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tv   ABC7 News 900AM  ABC  September 5, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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this is abc 7 news. >> we feel like we are not protected. there is no shield. >> concession workers at oracle park vote to strike over pandemic safety concerns. wildfire smoke is impacting air quality in the bay area. good morning. it is sunday, september 5. this is abc 7 news at 9:00 a.m.. i am kate larsen. we are going to start with a look at weather with meteorologist lisa arjun. lisa, i have seen a lot of fog over our bridges. lisa: with thinking air --
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sinking air we are looking at dense fog for another hour or so. you can see areas in the north bay, the east bay, and the peninsula as well. a lot of fog with visibility down to an aids of a mile in spots. -- down to an eighth of a mile a in spots. the view will be hazy as high pressure builds in bringing poor quality inland, east bay, santa clara. temperatures in the 50's downtown. we are looking at dry already in the 70's by the delta. a warm day, hazy. with fog back to the shoreline and a wide range of temperatures. kate: to california's recall
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election, less than two weeks away. this weekend, governor newsom is getting high-profile help from elizabeth warren. both sat down with abc news reporters ordering shaw for an exclusive interview. >> this morning, california's recall election is getting a big national boost. >> the fight nationally has come to california. >> one week from the special spl recall elections. >> the consequences in california in 10 days have impacts. >> warren telling abc news that the stakes could include democrats losing control of the senate. >> the leading opponent, larry elder has said that if he gets the chance, he will replace any
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democratic california senator was a republican. >> conservative radio host larry elder and candidate caitlyn jenner are seemingly relying on name recognition, not appearing in any debates or traditionally campaigning. >> you spent part of the campaign in california shooting a reality show. is that what voters can expect if your governor? >> when i go to california working for the people that will be my job. obviously, i had something on the books months before i decided to do this. i actually honor my contracts. zohreen: no major republican has campaigned with the gop hopefuls. kevin falconer and john cox want to keep it that way. -- kevin falconer -- --faulkner and john cox want to keep it that way. >> we had 2 million californians
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that signed the petition. >> i think they will say, we have tried politicians. we have tried media celebrities. these are people that do not know how to manage. zohreen: newsom and warren are making the case that what happens in california has massive consequences for the rest of the country. >> 10 months ago if larry elder where the governor of california, who would he have appointed to replace, harris? -- to replace kamala harris? zohreen: tell me they will be campaigning hard ago -- too. if 50% of voters vote to recall newsom, he is out. then the opponent with the most number of votes, regardless of how many, becomes governor. kate: vice president, allah
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kamala harris will campaign for newsom this weekend in the bay area. no details other than the date have been revealed about her upcoming visit. this weekend, early voting expanded in several bay area counties. voter turnout is already shaping up to be historic. cornell barnard has the story. cornell: the drive-through lane is open. this is the first weekend you can drop off your ballot for california's we call election. best recall election -- recall election. >> for the convenience of doing it saturday and getting my vote in early. i think it is a waste of money we are having to go through this. >> it is important for every vote. cornell: city hall is also open for early in person voting. election chief john art says
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fewer voters are showing up, but male in --mail in ballot have been -- ballots have been flooding in. >> the turnout rate is about two percentage points behind the november 2020 presidential election, the biggest in history. cornell: making it clear just how high interest is in deciding if governor gavin newsom keeps his job. in san mateo county, early voting has begun. there are more days and ways to vote. there is a lot of activity on the vote by mail side of the equation. >> san mateo county elections officials say 167,000 mail and ballots -- mail-in ballots have been received. others are choosing to cast their ballot in person. >> i had a ballot in the mail. they took my ballot and tore it up.
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cornell: her from foster city says he does not trust the post office with his ballot. >> i have more confidence with the elections division here. cornell: election officials say every vote will be counted. more centers will open next weekend. cornell barnard him abc 7 news. kate: santa clara county also open early versioning -- early voting centers. we put together a documentary called "total recall" about california's last recall. you can find it on the abc 7 bay area news app available on apple tv, and rtv, and broke. -- roku. concession workers at oracle park voted to authorize a strike to mandate better work conditions.
