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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 17, 2021 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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i knew it was coming and still wasn't ready. good morning, america. on this friday there is a new crisis at the border. more than 10,000 migrants camp below a bridge in triple digit heat. the crowd doubles in a 24-hour period with more on the way. the desperate situation right now. all eyes on the fda and the fight against covid-19. will they recommend booster shots and are they necessary for everyone? pfizer's ceo calling it a pivotal moment. deaths in the u.s. surging and hospitals in crisis. on alert. washington bracing for protests in support of those who stormed the capitol on january 6th. officials warn of potential violence. powerful flash flooding. parts of the east coast slammed prompting water rescues and this
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morning, ginger is tracking the new tropical threat. facing a judge. that prominent south carolina lawyer in court facing insurance fraud after allegedly trying to stage his own murder. urgent search for gabby petito. the fbi now involved. the 22-year-old's boyfriend maintains his silence. his sister speaking out on "gma" this morning. abc news exclusive. r. kelly's long-time assistant breaking her silence. that didn't sound any alarms for you? you didn't think any of that was strange? what she said about working for him and if she ever recruited women for the singer. who are the new "jeopardy!" hosts? champion ken jennings joining mayim bialik. but what's next for the beloved game show? ♪ just because it's over ♪ g.o.a.t.s and goals. >> carli lloyd, carli lloyd, carli lloyd! >> is carli really retiring after this record-breaking show? plus, the big question this
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morning -- >> can tom brady play until 50 years old? >> wow. seems to be a really hot question lately. >> his answer and what will gisele say? so, michael, what's the answer? can he play til 50? >> he can but gisele won't allow it, i don't think. >> good morning, america. hope you're doing well this morning. >> we have a lot of news to get to on this friday. two big stories this morning, of course, the battle over booster shots and the fight against the coronavirus. the fda now set to vote on that today. dr. jha is here to break it down for us. but we do want to begin with this new crisis at the border. >> nearly 10,000 migrants now in del rio, texas, mostly from haiti camped out under a bridge in poor conditions in dangerous heat. marcus moore joins us with the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: michael, good morning. the images we have seen this morning show a dire situation unfolding in a small town along
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the u.s./mexico border. the mayor has pleaded for help in dealing with the surge of families, men, women and children, at the border seeking asylum. this morning, an urgent crisis at the border. more than 10,000 men, women and children seeking asylum in texas. sources say most are from haiti which is facing a humanitarian crisis following the recent earthquake and reeling from the assassination of its president. conditions here worsening by the hour with limited access to food and water. u.s. border officials are overwhelmed. >> what you see behind me are individuals that have not even been processed or detained. these individuals here actually are just waiting to get detained. >> reporter: to stay out of the triple digit heat, they're camping under this international bridge outside del rio, texas, 150 miles west of san antonio. >> this is as bad as i've ever seen it. there is no southern border. it's pure chaos. there are literally thousands of migrants that have come and there's tens of thousands on the way.
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>> reporter: the crowd doubling in a 24-hour period growing from just a few hundred people earlier this week. governor greg ab bortnick ordering state police and national guard to assist border agents. the former acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf tweeting, this is absolutely insane. it is just the latest challenge for border patrol which has seen surging numbers of migrants for months. more than 208,000 apprehensions were reported in august, four times higher than the same month last year. and that number could climb even higher after a federal judge ruled thursday that the biden administration can no longer use a trump era health law to expel migrants without allowing them to seek asylum. observers say the crisis is growing under that bridge. just for some perspective del rio, texas, is a town of about 35,000 people and right now there are more than 9,000, men, women and children under that bridge seeking asylum. george? >> what a situation.
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okay, marcus, thank you very much. we'll get to the latest on booster shots. health experts are divided as an fda panel holds a critical meeting this morning on the pfizer booster shot. pfizer's recommended people 16 and over receive a third shot of the vaccine and whit johnson is at a pfizer headquarters in new york. good morning, whit. >> reporter: george, good morning. while an fda analysis suggested pfizer booster shots are safe, some health experts still question whether they're really needed for everyone. pfizer insists that the extra dose will help address the issue of waning protection over time. but today we'll hear a variety of different arguments about wat the country should do next. this morning, an fda panel is poised to deliver its verdict on the need for booster shots from pfizer. in an open letter published thursday, pfizer's ceo calling this a pivotal moment in our fight against the virus and emphasizing the strong response after the booster dose and new data out of israel indicating an additional pfizer shot provided ten times more protection against covid and severe disease. the company recommending boosters for everyone 16 and
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older six months after their second dose. >> it's quite persuasive to me that it will be wise to give boosters to those over the age of 60. i'm not convinced this is persuasive to give boosters to everybody. >> reporter: today the fda advisory committee is expected to debate and vote on the matter. if approved they would make more specific recommendations next week. the question looming as the pandemic continues to take its toll. deaths in the u.s. now surging to an average of 1,300 each day, a jump of more than 600% since mid-july. >> our resources are being exhausted. >> reporter: idaho's largest health care system st. luke's now operating in crisis mode. hospitals told they can now ration care if needed. >> when we have the limited resource then what we're going to do is we're going to give it to those persons that have the greatest likelihood of survival. >> reporter: in tennessee which has the highest infection rate in the country, hospitals
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bursting with unvaccinated patients. joe gammon spent a month in a coma. >> not getting the vaccine could cost you your life. i lost several family members since i have been in here to covid. >> reporter: the cdc out with hopeful news predicting the number of new daily covid hospital admissions will likely go down over the next month. now, in advance of any potential recommendation, public health departments across the country are preparing for a surge in demand in these booster shots, for example, here in new york city they're planning to have nearly 2,000 vaccination sites ready to go. they're mobilizing walk-in clinics and public outreach programs for those who would qualify. george? >> okay, whit, thanks very much. let's bring in dr. ashish jha, dean of the brown university school of public health. dr. jha, thanks for joining us again. let's talk about the science behind the boosters. clearly needed for the most vulnerable americans. >> yeah, good morning, george. thanks for having me here. absolutely. i think the data has become
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clear that vulnerable americans need it. elderly people are immunocompromised, people with chronic diseases. whether healthy young people need it, i'm more skeptical. i haven't seen the data yet. the vulnerable people, absolutely. >> what should we expect from the fda today? >> i do expect them to come out and authorize boosters, third shots for individuals. now, the question is who will they authorize it for? i expect those groups i mentioned, elderly, vulnerable people to be authorized. there may be some who push for a broader authorization for everybody over 16. i don't know what the fda will do on that. >> that means we'll see the shots for vulnerable americans in two or three weeks? >> no, should be much sooner. the cdc needs to meet an i expect that to happen in the next few days, maybe earlier next week and after that we should be ready to go. so maybe even by the end of next week we should start seeing shots going in. >> should we expect that eventually everyone will need a booster? >> i think that's probably likely at some point in 2022. i can imagine most americans not in high risk groups probably will need a booster.
