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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 9, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> stay with us for "good morning america." ha . right now on america this morning the new strategy to fight covid. what one school district in country is considering doing. a rally that could attract members of several right wing groups. the fight over the new abortion law in texas takes a new turn. what the biden administration is now planning. a former silicon valley superstar goes on trial. elizabeth holmes goes on trial, accused of lying about her blood testing technology, but this morning the very different picture her lawyers are paint being. and from former president
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trump's new job involving a boxing ring to the news about pat sajak and vanna white, to a bizarre and slightly scary appearance by cinnamon toast crunch. fromacio abc news in new yo this is america this morning. >> good thursday morning, everyone. we begin with a major headline in the fight against the coronavirus. >> one of the biggest school districts in the country is set to approve a vaccine for students. children make up one in four new covid cases and there's growing concerns about school sports. >> in some parts of the country, morgues are overrun. >> president biden will address the nation this afternoon to outline a new pandemic strategy. elizabeth schulze joins us from washington now. >> it appears los angeles will be the first major school
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district to make vaccines mandatory for students. >> this morning a vaccine mandate likely on the way for eligible students in the country's second-largest school system. board members in los angeles will vote on the mandate today. and a majority of them say they support the idea. it comes amid a record number of covid infections in children, one in four of all new cases across the country are now kids. and, as millions head back to the classroom, new concerns about school sports. in north carolina, doctors say covid clusters on sports teams now account for 45% of all high school and middle school cases. and the summer surge of covid cases now spilling into the fall. with more than 100,000 hospitalizations. four times what the country saw at this time last year. most of the patients unvaccinated. kentucky's governor says hospitals in his state are now
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on the verge of rationing care. >> at the moment we are still able to move patients from one hospital to another, but we are right at or quickly approaching that point. >> reporter: in idaho, hospitals are already in crisis mode, running out of equipment, space and staff. >> this covid virus has been kind of like a really long mass casualty incident that just goes on and on and on. >> reporter: president biden is expected to lay out a six-step strategy to bolster vaccination rates and slow the spread of the delta variant. the white house is also going forward with its plan to roll out booster shots on september 20th. >> i think it's very clear that people with chronic diseases and older people need that third shot, whether young healthy people do or not, that's a little less clear. i think we'll have clarity in the next ten days to two weeks. >> reporter: meanwhile, a bright
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spot in new york city. officials have announced the macy's thanksgiving parade will be back this year after a scaled-down version in 2020. the fencing that surrounded the capitol during the january attack is expected to go back up. there's growing concern that an event will attract extremist groups. capitol security will be robust with all available officers on duty. new video has been released of the suspect accused of planting pipe bombs. agents mapped off the movements of the person. abc news has confirmed the justice department is preparing to sue the state of texas over its new abortion law. the lawsuit could be filed as early as today. it's expected to say that it interferes with national
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interests. testimony is set to resume at the trial of former tech ceo elizabeth holmes. the former billionaire accused of lying about her blood testing technology to fleece investors. herorneys paint add veed a very different picture. she walked in for the first day of her trial. holmes was at one point the world's youngest self-made billionaire, her biotech company theranos soaring in value after it claimed to are developed revolutionary blood testing technology to allow tests to be done on one pinprick of blood. >> a health care pioneer is being compared to steve jobs and bill gates.
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>> reporter: earning the praise of the rich and powerful. but prosecutors say the company was built on a lie. holmes faces multiple counts of fraud and peddling false claims about the technology. in opening statements wednesday the prosecution saying theranos testing could only accomplish a fraction of what was promised, saying the technology was not doing anything that couldn't be done in an ordinary central blood testing laboratory. the defense described her as an ambitious go-getter who simply missed the mark. saying failure is not a crime. but prosecutors argue holmes knew the technology didn't work and knowingly deceived investors and the public, saying, quote, out of time and out of money, elizabeth holmes decided to lie. this is a case about fraud, lying and cheating to get money. money that holmes allegedly used to fund a lavish lifestyle with luxury travel, vehicles and expensive home rental and
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assistants who would run personal errands and buy personal goods including bags, shoes, on the company dime. it could include testimony from rupert murdoch. governor gavin newsom is fighting to keep his job. vice president kamala harris returned to her home state to join newsom on the campaign trial. she warned the crowd that recalling newsom would have national consequences. larry elder had to cut his campaign short after facing an angry crowd. someone threw an egg at him, and he tweeted that his security detail was attacked with a pellet gun but said the left will not stop his momentum. >> if we're not successful in rejecting this recall, larry elder's going to be sworn in as your next governor.