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the union now says that they will not go on strike today. it will not impact to tonight's game. reporter tim johns has more. tim: amid one of the most intense rivalries in majorly based all, the hometown team is facing the possibility of a doubleheader. >> i am concerned about it. tim: saturday night, nearly 1000 concession workers at oracle park voted to authorize their union to go on strike. they say they want access to better health insurance, higher waste is -- higher wages, and more covid safety protocols. workers say they have not gotten a pay raise on three years and many feel unsafe during their jobs after 20 of their colleagues contracted covid since the start of the season. >> we feel like we are not protected. tim: employees are demanding better contracts from their
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employer, bon appetit. their union president says it is really the giants who hold most of the cards. it is up to them to provide improved working conditions. >> many of these workers have worked for the ballpark for decades. some of them go back to the candlestick days. tim: he says that the giants have a responsibility. and, most of what is being asked for is modest for a franchise as well-off as the mo b team. it is a sentiment that has one support from district supervisor matt haney who was on site saturday night. >> this place does not operate without workers. they make the place run. they serve the food. they bring spirit to the stadium. tim: with negotiations beginning this week, he is hoping both sides can come to an agreement soon. >> there is an opportunity here for the employer and giants to come to the table and address our concerns. tim: in san francisco, tim
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johns, abc 7 news. kate: the giants responded in a statement that reads "bon appetit and local to are currently engaged in collective bargaining negotiations. we encourage both sides to reach an agreement and soon -- as soon as possible. the giants make safety a top priority and operate our venue in compliance with health requirements." we are going to talk about the weather. lisa arjun has been monitoring fog and a little smoke. lisa: it is chilly in the low 50's. we will climb to the low today downtown. temperatures are already near 70 now in the inland valleys. it is a warmer start. we will talk about how hot it will get how long the heat last next. kate: power outages persist in louisiana. the latest on cleanup efforts.
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members of a military helicopter that crashed off the san diego coast last week have been declared dead. the helicopter crashed into the ocean while doing routine flight operations last tuesday. one sailor was rescued. five were injured but are expected to recovered. at least a 67 people have been killed across eight states in the aftermath in hurricane ida, the deadliest tropical storm on the last four years. cleanup efforts continue weeks after ida came ashore. president biden toured some damage friday. he thanked power company employees for trying to restore electricity. there are hundreds of thousands
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of power outages across the state. >> 25,000 linemen from around the country have come to louisiana to help. crews from 32 states are helping. two lost their lives in the process of trying to get power back up. kate: biden will travel to new york and new jersey tuesday to survey storm damage in those states. new york city mayor bill de blasio announced he is forming a new weather was on task force to prepare for future storms. new developments following the mysterious death of a bay area family near yosemite. officials closed 28 miles along the merced river where high levels of toxic algae have been detected. the closure will remain until at least next friday. last week, sierra national forest officials closed nearby trail citing safety concerns. investigators believe jonathan and his wife ellen, their one-year-old daughter, and their dog hiked most of an 8.5 mile trail and a triple digit heat.
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because of their death is under investigation. there is some encouraging news from the tahoe area. containment on the caldor fire is up. we will keep a code at the bottom of your screen. if you scan it, it will take you to the abc 7 wildfire tracker. the caller fire --caldor has burned more than 250,000 acre. containment jumped to 43%. some evacuation orders have been listed on the western flank. >> we have been ve we have beene the last couple days in mitigating whether to allow our firefighters to take an aggressive approach to try to reach containment objectives. kate: calfire says the fire has destroyed 712 homes. more than 27,000 structures
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remain threatened. a first responder assigned to the dixie fire has died. the individual was suffering from a previous illness. the person was with the alaska national forest. the dixie fire has burned more than 893,000 acres. it is 56% contained. a treeplanting event at cal maritime in valeo was aimed at replacing trees lost in a fast-moving wildfire. it has been almost two years since the glencoe fire began at interstate 80 then jumped to the cal maritime campus. firefighters stopped the fire before it devastated the campus, but, 400 trees were lost. yesterday, the campus community got to work planting trees to replace those lost. participants learned about tree species native to the region and their impact on helping the environment. >> 50 students participated.
