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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 17, 2021 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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booster shots in america. it is a third shot safe and effective? >> a local school district on the verge of mandating vaccines for students 12 and up. the steps it is taking to convince kids it is safe. >> she is like a sister. my children love her. >> the urgent search for gabby petito. we are hearing from her boyfriend's family. >> let's take a live look outside now. some rain on the way in some parts of the area. when we could expect that wet weather this weekend. >> good morning. it is friday, september 17. you are watching abc him seven mornings. >> happy friday. happy friday. we made it. i know we are excited about the potential of rain. >> i am excited about the timing. most of us will be inside saturday night into sunday
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morning. not all of us will receive it. we will talk about that coming up. if you have to leave us, let me give you a quick shot of what is going on. temperatures mainly in the 50's. as we head through the morning, clouds will peel back to the coast. 70's in the east bay and southbay. as we head into the afternoon, clouds will be stubborn at the coast. we will be near 60 in san francisco. mainly 70's inland. except for places like antioch and livermore and cloverdale. we could hit the 80's. stick around. we will talk about that rain coming up. >> the future of booster shots in america in the hands of the fda. an advisory committee is expected to decide whether a third shot of the covid vaccine is safe and effective. more than 2000 deaths were reported on wednesday, the
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highest single day in seven months. we have more on with the fda is considering. >> today's meeting will center around the pfizer vaccine. health experts will determine if booster shots improve protection. new data out of israel is making a compelling case. it shows an additional pfizer shot provided 10 times protection against covid-19 and severe disease. pfizer says booster shots are needed because effectiveness wears off after the second dose. some at the fda are questioning the data. >> this data is persuasive to me that it will be wise to give boosters to people over the age of 60. i am not convinced this data is persuasive to give boosters to everybody. >> if the fda gives pfizer boosters greenlight, the cdc will address the matter on
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wednesday. those third doses could be available by late next week at the earliest. moderna is also urging the to issue a third booster shot. >> the third school district in the bay area to mandate covid-19 vaccines for students 12 and up. it is not the only school district considering a similar move. we have more on this. >> it really feels like the the focus is turning toward vaccine mandates for schools. contra costa county, big announcement expected today from the health officer expected to recommend that all school districts require that covid vaccination for school attendance. he would be the first bay area health officer to do that. in oakland, they are one step ahead of that. they are not waiting for any recommendation from the health official. the school board will vote next week on whether to put a vaccine
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mandate in place. it came up at a discussion yesterday with oakland student government leaders. some students say they are uncertain about getting vaccinated one student told us that if schools require it, she will get it. >> my education is more important. i don't want to be out of school learning when i can be in school learning. >> a ucsfcsfcsfcsfcsfcsfcsfcsfcf member were answering questions. locally, case rates are three times higher in the unvaccinated community than among the vaccinated. that vote in oakland is set for wednesday. if passed, it would apply to kids 12 and up. >> thank you. happening today, former lab workers to back on the stand for a trial. erica chung told jurors she
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tried to warn managers about the high rate of failed results for a blood testing device. she testified she raised concerns to the chief operating officer, who responded with irritation and anger. the defense question to her, pointing out she has a bachelor's degree but worked with a team who had phd's with years of experience. >> in today's gma first look, we are hearing from the sister of brian andre, the boyfriend of missing women gabby petito. police have named him a person of interest in her disappearance. >> and this morning's gma first look, brian andre's family speaking out on the disappearance of gabby petito. his sister says she and her family want to see gabby safe. >> she is like a sister. my children love her. reporter: gabby petito was last seen on august 24, checking out a hotel in salt lake city, utah.
