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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 15, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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you do not rohit around. >> so, we have lost the battle but we will absolutely win the war. reggie: governor newsom remaining in office and ready to get back to work. he survived the election with more than 60% of californians voting no for the recall but it might not have been the end of larry elder's political career. kumasi: we got more from what voters were thinking, new results from exit polls. reggie: mike is tracking a cool, hazy, and smoky conditions. in morning and welcome, you are watching abc 7 mornings live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. mike: good morning. thank you for joining us. let us look at what is going on at the exploratory. -- exploratorium.
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ere ittle bit of cloud he a look at thes. temperatures. through 7:00, the cloud cover is spreading. most of us are going to be in the mid to upper 50's, so a smaller written -- window and slower sunshine and 50's in san francisco. 70's inland. a few 80's possible around cloverdale and also in re: -- inland east bay neighborhoods but notice the limited 90's. toward 7:00 this evening, temperatures in the 50's and 70's, even cooler than last evening. governor newsom will be keeping his job, 65% of californians voted to reject the recall. this is what governor newsom tweeted after the election was called. he wrote "now, let us get back to work." amy hollyfield is live at the governor's victory speech. amy: governor newsom has san
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francisco to thank for the most support. 87% of the voters here voted against the recall. the most support in the state coming from right here in the city. but, some political strategists say that even though governor newsom kept his job as recall shows that he is vulnerable and some democrats i decided is a good time to run against him for governor in 2022. newsom was very appreciative when he spoke about this victory. >> i am humble, grateful, but resolved in the spirit of my political hero, robert kennedy, to make more gentle the life of this world. thank you all very much, and thank you you to 40 million americans, 40 million californians. thank you for rejecting this recall. amy:
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rejected the recall and many ignored question number two. nearly half of voters left the second question blank which asked who should replace newsom if he is in fact recalled. newsom is a second governor in california history to face a recall election and the only one to survive it with 65% of the vote going against the recall. reporting live, amy hollyfield. reggie: thank you. the party continued at republican larry elder's headquarters long after the race was called. in fact, there was zero reaction or announcement in the room when all of the major networks called the race. elder spoke to his supporters before 10:00 and his speech was less a concession and more a campaign speech. >> so, we have lost a battle but we are absolutely going to win the war. absolutely.
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reggie: sees a new political future for himself. he did not explicitly say he was going to run for governor next end of his speech he called himself a former radio host and told his supporters to stay tuned. kumasi: we are getting an idea of what voters were thinking when they cast their ballots. jobina is here with the results. jobina: governor newsom received positive results on his handling of the pandemic and a huge turnout advantage. 31 percent of voters called the pandemic the top issue. 80% of those supported keeping newsom in office. three out of 10 said that his control measures are too strict, countering a key argument in the recall against him. 70% ports the current -- supports the current mask
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mandate and 63% sided with the governor in seeing vaccinations as a public health responsibility than a personal choice. there are results that were less incumbent friendly. six and 10 voters called the cost-of-living unmanageable and those polled were divided evenly in rating the economy positive or negatively. overall 55% approve the way that governor newsom is handling his job. reggie: film a tear joined -- phil joined to give more context and he said the biggest factor, the handling of the pandemic including the mask and vaccine mandates, is what helped save him in the end. phil: it was the pandemic and his shutdown of the state that started the recall. it was he is to the french laundry at the height of the pandemic without a mask that ignited the recall, and in the last weeks it was the pandemic
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and his handling of it and his call for mass vaccines and mandates that turned the race around and put it on that. kumasi: volunteers and workers are busy counting the votes. we spoke with voters in santa clara county who said they were surprised to see just two questions. others were confident saying that they knew the importance of voting and made sure that they got a say. >> i have seen in countries where people stood in longer lines under duress of gunfire. so. this is important. >> of course everybody has ups and downs, but i do not believe that is enough to remove him from the office. kumasi: the county's registrar'g office said that they would have 60% of ballots returned. the county surpassed that numbered, but -- number, but slightly. we have complete numbers on our website and you can see election
