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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 7, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning" -- >> the long wait for justice after the september 11 attacks about to take a step forward today. the crucial hearing voling the man known as the master mind of 9/11. 20 years later, why attorneys say key evidence should be tossed out. the latest from guantanamo bay. after ida, new images from the storm zone, as joe biden tours flood ravaged areas of the northeast today and the estimate when power will be restored in new orleans. breaking her silence. a woman who says bill cosby assaulted her speaks out. who she blames for cosby's unexpected release from prison. caught on camera. the shoplifting suspect left in the lurch when the getaway
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driver takes off. sci-fi city. a billionaire announces his vision for a brand new city. celebrating the life of michael way kay williams. tributes pouring in. ♪ ♪ from abc news in new york, this is "america this morning." >> good tuesday morning. we begin with the case against the man known as the master mind of the 9/11 attacks. >> a crucial hearing is about to resume in what's being called the longest prosecution in u.s. history. khalid sheikh muhammad and his associates are inching toward their landmark trial. but before the trial begins, some important decisions must be made. >> this morning, as the nation prepares to mourn 20 years since the september 11 attacks, the five men believed to have
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plotted the attacks have yet to stand trial. among them, khalid sheikh muhammad. he's been tried in a death penalty case along with his nephew and three other alleged facilitators. >> these are dangerous men. with unparalleled knowledge about terrorist networks and their plans of new attacks. >> yesterday marked 15 years since president george bush announced the men's transfer, along with other suspected al qaeda members, to the guantanamo bay detention facility in cuba. >> it's been necessary to move them to an environment where they can be held secretly, questioned by experts, and when appropriate, prosecuted. >> today, a hearing resumes to determine what evidence the u.s. government must provide to the defense in which laws apply in the special court. abc's shannon crawford is there. >> reporter: this is a war court, but these defendant also
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get civil protections that they would have if they were being tried in the united states. >> of particular interest are the confessions made by the defendants to the fbi, after they were transferred and subjected to enhanced techniques, including waterboarding. the defense team is seeking to throw out those confessions. >> the lawyers are arguing that what they said is inadmissible because they were conditioned to tell the enter day finterrogatot they wanted to hear. >> a lawyer saying -- >> several family members have traveled there to watch the hearings. a trial date has not been set, but one is expected next year. four more u.s. citizens have escaped from afghanistan. the state department says it helped evacuate the americans.
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it says the taliban knew about the plan and did not interfere. the taliban has been blocking self-planes from leaving. joe biden last night said the u.s. will not recognize the taliban government any time soon. >> that's a long way off. that's a long way off. thank you. >> senator richard plumblumenths criticizing the biden administration for leaving americans in afghanistan. saying, i have been furious at our government's delay and inaction. more power has been restored in new orleans. and today, joe biden will tour flood damage in the northeast. it comes as hi approval numbers drop, down six points from june. only two presidents had a lower approval rating at this point in their terms. and the storm recovery effort.-
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good morning. >> reporter: just a few days after he toured communities shattered by ida in louisiana, joe biden today will get a look at the damage from the storm in the northeast. the death toll from ida has now climbed to 69 people across eight states. this morning, as ida's death toll rises, joe biden is set to visit hard-hit new york and new jersey, to see the storm's devastation. the president approving disaster declarations in both states. freeing up federal funds to help with the massive cleanup effort. >> the major disaster declaration means individuals are not eligible for money in those counties. >> reporter: communities still reeling, after heartbreaking scenes like these. nypd body camera footage shows officers unable to save a family in queens from a flooding basement. in new jersey, richard peak was stranded in flood waters. >> there goes a tree in the