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her mother says the last time she spoke with gabby was the next day. on september 1, laundry returned to their florida home without potato. authorities say he is being investigated as a person of interest in her disappearance. coming up, we will hear from his sister. dan abrams weighs in on the cross-country case to find gabby petito. >> now to the latest on the border crisis. hours after a judge ruled biden administration cannot turn away at migrant families with children due to health concerns, nearly 10,000 have arrived at the texas border. >> a local sheriff says about 9500 migrants have arrived in texas wanting to enter the u.s. officials estimate that ruling attracted more than 20 times the
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usual number of migrants to del rio within just hours. most are staying under an overpass and dangerous heat. they are overwhelmed and running out of places to house people. the texas governor says he is directing the national guard to maintain a presence to deter border crossings. >> you all know this. we need rain badly. 88% of california is in extreme drought conditions. yesterday, the bay area council hosted a panel to discuss solutions. district official says it will take more than water storage to prepare for the years to come. he says there district is working on new ways to recycle wastewater. >> we signed a 76 year deal with the city of palo alto with their wastewater treatment plant to turn that into recycled water
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and drinkable water. >> the wright county is working on a proposal for a $65 billion emergency water pipeline. >> the national forest service is trying to save california's famous giant sequoias with fireproof aluminum blankets. you are looking at the 3000-year-old general sherman tree, the largest tree in the world. it is in the path of the kmp complex fire burning in the sequoia national park. these trees have a natural protection against fire, but i guess that cannot hurt. >> something a national treasure such as that, they do. because of the bark and their high canopy, they are least susceptible to fire of all the trees in california. at least they have that
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protection. they have lasted 3000 years. you know it has seen plenty of wildfires. here is a look at the drought monitor. no change from last week. i guess that is ok considering this is not supposed to be the wet time of the year. you see dramatic pictures. we are anywhere from 27%. most of us are down to 12%. only one pager has 1% of its capacity. we need to fill those up for next year. here is a look at what is going on outside down. not much in the way of drizzle unless you are up to around 2000 feet. let's talk about the air quality.
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the air advisory is gone. we will be moderate to good in some neighborhoods over the weekend with cooler temperatures. today still below average. not as cool as yesterday. 66 in san francisco. 84 antioch. we will take a look at future radar so you can plan your weekend. >> we have a couple crashes to talk about. we are going to start in fremont. speeds are dropping down to around seven miles per hour. this was an earlier stall that turned into a two-car crash. we have another crash on southbound 680 past rucker. you can see brake lights are starting. just a heads up. san mateo bridge looking great. things are moving at the limit. san francisco cable cars will be running again tomorrow. service was shut down last week
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was a big power -- last week because of a power outages. it is the second time cable cars returned this year after being shut down for a year and a half during the pandemic. >> deal to him and greet. the tech tool letting you get closer than ever to your favorite stars. >> the events returning to golden gate park this week. >> broken bathrooms. the tiok
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>> in the east bay, the caldecott tunnel is back open. chp shut down the right bore yesterday afternoon. gunfire hit one car several times. this video shows investigators focusing on two vehicles. this started around 3:30. it is at the height of rush hour . the tunnel reopened an hour and a half later. vandalism at a palo alto parking
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garage is being investigated as a hate crime. it when it's reported seeing racial slurs painted. the markings have been cleaned off. police say they do not know when the graffiti was written. this is the fourth time hate crime vandalism has been found in public spaces in palo alto this year. >> one local school is closing its restrooms because of a viral tiktok challenge. it is encouraging folks to mess up the bathrooms. it has been happening in schools across the country. teachers and janitors have had enough of this. >> you are looking at a school bathroom stall and a bay area middle school, one that has been vandalized with toilet paper all over the place. school staff in multiple districts say this is part of an online tiktok bathroom challenge trend. >> the kids are destroying the bathrooms. they are stealing stuff. they are putting tissue in the toilet.