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>> dr. jha, thanks again for your time and information. >> thank you, george. >> such important information there. okay, we turn to the security concerns ahead of tomorrow's rally in washington in support of people facing charges in that january 6th riot. rachel scott is at the capitol with the latest. rachel, good morning. authorities taking this one very seriously. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. you're right about that. just take a look behind me. that is the new surveillance camera installed. the fencing now not just up around the entire capitol complex but also around the entire supreme court. all of this ahead of this weekend's rally in support of the rioters who stormed the capitol on january 6th. organizers of that rally are calling those that have been arrested political prisoners. most republicans have distanced themselves from tomorrow's event but former president donald trump only leaning in saying that those who are still behind bars are being persecuted unfairly, expressing support for a mob, many of whom chanted to
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hang his own vice president that injured more than 140 officers, the bottom line is that washington is now on high alert. i'm told metro pd will be out in full force ahead of tomorrow's event and the department of homeland security issuing a bulletin warning of potential violence as early as today but so far no credible threat. cecilia, they are hoping it stays that way. >> we are all hoping for that. rachel, thank you. george? we turn to climate change. president biden is participating in a forum on energy and climate today with other world leaders as congress prepares to question oil executives about their practices. terry moran is in washington with the story. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. this is shaping up to be a major showdown between the titans of fossil fuel and congress. the ceos of exxonmobil, bp and shell called to testify in an investigation by congress into an alleged industrywide campaign to spread disinformation about the role fossil fuels have in causing global climate change. the hearings come after the
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release in june of a secret recording made in a greenpeace uk sting operation catching exxonmobil executive keith mccoy admitting to undercover activists posing as job recruiters that the company actively worked to undermine climate change legislation. >> did we aggressively fight against some of the science? yes. did we join some of these shadow groups to work against some of the early efforts? yes, that's true, but there's nothing illegal about that. you know, we were looking out for our investments. we were looking out for our shareholders. >> reporter: democrats in congress say these words indicate exxon knew the role they played in worsening climate change, but purposely spread disinformation to protect their
7:12 am
image and procfits. despite the homelessness and death caused by natural disaster that experts say can be linked to climate change, mccoy downplaying it all. >> something like climate change, an increase, 0.001 celsius. that doesn't affect people's everyday lives. >> reporter: so exxon's ceo has condemned keith mccoy's statement and says the company remains committed to finding solutions to global climate change. but he and the other ceos of the major oil companies will be up here next month on the hot seat to answer questions. george? >> boy, that is a telling piece of tape. terry, thanks very much. michael? now to alex murdaugh appearing in court. the south carolina lawyer turning himself in and facing charges that he arranged his own shooting in an alleged insurance fraud scheme. eva pilgrim has been covering this story for us from the beginning. good morning, eva. >> reporter: good morning, michael. alex murdaugh is waking up not behind bars but at a rehab facility for his opioid addiction.
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he is out on $20,000 bond after making his first appearance before a judge as a criminal defendant. a once prominent south carolina lawyer now standing before a judge in a tan prison jumpsuit. >> all rise. al >> reporter: alex murdaugh in court thursday seen appearing to wipe away a tear accused of insurance fraud and other charges for allegedly trying to stage his own murder nearly two weeks ago. police say his goal, to get his son a $10 million payout. but the 53-year-old survived the rural roadside shooting calling 911 himself immediately checking himself into rehab for opioid abuse after getting out of the hspital. >> anyone wants to see the face of what opioid addiction does, you're looking at it. >> reporter: murdaugh's alleged accomplice, former client, curtis edward smith also appearing in court on multiple charges including assisted suicide. murdaugh's life coming under
7:14 am
scrutiny after the brutal unsolved murders of his wife maggie and 22-year-old son paul this past june. police have not identified any suspects but probes into that case now launching several other investigations. and murdaugh did turn in his passport at that hearing yesterday. he is expected back in court in late october. guys? >> all right, eva, thank you so much. we will switch gears and turn to the new "jeopardy!" host, champion ken jennings will share the job with mayim bialik for the rest of the year. t.j. is here. t.j., are we done? is this it? >> did you know this was going to be a career beat by the way? >> george, it is, and that's embarrassing for this show. that's just the truth of the matter and it's upsetting to fans, it had one host for 37 years. it's had 16 in the past 8
7:15 am
months. you had all the guest hosts followed by an announcement of the new permanent host following by the announcement he would step down and that mayim bialik was stepping in and now ken jennings is stepping in. guys, get this, this is not your final host announcement either. the greatest "jeopardy!" champion of all time is now "jeopardy!" host for now. >> no one will ever replace the great alex trebek but we can honor him by playing the game he loved. >> reporter: ken jennings will share hosting duties of the quiz show with mayim bialik through the end of the year. sony pictures television, the studio behind "jeopardy!" confirmed in a statement to abc news beginning monday september 20th, bialik is hosting several weeks of episodes to november 5th and after that they will split hosting duties as their schedules allow. >> thank you, johnny gilbert. >> reporter: actress and real life neuro scientist mayim
7:16 am
bialik was tapped last month to take over for the next several weeks, and jennings was already serving as a consultant for the game show. >> by giving the show to both mayim bialik and ken jennings that absolves the show of any ongoing drama. let's just watch "jeopardy!" and enjoy it for now. >> reporter: both fan favorites during the guest host carousel as the show went through the process of finding a permanent host after the passing of alex trebek. we're here now after mike richards was named host last month but then stepped down days later after sexist and offensive remarks he made on a podcast became public. soon after he was fired as executive producer of both "jeopardy!" and "wheel of fortune." >> now that mayim and ken are hosting the daytime "jeopardy!" and mayim is hosting prime time "jeopardy!" they are the front runners and most likely it's their jobs to lose. >> again, you all remember mayim was tapped to be the host of prime time specials anyway but this is not the final permanent announcement but what it gives them is time, maybe breathing room to get them through the end of the year to pick a host but longtime fans of the show, you know, alex trebek, right, we
7:17 am
knew it would be hard to replace a legend but, geez. >> how do you really feel? [ laughter ] >> thank you, t.j. a lot more coming up on "gma" including the search for gabby petito as the fbi joins the effort. her boyfriend's sister speaking out only on "gma." and our abc news exclusive with r. kelly's longtime assistant taking us inside the singer's homes as he stands trial. but first, let's go to ginger. hey ginger. >> hey there, michael. 2 to 4 inches of rain in an hour. you know you were going to have flash flooding. that's exactly what was happening in richmond, virginia. cars underwater. you've got high water rescues going on. arlington, virginia, major flash flooding too. and even in the nation's capital, some of those flooded streets. so that was from a stationary front and some tropical moisture meeting up. sounds familiar. remember when ida happened but that tropical moisture is from a yet unnamed storm moving to the north and east. what we'll do with that storm is
7:18 am
keep it offshore which is great because you don't have more than moisture and high surf but rip currents could be deadly. we're talking about warm water temperatures and people still utilizing that. if you're anywhere from duck, north carolina to cape lookout, don't go in the water no matter how experienced you are and then we're watching another area trying to form looks like more of a bermuda storm for now. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the weekend forecast sponsored by amazon.
