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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 14, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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on this recall. >> we will change california. we will change the world. >> the last minute pleading and appeals from the top two men who want to be california's governor. a look at voter turnout so far in the rakell election. >> a bay area school district is trying a new tactic to get adults their shots. >> temperatures tumbling, the possibility of showers. the seven day forecast, coming up. ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> by mail, people in the bay area and across the state are deciding right now whether governor gavin newsom should
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keep his job or be kicked out of office. election day has finally arrived. good evening. ama: a colorful cast of 46 candidates in today's recall election. dan: live team coverage from orange county to the state capital. first, liz kreutz is in sacramento following gavin newsom's campaign. he made a last-minute stop in san francisco. reporter: he did. governor newsom is feeling confident about his chances of defeating the recall. he is campaigning up until the last minute, trying to get every single vote. he was in san francisco today where he thanked his supporters. he also brought up these allegations of voter fraud that have been raised by gop front-runner larry elder. he dismissed these claims and said they are baseless. he pointed to president trump and the big lie from the 2020
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presidential election. >> in -- filing a lawsuit for the election. it hasn't even been completed. suggesting, as trump himself has done on multiple occasions, that the selection is raked. what they are doing is damaging trust. reporter: governor newsom spent election eve campaigning with president biden. they compared larry elder to donald trump. the president said elder is a clone of the former president. democratic strategists believe that elder becoming the face of newsom's republican recall has helped mobilize democrats. the fact that there isn't a prominent democrat running on the second part of the ballot like there was in 2003 has helped governor newsom as well. as far as tonight, he will be here in sacramento watching the
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returns with his family. a campaign aide says he may deliver remarks tonight but it may be determined. liz kreutz, abc 7 news. ama: thank you. governor newsom's strongest competitor is having a watch party in orange county. laura anthony is in costa mesa, following larry elder's campaign. reporter: larry elder will hold his election night event here at a hilton in orange county. we don't expect to see him until well after the 7:00 start time for the event. the conservative radio talk show host spent all day yesterday down in southern california, hammering away at his primary talking parts -- points. thaliforni familield be allowed school choicentende'f that he entered the race two months ago.
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win or lose, he has raised his public profile substantially and has become especially memorable for his aggressive campaign style aimed directly at governor newsom. >> we've got rising crime, rising homelessness, outrageous rise in the cost of living, declining public school standards, five seasons in california. the fifth one is the fire season. that's because of the court -- poor management of our forests. gavin newsom wants to blame it on climate change. climate change has little to do with it. jerry brown left a plan to clear dry at -- vegetation. he did not mention climate change. reporter: elder has alluded to this and inner jews and has a link to a website on his page that signals if he loses, he plans to contend that it was due to voter fraud. elder has been asked, if he loses tonight, will he jump back
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into the race for governor next year? the primary is coming up very soon. he has yet to answer that question. laura anthony, abc 7 news. ama: thank you. caitlyn jenner castor ballot today in beverly hills. her platform includes streamlining state spending, reviewing regulations, and eliminating outdated regulations. she's pulling in the low single digits. dan: the clock is ticking for voters to cast their ballots. we are three hours from the polls closing. kate larsen is at san francisco city hall where people are voting. let's take a look and see what it's been like there today as people come in and cast their ballots. reporter: there's been a steady but light flow of voters coming to the basement of city hall. this is the elections department. there was a lunchtime rush. we are seeing more trickling now because it's the end of the
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workday. you can vote until 8:00. take a look down here. there's no line so that's the good news. you need to know that since mail-in ballots need to be postmarked by 5:00, if you have not voted, it is recommended that you come and drop off your ballot. there are two locations outside of city hall where you can do that. there is also one location in each san francisco district. that's recommended by the elections department. everything is going smoothly. the other thing to know is that if you're not registered, you can do that right here at the department of elections until 8:00. you will be voting conditionally if you do that. we've seen plenty of people go in stand in that line over there to make that happen. 8:00, three more hours to go ahead and get those ballots in. in san francisco, everything seems to be going smoothly. as of yesterday, half of registered voters have sent in their ballots.