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>> her thoughts are echoed by students like emily, who goes to abbott middle school in san mateo, where she says bathrooms have been vandalized. >> my teachers keep saying they might close them because it keeps getting worse and worse. we might just have to go to the office if we need to use the restroom. >> if you think this is limited to middle schools, think again. high schools and elementary schools have custodians working extra hours, as is the case at independent elementary school in castro valley. >> i don't think a lot of them understand they are vandalizing. they think something that is funny >> that they saw on tiktok. this soap dispenser is a replacement for one ripped off the wall. this toilet was covered in ketchup. we know cases where many bathrooms are now closed. we reached out to tiktok to see if any action is being taken
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against users posting bathroom challenge videos. we have yet to hear back. she is hopeful parents talk to their kids. but simon made it personal. i said if this was happening and your father or uncle or brother had to clean this up, how would you feel? >> tiktok has banned the tag associated with the challenge. now and someone searches for the hashtag, they are sent to the community guidelines page. >> in the outside san jose city hall for a monumental occasion, 200 years of mexican independence. 16 and commemorates mexico's freedom from centuries of
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spanish rules. -- rule. residents say the added recognition of hispanic heritage month means more during such a difficult year. >> we have been in our houses for so long that these type of events give us happiness. being able to share our pride. we keep hearing immigrants have offered so much during the pandemic. we would not be here without them. >> and on-site vaccination clinic was also available. if you want to celebrate hispanic heritage month and the contributions of the latino community, abc 7 is presenting an hour-long special tomorrow night. from actors to activists, latinos share stories of their heritage representing diverse cultures. >> happening today on the
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peninsula, the hillsdale shopping center is taking off an outdoor concert series. it is taking it back to the old school. families will be able to listen and dance to a variety of local artists. the free concerts will be held fridays and saturdays from 6:00 to 8:00 through october 1. >> flour piano is back with 12 pianos nestled throughout the gardens in golden gate park. anyone can tickle the ivories and performances are not scheduled. -- when performances are not scheduled. it runs 10:00 to 6:00 through tuesday. >> we had fun when we went. >> we did. now you can hear music.
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just don't go overnight saturday into sunday for a lot of reasons. it is close. >> dark, close. can you bring wine and just sit and enjoy the music? >> don't ask any questions. just do it. >> just enjoy yourself. >> i think i just got permission. >> be responsible. >> of course. it sounds relaxing. let's take a look at what is going on. let's talk about that rain. you can see the cloudiness over san jose. we have afternoon sunshine except for the coast, where clouds will be more stubborn. a brief and minor warming trend today. tonight, thicker clouds with more moisture. look for widespread drizzle and we wake up tomorrow morning. that will lock us in. we have a chance of showers saturday night into sunday. sunday night, the fire threat
5:20 am
develops. let's take a look at temperatures. 72 in sunnyvale and cupertino. low to mid 80's around los gatos. low to mid 70's about everywhere else. low to mid 60's around the coast. it is not going to be too breezy anywhere today. that will make you feel more comfortable. mid to upper 60's for downtown and south san francisco. the north bay coast 60 to 63. east bay 60's. mid to upper 60's in hercules. 70 to 76 elsewhere. inland about 80 to 85. tonight, you can see the green and how widespread drizzle is going to be. here is our first fall storm. this could bring some beneficial rain. look how it leaves all that rain to the north. 7:00 tomorrow evening, light rain in lake county's.
5:21 am
the best chance will be anywhere along the coast and higher elevations overnight. we will get less than 0.1 inches of rain. a lot of people in the east bay and southbay will get nothing. look at those temperatures jump by monday above average and stay there through thursday. >> scientists are making the case for more seafood. >> criminal charges could be coming in the two deadly crashes involving 737 max jets.