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seconds, first the weekend less than a week until the fall equinox. this is the good part. check this out. confer, colorado. it's starting. it's happening. >> that's gorgeous. >> we needed that. practicing how to say it, nittany lions, penn state getting ready for "college gameday." football, yeah, stay with us. ♪ what can i du with less asthma? with dupixent, i can du more....beginners' yoga. namaste...
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and save on the looks you love. kohl's. >> this is abc7 news. >> the contra costa county health officers are expected to recommend all school districts require the covid vaccine for eligible students. this will make them the pierce county do have this health official make that suggestion. in oakland, one step ahead. the school board will vote on -- on wednesday to put a vaccine mandate in place for students. if it passes, it would apply to kids 12 and up. >> good morning. starting with our live cameras on the two busiest bridges, the richmond somerville bridge behind me for people traveling in the westbound direction and the bay bridge toll plaza where metering lights came on at 5:49.
7:24 am
it is friday, so a little lighter. there is a crash we are following with no backup on southbound 680. >>
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>> happy friday. cloudy all morning, relatively calm on the water. cooler this morning and slightly warmer this afternoon. our storm impact of the season, saturday night into sunday. drizzle both mornings. that will lead to our coolest afternoons. most of us will receive .100 of a nation of rain. it will suppress the fires to the north. hot and dry. heighten fire danger starting sunday through tuesday. >> coming up, the urgent search for 22-year-old gabby petito.
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her boyfriend's sister speaking out on gma. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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can tom brady play until 50 years old? can tom brady play until 50 years old? >> wow. seems to be a really hot question lately. >> hmm. welcome back to "gma." that is a big question. cecelia, what do you think? >> i'm going to have everybody stay tuned for that. my deep knowledge of the nfl and all things tom brady. i have other things to tell you about. first, the top headlines including the latest on that crisis at the border. more than 10,000 migrants in texas are seeking asylum. sources say they are mostly from haiti and the conditions there are worsening by the hour in triple digit temperatures. right now we have breaking news from overnight about boeing's 737 max jet. "the wall street journal" is reporting a test pilot who allegedly misled investigators
7:31 am
about safety issues may now face federal criminal charges. the max jet, of course, was involved in two crashes that killed nearly 350 people. the crew on inspiration are having a blast. they have completed more than 15 orbits around earth since liftoff all part of a fund-raiser for st. jude. the patients got to ask the crew some questions including are there cows on the moon. i'm going to venture to say i might know the answer to that. >> i think you might. we turn to the search for gabby petito. the fbi has joined the effort as gaby's parents beg for information from her boyfriend and we hear from his sister for the first time. trevor ault has the story, good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, george. police have said that deafening silence from gabby's boyfriend brian laundrie is hindering their investigation and search efforts. this morning we are finally hearing from someone in his family. his sister speaking to abc news but even she seems confused and worried about how this is playing out. this morning, brian laundrie is
7:32 am
still not talking in the disappearance of his girlfriend, gabby petito, but a member of his family is finally speaking out. >> me and my family want gabby to be found safe. she's like a sister and my children love her and all i want is for her to come home safe and sound and this to be a big misunderstanding. >> reporter: laundrie's sister cassie says even she hasn't spoken to her brother since he returned to his home in florida from his and gabby's cross-country trip without gabby. >> i haven't been able to talk to him. i wish i could talk to him. i cooperated every way that i can. i wish i had information or i would give more. this is all i have. i gave it to the police. >> reporter: these body camera images show the couple days before gabby went missing. officers responding to a 911 call over an argument between the two near arches national park in utah. >> what's going on? how come you're crying? >> we've just been fighting this
7:33 am
morning, going through some personal issues. >> reporter: according to the police report, at one point petito went to slap her boyfriend. he pushed her away catching petito off balance. she then scratched him in the face. >> sometimes -- i have ocd and sometimes i can get really frustrated. >> it looked typical of both of them. whenever they fight, they would take a little break and come back and be fine because that's what you do in a couple. >> reporter: cassie says her brother is someone who has always done the right thing. >> he's a wonderful uncle. he's always been there when i needed him. like he's -- i mean, he's been there every time gabby has needed him. >> reporter: but authorities say brian is now being investigated as a person of interest in gabby's disappearance. >> two people went on a trip. one person returned and that person that returned isn't providing us any information. >> reporter: gabby petito was last seen august 24th checking out of a hotel with laundrie in salt lake city, utah. her mother says the next day was
7:34 am
the last time she spoke with gabby who told her they were in grand teton, wyoming, on their way to yellowstone. then on september 1st, laundrie returned to their home back in florida in their van alone. petito's family attorney recently reading this letter aloud at a press conference pleading with laundrie's family for answers. >> we ask you to put yourselves in our shoes. please, if you or your family have any decency left, please tell us where gabby is located. >> reporter: and authorities are, of course, chasing every lead. we're told they're now investigating whether there is any possible connection to a double homicide a month ago in utah where a couple was found dead at a campsite not far from where gabby was last seen. the fbi is now involved in both cases. guys? >> trevor, thanks so much. there are so many questions about this case so dan abrams is here to help us break all this down. what do you think of the strategy so far we're hearing brian laundrie and his attorney? >> obviously it depends on what
7:35 am
the facts are. a lawyer takes the facts as the lawyer is presented with them. i have to say i find some of the language that the laundrie family lawyer has been using is odd. i mean you look at the first statement they made. it is our understanding that a search has been organized for miss petito. on behalf of the laundrie family and it is our hope the search for miss petito is successful and she is reunited with her family. if this is her boyfriend, the statement would say, we are scared. we are nervous. we don't know what's happening. we are hoping that we can get some bit of information to help. but this very stilted response about, yes, there is a search and we're certainly hopeful it's successful is an odd tone, i think, for the lawyer to take on behalf of his client when the world and the other family is saying, please help us. >> such a head scratcher in this is why he's not cooperating. he certainly has that right. why would a lawyer -- why do you
7:36 am
think a lawyer might advise their client to not cooperate in a case like this? >> the most obvious answer, if there's incriminating information. the lawyer put out a second statement trying to explain that pointing out that in cases like this -- and again i'm looking down because i'm reading from the statement. he's saying in my experience intimate partners are often the first person law enforcement focuses their attention on. that's true, but it's also true that as of right now she's just missing. meaning as of right now, they want to find her. so you would think that the kind of advice that someone gives is a little bit different. so, again, the lawyer's advice will totally depend on what information that that lawyer has. >> do you think the lawyer knows? >> i think the lawyer has a sense. i don't think -- lawyers definitely have a sense and sometimes they know. >> dan abrams, thanks very much. coming up an abc news exclusive. r. kelly's longtime assistant breaks her silence and speaks to michael. we're for those who love to discover.