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we will have more at 6:00. kate larsen, abc 7 news. ama: in the south bay, we visited the polls, checking out voter turnout on election day. santa clara county saw a surge of in-person voting today after mailing collections slowed this weekend. 60% will have voted by the end of the day. alameda county election officials say 60% voted heading into today. we spoke with dozens of voters who were energized to make it to the polls. >> the things that we hold dear in the state i think are riding on this election. >> it's important that you don't just live your life saying, these problems don't affect me. they all do. ama: if you haven't mailed in your ballot, there is still time to go to the polls because they don't close until 8:00 tonight. are abc 7 news data team has produced a map showing the percent of ballots returned in each county in the state. more than 8 million ballots have been returned and accepted by
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mail. 324,000 were cast in person for a total of nearly 40% return. check out how your county is doing on dan: the recall election is on track to be one of the most extensive today. the state has sent -- spent $300 million on it. stephanie sierra spoke with researchers about ways to make the process more efficient and cost-effective. reporter: there's no question, california's recall election process is outdated. >> we haven't revised it in 100 years. reporter: the state stab so far? >> $276 million. reporter: uc berkeley published a poll this week that found that three out of four voters support recall elections but agree significant reform is needed. some of which will cut costs. >> they would like to increase the number of signatures that would be required from the 12% of the voters in the last
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statewide election to doubling that to 25%. reporter: the director of uc berkeley's igs pole says another reform voters support is raising the threshold people need to meet in order to qualify as a replacement candidate. >> currently, the filing fee is just $4000. all the candidate needs to do is get 7000 signatures to put their name on the ballot. reporter: this uc berkeley political scientist says another idea raised is requiring signatures to come from different parts of the state. >> in five different counties, you need to have x number of signatures. so that it's not enough to just send signature gatherers to your hometown. reporter: too easy for people to buy their way on the ballot. it's not just the cost that is raising eyebrows. key flaws in the process. >> gavin newsom could lose and we would end up with a person who didn't have more than 20% of the vote. that means the vast majority of
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californians would be rejecting that person. reporter: the secretary of state is in talks with state legislators on both sides of the aisle to discuss how to implement some of these changes to improve future recall elections. experts believe these reforms will in turn reduce costs. abc 7 news. dan: get updates from our team of election reporters all evening. we will begin streaming live coverage of the recall when polls close at 8:00. you can watch on abc 7. we will be with you tonight. ama: new details tonight on a tragic accident on bart. how a woman got caught outside of a train and dragged to death. the latest, ahead. >> our goal is to vaccinate everybody, as many people as we can. dan: reading, writing, vaccinations. new clinics are coming to some new clinics are coming to some sc ♪ ♪ ♪ new clinics are coming to some sc
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ama: a woman was killed on the bart station in san francisco. amy adams of san francisco tried to get off of the train as the doors were closing. she was outside of the train. her dog was tethered to her waist by police -- a leash and was still inside. >> currently, we have investigators reviewing. we are on the site immediately, making sure all procedures were followed and to try to understand what the circumstances were that happened. reporter: a preliminary report could take 30 days to complete complete. dan: in the east bay, violence in oakland has two groups at odds about how the cities should
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handle crime. three people died. including someone shot to death by an -- and fbi agent. ryan curry has the community's demand for change. reporter: a day filled with crime in oakland. monday saw three separate incidents involving gunfire. one of them was a shooting near fruitvale bart station. a double homicide and then and fbi agent shooting and killing someone while trying to make an arrest. >> we saw unprecedented violence even for oakland. reporter: the president of the police union representing oakland officers. he things the increase in crime is due to a lack of resources for the oakland police department. >> we are still waiting a reply. opd says there have been 92 homicides this year. at this point in 2020, there were 67. >> are crime teams have been scaled back. the number of officers available is less then it was a month ago. the volume of work is substantial.
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reporter: he says he's concerned for the safety of oakland residents. he wants the city to give them more funding so they can add more patrols. some community members think that will make things worse. >> the flatlands have the most police presence of any of the neighborhoods in the entire city. yet we have the most amount of crime. reporter: the anti-police terror project is concerned that adding more officers will create hostility in the city, especially in the black community. >> data says that the more engagement that the communities of color have with law enforcement, the more chances there are for extreme violence and death to happen. reporter: she wants more transparency from the city about each incident. the public should know about each homicide and why agencies like the fbi are even in oakland. >> under what jurisdiction was the agent operating? what is the scope of the fbi's presence in the city? what interactions has the fbi had with the state administration and counsel?