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we planted california native trees. kate: cal maritime hopes to double its current tree count on campus. in the north bay, today is the last day of the first big music festival in the bay area since the start of the pandemic. there were a lot of precautions at bottlerock in napa. proof of vaccination or a negative test in the last seven here hours were -- a negative test in the last 72 hours recovered. tonight headliners are megan thee stallion and the foo fighters. we will send it over to lisa arjun. i know she has been keeping an eye on napa and the wine country. lisa: we really felt the warm up yesterday. temperatures came up a few more degrees from yesterday's weightings -- readings into the
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upper 80's in napa. we will see this high-pressure stay around for a while, limiting our sea breeze and the wind and rushing the rain layer. so, as high-pressure builds in, we are talking about heat for several days. there is a look at satellite. there is the fog. the national weather service updated their dense fog advisory for another hour. visibility is slowly improving to two miles in oakland, 1.5 miles in san carlos, .5 miles in santa rosa. then, we have it evaporate. temperatures change from yesterday to today. eight degrees warmer in napa. by the deltafo dre warmer in livermore, near 70 in many locations. 54 in the city. we will warm up significantly
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today. a little above average downtown, low 70's. 58 in oakland, perhaps, 80 in the near future. 65 in mt. view, 60 palo alto, 63 in pacifica. it is sunny. a little hazing is from san rafael, 51 santa rosa, 57 in novato. we were in the 40's in napa earlier. a recovery to 60. 72 by the delta. 66 in livermore. the dense fog advisory for another hour. hazy and hot through the middle of the week. the near surface smoke, because of the ridge of high pressure, is not going anywhere. it lingers and moves a little. this is through the evening hours. a two labor day, notice the yellow, the blues. this is kind of sitting overhead. we need to break the ridge and get a stronger onshore flow.
9:21 am
that will not happen. we will see mid and upper level clouds move in late tonight into monday. wouldn't you know, there is moisture offshore. it looks like southern california could see monsoon moisture and rain thursday and friday. but for us, it looks like it will fall short. temperatures along the coast or in the upper 60's, ocean beach. upper 70's in santa cruz. 78 in oakland. 91 in santa rosa. 95 lakeport, 98 in morgan hill and livermore. 81 san mateo. that is pretty nice. the accuweather forecast shows the heat holding through labor day and beyond in the inland valleys, while the bayshore will be on the warm side, above average. the coast will still have fog. onshore flow gets going thursday and friday. kate: in true bay area fashion,
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kids in chicago, including some gang members, did something that would forever change their lives. they took up rowing. leeann melendez tells us that they are now getting kids in the bay area the same opportunity. lee anne: as narrated in this film, chicago in the late 90's was plagued by gun violence and crime. rj cooper told us that instead of picking colleges, many young men there were wondering what gang to join. that was about to change. >> one day there was this boat.
9:25 am
leeann: the movie titled titledd beautiful thing" talks about their skepticism. >> asking all of these guys from different gangs, the sons of drug addicts, drug dealers, and prisoners. i said, this will be interesting. >> something about the water gave us peace. leeann: all of the team members eventually became successful entrepreneurs. their stories are told over and over again on the west side. right after the book came out and after talk of making a movie, the team decided it was time to get back to rowing 20 years later. there was only one person who could get them into shape. the u.s. olympthe u.s. olympthe. >> they called me. i obviously said, sure. the next thing i know, they are
9:26 am
here in oakland. >> the team and the coach are heg train kids from five inner-city neighborhoods, including this one in oakland, starting in october. >> we want the sport to write let the diversity -- to reflect the diversity in this country. leeann: we are getting a lot of kids that would not have the means to participate in our sport. we are going to provide that. we believe that the sport can change lives. kate: very cool. miniature therapy horses paid a visit to john mary medical center. staff were able to pet, hug, and take selfies with the horses. health care workers say they have had a tough year. no kidding. therapy animals give them a way to cope with pandemic stress.
9:27 am
one critical care nurse said she is now volunteering for the organization. >> they have helped me aroh the. i go there and it is really therapeutic and stress relieving to me to go. even though i am still a caregiver there, it is really different with the animals. >kate: care workers were invited to come see the horses. still to come, president biden orders the department of justice to begin declassified documents from the government's investigation into the september 11 terrorist attack. when it may become public. and, a local baker faced with a life offer -- altering challenge after covid-19 stole her sense of taste ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪
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abc 7 news.