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quaker oats. ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ we are back with the trial of r. kelly. federal prosecutors could rest their case today as he faces sex trafficking charges. michael, his long time executive assistant gave an interview to you. >> that's right, george. diana copeland was r. kelly's assistant on and off for 16 years. in our interview she revealed new details about what she said she saw inside his homes about his live-in girlfriends and
7:41 am
female visitors. it's the bombshell trial making headlines. r&b superstar r. kelly in federal court. at various points over the span of nearly two decades allegations from sex trafficking to child pornography have swirled around r. kelly. but he has not been found guilty of any crimes. the singer now back in court and claiming his innocence again pleading not guilty to multiple federal charges including racketeering and sexual abuse. >> there were women always, you know, coming at him. >> reporter: diana copeland served as r. kelly's executive assistant off and on for 16 years taking the stand sharing details from her experience working in his homes. ♪ i believe i can fly ♪ ♪ i believe i can touch the sky ♪ >> reporter: at the time, kelly was one of the biggest selling male artists and music producers. his song "i believe i can fly" winning him three grammys. >> how would you describe him as a person? >> he's charismatic and i think
7:42 am
that's one of the reasons why people kind of say he has two personalities because when you meet him, he has -- you know, he's a really personable person. if you see him angry, that's a whole different person. >> reporter: inside kelly's homes where she worked copeland said there were rules like guests were not allowed to roam the homes. >> where did they all stay? >> yeah, he would have live-in girlfriends with their own rooms. guests would just come maybe sit in the studio with him. he had like three properties and those properties there was like a certain decorum that was expected. he pretty much didn't want not just the girls to move around, but he didn't want anybody to be able to just roam his house, you know, like a museum. >> reporter: copeland says she was asked to accompany his guests on outings and says during shopping trips the women often didn't interact with male salespeople. >> they asked me during the trial, did you notice their
7:43 am
reaction with males, and i did. they didn't want to speak to the males. in fact, sometimes they would ask me to interact with the males. >> so they didn't want to speak to the males or were they told not to speak to the males? >> that i can't speak to because i don't know if they were told but i would say that you can pretty much surmise that that was probably the case. >> reporter: she says while outside a fitness center waiting for kelly to work out, she was in a van with multiple women and one of his girlfriends needed to use the rest room but she says refused to go because she did not have permission from kelly. >> was she afraid of him? was she afraid if she went to the bathroom that she would be in trouble? >> hmm, that's, you know, a question i guess for her. but what i can say is this, there are certain rules that are
7:44 am
put in place for safety because when he gets out of the vehicle, he's highly recognizable, so now whomever gets out of that vehicle, there's a spotlight, a target on that person. >> you know, no speaking to men, the texting to use the bathroom, none of that raised an alarm for you? you didn't think any of that was a little strange? >> you know, i know robert the family man, the businessman but his personal life is robert's personal life. my job stops at the threshold of his bedroom door. >> reporter: copeland says multiple live-in girlfriends and other women would visit his homes and win of her jobs was making their travel arrangements. in court, kelly has been accused by some women of traveling them across state lines when they were underage. another alleged victim telling the jury she was even held captive for several days. diana maintains she didn't see anything like that. >> when you're making travel arrangementins arrangements, of course you need the date of birth. how old were these women?
7:45 am
>> they ranged in ages. no one under 18. in fact, had this case came up i'm reading women are locked up and, you know, kidnapped and things of that nature, and that's not what i'm seeing. i'm not seeing anybody that's trying to leave or any locked doors. every woman that's left has walked right out the door. >> did he ever ask you to recruit women for him? >> he's never asked me, but at the time i'm only saying that he was r. kelly, a megasuperstar. he needed no help. i mean, absolutely no help to recruit women or to get women. >> is there anything that you think you could have, would have done differently? >> you know, looking back, i think that i would have done things the same way i did. i don't think that anything that
7:46 am
i did was wrong or -- and i also don't think that anything that i could have done would have changed what robert did. i can only control diana. >> in 2018 copeland was named this a civil complaint that is still pending. the accuser alleged kelly would lock her in secluded areas and have copeland stand guard outside the door. both r. kelly and diana copeland denying these allegations, you guys, but definitely, you know, bizarre to a lot of people. >> yeah, it sure is. >> thanks. >> stay there. we'll be right back. lisa here,. she's worked in retail during the holidays. as a barista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪ apply today. ♪
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♪ just because it's over ♪ i'm excited about this. a sport i know something about. back with our "play of the day." we'll get right to it. is it really over? carli lloyd, say it ain't so. watch this. goal number one. boom. >> carli lloyd. >> incredible header. >> lloyd, yes. >> goal number two, left foot into the corner. wait, there's more. boom. three for the hat trick. stay with me. >> penalty area. lloyd, wide open. >> number four, yes, number four, all before halftime and, wait, there's more. number five, come on. a header. >> you don't score that many goals in practice. >> she broke mia hamm's hat trick record moving up the list of the all-time scorer's list. say it ain't so.
7:51 am
three more international games before she retires from the team. what a legacy, what a career. i wish i wore my jersey. i'm wearing it for those final three games. stay with us, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪ (vo) command adjustables products can be repositioned up to 3 times so you can get it just right. command. do. no harm.
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>> this is abc7 news. >> good morning. we have a look at your traffic. >> we are starting with a live look at walnut creek showing off 680, will face a slow stretch from concord through walnut creek in the westbound direction. there is no real reason, it is just slow. a live look at the bay brown -- a bridge slowdown near treasure island. >> welcome to friday. we will see increasing air quality that will get better through the weekend because we have a chance of rain saturday night and at the north bay, sliding through the south bay in the morning. we won't get much most of is possible tomorrow morning and sunday morning. it gets hot and dry after that. >> coming up on gma come the new warning about possible toys
7:57 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the new crisis at the border. more than 10,000 migrants flood into texas, camped below a bridge in triple digit heat. the desperate situation right now. all eyes on the fda and fight against covid-19. will they recommend booster shots and are they necessary for everyone? with hospitals in crisis mode. holiday shopping crunch. why you may want to start your christmas shopping earlier than ever and how to make sure you get your gifts on time. [ speaking foreign language ] we are celebrating hispanic heritage month with a special "soul of a nation." this morning civil rights legend and my role
8:01 am
huerta. >> when will we get to the day when we say -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> we did it. >> fighting for the future. plus, the greatest question of all time. >> can tom brady play until 50 years old? >> wow. >> what's brady's answer and what would gisele think? broadway is back. "hadestown" performs lives in times square and look who is saying -- >> good morning, america. >> heard them say it. we'll say it again, good morning, america. want to thank you for being with us this friday morning. a lot of people including myself are looking forward to college football this weekend. >> if i told you once i told you twice "gameday" not just about the players, but the band and will ganss is live with the band telling us how great it will be to be back on the field for the first time in a year.