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results and more by going to reggie: turning to the pandemic and new evidence that what we are doing is working. the cdc says california is the only state in the substantial tear of the risk charge. that is the second-highest risk category. all other states are in the worst category with transmission. the cdc credits the widespread adaptation of health orders and vaccination rate. 68 of california residents are fully visiting -- vaccinated. kumasi: another county will require proof of vaccination for indoor restaurants. we have the story from contra costa county. >> it is a matter of finding my card. >> kimberly from walnut creek was dining outside. she has no problem showing her vaccination card the next timesheets inside. >> i would support it, because i feel it is necessary for everyone to get vaccinated. >> they issued the mandate
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requiring anyone 12 or older to show proof of vaccination or a negative covid test within 72 hours for entering indoor restaurants and gems -- gyms because covid rates are high. >> it is a little bit of an inconvenience to pull out your phone and show a vaccine card picture, but inconvenience does not matter if you are saving lives. >> similar mandates are happening in san francisco and berkeley. owners say that checking vaccine cards would be another challenge for staff after a difficult year of doing business. >> we are trying to stay on top of it and making sure that everyone stay safe. >> i will comply to the best of my ability i cannot say i can 100% do it. >> the owner says that some of our customers are not vaccinated out of choice or have underlying health conditions. >> how do i turn them away? the regulars. i know several that are
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regulars. >> the county is focusing on education but will consider fines for businesses that do not comply. it takes effect september 22. reggie: developing this morning out of the gulf coast, louisiana dealing with the impact of tropical depression nicholas two weeks after hurricane ida. the cities as it has picked up only 5% of the debris left over from ida. officials are worried that debris will clog storm drains making today's flooding worse. ginger looks at what it looks like outside the city. ginger: piles of degree 16 days after ida as far as ei can see and a -- as far as the eye can see and now a flash flood watch. reggie: nicholas hammered the texas coast after making landfall as a hurricane. this video shows strong wind up to 95 miles an hour toppling trees and tearing homes apart.
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we will check in with mike to see where it is now. mike: we still have wind damage because the ground is so saturated and when the wind comes and it will be easier for those pine trees in the south to uproot. as you are talking about, the coast of texas got the heaviest amount of rain, and it is falling more so in louisiana. south of alexandria up to nine inches and south of new orleans around eight inches. this is well ahead of the center which is a tropicalepression because it is down to 30 miles an hour and it will roll right across interstate 10 slowly through the day. you can see how pert -- how big the precipitation shield is heading towards atlanta. flooding is most likely anywhere from alexandria all the way over to panama city. and, the panhandle of florida. some issues again today. at home you can see from our camera we are seeing increasing clouds in the south bay and
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temperatures around 55 to 60 degrees and pretty much the same everywhere. 60, brentwood. san carlos, 59. let us take a look at what you can expect if you are out and about. if you are going to be exercising, not as hot and super dry if you will be running on the trails, be careful. errands, the clouds and a little bit of drizzle near the coast, not as likely in the east bay hills. the ac is less likely to be needed because of the temperatures that are dropping today. we are looking at pretty much moderate air quality. even though there is an air-quality alert because we have plenty of smoke above us and some of that could come down in spotty areas and push us into the poor category. know that for the rest of today if you suffer from any type of smoke. 60 fate -- 63, half moon bay.
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oakland, 69. 70's into the north bay. 80's in the east and south bay. it will get cooler, and we have moved the brain chance. i will show you when it will come in next. jobina: good morning everyone, we do not have a lot of alerts from chp, one issue, the wind advisory through the ultimate pass. i am bringing you drive times, 30 minutes westbound dublin. emeryville showing off those headlights traveling westbound right now. if you are making your way towards the maze, things are moving at the limit. i'm happy to bring you the walnut creek camera, we have not been able to bring this one up over the last week, so it is back and we are loving to see our friends in the east bay. things are good on the roads that i want you to know to expect traffic in san francisco tonight because both oracle park and chase center are hosting events.
