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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 6, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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taste that much? jobina: let's do it. with our audience. good morning, america. as so many celebrate this holiday weekend, covid shows no signs of slowing down. on the move. americans out in force for the holiday, packing beaches and college football games. airports near pre-pandemic levels. dr. jha joins us live with a fall covid forecast. ida's devastating impact. new police body camera footage, showing these heart-pounding moments from a flooded basement as the death toll rises to 68 .e pridt deis ssit the hard-hit northeast. frustration growing in the badly battered gulf coast region with a flash flood watch issued for new orleans this morning. new wildfires exploding in the west.
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evacuations under way right now with more than 80 fires burning in the region, the triple-digit heat alerts this morning. new overnight. taliban claimed total control, saying they've defeated the last resistance group. 100 americans still awaiting evacuation, the race to escape right now. end of the line. 9 million americans losing all their unemployment benefits this morning. how to keep yourself afloat when the checks stop coming. out of bounds? tennis superstars speaking up, sloane stephens revealing the exhausting and never-ending abuse she faces online, and former u.s. open champ naomi osaka announcing her sudden break from the court. ♪ you've got my heart ♪ first pitch strike, and then a ten-point landing. >> and, we're flipping out for "shang-chi." marvel's high flying, marvel's high flying, record-breaking, blockbuster opening weekend. >> thank you. >> one of the stars joins us
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live only on “gma.” good morning, america, on this labor day. i'm hearing so many good things about "shang chi." people are talking about this. one of our producers has seen it twice. >> it was like dan doing the flip there. >> exactly. well, what i wanted to say about adam, if he's seen it twice we're not working him hard enough. >> that's not true. >> looking forward to that. we have a lot to get to, covid showing no signs of slowing down. dr. ashish jha will join us live in a few moments with more on the delta variant, the booster shots and the rise in cases among kids. as millions head back to school. millions of americans hitting the roads and taking to the skies. airports reaching pre-pandemic levels of traffic. our traffic correspondent gio benitez right there at newark airport covering the holiday travel crush.
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gio, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, dan, good morning. many experts thought we would see less labor day travelers because of that delta variant. but when you look at 2019, pre-pandemic, the numbers are just about the same. americans are out in force for the holiday. this morning, americans on the move after celebrating that final holiday of the summer. packing the beaches, national parks and college football games. >> touchdown! >> reporter: in michigan, more than 100,000 fans packed into stadium seats to watch the season's opening kickoff. but the pandemic is far from over. as parts of the country see a steady rise in cases and hospitalizations. while the cdc director said unvaccinated people shouldn't travel over labor day weekend, no signs of a slowdown. more than 3.5 million people screened at the airports, between friday and sunday, roughly the same as 2019 before
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the pandemic began. >> i don't shy away from holidays. sometimes those are the best times to travel. it's the most fun. >> reporter: the busiest airports this weekend, atlanta's hartsfield-jackson, chicago o'hare and l.a.x. united and delta alone each expected more than 2 million travelers this weekend. >> we're back in the circumstance where you need to give yourself two hours early for domestic flights and three hours early for that international flight. >> reporter: the roads packed too. about 34 million were expected to drive to destinations, this as gas prices jumped. this weekend, the national average was $3.18 a gallon. 4 cents higher than a week ago and a full dollar higher than a year ago. aaa telling abc news these are the most expensive prices since 2014. the roads and skies will be pretty calm this morning, but this afternoon just about everywhere it will start getting really busy, up to about 5:00 p.m.
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tonight and tomorrow morning are the best times to drive back home. whit? >> great advice, gio, thank you. let's bring in dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university of public health. thanks for joining us. as we just heard there, millions of people travelled this labor day weekend. the first big holiday since the delta variant became the dominant strain, even after the cdc warned unvaccinated americans not to travel. do you expect it will lead to another big surge? >> good morning. for vaccinated people traveling is a really safe thing to do. many americans remain unvaccinated, about one third of adults. i'm expecting a bump. i hope not a major spike. after major single holiday we've seen a bump infections, hospitalizations and deaths. i'm worried we're going see that again. >> i want to turn to booster shots. the white house plans to start booster shots on september 20th.
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dr. fauci said likely only pfizer will be approved first. is that the right call to roll these boosters out at different times? >> that's really good questioned. the evidence submitted to the fda is only from pfizer. i think it will be hard for people to keep track. i think they'll want to move quickly, certainly on moderna. j&j came online much later. but i do think that moderna is going to be up and ready pretty soon after. it's going to be confusing for americans if we have to figure out who gets a booster and who doesn't. >> there's a debate in the scientific community about whether or not boosters are even needed right now. where do you stand on that? >> i think you're absolutely right, there's a debate. people who are elderly, who are frail, who are immunocompromised would benefit from a booster. the science on young healthy people is not in yet. i'll want to watch the data.
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if in the next few weeks, evidence shows young children -- we're going to want science to drive that. >> millions of children going back to school. we've seen a surge in pediatric cases forces some schools to go back into remote learning, not what anybody wants to see. what's driving the rise in cases among kids? how do we keep them in the classroom this fall? >> what's driving the rise in infection among kids is not yet -- we haven't seen it because of schools. what's driving it is that the adults around them are not vaccinated and they're getting infected. if we want to protect kids, adults around them should be getting vaccinated. we have to monitor that schools don't drive more infections. i do think that we need to make sure that adults in their lives have the shot. >> dr. jha, you're a father. i'm a father.
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every parent knows it's very difficult to find masks that actually fit a small child. what types of masks do you think are most effective for kids as they head back to class? >> that's a really good question. i think what we're learning is surgical masks are better, and there are pediatric surgical masks, and they do exist. you can get them from major retailers. if you want a high quality mask, there are kf-94s that are comfortable. come in pediatric sizes. regular cloth masks are not going to be enough during a delta variant. i've been telling people they need to get slightly higher quality masks. i've been telling other people to get higher quality masks for their kids. they come in pediatric sizes. >> dr. jha, thank you for your time this morning. really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> eva, over to you. now to the impact of ida, a full week after it made landfall as a hurricane. hundreds of thousands of customers in louisiana still without power. they are also dealing with a gas shortage and oppressive heat.
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elwyn lopez is in louisiana. elwyn, louisiana is now bracing for a new threat this morning. >> reporter: hey, eva, good morning. a sea of building structures like this one are damaged or destroyed. in some communities, some people are trying to patch up their roofs before the rain moves in. this morning, new body camera video released by the nypd shows the devastating impact of ida. nypd officers can be seen diving under floodwaters in a submerged apartment to try and save a family trapped inside. the floodwaters rising fast and tragically the rescue attempt was unsuccessful. this as the death toll from the storm rises throughout the country. now at 68 people across eight states. a grim reality as communities try to get back on their feet. this morning, communities in louisiana still reeling. >> i was here for all of them.