8:02 am
>> always managed to be surrounded by cheerleaders every friday. a lot of news to get to and start with the crisis at the border. nearly 10,000 migrants mostly from haiti in texas camped out under a bridge in poor conditions and dangerous heat and back to marcus moore. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: george, good morning. the situation in del rio, texas, is so dire this morning that the mayor has pleaded for help in meeting the surge of people who are gathered at the border seeking asylum. this morning an urgent crisis at the border. more than 10,000 men, women and children seeking asylum in texas. sources say most are from haiti which is facing a humanitarian crisis following the recent earthquake and reeling from the assassination of its president. conditions here worsening by the hour with limited access to food and water. u.s. border officials are overwhelmed. >> what you see behind me are individuals who have not been processed or detained. these individuals here are actually just waiting to get pd
8:03 am
>> reporter: to stay out of the triple digit heat the migrants are camping under this international bridge outside del rio, texas,150 miles west of san antonio. >> this is as bad as i've ever seen it. there is no southern border. it's pure chaos. there are literally thousands of migrants that have come and there's tens of thousands on the way. >> reporter: the crowd doubling in a 24-hour period growing from just a few hundred people earlier this week and the governor asking for help. the former acting secretary of homeland security chad wolf tweeting, this is absolutely insane. it is just the latest challenge for border patrol which has seen surging numbers of migrants for months. and as the crisis grows there is more manpower being sent to that bridge to meet the surge of people there, but food and water is becoming scarce. cecilia, as more people show up under that bridge. >> such a tough condition there.
8:04 am
okay, marcus, thank you so much. the latest on the fight against covid. the fda panel holding a critical meeting on boosters this morning. pfizer recommending that people 16 and over receive that third shot of the vaccine so let's go back to whit johnson at pfizer headquarters in new york. good morning, again, whit. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. pfizer's making the case that booster shots are needed right now to address the issue of breakthrough infections and waning vaccine protection over time, but health experts are divided over whether everyone should have access for just a limited group like older adults and those with chronic conditions. pfizer citing new data out of israel indicating an additional pfizer shot provided ten times more protection against covid and severe disease. the company saying boosters should be available for everyone 16 and older 6 months after their second dose. all of this, of course, will be debated today as the fda advisory committee is expected to vote on a recommendation. then a cdc panel will provide more specific guidance after a
8:05 am
meeting next wednesday. if authorized those shots could start rolling out soon after that. cecilia. >> okay, whit, thank you so much. michael. we'll turn now to one of the biggest questions of the morning brought to you by none other than rob gronkowski and the big answer from tom brady himself. take a look. >> can tom brady play until 50 years old? >> wow. seems to be a really hot question lately. i don't find it so difficult and plus in florida it's kind of a retiree state so i feel like i can play and glide into retirement. i think i can. i think it's a yes. >> will gisele let tom play till 50? that's the real question. >> that is a way better question. why would i not google that. i think they should. that is, of course, no, bad answer. >> i'm so smart i'm the google master now. >> i'm just kidding. i'm sorry, babe.
8:06 am
i love you. sorry, you'd let me. you'd let me do anything as long as i'm happy. >> he says, sorry, babe, i love you. he's apologizing -- she wouldn't let him. >> what is that set there? what are they doing? >> we never saw tom like this. now in florida, she's >> the pool in the middle there. >> if he does by the way, if he does may until he's 50 it'll be six more years. >> don't hate me for this. why you should start your holiday shopping right now and when the sales start. plus, the new personalized fitness trackers tackling recovery and how you can tell if one action is impacting your sleep quality. and more "deals & steals." viewer favorites, tory johnson has amazing bargains, that's all coming up on "gma." ♪ trelegy for copd. ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze drifting on by you know how i feel. ♪
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simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. ♪ very active times square this friday morning. here in new york city and on monday on our show we have complete coverage of tv's biggest night, the emmy award. >> that is coming up. now we turn to our "gma" cover story, a consumer alert on the holiday shopping crunch. there are supply chain issues from the pandemic so you may want to get started early this year. rebecca jarvis has the details. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. we hear it every year, don't procrastinate but this year is like no other. those supply shortages mean that getting started sooner, even now could really benefit you. >> aaaghh! >> reporter: kevin mccallister
8:12 am
may have been left behind, but you don't have to be. as long as you start decking the halls this fall. experts warning consumers of possible toy shortages and delays from covid-related supply chain issues and now a record-breaking cargo surge in california according to the southern california marine exchange. >> it's a problem from the loading docks in china all the way to the retailers' loading docks in the united states, the biggest part of it being ocean shipping being extraordinarily expensive and taking much longer than it ever has. >> reporter: popular stores across the country doing everything they can to make sure the shelves stay stocked. target says it chartered a container ship as one of its options for making sure merchandise arrives on time writing in a blog post, we'll continue to partner with our vendors to tackle supply chain challenges together this season and beyond to ensure we can deliver for our guests. >> santa is going to fly. he has never failed. he just doesn't know exactly what's going to be in that sleigh yet. >> reporter: while retailers are gearing up for the rush, experts recommend shoppers do the same
8:13 am
even if it means stuffing that stocking in september. >> whatever becomes the hot toy of the season in the next month or two may not be there in huge quantities. it's really the holiday season now from labor day into early october, some of the best shopping, the best selection. >> reporter: another tip is starting your shopping both in stores and online. last year it was all about online. this year it's all about the hybrid model, george. what you find in stores could be different than what you find online. so if you have something very specific you're looking for, you might as well check both, george. >> what else should shoppers do differently this year? >> reporter: well, they should know that the deals, we're conditioned to think they come later in the season around thanksgiving and black friday. they should know that a lot of retailers are starting their deals earlier than ever as well and some of the deals that we're conditioned to expect closer to christmas might not be there this year. so you can start shopping early and know that you're still potentially getting the best
8:14 am
price and there is a great app you can download called paribus. it tracks the price for you. if it drops it will go out and work with the retailer to get you the difference so that you know you paid the lowest price for that item, george. >> pretty good idea. thanks very much, rebecca. cecilia. okay, george. we turn now to a "gma" health alert. a new study about the connection between gut health and weight loss regardless of your bmi. of course, dr. ashton is here with surprising results. good tips. this study seems to shine a light on how important gut health is. >> it does. what we're talking about here is the gut microbiome. trillions of bacteria living in our g.i. tract and they wanted to see if there was a connection between strainsand those who want to lose weight. what they did, they took people overweight or obese, they gave them the same basically healthy lifestyle intervention, healthy diet, then they measured their
8:15 am
gut microbiome and they did find that about a quarter of the subjects lost more weight than others and in particular two genes of the microbiome were associated with weight loss. now, we don't yet know how we increase those genes, right now this is an observation, it's not cause and effect but really interesting finding based on an observation. >> this one focuses on weight loss but what else does gut health really impact? >> this is literally being studied for hundreds of disease chronic conditions, inflammation, preterm labor, diabetes, even mental health. it's all about that gut access and bacteria who live in our g.i. tract doing good but also potentially doing harm so the key is really going to be can we alter those bacteria? can we alter the genes that make those bacteria? we're not quite there yet. there is massive interest in this area.
