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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 14, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, the hurricane slamming into the u.s. several states now in the path of this storm. and the coronavirus tonight. dr. fauci on child vaccinations, when shots could be ready. and those boosters for adults. what to expect now. first, that hurricane and now possible life-threatening flash flooding as we come on the air across texas and louisiana tonight. a half million without power already. category 1 hurricane slamming into the u.s. winds up to 75 miles per hour. up to 20 inches of rain expected in some areas. victor oquendo and ginger zee with the timing. the coronavirus tonight. the dangerous surge in child covid cases.
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nearly 30% of new cases now. in ohio alone, children's hospitals now overwhelmed. tonight here, news on vaccines fo children, when pfizer will submit its data for approval. dr. fauci on when he expects the vaccines to be ready for children. and dr. fauci on boosters for adults. as we now learn the uk will give boosters to adults 50 and older to prepare for the winter ahead. california's high stakes recall election under way tonight. will governor gavin newsom survive? what early voting and the polls indicate so far and matt gutman is live in california. the final days of the trump presidency. america's top general reportedly took secret steps to prevent president trump from potentially ordering a military strike or launching any nuclear weapons. and tonight, general mark milley's alleged conversations with his counterpart in china. and what he promised the u.s. would not do. the new reporting from bob wodward and robert costa in their book, and jon karl is standing by. overseas tonight, what we've now learned about that deadly u.s. drone strike in kabul, just days after the deadly suicide attack.
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tonight, the pentagon defending the attack. martha raddatz reporting. this evening, if you have an iphone, an ipad, apple's emergency security update. why there's so much concern and the one step you should take tonight to protect your privacy. remembering a popular "snl" actor and comedian. what we've learned about norm macdonald's private battle. and broadway lights back on tonight. "the lion king" is back. but what you haven't seen. how they're now rehearsing in these times and deborah roberts takes us backstage. ♪ good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. news on the coronavirus, vaccines for children and boosters for adults. dr. fauci tonight on the timeline he now expects. but first, the category 1 hurricane slamming into the u.s. now a slow-moving and dangerous
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tropical storm. 75-mile-an-hour winds. gusts up to 95 miles per hour when it hit. a half million without power tonight. this evening, flash flood watches now across five states and this stretches some 500 miles. hurricane nicholas growing stronger, just as it approached the u.s. the 19th named storm now to hit the u.s. in a little more than a year. making landfall near sergeant beach, texas, then moving inland with fierce winds and up to ten inches of rain. the winds at this citgo station. this galveston neighborhood battered by the dangerous winds and the rain and then daylight revealing the damage to homes, power lines down. and of course, the real danger at this hour as the storm now slows to a crawl. abc's victor oquendo in kenner, louisiana. >> reporter: hurricane nicholas hammering the texas coast in the middle of the night. rapidly intensifying into a category 1 hurricane just before landfall south of houston. the powerful storm surge
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overtaking roads. winds rocking this gas station canopy before sending it crashing into the ground. ktrk's ted oberg in the thick of it. >> this rain not only looks like it's coming in sideways, i can tell you down here, it is coming in sideways. just torrential rain. >> reporter: with daybreak, nicholas's wrath coming into view, revealing homes ripped apart. parts of roads washed away. winds snapping the blades off this turbine. our marcus moore is outside houston. >> the power has been knocked out to so many people across the region now. crews are working around the clock to get those services back online. >> reporter: the storm now threatening to dump up to 20 inches of rain across louisiana, where many homes are covered with blue tarps -- damaged by hurricane ida just over two weeks ago. families still cleaning up as the new storm moves in. >> we've been trying to just pick up what we can, but now we have this other storm coming. it's not helping at all. >> reporter: and here in the new orleans area, we are expecting up to 5 to 10 inches of rain and flooding really is the last
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thing that they need here, where the cleanup from hurricane ida is still far from over and there is serious concern that some of this debris could actually clog the drains here, which would make the flooding much worse. david? >> well, you said it. the last thing they need. victor, thank you. let's get right to chief meteorologist ginger zee in laplace, louisiana, timing this out tonight. ginger? >> reporter: david, the last thing that folks in laplace, louisiana, want to see is water. i mean, look behind me. piles of debris, 16 days after ida, as far as the eye can see. street after street and now a flash flood watch. so, the timing of it. it goes with the heaviest overnight here in southeastern louisiana into mississippi, alabama and the panhandle of florida. tomorrow, all included in those flash flood watches, by the way. when you talk about the timing of the heaviest bands, it is going to become more scattered after tomorrow, so, that will be helpful, but it will leave behind more than ten inches in louisiana and mississippi. something we hate to see and such insult to injury here, david. >> yeah, thinking about everybody in the gulf tonight.