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oracle park, the giants take on the padres at 6:45. and the chase center hosts its big event since -- the first big event since the pandemic. under the mandate everyone in the arena must be vaccinated, it is the first time that the chase center will put this to the test. if you are heading to either event you are encouraged to take public transit. for fans heading to the concert your ticket also gets you onto muni for free. reggie: street closures in san francisco, the event that is shutting down roads. kumasi: the winter look on some of america's favorite chocolates. reggie: tragic new details about a death at a bart station. we learn the identity of the woman and what happened. kumasi: taking a live look
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kumasi: we are learning more about a deadly accident at the powell street bart station. the victim was on the platform on monday with a dog tethered to
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her waist. she boarded the train and got off as the doors were closing. the dog was still insi. as t moved the woman was dragged and pulled onto the track. the medical examiner's office identified the woman as 41-year-old amy adams of san francisco. it was not clear why she was trying to get off. the national transportation safety board is investigating. >> they will be gathering any types of sources of recorded data, video surveillance, there could be recorded data at the train control center. kumasi: ntsb preliminary report could take 30 days to rip -- complete and a final report up to two years. reggie: scary moments as a truck went the wrong way on highway 4. the chp followed it as the driver took off. you could see the truck weaving through oncoming traffic. the driver got off and got stuck on railroad tracks.
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three people ran and one people -- one person was arrested hiding in a backyard. kumasi: after hosting the first convention in 18 months last week, must goni center is getting ready for drinkforce. street closers are already happening. the event kicks off tuesday and it is limited to 5000 people with vaccines required and it will be streaming online. the conference attracted 170,000 people. amazon is planning to hire 125,000 transportation and livery workers. they will make around $18 an hour and in some locations where the labor market is especially tight, new hires could get a $3000 signing bonus. reggie: it is still technically summer but hershey's is rolling out a winter look. it just unveiled its new holiday chocolates. kisses have grinch packaging and the reese's got preened --
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peanut butter -- peanut brittle flavored cops and the cake will be gingerbread flavored. -- and the kitkats will look at -- will be gingerbread flavored. kumasi: let us look at the recedes -- reese's one more time. that could be good. reggie: that is my favorite. i will give it a try. kumasi: you got me -- no, that was the pieces. around easter they had the eggs, but that is not a taste difference. i am here for it, can you really mess up a reese's. reggie: such a good point. my mind is open. mike: mind to, let us -- mine too, let us try it. when do they drop? kumasi: with the way of the world they have probably moved already onto christmas. mike: we are going to move on to
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the weather, a lot to talk about on 5:19, here is san rafael and you can see the clouds and sunshine that starts are cooling trend. the heat easing begins and clouds increase looking for patchy drizzle and then in the east bay hills. by the weekend we have moved the drizzle and rain to sunday. 75, sunnyvale. 80, san jose, 85 los gatos. peninsula, close. close to 80's. 60 two to 63 along the coast, daly city, 61. 60's in downtown san francisco, five degrees cooler than average. northbay valleys looking around 75 to 80 degrees. for the east bay, stuck in the 60's in richmond, berkeley, and oakland. mid to upper 70's elsewhere. inland, look at the lack of 90's.
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i am sure some car and house thermometers will hit 90 but most in the mid to upper 80's which is some relief. tonight, widespread cloud cover and green in the east bay hills. that is the drizzle for the morning commute. let us take a look at saturday. we are still using our medium-range models and are too far out to get the fine models. most of saturday is fine, it is sunday m s moves into the northbay and then falls apart as it slides out. the best chance for a measurable rain will be the drizzle in the morning and the slight chance of rain in the northbay less than a 10th of an inch if you receive anything. up in the northern part of the state, half to three quarters of an inch which could start to taper the fire season in that part of the state. for us, below average temperatures thursday through monday. monday we have a moderate fire danger into tuesday. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know. reggie: shark attack, the bite
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kumasi: 5:22 here are the seven things to know.