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river. look at that. >> reporter: his friend braving the storm. >> i know that's him. >> reporter: coming to the rescue in a tractor. >> i still don't feel like a hero. i just figured i would help my friend out. >> reporter: in new orleans, another flash flood watch in effect. and the mayor is now blaming the archdiocese, which owns several senior living facilities in new orleans after five elderly residents died in what she calls deplorable conditions. >> what we found was unacceptable. and accountability will be across the board. >> reporter: as communities from the gulf coast to the northeast look to rebuild homes and businesses, those reconstruction efforts could take a little bit longer and be more expensive because of supply and worker shortages from the pandemic. mona? >> elizabeth, thank you. the u.s. is now averaging 1100 deaths from covid per day. health officials are concerned millions of people who traveled
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over the weekend and attended large events like football games will fuel a new spike in covid infections. meanwhile, overwhelmed doctors and nurses just want more people to get vaccinated. >> for over 20 years of doing this, i've never been this busy or this stressed or seen this many sick people. we are drowning and people are dieing with this illness. but i have yet to admit a single person because of a vaccine related incident. >> the white house is hoping to roll out vaccine booster shots later this month. an fda advisory panel will meet september 17 to discuss booster shot safety. the largest confederate monument in the country will come down tomorrow. crews in richmond, virginia, will remove a statue of robert e. lee to be sent to a storage facility. the government ordered it removed last year. the woman whose allegations of sexual assault led to bill
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cosby's conviction is breaking her silence. she writes after his conviction was overturned, she worried women might find it too hard to come forward. she told nbc how she felt when cosby went free. >> i was really shocked. i was really shocked, disappointed. what does it say about the american justice system? >> that it's flawed. >> more than 50 women claim they were assaulted by cosby. the pennsylvania supreme court overturned his conviction saying the current d.a. was bound by his predecessor's promise not to charge cosby in exchange for his testimony. time now for a look at your tuesday weather. >> a tropical disturbance in the southern gulf coast has a 30% chance of development. it can bring heavy rain this
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week. it will be a category 3 storm tomorrow and thursday bringing heavy surf to the east coast. some storms in the southeast and midwest. 90s across the plains and northwest. about 80 in the northeast. camera staging a car crash. also ahead, the double murder mystery surrounding a prominent south carolina takes a new turn. what we learned about the husband. the stunning security failures at this prison that
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back now with video evidence of what police in louisiana say was a man faking injuries after
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being hit by a tesla. the driver left the scene and later showed the video from his car's camera to authorities. the man is now charged with staging an accident. a major development in the murder mystery involving a well-known family from south carolina. the moth ever and son were murd. >> reporter: this morning, a new twist in the mystery surrounding a double murder involving a prominent family from south carolina. alex murdoch, whose wife and son were killed in june and who called 911 over the weekend saying he was shot in the head, is now breaking his silence. releasing a statement saying, the murders of my wife and son have caused a difficult time in my life. i have made a lot of decisions that i truly regret. i'm resigning from my law firm and entering rehab after a long battle that has been exacerbated by these murders. i am sorry to everyone i've hurt, including my family, friends and colleagues. and now, abc news learning alex
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has resigned from his family law firm after it was discovered he had misappropriated money from the firm. on saturday, alex was airlifted to the hospital after calling police to say he had been shot in the head in broad daylight while he was changing a tire on the side of the road. authorities say he suffered a superficial gunshot wound to the head. he's now out of the hospital and in rehab. it's unclear what kind of rehab. back in june, alex called 911 saying he had found the bodies of his wife, maggie, and 22-year-old son, paul, at the family's hunting lodge. both brutally murdered. >> are they breathing? >> no, ma'am. my wife and my son. >> what is your name? >> my name is alex please hurry. >> reporter: his brothers spoke to abc news about the case. do you think they will find who did this? >> we simply hope so. >> reporter: police have yet to name any suspects.
