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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 13, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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news one day until >> state to campaign with governor newsom. the final plans to win over voters. >> kids now making up a quarter of new covid infections. a concern about parents taking matters into their own hands when it comes to vaccinations. >> tracking nicholas, the storm getting ready to dump heavy rain already hit hard by ida. >> mtv celebrating 40 years. the big winners of the 2021 vmas. >> good morning, you are watching abc 7 mornings. >> we are happy you are back, we missed you. had a good time off? >> i had a great vacation, super relaxing. >> and you too, mike. you had a good time? mike: i did, i did. i can still hear ocean waves in
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the background. >> same. mike: it was nice, it was nice. self-care, such a big thing nowadays. glad i could get some. you guys also. jobina, your next -- you are next. jobina: i was gone when you were gone and then came back. mike: everybody doing a little something, love it. good morning to you. here's a look at the wind today, pretty quiet. let's see what is in store the rest of the afternoon. namely in the 50's this morning with a little bit of cloud cover possible along the peninsula on the coastal side. into noon, you can see how rapidly we warm up inland. even a few 70's around the bay, still 62 in san francisco.
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4:00, 70's will dominate with 80's and 90's inland. as we head into the evening, it will be delightful for a walk with mid to upper 60's around the bay. upper 60's to a few 70's inland. today and tomorrow, the hottest days of the forecast. >> president biden is traveling to the west coast. here is a live look right now in wilmington, delaware. the president is heading to joint base andrews. now, he has several stops including a briefing on wildfires and an aerial torah damage. the agenda also includes a campaign rally for governor newsom. with the recall election just one day away, the president will be trying to help governor newsom in his fight keep his job. he will join governor newsom at a campaign rally in long beach tonight. just one of these early voting locations. reporter: city hall
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today for voting at 8:00 a.m. all polling places will be open tomorrow for election day. volunteers went out over the weekend, really making a push to remind people about this election, encouraging people to vote in this recall. some went door-to-door, others held rallies. the candidates will be off today campaigning on the issues. many volunteers say they are just hoping people are aware that the selection is happening and that they remember to vote. >> our campaign is to just get out the vote, and it does not matter who, what, when or where. we need to vote because that is the lifeblood of the united states. reporter: the question on the ballot is "should governor newsom be recalled and if so, who should replace him?" the governor will get a bruised tonight at his final campaign rally. president joe biden will appear
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with him and push people to vote no on the recall. tomorrow is election day. you can also still mail in your ballot if you don't want to go in person. again, early polling places like city hall will be open today. >> larry elder is going to make his final campaign stops in monterey park, los angeles, and san pedro today. yesterday he held a news conference with rose mcgowan. rose has accused the first daughter of coming together with sexually g -- sexual assault allegations against harvey weinstein. newsom's son of the firm's cofounder. >> you don't think jennifer knew someone home that day after first making contact with me and talking to her husband?
