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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 18, 2021 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> pg&e's warning about a shut off in some counties in two days. good morning,,,, abc 7 news live on abc seven and wherever you stream. but start with a quick look at the weather. this is tracking the conditions that have pg&e concerned. lisa: that has to do with what is behind the cold front, gusty offshore winds. we will be at first by the clouds, winds, and showers.
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we have clouds around, but also sunshine. we will the coastline, and for san mateo, perhaps the east bay. we have a weather watch tomorrow into tuesday, northwest winds. the east bay will be gusting, dropping relative humidity. right now it is all about higher relative humidity. 62 in oakland, you can see all of the clouds there from the golden gate bridge. about 60 in concord. we's iq drops in napa -- we saw a few drops in napa. on the 60's and 70's today, perhaps a few sprinkles, a light shower. we will time out and where you
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can see those raindrops in just a few minutes. amanda: in the east bay, near a dozen oakland police officers are being disciplined after the discovery of an instagram account with problematic posts. tim breaks down what happened at how it is impacting the department. reporter: under fire for social media activity that violated department policy. >> they have to be held to a higher standard. they have weapons and they have the authority to make arrests. reporter: any instagram account was formed by a former officer that had assist and misogynistic content. the mayor said in a statement that the officers in question will face disciplinary action ranging from three to 25 days live -- 25 days of unpaid
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subscription -- unpaid suspension. >> my question is, why are they still there? officers will have to -- reporter: officers will have to reveal all media accounts and passwords to inspection general. >> we are already unnerved by law enforcement's presence in our communities. we are already giving our children did talk about how to survive encounters with law enforcement. reporter: threporter: been under oversight for years because of past scandals. activists say this proves it is still needed and more work needs to be done. in oakland, tim johns. amanda: two of governor newsom's children had tested positive for covid-19.
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a spokesperson says the governor, his wife, and two of their children tested positive. this is video of him and his family at his inauguration. they say they have been following all protocols. no apologies from london breed after she was videotaped singing and dancing without a mask wednesday night. this is from a video shot by a reporter inside the black cat nightclub. san francisco's health order says masks must be burned that must be worn inside -- must be worn inside. >> yes when i was eating and taking my time, enjoying the show, i did not have my mask on when i was doing exactly what the health order says. you do not have to wear a mask when you are eating and drinking and that is what i was doing. amanda: the mayor points out that club patrons are supposed
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to show their vaccination status. pfizer's booster shot is one step closer to being authorized. stephanie tracked an fda panel meeting and expense their decision. >> after more than eight hours of deliberation, an advisory panel recommended a third pfizer dose for certain high-risk groups, including adults 65 and older at least six months after receiving their second dose. >> it is reasonable, it is thoughtful, it does not use of vaccines globally. reporter: he agrees with the panel's decision to dejected recommending a third pfizer two people 16 and older, citing the need for more data. >> the potential benefit of a third dose was probably not
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strong enough to overcome the potential for increased risk of myocarditis. reporter: myocarditis is inflation of the heart muscle. >> they think there is a theoretical risk. it is probably low, but they wanted to give a recommendation based on data rather than their opinion. reporter: the formal recommendation includes high-risk groups but it hinted front-line workers as well as anyone with occupational exposure risk could be included. >> that translates that you are at risk of getting infected when at work but that virtually a prize to every human. reporter: it will be interesting to see how the fda interprets that recommendation. >> how quickly you anticipate the fda to make a decision? >> i think they will make a decision rather soon because there has been so much momentum,
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so much pressure. reporter: dr. george rutherford explains once the decision is in the hands of the hands of the cdc, boosters could be ruled out within a week -- could be rolled out within a week. this is a recommendation for emergency use authorization. the fda will consider it and make a formal recommendation to the cdc which is expected by next week. amanda: t t are open this weekend at public schools. coffin elementary school is open on saturdays. on sunday, sunset elementary school will be opened on 40 1st avenue. both run from 10:30 to 1:30. you do not need an appointment. san francisco unified families are priority but anyone is welcome to 12 and older. dp peak on complex fire has caught more than 1000 acres on
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fire. the fire is threatening the forest grove home to some of the world's largest trees. officials say protecting homes and lives is the number one priority but they are doing their best to protect the giant sequoias, even using blankets. a reporter spoke with a researcher on the ground of the sequoia forest about what long-term solutions could be to protect this california treasure. reporter: as flames burned, firefighters are implementing a new strategy in hopes to save the world's largest trees. >> the fire blankets have been used for a long time to protect structures. reporter: what is the purpose of these blankets? >> to prevent embers from getting into the trees from old fire scars. reporter: the 1500 to 2000-year-old trees adapt to
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fires but the intensity of the latest wildfires overwhelmed these trees. on the ground is a team of scientists surveying the damage of the 2020 castle fire. >> the branches no longer exist. some of the sequoias blow themselves up during the fires. reporter: last year during the fires, 7000 sequoia trees burned. that is about 10% to 40% of the. . population at that park now their concern is what will happen this year. professor stevens and his team are looking to long-term solutions. he hopes to spoil wraps want to be necessary in the future. >> if we don't get the forest restoration we need, we will never get out of this whole. my calculation says we need to do 10 times more restoration and thinning than we are doing annually.