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number one, governor gavin newsom keeping his job after california voters reject a recall effort. the governor thanked supporters saying he is humble and grateful. publican told supporters that they lost the battle, but they will win the war. he hinted at a possible run for governor next year. kumasi: contra costa county will require proof of vaccination for most indoor settings like restaurants and gmys set --gyms september 20 second. similar mandates are in effect in san francisco and bergey. -- berkeley. reggie: nicholas is lingering over louisiana. officials are worried that debris from ida will clog storm drains and make the flooding worse. mike: the closer you are to the coast the less likely your temperatures will change. into the north day, and the south bay and east bay, temperatures four to nine degrees cooler, back in the 70's
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and 80's. jobina: a smooth traffic for your early commute, completely clear with no inch -- no issues from chp so i am bringing you a life picture. kumasi: spacex set to blast off. no astronauts will be on the mission. just four private citizens. reggie: in gma, a young surfer is talking about his encounter with a shark, and this was caught on camera. here is well. will: a shark attack caught on tape. >> i did not know what to do and it was over in a matter of seconds. will: sam witnessed it all happen, a quadriplegic photographer recorded the moments. two sharks darting through the wave. watch as this surfer paddles out to catch a wave while on vacation. one of the shark swims up behind him and takes a bite out of his
5:25 am
arm. >> there must have been a great food source which attracted many of these predators to come together, opportunistically. you throw in servers, you are going to have an unholy mix that inevitably results in a bite. will: coming up, we will hear from the surfer who survived this encounter. but he was thinking in that moment, with your first look, i am will relieved. reggie: apple just revealed -- revealed its newest gadgets. kumasi: close to $300 million, how much taxpayer money the state has spent on the recall election and the tabbies growing. the possible changes implement in the future. -- that we could see in the future.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is reggie: now at 5:30, governor newsom's fight to keep his job is successful. a majority of californians voted no. kumasi: what is next for california republicans, specifically the man who became the leading candidate? larry elder's hint about the next election. reggie: a shot of hope for parents with young kids, pfizer
5:29 am
has revealed a timeline for getting to back -- the vaccine to kids ages five to 11. kumasi: amanda gorman caught the eyes of americans and now she is talking about the impact that she has made since the analogy ration. reggie: it is wednesday, september 15. abc 7 mornings is live wherever you stream. kumasi: we will start with a check of the forecast. mike: a couple of things are different this morning. and i want to point them out to you. look at the cloud cover, yesterday it was clear. concord, 32. the sea breeze is back and that will take the sting out of the heatwave. if you are on elevated, highways and interstates you will be driving through thick fog. temperatures in the mid to upper 50's.
5:30 am
70 to near 80 for the bait, increasing sunshine. we will warm at 79. 86 at 4:00 and 50's and 70's at 4:00. a new timeframe for our chance of rain this weekend. reggie: governor newsom will stay in office. here is a look at the latest results. 65% voted to reject the recall. the governor says it is time to get back to work. amy hollyfield is live in san francisco city hall. amy: hello. he got a huge vote of competence from san francisco, 87% of the voters voted against the recall, the most of any county in the state. the governor did not have a traditional election victory party last night, but he addressed reporters at a speech at the democratic headquarters. he said by voting no on the
5:31 am
recall, californians voted yes on issues like vaccines, science, women's rights and diversity. he sounded very thankful to have kept his job. >> i am humbled and grateful to the millions and millions of californians that exercise their fundamental right to vote, and to express themselves so overwhelmingly i rejecting the division, i rejecting the cynicism, by rejecting so much of the negativity that has defined our politics. amy: here is a tweet that the governor put out after his victory. "now let us get back to work." he has been on the campaign trail for the last two months trying to fight the recall. some political strategists think this could have a lasting impact and make him appeal are vulnerable. the thinking is that some democrats could see this as an opening and some could run against him.
5:32 am
no top candidates challenged him in this recall and half the voters did not choose a replacement leaving question number two blank as newsom had advised. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield. kumasi: thank you. we will check in with jobina who is breaking down the data and what is next. jobina: conservative talk show host larry elder really became the leading republican candidate to take on newsom. he received 46% of the vote in the second part of the recall. next up was kevin bochner and then john cox with 5%. last night, elder hinted that he might be considering taking on newsom next year's election. at the end of his speech he called himself a former radio host and told his supporters to stay tuned. reggie: thank you. the director of the elections department seems very happy
5:33 am