8:16 am
>> the million dollar question then, what do we have to do to maintain good health? >> well, i've spoken to gastroenterologists, basic tips, number one and this is obviously we can't say this enough, minimize consumption of processed foods. you definitely want to keep an eye on added sugars so that is the only number i look at when i flip something around and look at the nutritional profile. you want to get as much fiber in your diet as possible whether that's from grains or fresh fruits or vegetables and this is the key, they all say eat a varied diet. so that means just introduce a lot of different types of foods into your diet, that can be really beneficial for this gut microbiome. >> that turning of the package over and reading the sugar content is such an easy thing to do and makes such a difference when you pay attention to that number. >> i'm proud of you. >> michael, over to you. >> all right, i'll make sure i won't turn over and look at that sugar. now to our new "gma" series "the science of you," taking a look at the new
8:17 am
individualized apps, devices and programs that are looking to help you. now personalize health and exercise is tackling a new metric, how well you recover. becky worley has been trying a couple of recovery trackers, how is it going this morning? >> reporter: good morning, michael. it's going well, because my fitness tracker says i'm pretty rested. i mean we think of these things as nudges to get you in gear, but sometimes a bigger emphasis on rest and recovery could actually make you healthier. wearable devices track exercise, steps and calories and they advise the same goals every day but there's a new type of tracker on the market touted by professional athletes like olympic gold medal surfer carissa moore that set goals based on recovery after exercise. >> the big idea is that get better performance out of yourself if you know how well you're sleeping, you know, how recovered your body is from a day of hard exertion. >> reporter: the whoop band and oura ring are the biggest players and both create daily reports about the length of your
8:18 am
sleep and its quality. i contact the companies to send me complimentary products and try them for a few weeks. the first thing i realize, i was majorly overestimating the quantity of sleep i got. i thought i was getting in excess of eight hours, but in reality it was more like seven hours and then i start to notice another pattern. wearing the whoop while on vacation i go paddleboarding and surfing almost every day. two hours. on the water is way more than i normally work out, and whoop says hold on. i'm going way past my limits. professional athletes have realized when you continue to go hard even though your body hasn't recovered, that's when injury happens. >> if you think of fitness as a stool the legs of your stool are training, nutrition and recovery. but for a long time the training and the nutrition were really the ones that got paid the most attention to in the sports world. >> reporter: he says you have athletes who used to brag about how much weight they lifted now bragging about how much sleep
8:19 am
they get like roger federer famously quoted saying he spends 12 hours a day in bed. but as i test these devices it's not just my sleep deficit that i start to notice, makers of the oura and whoop track heartrate variability. >> your heart needs to be able to change a heart rate and has to be able to do it quickly. so heart rate variability, in fact, is a sign of good heart health. >> reporter: the most accurate way to measure it is an electrocardiogram found in a hospital or doctor's office. while these fitness trackers are not intended to diagnose illness or replace medical grade devices they can give you a sense of changes over time for some of these basic metrics. and on nights when i drink alcohol, the apps say it impacts sleep quality too. rem sleep and deep sleep both decrease whiff -- when i have even one drink. >> ah, man. >> reporter: while she's have changed some of my habits, dr. bot says all i'm trying to
8:20 am
improve are common sense medical advice. >> having that information might be a bit useful but for the average person i think it's one of those things that's kind of fun, neat to have but not really critical to have. >> it's always a good idea to review any fitness tracker information with your doctor but, listen, i have become so much more aware of rest and recovery and the experts we talked with say, yes, sleep is the most important factor but active recovery is important too. we're talking foam rolling, stretching, yoga and massage. they all count and, michael, they all sound pretty good to me. >> i can agree with that. you showed two types of devices, what makes one different from the other and how do you know which one to choose? >> reporter: right, well for me the oura ring has become a part of my daily life. i'm not an extreme athlete and the whoop band is probably more suited to those folks trading for a marathon or maybe extreme cyclists but oura is pretty easy
8:21 am
to wear and gives me great sleep data. we need to track our sleep. >> absolutely. you're 100% right about that. becky, thank you as always. now get some sleep. now we're going to go to ginger. hey, michael, i am married to my oura ring. it tells me what i need to do and not to do. you know what, sugar at night, that's what gets me so, all right, i've learned a lot. i hope you'll learn a lot. the kmp complex fire now more than 9,000 acres burned and this one in sequoia national park. this is fascinating here. they are wrapping in foil parts of the trees, those iconic trees, partly because they are huge and burn huge when they go through but want to protect them as well and some of the buildings they're wrapping to protect because this is zero percent contained. they have had really had conditions, and it'll get a little
8:22 am
now to the students gearing now to the students gearing up for college football. we are headed to the stadium at penn state. lara's alma mater. where music is in the air because their band is finally back together, and will reeve is live at penn state campus before "college gameday." good morning. will. >> reporter: good morning. we are live here in happy valley. if i asked for a list of words associated with college football, tradition would be high on the list and high on the list of college football traditions, the student band. and the penn state marching blue band is one of the best and tomorrow night inside beaver stadium they will be providing the soundtrack for another great
8:23 am
tradition, the whiteout. penn state's blue band is back. ♪ just in time for a whiteout of 100,000 plus fans at beaver stadium for the nittany lion' prime time clash against auburn. >> having a whiteout at the second game, the expectation goes up through the roof. the crowd noise, everything is over the top. >> reporter: strict covid protocols kept the blue band founded in 1899 from performing live in 2020. >> one of the core values of the blue band is this idea of gratitude and being appreciative for what we have. >> reporter: now they're back together. ♪ the blue band's legacy spans generations. >> my grandfather was the director. he had been conducting at beaver stadium for 60 years across his career, so since i was a little kid i've always been taking music lessons from him. >> it's been a part of our life since before we were born.
