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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 9, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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>> the latest on conditions that make firefig
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>> active on live doppler 7 tonight, tracking showers and thunderstorms. hour-by-hour forecast, coming up. president biden ordering new vaccine requirements. reaction from right here in the bay area. >> students in oakland may be required to be vaccinated in order to go to class b it i will tell you if other school districts will follow suit. abc 7 news starts right now. >> now from abc 7, breaking news. >> a wild night of weather across northern california tonight. lightning, thunder, and rain, something we have not seen in months. so let's get right to abc 7 meteorologist sandy a patel. --meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: this is not what you expect in the middle of summer.
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it looks like winter in the bay area. numerous lightning strikes thunderstorms have been developing from the south bay to the youth bay into the north bay right now. you will notice lightning strike spirit i will take you in to street-level radar where we are seeing some rain falling right around oakmont drive. enterprise road in the north bay and as we track this cell, it will be in calistoga at 11:15 tonight. hopefully, rain continues to accompany these cells because the concern is the lightning being dry around discovery bay. byron highway, seeing some thunderstorms as well. i want to pull out a little bit and show you what is triggering it. it is an area of low pressure off the coast, pulling up subtropical moisture. we are seeing statewide across the northern portion of the state, thunderstorms. it is a level 1 tonight and tomorrow. dry lightning chance, high fire danger. a red flag warning into 11:00 a.m. tomorrow. the concern is the dry lightning could spark fires that could spread quickly.
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i will be back with an hour-by-hour look of the forecast, coming right up. dan: a neighborhood is cleaning up tonight after the storm caused major damage. this is on becky court.toppontod two vehicles. he said it sounded like a bomb exploded. pg&e cut power to the neighborhood until some of the debris can be removed and they also need to inspect the power pole. >> take a look at this video from the east bay. there was at least one lightning strike. >> hour late -- our lake tahoe cam clot lightning strikes. really active there. they have been happening a few minutes apart but we edited them together to give you a good look at them. this is what firefighters have been dreading. >> that is because the lightning is threatening the area where the caldor fire is burning. firefighters have been preparing for days. there is concern over the possibility of dry lightning sparking new fires.
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calfire has not given any updates on how the lightning might be implanting the fire. the caldor fire is 53% contained. >> all of this lightning has fire departments around the bay area on alert tonight. santa rosa's fire marshal sent us these videos of dining. kate larsen joins us from marin county to explain how they prepared. kate. >> because of all of this lightning, marin county fire up staffed as much as possible tonight but there is only so much they can do, keeping in mind that 50% of firefighting staff is still up with together fires burning throughout california, making it all the more important that everyone stay alert. it was just for a moment at sunset but it rained in san rafael although sprinkle might be more accurate he had either way, the rear recurrence was not lost on some young residents. >> it rained. >> we are in a drawer and we really need it.
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>> rain is awesome and good for the fires. >> which is usually to accept this rain is not nearly enough to put a dent in the dry conditions and it comes with lightning. >> the challenge with lightning is it happens in remote locations with poor access and that allows those fires to get big before we can get stuff on them. kate: the battalion chief says marin county fire is monitoring the lightning by the minute. >> typically, we will get the wind with the lightning strikes and then we can have an abnormal amount of starts in one location which contacts our firefighters. kate: which makes it all the more important for residents to help out. if there is a serious fire, woody baker cohen hopes people will display evacuation signs on their home. >> we are trying to quickly evacuate people. if somebody has not evacuated, we know they have already evacuated and we don't need to spend time banging on the doors. kate: maggie mccann spent the
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evening testing her emergency radio network. she lives in upper lucas valley where a fire came very close to homes just last week. she helped this tribute the evacuation signs and says nine people put them up when the neighborhood was evacuated. >> it was a great dress rehearsal. we always talk about the emergency but to actually have the warning and people found out about the warning and they actually evacuated, it was heartwarming. kate: marin residents can get these signs at the sheriffs office. i'm sure you can also make your own and if you see something, some sort of fire like lawnmowers when we have this type of fire danger. and kate larsen, abc 7 news. dan: you can keep track of the fires across california with the abc 7 wildfire tracker and you can find that on our website, ama: now to president biden's
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sweeping plan to fight the pandemic. late today, he unveiled his newest effort to get americans vaccinated with mandates from employers. it comes as the delta variant is crippling hospitals one in four new cases now in children. our reporter is in san jose with reaction. >> in an all-out effort to get more americans vaccinated, president joe biden announced a strict multi step action plan. among the changes, a vaccine mandate for large businesses with 100 or more workers or weekly tests. these orders would impact 80 million americans. around the bay area, mixed reaction. click it is critical to our economy to get people back to work in a safe manner and this is the best way to do it. >> there's certain parameters that might require that but not every process over 100 people -- business over 100 people. what is employees, what if they are all gardeners and they are outside? >> if we want to get out of this, we have to be informed and