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betsy. katrina, you name it. this is the worst. >> the worst. >> the worst. >> reporter: this 80-year-old is back at his home after evacuating from texas fleeing ida's wrath. >> i have a generator running. we have water. it's livable. we can stay in it. we got it all cleaned up. >> reporter: his town of golden meadow one of the hardest hit. part of this car wash ripped apart. chunks of twisted metal clinging from these brachs. >> it was whirling. all these red pieces, that's part of the car wash. >> reporter: now it's a race to repair ahead of the next storm. >> we're trying to bring shingles to fix it. if i don't patch it my whole roof will cave in. >> reporter: power outages for hundreds of thousands. stretching into an eighth day. christina now in mississippi with her three children. stopping by only to offer materials to fix her roof. >> i have a 3-year-old. she don't understand we can't come home. she keeps on every day, mama, i
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want to go home. it's hard. it really is. she don't understand. we can't live like that. you can't. >> reporter: the path to recovery a long one. >> this is home. it will always be home. i'm not going to move. no. we got to fight through it. we'll do it. >> reporter: people returning to homes after being displaced for days. many returning to no power at home and some them will be without it until the end of the september. >> the president was in louisiana friday. he's heading to areas in the northeast next? >> reporter: yeah. president biden will get a firsthand look at what ida left behind in new jersey and queens, new york. those are the hardest areas hit by the devastating flooding in that region. >> so many people spread across the country dealing with the aftermath of this storm.
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elwyn lopez for us, thank you. dan? let's talk about another natural disaster, those explosive wildfires. at least 80 of them raging in the american west prompting new evacuations this morning. ginger is here tracking it all. >> yes. if it feels like we've been talking a lot about fire, california alone, more than 1.97 million acres, which is more to date than last year this time, and that was a record breaker. we've got several new fires. this one here near auburn, california, 500 folks evacuated this morning. then you go down in san diego county, where they've seen a new fire start to burn and really start to bubble up. unfortunately we'll see really bad conditions coming up this week which i'll show you in a moment. checking in on that dixie fire, which is the single largest wildfire in california state history, some of the damage there. smoke still all around. excessive heat warnings southern
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california through death valley into las vegas. the winds will kick up. red flag warnings for up to 40 mile per hour gusts in the northern rockies. whit? >> ginger, thank you. we're turning now to the taliban claiming overnight they've taken total control of afghanistan. james longman is tracking that and the 100 americans there who are still trying to get out. james, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. for many years one province in afghanistan was always able to resist the taliban. but now it seems without western help it has finally fallen and the taliban's grip on afghanistan is finally complete. this morning, the taliban is claiming total control of afghanistan. they stay they've taken the last rebel stronghold to the north of kabul and have been posting celebrations on social media. if true, it would be the first time in decades it has been captured. it was the center of anti-soviet resistance. the fighting group there which
7:14 am
calls itself the national resistance front denies the claim. but even if small pockets of resistance remain, the taliban's grip on afghanistan is all but deplete. meanwhile, the rush to leave continues. even after u.s. forces have departed. >> it's grim. they were in good spirits when s ago. now, like i said, they have had to switch locations because they were in danger. >> reporter: paul stern who works for a u.s.-based charity is actively trying to get afghan girls out of the country. there's chartered planes at the airport waiting to take off, but being blocked by the taliban. >> six airplanes with american citizens on them as i speak and the taliban is holding them hostage for demands right now. >> they've been a political football where they weren't allowed to go. now they're being held at ransom by the taliban. >> reporter: the state
7:15 am
department is not confirming americans are on those planes, saying, we'll hold the taliban to its pledge to let people f freely depart afghanistan. the white house says there are about 100 americans in the country awaiting evacuatin. the taliban says now that it's fully in control it can go about setting up a government. with ongoing reports of brutality, executions, can it really be trusted? >> so many people watching to see how it plays out. turning to the most enhanced federal unemployment benefits coming to an end. economic correspondent deirdre bolton joins us with what millions of americans can expect. good morning, deirdre. >> reporter: good morning, eva. approximately 12 million americans are in a very different financial situation today than they were last week. 9 million americans are losing all of their federal benefits. another 3 million will see their weekly benefits reduced by about $300 per week.
7:16 am
there are four types of federal unemployment benefits that are ending, and these programs covered a range of workers, including pua. these covered americans who were typically ineligible for benefits, gig workers and the self-employed. one important note for all four of these they pay retroactively. if you were laid off during the pandemic and have not filed a claim or your claim has not been processed, you can still receive benefits in a lump sum. >> so, deirdre, is there any recourse for people losing their benefits today? >> reporter: yes. first up, check your state benefits. some of those do have extended benefits which typically give workers an extra 13 weeks on payments. go to your state's website as a start. if your state and you qualify, you may also be eligible for what's called high extended benefits. that usually provides another seven weeks of payments.
7:17 am
the trick here, eva, they end soon as well. the last filing date -- the last payment date is september 11th. eva. >> keep track of those deadlines. dan? on the subject of work -- check this out. there's a debate over working from home on accountability versus invasion of privacy. employers are turning to so-called "tattleware" that could give them the ability to spy on remote workers to make sure employees are actually working when they're working from home. one is a digital surveillance platform called sneak. it takes a live photo of workers every minute from their company laptops. guys, what do you think? go. >> when you're checking your fantasy football team, dan, we're all going to know it. >> i invite the employers to take snapshots of me every minute. you'll see me napping with a little bit of drool. >> toby the cat. >> sweat pants.
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>> exactly. >> that will be fun to see. we're following a lot of other headlines this morning, including that struggle off the court for tennis star sloane stephens revealing that she received thousands of abusive messages after losing her match at the u.s. open. naomi osaka says she's stepping away from the game as well. and a new development of the murders of a mother and son and now the father recovering from being shot. first back to ginger. get a check of the weather. >> we have a cat-3 spinning in the atlanta. high surf and dangerous rip currents for the midweek. the tropical moisture, the flash flood watch in new orleans, all because of a stationary front. watch for that. your local forecast in 30 seconds. now the select cities sponsored by subaru.
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we'll be right back.