8:24 am
our parents both met in the blue band. >> being part of this group is also the coolest thing we're representing our school and it's such an honor. >> reporter: as penn state gears up for "gameday" there will once again be music in happy valley. >> i still can't believe it's happening this year. >> reporter: 85% of students here are vaccinated. masks are recommended inside beaver stadium. it's the fourth largest stadium anywhere in the world. how is the band feeling about your return to live performing? [ cheers and applause ] i'd say they feel pretty good. and tomorrow morning here on penn state's campus at 9:00 a.m. on espn, it's "college gameday" and then tomorrow night, 7:30 eastern, the number ten penn state nittany lions taking on the number 22 auburn tigers right here on abc. let's get a little live preview of what we'll be hearing inside the stadium. >> a one, a three, a one, two, three, four. ♪
8:25 am
♪ ♪ ♪ >> will has all the fun. stay right there, everybody. we'll be right back. right ther. we'll be right back.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: let's get a look at traffic. jobina: some really tight traffic moving through emeryville and berkeley. this picture shows 80 in emeryville. traffic is moving so slowly, and that is because we have a question 80 right at ashby on the blocking a couple of lanes. and in the opposite direction, which is why i brought in the map here. crashing west on 80 before ashby, supposed directions will have some ♪ come on, get your motor running ♪ you just head out on the highway ♪ looking for some tchotchkes ♪ and whatever comes our way
8:28 am
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>> hey, bay area, live with kelly and ryan is coming up. 9:00 on abc 7. mike: a chance of rain in the forecast, hope you had a great friday. saturday at 6:00, 80. quiet after morning drizzle. scattered rains move in during the evening and overnight hours. east bay, south bay, hard to get anything, possibly .15 in the north bay. seven day forecast, coolest this weekend, then hot and gusty starting monday. kumasi: another abc 7 news
8:30 am
update in about 30 minutes. you can always find the latest at ♪ friday morning, that means it's time for our "gma" buzz pick. this week it's "friends like these" about friends who get together for a not so happy reunion. >> good morning, america. my name is kimberly mccreight and i'm thrilled my book is the pick of the week about a tight-knit group who reunite ten years after graduation and head to a lavish upstate new york weekend home to stage an intervention for one of their group. it's an intervention that quickly goes terribly wrong. the book was inspired first and foremost by my own tight-knit
8:31 am
group of college friends but they definitely want to make sure you know that they have never murdered anybody. >> i'll bet they didn't. >> that i know of. >> "friends like these" are out now. read along with us on our instagram @gmabookclub. michael. we've got a great guest joining us here in studio. he is a writer, producer, director and actor who you know from "the office." now he has created, produced and written a new anthology series called "the premise," b.j. novak. welcome back to "gma." >> thank you. >> welcome back. >> great to have you in studio >> thanks for having me. cool to be here. >> we know the last time you were here doing a flashback friday. you infiltrated our control room. >> that's true. >> you wrote your own intro. we'll take a look at that. >> complicated journey we'd all be lucky to be on with this man. >> we should all write our own intros, b.j. novak, everyone.
8:32 am
>> you got to hustle. >> the more you can do. >> right. >> you're not done yet. you wrote your first -- you wrote the first question that we should ask you in this interview today. do you have the card? >> how on earth do you describe this show? >> so, thanks so much for the question. [ laughter ] so this is a collection of half hour stories, my thinking is movies have the gotten too long. you come home from a long day, 2 hour and 15 minute movie. you have been checking your phone, and it's been five hours. you think tv shows are shorter but 400 episodes besides your friends. sometimes you want a half hour movie that goes for it, a funny story, a dramatic story. and that's what these are. half hour movies that tend to be comedies about the world we live in today. >> comedies about moral dilemmas as well. how did you narrow it down? >> i had a bunch of writers and
8:33 am
we came up with hundreds of wild ideas but it was the ones even if they're funny that had some emotional core that stuck with people and those are the one. >> hundreds of writers. >> hundreds of ideas. [ laughter ] >> we're already talking about the first episode, right before you came out. it's called "social justice sex tape." that implies there is a man who has this -- shall we say -- embarrassing tape out there and realizes there's something in the background that proves a black man is innocent. let's show a clip. >> ethan, i know you want to make a difference and maybe this isn't how you imagined it, but this is your chance to be a hero. this is your chance to make a difference, a big difference in a man's life. ethan, this is your shot.
8:34 am
>> and, ethan, you are not throwing away your shot. >> the anxiety. >> boy, he does a lot with his face, doesn't he? >> yeah, yeah, so that's a guy who obviously online he'll do anything to help but then he has to actually put his reputation on the line in another way. which was funny to us but also was a way to kind of take a comedy away to the kind of thing people are talking about. >> how far you would go? >> you have an incredible cast. you shot it in new orleans. how was the shooting in new orleans? >> new orleans is interesting because people there talk about ghosts as though they're just like the weather. like one of our actors was talking about it and it's a great place. it's a former orphanage, like, a lot of ghosts. my dog is barking all night but the water pressure is great. the breakfast is good. it's just a fact of life there. >> you had a chance to work with ed asner. >> yes. >> what was that like? >> it was incredible because he played sort of a version of my
8:35 am
favorite history teacher and someone who really thinks history is interesting and can't believe that kids are so bored by it, a guy with a lot of integrity and really believes in good values, and that's who ed was. he is or was a historian and he would judiciary just to see him interact with kaitlyn dever was like bridging generations and brought so much heart to the show in what was a comedy episode but he just -- he added so much. it was such a wonderful lucky thing to work with him. >> speak of people you've worked with, mindy kaling, of course, like everybody loves you guys together in "the office." we saw you posted a selfie together. how often do you get to see each other? >> oh, all the time. several times a week, but i hadn't seen her in a long time, in a long time because i had been in new york working on the show so she happened to be in town and we got to have dinner. >> great. >> b.j. >> i was waiting for her feedback on the show more than anyone. she texted she loved it. >> what's the verdict? >> she didn't see it till last
8:36 am
night. >> i sent her links. can you believe it? she wouldn't lie to me so she did like it. >> great reviews? sold. >> we appreciate you being here and can't wait for the next time you come. you wrote your intro. >> next time i'll sit in your chair. >> no problem. no problem. you can fit in my suits too. it'll all be good. b.j., thanks for being here. "the premise" is streaming now exclusively on fx on hulu. make sure you check it out. coming up, "deals & steals," great discounts on some viewer favorites. we'll be right back. ♪ i never think anybody do the things you do before ♪ never thy
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hi, everybody. i am ozuna. this is "good morning america." >> well, i don't need to introduce him, that's the reggaeton superstar. that's ozuna. this show airs tonight, "corazon de america." like dolores huerta who i had the privilege of sitting down with. take a look. if you don't know who came up with this saying -- [ speaking foreign language ] it's all good. after all, she's hardly a first woman whose story didn't make it into most history books.
8:40 am
her name is dolores huerta. >> dolores, bring us up to date. >> reporter: she co-founded one of the defining civil rights movements of the 1960s, rallying for farm workers' right as long cesar chavez. >> down with racism. down with sexism. abajo. >> reporter: if chavez is the father of civil rights in this country that makes dolores my role model. she's 91 now. over the years, the cause, it has changed, but for delores, the fight has never stopped. when will we get to the day when we get to say -- [ speaking foreign language ] we did it? >> well, i think we're on that journey right now and i think it has accelerated. >> what's different this time around? >> when we think of what has happened since the george floyd
8:41 am
murder, i think a real awakening is happening right now and we as latinas, know that the discrimination, the racism, the sexism, the homophobia has always been there but now we know there is a spotlight on it. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: she's always been on the side of the people. it started when she was a young teacher working with the children of poor farm workers. workers like my grandmother christina, this is her there in the big sombrero during a harvest in northern california. >> they didn't have drinking water. you can see the hot sun that we're walking in right now. >> reporter: she's been breaking barriers ever since always maintaining her roots, a proud mexican-american. do you identify as a chi canada? >> yes. >> me too. a lot of folks saying what is a chicana. it's a question of belonging, a feeling othered and it hits home
8:42 am
for both of us. >> my great-grandfather on my mother's side was in the civil war on the union side. >> your family goes back that far and you're telling me you still don't feel fully american? >> i mean how much more american can you get? >> in my very first job i was standing in the middle of the newsroom and i had a white editor tell me, you know you got this job because of your last name and it's one of my biggest regrets in life that i didn't think i could say anything. >> we don't have the words to fight back. >> is this ever going to change? >> oh, yes, it's changing now. those young people that are protesting, i think even ourselves. >> this was a really intimate and important conversation and the reason i love dolores huerta so much, she broke the mold. she is a mexican-american woman, a mother of 11, twice divorced. women like her didn't have a seat at the table and yet she forced herself there and she is just a huge role model of mine.