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amanda: the fires with the abc 7 wildfire tracker. an earthquake rattled part of los angeles county before 8:00 last night. the epicenter was in carson. it was felt as far as san diego. because the marathon refinery to lose power which led to this flaring event. people were concerned but we are told this is a normal safety measure. fire officials are sharing neighbors they are not in any danger. here is one man's reaction. >> boom, and i hit the ground. i was like lord, let it stop. i don't want to die. amanda: that man was in the middle of a haircut when it hit. the fire department did not receive any significant reports of damage. let's check in with lisa for a
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check of our weather. i know it is chilly. lisa: it is going to feel like fall for a couple of days. it is 62 degrees, highs in the upper 60's at least five degrees below average. it will be breezy, you could see a few raindrops. we will keep that in the forecast for the weekend until we have an about-face next week. i will explain, coming up. amanda: a grand opening for a healing clinic in oakland. where it is expanding and who it hopes to help. the search for a woman after she the search for a woman after she went missing this couple is working hard on our state's recovery. you see, they live in california and keeping their vacation in california supports our small businesses and communities. which means that beautiful baby gherkin atop this charcuterie masterpiece is like another brick in the rebuilding of our economy. job well done friends.
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calling all californians. keep your vacation here and help our state get back to work. and please travel responsibly. and help our state get back to work. ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore where most people probably know that geico could save them money on car insurance, right? you see the thing is geico, well, could help them save on boat insurance too. hey! okay...i'm ready to come in now. hello? i'm trying my best. seriously, i'm...i'm serious. request to come ashore. geico. saving people money on more than just car insurance.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ deposit, plan and pay with easy tools from chase. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. amanda: there are new developments in the search for gabby petito. police are searching for her boyfriend. trevor has more. reporter: rowing questions and a
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new twist in the disappearance of gabby petito. her boyfriend's family reports his whereabouts are unknown. they have heard -- they have not heard from him since tuesday. >> we have been trying all week to talk to his family, to talk to brian. >> where is gabby? reporter: protesters gathering outside his home. brian laundrie has refused to speak with them after gabby vanished on a road trip. >> she would not leave her family. reporter: gabby's friend rose tells us she was planning to meet up with gabby and brian in yellowstone and when she did not call her, she knew something was off. >> i was taken aback by it because i know her and she would have messaged me. reporter: brian laundrie has been named a person of interest. >>'s lawyer -- his lawyers are
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clear that they want the police officers to do the work and he is not getting involved. reporter: her sister is the only one who speaks out publicly. >> we want her safe, my children love her and all we want is for her to come home safe. reporter: these body camera images show the couple days before she was last seen. officers responded to calls of any argument between the two in utah. >> what is going on? >> we were fighting this morning. reporter: gabby's mother says she last spoke to her daughter when they were in grand teton, wyoming. >> the key is finding other people who have seen them. reporter: the fbi releasing this missing person photo of gabby. the denver bureau is the latest to join the effort. >> she is out there somewhere
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where she does not have access to communication. reporter: gabby's family fanning out to help in the search to find her. >> all that matters is finding her and bringing her home. we are still trying to get the word out there and find the one person that might have some details we need. reporter: investigators stressed that while brian laundrie is a person of interest, he is not wanted in a crime right now. police admit they are frustrated and gabby petito's family released a statement saying they want the world to know that brian is not missing, he is hiding. amanda: robert durst has been convicted of murder. he has been on trial for killing susan berman in 2000. prosecutors say he killed her after police reopened the
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investigation in the 1982 death of robert durst's death. the kids became the focus of a documentary. he faces life in prison without parole when he is sentenced next month. vta light rail yard services getting back on track. full service will resume this morning after a four month showdown following the shooting in san jose. the greenline is the last segment to be fully operational. vta is offering free light will -- light rail rights for the rest of the month. cable cars will be running again, they were shut down because of a power outage from a fire suppression system. it is the second time the cable cars returned this year after being shut down for 1.5 years during the pandemic. any oakland clinic is expanding today.
