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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 9, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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laura: the memorial is growing to a crossing guard who gave his life to save at least one child. >> covid-19 concerns. many parents in one community want kids to return to online learning. >> overwhelmed hospitals. bay area doctors, concerned about icu bed capacity. >> our patience is wearing thin. any refusal has cost all of us. so please do the right thing. laura: president biden urges vaccinations as he lays out a new strategy to combat the delta variant. >> building a better bay area, moving over it, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. laura: thanks for joining us. dan: you are watching abc 7
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live. glad you are with us. we want to start with the weather because a red flag warning went into effect. >> we are tracking showers and a threat of lightning. >> we do have active w that is unfolding. that's get you in closer. as we get you down to street level, notice around to melissa -- to mullis road, seeing downpours into santa rosa. don't be surprised if you see heavy rainfall. thunderstorms over the sierra and parts of northern california. this is in association with subtropical moisture. this area of low pressure spinning off the coast line will provide the lift to draw up the moisture and bring us the potential for dry lightning if this does occur, on top of extremely dry fuels, gusty winds. we may see the potential for some rapid fire spreading if fires develop.
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a red flag warning until two :00 p.m. friday for solano county. there is a slight chance of thunder and once again, the possibility of new fires and rapid spread so as we look at a live picture, you can see the clouds building up from our east bay hills camera. i will be with -- back with a forecast coming up. dan: a push to get more americans vaccinated. president biden addressed the nation today and unveiled a new plan in the fight against the delta variant. it mandates vaccines for federal workers and contractors and private employers with more than 100 workers must require employees to be vaccinated or tested weekly. the number of pharmacies offering free testing will expand to 10,000 and some retailers will offer discounted at home test kits for consumers. we confirmed several bay area hospital systems are taking in
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patients from the overwhelmed san joaquin valley region. doctors tell stephanie that the next two months will be critical. stephanie is in the newsroom with a closer look at the hospitalizations. the health care community is concerned. stephanie: er doctors say the most concerning trend is how younger patients are starting to fill up icus. last year doctors say they were often treating patients have any five and older in intensive care. now it is people in their 30's to 40's, a majority of whom are unvaccinated. a pulley from doctors battling on the front lines. >> so many people filled with regret at not getting the vaccine. they are axing -- asking can i get it now? it is too late. stephanie: vanessa is a physician. she explains the hospital system is using resources to transfer patients from california central
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valley, where icus are overwhelmed, to the bay area. inside the icus across centers in northern california, 90 percent of patients are unvaccinated and a geordie reported to be between 30-40 years old. >> challenging to see these patients with young families at home, facetiming with them, with their children while they struggle to breathe on high flow oxygen. stephanie: this doctor is the medical director of sutter health and the bay area. he noticed the long-term outcome of icu patients has gotten worse in the past month. >> objectively, some of these patients have been with the delta variant, have had more prolonged courses because of the intensity of their illness. stephanie: data analysis shows the number of icu patients reported across the bay has started to plateau since august 20. hospitalizations are on a downward trend, but doctors are
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bracing for the impacts of labor day and a possible winter surge. this come as flu season kicks in. >> it is a sawtooth pattern. we will have to see if it goes back up again, which i hope it doesn't. stephanie: solano county reports the highest number of hospitalizations per 100,000 people, with already seven. napa county and costa county follows with 17. the last time these counties reached this point was january. >> i am concerned about bed capacity. it is important we get everybody vaccinated. stephanie: icus are thankfully not overwhelmed in the bay area, but as the doctor pointed outcome of the projected impacts from labor day and a potential winter surge are keeping everyone on high alert. we confirmed sutter health, stanford and ucsf are preparing to be able to accommodate an influx of patients if need be. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news.
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dan: what are you hearing about the mu variant? stephanie: no cases were identified among patients in any of sutter's hospitals in northern california, but both doctors pointed out it is still early and the same was said early on about delta, so that could change as the state does more sequencing. in total in the state, 348 cases statewide, none yet reported in the bay area. dan: thank you. ama: many parents who live in communal housing in chinatown and have kids in public school say there years around covid have not gone away -- their fears around covid have not gone away. they would prefer online learning. leanne melendez has more on their concerns. >> san francisco public schools have implemented numerous safety measures to protect against the delta variant. not every community feel safe. this was a rally held by members
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of the chinese community days before the beginning of the school year, asking the district allow some of their children to return to online learning. nearly four weeks into the school year, the health department reports schools are low risk settings with the proper safety protocols followed. still, for many, those fears have not gone away. what are you afraid of? >> i'm afraid that the kids will catch the delta. >> i want the kids to stay-at-home to get internet at school. >> the community development center cdc surveyed nearly 300 families living in communal housing him and found 70% of them didn't want their kids to return to in pursing learning -- in person learning. >> they share a communal floor which means they share the bathroom on every single floor. and the entire kitchen on every single floor.