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life opens up. aleve it, and see what's possible. 1 -- >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> if you got an ima alert from the oakland unified school district, it was an error. a bug in his system sent out false messages every hour starting at been night yesterday. those messages contained information about old cases of people testing positive for the virus who had symptoms. you can ignore those emails. oh usd -- ousd is is is i system to fix the problem. a man is dead after a wrong way crash in the east bay just after 1:00 this morning in oakland. chp says the suspect was driving westbound in the eastbound lanes on interstate 80 when they
7:24 am
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lisa: happylisa: labor day to you. a spare the air alert and effect . it is 60 in san jose. it is a warmer start to the day. it is going to be hot inland. only 46 in santa rosa. today with the high clouds, it is 80 in oakland. a warm afternoon, 102 in napa. upper 80's in san jose and it stays hot inland through the week. julian: coming up on gma, the new twist in the unsolved
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honey! scuff defense. right now, get incredible savings on select behr ultra® paints, starting at $29.98* who are you? >> welcome back to "gma." that's "shang-chi and the legend of ten rings," the marvel movie with a huge weekend smashing the record for labor day openings. we'll talk to fala chen live in our next hour. >> people very excited about this movie. first, the top headlines. including americans out in full force this labor day weekend. airports at near pre-pandemic levels, even with the delta variant. more than 3.5 million people were screened at u.s. airports this weekend. also right now, ida's devastating impact. the death toll rising to 68 people across eight states. frustration growing in the badly
7:31 am
battered gulf coast region with a flash flood watch now issued for the new orleans area this morning. take a look at this. world cup qualifying match between brazil and argentina. the match suspended just a few minutes after kickoff. brazilian health officials on the pitch saying three argentina players broke quarantine rules. players apparently did not quarantine after being in the uk which is the rule in brazil. and howard university officially renaming its fine arts building after the late actor chadwick boseman. the school releasing video of the letters going up. the star of the "black panther" graduated from the historically black university in 2000. we have a lot more including sloane stephens and naomi osaka speaking up about the intense pressure on and off the court. that's coming up right here on "gma." now to the shooting of a prominent south carolina lawyer
7:32 am
just months after his wife and son were killed. eva, you have been covering this story from the very start. >> that's right. law enforcement officials in south carolina tell us alex murdaugh called for help saying he was shot in the head. this morning, the mystery behind the unsolved double murder of two members of a prominent south carolina family deepening. alex murdaugh recovering after he said someone shot him in the head this weekend in broad daylight. the south carolinian law enforcement saying murdaugh called 911 after 1:30 saturday afternoon to report that he had been shot. a family spokesperson telling abc news, murdaugh was changing a tire on the side of the road when a car passed him, turned around and someone shot him. investigators who are processing
7:33 am
the crime scene and interviewing potential witnesses say he was air lifted to a hospital in savannah, georgia, with a superficial gunshot wound to the head. at last check he's in stable condition. back in june murdaugh called 911 after discovering the bodies of his wife, maggie, and their son paul at the family's hunting lodge. to date no suspects have been named in their murders. no arrests have been made. the family is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. murdaugh's brother sitting down with us back in june asking for the public's help. >> it's just hard to imagine somebody could be so sick as to do this, intentionally kill people like that. >> reporter: the murdaugh family part of a legal dynasty in the south carolina low country going back almost a century. three generations of murdaugh's held the solicitor's job in this region for decades. they also own a prominent law firm. at the time of the double murders, 22-year-old paul had been awaiting trial accused of being under the influence during a 2019 boat crash which resulted in the death of 19-year-old
7:34 am
passenger mallory beach. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> what bridge is this? all five of us are on the bank. we're missing one person. please send someone. >> reporter: the charges in that case were dropped in august due to paul's death. but new documents recently released raising questions for the beach family as to how the boat crash investigation was handled. >> i think the one thing they want is accountability and they're particularly offended that, if it happened, if people tried to cover up what happened, they're incredibly offended and they want that out. it shouldn't be that way. >> reporter: meanwhile, s.l.e.d. announcing it's re-opening a 2015 cold case involving a man's body found alongside the road. based upon information gathered
7:35 am
in the course of the double murder investigation. that man steven smith, his family saying how he died has long been in question. >> they said he was shot in the head, and then it turned out it was a hit and run. then he was beat up. so the story just kept changing over and over. >> reporter: his family now hopeful that they may find answers and justice for steven. a murdaugh family spokesperson releasing a statement about the most recent shooting saying the murdaugh family has suffered through more than any family can imagine. we have ask for your privacy while alex recovers. >> an incredible story. so many twists and turns. >> a lot we don't know. >> we know you'll stay o on topf it. thank you. we turn to the two tennis stars speaking up, about their struggles in the spotlight. sloane stephens revealing she's been flooded with abusive messages. janai norman is here.
7:36 am
this comes after naomi osaka's announcement she's taking an indefinite break. >> reporter: yeah, dan. naomi osaka has brought a lot of attention to athletes and mental health, and now sloane stephens is speaking up about the challenges she faces including those disturbing messages just because she lost. this morning, tennis star sloane stephens is opening up about the off-the-court threats she faces. revealing, following her third-round loss at the u.s. open she received over 2,000 abusive and hateful messages on social media. writing on instagram, i am human. it's so hard to read messages like these. but i'll post a few so you can see what it's like after a loss. the former u.s. open champ sharing screen grabs of disturbing messages. some of them racist. others, threats of physical and sexual violence. the messages too offensive and graphic to show. the 28-year-old writing, this type of hate is so exhausting and never ending. this isn't talked about enough. stephens is the latest athlete
7:37 am
to speak out about the mental struggles of elite players. on friday, defending champion naomi osaka gave an emotional press conference following her shocking defeat to unseeded teen sensation leylah fernandez. osaka fighting back tears. >> i feel like for me, recently, like, when i win, i don't feel happy. i feel more like a relief. then, when i lose i feel very sad. i don't -- i don't think that's normal. i didn't really want to cry, but basically i feel like -- >> reporter: a tournament official tries to intervene. >> gentlemen, i'm done. okay? >> i kind of want to finish this. i'm sorry. i honestly don't know when i'm going to play my next tennis
7:38 am
match. okay. yeah. i think i'm going to take a break from playing for a while. >> reporter: this was the first grand slam for osaka since she pulled out of this year's french open citing mental health challenges she says began in 2018 after beating serena williams to win the u.s. open. it's really pretty heartbreaking to hear naomi osaka to talk about the challenges she faces. the 23-year-old saying tennis isn't fun for her right now. now raising questions to when or if she'll return to the sport. eva? >> hard to watch her. for more now, let's bring in our contributor and "usa today" columnist, christine brennan. naomi osaka putting issues of mental health front and center. is this something you think is too much in the shadows? is this a wake-up call for fans of the sport? >> it is, eva. it's about time. what a monumental couple months
7:39 am
this has been not only for naomi osaka and now sloane stephens, but for all young athletes and for all of us who watch and cheer for young athletes, especially women, especially women of color. what they've been going through, the mental health challenges, we can of course mention simone biles from the olympics, this is such an opportunity time to be discussing these issues. let's hear it for these wonderful role models speaking up, discussing these issues in public. they're still in their 20s. they're still very young, and for them to have the courage and the will to bring this up and to fight this, and to talk about it i think is so admirable. >> naomi osaka saying she doesn't know when she's going to play again. what do you see as her path going forward? >> you know, i don't know. she's had the career of a lifetime in basically three years. she's won four grand slam tournaments already. she's only 23 years old. she can pretty much do whatever she wants.
