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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 10, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> overnight lightning. drew is tracking the system moving through the bay and beyond, plus your weekend weather. >> 20 years since the september 11 attacks. a remembrance ceremony and a closer look at the threat of terror attacks now compared to two decades ago. >> craft down on mask wearing on public trains and the new punishment for rule breakers. >> a beer garden moving into the space a lot of commuters will recognize. >> it is an active friday. you're watching abc 7 mornings. >> we want to start with a check on the forecast with meteorologist drew tuma. we are talking about the rain. it was surprising to see. drew: it has been so long since we have seen any rain.
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that is thankful because with the rain and the threat of dry lightning, still we are tracking an active morning and parts of the bay area. we did have 24 lightning strikes in the past 30 minutes. good morning east bay. pockets of downpours. as he moved to solano county, vacaville is being lit up. over the next hour. this is it. we are through the worst of it. in the foothills we have several lightning strikes early this morning. by 7:00 a.m. any rain is out of here. watch what happens in the afternoon. the clouds are out of here too and we are off to a semifinished of the day today. we take a look at our temperatures in just a few minutes. >> wild weather across northern california with lightning, thunder, and rain. this is something we've not seen in months. the northbay neighborhood is
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cleaning up after the storm caused major damage on becky court. a resident says lightning crashed onto a pine tree. he says it sounded like a bomb exploded. bg&e cut power to the neighborhood until some of the debris could be removed. they also need to inspect the power pole close to the pine tree. >> this is from the east bay. there is at least one lightning strike in bay point. this weather has firefighters on high alert watching to see if the firefighters spark any wild field. an abc 7 reporter is joining us with what crews are doing to repair -- doing to prepare and what they have seen so far. >> we saw a high point. we are up high in concorde to watch the show and mother nature is putting on quite a show. we have seen a lot of lightning. take a look at this video. the first strike we will see if
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you are driving on 680. we also have a light -- a lot of activity to show you from cloverdale. not a significant amount of rainfall with this. worst case scenario. we did talk to wildfires overnight. they were monitoring this very closely. we have checked in with agencies around the bay area and have not heard any reports of any major fires. what worries firefighters is what they cannot see. >> the challenge for light is that happens in remote locations with poor access that allows those fires to get big four we can get stuff on them. >> we also have video to show you from santa rosa. lightning strikes happening all over the bay area. if you are up overnight he likely saw the show. no significant rain with it. a lot of warnings. we are up in the east bay with a lot of wind.
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if any of the strikes made contact and ignited anything, the wind is right here to help it along and firefighters say this is a good reminder to keep your evacuation plans, your emergency bags handy, your plan ready to go. aside to put on your door that says i have evacuated if anything were to happen. we've not heard any reports of major problems. live in concorde, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: you can keep track of the weather conditions where you live. this tool will show you the latest seven day forecast. it is live on her website and our streaming app. >> tomorrow marks 20 years since the 9/11 attacks. this morning jobina is that the live desk. jobina: final preparations are underway to mark 20 years since the september 11 attacks. president biden and the first
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lady will attend ceremonies in new york city, shanksville, pennsylvania, at the pentagon, where a total of 3000 americans were killed after hijackers took over four airplanes. an investigation revealed the hijackers were members of al qaeda. it would take 10 years before the u.s. killed the mastermind, osama bin laden. an egyptian doctor who took over for osama bin laden has not been heard from her years, but with the taliban regaining control and afghanistan, experts say al qaeda could regenerate. >> the threat is different than what we faced 20 years ago. it has morphed and in some ways we are in a better place. in other ways it is more complex. jobina: vice president kamala harris and first gentleman doug emhoff will travel to shanksville for a separate event
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before joining the president and first lady at the pentagon. former president barack obama and former first lady michelle obama will attend the ceremony in new york. kumasi: oakland city officials will be holding a 9/11 memorial service to honor the victims and first responders who died in the terror attacks. they will be joined by members of oakland's fire and police departments. this will be held starting 10:00 this morning. >> tomorrow several nine of -- several 9/11 events will be held -- fairfield police and fire department will hold a remembrance ceremony at 7:00 a.m. at the police department flag will end at 10:00 memorial ceremony will be at the flight 93 memorial in union city. tomorrow abc news will air a special program, 9/11: 20 years later. america remembers. you can watch it right here on abc 7. kumasi: a fraud trial of
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elizabeth holmes will not resume until tuesday. everyone was supposed to be back in court this morning but a juror says he may have been exposed to covid-19. in an emergency zoo meeting -- zoom meeting juror number 9 >> data president biden sweeping plan to fight the pandemic. the president speech last night comes as the delta variant cripples hospitals and wanted four new cases are in children. pres. biden: what more is there to wait for? what more do you need to see? >> biden is mandating vaccines for all federal workers. health care staff and companies with at least 100 employees. this will impact about 80 million americans. his plan was met with mixed reaction in the bay area. >> it is critical to our economy
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to get people back into work in a safe manner and this is the best way to do it. >> there are certain parameters that might require that, but not every business over 100 people. what if the 100 employees, what if they are all gardeners and their outside? >> some people question whether the vaccination requirement is constitutional. hope boarding to the national constitutional center, previous supreme court rulings have allowed states to implement vaccine mandates but a federal mandate is more complicated. kumasi: the tsa is doubling the fines for people who refuse to wear a mask. president biden wants to put an end to situations like this. a couple had to be escorted off of a jetblue plane after they were not following the masked rules. the man was caught on video's becoming verbally and physically aggressive. pres. biden: if you break the rules, be prepared to pay. by the way, show some respect.