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ginger, thank you. and of course, the other major news tonight, the dangerous surge in child covid cases. and tonight here, dr. anthony fauci with a clearer picture of when to expect vaccines for children and when he thinks there will be boosters for adults in the u.s. tonight, the uk now planning to give boosters to adults 50 and over to prepare them for the winter ahead. here's stephanie ramos. >> reporter: for millions of parents eager to know how soon their younger children could finally get a vaccine, tonight, a clearer picture. pfizer today revealing it will submit data from its trial for 5 to 11-year-olds to the fda in early october. followed by trial data for children 6 months to 5 years old in the weeks after. dr. anthony fauci expects the fda to authorize the first shots for elementary-age kids as early as mid-october. >> i believe it'll work out this way, that by the time we get to the mid-fall, october or so, that we will have the capability of giving vaccines for pfizer.
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>> reporter: we met the bui family in new orleans when all three children took part in pfizer's vaccine trial at oschner health. both parents are doctors. 6-year-old ellie, 3-year-old christian and 14-month-old sloan getting shots. >> we're not 100% sure that the kids got the vaccine yet, but just knowing that they have a chance and that they have that little extra layer of protection, makes me much more at ease with sending them back to school. >> reporter: tens of millions of children are back in classrooms, but less than 40% of 12 to 17-year-olds who are eligible for the vaccine are fully vaccinated. in ohio, cases spiking 2,000% since early august. hospitals are full. >> all of our children's hospitals are overwhelmed. >> reporter: across the country, children making up almost 30% of covid cases last week. and after two top scientists who are leaving the fda argued in "the lancet" it was premature to give boosters to the general public because the vaccines offer strong protection against serious disease, dr. fauci today
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pushing back. >> you have clearly waning of immunity against infection and clear-cut indication of waning of immunity against severe disease. >> reporter: and he expects the fda advisory panel to support boosters when it reviews the data on friday. >> myself as a scientist who have seen some of the data, i believe when you look at that data carefully, there's going to be a decision to actually give the boost as opposed to not giving it. >> well, there you hear it. dr. fauci predicting the fda will green-light boosters in the u.s. and tonight, the uk will now give adults 50 and older booster shots? >> reporter: exactly, david. it's part of their winter strategy. britain will give people booster shots, those people over the age of 50, starting with older people, health care workers. and those with underlying conditions. the government says the primary choice is the pfizer booster shot, regardless of what vaccine was originally given. david? >> stephanie ramos. stephanie, thank you. now to california's recall
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showdown at this hour. will governor gavin newsom survive? just hours left, as that state votes. president biden campaigning overnight with the governor. and even before election day arrived, leading republican larry elder's campaign with a website saying newsom hate been reinstated, alleging fraud. again, declaring this before election day. but tonight, what early voting and the polls indicate so far. matt gutman again in california. >> reporter: after the fight of his political life, tonight, governor gavin newsom sounding confident he won't be fired by the voters of california. >> so what are we going to do? we will turn out and vote no on this recall. do i have your support to vote no? >> reporter: in the closing hours, newsom turning the spotlight onto the leading republican candidate to replace him. conservative radio host larry elder. >> if we don't reject this recall, larry elder is the next governor of the state of california. i'm going to sound like obama. don't boo -- vote. >> reporter: president biden
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hammering that same message. >> he's the clone of donald trump. can you imagine him being governor of this state? >> reporter: elder is taking a page out of the trump playbook, already making baseless claims of election fraud before all the votes are even cast. his campaign launching a "stop california fraud" website, essentially saying he had lost, blaming the quote "twisted results of this 2021 recall election." but the election is still going on. not a single result has been reported. still, elder's website cites what they call "statistical analyses" claiming to have "detected fraud in california resulting in governor gavin pnewsom being reinstated as governor." when i pressed elder, he repeatedly ducked the question. is there any evidence of voter fraud? >> the question is -- >> reporter: come on! today, newsom on the attack. >> stop. grow up, people. these people literally are vandalizing our democracy and trust in our institutions. >> all right, matt, when should