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do our part as well. >> the president stressing it comes down to protecting those around you. pres. biden: what more is there to wait for? what more do you need to see? >> the founder of red balloon, a job board for businesses without vaccination requirements, because the move unconstitutional. people will now be faced with losing their job, their livelihood. >> employers who are willing to say i will hire someone regardless of their vaccination status and that's the kind of employer that a lot of these employees are looking for today. kate: new rules will impact federal workers, health care staff, and employers with 100 or more employees. >> as much as i think people should get vaccinated, as much as you want them to be vaccinated, you really have to think about what happens if the situation is turned and you suddenly have a leader you don't agree with and he starts mandating things you think are not appropriate? >> those rules are being developed by osha and are
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expected to carry a $14,000 fine per violation. in san jose, abc 7 news. dan: president biden wants to put an end to things like this. a couple was escorted off a jetblue plane at fort lauderdale yesterday after the airline says they were not following the tsa's mask rule. the man was caught on video becoming verbally and physically aggressive for the crew. starting tomorrow, the agency is doubling the fines for those who refuse to wear our mask. >> if you break the rules, be prepared to pay, and by the way, show some respect. the anger you see on television towards flight attendants and others doing their job is wrong. it is ugly. dan: the fines will range from 500 to $3000. the rule will be in place through mid january and applies to airplanes, trains, and buses. ama: mandatory vaccinations were just ordered for los angeles school students and students in the oakland unified school
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district may soon have their own vaccine mandate. tim johns gives us a look at the proposal currently being considered and other bay area districts may follow suit. >> with the district voting to mandate coronavirus vaccines for students 12 and up, some school districts in the bay area are considering similar measures. >> vaccination is one of the best tools we have in the toolbox to limit outbreaks at our schools and keep our teenagers safe and in school, learning. tim: sam davis is the vice president and recently put forward a proposal that would mandate students in oakland to also be vaccinated against covid-19. >> 73% of adolescents in oakland have at least one shot, which is pretty good, but you know, pretty good is not good enough. >> is passed, david does not want the measure to be punitive. he says while anti-vaxxers sentiment is low, he knows there are some people in the community who are hesitant.
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>> probably need to be some exceptions. it might not be 100%. it will definitely need to have medical exceptions. some people have said should we have an exception for religious leaf? >> similar ideas have been discussed across the bay. gabriela lopez is the president of the san francisco unified school district. >> 95% of our young people have already been vaccinated. tim: she says while she supports a mandate, one might not be necessary. as for students in oakland, davis says they will have time before any new rules might take effect. >> it will be discussed, september 22. i don't know if we will be ready to vote on it. we need to figure out a timeline. tim: abc 7 news. ama: the recall battle is ramping up. the message that is being delivered to key voters. dan: also, meteorologist sandhya patel will be back with more with the wild weather tonight. ama: a look at what is coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy: thanks.
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and it cannot wait a few months, quite literally a few months? ask droughts are god made but shortages are man-made. ama: the central valley has become a battleground for the recall effort with both democrats and republicans hoping to win over latino voters. dan: this is an image of a mountain view patrol officer performing cpr on an infant. the officer got a call that a baby was choking in a nearby and an out. he ran over and found the infant was not breathing or moving. he did chest compressions for several minutes. finally got the child to breathe. the baby is back home with his family. >> hard to see, even knowing the baby is ok. the fraud trial came to a halt after a juror disclosed to the court that he may have been exposed to covid-19. in an emergency zoom meeting, attorneys were told juror number nine could have been exposed over the holiday weekend but was not experiencing any symptoms.
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the juror is awaiting test results. the trial is now expected to resume on tuesday. dan: one year ago today, the day without the sun, the sky turned orange. so strange. it was caused by smoke from last year's historic wildfires and wayne freedman takes you back. wayne: when dealing with trauma, time can be an effective ointment. just a few high clouds above us but also a vivid memory from the same day one year ago. >> orange. i do remember that day. it was bizarre. >> and experience so out of the realm that even now, we have not the words to describe the silhouetted world of orange and black that would have made halloween proud. this was the golden gate bridge at noon, alcatraz, and the hills of san francisco. the some of these images like an
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apocalypse novel coming to life. >> we are in the final days of the dinosaurs. wake up, people. wayne: it woke us up alright. a plague of wildfires across the state. heavy smoke loaned to the bay area by an offshore breeze and what caused those fires? do you remember the august lightning siege? tens of thousands of lightning strikes started an outbreak of fires and tonight, we face a similar threat as dry lightning moves into broad areas of california. >> if this was a normal rainy year, we would not be too concerned. it is just that we have such a parched landscape. that is the game changer. any lightning strike can start any fire very quickly. wayne: it took days for those sparks are smaller and weeks to put them out. this time, they would probably start faster, which leads to an obvious connection and question. could we see a repeat of one year ago today or is today's lightning forecast on this date
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just a strange coincidence? >> something is going to happen or it is not. worrying about it will not make it not happen or make it happen. wayne: which sounds about right when talking about don yielding tonight. in san francisco, wayne freedman, abc 7 news. dan: boy, that was a strange day. strange night around here, too. take a look at the lightning from just over one hour ago. this is video from the community of winters and yolo county, 30 miles west of sacramento, several lightning strikes just one after the other and this was seen in so many parts of the bay area. fireworks. ama: is there anything over us now? i thought i heard some thunder but maybe it was a car. somebody is running or maybe a car passing by. there is no thunder over san francisco but we certainly have thunderstorms on live doppler 7 so i want to show it to you right now. it is still an active scene. the focus of the thunderstorms have been over the north bay.