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you can see how a parent could be concerned. >> that documentary on the challenges of living in an sro was produced by the chinatown cdc. because they are in close proximity, the concern they say is that every time they interact with other students at school, they are risking the well-being of their own children and others who live in the communal setting. the school district met with the chinatown cdc to hear their concerns. sf unified expanded its online learning options for those who think learning from home is safer. but china sound -- chinatown cdc says it will work with the school district. leanne melendez, abc 7 news. ama: los angeles is the first major school district to require all eligible students to be vaccinated. the mandate that applies to students 12 and older. students must be vaccinated by
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january 10 unless they have a medical or approved exemption. dan: there is a memorial to a crossing guard who was hit and killed in front of a school. witnesses say he saved the life of at least one child. laura anthony has the story. >> he was a wonderful man. laura: gretchen was one of many who stopped by a growing memorial. signs and flowers paying tribute to ashley dias, the 45-year-old crossing guard killed wednesday afternoon. >> this is tragic. this street is horrific for dropping kids off. he is a hero. >> it is unbelievable. laura: dias' parents say their son was a kind man who returned to his job as a crossing guard a couple days ago. >> we spoke to him this morning. we spoke to him before he went at 2:00 for the crossing. >> the crossing guard saved the kid. laura: witnesses say dias pushed
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at least one child out of the way before being hit by an suv. janine set her kids were nearby on their bikes. >> they rode their bikes, dropped their bikes and came to me and hugged me and were crying . they had a hard time sleeping last night. laura: this as lafayette and other districts face a severe shortage in the number of people willing to step up and be school crossing guards. the company vice president said, we are having difficult fight -- difficulty finding folks willing to step forward. it is not high paid work. i don't know how we can describe the profound sadness at the loss of this young man's life. >> he was a hero. i feel gratitude for him. the life he led that led him to protect those kids. laura: the driver of the car was
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a grandmother picking up her grandson. the family is, quote, devastated by what happened. police are investigating but so far, no charges have been filed. laura anthony, abc 7 news. ama: we moved to breaking news. the elizabeth holmes trial won't be held tomorrow because a juror may have had contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19. the juror is awaiting test results. the juror is vaccinated. the trail is expected to continue tuesday. dan: the attorney general comes to san francisco. officials talk about combating hate crimes. we look at how many are being prosecuted. ama: the 20th anniversary of the september 11 a
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your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body. don't take entresto if pregnant; it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby. don't take entresto with an ace inhibitor or aliskiren, or if you've had angioedema with an ace or arb. the most serious side effects are angioedema, low blood pressure, kidney problems, or high blood potassium. ask your doctor about entresto. dan: hard to believe, but saturday will have been 20 years since the 9/11 attacks.
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families of passengers on board flight 93 will gather in a field in shanksville, pennsylvania, to mark the solemn occasion. one of them will be this man whose wife was on flight 93. ama: they lived in san rafael at the time. david covered the pentagon crash and sat down with them begins a new chapter in his life while ensuring people know his late wife took a heroic stand that day. >> 20 years ago, 9/11 shattered the quiet neighborhood where lauren and jack lived. jack was asleep when lauren called from flight 93 and left a message. >> she said she was fine, she was comfortable, and there was a little problem with the flight. >> the plane crashed into a field near shanksville, pennsylvania. jack knows in his heart the lauren, a trained first responder and the daughter of a football coach, sprang into action with other passengers to stop the terrorists on board.
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>> she wouldn't allow this plane on her watch to be used as a missile to kill more people on the ground. >> j -- jack is remarried to sarah and living in pebble beach. he has gone through multiple stages of grief, the most painful in the few months after 9/11. >> it was excruciating, especially the first father's day without being the father i expected to be or having my wife there. >> lauren was three months pregnant. jack was writing a book about dealing with grief. it will be dedicated to his unborn son or daughter. he believes future generations need to know how lauren and the others on flight 93 changed history. >> flight 93 was really the first victory against hate. >> their actions lightly -- likely prevented a prescient of the white house or the capital. >> there are dramatic videos of the pentagon on fire. then, there is this nondramatic
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hole in the ground where the real drama happened in the sky. it prevented one more dramatic image for us to witness year after year. >> jack draws inspiration from the last message from lauren. "we are having a little problem on the plane. i'm totally fine. i just love you more than anything, just know that. i'm ok for now." today, this diamond ring represents something special as jack and sarah move forward. it belonged to lauren. it was in the shop when she died. >> jack took it out and said to me, would you consider wearing this ring as a token of my heart, moving from lauren to you and bringing the love with it? at first i thought it would make me sad. but i actually feel when it sparkles, i feel like her smile is sparkling on me. >> memorials bear the names of lauren and her unborn child etched in stone. her place in history and those