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the aggregate see on television towards flight attendants and others doing their job is wrong, it is ugly. kumasi: fines are now going to be ranging from $500 to $3000. this rule will be in place through at least january and applies to airplanes, trains, and buses. >> the l.a. school board has passed a vaccine mandate requiring students 12 and up to get the shot. abc 7 news spoke with the vice president of the oakland school board, who proposed that vaccine mandate. he says there's no timeline yet at the board will discuss it later this month. >> there probably need to be exceptions. not 100%, but there definitely needs to be medical exceptions. some people have said should we have an exception for religious beliefs? >> the president of the san francisco unified school district says while she supports a mandate, about 95% of young
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people in san francisco who are eligible for the shot are already vaccinated so mandate may not be necessary. we have a vaccine team dedicated to getting you the latest information. to ask them your questions go to drew: we have been tracking the lightning strikes overnight first thing this morning. i want to emphasize in the bay area we are through the worst of this lightning rest. we still have lightning to track. east bay, you're getting woken up by lightning strikes come even close to concorde. a few lightning strikes and down poured. we will take you to solano county. live doppler 7 at street level from vacaville to the east of fairfield. you can see 10 to 15 lightning strikes over the past 30 minutes. i do want to show you the wider picture. this is the final line of showers working through the bay area. this system is pushing off to the east.
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in the central valley and foothills we have a lot of lightning we have to get through over the next couple of hours. here's a live look at the lake tahoe camera. it is dark but you see it is raining on this camera. we are happy to see the rain. we were fearful the lightning would come without rainfall. even though we are seeing lightning strikes we are also seeing the downpours. the red flag warning until 11:00, i would not be surprised if this gets canceled. the threat locally is diminishing. later on today the clouds will clear out. a sunny end to our week. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. our warmest spot in line going into the 80's. jobina: good morning everyone who had to turn on their wind chill wipers. i was excited about it. we do have a sig alert in emory. there is a jackknife bakery on eastbound 80. -- take rate -- a jackknifedfedd
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rig on eastbound 80. we are seeing right move through our area. be aware of spinouts. we always see that happen, especially when we have not had rain in a long time. they are changing the lanes over the golden great bridge -- the golden gate bridge. kumasi: the old temporary transbay tube where commuters used to come and go is turning into a space for the community to enjoy. we are talking about food trucks, beer gardens, soccer field all here. commuters will recognize the space. it was the main drop off point. the new space is called the crossing at east cut. organizers plan to set up an indoor cinema and more. if you want to go, it is opening this weekend at 200 folsom street. the entrance is at beale street. >> big plans there.
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a soccer field too? the newly the newly the newly t serve kids in the community. kumasi: and the push to remove the green cycling symbol from some products to fix california's recycling system. >> and a school crossing guard hero. the memorial for the man who died saving the child. kumasi: it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. get ready for it all with an advanced network and managed services from comcast business. and get cybersecurity solutions that let you see everything on your network. plus an expert team looking ahead 24/7 to help prevent threats.