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i want to take you in right near our radar site. calistoga is getting hit. unfortunately, not a lot of rain accompanying this but as we track it for you, heading into middletown, lower lake by 11, -- 11:43 p.m. discovery bay seeing a lightning strike and they are seeing some showers heading out towards highway four as you will notice as we pull out a little bit and show you what is going on. there is an area of low pressure just off the coast. this is what is helping to lift that moisture and actually cause the thunderstorms. trace amounts of rainfall. oakland airport. kenwood, 107 inch. we are not expecting a whole lot but as of right now, putting that storm impact scale up. it is exclusive to abc 7 news. it is rare for the summertime. thunder with the possibility of dry lightning. high fire danger and with those scattered showers, gusty winds being accompanied with those storms. temperatures anywhere from the 50's to the 70's.
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here is a live look from our exploratory him camera. -- exploratoriam camera. fire danger remaining elevated with a red flag warning going into tomorrow and we do get a break from the heat next few days so the lightning strike risk showing you low to moderate risk across the bay area at 1:00 a.m. 3:00 a.m., there is still that risk but as we head into 8:00 in the morning, things quiet down locally. i do want to show you the computer model because you will notice showers at 2:00 a.m. focused in the north bay, sliding across san francisco at 4:00 a.m., going into 5:00 a.m., put see showers pop up with those thunderstorms but like i said, some of these storms are not producing much rain so the concern is for new fires, if they do develop, they would rapidly spread. temperatures in the morning, 50's, 60's. take amber alert just in case. you may not need it but some areas will certainly see wet weather.
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65 in the city. 70 in oakland. 78 in napa. looking at mid-day bees -- mid-80's. 77 degrees in san jose. more sun and quieter weather in the afternoon. on the seven-day forecast, it is a level one on our storm impact scale. morning thunder rain chance. a break from the heat and then warning about as we head towards early next week. mid-90's inland. mid 60's toe side. tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., he will be tracking this storm bright and early tomorrow so stay tuned. dan: thank you very much. ama: up next, how in the world ama: up next, how in the world this baseball fan ended up with ♪ ♪ ♪ ama: up next, how in the world this baseball fan ended up with
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this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities.
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>> sports on abc 7 is brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> football season is back. i know it's not breaking news but at 44, tom brady is still really good. instant classic to kick things off. the bucks hosting the cowboys. enjoying their super bowl celebration. fireworks.
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brady finds his man, rob gronkowski, for his second td of the game, their 100th career td connection. 28-19 in the third. amari cooper with a td pass, two in this game. he throws for 403 yards. the cowboys took the lead but brady, like he has done one million times, leading a 57 yard drive. did they call it no. setting up, two seconds left. that is your game. 31-29. sunday cannot come quickly enough for nick bosa, who missed almost all of last season with a torn acl. the niners open a new season at detroit. he is ready to go. >> he said to me on my first day, it's like riding a bike. no pitch count for me. i'm just going to go fully confident to play as many steps as i need to. >> the a's have the talent to make the plaster the question is
11:30 pm
whether they can get hot enough in the last three weeks of the season to get a wild-card spot. afternoon delight, doing the happy dance out there. pick it up in the second inning. he rips one down the left-field line. billy hamilton cannot make the play. jed lowrie scores in overdrive. sean manaea, seven stronggg innings, allows one-run. jose abreu, liner to seventh. giving up the body but cannot come up with it. minaya gets his first win since late july. third inning, draws the pickoff throw. he scores all the way from second to give the a's a 2-1 lead. andrew chafin on for the safe. nice play by mark canha. a basket catch on hamilton. 3-1, a state 2-3 from the first-place sox. giants have the day off but they have a gift on the cardinals. tyler o'neill homer's to help st. louis beat l.a. 2-1 so the giants are now 2.5 up on the
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dodgers. abc 7 [music] 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all around it. then one morning the giant heard some lovely music. through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted...
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and they found the giant...all covered with blossoms.
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ama: what we were fearing, a new fire is being reported. as you look at live doppler 7, you will see numerous lightning strikes in the north bay and those strikes continue to move northwards. some of that not containing any rain. i want to take you in a little bit closer to just south of hopland, where that's right, you will notice a short time ago. unclear if lightning triggered to the fire. of course, we will have the latest update at 5:00 a.m.
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>> thank you for watching tonight. dan: for all of us, we appreciate your time. right now on jimmy chemical >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- shaquille o'neal -- and music from maisie peters. and now -- jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: thank you very much. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for watching the show on a big night. there's not much to get excited about here in the united states, but tonight is the first night of football. a new nfl season


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