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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 6, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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date. you can check out an entire muppet section on disney plus right now. ♪ making news in america this morning. ida's aftermath. >> i can't stick it out no more. >> new evacuations and misery one week after landfall. new video, officers trying to enter flooded basement apartment, three people found dead. changes now announced. breaking overnight, taliban claiming new victory in afghanistan, and growing concern of planes carrying u.s. citizens being prevented from leaving afghanistan, what the state department is saying. deadly rampage, former marine sharp shooter accused of
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attacking a family, killing four people, including a baby. his past. new way companies are making sure employees working from home are actually working. scandal of prince charles, one of his aides accused of doing. death defying stunt that required real tunnel vision. >> announcer: from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." >> good monday orange, happy labor day. i'm andrew. >> i'm christine. begin with the impact of hurricane ida a week after landfall. >> hundreds of thousands without power, coping with gas shortage and oppressive heat. >> dramatic video shows police trying to reach a flooded apartment in the storm. >> too late, three people
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including a toddler l their livesnt apartment. from louisiana to new york, millions of americans are haunted by aftermath of ida. >> we have no water, no electricity, and we have no food. >> homes in grand isle, louisiana, unliveable. roads in lafitte still flooded a week after. national guard forced to build floating bridges to help first responders reach areas. claimed at least 68 victims, including seven nursing home patients who were transferred to a warehouse to ride out the weather. officials searched, found hundreds of elderly patients huddled on the floor in squalid conditions. >> the five gallon can was a toilet. >> the deaths under investigation. as water recedes, heat taking
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toll. louisiana department of health saying man in new orleans died from ht exposure. >> gets a little bit warmer, you try to tough it out but without any air you got to get out. too tough. >> half a million customers still without power, some victims being evacuated from new orleans to areas with air conditioning. president biden will travel to new york and new jersey tomorrow for firsthand look at ida's aftermath. in new jersey, officials searching for two family members swept away to river last thursday. in new york, impossible conditions faced in midst of the emergency. two nypd officers swimming in shoulder deep water as it fills hallway, childrens toys and face mask floating as they drive to the inundated apartment. by the time they got in, family of three had already drowned.
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>> it's so sad, it happened so quick. you just didn't know there. was no way to help. >> officials in new york are developing new extreme weather warnings meant specifically for people in basement level apartments. taliban fighters are claiming to control the last holdout in afghanistan, province north of kabul was still held until this morning. only territory that did not fall in last month's takeover. meanwhile the taliban is reportedly blocking planes from taking off, chartered to evacuate hundreds of people, including americans left behind when the u.s. withdrew last week. one congressman says the taliban is looking to get something in return for letting the planes fly. >> they're not clearing airplanes to depart. turning into hostage situation, not going to allow american
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citizens to leave until they have full recognition from united states of america. >> state department understands the concerns but didn't have people on the ground, doesn't control the air space. more schools reopening, at least 1,000 in 35 states have been forced to suspend in-person learning because of covid cases. meanwhile learning more about the government's plan for vaccine booster shots. elizabeth has the latest, good morning. >> looks like pandemic is over but u.s. is averaging highest number of covid deaths in nearly six months. this morning large labor day weekend crowds are prompting new concerns about the worsening covid crisis. packed stadiums across the country welcoming return of college football. more than 3.5 million peopl twndayndsaturday,
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same number as 2019. >> i don't shy away from holidays, sometimes those are the best times to travel. it's most fun. >> reporter: amid the scenes of prepandemic life, some hospitals are struggling to keep up with rising covid cases and desks. >> nobody's masked and people are like it's all open and free, it's devastating to me. >> reporter: averaging 13 times the level in june of infections per day. most dying are unvaccinated. >> i'm taking care of man in mid-40s, unvaccinated, otherwise healthy person who is in here dieing with covid. >> reporter: new questions about when booster shots will be available. dr. anthony fauci telling cnn that pfizer's be ready by biden
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administration's target but moderna's could be delayed. >> might see rather than simultaneous rolling out of the booster program of both products, you may be sequential about a week or two. >> according to johns hopkins university, 1 in every 510 americans has now died from covid-19. authorities in central florida trying to make sense of gunman's rampage that left four people, including a baby dead. former u.s. marine sharp shooter opened fire and started a gun battle with police. finally surrendered after wounded. his girlfriend told them he suffered from ptsd. he claims he was using meth. officials claim the attack was and random. >> there's not enough adjectives
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how angry i am with him. we find zero connection at this point between our shooter, our murderer, and our vic. >>ice say another 11-yea girl, was shot seven times during the attack and survived. the one who told authorities about the attack. more than 7 million americans who lost jobs in the pandemic are set to lose benefits. jobless benefits from three reee federal programs are expiring. for self-employed people and extension for long-term unemployed. more than 10 million jobs are open across the u.s. economy, cities and towns among those struggling to fill positions. some offering bonuses up to $15,000 for new police officers and other municipal workers. >> having to do things that may be unfamiliar to them, signing bonuses, you don't necessarily think of a government as
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offering signing bonus the way that wall street bank would. >> 10% of government jobs are open right now. time for look at labor day weather. hurricane larry is approaching bermuda, category three storm with winds around 125 miles an hour, expected to bring life-threatening surf to east coast of the united states by midweek. storms expected along the gulf coast with heat and humidity, showers midwest anew england. heat alerts in california and the rockies as well. coming up, new details overnight about the oil spill in gulf of mexico. >> also ahead, new scandal surrounding prince charles and one of his aides.
