frustrated, that just makes a bad situation worse. pretty good advice. >> last we heard him a there were 212,000 acres burned. actual numbers contained at 29%. any reason for optimism when you look closely at those numbers? >> i think you need to look inside the numbers and that really does tell the story less than 3000 acres of growth burned in less than three of those days. 3000 acres a day, compare that with before that. it means we are getting into the right side of this. >> may have noticed we have a qr code on the bottom left of your screen so if you use your on
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camera to scan, it'll take you to our abc seven wildfire tracker and you can get details on the major fires that are burning and we will show you again in a few minutes. for more joined by assistant chief jamie. we hear you are cautiously optimistic so explain to me what that means. that we are close to containment or the spread is slowing or there will soon be a need for a declaration? -- eight activation? -- an evacuation? >> you hit the nail on the head. cautiously optimistic is the way to describe it. the mentor progress to be contained is such a huge jump from what we were seeing in days prior. those first 18 days were just
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treacherous for our firefighters. the flames were so high, the embers were three quarters of a mile downwind. we e high and gusty winds and extremely low relative humidity that was in the single digits and what we are seeing now is night get a little cooler and we are raising the relative humidity. we are not yet into the teens but it is getting higher and there is some coolness in the air and that relative humidity is climbing. most important thing is we don't have wind so we are using mother nature to our advantage. we do still have some active fires in some spots but we have firefighters doing a direct attack. >> what is your biggest challenge right now? >> our biggest challenge is maintaining vigilance, staying safe. when we have had fires run
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through areas like this, we have hazardous trees that come down because this is about the time in the fire where the trees will start coming down so those firefighters are out there and working very aggressively around the structures that were impacted. they were hydraulic in the dust and getting all of that that is burnt and getting moisture in their in getting very saturated. getting all of the dead materials that may catch fire and making sure not a single ember or spark is going to cause that to reignite and god for bid we have those winds kickoff. >> what are your expectations over the weekend? >> my hope is that the weather stays the way it is and that is our expectation. when we put teams together to combat a fire, we have specialists in conjunction with our operations chief and they create the direction for the fight that are incident
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commanders are going to ensue and it really is a battle. we get certain m get certain m and we come out and we do just that. i'm hoping that in the next couple of days we are going to see a lot of mop up happening. something people don't realize is we plumb the entire circumference of this fire and get lines everywhere to make sure it is well drenched in water. and in those areas with steep terrain that we cannot get to, that's where you will see helicopters, laying that down to make sure there is no way is going to jump a break and today we saw the supers come in. diving into south lake tahoe and driving large volumes of water. in areas where we still have fire that is actively burning their handlers can't actively get into and put them out. >> you're describing what sounds
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like a monumental task. you have already done so much. thank you so much for your time over the weekend, i hope the weather cooperates as we move forward. >> in the meantime, the dixie fire to grow in northern california. now, the u.s. military is stepping in. >> 200 active-duty military that are at the dixie fire to give ourselves some additional capacity or helping to do some of that mop up work. >> those troops will help free up firefighters at the active fronts of the dixie fire, the second-largest largest in california history and nearly 900,000 acres burned. ask smoke is inspected to impacted the bay area through labor day and this is what it looked like earlier. >> you can see that thick haze in the sky and spencer joins us with more.
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>> here's a look at the air body. we have moderate air quality all around the bay area and our sea breeze is weakening a bit as the marine layer has diminished a bit. we are not likely to see much of an improvement in air quality here over the next couple of days because that sort of hot and has weakened the sea breeze. just a bit. it was moderate yesterday and is now down for people with research or illnesses and whatnot. here's a look at weather conditions near the fire. the wind is very calm right now so there is no wind with a those fires in terms air quality, has not been helpful because with the lighter wind, the air has becoming that has been becoming more stagnant. hopefully, the wind will not have a detrimental effect on the
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firefighting effort. >> once again, you contract the air quality on the wildfires on the abc 7 tracker. all you have to do is grab your phone and scanned the code with your camera on the phone. that will take you right to the tracker and we will show to you again on abc 7 is five. -- abc 7. >> napa valley music festival is back after being canceled by code in 2020. this year, there are changes and new rules. we are live in napa with details. >>'s been a long time since we heard music coming from the expo here but it is happening. 40,000 people are expected each day with new covid protocols in place but some last-minute headliner cancellations have left some kind of disappointed.