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kumasi: a school crossing guard who died saving a child is being remembered in lafayette. the memorial with flowers and signs have been set up outside stanley middle school to honor ashley diaz. witnesses say the 45-year-old stepped in front of an suv wednesday afternoon, pushing at least one child to safety. >> this street is terrific for dropping kids off -- is horrific for dropping kids off. he is a hero. >> i just feel gratitude for him, that led him to be in that place to protect the kids.
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kumasi: police are investigating. no charges have been filed against the driver was picking up her grandson. the crash comes as lafayette and other district are facing a shortage of school crossing guards. a mountain vehicle patrol officer saved a baby thanks to his cpr skills. the officer got a call the baby was choking at a nearby in and out. he did chest compressions and finally was able to get the baby to breathe. now the child is back at home with his family. >> decision delayed by the fda. the agency says it needs more time to review juul vaping products before determining whether they can remain on the market. the fda was supposed to make a decision yesterday. the agency has already denied the applications of nearly 950,000 flavored e-cigarette products, mostly made by small companies. juul was founded in san
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francisco and moved its headquarters to washington, d.c. earlier this year. kumasi: in east bay habitat for humanity is holding a groundbreaking ceremony for its latest project, a 42 home zero net energy development. the neighborhood be known as esperance a place. habitat for humanity says the homes will be sold through stable, affordable mortgages, through families owing low and moderate incomes. the ceremony starts at 10:00. >> california one step closer to banning recycling symbols on things that are not recyclable. critics say what a lot of shoppers might not know is any product can display the sign, even if you cannot recycle it. they say it is false advertising and as a result millions of tons of nonrecyclable garbage are thrown in the recycling bin each year. the measure expected to clear the state senate and be signed into law by governor gavin newsom. kumasi: this is no regular
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friday for veteran abc 7 news reporter wayne freedman. he is retiring today after 30 years with kgo tv. he has traveled across the country in every part of the bay area reporting the news. most of the time he would be reporting from his home base in the north bay and dedicated much of his reporting to the wildfires in the recovery. wayne has been awarded more than 50 local news emmys for his work as a reporter, a writer, a videographer. he wrote a book used in many college journalism programs. today is wayne freedman day on abc 7 news and we will be looking back at his career on a b 70 was at 6:00 p.m. -- looking back on his career on abc 7 news at 6:00 p.m.. it is sad. when we heard this news all of us were like no, wayne, do not leave us. we wish him the best but he will
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be missed so much. drew: yes one of those voices when he starts talking i stopped doing whatever i am doing because you know you will get two minutes of great storyteller. he will be missed. >> never failed to find the incredible story in the most mundane things. we will miss wayne and all of his contributions. drew: he also takes great pictures will stop follow him on instagram. a man of many trades. we were tracking the lightning overnight tonight. a lot of you were telling me you were woken up by a bolt. a lot of the lightning in the bay area accompanied by brief rainfalls. that helped to lessen the threat of any new fires. part of the east bay and solano county getting hit the hardest. live doppler 7 right down the street. hop over to solano county, couple strikes on either side of six and 80. vacaville and fairfield are getting hit the hardest.
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20 lightning strikes in the past 20 minutes. a brief downpour in parts of alameda and into the oakland hills. this is the tail end of the system working through locally. we did have a lot of lightning over northern california over last 12 hours. here's the final stretch working through solano county and then the system is out of our window. locally we had a few strikes, mainly in sonoma county. we have a lot of lightning in south city. future weather, here is the band over slaughter county. it is out of over solano county. later today shaping up to be beautiful. right now we are in the 50's and 60's. for late hope, you are 60 degrees. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. hades in our warm spots inland. -- 80's in our warm spots inland.
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fog to sunshine, comfortable temperatures for this time of year and then a brief warm up early next week. kumasi: you may have noticed the warning team -- the morning team is wearing shades of purple to bring awareness to national suicide prevention month. throughout september advocates and allies come together to promote suicide prevention. if you or someone you know needs help or to learn more about mental health, go to we have resources available there right now. coming up next, seven things to know this morning. >> plus wait until you see where this foul ball ended up. we take a live look outside. traffic is moving along the bay bridge but we are talking about rain along the bay this morning and a dry lightning threat.