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of the other flight 93 passengers will forever be part of the legacy of 9/11. david louis, abc 7 news. ama: incredible. let's move onto contra costa fire protection district which placed 416 flags outside station 11 in honor of some of the victims of 9/11. each flag features the name of a first responder who lost their life in the attacks. some include remembrances. the public is invited to visit the memorial, which is open through september 13. on saturday, abc news will air a special program, 911: 20 years later, america remembers. you can watch it on abc 7. dan: the california attorney general joined san francisco's mayor for a discussion on combating hate crimes. we are digging into the numbers to see how many of these crimes are being prosecuted. melanie woodrow has the story. >> not far from where a great
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grandmother was brutally attacked and visitation valley and died, san francisco city leaders and the california attorney general gathered. >> there is no room for hate here, not anywhere, not now or not ever. >> this after chinatown night out, an event aimed at better connecting the community with police. san francisco's mayor said suspects in attacks on asian americans have been caught. >> a most every incident that occurred, those folks have been arrested. they are awaiting trial. they are behind bars. we are hopeful they will be held accountable. >> we asked police and prosecutors about the numbers, just how many people have been arrested for these crimes and how many people are being charged. >> in 2021, we have had 83 reported hate crimes. that doesn't tell the whole story. >> the police chief says that is because not every hate crime is reported. of the 83, he says 59%, or 49 of those crimes, were on people
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from the api community. >> one person is now in custody and has been filed by a district attorney. >> in 2021, the district attorney's office filed criminal charges in 70% of these cases, including against the individual chief scott says was linked to at least 30 hate crime's against the aapi community. as for the other hate crime's -- >> we saw -- we solve many of them. we don't solve all of them. >> he encourages people to report all crimes. >> there is no place for this in our city or our state and we want to hold those people accountable who commit those types of acts. >> melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. dan: a live look outside, tracking the possibility of dry lightning. ama: cindy of et al will have
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skies. the cause was smoke from last year's historic wildfires. i don't ever want to remember. i hope we never see it again. we are taking a look at the weather no. dan: it was the strangest day. sandhya patel is here with dry lightning perhaps coming around? sandhya: there is potential, so i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. it is an active scene in the north bay. we are seeing summer showers. let's get you down to street level. right around south santa rosa, stony point road, noticed some downpours coming in. the lower levels are still dry so not all of this is reaching the ground. it is headed towards penn grove at 5:18 tonight, moving fast. don't be surprised if you run into a little bit of this moisture. we are watching this area of low pressure that will provide the lift to the subtropical moisture
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that is coming in from the south. as a result, we will see the possibility of some thunderstorms. it could be dry lightning or we may see some rain accompanied by it. the camera showing you subtropical moisture and fog. you may be feeling on the sticky side, humidity is up so the dew points in the upper 50's from pacifica to san carlos to palo alto. we did have a few raindrops this morning around sfo and pacifica. reports indicating that, 50's to 90's right now. the temperatures are actually down by 15 degrees in fairfield, 14 degrees in novato and san jose 18 degrees cooler. tropical cloud cover, a chance of better and showers through the morning. fire danger remains high, cooler than average conditions the next you days. hourly forecasts, a low likelihood based on our lightning strike risk but right
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now the best possibility later tonight will be in the north bay and in the wee hours of the morning at 3:00 a.m., parts of the east bay are in that zone. once again, if we do see any thunderstorms developed, if there isn't much rain, which we aren't expecting, it could be dry lightning. there is potential for fires to rapidly develop and spread. the hourly forecast, not a lot of moisture, just a lot of cloud cover. in to 1:00 a.m., showers going through the north bay. be prepared for slippery roadways. it is gone before the lunch hour, but millions of people in northern california are under the red flag warning. temperatures first thing in the morning, in the 50's, 60's, a few showers expected tomorrow afternoon. a mild to warm day inland. numbers in the 80's along the coast, 60's and breezy. the trend will be more sunshine for the afternoon. morning thunder and rain chance, below average temperature, then
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ama: you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our mobile app on apple tv, android db, ire tb and roku. search abc 7 bay area. dan: baseball fans bring their gloves to the game hoping to catch a home run or foul ball. ama: one man at today's a's game didn't need a glove. the fan had his hands out ready to catch the ball off the bat of josh harrison. the ball ended up inside the fanny pack, to the delight of the crowd. the a's beat the white sox, so that is good. the cool fanny pack, i am not knocking it because i have a fanny pack. it saves the day. dan: ricocheted off his arm. that should be standard issue for outfielders, a glove and a
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and the warmth of friends and family is in every bite. cacique. your auténtico awaits. tonight, president biden addressing the nation a short time ago. his new vaccination mandate affecting millions of americans. amid soaring covid cases, more than 1,000 americans now dying a day. more than 1 in 4 new cases now children. the president late today now not hiding his frustration with the nearly 80 million unvaccinated americans. telling them, quote, the time for waiting is over. reminding them the fda has given full approval. and the president now ordering companies with 100 workers or more to require workers be vaccinated or be tested weekly. a new executive order requiring most federal employees and contractors to get vaccinated. what the president said about booster shots, that third shot. where does this stand tonight? and are those booster shots ready to go?


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