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>> the music is back in wine country. after a two-year pandemic delay. maybe and michael from send carlos almost forgot what a rock concert was. >> it's like a coming out party for everyone. >> the three-day event is sold out and there are new rules this year. proof of vaccination and a negative covid test required for entry at the gate. >> i feel good about it. >> lots of good names are on the lineup. everybody has their favorites. >> who are you hoping to see? >> chris stapleton. >> but friday, the country music star tweeted he was unable to perform due to a non-code related illness. fans are bumped.
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-- bummed. >> i'm all dressed up and now i don't know what to do for the evening. >> there is always the food. 87 wine and food vendors are here. and it's never a bad time to dance. >> all of these folks are getting their groove on at the silent disco. there is no music playing, only folks dancing can hear it. >> music and memories being made once again in the napa valley. >> that silent disco may be my new favorite thing. chris stapleton may not be here tonight but gee easy, miley cyrus, foo fighters, nuns and roses, and the village people are lots of fun. tickets are sold out. >> silent disco is fun.
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i had to ask you, the city of napa must be really happy to have bottlerock back is certainly good news for the economy. >> i just spoke with the mayor of napa a few minutes ago said this is exactly what the city needs after a long year, restaurants, hotels struggling. i parked about seven blocks from where we are because there's absolute no parking in downtown napa. things are hopping, rerads lent disco. >> it's fun. >> oakland police are also preparing for a busy weekend. the steps officers are taking. the steps officers are taking. >> my psoriatic arthritis pain? i had enough! it's not getting in my way. joint pain, swelling, tenderness... much better.
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julie and bob are paying $700 less, every month. dee got comprehensive coverage for only $1 a month. and the navarros are paying less than $100 a month. check to see your new, lower price. the sooner you sign up the more you save. only at covered california. this way to health insurance. >> san jose police are looking for a man who injured a man killed to be. the bmw never went through a red light around 10:30 last night. he hit an suv, pushing it into the storefront the passenger was killed and the bmw also hit another but no one in their was hurt. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> six people were hurt,
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including two who suffered gunshot wounds. chp says these injuries are not life-threatening. it happened this morning around east moore avenue. chp says someone in a vehicle ve left multiple bullet holes in the suv. it then crashed into a concrete wall on the shoulder. no arrests have been made. >> a juvenile suspect in custody accused of firing shots at an unmarked police car this happened at linden and 12 street and you can see dozens of evidence markers on the ground indicating shell casing from gunshots. investigators he did not know these officer is in that car. >> we are just thankful the officer was not hurt or injured and again, the violence we've seen in oakland is impacting us all. it also includes our officers as well. >> investigators say a gun was recovered but they don't yet
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know if it was the one in the shooting. >> the oakland police department is stepping up its response to illegal sideshow activity this weekend. a large contingent of law-enforcement officers will be dedicated to the sideshow. law enforcement will be issuing citations making arrests, and towing vehicles. >> we are trying to take better to measures that include going to locations early, doing our best to identify what city they're going to bring that to an trying to tow cars and address the issue. >> please say these sideshows are really challenging and they participate through social media but the city of oakland will not tolerate violent and disruptive behavior. >> president biden went on the offensive, labeling texas's new
4:18 pm
abortion law is almost un-american and that it creates a vigilante system texas law bans abortion after six weeks into pregnancy and allows individuals, anybody to take civil action against anybody who helps a woman get an abortion. the comments, as the senate judiciary announced plans to examine supreme court's handling of the case. the high court refused to block the law through a process called shadow docket, a nickname for emergency actions taken by the court that don't go through the full briefing and hearing process. >> president biden visited louisiana to see firsthand some of the devastation left behind. a recovery there as well as in the northeast will take months. >> in philadelphia, the vine street expressway is still underwater, crews still pumping away.
4:19 pm
in cranford new jersey, a person walking through ankle deep water before their basement wall caved in from water pressure. in your city, 11 out of 13 residents lost their lives lived in basement of our, unable to escape the high waters. >> catastrophic flooding with at least seven confirmed tornadoes. and this, house exploding thursday hours after residents evacuated due to floodwaters, authorities blaming the buildup of gas inside, the blast leveling the house and damaging nearby homes. president biden making several stops to see the devastation and meet with families have lost so much. >> i know you are hurting, i know you are hurting. i know the folks in lake charlel hurting for hurricane laura.