8:43 am
guys, i can't -- i can't emphasize enough how much i want you to see the special. it is so beautiful and we've got benjamin bratt and john leguizamo. it's just this mix of fun and happiness, and a look forward for our culture too. it's really special. >> it looked like a great conversation. she's in amazing shape. >> 91. she outruns all of us. >> the special also looks at the impact of latinos in sports. you have legends like one of my favorite guys, big papi, david ortiz. jasmine camacho-quinn. >> and, wait, there's more. such great names. i call this like not your grandmother's hispanic heritage special. we're really going there and talk about colorism in the latino community and racism and we're latinos so we have music and fun and food, of course, all airs 8:00 p.m. tonight right here on abc. i hope everybody watches it and
8:44 am
enjoys it. >> congratulations on it. >> thank you, guys. ginger, over to you. i can't wait to see it, cecilia. thank you. i'm in the heart of times square for a big old celebration because you've heard it. broadway is back. this time, though, you get to be a part called curtain up. you can see right behind me, that's a stage where you'll see performances, it's a three-day event, concerts, panel, all these booths set up. here's the kicker, it's free. it kicks off today at noon and you can also live stream it if you can't be here in new york city and you know "gma" is all over broadway being back. we had 17 live performances, we still have 12 of those left. one of them in just a couple of minutes, "hadestown" coming up. but for now a check a little it's time now for "deals &
8:45 am
steals." you can get straight to the deals by pointing your cell phone camera at the qr code on your screen and let's bring in tory johnson. and, tory, good morning to you. we're going to start with this popular refreshing beverage maker. what do we got? >> yes, michael, this is soda stream. their brand-new terra device. you can instantly turn plain water into fresh sparkling water with just the press of a button. it's got a quick secretary co2 cylinder, sleek for any countertop. my sparkling water aficionados gave this one a big thumb's up. if you like bubbles this is for you. assorted colors to choose from. our price today is $50. >> that's a great deal. i just like making the bubbles. the next one we have is very, very useful these days. it is a sanitizing device. tell us all about it. >> this is snappy screen. it is touchless. it was created by two sisters
8:46 am
who wanted and modern touch. you wave your hand right over it and perfect mist comes up of hand sanitizer with the most spectacular scents, sea salt, champagne, all incredible and what's great is that if you put this in an entryway, a classroom, a store, any place where there is high traffic, people are wanting to use it. they're going to want to clean their hands and so that gets everybody sanitizing. this set starts at $37.50. >> the scent smells so good. you have home decor. these personalized signs. >> this is rustic marlin. they hand make it in coastal massachusetts. this is their signature product that launched the company. it's a husband and wife team. they use real solid wood, premium textiles. you can personalize up to 12 characters, name, date or zip code. this is a great statement piece. our prices today, 50% off start at $42.50. >> here's something cozy for the fall.
8:47 am
>> zest organics is all about cozy comfort. three different options from them. very versatile. their scarf, their cape, their travel set. this is made from just exquisite cotton. it's going to upgrade any outfit instantly. ultra soft. our prices start $29. >> necklaces similar to something we saw meghan markle wearing, tory. >> that's right. the constellation necklaces really exploded in popularity when she was seen wearing horoscope necklaces she had on. these are spectacular from sterling forever. everything they have, you can mix and match. you can get a high-end look without a high-end price and the collection ranges from $10 to $30 and, michael, ending on a big favorite. this is strivectin.
8:48 am
they make the number one neck and della tay cream. if you want to lift, tighten that particular area this product is specifically for you. huge assortment from try veck tinge. all 50% off and free shipping from strivectin. >> love free shipping and always looking for all the help we can get to tighten up, tory. we partnered with these companies on these deals. get them by heading directly to our website. coming up we have a broadway performance. don't miss it. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
8:50 am
♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ ♪ we're back with a special live performance, "hadestown," the reigning tony award winning musical back on broadway and launches a north american tour in october. but right now the cast is here live in times square. here's "way down hadestown ♪
8:51 am
♪ ♪ on the road to hell there was a railroad car ♪ ♪ not six months better get your suitcase packed guess it's time to go ♪ ♪ follow that dollar for a long way down all the way from the poor house door ♪ ♪ ain't no difference anymore way down hadestown, way down under the ground ♪ ♪ down there it's a bunch of stiffs, brother, i'll be bored to death ♪ ♪ going to have to import some stuff just to entertain myself give me morphine in a tin ♪ ♪ give me a crate of the fruit of the vine ♪ ♪ takes a lot of medicine to
8:52 am
make it through the wintertime ♪ ♪ way down hadestown way down under the ground ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ on the road to hell there was a railroad ♪ ♪ and the car door opened and a man stepped out ♪ ♪ everybody looked and everybody saw it was the same man they'd been singing about ♪ ♪ you're early i missed you ♪ ♪ mr. hades is a mighty king,
8:53 am
must be making some mighty big deals seems like he owns everything ♪ ♪ kind of makes you wonder how it feels ♪ ♪ all aboard ♪ ♪ a-one, a-two, a-one, two, three way down hadestown, way down under the ground ♪ ♪ way, hadestown, way down under the ground ♪ ♪ way down under the ground ♪ ♪ way down under the ground ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
8:56 am
♪ way down, hadestown ♪ want to say thanks to the cast of hayden harris for that incredible performance. there they are. have a great weekend, everybody. >> have a good weekend. ♪ ♪ today i'm reviewing "donuts."
8:57 am
let's get into it. [coughing] guys, that is some good stuff right there. it's like donuts and cereal. no burn or anything. this is so good. a lot of nicotine in here.
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. let's look at traffic. jobina: good morning. live look in emeryville, showing 80, residual delays in the westbound direction. crash in berkeley on west on 80 and ashby has cleared, but a slow down there. if you are going to the toll plaza, look how empty it is. i know you like that, mike. mike: i do. let's talk about this weekend, one on the storm impact scale. drizzle both mornings. 6:00 tomorrow evening, the cold front weakening, bringing the chance of rain overnight and into sunday morning. by sunday evening and through monday night into tuesday, hot, dry winds, heightened fire danger. kumasi: now time for live with
9:00 am
kelly and ryan. back at 11:00 for mid-day live. have a great morning. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, dr. ray liotta. and "dinner on a dime week" concludes with an easy, delicious veggie dish. plus, we will take your comments and questions as we open up the "inbox." all next on "live!" ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ >> kelly: why is it you can throw me off? >> ryan: i am here to throw off your rhythm, tempo, and vibe. good morning. hey, deja. good morning. >> kelly: hi. hi.


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