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>> here are the seven things to know this morning. an fda panel is meeting today to discuss the future of pfizer's booster shots. experts will determine if a third shot is safe and necessary. >> contra costa county is expected to become the first county in the bay area to approve a covid-19 vaccine mandate for kids. the county's public health officer will recommend school districts require all students over 12 get the covid-19 vaccine. >> they rally planned for tomorrow near the u.s. capitol,
5:24 am
in support of those arrested at the january 6 insurrection. >> more than 9000 migrants have arrived at the texas border. a judge ruled the biden administration cannot turn away families with migrant children due to health concerns. >> we have a one on the storm impact scale, tracking a chance of showers through the southbay. not all of us will see rain. where does fall, a couple hundreds of an inch of rain as possible. >> this is going to be on southbound 680. the backup is almost to 24. minor injuries involved. >> if you use pta and light rail service, there is a big improvement starting tomorrow. the greenline will return to full operation. this is the last segment to fully reopen since that mass
5:25 am
shooting at the bta yard earlier this year. >> an employee at yellowstone national park was seriously burned at old faithful. park officials say the 19-year-old concessions worker had second and third degree burns on 5% of her body. she was airlifted to the hospital. no details on what led to the burns. the ground at the thermal geyser is fragile and thin. scalding water is just below the surface. scientists are making the case for more production of so-called blue foods. a study led by researchers in stamford says increasing the world seafood supplied by a percent would cause a drop in prices, making it easier to eat healthier. farmed aquatic foods have lower greenhouse emissions than food caught in the wild. researchers predict demand for seafood will double by 2050.
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comic-con special edition will be held in san diego over thanksgiving weekend. along with masking, attendees have to follow state guidelines and either show proof of vaccination or a negative test. >> actress -- and ken jen jen jn will be trading off as jeopardy host for the rest of the year. bialik was tapped as host for specials over the summer. jeopardy is now on the look for a permanent regular host. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 on abc 7. what would you say to your favorite celebrity on face time? cameo is giving you a chance to get closer to stars. cameo calls let's you connect with a participating celebrity in a one-on-one setting. you have to pay. the star decides how long you are going to talk and how much it is going to cost you.
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for two minute calls, rishaad jennings is charging for - - charging >> ok. the hussle israel. whatever you need to do to get the cash. people are willing to pay. coming up, it is move-in date for a local university. the roadway closures around the campus. >> the utility that wants you to pay more. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ small decisions make a world of difference. ikea. >> you just don't lead with executive orders. you lead by example. >> san francisco's mayor caught
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on camera violating the city's mass mandate. the controversy surrounding this night out. >> a major step in requiring vaccines for kids. the local district that could be the first to mandate them in the area for students. >> the fence is backup around the u.s. capitol. >> it is billed as the wor t most immersive observatory experience. we are taking a look inside the new glass box opening soon. >> good morning. abc 7 mornings is live right now. we will start with a check of our forecast. >> i was going to make a wrong burgundy joke about that last story. i am in a glass case of emotion. >> i have never seen it. >> i am going to support you. [laughter] >> i appreciate the support. reggie, what are you doing? >> nothing at all. >> 16 miles per hour in
5:31 am
fairfield. wins are less than 10 miles per hour. they are backing off a bit. here is the way the day plans out on this friday. we have about low 60's from noow to 4:00. it will not be too breezy. 73 to to to to t today. we will give you an update on that chance of rain. >> contra costa county could be the first in the bay area to recommend vaccine requirements on school campuses. if that happens, it will be part of a glowing local trend. -- growing local trend. >> east bay schools are getting closer to requiring the covid vaccine for all students who attend classes. the contra costa county health officer is expected to announce
5:32 am
today he recommends all school districts to require the vaccine. he would be the first health officer to make this recommendation in the bay area. some districts are already discussing taking this step. in oakland school board member who proposed that oakland schools require it say why it is necessary. >> the cdc says unvaccinated students are 10 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated. we have seen local case rates three times higher for unvaccinated than vaccinated with the delta surge. >> the east bay times is reporting the contra costa county recommendation is expected to come today. west contra costa school district has discussed putting a mandate in place but has not ironed out what to do with kids who refuse to get vaccinated.
5:33 am
it would be up to superintendents to intimate this. oakland has mandated teachers be vaccinated but not students. different districts taking different paths as they battle this surge of the delta variant. >> san francisco's mayor london green is being criticized. she was caught dancing without a mask at a jazz club. we spoke to her team and the club's owner. >> mayor breed was in the underground level of a san francisco club. i spoke to the manager of who said the rules are to wear a mask inside if you are not eating and drinking. unmasked, singing and dancing with an unmasked crowd. a san francisco chronicle reporter shot this video sunday night.