4:20 pm
x food and water still difficult to come by. among the destruction, a tragic discovery area >> officials investigating after for nursing home residents -- after four nursing home residents were found dead after they had been evacuated. >> president biden focusing on his role of consoler in chief. dan lieberman, abc news. >> the video of the water rushing in and just wiping out that wall is unbelievable. fortunately our conditions here are mild as we get a check of the weather. pattern and we can see high pressure building. that will be the dominant feature we can inspect onshore breezes to ease up and work taper off your smoky skies remain smoky so it might be
4:21 pm
to limit your exposure to the heat, especially if you are any strenuous activity. onshore flow is decent up to 15 or 20 miles per hour, but not strong enough to push that haze out of here. this is our air quality forecast. we still have air-quality advisory in effect that may even be extended until the weekend and we expected to be moderate at best and we don't see signs of it getting worse. looking at our temperatures 68 degrees across the day in oakland. at the golden gate see a few in level clouds but a lot of blue skies as well as the marine layer is getting depressed. 75 at napa, 95 in fairfield and mid 80's conquered.
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here is the view from emeryville looking at downtown. can see it is just hazy. hazy skies will linger through monday and sizzling heat develops inland and we have an inillness with a buildup of intense heat. this is a forecast animation for overnight hours and some will form near the coast but not very significant or a deep marine layer and then we will have sunny or hazy skies tomorrow. overnight lows will be namely in the mid 50, cooler in some locations like santa rosa and napa and tomorrow, look for hazy sunshine. it's going to be pretty mild at the coast with upper 70's to around low 80's. mid 90's inland,
4:23 pm
we will see mid to upper 80's in upper inland. we spent 100 or higher sunday or monday but breezy and cool weather will develop by tuesday and hold into the middle of next week. >> some of you have a three-day weekend. are you here monday? >> oya. -- oh yeah. this unplugged device is protecting our beautiful coastlines and more. put off chores and use less energy from 4 to 9 pm to help keep our state golden. my daughter has type 2 diabetes. but this change i see in her... starting trulicity...making healthier choices... i just hope she knows proud i am. once-weekly trulicity helps control...
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we know >> one thing is for sure. >> there are still plenty ideas to get your better labor day weekend going. >> first there was cinema, drinks, then pizza, and now chase center is bringing the jokes comedy night at beautiful drive city. the team is taking over the plaza for an all-night show from san francisco's top comics. we have all you need saturday night. local food trucks, the beer garden, and if you rsvp for free, you will get a chance to see trevor noah's comedy show. if music is more your thing, grab your crew and test your knowledge, celebrating the's
4:27 pm
vibrant music history. you will get to star in your own music video, find secret band performances, and follow the location clues for prizes if you pass. >> you could do it all or just the ones that appeal to you. tickets start at $25 for all ages. the the gardens into an all-out art ecosystem. this is an experience you have never seen before. live dance performances, art installations, and layer soundscape's to lift you off into something of your dreams. it's every night at 7:30 this weekend. no tickets needed. >> plus bottlerock, so there is a lot going on. despite warnings against travel, many are heading out. >>
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>> now to the latest on covid-19. health experts are urging the public to act responsibly over the holiday weekend, especially those of you who are unvaccinated. last summer after labor day and leading into thanksgiving is when the nation fell into his most significant surge of the pandemic. divided administration will delay the deadline to start offering user shots for pfizer and madera and u.s. officials report billion's of vaccines were administered yesterday, including 550,000 yulia vaccinated people. -- newly vaccinated people. an uptick has searched --
4:31 pm
triggered the search protocol for i see you capacity. the san joaquin valley is made up of 12 counties. the search protocol is activated when less than 10% of icu beds are available for three days. in other words, these hospitals are filling up and this will allow for regional hospitals transfer patients to open beds. >> 43 million americans are expected to drive somewhere this weekend. long lines of masked people waited to pass through security this morning while a large number of residents are vaccinated, it is the unvaccinated who are drawing attention. the agency is advising them not to travel this weekend due to the spike in covid cases. dustin dorsey spoke with a bay area doctor. >> holiday weekends are always busy at san jose international airport. people coming, people going. many travelers on the move for
4:32 pm
labor day weekend compared to 2020. >> what brings you? >> awaited. -- a wedding. >> family and friends. >> ahead of travel, the cdc urged unvaccinated people to not travel, something john henry wished he had considered before traveling with his friends he shared his coat results with his stream when he returned. >> we are a little secure today. >> anyone to see what i saw but i have already warned my friend just don't take it like it's a joke. >> u.s. infectious disease experts say travel can be safe if you are vaccinated.