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the freedom community clinic provides healing clinics, health trainings, and workshops to black, indigenous, brown, and undocumented people. today is the opening of its new oakland healing sanctuary. there will be his money -- a ceremony. all attendees get a free healing wellness kit. your chance to beautify the california coast, thousands of say there will be a lot more to pick up this year. last year's cleanup was canceled because of the pandemic. this year, organizers are asking volunteers to first sign-up to reduce overcrowding. the website is now we check in with lisa tracking our forecast. it will be chilly for people on
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the coast. lisa: yes and we will see winds and may be a bit of mist and drizzle. a cold front is still far to the north of us and it will continue to descend south and sweep through the bay area at the same time later tonight. ahead of it, we have clouds and breezy southwinds and we have the possibility of some of these showers. we saw over tilden park, over oakland, a few 11 hundredths -- a few 11 hundredths. a little monkey out there and some sunshine from our exploratory in camera. 62 in oakland. 57 in half moon bay. mount tim, it is only 53 degrees with winds over 20 miles per hour.
8:20 am
the relative humidity up to 100%. by the time to get to leave tomorrow,. . things are going to change temperatures go to warm and we will see a dry air mass overhead had the cold front. 55 in santa rosa, 58 in napa. visibility is improving in simona county. livermore at 58. here is pier 39 for we have cloud cover come a few spotty showers, and drizzle this weekend into early tomorrow. then we will get into our gusty worldly winds which could be anywhere from 40 to 50 miles per hour on top of mount tim or mount diablo. warmer weather tomorrow through monday and tuesday. this takes us through early tomorrow with light showers and drizzle possible and breezy southwest winds. notice the cloud cover from the northbay, bright in the east bay
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at the south bay today but the front is still holding together as it pushes through sonoma county by later tonight. maybe a spotty showers in the northbay. along because, breezy to gusty winds and around 2:00 in the morning, you will see along the peninsula, a few showers. maybe one 100th in the south bay. one conditions for sunday and amounts have not changed much. there are still only a few 1/100ths. this southwinds will take us through the afternoon and overnight they begin to shift as the cold front moves through. we have northerly winds investing in the upper elevations 20 to 30 miles. our this takes us through monday and that is when the heat will come back into play.
8:22 am
today, mid to upper 60's. 72 in fremont. look for milder conditions in livermore. our level one system with a possible shower today through early tomorrow. then we are going to warm it up with hot temperatures, hot fire danger monday and tuesday. fall begins on wednesday and still pretty warm across the bay area. >> game time on abc7 is sponsored by visit california. >> college football today on abc7 brought to california. we kick things off with michigan state at miami. they are led by peyton thorne who has done five touchdown passes and no picks. michigan state has an impressive win over northwestern and features the leading running back. , kenneth walker. the acc opener for clemson and georgia tech, tigers lost to
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amanda: a new food truck will be serving in west oakland thanks to a nonprofit and the oakland a's. it was helped off the provides grants to businesses owned by formerly incarcerated people and those facing extreme economic barriers. it will be owned and operated by four chefs who used to be in prison. >> unity is a good thing so i
8:26 am
appreciate the opportunity they gave me and the contributors to society. amanda: their specialties are fried chicken sandwiches and vegan wraps. oakland and the world enterprises thanked the generosity of the a's who provided a startup grant for the food truck. the all civilian crew aboard a spacex rocket seems to be living its best life above the earth. showed off his zero gravity ukulele skills as they soared higher than the international space station. the crew live demonstrations of the experiments they have been working on. the flight blasted off yesterday and is expected to end tomorrow. still to come, law enforcement leaders in the nation's capital
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are under high alert. how they are preparing for those rallying in support of those charged in the january 6 right. how much progress has been made
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc7 news. amanda: good morning. we are starting this half hour with a look at our weather. here is lisa. lisa: we had a beautiful view of the clouds from mount tim, an if uriel shot. we have low clouds, high clouds, and a cold front is on the way. it could bring rain to the northbay and the peninsula. 62 in oakland, 59 in san jose.