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if her brother-in-law is shall are's partner's son, that makes and the brother-in-law of gavin newsom. they are all in it together. >> a spokesperson told abc news the allegations are "a complete fabrication." republican candidate john cox is also hitting the campaign trail, making a stop at the state capital. that is where governor newsom attended a birthday party last november as coronavirus kisses surged -- cases surged in california. no gimmicks are expected this time. cox has been criticized for including a live bear any previous campaign event. >> a demonstrator who is for the recall says that attack against the group will not slow her down. she is planning to come back out today. >> i will not be bullied by
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anti-recall people, by the non-recall group. >> police were called to this rally yesterday afternoon after someone was attacked. tim johns has a story you will only see on abc 7 news. tim: on a pedestrian walkway hovering above the 101 freeway, the recall election hit a fever pitch. this group of pro-recall demonstrators say they were making their voices heard when some approached them holding a knife. >> he was slashing our signs. he slashed one sign completely down. tim: jeeps gives -- member of the group and spoke to abc 7 on behalf of others. she said after the man started destroying signs, one of the demonstrators confronted him, trying to get him to stop. >> the assailant came towards
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him and pushed him back and started punching him. >> following the attack, the knife-wielding man fled on foot leaving his victim to be taken to the hospital with a fractured skull and broken job. gibb says the attack is nothing new. >> we are in a situation where freedom of speech is in danger. tim: many here say it is just an example of the kind of anger directed at demonstrators, pointing to a separate incident last week where a woman threw an egg >> at larry elder. we don't attack people who we disagree with. that side attacks the people they disagree with. we don't do that. we allow for free speech. we want free speech. tim: as for the suspect, he potentially faces charges of assault with a deadly weapon. >> currently we are following
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all leads to try to track downpe the suspect is. >> we have in-depth coverage ofn the candidates, the issues, and the recall process, everything you need to know about the race under our feature section. >> now to the pandemic, children make up one quarter of the country's new infections. there is work that worried parents are trying to take matters into their own hands. jobina is live with a very important message. jobina: children are not small adults. the federal government is telling parents not to seek out shots for children who are under 12 and not eligible to be vaccinated. the warning comes as one in four new covid cases in the country are in children. more than a quarter of a million cases were reported in minors
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two weeks ago, the highest on records and the pandemic began. the former head of the cdc says if things go according to plan, approval of a vaccine for kids ages 5-11 could be just weeks away. > you could potentially have a vaccine available to children aged five to 11 by halloween. >> that is our goal, october. we are doing everything we can to move these trials ahead. >> for many, if vaccine cannot come soon enough. one million new york city public school students returned to class today for in-person learning and two schools in pennsylvania switched back to online learning after a major outbreak. 60 students and seven staff members so far have tested positive. >> fast-moving wildfires for multiple homes. the fire started yesterday afternoon right along the russian river, about 10 miles north. video shows multiple homes
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flames or just burned to the ground. about 275 acres have burned in this fire which is 10% contained. warm and dry conditions are keeping the caldor fire active. it is 65% contained in there are some positive signs. a stretch of highway 50 from icehouse road opened after being shut down for weeks. cal fire says drivers will still see firefighters along the road mopping up the area. more evacuation orders have been downgraded. 16,000 structures are still threatened. more than 219,000 acres burned. reggie: tropical storm nicholas is headed toward texas, expected to bring heavy rain and the governor of texas placed rescue and emergency medical teams on standby along the gulf coast. louisiana's governor declared a state of emergency last night. that state is still recovering from hurricane ida. here is a live look now at galveston, texas where you can
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see it is raining this morning. mike joins us now with a closer look at what nicholas has in store. mike: here is a look at the latest radar. you can see some of the feeder bands moving inland, some of those crossing the rio grande and heading into the northern part of x ago. the heaviest stuff is still offshore, which is usually the case with a hurricane. the heaviest rain is going to be into the north and northeast quadrant. that means the most dangerous part of the storm is going to remain out over the golf until -- gulf until they get a little deeper into the forecast track. the biggest issue is the inland flooding and the possible surge. when it starts to come ashore, it puts houston and galveston in that north and northeast quadrant heading toward tonight and into tomorrow, when the chance of flooding is going to ramp up rather rapidly for those folks. hopefully, before they go to bed, they are prepared for that.
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as you can see, there is a possibility of at least 5-10 inches of rain. not only from galveston through houston, but also heading into the eastern part of texas. back and be very dangerous, also. looking at pretty clear conditions. 56 in san ramon. everyone else in the 60's until you get to lafayette. 49 santa rosa, 48 nevada. the rest of us, pretty much in the 50's. as we head into the afternoon hours, 68 in san francisco. mid to upper 70's throughout the day. even the mid-90's in the inland, east bay neighborhoods. it will come with just a touch of haze today. air-conditioning is going to be most likely needed inland and you're going to feel more comfortable the closer you are to the coast.
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jobina: we have a slowdow you right now in a word because of a new crash coming in. this is going to be on northbound 880 because it is on the counter-commute direction. at the moment, all lanes are blocked. at that as a part of your morning commute, it is not impacted -- impacting southbound traffic. emeryville, those headlights are headed westbound. reggie: a reason not to fill your day off schedule. >>'s protest calling for more assistance for afghan refugees. some countries are also taking this week to push for more funding. reggie: more developments of a south carolina shooting. >> and taking a live look outside right now, looking at wilmington, delaware, waiting for president biden to take off.