4:33 pm
>> the unvaccinated should be terrified. travel is actually depending on what you do. >> super-spreader events in adults or children and she suggested avoiding place with high numbers and taking simple steps to protect yourself while on the move. >> is really about ventilation procedures. a mask that is different and a simple cloth mask, going stronger, outside has always been safe even with the delta >> in addition to the steps, the number one piece of advice for traveling is to have fun. >> america's economy is headed in the right direction spite in august jobs report that fell short of analyst dictations. the unemployment rate decreased to 5.2%. economy created 35,000 jobs last month nearly 400,000 below what
4:34 pm
economists had forecast. they reported a surge in cases caused by the delta variant says overall the economy is roaring back. >> the economy grew at the fastest rate in four years. we are the only developed country in the world whose economy is now bigger than it was for the pandemic. >> mr. biden says the economy has added an average of 750,000 jobs a month since he took office, the most added by any administration. >> labor day seems a bit early to be thing about christmas shopping but this holiday season may be different than last year. store owners say suppliers cannot fill orders and that means shortages are ahead. weeks plain white supply and demand could influence your shopping your >> while many are promoting labor day weekend sales, you will see a difference here.
4:35 pm
this family-owned store stocked up early for christmas when it detected troubling signs of a supply shortage. >> and major issues we have never seen. x many families are facing a big decision, to do holiday shopping early or risk empty shelves. >> i have o o products and received less than 50%. >> there are multiple reasons. covid has shut factories in vietnam and there is a global shortage of computer chips and there are delays keeping chips from returning to asia. the director of santa clara university's retail institute says retailers are caught in a supply and demand squeeze. >> i don't have any direct evidence yet of postponing the start of black friday sales and
4:36 pm
all of the shopping season. >> he specs retail prices to go up because of inventory shortages but says retailers will be cautious because price hikes hurt the image. many would prefer shelves to be depleted >> some large retailers have switched the air shipments at higher costs. david lui, abc 7. >> coming up, you have got to hear this. this is a bird that is an amazing medic. >> your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto.
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conversation today. the concept of full vaccination could change because currently it is defined by two doses of pfizer or moderna or one johnson & johnson shot but if they approve a universal booster, that were -- would require another dose to be considered fully vaccinated. the advisory committee is meeting on the 17th. it appears two doses are enough. -- before people need to get those shots. want to start offering booster shots but the fda says it may not be with data on a madera
4:40 pm
booster. sounds like the white house got a hold of the fda a little bit. >> it does, a little bit and i think it makes sense that the definition would begin to change over time because as you now know, i had the pfizer vaccine and two doses and it is maybe 40% effective. is it fully effective or will that happen after the latest vaccine? >> i got the madera shots why be able to get the pfizer booster? >> you will have to wait. they are still deciding whether mixing offers more benefits or not. x there's some evidence but it is not conclusive. >> we still have to get more unvaccinated vaccinated. that is sort of job one. >> this story illustrates how
4:41 pm
poorly we have done in terms of messaging. maybe you are not fully vested or maybe you'll not need a poster. can you mix them? i don't know. the average person, it becomes overwhelming to figure out. we just don't have sustained messaging. i know things are changing. a bank the artworkrtwork sensationally sell shredded after it sold for $1 million is up for sale again. this was incredible. this piece was titled girl with balloon and it slowly falls out of the frame. the anonymous artist was behind the stunt, leasing a hidden shredder in the frame. the piece has since been renamed love is in the bin and goes on sale october 14 and is expected to sell between five and $8
4:42 pm
million. this is for brian -- buying a now shredded campus. the seat -- campus -- canvas. >> two cliches come to mind. first, boulder and a fool and his money will soon be parted. it's good stuff, but it is a stunt. >> it is the ultimate definition of up cycling. unbelievable. >> and then they will make an nft out of the shredded pieces. x the person who bought it know that it was going to be shredded -- >> did the person who bought it know that it was going to be shredded? >> i guess spence of art is in the eye of the beholder of a lot of cash.
4:43 pm
>> that would not be any of us here. it's a competition designed to get you to marvel at nature and laugh at it. check out some of the finalists in the 2021, the wildlife photo awards. 22 images made the final cut. a pair of photographers came up with the idea to promote wildlife conservation through humor. last year's winner pulled off a shot of a turtle at the great barrier reef seemingly giving the camera the bird. you can help pick a winner at comedy wildlife >> >> did i see that right? >> and the turtle looked angry. >> some of those shots are great. the ones where you feel lik lik there is some interaction between nature and the viewer,
4:44 pm
there are some great shots. >> nature is so marvelous and i love every nature program i can get my hands on. it makes you laugh at it but delight in it. >> and it makes me feel like those animals have personalities. i do know that we are assigning that attribute, because when we see that think it is expressing something but it is so neat. >> speaking of animals with personalities, there is this bird in australia that has got to be the front runner. that is a liar bird named echoco perfectly mimicking a crying baby. the folks at the toronto zoo in sydney which is right across the sydney harbor say he can
4:45 pm
replicate a variety of calls but the bawling baby is his best impersonation. they admit it is impressive but not exactly what you want to hear for long times. >> i think that bird was on the plane with me. the whole flight. that is really amazing the way these animals and mimic. >> you have got to watch what you say around that bird because it may come back to haunt you. >> didn't spend significant times around babies? >> doesn't sound kind of like a crying baby sounds exactly like one. >> the zoo gets a lot of people. it is short boat ride from downtown sydney so am sure there are plenty of babies on a daily basis, especially if you are waiting for the koalas.