5:34 am
the chronicle gave abc 7 permission to air the video, which shows mayor breed dancing. the massless moment flies in the face of what mayor breed has been telling san franciscans. >> wear your mask. be aware that covid is still out there. we are close to a mandate of wearing masks. i know people are tired of being told what to do. this is where we are. >> a san francisco department public health order clearly states everyone must wear a well fitted mask in indoor public settings at all times. people may remove their mask while actively eating or drinking. freight was dancing behind a table full of drinks but was not actively eating or drinking while singing and dancing. >> you don't just lead with executive orders. you lead by example. a camera is always on.
5:35 am
this underscores the fact of little boli. when you are mayor, you are mayor 24/7. you don't have time off. you don't get to just relax. >> does this have shades of nancy pelosi getting her hair done or governor newsom eating out? >> of course. that is why it is news. these people are the ones calling the shots. when you call the shots, you got to follow them. >> i spoke to a source of the mayor's office. they said the mayor was excited to be out and had an incredible night out and wants to support small businesses. she was with friends at her table eating and drinking, enjoying herself. >> governo governo governo goveo three bills to help solve the housing crisis. one of them effectively ends single-family zoning in california. homeowners will be able to build a duplex on their property or split their lot in two.
5:36 am
a second built makes it possible for cities to rezone mass transit areas. a third bill provides an unprecedented $22 billion to spur new housing and ease homelessness. >> the department of homeland security is on alert ahead of a rally scheduled for tomorrow at the u.s. capitol in defense of the rioters who stormed the building on january 6. >> thank you. a bulletin from the department of homeland security says it is aware of online threats associated with the rally that is being called justice for j6. the department does not have any edible information about a plot associated with the event. secure fencing is around the u.s. capitol. police are asking anyone who sees someone with a firearm to immediately call 911. most republican lawmakers have
5:37 am
distanced themselves from tomorrow's rally. former president trump issued a statement saying " hearts and minds are with the people of the january 6 protest." >> thank you. it is graduation day for 38 recruits of san jose police department's police academy. it is a diverse class. the commencement will be held at 10:00 a.m. at the police academy's training facility. >> bg&e wants you to pay more to help the utility deal with wildfires, covid-19, and other catastrophes. if the state public utilities commission approves two requests by pg&e, the average bill would jump about $9.43 per month for gas and electricity. pg&e says it needs the extra money to recover $1.5 billion in
5:38 am
expenses related to wildfire mitigation. >> new students start moving into residence halls at santa clara university. roadways around campus will be closed this weekend, including parts of alameda and market streets. drivers are encouraged to avoid the area. families will be dropping off students through sunday. tips and tricks for scoring holiday travel deals. why you might want to book sooner rather than later. >> enjoy the beach and give back at the same time. how you can help clean your community. >> it is friday. let's see what is waiting for you if you are waking up. south on 680 from wannacry -- wannacry. -- walnut creek. you can see all of us next to that blanket of cloud cover in
5:39 am
the mid to upper 50's. you can see the cloud deck. not much fog out there. it is above the bay bridge. mainly a cloudy morning with afternoon sunshine. relatively calm. there are no fast breezes to talk about today. it is going to be a touch warmer this afternoon then it was yesterday. down in the southbay, 78. 66 richmond and san francisco. fremont 76. 74 napa. 79 santa rosa. 60 four half moon bay. tomorrow night, weakening cold front is losing most of its moisture before it gets to us. it will be beneficial for oregon and washington. we are left with the scraps. here is a look at the potential.