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looking at the caldor fire, the aftermath of that, and a campaign rally a
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>> developing news near atlanta. four people were hurt in an explosion at an apartment complex. the injuries are thankfully minor, but most of the luxury apartment complex was damaged in the blast. the manager called about a reported gas owner before this explosion, but the cause is under investigation. reggie: there are new developments in the roadside shooting of a south carolina lawyer whose wife and son were murdered earlier this year. >> a new twist in the murdoch family murder mystery. clashing reports on the september for roadside shooting of south carolina lawyer alec murdoch. an incident report claiming there were no visible injuries. murdoch's team releasing further details of the injuries, saying he had entry and exit wounds, his skull fractured which led
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authorities to correct the report. all eyes have been on the murdoch family since the brutal unsolved murders of wife maggie and 22-year-old son paul this past june. >> are they breathing? >> no, ma'am. my wife and my son. >> what is your name? >> my name is alec murdoch. please hurry, neither one of them is moving. >> we will have the very latest coming up at 7:00 a.m.. antony blinken will be testifying in front of the house foreign affairs committee for the first time since the evacuation from afghanistan. over the weekend, protesters took part in a number of rallies across the nation, calling on the government to provide humanitarian aid to refugees who are still in afghanistan. one of those protests took place at san francisco's union square. organizers say the need is urgent and the time is now.
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they are fearing that refugees will not only be ignored by the taliban, but will become targets. >> the taliban recognizes a terrorist -- is recognized as a terrorist organization throughout the world. humanitarian aid is blocked. we need our leaders and the american people to push our leaders to try to find whatever way we can to get humanitarian aid to the country. >> protesters also called on the u.s. government to do more to help refugees leave, especially those who have visas. reggie: a new police chief is officially on the job today. he was previously chief of police in seaside near monterey. before that, he spent 26 years with the fort worth, texas police department. the chief will be sworn in during the city council meeting at 6:30 tonight. >> are you busy, or do you wish you had more free time? having too much free time may be
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nearly as bad for our health as having too little. a new study focused on how people spend their discretionary time. exercising, watching tv or doing something else they enjoy. those who had a full day to fill with something to do felt more stressed and unhappy, especially when engaging in unproductive activities than people who had less free time. researchers say spending your free time with purpose is the key to your well-being. reggie: so... too much free time is bad... too little free time is bad. mike: so, moderation. reggie: what are we supposed to do? >> who was part of this study? i love my free time. mike: but you feel your free time, you are busy. >> sometimes i like to not do anything and that is fine with me. reggie: same. that was me all last week. i was laying on the beach. mike: i'm watching the whole
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series of friday night lights or the third time. is that a productive way -- no. but leave me alone. reggie: did it make you happy? mike: yes. reggie: so, there you go. we solved it. mike: we did. let's talk about the accuweather highlights. the warmest afternoons, today and tomorrow. if you have been running the air conditioner over the weekend, you are going to have to keep doing that. a slight chance of showers saturday. something we will keep an eye on. something else to keep an eye on, it could be our first relevant offshore wind event early next week the fire risk is rising. as we get closer to both events, we will definitely give you more details. here is a look from 880 at the coliseum. we are starting off pretty clear this morning.
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we are going to have a touch of haze today. 83 in milpitas. 92 in morgan hill. for the peninsula, widespread. just a few clouds, a lot of sunshine along the coast. near 70 in downtown and south san francisco. heading into the valleys, we go from 94, 86, 90. for the east bay shore, looking at 74 berkeley to 85 in union city. warmest temperatures, low to mid 90's. as far as tonight goes, temperatures mainly in the 50's once again. there could be a few more clouds out there. nothing really too bad. more cloudiness wednesday, thursday, friday. that sea breeze will take our
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temperatures about 10 degrees cooler than today, as we head into thursday and friday. saturday and sunday, all those temperatures well below average. >> coming up, the seven things to know this morning. reggie: monday night football strict covid protocol that has a team in a league of its own. >> this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work.