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kate: good morning. it is 9:30. we are going to start hour with our labor day weekend weather with meteorologist lisa arjun. is the fog going to clear? lisa: it is. our dense fog advisory will be lifted in the next 30 minutes. have a spare the air alert. the air quality is moderate now. if you look out your window, you have definitely noticed smoke. it did clear out for a time yesterday. today, it is warmer, hazy air. 65 in mt. view, 65 in san jose. dense fog on top of us pushing down. just for the next few minutes. 15 mile visibility santa rosa. upper 90's -- .5 mile visibility
9:31 am
in santa rosa. upper 90's inland. upper 60's today half moon bay. kate: the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 is next saturday. 20 years since the coordinated attacks that took most 3000 lives and changed this country forever. the department of homeland security is warning that terrorists could exploit the anniversary. we could be learning more about the original investigation. mary alice parts has more. -- mary alice parks has more. mary: a new executive order gives the attorney general six months to make documents public with one review ordered to be completed by the 20th anniversary next week. it states that information should not remain classified when public interest on a disclosure outweighs damage to
9:32 am
national security. the events in question occurred two decades ago. president biden was facing pressure from victims families. hundreds had told the president he would not be welcome at memorial events unless he declassified material, specifically, anything related to whether saudi arabia's government. played a role in the attack. >> saudi's is, what did they know about some of these players? what was in their intelligence files prior to 9/11? some of that might come out in documents released. my guess is some of it will not. mary: late last week, the department of homeland security and fbi warning that foreign terrorist organizations could exploit the anniversary. saying in a bulletin sent to law enforcement leaders that they
9:33 am
are not currently aware of any specific, credible threats. >> to mark the anniversary next week, the president plans to travel to all three memorial sites. mary alice parks, abc news, the white house. kate: this morning, april -- a a poll suggests that vaccine has at the -- hesitancy is easing, dropping to 17%. abc news reporter trevor all has the details. trevor: america is welcoming back college football. stadiums are packed with fans, some for the first time in two years. students are heading back to campus. some universities are already seeing a surge in covid. >> when we came here, covid started exploding. everyone is really nervous. it is scary.
9:34 am
trevor: the problems stem far beyond colleges, the delta variant driving up cases, particularly among the unvaccinated, leaving -- leading some schools to temporarily shudder their doors. in texas, at least 45 school districts with more than 40,000 students have shut down in person learning because of covid. >> i think the delta variant being more contagious is a game changer for pediatrics. trevor: doctors in texas say short-term closures could slow but will not stop a surge, calling for tighter restrictions when students return. >> this is evidence that we have not -- ought to have masking in classrooms. trevor: covid protocols are sparking altercations. at arizona elementary school principal says that when a student who had been exposed to someone tested positive was put
9:35 am
in isolation, missing a field trip , the students father a other men allegedly showed up at her office with zip ties saying they are going to arrest her. >> we are going to make a citizens arrest. trevor: the school district is exploring a possible restraining order. >> i felt threatened. there were three large men in my office. trevor: at least two of those men have been cited with misdemeanor trespassing. we reached out to the father of the child who missed the field trip. he says they left when they were told, he was not aggressive, and he stresses that the zip ties have nothing to do with the citations as they are facing. the principal says he sent emailed her that she then -- he then emailed her a death threat. kate: tracking how covid is out
9:36 am
-- impacting the economy to your health. the virus caused an award-winning east bay baker to lose her sense of smell and taste. her wildly popular restaurant in venetia just won a prestigious award. here is leslie brinkley. leslie: savory, sweet, sublime. customers have been lining up since 2018, when cordon bleu trained baker hannah setup in venetia. they stayed open during the pandemic and helped local food pantries. >> in january, i contracted covid. i completely lost my taste and smell. i have gone from being able to taste if the jam is slightly overdone by a few degrees, to mott -- not being able to tell
9:37 am