5:40 am
drizzle both mornings. scattered showers could leave rain behind. we will time it out coming up next. here is your friday morning commute. >> we have an issue in walnut creek. this is past regular road. speeds are down to around seven miles per hour. we have at least four lanes blocked. the backup stretches to 24, which means our camera is not showing a lot of backup. this is north of 24. this is pretty busy. hopefully they can get us out-of-the-way sin. showing you 80, headlights making their way westbound. i will let you know if that changes. we have an update from the bta. light rail service will return to full service tomorrow. the greenline is the last
5:41 am
segment to be fully operational after a four-month shutdown. it followed the deadly shooting at the bta railyard. bta this guy here is busy working on our state's recovery. you see he lives in california and by vacationing in california he's supporting our businesses and communities. which means every fruity skewer is like another sweet nail in the rebuilding of our economy. hammer away craftsman. calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. and there you have it- and help ourwoah.e get back to work. wireless on the most reliable network nationwide.
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>> a former boeing pilot could face criminal charges for two crashes involving 737 max jets. misleading investigators about issues involving the crashes. he is likely to face prosecution in the coming weeks. this would be the first attempt to hold a boeing employee accountable for conduct around the crashes. a dramatic rescue. a man got stuck on a cliff above the ocean yesterday afternoon. you can see him waving.
5:44 am
sky seven captured the moment a chp helicopter lifted the man to safety. medical personnel checked him out to make sure he was ok. >> if you are thinking about heading to the beach tomorrow, why not enjoy the nice weather and help the environment at the same time. thousands are expected to take part in this year's coastal cleanup day. organizers say there will be a lot more to pick up this year. last year's peanut was canceled because of the pandemic. this year, organizers are asking volunteers to sign up first to reduce overcrowding. the website is the cleanup is from 9:00 to noon tomorrow. there is less trash along the interstate this morning. caltrans cruz led a day of action to pick up trash yesterday. the program is part of a $1 million three year effort to beautify california.
5:45 am
according to caltrans, 11,000 tons of garbage has been picked up in the bay area this year. >> all too wrongfully blaming our on house residence -- unhoused residents it is coming from a lot of sources. contractors are looking for cheap ways to get rid of trash. >> clean california is a beautification effort and jobs program. >> in the north bay, maintenance on 20th miles of pavement is getting ready to get underway monday. crews will be using recycled tires to repave the roadway. they will be working on the remaining roads in the spring to
5:46 am
avoid potential winter weather. >> if you are thinking about traveling this holiday season, you might want to book your trips earlier rather than later. >> if you are still basking in the glow of your recent summer vacation, you might not be thinking about the holidays, but experts say if you want to travel this holiday season, now is the time. >> the reason it is a good ideaa to book your holiday flights now is the same reason why swimsuits are cheapest in the winter and coats are the cheapest in the summer. booking opposite season when you are hoping to travel is the best way to get cheap flights. >> the founder and owner of scott's cheap flights says airlines are becoming increasingly flexible during the pandemic. >> airlines can quietly change their policies so that unlike before when you had to pay
5:47 am
hundreds of dollars to change travel dates, now you can change travel dates without paying any penalty at all. >> if you don't have plans the week of thanksgiving, consider a trip overseas instead of pricey domestic flights. >> one of my favorite tricks about holiday travel is thanksgiving is the hidden best week for cheap international flights. you usually see slashing prices on oversea flights. >> you should not wait until last minute to get a good deal on holiday tickets. >> don't hold out hope that they will get cheaper in the last few weeks, that you will get some great last-minute deal. it almost never happens nowadays. it used to be true 30 or 40 years ago. now the price almost always gets more expensive in the last four weeks before travel. >> if you are traveling to new
5:48 am
york, you can check out this new observation deck billed as the world's most immersive observation deck experience. it is atop a 67 story skyscraper in midtown manhattan. >> we have these infinite circular reflections that live inside this 90 degree infinite reflection. this changes all the light that comes into the space as well as the sound that creates these special cones that live on the east and west side. >> if you really have a strong stomach and want to ride the all glass enclosed elevator that travels more than 1200 feet above the ground. summit 1 vanderbilt officially opens october 21. that experience cost you 40 bucks. >> that is all? >> it does look really cool. it is perfect for the instagram.