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kumasi: seven things to know this morning. it is the overnight lightning storm that has been lighting up the skies. we have seen strikes north of sonoma county, the east bay, and the south san francisco area. drew: we are tracking the lightning. right now solano county is the
5:24 am
hardest hit. live doppler 7, several lightning strikes in fairfield and vacaville. this moves out over the next 90 minutes. >> bay area firefighters are keeping a close eye on the ay remote location that allows the fires to get big before crews can get to them. >> the lightning is also threatening the area where the caldor fire is burning. there is concern it could start new fires. no new update on the situation. >> president biden has unveiled his plan to get more americans vaccinated. companies with more than 100 employees must require vaccinations or a regular covid test. all care workers also need to be vaccinated. jobina: we have an alert underway in emeryville that is causing some problems. a jackknife big rig on eastbound 80. kumasi: today the old temporary
5:25 am
transbay tube and all opens as a space for the community. a beer garden, soccer field, all here starting this afternoon. stephen curry is at it again. they unveiled a bus at the youth center. he shared photos of these events on instagram and the warriors all-star told kids the bus would serve kids in the community as an all-around experience, good nutrition, free books, free library, and to have some fun playing sports you love. a fanny pack proving it has multiple uses. this happened at the game yesterday. did not even need a glove. this fan used is fanny pack to catch the foul ball. a van had his hands out ready to catch the ball and ended up going through his hands and landing inside the fanny pack. >> i love the reaction from the
5:26 am
guy sitting to his right. kumasi: i'm trying to see what else is in it. is that snacks? drew: must've been pretty empty. kumasi: that is funny. drew: hilarious moment. >> coming up, taco bell's effort to recycle. the thing you usually throw away. kumasi: and a new program to save an iconic bay area beach. >> a local man who lost his wife on 9/11. it was on -- she was on 93. he is describing his multiple stages of grief. jobina: taking a live look outside his people make their way across the bay bridge. it is 5:26 and will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> a new six part plan to beat the pandemic means millions of americans will not be required to get vaccinated. >> we did everything according to the book. kumasi: 20 years later, it is the story of 9/11 not often told. the airline agent who checked in two of the hijackers that morning. >> we are on weather watch. if you're on the road you may see some flashes in the sky. drew is tracking the lightning and a nice weekend ahead. kumasi: happy friday.
5:30 am
abc 7 morning is live right now and abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> we start off with meteorologist drew tuma. we have rain falling across the bay and you're also trapping lightning. drew: a lot of viewers say they got woken up by the lightning. we are getting hardest hit in solano county. live doppler 7 has zoomed to the street level. we have had 24 lightning strikes around phoenicia, fairfield, vacaville, this is pushing close to rio vista. no lightning moving through oakland. on 580 towards the bay bridge, you may deal the windshield wiper for a minute or so as the cell moves through. northern california is seeing a lot of lightning. this is the last line working through solano county to affect the bay area. much of the day will be dry. the future weather, 7:00 it is
5:31 am
out of here. later on this afternoon it is nothing but sunshine. look at the temperatures in about seven minutes. kumasi: this is what firefighters have been dreading. our lake tahoe camera capture lightning strikes around 10:00 last night and they were happening a few minutes apart. this shows them edited together. this lightning is threatening the area, also where the caldor fire is burning. firefighters have been preparing for days. there is concern over the possibility of dry lightning sparking new fires. so far calfire has not given any updates on how the lightning might be impacting the fire. the caldor fire is 53% contained. >> check out the lightning. this was in yolo county about 50 miles west of sacramento. there were several lightning strikes one after the other. lightning lit up the sky across the bay area in northern california. drew has been telling us the
5:32 am
lightning front should be moving out of our area, but firefighters are worried the conditions are ripe to spark wildfires stop amy hollyfield is live this morning. amy: we are at the high point overlooking the hills. hopefully we'll see some lightning strike behind me. that is how frequently it has been. it is been a busy last hour. we have been constantly going there was one, there was one. some burst of light that filled the sky and some of those zigzag bolts, those are the ones that look scary to us. we are looking northwest, we are up at a high point in concorde looking toward clayton. take a look at some video we did shoot. we have lightning strikes we captured on interstate 680. we were in danville when this hit. we also had video in cloverdale of lightning strikes. an example of how widespread this is.