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but the killings, getting increased attention because the family is part of a legal dynasty in the south carolina low country. going back nearly a century, including three generations of influential lawyers and prosecutors in the region. the family is offering a $100,000 reward in the case. as for alex, he's not elaborating on the decisions that he says he regrets or what they entailed. >> megan, thank you. a manhunt is under way in israel after six men escaped from a prison. the men used a spoon to dig a hole in the floor of their cell and tunnelled through the drainage system. the blueprints were available on line. also, a guard fell asleep just before that escape. coming up, the toddler found alive after four days in the woods. also, celebrating the life
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she was on the haunted mine drop which drops passengers 110 feet and reportedly fell. the small family owned amusement park saying it is deeply saddened but has not released any other details. the ride opened four years ago and was praised as the best new theme park attraction in the u.s. we turn to michael k. williams. his fans and fellow actors are expressing shock at the news of his death. >> come on. get out of here. >> reporter: this morning, tributes pouring in after michael k. williams was found dead in his brooklyn apartment. >> open this door before a huff and puff. >> reporter: no cause of death given for the actor most famous for bringing the character of omar little to life on hbo's "the wire." officials say drug paraphernalia was found around his body. >> he was loved. always smiling. always happy. always dancing. >> reporter: williams received acclaim for his roles on
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"boardwalk empire" and last year's "lovecraft country," but it was his role of omar little on "the wire" that many called the greatest character in tv history. it was a groundbreaking role. an openly bey gangster wrapped up in the homophobic world of murder, drugs and crime. williams drawing on his own struggles to do it telling dan harris that the character's success came as a surprise to him. >> as he told me i'd be successful for playing an openly gay thug on television, i couldn't have seen this coming in a million years. >> reporter: omar was meant to be killed off in the first season but proved so popular he was kept on. >> omar is my favorite character. >> reporter: overnight the creator of "the wire" writing michael was a fine man and rare
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talent in our journey together and he always deserved the best words. ava duvernay, saying never forgotten and spike lee writing i'm shook. speaking to "vanity fair" the five-time emmy nominee reflected on what acting meant to him. >> for me to be given the opportunity to be a storyteller and tell a narrative of people in my community that look like me, i wear that is a badge of honor. >> it was a badge he wore well. michael k. williams was 54. williams is currently nominated for an empey for his role in "lovecraft country." coming up, the key to becoming a real morning person. also ahead, something we never knew about one of we never knew about one of ronald mcdonald's sidekicks. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us. because dupixent targets a root cause of eczema, it helps heal your skin from within, keeping you one step ahead of it. and for kids ages 6 and up, that means clearer skin, and noticeably less itch.
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we begin with an answer to a burning question under the golden arches. >> so grimace has been around for nearly 50 years, but what is he supposed to be? the manager of a mcdonald's in canada claims he is a giant taste bud, mona. >> say what? we're still awaiting confirmation from mickey d's headquarters, but i disagree. next, the key to becoming a real morning person. >> lots of people are trying to become. research found morning people are happier and more productive. "the wall street journal" spoke to experts who said the key to having an early morning routine is to have it not associated with work. they say that would be more rewarding and will keep you wanting to wake up early each day. >> tips include going outside when you wake up, exercising, writing in a journal. but here's the key. one expert said whatever you do, don't logon to your work email after working up. and you should tell everyone you're a morning person.
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next, a smooth criminal running into unexpected trouble. >> this video is racking up millions of views and laughs. the shoplifting suspect tries to get into a getaway car. >> but the door is locked and the getaway driver takes off. next, it's called the sci-fi city. the billionaire is looking to build a sustainable city in the southwest. >> he envisions the city will be vibrant, diverse and clean and should be big enough for 5 million residents. >> the price tag for the city is $400 billion. no word on a potential location. finally, a very rare sight. >> two giant panda twins were important at the zoo in madrid. >> officials call the birth a great contribution and a conservation of the species. >> a great contribution to the
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>> now as you wake up with us at 5:00 this morning, a cluster of fires now under investigation. the suspicious incidents that left calfire crews at the investigation. >> it came within 1000 feet of our house. >> caldor fire victims become victims to thieves. >> we are tracking development with covid-19 booster shots. they are expected to be available soon, but is that timeline realistic? we have that covered and a lot more. good morning, it is tuesday, september 7. you are watching abc 7 live on abc 7, hulu you stream. >> we are back to the 50's along the shoreline. we have fog at the coast. most of the cloud cover vi


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