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and please travel responsibly.
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>> if you are just joining us, here are the seven things to know this morning. president biden is headed to california today. then, he will be attending an anti-recall rally for governor newsom in long beach tonight. reggie: police are looking for the person who attacked a pro-regal demonstrator yesterday. the victim says she will be back out today. >> a warning to parents from the fda to not try to give your child under the age of 12 the covid vaccine. this is coming as one in four new cases in the country are in children. reggie: firefighters are working to stop a wildfire that has destroyed multiple homes. the hopkins fire started yesterday about 10 miles mike: -- heremike: is a look at the temperatures compared to average. away from the coast where the
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breezes will pick up and keep san francisco around 68. the rest of us will be around eight degrees warmer with 70's, 80's and 90's. kelly: chp -- >> chp is reporting and brush fire, so expect delays as well. >> britney spears is engaged to fitness model same as scarry. -- sam it is monday night football on abc 7. all fans attending tonight's game between the baltimore ravens and the las vegas raiders will be required to be vaccinated. that is because under an emergency directive that nevada's governor issue. the raiders are the only team in the nfl with a vaccine mandate for home games. on vaccinated fans can get their first shot at the stadium but they are required to wear a mask of the entire time.
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happening tonight, drama on the new season premiere of jeopardy. mike richards will be hosting since some of the new episodes were taped before he lost his job. richards, who was initially named as alex trebek's replacement, stepped down after one day of filming when offensive comments he made came to light. this, all happening as jeopardy champ is on an epic winning streak. jeopardy usually airs every week night at 7:00. you can watch the season premiere tonight at 10:30 on at a special time because of monday night football. monday night football starts at 5:15 followed by after the game, then a special edition of abc 7 news at 9:00. you can catch wheel of fortune and jeopardy after that, and then more local news. handled. reggie: we are going to go live to wilmington, delaware because president biden is about to
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leave. he has a very full day on his schedule includes a couple stops in california. he will be coming to sacramento to talk about the recent wildfires and the plan to mitigate wildfires. event is going to be making his promised campaign stop with the governor today. governor newsom, of course, is up free recall tomorrow, so this is the last minute the president muchas thoseet in a campaign bch events are happening. the san francisco giants are extremely close to clinching a playoff spot. what needs to happen, next. i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen.
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: the high-stakes recall election. president biden is heading to california to campaign with governor newsom. the final push to get voters to cast their ballots.
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>> the biden administration cracking down on vaccines for millions of americans. the legality behind the new mandate. reggie: hot weather to start your week. mike is tracking a bit of a cooldown. good morning. we >> want to start with a look at the forecast with mike. mike: is looking great. if you like sunshine, i have got a nice day for you. there is a little bit of smoke out there, but not bad for a monday. you can see it is clear, you can see some of the stars twinkling in the background. we will still be in the mid to upper 50's in most neighborhoods. there is a possibility of some upper 40's as we are losing about two minutes 23 seconds of sunshine every single day. that is about as much as we lose per day during the fall. gives you an idea how quickly
5:31 am
things are going to change this month. sticks is at -- 60's at the coast. 82, a little bit warmer inland. kind of hot, 4:00. two hot days, and then some cool weather. i will show you that, coming up next. reggie: california's recall election happening tomorrow. here is a look at the countdown to end the polls open at 7:00 a.m. president biden is coming to california, he saw him just about to leave a few minutes ago. he will join governor newsom at a campaign rally long beach limited. early voters are expected a little later on today. amy: city hall will be open for early voting starting in :00 this morning if you want to get it done today. volunteers were out this weekend working hard to make sure people know about this election. really pushing people to vote,
5:32 am
they were using phone banks, going door-to-door, holding rallies. mail in ballots activity has been strong. more than 7 million ballots have been mailed in. but california has 22 million registered voters, so volunteers are doing all they can to make sure all those other people are aware of the election and that they plan to vote. >> we had a big turnout in the vote by mail voting. voting. between now and tuesday i think we are going to finish the job. >> governor gavin newsom has received support from top democrats tonight but tonight, he will get the biggest push yet. the president of the united states will campaign with him and appear at a rally with governor in long beach. early voting at a few locations and mail-in ballots are options for today, but all polling places will be open tomorrow for
5:33 am
the election, only the second time they have had the option to recall a governor. coverage of the candidates, the fishes, and the recall process. everything you need to know about the race to replace governor newsom's on our website under the featured section. >> hospitals in some parts of the country are becoming overwhelmed with covid patients. the biden administration is pushing workplace-based vaccination mandates. some americans aren't really happy about this. jobina: president vaccine mandate is the most aggressive push yet by his administration to get more americans vaccinated. critics say he is walking back on his promise not to implement a vaccine mandate. the president has ordered the labor department to create a new rule mandating companies with 100 employees or more to mandate vaccines, or conduct weekly testing.