about the voter turnout. there are 515 register -- 515,000 registered voters and voter turnout was at 53%. >> generally, chevron -- 7% sought -- shy of november's election. so, the context is that this is actually a strong turnout. reggie: officials are especially encouraged because voters are not accustomed to the september elections or recall ballots. as amy mentioned, 87% of the voters in san francisco said no to a recall. the message this morning being shared in bold across the biggest papers, reading "recall fails resoundingly." the l.a. times "newsom prevails." also including the race was seen as a battle against the far right. in "the san diego union tribune"
5:34 am
"newsom survives recall attempt." kumasi: it is on track to be one of the most expensive to date. the spent -- the state spent close to $300 million. stephanie sierra spoke with researchers about ways to make the process more efficient and cost-effective. stephanie: there is no question that the recall election process is outdated. the state's tabs so far? >> $276 million. stephanie: the institute of governmental studies published a whole that found three out of four voters support recall elections and agree that significant reform is needed. some of which would cut costs. >> they would like to increase the number of signatures that would be required from currently the 12% of the voters in the last statewide election to doubling that to 25%. stephanie: mark is the director
5:35 am
of uc berkeley's igs pole. another thing thing thing thing raising the threshold of qualifications that they need to meet. >> currently it is $5,000 and 7000 signatures to put their name on the ballot. stephanie: eric says that another idea raised is requiring signatures to come from different parts of the state. >> in five different counties you need to have next number -- x numbers of signatures. it is not enough to send it to your hometown. stephanie: making it too easy for people to buy their way on the ballot. it is not just the cost but flaws in the process. >> gavin newsom could lose and we would end up with a person with the not have 20% of the other votes, reading the vast majority would be rejecting that person. stephanie: secretary of state weber says she is in talks with
5:36 am
legislators on both sides of the aisle to implement how -- these changes to improve future elections. investigators believe that these will reduce costs. kumasi: we have complete coverage on our website and you can see election results in more by going to reggie: starting today first responders in marin county will show proof that they are fully vaccinated against covid-19. those who are not will need to undergo weekly testing. officials say it is in response to the ongoing covid surge. the health order applies to law enforcement officers, firefighters, and ems personnel. related staff in high-risk settings like hospitals, chairs, dust jails, and nursing facilities. kumasi: pfizer is close to having data on its clinical trial for a vaccine for kids. jobina: pfizer
5:37 am
the annual -- pfizer representatives spoke at a health care conference today. they said that the current dose could be available soon. he expects to have phase 3 data for children five to 11 years old by the end of the month. >> we expect to have safety andd data for children between the ages of five and 11, we expect to have that by the end of september, and we would expect to follow that with the fda in early october. jobina: if the fda sticks to normal timeline on reviewing emergency use authorization's it could take four to six weeks before a vaccine is approved for kids, which could mean that group could start getting their first doses of the vaccine around halloween or mid-november. pfizer cfos says that he expects to have similar data filed with the fda for children between six months old and five years old
5:38 am
about a month after the data for the five to 11 years old. reggie: authorities in mendocino county arrested a person suspected of starting a fire near ukiah. it has burned 270 acres and destroyed 10 homes. it started sunday, and the town remains under evacuation with containment at 60%. [cheering] quite the procession of fire engines move through south lake tahoe. neighbors say that they saved their community from the caldor fire. officials continue to downgrade evacuation orders. that fire is close to 70% contained. kumasi: the trial of elizabeth holmes is underway. testimony about inaccuracies at the start up. reggie: the wedding day photo no one saw coming in the east bay. first, a check on the weather.
5:39 am
mike: i am going to start in the east bay, and from the toll plaza we are looking to the east with the clouds banking up against the hills. they are more likely to bring drizzle during tomorrow's morning commute but do not be surprised if there is a hint of it out there. temperatures from about 55 in castro valley to union city and oakland at 59 degrees with elsa bronte. temperatures much cooler in the inland and east bay neighborhoods. upper 50's to lower 60's. mid 50's with napa at 56. 56, san francisco. air quality is green and yellow, good to moderate and there is an air quality alert today. the reason why, you will have a significant amount of smoke above us in the north bay and with the heating of the day when air rises some of the smoke will
5:40 am