7:40 am
obviously we want for her is what she wants. if she wants to come back and play tennis, i hope she does. that's her call. that's for her to decide. if she never wants to play tennis again, i have a strong feeling naomi osaka will be a strong leader in the world, in our country, in her country, everywhere, whether sports or other issues. she is such a remarkable young woman. there's so much more for her whether it's on the tennis court or off. >> so true. christine brennan for us there, thank you. dan, these people are human. >> yes, and i think they're setting a great example in terms of being open about these struggles which are incredibly common. >> it was interesting too. she had the opportunity to end the press conference, but she wanted to speak and share her thoughts. >> indeed. that was quite brave. coming up, "shang-chi" ruling the box office and the baseball diamond. keep it here.
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california! during a flex alert, let's keep our power up and running. set ac cooler and use big appliances before 4pm. then from 4-9pm reduce use and take it easy on our energy. sign up today. back now on "gma" with the back now on "gma" with the new blockbuster breaking records. "shang-chi" racking up 71 million bucks in the u.s. chris connelly has the very latest. >> reporter: this weekend finds a new superhero stepping up to save hollywood. >> who are you? >> reporter: "shang-chi and the legend of the ten rings" dominating the labor day weekend box office with a record $71.4 million. the marvel studio adventure on
7:45 am
track to bring in another $10 million by the end of the day, shattering expectations. >> thank you. >> reporter: that impressive debut enough to make the star simu liu jump for joy. he delivered the first pitch during a giants game sunday back flipping on the mound. >> first pitch strike. then the ten-point landing. >> reporter: the movie is the best labor day weekend opening since 2007 and is setting a new bar for asian representation of hollywood's silver screen. focusing on the avenger's first asian protagonist. >> my name is shag-chi. >> you can't outrun who you really are. >> reporter: unlike "black widow" which had a streaming release, "shang-chi" was released exclusively in theaters. jolting life into an industry hit hard by the pandemic. >> a crowd started to form to watch the show.
7:46 am
>> reporter: last weekend's box office champ, the horror reboot "candyman" scaring up an additional $10 million doubling its budget. and the ryan reynolds' hit "free guy" closing in on the $100 million mark after hitting screens last month. it turns out simu liu is an actor, writer, stunt performer and a model, for those stock photos that resurfaced on social media this past weekend, memories of a time earlier in his career before his stardom, and let's face it, a time when we all worked in offices. fun to look back on his journey now, guys, isn't it? >> it is. those stock photos are amazing. great to see that. appreciate it. coming up, "shang-chi" star fala chen joins us live, talking about that blockbuster opening. and coming up after this break, it's our "play of the day."
7:47 am
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7:51 am
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announcer: this is seven years. jillian: -- julian: there is smoke from wildfires burning to the north. it can be irritating, especially for people with asthma and other respiratory issues. if possible, it is best to avoid exposure. we would check in with lisa. lisa: good air francisco but moderate elsewhere. unhealthy in san jose. it will be warm, about 70 today. upper 50's over in oakland, but look at the haze. a little bit of high-pressure.
7:57 am
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7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. labor day travel crush. americans on the move after packing beaches and college football games. airports near pre-pandemic levels. with covid showing no signs of slowing down. ida's devastating impact. new police body camera footage showing these heart-pounding moments from a flooded basement as the death toll rises to 68 people across eight states and the battered gulf coast trying to pick up the pieces. the new flash flood watch on the way. summer's final shopping spree. the big ticket items on sale. we've got your cheat sheet this morning. working for the three-day
8:01 am
weekend? the new country giving a four-day work week a try. could the dream scheme become a reality for you? ♪ plus "shang chi" smashing records. the newest marvel blockbuster success setting fire to the box office. one of the movie's stars joins us live and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. ♪ good morning, america on this labor day morning. we are very excited to have fala chen in studio with us this morning. we're just -- we haven't actually been around people in the studstudio. >> no. >> it's just us. >> next level. people in theaters, in studios. >> i haven't been to the movies. i'm excited. we have a special guest this morning. walter, your dog is in the house. here for the big debut of his book. hi, walter. do your business. >> not there. >> they put him on a red carpet. bring a bottle of nature's
8:02 am
miracle with it. we have a lot of news to get to starting with the holiday travel crush. millions of americans hit the roads and took to the skies for the unofficial end of summer. airports reaching pre-pandemic levels of traffic. let's two back to our transportation correspondent gio benitez at newark airport. gio, good morning once again. >> reporter: hey, whit. good morning again. yeah. we just got new numbers in. more than 1.6 million people screened at u.s. airports yesterday. that number will go up today and tomorrow as people head back home. this morning, americans on the move after celebrating that final holiday of the summer, packing the beaches, national parks and college football games. >> touchdown. >> reporter: the pandemic is far from over. as parts of the country see a steady rise in cases and hospitalizations. while the cdc director said unvaccinated people shouldn't travel over labor day weekend, no signs of a slowdown. more than 3.5 million people screened at u.s. airports.
8:03 am
between friday and saturday. that's roughly the same number of labor day weekend travelers as 2019, before the pandemic began. >> i don't shy away from holidays or anything. sometimes those are the best times to travel. those are the most fun, right? >> reporter: united and delta expected more than 2 million to travel this weekend. >> we're back in the circumstance where you need to give yourself two hours early for domestic fights and three hours early for international. there aren't that many of them right now. >> reporter: the roads packed too. about 34 million expected to drive to their destinations. this as gas prices jump. for most of the weekend the national average was at $3.18 a gallon. about 4 cents higher than a week ago, and a full dollar higher than a year ago. again, if you're one of those 34 million driving for the holiday, the best times to get on the road are tonight and tomorrow morning because the afternoon will likely be very busy, dan.
8:04 am
>> gio, thank you for the advice. we turn to the devastating impact of ida. hundreds of thousands of customers in louisiana don't have power. elwyn lopez in albany, louisiana. elwyn we're seeing the destruction in the south and right here in the northeast. >> reporter: hey, dan. good morning. that's right. a sea of structures like this, damaged or destroyed. some people trying to patch up their roofs before the rain moves in. new orleans is under a flash flood warning, and those images of first responders in new york trying to save a family. this morning, new body camera video produced by the nypd shows the devastating impact of ida. nypd officers can be seen diving under floodwaters to try to save a family trapped inside. waters rising fact, and tragically, the rescue attempt .