8:30 am
a look at san rafael where you can see the clouds overtaking the sky. #the upper 50's to the low 60's and into the east bay. temperatures will be held down with the cloud cover. notice the rain stays to the north but we could still see a few sprinkles, invite shower in the northbay, and then the front is on the move tonight into tomorrow. that is when we could see a couple 1/ we are talking about the last few days of summer and then it heats up as fall. amanda: arrives new developments in the crisis at the southern border. government productions shut down a border crossing in del rio as patients seek asylum. officials will start flying migrants back to haiti.
8:31 am
as many as 13,000 are being held under tough conditions. city leaders have declared a state of emergency. the governor of texas has called on the national guard to help border agents. we are learning more about when notre dame cathedral in paris will reopen. the church was closed in 2019 after a fire destroyed the attic and aspire. the building has been entirely secured and restoration work can start in coming months. it is on track to reopen in 2024. french president emmanuel macron vowed to reopen notre dame by the time paris hosts the 2024 summer olympics. many americans may soon be approved for a third boost shot.
8:32 am
the fda panel voted against a third shot for all americans over 16. karina mitchell has the details. reporter: an independent panel not voting for pfizer booster shots for all vaccinated americans, instead of voting unanimously to authorize boosters for americans 65 and older six months after their second shot. the panel voting to approve third dose for anyone at risk of severe covid. the fda will take the panel's vote into consideration but will issue a final decision in days. the white house saying the administration stands ready to provide boosters to eligible americans once the review process finishes. boosters will be given in stages starting with those 65 and older and those at high risk. for the second day in a row, it
8:33 am
states icus at 90% capacity. marissa's husband is on a ventilator. i thought it was a huge joke and obviously it is not because my husband is laying next to me. reporter: president biden will hold a summit on covid-19 with other world leaders amid the u.n. general assembly. amanda:'s's not to the nation capital. authorities are warning of violence ahead of a rally in support of those charged in the january 6 right is expected today. rachel has more. reporter: washington, d.c.'s police chief once they have picked up chatter about possible violence and they are taking no chances. we sought beefed-up security and new surveillance cameras. >> we have a plan in place to ensure it remains peaceful and if ivan's does occur, we can
8:34 am
stop it as quickly as possible. reporter: lawmakers were urged to stay away, the house telling his staff to work from home. the department of homeland security warning that people involved in protests may seek to engage in violence. >> what type of violence are you seeing? >> what we are concerned about more than anything is the possibility of counter demonstrators making it to this demonstration and there being a those groups. reporter: more than 600 trump supporters have been charged in deadly riot. former president donald trump says they are "being persecuted unfairly." 100 national guardsmen on standby, ready to be. . used if necessary those troops will only be called in as a last resort. amanda: members of the public
8:35 am
can honor a sacramento area marine who's's was killed in last month attack on the kabul airport. memorial starts at 11:00 this morning. . in roseville a procession will head down stanford ranch road. organizers are asking community members to line the sidewalks along the route to show their support. frustration, tears, and homelessness, just some of the experiences of the unemployed while dealing with the edd. michael looks at how much progress has been made in the 18 months to fix an outdated system. reporter: allison's experience is familiar, getting to a real person at edd can be frustrating. >> you can certify your benefits using ui online. >> that is the biggest joke because you cannot get anyone online to respond either.
