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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 8, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PDT

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just days from the 20-year just days from the 20-year anniversary of 9/11, the families of two victims of the attack on the world trade center is being given a new sense of closure. >> experts made two new identifications using cutting-edge analysis. the family of the second victim is keeping his name private. >> more than 1,100 victims are unidentified in the wake of one of the darkest days in american history. and this morning, we're hearing from one of our own, who had a front row seat. >> we just got a report in that there has been some sort of an explosion at the world trade center. >> reporter: it was minutes before "good morning america" was supposed to end on september 11th, 2001. >> we don't know if it was deliberate or accidental. we know so little now. >> reporter: but the hours ahead, would become a day no one
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would ever forget. >> the aircraft has crashed into either the courtyard or into that side of the building. there's simply no way to accurately describe the emotion this evokes. >> reporter: anchor peter jennings and abc news correspondents across the country were there to guide us through the day. >> i was in the subway, headed towards franklin street. after the first explosion, the subway station started to fill with smoke. >> a number of sources told me that a number of passengers and flight attendants were able to dial 911 and reach some of their relatives. >> you're a parent, you have a kid, in some other part of the country, call them up. >> reporter: as the day unfolded, one correspondent was there to update us on then-president george w. bush. >> ann compton with the president all day is on the phone. >> reporter: ann was one of the few reporters on air force one, with no telling where the plane would go next. >> we took off in air force one
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from florida, where he first got word of this. and we literally, peter, have been flying well over 40,000 feet. we're leaving. >> where are you going, annie? >> peter, i have no idea. peter, i think the most striking thing about today was the sense of traveling with the president of the united states, who was running with no place to hide. >> reporter: now, 20 years later, ann tells us about what she remembers about that day in the skies, about a nation under attack. when did the magnitude of the moment really hit you? >> actually, at the school. those of us traveling with the president and even the president himself, knew so much less than everybody else in the country. we weren't by a television set watching the first plane and watching the second plane. so, i figured it was bad when the president stood up, said excuse me. he went into the other room. >> reporter: what was that like for you? boarding air force one and you're just flying -- you don't know where.
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>> there was a sense that this was the fog of war. in this case, the fog was as thick as that smoke billowing through lower manhattan. we heard that the pentagon was in flames. the fear was, how broad did this go? >> reporter: what do you feel that americans ought to remember on this 20th anniversary? >> this is a country that needs to pull together and act as one united states and a society that upholds principles of democracy and fairness and freedom. and that has to be our core. >> our thanks to linsey davis. >> everybody remembers where they were on that day. and abc news will have full coverage throughout the week and join david muir, robin roberts and diane sawyer this saturday morning, starting at 8:00 a.m. coming up, britney's big win. the new twist in her legal fight with her father. and later, why zebras are running wild in maryland.
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back, now, with the intense storms that rolled through parts of the midwest. hail the size of golf balls was falling in northern illinois. and winds gusting over 70 miles per hour, blew through the same area. that line of storms is making its way towards the east coast right now. and turning, now, to the legal storm clouds apparently parting over britney spears. >> the pop star may finally be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel in her years' long battle over her conservatorship. ♪ i'm stronger than yesterday ♪ >> reporter: overnight, a surprise legal victory for britney spears. her father, now asking a los angeles court to end the pop star's 13-year conservatorship. in a petition filed tuesday,
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layers for jamie spears saying, quote, if miss spears wants to terminate the conservatorship, and believes she can handle her own life, mr. spears believes she should get that chance. it's a complete reversal for jamie spears, who long maintained that the guardianship, imposed in 2008, over concerns about her mental health, was in his daughter's best interest. ♪ my life has been so protected ♪ >> reporter: britney has been trying to get her father removed as the overseer of her estate for months. telling the court in june, that the arrangement was abusive and humiliating. last month, jamie spears said he would step aside once a new conservator could be found. but he gave no timeline. and just weeks ago, britney's attorney accused jamie of asking for $2 million in exchange for his resignation. ♪ your toxic, i'm slipping under ♪ >> reporter: now, jamie says the conservatorship should be ended altogether. tuesday's court filing saying, quote, ms. spears has recently
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demostrated a level of independence that call into question whether a conservator is required. it does not absolve jamie spears of his alleged misconduct. this filing represents a massive legal victory for britney spears, as well as vindication. having exposed his misconduct and plan to hold out for a settlement. this filing presents a massive legal victory for britney spears. mr. spears has now effectively surrendered. there's no settlement, to the extent mr. spears believes he can try to avoid accountability and justice. he is incorrect and our investigation into financial mismanagement and other issues will continue. the decision to end the conservatorship now rests with a judge. the next hearing is september 29th. you can expect a lot of the people in the free britney movement will be waiting for that decision. will be showing up to that court. this started with the fans. this is how a lot of this started getting attention. fans decided to start a podcast and bring attention to her conservatorship.
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she is thankful to her fans. we'll see in a couple of weeks what happens. >> free britney has been trending for a couple of years now. maybe it will be free britney soon.
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♪ time, now, for "that's wild!" you know there is serious commitment to this segment because i'm getting hat hair for y'all. we are starting with some serious horsing around. >> several zebras are on the loose, roaming around parts of prince georges county in maryland. >> according to the county's animal shelter, the group of zebras have been running wild for three or four days, despite owners' attempts to corral them. >> some neighbors have spotted them in their backyard. this is the greater dc area. we can't be 100% sure they're not just giant rats painted as
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zebras. >> that's a disguise. they're very advanced these days. if it walks like a duck, swims like a duck, it is probably a duck, right? >> what happens if it swears like a sailor? will ganss is there, for a foul-mouthed fowl? >> reporter: right. this is truly wild. researchers revealing that the australian musk ducks, like som parrots, whales and dolphins, are capable of learning to talk. here's a recording of one musk duck named ripper, using some aussie slang saying, you bloody fool. >> you bloody fool. you bloody fool. you bloody fool. you bloody fool. >> reporter: this duck was raised by humans where he learned to talk like that. other musk ducks are able to replicate doors opening or other birds. researchers adding it is not clear why this particular
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species is capable of vocal learning. you bloody fools. >> i can't believe you did that for the entire segment. >> i can only do crikey. >> crikey. alligator. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you, steve. >> thank you, will. next, to a one-legged stork. >> this bird is at an animal rescue station. he is learning to walk on the prosthetic leg. >> veterinarians made the prosthetic so he can enjoy a full life, flying, hunting and delivering babies. >> so cute. and two mammal species hugging it out under water. >> a diver bumped into a gray seal that needed a little love. >> the diver has made friends with seals after nearly 20 years of scuba diving with them. >> he put this on twitter saying even seals sometimes want and need a hug. that's my spirit animal right there. >> that was so wholesome. they smell horrible on land.
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but they're cute under water.
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