5:33 am
this is happening all over the bay area. the zigzag ones are the scary ones we have been capturing all morning. if you been up overnight you probably saw some. firefighters have been watching overnight very carefully. we have not heard of any major problems reported. what worries firefighters is the challenge of reaching the remote areas where lightning tends to strike. they are concerned about a small fire that can turn into a large one before they can get to it. the lightning, we have not heard of any significant rain, although i just heard from a former producer of hours, they said they had a downpour in the martinez area. hopefully that little bit of rain will make a big difference in this situation. we also have a lot of wind at this point. no major problems reported at this time. firefighters thing in this situation we all need to be on high alert.
5:34 am
live from concorde come amy hollyfield come abc 7 news. >> you can keep track of real-time weather conditions where you live. we have a tool that will show you the latest of day forecast. it is live on our website, and our streaming app. kumasi: toughening up in the fight against covid-19. president biden has announced sweeping vaccine mandates. jobina fortson at the live desk. jobina: president biden has unveiled a six part strategy to beating the pandemic. businesses with more than 100 employees will need workers to get vaccinated or undergo weekly covid testing. companies will be required to get paid tied offer vaccinations -- to give paid time off for vaccinations. health officials say over 97% of people hospitalized with covid-19 were not vaccinated.
5:35 am
the president said the vaccine mandate will protect all americans. pres. biden: we have been patient, but our patience is wearing thin. your refusal has cost all of us. this is not about freedom or personal choice. it is about protecting yourself and those around you. jobina: the president also said the master mandate has been extended to january 18. he also plans to extend covid testing availability and lower the cost of at-home test. many critics question biden's ability to implement test. julian: tomorrow marks 20 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. nearly 3000 americans were killed after hijackers took of her four planes. president biden will attend ceremonies in lower manhattan, shanksville, pennsylvania come at the pentagon. former presidents george w. bush and barack obama will
5:36 am
participate, bringing together all of the u.s. leaders of the post-9/11 era except former president trump, who instead is providing commentary at a boxing match tomorrow night. the fire protection district has placed 416 flags outside of station 11 in clayton in honor of some of the victims of 9/11. each flag features the name of a first responder. the public is invited to visit this memorial which is open through september 13. kumasi: families of passengers who were on board for flight 93 will again gather in shanksville , pennsylvania. one of those will be jack grandcolas whose wife lauren was on the flight. jack says he knows in his heart that lauren sprang into action with other passengers to stop the terrorists on board. he knowledges he has gone through multiple stages of grief in losing lauren, who was three months pregnant.
5:37 am
>> it was excruciating going through that, especially the first father's day without being the father i expected to be or having my wife there. kumasi: he believes future generations need to know how lauren and the others on fight 93 -- on flight 93 changed history, likely preventing a crash into the white house or the capital. >> flight 93 was the first victory. there is video of the dramatic crash into the tower, there are dramatic videos of the pentagon on fire. then there is a nontraumatic hole in the ground where the real drama happened in the sky, which prevented one more dramatic image for us to witness year after year. kumasi: jack is writing a book about dealing with grief that will be dedicated to his unborn son or daughter. today he is nearly remarried and lives in pebble beach. julian: today we are hearing
5:38 am
from the american airlines ticket agent who checked in two for hijackers for 9/11. he is sharing his feelings of guilt. gio: and this morning's gma first look, it is the story of 9/11 not often told. 20 years ago at dulles international airport, two late arriving first class passengers came rushing through the doors. he was at the american airlines ticket counter training two agents. >> i looked at my agents, and said watch, these two are for flight 77. gio: you had about 20 minutes until the flight? >> just under 20 minutes. i said let me show you and we did everything according to the book. gio: coming up at 7:00, we will have more of this powerful interview, plus diane sawyer revisits the children of 9/11 and charlie gibson joins us
5:39 am
live. with your gma first look, i am gop need to come abc news -- i am gio ben julian: tomorrow abc will air program, 9/11, abc remembers. you can watch it tomorrow from 9:00 to 11:00. kumasi: piers the countdown 20 polls open at 7:00 tuesday morning. every voter should have got a mail-in ballot because of the pandemic. president biden will be campaigning with governor newsom. yesterday governor newsom and the top republican candidate trying to replace him made a pitch in fresno. >> the recall process has been weaponized. it has been perverted. they cannot wait a few months? literally a few months. >> droughts are god made but shortages are man-made.