5:49 am
there is that. i was curious how much it costs in comparison to the empire state building. the empire state building is the same price if you do the outdoor observatory. if you do the 102nd is $75. those are all your options if you are visiting new york city. >> that is pretty cold. i like that. thanks for all that information. let's take a look at what is going on. taking a look at sfo, where it is cloudy this morning. we have drizzle possible both weekend mornings. a chance of showers also. wildfire concerns sundayundayuny monday. hot and dry conditions early next week.
5:50 am
today very comfortable in most neighborhoods. santa clara 76. gilroy 79. 67 santa cruz. low to mid 70's for the rest of the peninsula. at the coast, we are looking around 60 to 64. downtown south san francisco 66 to 68. mid 70's to near 80 through most of the northbay valleys. east bay 70 to 76. berkeley, east bay valleys around 80 san ramon. widespread drizzle tonight. cloudy conditions and temperatures in the 50's. here is a look at that atmospheric river, british columbia, washington, oregon. we get the tail end of it. weakening storm pushing showers
5:51 am
into sonoma county. we have a better chance of receiving some measurable rain. saturday and sunday. sunday night, the humidity will hang around. fire danger is not quite as high. week. >> a drug bust for for the bizarre drug delivery sniffed out had a california jail that may be a first. >> hockey season is right around the corner. >> a new attraction is opening outside the chase center today.
5:52 am
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>> hockey is right around the corner with the sharks first preseason game in nine days. there is a lot of attention on keynes off ice accusations around him. then hl is looking into this and say their investigation should end by next week. according to reports, his own teammates don't want him back this season. kane spoke with espn. he denied all accusations. >> none of what she was saying was true. i was very confident and comfortable with where i was knowing i was going to be exonerated and am going to be exonerated of those allegations. >> to be clear, have you ever bet on an nhl game? >> not at all.
5:55 am
>> have you ever bet on your own games? >> no. >> have you ever intentionally tried to lose a game? >> no. >> a new roadside restau roads opening in san francisco today at outside chase center. chase center shared this video on instagram. there is something special about this location. they have an airstream where employees will serve beer and wine. they say it is a tribute to their history as a favorite roadside destination. nonprofit thrive helps kids educational equity get ready for college and careers in health and wellness. >> the giants say audios. hello to the braves, who are coming to town for a three-game set. 58 dropping down to 56. it will not be quite as breezy
5:56 am
as normal. it will still be a touch out there. i want to show you the potential rainfall where the system is leaving. it will be across the northern part of the state. that is going to fall on fires bringing us smoke. it has been pulling out of the national forest. with this type of rain, this ras could really help eliminate those fires or contain them and keep them from getting worse. the sierra not looking like a lot of rain. >> experience here on earth. how you can get the same outer space feeling without that spacex ticket. >> back to court for disgraced billionaire -- >> nordstrom no more. the rare move the com
5:57 am
when kids need medical care, they face life-changing experiences. they miss out on the things that make being a kid fun. starlight children's foundation programs entertain and inspire hospitalized kids. learn more at what i've learned from so many years . . . . . . of living with hiv is to enjoy every moment. my name is hugo and i'm on biktarvy. biktarvy is a complete, one-pill, once-a-day treatment . . . . . . used for hiv in certain adults. it's not a cure, but with one small pill, biktarvy fights hiv to help you get to . . . . . . and stay undetectable. that's when the amount of virus is so low, it cannot be measured by a lab test. serious side effects can occur, including kidney problems and kidney failure. rare, life-threatening side effects
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annoucer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> roosters not -- booster scheduled. the key things to keep an eye on today. >> bay area school districts on the verge of vaccine mandates for children.
6:00 am
trying to persuade kids it's safe. >> you probably heard of the latest tiktok trend. if you haven't, it is hitting some bay area schools hard. we are going into the hallway to see what this is all about. >> sadly come that is what my bathroom like on a daily basis. good morning. you are watching abc 7 abc 7 ab7 abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> now we know why you are so particular about having the bathroom. >> it was a,. let's flush this. i thought hard about saying that and i went for it because it is friday.


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