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we know? >> reporter: pretty soon, david, if it's a landslide. you can see them already counting the ballots behind me. but if it's at all close, officials say it could take up to 30 days to certify the victor. but david, we know that democratic voter turnout has been high, polls right now are favoring newsom. and earlier, when i asked his team if they have anything to worry about, their answer was simple. no. david? >> matt gutman in california again tonight. thanks, matt. now to the new book about the final days of the trump presidency. the book by "washington post" reporters bob woodward and robert costa called "peril," the report that mark milley took secret steps to prevent president trump from potentially launching a military strike or nuclear launch, and that the top general called his counterpart in china. what he reportedly assured china the u.s. would not do. here's jon karl. >> reporter: in their soon to be released book "peril", bob woodward and robert costa
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report that china was so concerned about donald trump's behavior in the final days of the 2020 presidential campaign that joint chiefs chairman general mark milley took the extraordinary step of secretly reaching out directly to china's top general. "general li, i want to assure is stable and everything is men- going to be okay," milley told him, according to the book. "we are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you." one reason for china's concerns? trump's incendiary words about china and coronavirus. >> there's a plague coming over from china, here it comes. what a disgrace. what a disgrace. >> reporter: milley told the chinese general not to worry. "if we're going to attack, i'm going to call you ahead of time. it's not going to be a surprise." and after the january 6th capitol riot, milley again called the chinese general again, telling him, quote -- "we are 100% steady. everything's fine.
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but democracy can be sloppy sometimes." shortly after the riot, speaker of the house nancy pelosi called milley alarmed that trump was both unstable and dangerous. milley tried to reassure her, saying there are, quote, "a lot of checks in the system." according to a transcript of the call obtained by woodward and costa, pelosi responded, quote, "he's crazy. you know he's crazy. he's crazy and what he did yesterday is further evidence of his craziness." milley replied, "i agree with you on everything." milley, the authors write, "was certain trump had gone into a serious mental decline." during a meeting at the pentagon, according to the book, milley, who is actually not in the chain of command, told the top military leadership they were not to sign off on any order to use nuclear weapons without his sign-off. "no matter what you are told, you do the procedure," milley told them. "you do the process. and i'm part of that procedure." according to the book, milley looked everyone in the eye and asked each one of them to say they agreed.
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>> this is really something. jon, former president trump responding a short time ago? >> reporter: just a few minutes ago in an interview on news max, the former president said that if it is actually true, that general milley reached out to the chinese and, quote, was willing to advise them of an attack or about advance of an attack, that's treason. trump also said that the idea he was going to attack china is, quote, the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard. the book says that milley never actually told trump about his conversations with the chinese. as for milley's response to all of this, david, no comment yet. >> jon karl. thank you, jon. now to the investigation into that deadly drone strike in kabul just days after that horrific suicide bombing at the airport. tonight, the pentagon defending the attack and here's martha raddatz. >> reporter: the deadly u.s. drone strike came just three days after a suicide bomber killed 13 american service members and some 170 afghans at
5:45 pm
the kabul airport. and intelligence indicated another attack was imminent. for more than eight hours, a drone tracked a car officials believed had linked up with isis. officials say when the driver loaded the vehicle with what they thought were explosives, a hell fire missile was launched. >> it was a righteous strike. we had very good intelligence that isis-k was preparing a specific type vehicle at a specific type location. >> reporter: bystander video widely shared online capturing the aftermath of the deadly strike, but a "new york times" investigation using surveillance video and interviews calls the strike into question. what the pentagon thought were explosives may have been water canisters, loaded by the driver zemari ahmadi and his colleagues, who worked for an american aid agency. >> everyone got along with him.
5:46 pm
and so really, they just took one of our best people away from us. for what? for filling water containers? >> reporter: u.s. central command is now investigating the drone strike, but as of tonight, they continue to say it was justified. david? >> all right, martha, thank you. when we come back, if you have an iphone, apple's emergency security update. the one step you should take tonight. and remembering a beloved "snl" actor. certain hpv-related cancers? you're not welcome here! get out of my face! hpv can cause certain cancers when your child grows up. get in its way. hpv can affect males and females. and there's no way to predict who will or won't clear the virus. the cdc recommends hpv vaccination at age 11 or 12 to help protect against certain cancers. hey... cancer! not... my... child. don't wait. talk to your child's doctor about hpv vaccination today. seeing blood when you brush or floss can be a sign of early gum damage.