5:34 am
kinds of mandates, but dan abrams says the federal government's case is not a slamdunk. >> anyone who is getting federal funding has more control. it is the mandate of the larger companies where there could serious challenges here. remember, the best challenges are not going to come from the governors who are making all the noise, is going to come from the employer's who say for whatever reason, we don't want to implement this. osha has typically lost these kinds of cases in court. >> companies based a penalty of at least $13,000 per violation. federal employees and contractors along with health-care workers at facilities receiving federal funding are covered by this vaccine mandate and they can no longer opt to do regular testing
5:35 am
as an option. reggie: a key piece of president biden's agenda is hanging in the balance as congress returns to washington. this infrastructure bill passed the senate but is sitting in the house. progressive house democrats say they won't act until the senate passes a 3.5 trillion dollars budget resolution. that measure has its own obstacles. west virginia senator joe manchin is calling for a pause and once a debate. with the senate split, democrats need his vote. >> the unknown is everything you have been talking. no one is talking about inflation or debt. and that is part of the discussion. budget committee bernie sanders is confident democrats will be able to work out their differences by essentially installing two pieces of legislation. >> investigators are looking for suspects in a fire.
5:36 am
crews stopped forward in the north bay, witnesses are credited with helping to stop a suspect of arson. santa rosa police were called behind the shopping center saturday and found a man surrounded by several people. they told police that the man lit something on fire, dropped it on the ground, and was trying to fan the names. firefighters contained the fire and police arrested the man. reggie: if you're going to be out and about, police may be closely watching you to make sure you are not breaking traffic laws. speeders, people making illegal turns, and drivers who fail to stop for pedestrians. the aberration is scheduled to run from 8:00 a.m. until noon in south bay, vta has resumed
5:37 am
light rail service from bay point station to santa teresa. the agency is slowly adding service back after the deadly mass shooting at its railyard. transfer through the end of this month. tonight at oracle park, the team could clinch a postseason third. the giants are strong contenders for the playoffs. the team has not seen postseason play in last four years. coming up, de-classifying and disclosing documents related to 9/11. reggie: a first for iphones. what apple is expected to show off tomorrow. plus, mike: let's take a look at what is going on.
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a little bit of cloud cover trying to hug the peninsula coast. mostly clear conditions. they spread in temperature this morning. most of our end lynneice pay neighborhoods along with san jose and then you have 57 at san francisco, oakland and fremont. pretty clear as we look all the way back to the east bay, the roads are going to be fine with limited plans we talked about. mass transit is going to begoine pretty hot the next summer spread, up nearly 25 degrees into the afternoon. 94 in antioch.
5:39 am
north, nearly nine-day in napa. you can see our nearest smoke is going to be more potent today and tomorrow. we are hoping it improves as we are headed into the seven day forecast is that he will subside . jobina: very slow so far for supercomputers. the chp has also issued a wind advisory through the altamont pass. everything else looking on time. those headlights are headed southbound for your reference and then westbound headlights here. if you are traveling trave bay bridge plaza, you do not have lights on yet.
5:40 am
the chp is reporting a brush fire along the side of eastbound and west bend at sherry glen road.