8:05 am
w 68eoe roig st havdied, grim reality. communities try to get back on their feet. communities in louisiana still reeling. >> they're trying to bring shingles. we'll get some tarps to try to fix it. if i don't patch it, my roof will cave in. >> reporter: power outages for hundreds of thousands stretching into an eighth day. christina romero now in mississippi with her three children, stopping by to offer materials to fix her roof. >> i have a 3-year-old. she keeps on saying, mama, i want to go home. she don't understand that you can't live like that. >> reporter: the path to recovery a long one. >> this is home. it will always be home. i'm not going to move. no. we got to fight through it. we'll do it. >> reporter: as many are returning to their homes, some of them are still without power and they expect to be like that
8:06 am
until the end of september. eva? >> a long road ahead. elwyn, thank you. a big question. could a four-day workweek be in your future? well, a new country is giving this a try. it is scotland. 80% support cutting one day off their work week hoping it will increase their health, happiness and productivity. the experience is being funded by the government and it won't actually cost workers anything. >> i like results of the poll. if you ask people and they say, keep it five days. >> i think i would be greedy and say three. >> 20% are the bosses. >> exactly. >> interesting study. coming up here on a much more somber note, it's nearly 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. victims' families still looking for answers. we hear from one of them still ahead. "shang chi" star fala chen joins us live off the movie's record-breaking weekend.
8:07 am
and becky worley is bringing us the best labor day deals you can get. and walter -- that's eva's dog, walter got onto the set. we have video. there he is. >> that's his perch. >> he thinks he belongs there. >> we'll be right back. my daughter has type 2 diabetes... and lately i've seen this change in her. once-weekly trulicity helps control your a1c... by helping your body release its own insulin. and it lowers blood sugar from the first dose. trulicity is for type 2 diabetes. it isn t for people ...with type 1 diabetes. it s not approved for use in children. don t take trulicity if you're allergic to it, or your family have medullary thyroid cancer,... or have multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2. stop trulicity and call your doctor right away if you have an allergic reaction,... a lump or swelling in your neck, severe stomach pain, changes in vision, or diabetic retinopathy. serious side effects may include pancreatitis. taking trulicity with sulfonylurea or insulin raises low blood sugar risk.
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the best part about being back... is the excitement of heading home. kohls. hi welcome back to "gma." we want to get to our cover story. the search for answers 20 years after the 9/11 attacks. on friday president biden announced plans to potentially declassify documents from the
8:12 am
9/11 investigation. that decision comes after years of pressure from victims' families. one of the prime movers here has been brett eagleson who was 15 when he lost his dad on 9/11. brett the featured on our 9/11 documentary series on abc news lives tonight. here's a preview. >> i think as time passes, it puts you in a different perspective. i was at a point in my life where i started questioning not the narrative that planes hit the world trade center, but how they pulled it off, and there was no way that these 19 hijackers with their level of ed -- education and their level of knowledge of american culture and their level of english was able to pull off an attack so destructive on the united states. at the time a lot of the indications were saudi charities were behind this, the saudi
8:13 am
government was behind this. >> in 2004 the 9/11 commission found no evidence the saudi government as an institution or as individual senior officials knowingly support or supported al qaeda. >> the saudis have always relied upon the findings of the 9/11 commission report to vindicate any of their involvement. >> there is no saudi government involvement or involvement by saudi officials in the events of 9/11. i don't know how one can be more clear than this. >> it's really important people in this country, people in america know that the 9/11 commission ended in 2004. the fbi continued to investigate the saudi role in 9/11 until 2016 under this secret operation called operation onencore. >> much of the findings of the operation encore reported by propublica are still classified. the eagleson family along with thousands of others joined a class action lawsuit against the kingdom of saudi arabia, revealing details about the
8:14 am
saud saudis' alleged role. >> these hijackers were taught english. they were helping them set up bank accounts. they were showing them how to sign up for flying lessons. the charge is without the saudi support network in place, they never would have been able to pull off one of the most devastating attacks in the history of the world. >> lawyers for the kingdom of saudi arabia declined to comment on the litigation. >> "9/11, 20 years later" streams september 6th to 10th:0h at 8:30 to 9:00 p.m. eastern time on abc news live, and will be rebroadcasted following the commemoration ceremonies on the anniversary saturday, september 11, 2021, and the live coverage of the anniversary begins at 8:00 eastern on saturday. ginger, over to you. >> thank you, dan. air is heavy along the gulf coast. dew points in the 70s.
8:15 am
you can feel the tropical moisture. it's going run up against a stationary front. that doesn't move much, and that's why we orleans down through the parishes that were hit so hard, parts in flash flood watches. in gulf port, you have that. it will feel close to 100 degrees. that's the big pic now to the blockbuster "shang chi," breaking yet another barrier. the marvel movie smashing box
8:16 am
office records for labor day weekend taking in $71 million in the u.s., and we have one of the stars right here. fala chen joining us in the studio this morning. great to have you. >> hi. so good to be here. >> absolutely. so first of all, congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> i mean, the records broken and tens of millions going into the theaters to watch the film. what's that feel like? that must be quite something. >> it's so surreal. we're just so excited and happy. we're, like, tracking the number in the group chat together, and we're just so thrilled people are going out to the theaters safely to see our film. >> does it feel more significant -- this is the first american super hero movie with mostly asian leads? >> asian power. yes, totally. it's so meaningful to have the aapi community coming out. we have theater buy-outs throughout the world. people are going with families and, you know, their community. it's just, you know, so important to see after a whole
8:17 am
year of, you know, the rise of anti-asian hate not only in this country, butllrld, and suddenlys film, and people now feel empowered and feel seen and valued. >> it's a great antidote to the hate. you're a new mom. you were telling us you have a 7-month-old. you were previewing for eva what it's like to have a baby. what's the success mean for you with a new baby at home? >> i grew up watching a lot of films. i love comic books and super hero films. i didn't have a superhero that looked like me that i could look up to. i'm so happy as a parent my daughter will grow up and have a superhero who looks like me -- looks like me literally and many others. i'm thrilled. >> you're a mother in real life. your character is a mother in the film, but at the same time this fierce warrior. how did you strike the balance
8:18 am
with the character and connect it with things in your personal life? >> this movie when i made it i wasn't pregnant. it was just actor's work and imagination and research. then i think it kind of foreshadowed, brought some good energy into my life. i became pregnant shortly after we rapped. -- wrapped. on many levels this film changed my life. i'm so happy that everyone gets to see this film. >> you're about to take your parents to see this movie. this has to be -- parents are always so proud. this has to be a dream come true for them too. >> i'm sure. you know, they've always been so supportive of my career. leading up to this point they've always wanted to see me on the big, big screen, especially in a blockbuster hollywood film. i'm actually really touched. i feel like being the daughter of a first generation immigrant, come true, that, you know, they sacrificed so much and worked so
8:19 am
hard in their entire lives to give me this opportunity to do what i love. >> i bet this is not the last time you're on a big screen in a blockbuster film. >> fingers crossed. i hope so. >> we do too. >> one of the great things about this film -- i love martial ar i understand you and the other cast members went through hours and hours of training. >> months. >> what are your skills at this point? do you still got it? >> you've seen older people doing tai chi in parks. it looks so easy, but it's so hard. my character's movements are inspired by tai chi. it looks so easy and graceful. it takes so much work to make it look easy. so i got to keep practicing. >> you make it look easy in the film. fala chen, thank you so much. >> thank you. ngratulations. it's great to have you here in the studio. "shang chi" is now in theaters. eva, over to you.