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psst! psst! allergies don't have to be scary. spraying flonase daily stops your body from overreacting to allergens all season long. psst! psst! flonase all good. tonight, apple revealing its new iphone, but also sharing the headlines with something else. apple also releasing an emergency software update for iphones, ipads, watches and macs. that patch fixing a flaw possibly allowing spyware to secretly infect devices without even clicking on anything. authorities worried it can access the camera, the mic, texts and emails. apple urging people to install the update right away. go into settings, look for the software update and then download it. when we come back here tonight, remembering an "snl"
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>> to the index and we learned today that former "snl" actor and comedian norm macdonald has died. he privately battled cancer for nine years, keeping his condition private, even from many family and friends. the former "snl" weekend update anchor known for his cutting and at times controversial humor. >> well, this coming monday is oscar night and three films, "the english patient," "secrets and lies" and "shine" are locked in a tight race in the category "best picture there's not a chance in hell i will ever see." >> billy crystal calling him a bold, fearless and original voice. norm macdonald was just 61. when we come back here tonight, the broadway lights coming back on tonight and deborah roberts will take us backstage in a moment. will take will take backstage in a moment. i always had a connection to my grandfather... i always wanted to learn more about him. i discovered some very interesting documents on ancestry. this is the uh registration card for the draft
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that's decision tech. only from fidelity. finally tonight here, it's been a long wait in this pandemic, but broadway lights are back on tonight. and deborah roberts is backstage at "the lion king." >> reporter: tonight, broadway lights back on. and "the lion king", from abc's parent company disney, is ready. ♪ the emotions so clear. ♪ ta-da! >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: adrienne walker and
5:57 pm
brandon mcmcall in two of the star roles -- nala and simba. >> how does it feel? >> you see me, don't you? >> yeah! >> oh, wow. yeah, chills. >> it feels -- this is going to sound so cheesy, but it feels like coming back home. >> reporter: they've been documenting their journey back for us for weeks now. >> can't believe my face is up there. >> what? >> reporter: the new protocols. >> i'm up in the lobby to get tested by charmane and lindsay. >> hi! >> reporter: the entire cast, tested and vaccinated. rehearsing. dancing in masks. but on stage, they'll come off. >> makeup is on. >> reporter: audiences must wear masks. 12 and older must be vaccinated. >> it wasn't just that all those actors and stagehands and ticket-takers were out of work. all the restaurants were out of work. all the parking lots were out of work. every business that relies on that audience was out of work.
5:58 pm
>> reporter: why is this important for us to get back on broadway? >> one, to show perseverance. you know? i think a lot of people need to see that, after the year we had. it's been a hard time. people need to get back into laughing and feeling that joy and getting back to life. >> reporter: tonight, the new broadway. and the new hope. ♪ the circle of life ♪ >> it is great to have broadway back. all those actors, performers, the crew, all back to work. welcome home. good night
5:59 pm
>> this is abc 7 news. >> the course of california's future could change dramatically. voters have just two hours left to cast ballots in a recall election to decide if gavin newsom remains our governor. >> this is a life-and-death decision. public health and public safety, our well-being, is on the ballot. >> an all-out effort to save his job, casting his challengers as dangerous. his challengers claim what is dangerous is keeping newsom in office. >> we are going to change california. we are going to change the world. >> you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00. thanks for joining us on this election night. we are down to just two hours until the polls close. because of the pandemic, every registered voter received a male-in -- mail- mail- mail- ma-
6:00 pm
millions were turned in before the polls opened. >> while there are concerns about turnout, whether voters bothered to cast ballots on a single race, voters we talked to were not going to sit this one out. >> all the things we hold dear in this state are riding on this election. >> it is because t t is so important we have multiple dedicated reporters covering this from every angle up and down the state. >> we will start team coverage tonight with our reporters focused on the biggest names on the ballot. laura anthony is live in orange county covering larry elder. first let's go to sacramento. liz, what was the governor doing today? he was busy even at the last minute. >> he was. governor newsom and his team are