8:36 am
reporter: reginald's benefits ran. . out in april. they promised they could be renewed in two weeks. it has been almost six months. >> i received no communication if i was or was not approved. reporter: andrea authored a piece for a think tank -- the issues we are facing with edd in california are similar to what the other 49 states. . are facing >> this has not been a public priority. it is not the federal government's priority or the state's priority. reporter: low unemployment before the pandemic meant less funding. that is michelle of the u.s. department of labor. her agency is working to come up with solutions for all 50 states by developing computer modules
8:37 am
listed say they need most. >> if there is another pandemic or emergency, how do we create a? ? system that is resilient reporter: a module could be created including a wage verification system. in california, thousands wrong be supported -- suspected of fraud, their accounts frozen by bank of america which over scenes -- which oversees the debit cards. the state auditor believes the problem has been fixed. >> they have provided enough information and they are continuing to work with them. reporter: the verification system has been another sore point for applicants. most of the improvements have been implemented. 91% have successfully verified their identity using the system. that is up from 83%. >> i believe there are still
8:38 am
some issues related to language access. reporter: the auditor has not done any recent reviews about edd's antiquated technology nor its troubled phone system. last week, edd received 1.7 million calls but could only answer 7% of them. 's's the >> it is not unique that many have tried and failed to modernize the technology. amanda: still ahead, four bay area teenagers have been named winners of a global competition to find solutions to climate challenges. we talk to them about their work. here is a live look at the bay bridge.
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amanda: it is the annual autumn moon festival. it is back after last year's event was canceled because of the pandemic. organizers say this is a time to reflect on the myth of the immortal moon goddess. there will be games, arts and crafts, and more. it runs from 11:00 to 3:00. let's check in with lisa on a check of our weather. a good day to head outside for that. lisa: it will feel like fall. you can bring the jacket and maybe even. . an umbrella in the north bay you could file few raindrops over the weekend. we had a cold front to the north of us and it will take all day to get here. we will talk rainfall totals next. amanda: an unlikely hero for the giants in exit innings caps off
8:42 am
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amanda: four teenagers will be honored in the bay area. they are winners in the young eco-hero awards. they had to identify challenges to our planet and provide solutions. we have a look at our local winners. reporter: four bay area students with unique strategies of fighting climate change. one teenager decided to target plastic pollution and won a notable mention for his biodegradable straw. >> it is made up of biodegradable components you can composed in your backyard. the finished product looks like this. this strong works with hot and cold beverages which is good for
8:45 am
about four hours. reporter: another one watched a project called reimagining earth which included making to lobbying lawmakers and worked to great an environmental youth council in her hometown of dublin. >> i wondered why youth could not be included in the climate action plan, why youth could not be allowed to take charge of matters. in their city. reporter: amelia of san francisco came up with her own way to get young people involved with a youth climate summit that drew participants from 14 states and five countries. >> at that summit, we launched 15 different climate action plans which students implemented in their schools throughout the year. the slick from installing air quality sensors for wildfires and terra cycle bins for schools. reporter: finally, another finae teenager took home first place
8:46 am
on her work with aquapod. they prevent overwatering and make plant pots more efficient. >> this is what it looks like. i don't know if i have a field one, but we make an incision and fill it with. . natural ingredients. reporter: the challenge was to find solutions for tough environment of problems, a goal four teenagers are well on their way to accomplishing. amanda: international young eco-heros -- young heroes award will be right. let's check in with lisa. reporter: -- lisa: we had a cold front on the way, here is a picture with cloud cover. you can clearly pick out the cold front in the pacific northwest.
8:47 am
it will continue south and east. it is going to fizzle out and fracture as it gets close to the bay area altogether. in northern california, we have had heavy rain. we had a couple drops in -- 62 in oakland. upper 50's in san jose. we can see the clouds stacked up after. 58 in napa, wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour. it looks, in santa cruz with mostly cloudy conditions. spotty showers, drizzle over a weekend, and behind the front we get gusty winds. we warm up quickly and upper elevations will see dry conditions, relative humidity dropping. that much warmer weather stays with us into next week.
