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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 19, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> human remains were found. >> a grim turn disappearance of a woman who was on a road trip with her fiancé. >> the fbi has spent the last couple days searching campgrounds in wyoming for any sign of gabby. they searched for her boyfriend, a person of interest. here is trevor ault. reporter: officials found a body in national park. >> the remains were consistent with gabby petito. we have not confirm one of percent that we found her. reporter: this coming as they hunt for her boyfriend, brian laundrie, who is also
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disappeared. he is a person of interest in her disappearance. >> he is key to this case. there are two huge red flags with him. he did not report her missing and he did not go to the police. reporter: his lawyer advised him not to speak on the matter because anything he said could be used against him. police in florida posting these photos in the search for this marshland that stretches thousands of acres. >> this is an individual use to living off the grid, taking long hikes into undeveloped areas. he is known to go to this area previously so he knows it well. reporter: they were on a cross-country trip and he returned to florida without her before going missing. he had refused to speak with authorities. these images are from the
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officers responded to a 911 call following a argument in utah before she was last seen. her mother told her she was in miami. -- wyoming. dion: we sent an alarm about this at three: the three to the news app. -- 3:23. parts of the bay area saw rain. week will see rain and possibility of fires. drew: not enough rain to quashhn our red flag warnings. they are turning offshore as we speak. here is that red that red that e it begins at 11 p.m. tonight. also the bay mountains where the
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winds are turning offshore and gusting as high as 35 or 50 miles per hour at the highest peaks. let us go hour-by-hour. winds are light but ramp up after midnight. you can see as sunlight hits us, the winds will peak. a warm warm warm dion: the rain overnight might not have been intense but it made a mess. thousands lost power and several polls caught fire. pg&e showed that a bowl of people without electricity in the east day -- bay in richmond and san pablo. this does not include people who could have it shut off tonight because of the winds. we got an explanation as to what went wrong. reporter: people in el cerrito woke up to dark rooms and broken streetlights. weather issues caused for
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customers. >> the first light ring comes along and it turns that dust and everything accumulating into a mud mixture which conducts electricity and causes an outage. reporter: with most of outages occurring in the richmond el cerrito area. the outag out throughout the east bay. for them, they do not have power. >> we saw there was no power here. right away, i called pg&e. reporter: he was preparing prepp busy sunday with many reservations but with no power, he cannot cook most of his food. >> 80% of the menu we are not serving. we are not taking any dine in. we cannot give them a proper meal. reporter: pg&e did not
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anticipate this many outages. they usually have people clean the powerlines but with a dry year, many lines are full of dirt. they slowly start power but cannot offer a timetable. >> said they are trying their best. they said i have no idea when did no estimate. reporter: he needs the power back before the dinner rush happens. he already had to cancel one reservation and is afraid he will do it again. >> if there is no power until 2:00, we gotta cancel. dion: track real-time weather conditions where you live. this tool shows you the latest seven day forecast, live doppler seven and air quality. you can find it on mine and on the news app. to the south bay. a security breach happened at
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the airport a man claiming to have all that swallowed explosive. he drove to the south side of the airport following an employee. he was arrested later. investigators said may have experienced a mental health crisis and ingested some type of substance. he is being evaluated. bart saw one of its is he a saturday since the pandemic. they reported 80,000 people exited the system, just about 14,000 more than the previous saturday. it is still just 53% of the average number of passengers who took bart on the pre-pandemic. more trains were put into service yesterday. they are offering 50% off airs through september for those who pay with a clipper card. one of california's largest sequoia trees have been spared from a wildfire. flames on the kmp fire have reached the edge of the force in
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sequoia national park. crews, as you can see, wrapped trees to protect them. the world's largest tree by volume did not see the fire. the lightning sparked blaze has been burning for eight days and has burned 34 square miles. it is 0% contained. the debate over booster shots is far from over. dr. anthony felt she is making a prediction and the cdc is about to take up the issue. he is a legend in the boxing ring. we notice future plans.
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dion: intervene in a case challenging the lethal injection protocol. da's from several counties accused the state of colluding with lawyers for inmates. a prisoner has not been executed since 2006 and the governor instituted a moratorium on executions in 2019 courts of appeals ruled that these methods are determined by state officials and not county da's. turning to the pandemic. the fda is ready to address the question of booster shots as it considers an advisory panel's recommendations on who should get them. all of this as hospitals deal with a crush of patients. here is abc reporter at the cdc in atlanta. reporter: preparations underway to get americans to roll up their sleeves again. this time, for a shot. the booster waiting for the
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green light from the fda and cdc. >> we have doses that we have currently ready. our vaccine clinic is ready to go. reporter: the added dose is only for emergencies for 65 and older and at high risk. six months after the second shot an fda panel did not give the ok for anybody over the age of 16. >> we want to make sure we are following the right science. timing is everything. reporter: this as they debate the current need for the booster. many agree that the key to battling the virus is to vaccinate the unvaccinated. they are rapidly filling up the hospitals. west virginia hit a new hot record in covid infections. the governor issuing a warning. >> we will run to the fire and get vaccine at right now or we will pile the body bags up.