5:40 am
kumasi: the central valley has become a battleground for the recall effort, with both democrats and republicans hoping to win over latino voters. join us tomorrow night for abc 7's california recall program. we are breaking down the current recall race and they present our documentary total recall, which chronicles the 2003 recall election when arnold schwarzenegger replaced craig davis. california recall airs tomorrow night at 10:00 on abc 7. addressing health and safety in schools. one community concerned about in person learning. julian: special delivery from fedex. a local man turned to 7 on your side. first we have to get back to meteorologist drew to figure out what is happening. drew: we are tracking the tail end of our lightning threat.
5:41 am
this isumerous lightning strikes across northern california. at home, it is sonoma and napa county hit hardest with the lightning first thing. now that threat is transitioning towards the central valley as we go about our early morning hours. here is live doppler 7. the most activity in terms of lightning is centered over solano county. right down to the street level. you can see the lightning strikes. 14 of the past 30 minutes around fairfield and vacaville and pushing off to the east towards rio vista. we have a quick downpour in oakland hills. we get some raindrops as you head into the east bay and this will push towards walnut creek over the next 15 minutes. this is the tail end of that lightning we are tracking through solano county. much of the day is shaping up to be beautiful. upper 50's to low 60's. later on today we will have a lot of sunshine.
5:42 am
the lightning threat is out of here in the next hour or so. temperatures in the 60's and 70's. our warmest spot going into the 80's. jobina: a lot of issues on our roads, including this one. this is a sig alert in emeryville. you can see the jack night big rate -- you can see the jackknifed big rig. this is on eastbound 80 past powell street. at least two lanes are blocked. it is thankfully in the counter commute direction so it will not be as impactful as if it were in the westbound direction. a heads up if this is a part of your morning commute. we are following a second sig in fairfield. at least three lanes are blocked on eastbound 80. this is in the commute direction. speed's have dropped down to five miles an hour. a live look at the bay bridge. i had my wind chill wipers going as i was coming into san
5:43 am
francisco. the aware of the slick conditions. it is rare to see this many alerts before 6:00, and i can only guess that might be because of the slick conditions on the road. here is a live look at oakland. man, look at that internet that doesn't miss a beat.
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kumasi: san francisco is working with the asian-american community to address health and safety in schools. the chinatown community development center recently surveyed 300 families living in communal housing facilities. 70% of them did not want their kids to return to in person learning. >> they share a communal floor, which means they share the entire bathroom on every single floor in the entire kitchen on every floor. you can see how a parent would be concerned. kumasi: the chinatown cdc produced a documentary about the challenges of living in an sro.
5:46 am
because families live in such close proximity they fear children who catch covid might spread it to other families in a communal setting. how careful are the delivery drivers with the thing you buy online? sometimes not as careful as you would like. as michael finney reports, millions of packages make it to their destination with no problem but there are some exceptions. michael: when i saw the video i was somewhat -- >> when i saw the video i was somewhat irritated. there might be stronger words. it rubbed me the wrong way. michael: he contacted his he contacted 7 on your side because he wanted you to see this video of what he calls a fedex delivery to his home. it put michael in eval mood. he contacted fedex to explain and was asked if it was a fedex ground truck.
5:47 am
she said the fedex ground delivery people are contracted out through private companies and we do not have anything to do with them. i said they are delivering packages in trucks with your name plastered all over the side of it and they are using your tracking numbers. i would think you should be able to do something about this. michael: michael contacted me and i reached out to fedex and was told in a written statement that the behavior depicted in the video is unacceptable and inconsistent with the professionalism fedex ground service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers. we are committed to treating our customer shipment with the utmost care and will take the appropriate steps to investigate and address this matter. that was what michael wanted. to be heard at the package tossed to be addressed.