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reporter: she's in favor of putting more money into low income areas. right now, the crime rate is something that cannot be ignored. >> i worry where we are going for the rest of the year into next year. reporter: abc 7 news. ama: building a better a -- bay area includes a focus on health. california is no longer on the cdc high transmission list. it is one of three states with substantial trade mission. broadway's reopening tonight and theaters will be at full capacity. the white house is hosting a virtual global covid-19 summit next week. one of the goals is upping vaccinations. for schools in san francisco will offer vaccinations to parents. leah melendez explains that the sites are strategically located. reporter: malcolm x academy is located in the bayview district, april vomit lead -- a
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predominantly black community. a vaccination clinic will be there every tuesday. making it easier for working parents and people in the community to walk to this location. 68% of african-americans in san francisco are vaccinated, one of the lowest rates in the city. >> there's a lot of mistrust in the system. a lot of that is very well-founded. i think that this vaccine has proven to be a very effective tool and very safe. reporter: latinos, which had once fallen behind, have increased their vaccination rates to 81%. asians, 80%. >> we focused a lot of efforts in reaching out to communities and individuals, following up with people, trying to understand what their concerns were. reporter: the number of white people in san francisco who have been vaccinated is lower than expected, 68%. the health department believes there are many younger white people between the ages of 25-34
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who have been hesitant when it comes to getting the vaccine. two other school sites were selected because they are in the densely populated sunset and richmond districts. bentley is the principal of an elementary. >> it's on a saturday. this coming saturday. it's open to the public. i wanted to make sure that that's a day that parents aren't working. reporter: helping protect children 12 and under who are not yet eligible to get the vaccine. >> the best protection we can do is to build a ring around them. people who are vaccinated. trying to protect them from getting infected. reporter: each site will offer 62 doses of both the pfizer and j&j vaccines, expanding to 200. no appointment is needed. leanne melendez, abc 7 news. dan: more to come here. hispanic reflections on the bay area landscape. ama: we delve into census
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numbers and uncovered changes in the
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dan: we are highlighting the importance of the community in the bay area. it's the largest racial or ethnic group in california with growing numbers in the bay area. julian glover breaks down the numbers. reporter: remember those census surveys you feel that last year? the results are in. more than one in three californians identify as has been a or latino. 39.4% of the population. in the bay area, seven out of nine counties saw an increase in the hispanic latino population. solano saw the l l more than 4%. vallejo had one of the largest increases, adding 7000 more hispanic or latino people in 10 years. san francisco and alameda
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county's saw small increases in the population. keep in mind that they have larger total populations than the north bay counties. richmond and antioch saw significant increases in the number of residents identifying as hispanic or latino. theeeeeeeee saw a decrease in the number. the biggest drop in our largest bay area county, santa clara county. there was almost 2% fewer hispanic, latino people in 2020 compared to 2010. this community still makes one in four people in the county. it's also our most populated county in the bay. the number of people identifying as either hispanic or latino and asian grew in the majority of bay area counties. the number of black-and-white residents declined in virtually all bay area counties.
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experts predict we could see a continuation of these racial and ethnic trends in the bay area and across the state by the time the next census rolls around in 2030. abc 7 news. dan: let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. ama: ceja patel is here with the latest. sandhya: the weather is looking good. on the hazy side. the camera is oakland is barely visible because of all the haze. the air district issued an air quality advisory for tomorrow for wildfire smoke. moderate air quality the next four days. here's a look at the air quality now. most of you are in the good to moderate range. this theme will carry over into the next few days. notice the fog layer. it's definitely there near the coast. we will see more areas dealing with that. 60's to 90's right now. temperatures into the upper 90's, low 100s.
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look what is taking over, the marine layer. you can see it is socked in right now. marine layer expands overnight tonight. we have a chance of showers this weekend. fog in the morning. a little bit of drizzle around the coast and bay. into the afternoon, the fog isn't going anywhere. morning temperatures into the 40's, 50's. visibility will be low near the beaches. afternoon highs coming down. it will be noticeable inland, upper 90's, low 100s tomorrow. mid to upper 80's near the coast. around the bay, 60's and 70's. fast forward to saturday. if you are making outdoor plans, there's a chance of showers on saturday. best possibility in the north bay by sunday. anybody could see wet weather. this is the aggressive model. here's what the rainfall projections look like. anywhere from two inches to a few hundredths in santa rosa.
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san francisco could see over a 10th of an inch. a lot of rainfall with tropical depression necklace. additional 5-10 inches of rain is expected. the flooding concern is pretty huge there. it made landfall as a category one near houston. cooling trend tomorrow morning. even cool around thursday. low 80's. we bring in the possibility of some wet weather coming up this weekend. stay tuned. gusty winds will follow early next week.
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dan: people cheered for a procession of fire engines in south lake tahoe yesterday as officials downgrade some of that qa and orders in that area. ama: neighbors say the cruise save their community from the caliber wildfire. the fire is currently 68% contained. they are making good progress on that. dan: they have worked so tirelessly and bravely. world news tonight with david mirus next. we appreciate your time. ama: thank you for joining us
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tonight, the hurricane slamming into the u.s. several states now in the path of this storm. and the coronavirus tonight. dr. fauci on child vaccinations, when shots could be ready. and those boosters for adults. what to expect now. first, that hurricane and now possible life-threatening flash flooding as we come on the air across texas and louisiana tonight. a half million without power already. category 1 hurricane slamming into the u.s. winds up to 75 miles per hour. up to 20 inches of rain expected in some areas. victor oquendo and ginger zee with the timing. the coronavirus tonight. the dangerous surge in child covid cases.
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