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5:42 am
looking at democratic elected leaders will observe a moment of silence for the victims of the september 11 terror attack's at 9:00 a.m. on the steps of the capitol building to mark 20 years since the tragedy. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer, mitch mcconnell and kevin mccarthy will all attend. >> the fbi has released a long- secret document from its investigation into possible connections between the 9/11 hijackers and the government of saudi arabia. this comes of the nation mark of the 20th anniversary of the attacks. >> as countless american
5:43 am
families remember their loved ones lost in the september 11 attacks, president biden honoring their request classified and disclosed new documents. while heavily redacted, they include details into saudi nationals in the u.s. who helped some of the 9/11 hijackers. though they make no conclusion as to whether saudi arabia's government was involved. the 16 pages are the first released since the president announced last week he would begin doing so. hundreds affect families and survivors telling biden if he did not start that process, he would not be welcome at saturday's memorial. >> these memorials are really important. but they are also incredibly difficult. america renewing its resolve to never forget the sacrifices and heroism that day 20 years ago, or the thousands of lives lost. >> my memory goes back to that terrible day. it was also a time when many
5:44 am
people acted above and beyond duty. >> symbolic tributes to those brave actions. firefighters climbing 110 floors on these kansas city steps, the staircase in orlando, this gym in new jersey. >> taking the field with three first responders. >> every army football player taking the field with an american flag. notably, former president bush praising the american spirit but invoking the ongoing threat of terrorism both foreign and domestic. george w: there is little cultural overlap between cultural extremists abroad and at home. they are children of the same fell spirit and it is our duty to confront them. >> and that was the belief of some many profoundly impacted by these attacks. while we should never move on, we can move forward as one nation. >> when we say never forget, it is not just a catchy phrase.
5:45 am
it is that we never forget the american unity that we felt after those days. that is what mattered. reggie: the company behind the videogame fortnite is appealing a ruling in its legal battle with apple. epic games has accused apple of running an illegal monopoly and issued a requirement that all indian purchases be made through the app store. friday, a judge ruled apple is not a monopoly, which is what epic is now appealing. the judge did order apple to start accepting third-party payments. we have new details on the new iphone expected to be released tomorrow. -- announced tomorrow. they will reportedly be the first ever to come with one terabyte of storage. for reference, that is the same as 1000 gigs. phones are also expected to have improved cameras. the event is set for 10:00 tomorrow morning. >> instagram is said to be working on a new feature to let you create a list of your favorite accounts. up to 30 accounts on the list
5:46 am
will reportedly appear higher in your feed. instagram says it is still working on developing it. shang chi held onto the top spot at the box office again this weekend. >> it is time for you to take your place by my side. >> while it's tailed off from the opening, the movie can boast having the best second weekend gross of any movie released during the pandemic. the previous high belonged to another marvel movie, black widow. it is on pace to challenge f9 for the year. the top five, shang chi, free guy, malignant, candyman, and jungle cruise. reggie: the rest of disney's movies to release this year will be in theaters only, pointing to the success of recent releases and banking on people returning to the actual theater. up until shang chi and gfree
5:47 am
guys, movies were being released simultaneously in theaters and on the disney plus streaming platform. disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> it was a st>> it was a in new york. madonna opened the mtv video music awards just like she did in 1984. >> music awards. >> all right, madonna. lil nas x won three including video of the year. olivia roderigo won song of the year for driver's license and justin bieber returned as a performer for the first time since 2015. he also won artist of the year. 2021 marks mtv's 40th anniversary. ok, madonna. reggie:
5:48 am
showstopper. mike: big surprise, huh? reggie: can we go back for a second to shang chi. by the way, the alamo draft house is back up for the first time since the pandemic started, so that is really exciting. highly recommend you see it there. it was a great experience. i am not really one for action movies but i have zero experience seeing marvel films including the one that mike and i are in. however, i loved shang chi. akwwafina is a national treasure. i found it spectacular. >> alamo, that as a whole experience. reggie: the delivery, the drinks are coming in. >> a beautiful venue. reggie: and they are also doing staggered seating. so i appreciate that as well.