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i don't want to sound like obama, saying don't boo, vote. >> i am the leading candidate on the replacement side. i think i bring energy, enthusiasm. i'm not sure how far this recall election would have gone had larry elder not entered into it. >> president biden will campaign for governor newsom next week before the vote. 90% of the city of new orleans is expected to have its power back on by the end of the day. new video of the threat firefighters are facing battling wildfires in northern california. this huge dust devil came spinning into the camp where fire crews were staying. this is part of the antelope fire which is now mostly contained. time now for a look at your thursday morning weather. a line of storms moved into the northeast overnight, this is the
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same system that brought violent conditions to the upper midwest tuesday. flash flood warnings were posted outside new york and areas flooded last week. meanwhile, tropical storm menin came ashore last night. checking today's high temperatures, 90s in texas and across much of the west and mid-70s from the great lakes into the northeast today. coming up, the man who was chased bay grizzly bear, all caught on camera. also ahead, grocery prices are on the rise. what the white house is planning to do about it. and important news for parents. what young
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back now with a scary encounter. a grizzly bear went charging after a man who was walking home in british columbia, canada. it was about ten feet away when it changed direction. the bear was likely trying to scare the man and nothing else o. shoppers are paying more for meat and now the white house is promising to do something about it. >> reporter: this morning rising meat prices are prompting the white house to take action. grocery prices are up nearly 3% in the last year, but beef and pork up more than 10%. >> i see it every week in the grocery store. you look at prices and you're almost stunned. >> reporter: at a briefing wednesday white house officials took aim at the big meat companies. >> it raises the concern about pandemic profiteering, companies that are driving prices that hurts consumers. they say four companies, jbs, tyson foods, cargill and
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national beef packing company control most of the market and data shows they've been raising prices during the pandemic while generating big profits. >> those companies have seen record or near-prorecord profitn the first half of this year, and that has coincided where we have seen disproportionate price increases in those segments. >> reporter: although the industry has faced unprecedented costs due to the pandemic, the companies may now be price gouging. >> our job is to make sure that the farmer gets a fair price and that when i go to the grocery store and i'm in the checkout line i'm paying a fair price. >> reporter: the white house says it's moving to strengthen current regulations, expand processing capacity, promote american-made labels. tyson foods was the only meat company to respond. it disputes the white house claims and said that market conditions caused by the
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pndemic and the weather are to blame for the higher prices. mona, andrew? >> andrea, thank you. the social media app tiktok is accused of displaying explicit content to young children. the journal found the inappropriate videos appeared on the for you page after teens lingered on certain content. they said they are looking for better ways to filter its content. coming up, remembering the actor who i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill,
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i am the head of this house. okay. may i please date your daughter in. >> no! >> that's michael constantine playing the patriarch in "my big fat greek wedding". he died of natural causes at the age of 94. he won an emmy in 1970 for his role in "room 222." >> for the first time we're hearing from the black woman involved in this altercation with an officer in chicago. she was walking letter dog late saturday night when the police told her the park was closed. she says she believes she was
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racially profiled because white men were not being told to leave. >> when he pulled up and said hello the park's closed, you got to go. i'm like, okay, i understand that, i am leaving. the entire time i have actively and consistently said i am leaving. i am walking away. i thought i was going to die. i thought he was going to kill me. i had it in my mind that i was going to be shot. >> the officer is on desk duty pending an investigation. he reportedly has had more than two dozen complaints filed against him. you can see brown's full interview later on "good morning, america." change is in the air this fall when it comes to the cost of traveling. if you're willing to take safety precautions due to rising covid cases, the deals seem to be everywhere. this morning air nafares are pluptiplu plummeting nationwide with the average round trip domestic t
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ticket costing $260. washington d.c. to dublin, $281. >> we are seeing great prices to europe. historically low, in fact. as we approach thanksgiving we're expecting prices for european travel to not only be lower than pre-pandemic 2019 airfares but lower than 2020 airfares even. >> for those looking to head back to book holiday travel, analysts say the best deals are coming soon. >> the absolute cheapest prices are going to start appearing mid september or next week. make sure to book at least four weeks in advance, at least three weeks in advance of thanksgiving as well. >> another increase is likely by the holidays. >> i anticipate the holidays will be normal and by the time we get to january the plans to return to office that have now been moved from september will probably happen. and that the country will be back on a path towards normality by the beginning of next year.
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>> the surge in covid cases and the back to school season have already had a big impact on air travel. tsa screenings this week are at the lowest level in nearly two months. in sports, football is back, opening night for the nfl, tom brady and the buccaneers host the dallas cowboys. nearly 94% of players in the league are at least partially vaccinated against covid. it was early this morning when novak djokovic advanced to the u.s. open semi-finals. he's two wins away from capturing all four tie titles in what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent i can du more... yardwork... teamwork... long walks.... that's how you du more, with dupixent, which helps prevent asthma attacks.
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we begin with former president trump heading ring side. >> donald trump is spending saturday night, september 11 at the fights. promoters say trump will offer live, in-person commentary during a boxing match involving evander holifield. >> trump's son done jr. is also part of thebroadcast. he hosted events in his hotels in the '80s and '90s. pat and vanna signed on to keep hosting "wheel of fortune" through 2024. they have been with the show for nearly 40 years. a tourist was smaping a selfie when this happened. a curious cheetah climbed up on top of her safari car and stood inches away from her head the at one point, the big cat appeared to look directly into the camera before taking off. >> went from a selfie to a us-sy.
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we have an update find zee brabras on the loose. >> they escaped from a farm. they're not usually dangerous, but if approached they will kick and bite. >> experts say they are too fast to be hunted down. they set up a feeding station hoping to win their trust and corral them, but so far no luck. finally, what happens when you mix baseball and a sugary cereal? >> you get this, a cinnamon crunch toast mascot was sitting heinz the plate and mimicking the umpire. >> it was part of a marketing stunt. of course it was of the needless to say, the toast crunch was more than a little distracting for the pitcher. >> i haven't taken a poll, but i don't think cinnamon toast crunch needs additional marketing. it's like everyone's favorite cereal. >> i do feel bad for the fans sitting behind -- does he have a
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it is unbelievable. >> now at 5:00, a tragic crash in front of a local school, a crossing guard killed after seeing -- saving a child. the growing memorial and what police have said about the investigation. >> president biden, grading -- getting ready to lay a new plan to fight covid with a six step strategy. >> a mandatory water conservation effort falling short. we will talk about a warning from a valley water official. good morning. it is thursday, september 9. you are watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven, hulu live in wherever you stream. >> we want to start with the forecast withdrew. -- with drew. >> tonight, we will be on the watch with -- for the threat of thunderstorms. outside we go, a live look, a different picture this morning than yesterday. fog over the city, an indication of some cooler changes already
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