8:20 am
now to some labor day savings. becky worley joins us with great bargains. hey, becky. how you doing? >> reporter: good morning, eva. happy labor day. >> so the question we all want to know, is where are the bargains going to be this weekend? >> reporter: labor day marks the transition from summer to fall for retailers. that means clearing out summer inventory to make room for new stuff. anything outdoors. that's where the deals are happening. barbecues. home depot with 5% to 25% off barbecues. a five-burner grill $134 off. lowes with similar deals. they have a really huge sale with over 40,000 items that are discounted like some really plush outdoor chairs we saw. they're $238 for the pair now. that's $60 off, eva. >> what about clothes? a lot of people like to stock up on clothes during the holiday weekend. >> reporter: that transition from one season to the next hits clothing retailers the most.
8:21 am
lots of inventory clearance. nordstrom has their summer sale and discounts on name brands up to 60% off. madewell and urban outfitters, extra 30% off sale items. the gap 30% off your entire purchase. eddie bauer and j. crew 40% off. that's everything you buy, shoes also seeing some price cuts. adidas has 30% off sitewide. >> what about tech? black friday is normally the time we buy the tech deals, but with covid shortages, should we be stocking up now? >> reporter: it's a tough one. wait unless you absolutely have to have it now. or if you are worried about scarcity in one particular item, or maybe you need that back to school laptop for kids starting up. for example, we have a lenovo chromebook at $229 at staples.
8:22 am
i think tech deals, still wait. >> good advice. becky will be back with more sales. we'll all be waiting for them. whit, over to you. eva, turning now to "impeachment: american crime story." the newest installment of fx's series. chris connelly spoke to sarah paulson and has more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. always ready to take on a tough role, award-winning actress sarah paulson might be taking on her toughest ever, transforming to take on this key figure in the clinton impeachment saga. >> people asked me why would you want to play someone for who we have no affection? i said, why wouldn't i? it's the challenge of a lifetime. >> reporter: sarah paulson is all but unrecognizable as linda tripp, confidant and then betrayer of monica lewinsky, in fx's new series, a suspenseful look at events
8:23 am
leading to bill clinton's impeachment. >> you are attracted to playing roles that scare you. what scared you about playing linda tripp? >> everything scared me about playing linda tripp. she made choices to this day i find perplexing. yet i had to try to understand them. >> reporter: it shows lewinsky divulging to tripp the secrets of her affair with president clinton. tripp recording lewinsky and providing tapes to prosecutors. >> how did you navigate the moments where she was sincere with monica, and the moments when she was insincere? >> there's sincerity, manipulation, duplicity and sincerity again. i tried my best to ride it like a wave and just go with it. >> tell me about him. >> it's -- it's just that he's unavailable. >> someone long distance? someone from work?
8:24 am
someone important? >> linda had a lot of maternal feelings towards monica. i think she truly believed the choices she made would improve monica's life. i think she thought she would be considered a hero. >> reporter: history has seen linda tripp as anything but a hero. those are the kinds of roles paulson doesn't shy away from taking on. >> for me the work is most interesting -- not to find sympathy for a character, but just find the humanity of her. >> reporter: paulson's transformation drew some flak last week, one writer criticizing her use of a fat suit to play tripp. >> i guess there is a part of me as an actress that feels, isn't it my job to try to transform? >> this is the fat suit question? >> it is. i gained 30 pounds to play the part. didn't quite do the trick in my face.
8:25 am
i'm wearing a neck prosthetic and nose and wig and body suit. little bit of the pit pull in me is i don't think they asked christian bale this or other male actors this when it was churchill or roger ailes or dick cheney. >> the vice president is a symbolic job. >> i feel like it's just this expected applaud moment for male actors transforming because they're actors and that's their job. i'm also an actor and it was my job. i dedicated myself so completely and fully for almost two years to play this part, and i am proud of what i have done. >> reporter: her performance as marcia clark won paulson a s.a.g. award. you got something else for marcia clark. you change the way she was perceived as a human being. is the same thing even achievable for linda tripp? >> i don't know that it's achievable for linda tripp. you may not agree with what she did. you probably won't, and you
8:26 am
probably shouldn't because what she did is pretty horrifying and yet i have real empathy and sympathy. >> if she was sitting in this chair right now, what would you ask her? >> i would ask linda tripp if she tripped me up the stairs and broke my wrist while we were shooting? who trips up the stairs? this guy. i did. then i would probably say i hope ou know that i o do this with as open a heart as possible and can i hug you? >> reporter: it's a familiar story that's been given a powerfully emotional charge and it's another tour de force for sarah paulson. guys? >> chris, thank you. "american crime story" premiers tomorrow night at 10:00 on fx. coming up, tamron hall joins us live.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> drives over or get pulled over -- drive sober or get pulled over is the message from oakland police. we will -- they will be on the lookout for people suspected of driving under the influence per the department is dedicating officers to keep and i out for illegal sideshows. the greater highway of san francisco is closed for the labor day holiday. it will -- it reopened two cars last month despite opposition for cash from neighbors. the highway was closed for almost 1.5 years to give people a space to walk. the mayor says a long-term plan will be announced soon.
8:28 am
man, look at that internet that doesn't miss a beat. that's cute, but my internet streams to my ride. ok chill, cause mine's so fast no one can catch me. sweet, but my internet gives me unlimited wireless with 5g. that's because you all have xfinity. whoa! internet and wireless so good, it keeps one-upping itself. get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months with a 1 year agreement. plus, save up to $400 a year on wireless over at&t when you add xfinity mobile. switch today.