5:49 am
you definitely have more room than you have ever had. >> i like it. reggie: do it. mike: i noticed we had three of the top five movies. reggie: come on now, paycheck. mike: let's move on. here is a look at what is going on from the roof camera. notice those flags are not a loose this morning. just kind of hanging there. that is one of the reasons why it is going to remain warm today. tonight, we have got a few clouds. a lot like this morning with breezy conditions in the northbay hills. thankfully, no critical fire warning criteria met. it will definitely have something like that possible monday and tuesday. much cooler this weekend with a chance of showers mainly in the north. so, we've got 83 in mill fetus, 92 in morgan hill.
5:50 am
mid- to upper 70's san bruno, san mateo. 80 and 84 for the rest of the peninsula. about 62-60 six degrees, breezy conditions. near 70 in downtown with south san francisco. could be a quencher. padres in town, dropping down to 57. just a few clouds after a sunny start. then, we jump into jump into ju with 88 in sonoma and san rafael. 97 in calistoga. comfortable day for richmond, berkeley, oakland. 80-87 degrees for the rest of the east bay. as you are heading inland, not very comfortable. about 92-95. temperatures will fall back in the 50's. here is a look at my seven day forecast. even hotter temperatures tomorrow, up a couple of degrees, the hottest day of the week. we drop about five to 10 degrees wednesday and we keep cooling all the way for the weekend with
5:51 am
morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, and temperatures below average. feeling maybe a little bit like fall this weekend. reggie: fashionistas everywhere are counting down the hours until the annual gala. we are hearing from vogue talking to robert roberts about the star power and how this year is going to be different. >> what has been so incredible about this year is that we invited some of the more established designers like, health and ralph lauren -- tommy hilfiger and ralph lauren to sponsor young designers. so it is this remarkable makes of the established and the future. reggie: so what does she hope to see on the red carpet? that is all coming up on gma. do you get excited about that? >> i just like to look at the pictures afterward. reggie: same.
5:52 am
lifelong dream comes true when he opens his own business, but his first day on the job gets a whole lot sweeter thanks to a surprise he never saw coming. >> and space exploration is reaching new heights this week. reggie: cleaning up the damage.
5:53 am
5:54 am
>> work is set to begin this week on cleaning up that massive damage in san francisco. workers will start clearing away damaged trees and mud that filled up part of the park including the concert area. a water pipe ruptured last month when crews were repairing a leaking air valve.
5:55 am
700,000 gallons of drinking water was lost and repairs are estimated to cost at least $4 million. reggie: hardly strictly bluegrass is teaming up with the san francisco department of public health. ♪ bayview opera house yesterday where there was a live performance outside. inside, people could get vaccinated or get a covid test. the idea for the event came from organizers of the music festival. hardly strictly bluegrass cancel in person shows and they are going to go virtual. >> a cultural festival that embodies the spirit of gratitude and family unity is also a sign of strength and resiliency this year. ♪ >>ts 31st annual autumn moon festival over the weekend featuring cultural demonstrations, costume artisans, lion dances, giant
5:56 am
puppets and moon cakes. onallyalls the 15th day of the eight-month month of the lunar calendar, a day when the moon is bright and full which means a great time to celebrate. reggie: space exploration will reach new heights on wednesday when four civilians take off from florida in a space-x rocket. this will be the first trip made up entirely of private space travelers. no astronauts. jerrod isaac minnen is paying for this trip including a cancer survivor, a data engineer and a geoscientist. they have been training for six months. >> and the realization that it is setting in that this is real, instead of the no call, i got the gas. it is that life-changing moment, something that i have wanted my entire life. reggie: the rocket were launched from cape canaveral and the trip is expected to last three days.
5:57 am
>> a royal on the hot seat. lawsuit against prince andrew that is headed to court today. reggie: a pricey problem for victims of one of california's most devastating wildfires. they are asking where is the money after a victims fund appears to dry out. >> targets car seat buyback program is returning. the retailer will help you keep up with your growing little one. reggie: first, here is a live look outside.
5:58 am
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