replace it so there could be patchy areas of poor air quality mainly in the north bay. some of the smoke spreads to some of our neighborhoods but we have a stronger onshore breeze in the air should clean significantly outside of the north bay. as far as your commute, no fog right now. the marine layer is taller, meaning it is not pushed down near the ground as much as yesterday. enjoy the mainly fogless drive and calmer conditions and moderating temperatures. 65, san francisco. haiti, san jose. mid 80's and the inland and east bay neighborhoods. jobina: good morning. while mike was talking about how the weather is great for your commute in terms of crashes or any advisories it is going to be great because we do not have anything blocking. you can really tell from all of the green on the map, bringing you a life picture from the golden gate bridge where things
5:41 am
are moving nicely. you should have no issues getting in and out of the north bay, and also the same story goes for the south bay, looking live at 101. the only thing for the chp has a wind advisory for the ultimate pa
5:42 am
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kumasi: there is an outpouring of support for a former saturday night lifestyle -- live start norm macdonald. he was a writer for the sitcom " roseann." when he was picked to join the s&l cast he was best known for his weekend update and in precedents -- of impressions of bert reynolds. he was 61. reggie: olympic gymnasts heading to washington to testify about
5:44 am
the fbi's handling of the larry nassar investigation. the testimony comes three years after the former gymnastics dr. was sentenced for sexually abusing women and young girls under his care. simone biles, maggie nichols and aly raisman are set to speak before the senate judiciary committee. the inspector general says the fbi made fundamental errors in investigating sexual abuse allegations. tiktok is offering new features to support mental health along with updated warning labels for sensitive content there is a guide on engaging with people who are struggling. it follows reacher -- research showing that instagram might impact mental health of teenagers. kumasi: preorders for the iphone 13 begins on friday and the phone will be available a week later. apple unveiled the new phone yesterday. it is going to come in mini and
5:45 am
pro versions and have a bigger battery on the screen will be 28% brighter and the camera is getting an upgrade including an ultra wide feature. >> with industry-leading performance and the world's most advanced camera systems, and privacy built and privacy built in, people love iphone and we keep making iphone better, more powerful, more capable, and more fun to use. kumasi: prices begin at $700 for the mini and $1000 for the pro. apple unveiled the apple watch series seven and the ipad ninth generation. reggie: taco bell is testing a subscription service where customers shell out five to $10 a month for a taco lover's pass that will give them one taco a day for every month. they are testing it in 20 westbrook -- 20 restaurants in arizona. kumasi: you have a chance to spend the nights in the nut mobile. it is only gonna cost $3.59 to
5:46 am
rent, the same price as a jar of peanuts. but there is only one booking available and you have to win it. reggie: oh. mike: can i eat one of my favorite snacks while i am in there? does it have peanut butter, jelly, and crackers? kumasi: you can do whatever brings you joy, mike. mike: it really does. you put it on a little saltine and it is one of my favorite snacks. [laughter] alright, no one wants to play this game so we will move on to the weather. here is what is going on from our roof camera on this wednesday. you can see the wind and the flags on the ferry building is pushing to the east which is the marine layer taking over. it begins today and temperatures remained below average in the afternoon through at least
5:47 am
sunday, monday, and we are shifting our chance of rain mortise sunday. there is a chance of drizzle saturday morning but saturday afternoon will be clear. then we have the monday to tuesday wildfire risk in the low to moderate range. let us take a look at some heat suppression that begins, and in the south we have 80's around san jose. only 67 at santa cruz. mid to upper 70's for the rest of the south bay. 70, san bruno and 74 to 79. mid to upper 70's for the peninsula. mid to upper 60's with stubborn cloud cover. into downtown to south san francisco cooler than average temperatures, 65 to 67. nine-game running streak -- winning streak will they make it to the double digits tonight? the padres and giants will be cooler. let us go up to the north bay, clouds along the coast, 61 to
5:48 am
62. 75 to 83 in the valleys. for the east bay, low to mid 70's. oakland, berkeley, and richmond will stay in the upper 60's. how about trying to wipe away all of the 90's from the inland valleys. mid to upper 80's. here is a look at saturday, a sudden -- a system bringing significant rain for washington, oregon, and be northern part of our state -- the northern part of our state. for us, it comes as light drizzle, and then it falls apart. we get the scraps of the cold front. because it is falling apart we could get up to a 10th of an inch of rain, but more than likely we will see less than that and most of us will not see anything because it comes in during the day. at night, there would be a better chance. the cooling trend today, all the way through monday with our coolest day being sunday with a
5:49 am
chance of rain. once we get past the cold front the wind will blow offshore, gusty in the hills monday and tuesday and that is when the fire danger goes from low to moderate and there will be warm wind as temperatures hit above average levels and out to the coast by tuesday. kumasi: alameda county firefighters rescued a groom and groomsmen when they got stuck on the way to the wedding. they were already late but then they got trot -- trapped in an elevator. firefighters were able to get them out and they made it to the church. the department shared this picture on social media saying congratulations to the happy couple. reggie: that is one of my greatest fears, not being late to a wedding being caught in an elevator. kumasi: somebody should be scared to be late to their wedding. that poor bride. she is like where are you, you are late and stuck in the elevator? reggie: i hope they gave them