8:29 am
>> happy labor day to you. it is a spare the air alert. moderate air quality in the east bay. good air quality in san francisco. you see the haze. 60 to 65 in mountain view. in the 50's in pacifica. looking at the exploratory in camera, some blue skies there. 56 in napa. near 100 inland. >> we will have anotheab7 news update in 30 minutes. you can find us on our app and
8:30 am have a great morning. ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ welcome back to "gma." what you're hearing is the theme song from the brand new season of "tamron hall," "thank you for being a friend." tamron hall is with us in times square to talk about the new season. that's kicking off today. good morning to you. >> that's not me singing. let's be clear. >> it's so good to have you in studio. how was it? you welcomed back a studio audience to your show this season. >> it's exciting. it's exciting to be here with the three of you. i could hug you, but i won't. for obvious reasons, but having that audience, i believe we did somewhere around 280 shows with me alone in the studio, and to
8:31 am
walk back out with people, the same sensation you feel having guests now in the studio. it's just that energy and that connection is back, and so now we have an audience in studio every day. we're all vaccinated and they're all leaning into these interviews. it's great. >> we were talking about that. it's like against human nature to not be able to connect with people. here you are. you talk about the audience. you've got the tam fam. these are your fans. they're very close to you and connected to you in the sense that you say they guided you through daytime television and helped you through tough times as well. >> absolutely. that's the spirit of our campaign, thank you for being a friend. you can't thank people enough. i have a day time show because i got fired from another show. you fall and get back up. it's why rocky is my favorite movie. i wake up and ♪ you know? if you don't get pushed on the mat, you're not living. this tam fam, these group of people who rooted for me through
8:32 am
my pregnancy and me getting this talk show, that's my family. they're loyal. they're in studio, at home, online, telling me what they think about my outfit and my lipstick. families will keep it real. that's why we call them the tam fam. >> 48? you look like you're in your 30s. >> i'm 50. ask john oliver. he did a bit on me. i'll be 51 on the 16th of september. our premiere is september 6th. i'm 51 september 16th, and i have my first novel coming out october 26th. six, six, six. something's got to win. >> you're crushing it. good on you. speaking of the tam fam, you have a challenge for members of the tam fam during this week? >> we're kicking off the premiere week with a big show
8:33 am
today, but also the first ever tam fam kindness challenge. i'm giving cash to three people i don't know and we're going to see -- i love how i pulled my cash out. my debit card. we're challenging them to inspire us through acts of kindness. i'm curious to see who they pick and why and what they do. we know we need a thank you and acts of kindness in all our lives. this was an opportunity to see what people would do. i think most people are always up for the challenge to help someone else. how will these folks do it? i'm excited about that. >> we've learned that lesson in the past year how important kindness is. >> we use money as an example. there's no value. kindness can be a gesture of love, hope, a kind word. in this case i have the briefcase, but it is more than a dollar figure. it's the heart. you can't put a price tag on that. >> let's talk about this first show. something took over the show. it was supposed to be a segment talking about children and masks. you guys went for it.
8:34 am
people came for it. >> listen, our premiere episode today, we looked at a list of celebrities. there were a lot of big names. we'll have great celebrity interviews, but everywhere i went people were talking about two things -- mask mandates with children and critical race theory. we planned to use the best of what i do, some say, which is 30 years of journalism and digging into the news stories and what's behind it. the conversation on children and mask mandates took over the show. the audience there with us. it was explosive. we could not end the show. an hour wasn't enough. it airs today. it is -- it's -- i wouldn't say it's tough. it's real. it's raw. if you're not going to stick up for a child, right, and that's what so many people see as sticking up for children and the health of children and keeping them safe. it turned into an explosive conversation. >> you shared pictures and video
8:35 am
of your own little boy moses at -- attempting to put on a mask. i have young kids. it's difficult to get them to wear it. that's part of it too. why did you decide to share that personal element of the story? >> when you have a talk show, people want to know your story. my son starts school next week. we've been trying with elmo to teach him wear the mask. i said to someone on our show. i said, i'm not pro-mask. i'm pro-safety. none of us want this world, but we want to stay safe. that's my 2-year-old son. i want him and his friends safe. we're practicing wearing the mask. sometimes i win. sometimes i lose to a 2-year-old. at the end of the day, it's my responsibility, and so that's apart of why we want to do this show. have the conversation, not to beat people up, right? it really is to ask of you, why? we have a gentleman who was a part of one of the most viral
8:36 am
fights outside a school board meeting in tennessee. he allegedly threatened another parent who was pro-mask. he joins the show where i ask him what were you thinking? why are we at this point where there are physical brawls outside of school meetings? he answers and doesn't answer some of my questions. you'll see it today. >> sounds like an amazing way to kick off the season. congratulations on the show, on the upcoming novel, happy birthday. you've got a lot going on. >> i could just hug you. >> i'll take a hug any time. i'll be watching later today. the third season of "the tamron hall show" premieres today. check your local listings. coming up, our interview with the star of an incredible new book, eva's dog walter. >> we're going to ask him questions? >> i don't know how he'll answer. we'll see. questions? >>
8:37 am
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back now on "gma" with more labor day deals. becky worley is back with some big ticket items. becky, you say this is the time to go after those big items. what kind of ones should we be looking for? >> reporter: you know, the biggest savings happen on the biggest purchases. let's start out with appliances, best buy has one of the largest appliance sales. discounted washer-dryers. you'll get a $100 best buy gift
8:40 am
card if you spend $999 on a package. considering we're coming out of shortages on appliances, this is a good offer. 10% off on appliances like dish washers at home depot, lowes and best buy. we found an lg model at best buy going for $599. that's down from $699, so 100 bucks off. not too bad. >> i'll take any dollars off. what about mattresses? is this the time to get mattresses as well. >> reporter: also a big ticket item, so on the sale weekends, that's an option. serta twin mattress at macy's $297. it was $749, so that's a big discount off. also, nectar sleep mattresses with big discounts, plus up to $399 in free bedding with your purchase. pretty much all those bed in a box online mattress purchase companies will have sales.
8:41 am
>> what about the kitchen and home goods stuff? is that a buy now or should we be waiting for black friday on those things? >> reporter: i see quite a few good deals in this says. macy's has a home sale. we found a henckels knife set for $93, 142 bucks off. it's a great wedding gift or house warming gift. macy's has oxo kitchen gadgets up to 40% off. and finally, air purifiers, great for those of us in the west. this one we found was $129, 100 bucks off at walmart, eva. >> we were talking about this earlier, the covid shortages and manufacturing delays pushing people to buy things early for the holidays. does that apply to things like toys? you know, toys get crazy right around christmas time. >> reporter: you are so right. toys are going to be an issue this year more than ever. shipping containers filled with toys are sitting at docks in chinese ports.
8:42 am
so backlog. we want get to a few deals that we saw. i found a roblox, mini figs at target for $17 and change, that's 10% off. macy's has the piano dance mat for 39 bucks. macy's offering magnetic tile sets on sale for 29 bucks. that is $30 off. happy labor day, eva. i'm glad we made it through these two segments without you going into labor. that's good news. >> you sound like whit. he keeps making jokes with rubber gloves and towels. thanks, becky. let's go to ginger. it doesn't happen that fast, does it? >> not for me. i wish you well. it would be great television. so whatever you want to do, okay? let's start in myrtle beach, just a little ripple. that will change into major waves as the impacts from larry
8:43 am
make its way here. if you have plans along the east coast, watch for the rip currents. the surf will be up to 15 feet. it's going to be ugly. bermuda too. labor day forecast, without labor for eva. showers in the northern great lakes and new england. some heavy rain along the gulf for the record we're prepared for the delivery with eva just in case. ice chips and popsicles ready to go. joining us now is max
8:44 am
harwood, starring in the film adaptation about a teenager who dreams of life on the stage as a drag queen and everybody is talking about this movie. max, good morning to you. it is great to have you. i heard a story here that a few years ago you came to new york and you said to yourself out loud that one day, i'm going to work here. i'm going to make it in this city, and here you are in this amazing film. what's that like? >> it's been crazy. i said to my drama teacher on a school trip next time i come to new york will be for work. here i am promoting a film. it's crazy. i'm so excited. >> now, max, this was your first time in drag. what was the experience like? i understand there's quite a bit that goes into it. >> yeah. it was absolutely terrifying. i'm such a huge fan of drag. i didn't realize before this role how much goes into it and how much preparation. it was so exciting and terrifying at the same time.