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dramatic twist in murder mystery surrounding
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this morning divers have found the source of an oil spill polluting the gulf of mexico since hurricane ida. the 12-inch diameter pipeline broke open after being displaced on the gulf floor. a houston based company is paying for the cleanup. we turn to the growing mystery surrounding the shooting of a prominent south carolina lawyer month after his son and wife were killed. abc's megan tevrizian reports on the brazen shooting this weekend. >> reporter: the mystery
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surrounding the double murder of a prominent south carolina family intensifying. three months after alex murdaugh's wife and son were killed, murdaugh was shot in the head over the weekend. augh calling 911 to report he had been shot. the latest attack coming saturday around 1:30. alex murdaugh was on the side of a rural road changing a tire when someone drove by, turned around and shot him. murdaugh now in the hospital suffering a superficial gunshot wound to the head. in june the bodies of murdaugh's wife maggie and 22-year-old son paul were found at the family's hunting lodge. abc's eva pilgrim spoke to alex's brothers after the murders. >> i don't know of anybody that would truly be an enemy, actually want to harm them. >> reporter: at the time of maggie and paul's double murder paul was
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qae. questions have been raised as to how the investigation was handled. >> if people tried to cover up what happened, they're offended and they want that out. it shouldn't be that way. >> reporter: there's questions about a 2015 cold case which authorities are now re-opening based upon information gathered during the course of the double murder investigation. that case involved steven smith who was found in the middle of a road more than six years ago. >> they said he was shot in the head. then it turned out it was a hit and run. then he was beat up. so the story just kept changing over and over. >> reporter: alex murdaugh remains in stable condition. the person or people responsible for his wife and son's death are still unknown.
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megan tevrizian, abc news. a new scandal at buckingham palace. a one-time aid to prince charles has stepped down amid corruption allegations. michael faucet is accused of arranging for a wealthy donor to receive an order. coming up, supporters of a four-day work week score a big victory. first stanley tucci reveals first stanley tucci reveals his battle with before you go there, ♪ or fist bump there. ♪ or... oh! i can't wait to go there! ♪ or reunite there, ♪ start here. walgreens makes it easy to stay protected
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color pallets curated just for you. marvel's latest movie is smashing box office records after an impressive opening weekend. "shang chi" has its biggest opening weekend ever. stanley tucci said his first wife wife's struggle with breast cancer helped him deal with his own ordeal. he's been a hollywood star for decades. >> that's my problem because? oh, wait, it's not my problem. >> reporter: now stanley tucci revealing his battle with cancer telling vera magazine that three
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years ago doctors found a tumor at the base of his tongue saying it was too big operat the actor sharing the intense treatment caused him to nearly miss his children's graduation saying, i had a feeding tube for six months. i could barely make it to the twin's high school graduation. >> i said it's very interesting, people don't stop at stoplights that much. stoplight is just a suggestion. >> reporter: the 60-year-old revealing he did initially not want to seek treatment after watching his first wife kate battle breast cancer. he said i vowed i would never do anything like that because my first wife died of cancer. to watch her go through treatments was horrible. >> it's still hard after 11 years. it will always be hard. >> reporter: the actor saying his treatment was successful and the cancer is unlikely to return.
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the experience giving him a new out look on life saying cancer makes you more afraid and less afraid at the same time. you still want to get things done. >> tucci will soon appear in the new "kingsman" movie. a college football nail biter. notre dame needed a field goal to beat florida state last night. earlier in the third quarter the irish blew an 18-point lead. in soccer chaos at this match between argentina and brazil. the game was suspended when health officials said players from argentina broke covid quarantine rules. coming up, more companies are spying on their employees working from home. also, a daring stunt, a pilot flies through two road pilot flies through two road tunnels. ♪ thousands of women with metastatic breast cancer are living in the moment
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♪ i always feel like somebody's watching me ♪ >> the pulse. we always have cameras on us but new ways to spy on remote workers at home. >> more companies using tattleware, digital platform called sneak can take a live photo of workers from company laptops every minute. other programs track keystrokes to web browsing to make sure you're not slacking off. >> some obviously call it invasion of privacy. companies call it accountability. supporters of four-day tr givingt a ed hugein, try -- scotland.
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>> 80% of scots support cutting one day off workweek, say will increase health, happiness and productivity, and cite positive results in japan and iceland. >> funded by the government and won't cost workers anything. we're still working five days a week. laboring in the yard this labor day, new help on the way. >> roomba for the yard. robot mower works around the lawn, apparently staying within the lines within two centimeters, you set the boundaries on app and device figures out mowing path. >> and will head back to charging station if it starts to rain. a stunt that requires tunnel vision. >> take a look, a pilot set world record for longest flight through a tunnel. took off in tunnel in turkey, hit 152 miles an hour.
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bay overnight. this scene a suspect running away. >> a live look at sfo as millions of people are traveling this labor day. we hear from a doctor about whether he expects to see another covid surge. >> checked the air quality before you have outside this holiday, a spare the air alert. look who is here. look who picked the ok who pick on this labor day. >> i am happy to be with all of you. >> good to be with you. >> this is a dream come true. >> i am so happy you are here and anyone watching on this monday, september 6. >> we begin with a look accuweather forecast. lisa, we are talking about this potentially poor air today. >> abs


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