the difference between strawberries and raspberries. it was heartbreaking. leslie: as smell returned, it was all wired wrong. >> apples taste like citrus. pecans taste like pears. everything tastes like burning. leslie: she is trying smell therapy. using roses, lavender, eucalyptus, and lemons every day to try to stimulate parts of her brain. she uses the taste buds of others on team to keep her recipes on target. >> i can't tell the difference. leslie: in august, one house bakery was recognized by the state assembly as a small business of the year. >> i did a post on instagram. probably 200 people said they were going through the same thing. other free people in the industry. a somalia --sommeli
9:38 am
lost his taste. it is a weird balance of being sad about losing my taste but grateful i am not on a ventilator and alive. leslie: in venetia, leslie brinkley. kate: oakland zoo is handing out free family passes to visitors if they got vaccinated for covid. there has been an enthusiastic response. the pass is good for a one-day admission for two adults and two children plus free parking, valued at $98. >> this is our second pop-up vaccination. we have two more upcoming and we hope we can be a resource for our community and help stop the surge. kate: the next event is september 30. drop ins or -- are welcome or you can make an appointment on the zoo's website. you can use the pass on the day of the shots are on a future day of your choice. the impact from the fire of
9:39 am
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the year. but no more. today is the last day. meteorologist lisa arjun is here. lisa: sfo now, you can see thene sun beginning to come out. our fog is lifting. temperatures are warm, in the upper 70's. we will keep it that way for a few days. we also have some not so great air quality. the haziness, the fog of the heat, is all coming up next in the accuweather 7 a forecast. kate: next, the battle for first place. the giants tried to stay ahead of
9:43 am
9:44 am
will try to avoid being swept in toronto. the first pitch against the blue jays is at 10:07 at the rogers
9:45 am
center. if you are not going to the game, you can watch on our sister station. first pitch is at 4:05 p.m.. last night, the dodgers series beat the giants. here is chris alvarez with the details. chris: good morning. with an epic 11 inning win over the dodgers, friday night, the giants took a lead. it was a bullpen game for san francisco. a mass of dodges -- dodgers fan walking into oracle park. the dodgers scored three in the first inning. but, the giants battled back. buster posey doubles in kris bryant. it is three/one. many happy giants fans. two out base hits, two off, tommy la stella pops all --
9:46 am
pops out. bottom seven, on four yes. two. he strikes out. corey seager as the dodgers lead with a homerun. the giants at 61. we are tied up going into the season and series finale later today. the a's. trying to get back on track after tough loss in trento. -- in toronto. mark can scores down one. bottom 7, 2 on four oscar hernandez. jake declan of ocean -- oakland pitching. seven/three blue jays. mark can the left. two batters later, sean murphy h with a two run homer to the left. just like that, oakland is down to with no outs. it is a 10/eight game but the rally would fall short.
9:47 am
khris davis strikes out. season. damien more capping a fixed tea. 17 nothing golden bears. cal scores on their first two possessions. 14 nothing cal. carson strong, the quarterback, connects with romeo dobbs, 40 yards for the score in. it is a 14/10 game. strong to allies or cooks, 16 yards for the go-ahead score -- strong to eliza cook's -- elijah cook's, 16 yards for the go-ahead score. nevada beats cal 22/17. the wildcats deuce von, 59 to the house, 14 in case state. the deuce is loose. jack west picked off by rusty
9:48 am
east. the cardinals lose 24/seven. san jose state taking on usc. tyler nevins drives it in for the score. a 74 yard drive. i did the fourth quarter, nick -- in the fourth quarter, nick stark picked off by greg johnson. the trojans win 30 to seven. that is sports. kate: it is labor day weekend. we want to check in on our long weekend forecast. meteorologist lisa arjun is here. lisa: good morning. and then, it has been warming up quickly. we will see a warmer day today. you can see fog all the way into southern california and some smoke from fires. eventually, the ridge will give way.
9:49 am
when it does, we will see a return to monsoonal moisture that will visit the mountains of southern california but largely miss the bay area. visit ability improving, six miles in oakland. it is still pretty foggy in san carlos, 1.5 miles there, three miles on a santa rosa. here is san jose, 54 downtown, 62 in oakland. palo alto, 63, and mt. view. 53 in pacifica. santa cruz looks like you are trying to get son. -- get sun. 52 in santa rosa. 61 nevada, 60 in napa. note to mid-60's from concorde to livermore. so, a warmer day. this is mount rose in the mountains. you can see how hazy and smoky it is. but, it is better than what it has been. air quality is orange here.