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. reporter: they have case rates up to 500 per 500,000 people. montana is calling in the national guard for the search. >> when all these people who are unvaccinated die and wish they got it, it is wary. it makes us angry. reporter: some hospitals experiencing critical shortages as they feel like they are underwater, drowning as a wave of patients sick with covid crashes in. >> this is breaking all of us. reporter: the rise in cases pushing back surgeries. the seven-year-old with cerebral palsy was scheduled to get a feeding tube. that surgery is now postponed. >> when we say life and death consequences, it is not an exaggeration. reporter: dion: comedian chris rock says he has covid-19.
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posting a message to twitter. he added that you don't want to get this. get vaccinated. even so, he did not go into details about his condition. during a tv appearance in may, he said he had received the j&j vaccine. on several occasions, he had emphasized that he takes the pandemic seriously and has encouraged people to wear masks. from pugilist to president. former road champion manny pacquiao has his eyes set on a new title. he will run for president of the philippines. he has some political experience, serving in the house of representatives. he was elected as a senator in 2016. their election is next may. get ready, set, race. the marathon makes a return in a big way. we will catch up with the runners. drew: we are tracking a red flag warning tonight and a warm to
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dion: live here on abc hulu and wherever you strain. the sanford -- stream. runners headed north along embarcadero, across the golden gate bridge, through the richmond district and back to the ferry building. they had to wear masks on national park property. a runner from new york said it was an amazing course. >> i was tearing up. it was so beautiful. it felt close to normal. seeing thousands of people running and doing it was amazing.
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dion: last year's marathon was canceled. this year's event included a virtual race. we are still awaiting to hear who won this time around. talk about great weather. going across the bridge could be cold and windy. drew: just excellent conditions for runners. today is such a beautiful day. just a great way to end the weekend. a great picture right now. we are fog free we are basking in sunshine. when you look at the temperatures right now, doesn't get better than this. it is warm in the north bay but not excessively hot. overnightovernightovernight have right now is going to disappear thanks to those offshore winds. clear skies for everybody
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tonight. temperatures falling into the 50's on monday. red flag warning begins for the mountains, hills and inland east bay valleys where we could see winds gusting over 35 miles per hour at times. our highest concern is focused on napa county. that is where we will see the strongest wins. as we hone in on the north wind. you can see on the eastern half of the county, winds are gusting anywhere from dirty five miles per hour in the hills. they will -- 35. those winds will be from 20-30 miles per hour continues through 9 a.m.. by lunchtime, the wins will back off and we will see in offshore component that means our fire threat is over. take a look at the fire danger index. high-very high fire danger in
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the hills. peeking around 9:00-10:00. those wins will back off and our fire danger lessons into the evening as that warning expires. tomorrow, it is a warm-hot day for many of us because of those wins, we will hit 81 in oakland. san jose will be 75. 90 in santa rosa. warmer in the north bay. looking at air quality, it is trending at her and better for tomorrow. we will have a little bit of hayes but the air quality, despite it being warm-hot should stay good for many of us. high fire danger in the mornings, especially in napa county. that warning ends at 5 p.m.. that is the hottest day of the week despite having wins weekend.
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autumn warmth hangs on through friday. saturday and sunday looking much better. dion: what is going on? casey: crazy busy sunday in many sports. 49ers were in the east coast but they got a little boost from
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casey: the last time the 49ers
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started 2-0, made the super bowl. that was back in 2019. plenty of fans in hostile territory. eagles dominated most of the first half that have nothing to show for it. he finds him down the sideline. 91 yard gain. stopped at the six yard line as the defense bent but did not break. same drive. they tried the throwback. the 49ers were ready. he has nowhere to go here. philly does not score. the niners took the ball and drove it down the field. they are inside the tent. jimmy garrotte below finds him for his first touchdown. -- cap by his first rushing
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touchdown into years. he had a couple key snakes. they salted it away as they demonstrate. 17-11. they are 2-0. >> did not turn it over at all and being patient, letting the defense settle down and not give up too many points. thought it was a good team victory. >> the hard ones mean the most. nothing in this league is easy or given. that is what the message was before the game. we knew it would be a battle. >> to grind it out and get the dub, you need to have wins like that in your belt if you want to have a good season. >> tough defense. we knew it would be a tough game. casey: show me a son you have good fines? the dodgers won early so the giants had to keep pace. only four hits. buster posey grinds it to get one of their few threats.
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he made just one mistake. he made him pay. two run homer on the last pitch of the day. he hit for the cycle by bouncing one right into that cubby. giants lose 3-0. just one game above the dodgers. matt chapman is about to double that lead. bullpen struggles continue. the lead is about to be cut in half but seth brown airmail's the throw from left field and sales over his head. we are going to extras. trying to hold on here. he gets him to line up to the right. a's have
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they return to the east coast. primetime game against the packers. big one against the packers at levi stadium. dion: double mini lawn mower move? casey: is that -- dion: see? casey: i will keep embarrassing myself until we find it out. dion: just ahead, maybe you cannot go to the real oktoberfest because it has been canceled again but you can get your fix here in the bay area. ♪ ♪
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major breaking news as we come on the air in the west tonight. a terrifying plane crash in texas. but first, a body found in grand teton national park. officials confirming the remains are consistent with the description of gabby petito. meanwhile, officials are urgently looking for her boyfriend, brian laundrie. also tonight, multiple crews are investigating after a military jet crashed outside ft. worth, damaging as many as six homes and injuring residents. the two pilots ejected from the aircraft. what we're learning about their conditions tonight.


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