4:46 pm
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>> oracle park will have october field and the winner will be in first place in nationalist. chris hoffer's at west at west been quite a while since two teams have been tied for first at this late into the season. >> thank you for sending me that. it was 1997, the last time the giants and dodgers met.
4:49 pm
that is the brian johnson game and a homerun at candlestick park. we take you live to oracle park. the dodgers stretching out and by the end of the week, these teams will be first place in the west after 134 games but the giants and dodgers are tied. another idea of just test just how even the series has been. this will be the final time that these teams match up the regular season and just like this season , all of these games before our very huge. >> we have had some very huge series with the dodgers earlier than i remember the questions being very similar to the ones we have been answering over the last couple of days. game like we approached all of the tough series that we faced during the season.
4:50 pm
recognize that there is a heightened sense of maybe excitement and it's going to be a really fun all park atmosphere. this is where i think it makes sense to just be even. >> it should be a fun weekend. the dodgers manager just announced that david price will not pitch and it will be a bullpen game for l.a.. curt casali is taking batting practice right over my shoulder and the manager says he will keep it even but the intensity for sure is going to be there. >> and i will finally start for the giants he has really struggled against the dodgers the season, a huge game for him and we will see if he can get the giants back in the first place by themselves, at least for tonight. >> and for t t t t go to the game, that weather
4:51 pm
looks pretty good. >> it does look good. we have dry conditions in that breeze overnight temperatures will be in the mid 50's with a little bit of a marine layer and then some sunny skies. upper 60's at the coast to even slightly above 80 in some locations. mid to upper 90's in some spots tomorrow and sunday and monday, which is labor day inland highs will exceed 100 degrees and we can expect a sharp and comfortable cooldown on tuesday and the rest is looking like it is in that cozy zone. >> the cozy zone. i like that. the newest marvel superhero movie is now in theaters >> it is the first to feature an asian lead and primarily asian test. how community leaders are helping to get the movie seen by
4:52 pm
as many people as possible.
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shang-chi in the in the in 10 rings is now in theaters. community leaders are trying to get as many to see the movie possible. it is a celebration of heritage and to ensure rep and tatian continues. >> hitting theaters friday, shane she is the legend of the 10 rings, more than just an action film in the eyes of asian americans. is the first asian-american superhero movie to feature an asian lead and primarily cash. >> we haven't talked about in asian americans since virtually but we are talk about something that transcends all of that. >> and his eyes, it is only step one. the next is make sure it is seen by the large audience.
4:56 pm
>> we usually invite normally would not see these movies. >> one buyout will be attended by 200 supporters. the 2000 teen queen helped arrange this. but along with celebration, it also boils down to business. it helps prove asian lead movies can be box office hits. >> you're telling the world that you want to see these films, that these films are valued. ask they have organized theater bias as part of a program, notably crazy rich asians which pulled in nearly 200 felix -- 240 million at the box office. >> and korean import and oscar-winner parasite. >> we helped fill every single seat in your city.
4:57 pm
>> during a time when asian americans have been targeted by racism and violence, michael honda says buyouts like the sold-out one he helped organize help buck harmful stereotypes and hate. >> we wanted to make sure that everybody knew that asian americans are part of the u.s. community and fabric of society. >> these screenings also send a message to a younger generation. >> they show them they can be ae superhero and be anyone they want to be. >> abc 7 news peered >> and that is not insignificant when you do not see it very much. you can get our newscast and weather and more to search abc 7 bay area and download it now.
4:58 pm
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breathing wildfire smoke today. meteorologist and and is sizing -- sandhya patel is sizing up the air quality for the weekend. and firefighters are making good progress in the serie a. lighter wind -- in the sierra. leiter winds. >> what you have to do to get into this sold out venue a homeless encampment disappears from berkeley. we'll explain what happened. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> take a look. here are two of the homes destroyed by the caldor fire. there are at least 659 more just like it. >> and as firefighters get a break from the flames, there's no break from the smoke. at lake tahoe or here in the bay area. take a look. that video on the right shows the heavy smoke hanging over oakland this afternoon. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz.
5:01 pm
>> hull jow live and whereve


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