8:45 am
>> getting a lot of attention. let's watch a clip and talk more on the back end. >> you didn't. you did! these are the ones. >> i know. >> the ones i've been saving up for. >> i know. >> they're 120 quid. where did you get money like that? >> i got it. don't you worry. >> thank you. thank you. thank you. me first ever heels. they're amazing. >> the woman in the shop said your daughter's got big feet. i said they're not for my daughter. they're for me son. should have seen the look on her face. >> "everybody is talking about jamie" is based on a true story. did you have the opportunity to connect with any of the real people who inspired the musical? >> yeah. so the story is based off of jamie campbell and his family. we were lucky that jamie and his family were so on board with the project. i got to know him, which is
8:46 am
great for my as an actor to dive that deep into preparation. a lot of times you're doing a biopic, the person usually isn't around. it was a real gift. i was so grateful to jamie and his family that they were so happy to involve themselves. >> we know this film is filled with a lot of fun, some outrageous moments as well. there's really important themes that come along with this, including representation. when people go and watch this film, what conversation do you hope they have afterwards? >> listen, i think although this story is so specifically a story about a young gay man, in a sense it's about a person who wants to step into their most authentic place and how the community shifts around him to make that a safe space for him to do so. i want people to come out of the film of all ages, of all backgrounds going, i need to open my ears and listen and make a safe space for people to be
8:47 am
their most authentic self. >> after putting this film together, what's your advice to somebody who is watching who may have a dream like jamie's and doesn't know how to go about following it up, seeing it through? >> i think i would just say keep your ears open and keep your feet on the ground. if you want to have a career in acting or be a creative person, fully immerse yourself in the world. you can never have enough. i don't know a lot and i'm still learning and growing as an actor. i don't feel like i've made it. i'm still learning and growing as i go. i would say to keep learning and keep listening. >> max, congratulations on the movie. getting a lot of buzz. great to see you. >> thank you so much. >> "everybody is talking about vio r tir th
8:48 am
coming up the new book about the dog who owns eva's heart. the famous walter is with us live. my name is on the front. but... i am more proud of the back. siggis: 40% less sugar, and more protein than the leading greek yogurt.
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8:50 am
we're back now with something special. eva has a new book coming out called "walter does his best." it's inspired by eva's very own frenchy, walter. they're both with us now. >> they are. >> how did you get the bow tie on walter? >> he doesn't love the bow tie. i was like it's your big day. you have to dress up. >> he seems pretty docile, at least right now. as we discussed, you have a baby on the way. we're very happy about that. congratulations on the new book. how did impending mommyhood influence your decision to write the book? >> we were trying to get pregnant when i was writing this book.
8:51 am
we were talking about what you want your children to learn. kindness kept coming up. it was really important to my h. i was trying to figure out how do i send that message of kindness? walter seemed like a good tool. we were walking walter around new york city. the interactions he has with people -- you guys have seen him. he loves people. >> he does. >> the way that he interacts with people, the kindness he shows them and the kindness they showed him in return touched my heart in that time. it was the pandemic. nothing was going the way we wanted. hence, "walter does his best," we were all doing our best. >> inspires kindness. inspiring some lethargy as well right now. >> resignation. it's the bow tie. >> we know walter is a character in the book. he's a character in real life. i understand some of this is based on real adventures. >> yes.
8:52 am
some of the characters in the book are real life characters. jorge is a neighbor down the street from us. every day walter pees in his garden. even though there's a sign that says not to do it. we're very sorry, jorge. he's so in gracious about it. he loves walter. when you show kindness to other people, they're gracious to you in return. that's the lesson from that story in the book. you get so much more in return for the little acts of kindness you give. they don't have to be huge. >> absolutely. >> the illustrations are beautiful. who did that work and how did you get that person to capture walters's essence? >> jessica gibson is the illustrator. she did a phenomenal job. walter was in on a lot of zoom calls during preparation and editing of the book. the whole group got to see him.
8:53 am
he has a lot of personality. everybody got to see what that was. there's tons of pictures of walter because i'm a little obsessed. >> you mentioned walter gets a credit in the book. >> he's got an author credit. >> is he a diva now? >> he had car service this morning. >> wow. >> i drove myself in to work. he had car service. >> how are you going to celebrate with walter with the book? >> he'll have the cheese cake. >> beautiful. spoiled dog. congratulations. "walter does his best" is out tomorrow. we will be right back. ♪ born to be wild ♪ oh! my new, bigger, crispier cluck sandwich. mmh. just tell me you're not going to go overboard with the marketing. no. you're fully clucked out, aren't you? try my $6.99 cluck sandwich combo. download the jack app today.
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try my bigger, crispier, new cluck sandwich combo for $6.99. download the jack app today. all of us and that includes walter we would like to thank you for watching "gma." tomorrow, don't forget or "rise & shine" from maryland. >> have a good monday.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ small decisions make a world of difference. ikea.
8:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward and finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. about 2 million californians have lost their unemployment benefits. federal funds for pandemic relief expired on saturday. the federal government will no longer pay a $300 per week bonus to the unemployed. there are no more payments to nontraditional workers like contractors, self-employed people and gig workers. pe uc has also >> it is a spare the air alert. moderate air quality throughout the bay area. good in san francisco. you can see the high clouds, smog and haze. low 60's right now in the east bay. only in the 50's in the north bay. everybody warms up quickly. we see temperatures
9:00 am
inland and the heat will stay with us much of the week, inland. >> time for live with kelly and >> time for live with kelly and ryan. deja vu: grab your flipflops and put on your shades, because kelly and ryan are inviting you to a party. live's labor day backyard party. today on the guest list, podcaster bethenny frankel, plus fun in the sun with one of the stars of schmigadoon!, dove cameron. also, it's not a holiday without some burgers on the grill. celebrity chef michael symon has it covered. and a labor day workout in the fresh air, courtesy of isaac boots. ["diamonds" by sam smith] ♪ you're never gonna hear my heart break ♪ and now here are kelly and ryan. and here we are. yes. you look very holiday in your white. -thank you. -is silver white? -i don't know. -you know, i'm one of those people, ryan. i believe that you


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