8:48 am
the hottest days should be tuesday. we each should have a chance of light showers. anywhere from a couple of 1/ 100ths, particularly in the east bay. southeast winds will be gusty. east of vallejo, it is sunny. san jose holding onto clouds, maybe a few spotty showers. 9:00, the fed is pushing through sonoma county. along the peninsula, you can see in the east. . bay, a few drops behind it we scour things out. the winds kick up and that is the down sloping wind that is going to bring warmer weather. the southwesterly winds blowing ridiculous through the shoreline
8:49 am
and could bring anywhere from two hundredths -- in san mateo. here's what we are looking at behind the front. notice the winds are coming from the southwest and you can see some spotty showers, upper elevations. 5:00, it is still breezy. look at the wind shift as we get into your early monday. we are beginning to see more northerly winds. as we get towards the afternoon, those offshore winds. 20 to 25 miles per hour along the coast. mount diablo through monday, this is when we heat up. into tuesday as well with temperatures as much as 20 degrees above average. saturday, we are in the 60's and 70's, plenty of cloud cover. east and south we are sunnier, milder in the mid-70's but still below average.
8:50 am
the seven day forecast, maybe a spotty showers or drizzle today, will end breezy. a level one system moving through tomorrow and then we are windy and dry. high fire danger monday and tuesday. then we keep fall-like weather the rest of the week. amanda: all three bay area college football teams are in action today. sacramento state takes on callan. you can watch the game on our sister network, espnu san jose state battles hawaii. tonight, ttonight, ttonight, ttt braves at 6:05. the a's will pay the angels in anaheim. the giants will honor former owner bob lori. is our money will begin at 3:00 p.m.
8:51 am
the giants had a victory over the braves with an unlikely throughout. here is larry with the highlights. larry: the giants are probably going to win 100 games this season. the 15 games left, the giants opened a huge series with the braves. orlando cepeda at the park, happy birthday. brandon belt, two run blast to tie it. check out the fan who makes any amazing catch, tipping ac on is georgie -- taping jersey. 110 miles per hour off the bat of austen riley and all you can do is tip your helmet. nine, tyler rogers onto close it . charlie strong no with a three run blast to put event up 5-4.
8:52 am
giants down to their final strike against will smith and donovan solano ties it at 5-5. to the 11th, the giants loaded the bases but they are out of hitters. kevin gausman comes up, sacrifice fly. safe, giants win 6-5. the dodgers lost so the giants' lead is two whole games in the west. josh harrison,rison,rison,risono the angel score. chapman platinum glove play on this grounder. the a's flashback, tied at and it is a passed ball that allows a score and that is the
8:53 am
winning run. round two of the championship in napa. this is the opening event with their new season. the rookie of the year born in san francisco. maverick mcnealy, up and down here. he gets to 12 under and he is two ahead heading into the weekend. >> if the 49ers lose to the eagles, i will shave my eyebrows. what say you? larry: bart scott said he would shave one eyebrow if he 49ers lose to the people's on sunday -- lose to the eagles on sunday. that is a wrap on morning sports, have a great weekend. amanda: flour piano is back in
8:54 am
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amanda: flour piano in san francisco botanical gardens are blooming again. 12 pianos are nestled throughout the gardens for anyone to listen now through september 21. sanitizing stations will be available at all pianos. 's the city's -- the concert hall was put on pause in 2020. tickets are free for san francisco residents. let's get a check of our weather with lisa. pack a warm coat for today? lisa: right, and you may want to carry an umbrella in the north bay or north of the city. we could see a few sprinkles anywhere, more likely in the
8:57 am
north bay. estimates are very light but the winds will be quite breezy out of the southwest. a lot of cloud cover in the north bay. we are brighter and milder from livermore to san jose. our level one system will wash out early tomorrow morning. it gets warmer and windier with perhaps high fire danger into next week. amanda: thank you for joining us on abc7 morning's. a full day of espn college football on abc is ahead. next, michigan state takes on miami at hard rock stadium. at 12:30, georgia tech faces number six clemson at memorial stadium. at 4:30, auburn battles number 10 penn state in happy valley. that is followed by toyota after the game around 8:00 p.m. abc7 at 8:00 p.m..
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