5:50 am
something to eat. kumasi: that poor bride. reggie: yes. kumasi: i do not care about anybody but her. reggie: a netflix smash hit reimagined, one of the streaming services popular shows coming to you in a different form. kumasi: spacex's historic mission, and all civilian crew and a woman who will make history in more than one way. reggie: it is a live look at san
5:51 am
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5:53 am
perform only one blood test at a time. another device made by another company could run multiple tests at the same time. legal experts say this could help with the government's case that the technology was not delivering what homes was promoting. -- holmes was promoting. >> it is not something that was ready at the beginning but at some point she started to represent that this technology works and i think that is when she should have made sure that it would actually work. kumasi: defense attorneys are likely to discredit the witness as a low level employee. holmes is expected to testify at some point. you can learn more about the trial in a podcast hosted by rebecca jarvis. new episodes of the dropout: elizabeth holmes on trial, out on tuesday. reggie: inspiration for his set to blast off tonight -- inspiration 4 is set to blast
5:54 am
off tonight. it will be the first flight without an astronaut guiding passengers to the launch and landing. this will put one woman in the spotlight. here is will. will: today haley makes history as the youngest american, the first with prosthesis and first pediatric cancer survivor in space. >> i think having cancer made me tough and prepared me to go to space. will: she is one of four astronauts on the inspiration 4. the first all civilian crew admission to space. >> until now astronauts have had to be physically perfect and i'm excited that this mission is opening space travel up to everyone. will: the goal is to ways -- to raise awareness and funds for st. jude's research hospital. nine years ago she was a patient and now she works there as a physician assistant. >> i work with the bravest kids in the world and they inspire me daily. will: she can return the favor.
5:55 am
>> they all want to be astronauts now and i tell them that they can be. will: haley proving to the rest of us that not even the sky is the limit. what are you most excited about? she will video call them while she is in space. kumasi: that is pretty cool. this morning we are hearing from an auger ration poet -- the inauguration poet about her rise to fame. she delivered a moving poem during the inauguration. her conversation as part of a primetime special about her impact and future plans. >> 2036 is that year that i plan to run for president when i use poetry, it is not to get you to believe in me or vote for me in the future. it is about adding you to believe in yourself as a member of this country we call home. if i can do that, that is the most extraordinary form of governing that there is.
5:56 am
kumasi: amazing. amanda will share more of her story during a special edition of 2020 tonight at 10:00 called "amanda gorman: brave enough." mike: inspirational. it is wednesday, we made it through monday and tuesday, theoretically the hardest days of the work week. for friday, it is going to be close to average inland with 80's in the east bay. 78, san jose. 65, san francisco with a little bit cooler than average. sunday is our coolest day in the forecast with most of us in the 60's and 70's because of the drizzle and the chance of light rain through the early afternoon. jobina: thank you. pandemic poverty, the effects of the past year and a half on families and the historic ways it is affecting the american middle class. reggie: back to our team
5:57 am
coverage of the california recall election. the ultimate question might be decisive voters are getting interesting clues on the state of the golden state. kumasi: top researchers looking into the lasting effects on screen time on kids. one reason it might be when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at you know when you're at ross, ooh! and the fall finds are everything? and those brands at those prices are everywhere? okay, yes! that's yes for less! bring on the fall looks you've been waiting for with the best bargains ever... ross. yes for less!
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babe? ooh... oh! ooh! ooh... yeah? oh, yeah! there are many ways to say it... sí. yes. ...but when you find the best bargains ever at ross, you'll say yes for less! >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> democracy is not a football.
6:00 am
you don't throw it around. >> so, we have lost a battle but we are absolutely going to win the war. jobina: making news at 6:00, recall rejected. convincing vote from californians giving newsom a fresh wind. >> lessons to be learned in the election exit polls. i have the data behind the voter behavior in your county and the telling implications ahead. julian: welcome to the wednesday cooldown. not just that, mike has the haze and smoke you might be dealing with today. good morning to you, you are watching abc 7 --you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. we are going to start with mike's forecast. mike: there is going to be smoke above us and some of it might filter down to the ground with pockets of poor air quality. it is not a spare the air, day, no health concerns except from small areas.


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