9:50 am
back home, are dense fog visor he is beginning to left in the next few minutes. -- our dense fog advisory is beginning to lift in the few minutes. it will remain hazy and hot inland. there could be a spare the air alert into sunday. we are trapping -- tracking your service smoke. -- near surface smoke. it is all due to high-pressure being overhead day after day. we get a localized sea breeze, not enough to go several miles inland. as we look at our highs wednesday, this might be the warmest day. 104 by the delta. hot through labor day. wednesday, it looks like the ridge expands. 70's and 80's from san francisco to oakland. thursday we see temperatures coming down and get a few more clouds. the system to the south of us
9:51 am
perhaps bringing moisture into southern california and by friday temperatures are comfortable. 60's back at the shoreline. today is warm in the south bay from 88 in san jose to 98 in morgan hill. 87 redwood city, warmer than yesterday. 77 downtown. in t north bay, 98 cloverdale, 89 in napa. near east bay, the fog has lifted and you will get a lot of son in san leandro at 82. 99 in brentwood. we are keeping hot weather with us inland through labor day into tuesday and even wednesday. some minor changes with each day through midweek. the coast remains was fog. -- with fog. when the ridge goes away at the end of the week, it will disperse the smoke and bring in cooler air. kate: you may look at the air
9:52 am
quality and -- index. dustin dorsey asked the experts for tips on how to keep it clean. dustin: the largest wildfires in their history of california continue to burn in the northern part of the state. but, their impacts are felt far and wide. wind is blowing the smoke to the bay area creating hazardous air indoors and outdoors. >> many of the same health effects for all kinds of pollution. you do not want to be breathing this. you need to protect yourself. dustin: a uc berkeley professor and his team have been studying these harmful effects on bay area resident. smoky skies and bad air quality will be a reality in the be -- bay area for a while. but, it is how you react to that matters. that means creating a cleaner air space in your home. >> the most important thing to
9:53 am
remember is you do not have to breathe wildfire smoke. dustin: the first thing is, stay indoors on smoky days and keep your doors and windows close. run and air purifier or create your own using an air fiddle -- air filter level 10 or higher using a box fan -- or higher, a box fan, and duct tape. >> air quality improves when they turn on their air purifiers. it can protect you. dustin told in the california air resources board suggests running your ac with recirculation. do not do activities like cooking or vacuuming. if you have to go outside, where and -- where in n95 mask. -- where and --wear --wear an
9:54 am
n95 mask. >> it is time for you to pick your place by my side. kate: the asian-american community is coming out to support the latest marvel hero movie. how they are sending the message about representation in the
9:55 am
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action hero movie shang chi is in theaters now and making an impact. supporterssupporterssupportersse bay area in -- and the country to watch in san francisco' fra'' japan town. 2002 patent
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pageant winner place shang chi's mom. disney is themeologt lisa arjunl give us a final check of araki weather forecast. lisa: we have strong high-pressure. that means heat inland. upper 90's in livermore. over the seven days, we do not see much change as high-pressure holds bringing fog at the coast and hazy, hot, afternoons inland. warm along the bayshore. by the end of the week, we are cooler. kate: thank you for joining us on abc 7 at mornings. i am case -- kate larsen abc 7 news continues at 4:00 p.m.. at 4:30, notre dame battles florida state.
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have a great labor day weekend.
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- hi, and welcome to the kitchen experts show. i'm janell marie. today, we have a great show for you. we're headed to lafayette to visit the keely family, the whole gang. we got mom, dad, the four kids. we're gonna see their kitchen makeover and find out how they're enjoying it right now. and lead designer johnny is gonna take us behind the scenes of the showroom. now this is a one-stop shop. you are going to love this. there's no subcontractors, they stock all their materials, they handle all the permits. everything is taken care of with kitchen experts. you're gonna love it. so stay tuned for the next 30 minutes to see how your kitchen could be next. coming up on today's kitchen experts show. why homeowners recommend kitchen experts. - so johnny said, "i can do it in three weeks." and i said, "i kind of don't believe you, but let's try it." (laughing) and so literally it was done in three weeks. - [host] got a small kitchen? no problem. kitchen experts knows how to maximize your space.


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