5:48 am
michael: everything in the package was ok. there was a whole about the size of a silver dollar tour through the package. there was a hole torn in it and i think it may have come from the landing. michael: if the items had been more delicate, who knows. i would remind those making deliveries it is pretty easy to be caught on camera. i am michael finney. 7 on your side. julian: climate change is one area we are focused on and san francisco. the u.s. army corps of engineers plans do you say from the ocean floor to pick the western side of the city from rising sea levels. a ship is bringing the sand from the ocean floor and funneling it to the beach. >> weee erosion in this area which is threatening critical wastewater infrastructure that protects water quality for san francisco. julian: that sand burn will
5:49 am
protect buildings like the zoo and the wastewater treatment plant as well as infrastructure. if they did not do this official said the effects of climate change could be catastrophic. kumasi: taco bell is stepping up its recycling efforts with something you've not seen before. so thecan recycle and reusern mi them. taco bell is teaming up with new jersey-based recycling company for this program. taco bell says it hopes to save 8 billion pounds of used sauce packets from going into the landfills every year. drew: diablo, that is my favorite. the hotter the better. kumasi: are we really expecting people to put the packets in the mail? there should be somewhere you can just drop them off. i'm not doing all that. that is a lot. drew: i like where they're going with it. maybe if they made it easier and
5:50 am
you could just drop it somewhere, there you go. kumasi: they are trying. julian: the cupholder where you have all of the ones you've been using, saving them. drew: box tops. let' talk about live 7 we havli and -- we have lightning in numerous spots. sonoma and napa saw the greatest amounts of lightning strikes. we are at the tail end of this event. the risk of lightning is fading. where it is hitting hardest is in solano county. in the last 15 minutes we have seen fewer lightning strikes. down to street level we go. a few lightning strikes at this hour. the showers pushing off to the east. we do have a downpour right now. here is highway 4 martinez. this downpour is pushing off to the north and east. here is grizzly peak boulevard, here is highway 24 working
5:51 am
towards oakland hills. this is about it in terms of action with this quick moving system. it is all pushing off to the east. we start the time now and watch. by 7:00 or 8:00 this is done. by the afternoon we see decreasing cloud cover, increasing sunshine. a nice finish to our week. right now we are in the 50's to low 60's. 57 in santa rosa. highs later on today, again the lightning threat is diminishing. increasing sunshine throughout the day. 60's and 70's around the bay shoreline. warmest cities into the 80's inland. this is below average, the weekend shaping up to be nice. we'll take a look at that in seven minutes. kumasi: new at 6:00, what happens when a grizzly bear meets a wolf? you're about to find out that this new video we just found out of yellowstone. julian: les abyme
5:52 am
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kumasi: burger king is keeping it real with the of meals and a big announcement it is banning 120 artificial ingredients. burger king has named its new meals after artists with stage names. chase hudson is a singer's real name and his meal includes a spicy chicken sandwich and a shake. nelly and anita also have their own burger meals. julian: i guess this is just what we are doing now. amc is going all in to get you back into the theaters. the chain announced plans to launch a $25 million national ad campaign that will feature actress no-call -- that will
5:55 am
feature actress nicole kidman reminding people about the theater experience. while ticket sales were up dramatically over last summer, earning 1.70 5 billion dollars according to deadline, they were still more than $2 billion shy of those pre-pandemic totals. >> if you want the truth, ne-yo, you will have to follow me -- if you want the truth, neo, you will have to follow me. kumasi: the trailer for the newest movie in the matrix series has dropped and you can watch some views of san francisco. part of the matrix resurrections was shot in the city last year. it will hit theaters december 22 and i cannot wait. drew: we've been tracking the threat for lightning over last 12 hours. that threat is quickly diminishing. we have a few lightning strikes. we will zoom in to street level. we have had a few lightning strikes near fairfield but they have become fewer this morning.
5:56 am
a line of showers moving through parts of the ease bag. this is pushing up -- through parts of the east bay. this is the final line to move through. much of the day is shaping up to be beautiful. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. look at the weekend. saturday and sunday, a break from the heat. slightly warming up early next week but all in all not too intense for this time of year. julian: thank you. while we're on the topic of movies, he is one of the biggest actors in hollywood on the back of the big marble debut. i am catching up with him on how his life has changed since the record week at the box office. he is sitting down for an exclusive interview. kumasi: plus criminal charges levied on pg&e. word on the utilities tactics to dump blame for the wildfe are kn
5:57 am
the lightning strikes across the bay area. we will have another check of the dear ms, from day one you've tried to define me. but i never invited you in. it's my life and this is my journey.
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6:00 am
those words from diane sawyer on that morning, chilling 20 years later. julian: in our other top story this morning, strikes of thunder and lightning across the bay area. crews on high alert well youyouu were asleep appear. kumasi: let's take a live look at what it looks like outside. drew is following all of that very closely. drew: good morning. we found that lightning early this morning. did you see any of it? jobina: i did not know what it was at first. drew: some people were like, what is this? we are lucky that it came with some moisture. on live doppler 7


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