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california's giant sequoias. with wildfires threatening, authorities in california are working hard to protect them and leaving nothing to chance. workers covered many of the trees with structure wrap, sort of protective plank et, from the flames. and they removed anything that might fuel the fires. over the weekend, flames reached the giant forest, but so far the firefighter's efforts have kept the iconic trees safe. that's "nightline" for this evening. you can catch our full episodes on hulu. see you right back here same time tomorrow.
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>> pfizer says there covid
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vaccine is safe and effective for children as young as five. what kids say about getting the shot. >> at least 100 homicides this year in oakland. i will tell you what the police chief has to say about it. >> high levels of ozone trigger a spare the air alert tomorrow. sandhya: tracking smoke and heat. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts right now. >> moving forward, finding solutions. >> i know the fda really wants to do it correctly but they want to do it quickly. dan: a development that millions of parents have been waiting to hear. ama: dr. fauci says the fda could give emergency use authorization to a covid vaccine for children. thank you for joining us. dan: the push for authorization comes the same day pfizer said
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its vaccine works on children as young as five. kate larsen is part of the vaccine team and is on this developing story. ama: you spoke to a family in the bay area whose kids are part of a local vaccine trial. kate: the family is thrilled other children will likely have the same opportunity as their kids. more than one million kids in the u.s. have come down with covid in the past five weeks but now millions more vulnerable kids and families could soon be protected. three months after the kids were injected with the pfizer covid vaccine trial, the company announced it is safe and effective in children five to 11 years old. the mom is an icu nurse at stanford. >> knowing what covid can do to kids, we wanted to do what we could to keep our kids safe. kate: dad says the benefits of
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enrolling his kids in the trial out white any potential risk. the nine-year-old and six-year-old received the first injection in june and second in july. >> it hurt my arm. kate: do you feel brave? >> i feel good. i feel proud. >> i wanted to do it so i can have more time with my friends without masks kate:. after the second shot, how did you feel? >> i got chills but i didn't get sick. kate: the family does not know if they got the placebo or vaccine. the bot have low-grade fevers after the shot. >> the families of the kids are doing well. we have not heard of any major issues. kate: one docotor says
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incredibly optimistic about the vaccine for younger children which is a third of the dose for adults and teenagers. >> this does provides great antibody responses. people have talked about whether there should be efforts to look at the lower doses in adults. kate: pfizer says it plans to submit their data to the fda within weeks. the fda and cdc will need time to review the data and make recommendations but it is possible the vaccine may be authorized by the end of october. dan: thank you. other covid headlines. the u.s. is ending its ban on travelers from 33 countries but they must be fully vaccinated. the policy starts in november. california appears to be turning the corner against the delta variant. it has the lowest case rigged in the country at 95 per 100,000
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people. san jose's requirement went into effect today. any large event with 50 people or more at a city-owned facility will require proof of vaccination. if you have questions about covid-19 and the vaccines, ask our vaccination team. ama: so the weather. hotter temperatures, poor air quality in the red flag warning in store tomorrow. sandhya patel is keeping track of it, starting with the dangerous fire conditions. sandhya: we have a red flag warning in effect for lake county until 2 a.m. tomorrow. it is a combination of gusty winds on places of higher terrain, even though the red flag warning has been dropped there. humidity down to 16%. the fire threat and danger around this time is still there for the bay area even though the
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red flag warning is only for lake county. good air quality right now. it will be declining. visibility is good. air quality not so good. spare the air for your tuesday. poor to moderate air quality expected. i will be back with the forecast coming up. dan: a focus on climate and environment now. part of our commitment to building a better bay area. increased smog levels are leading to a spare the air alert tomorrow. we explain why certain areas will be impacted more than others. >> tuesday spare the air alert means any mid-day plan should be made for indoors. according to experts, ozone levels peak in the afternoon and could impact serious -- impact vulnerable groups. people who have to navigate alerts and advisories because of wildfire activity. the director of air pollution
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and health research at stanford says impacts like increased er visits, hospital admissions and school app and sees him -- absenteeism has been connected. the bay area air quality district says parts of the east bay, plus the south bay, could see a higher than normal level of ozone in the atmosphere. >> that is where it gets hottest. ozone gets created between heat and sunlight and combustion. those are looking like the hotspots for tomorrow. >> this projected smoke forecast model shows how smoke from the knp complex fire, burning and sequoia national forest, may impact the bay area starting tuesday. the air quality district is working to determine if that smoke could further impact our air quality. >> our forecasters will be working day today to make that call.
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the challenge is if it is a one-day episode or lingering issues after the ozone levels go down. >> tuesday will mark the bay area's 14th spare the air alert day. in san dan: the epa monitors the level of ozone in the air and has this interactive air quality site. you can see air quality in parts of the bay area is moderate, indicated by yellow. air quality in the red area is considered unhealthy. ama: highway 50 in the tahoe area set to open at 8:00 tomorrow morning after being closed for a month because of the caldor fire. caltrans will open that part of highway 50 which was closed for fire danger and stayed close so caltrans could clear burned trees. local residents could access the highway today.
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in the north bay, pg&e has been restored to everyone who had their electricity stopped. we found one couple in solano county who is taking in stride. they lost their home last year and a wildfire and now living in a trailer and they don't seem to mind the latest challenge. >> it is a good precaution. it seems like a lot of the fires have been started by powerlines with the wind is blowing and knocking them down. i am ok with it. ama: pg&e scaled-back this to about 150 customers. dan: about 175 pg&e customers enrichment are still waiting for the lights to come back on after spending a day and a half in the dark. the light rain triggered a large outage that knocked out electricity for 28,000 customers in west contra costa county. people's showed us all the
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spoiled food they had to throw out because they had no fire. pg&e says the rain mixed with dust and turned into mud which triggered the outage because the mixture conducts electricity. an impassioned plea by oaklands police chief as the city hits a troubling milestone -- 100 homicides so far this year. he wants illegal guns off the street. san francisco's homicide rate so far this year is 39, considerably lower. san jose reports 27 homicides. j.r. stone explains that oakland's police chief is talking. j.r.: the oakland police chief making a plea to community members to put down the guns after 10 homicides in seven days and four since saturday.
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just spoke with a grieving family when we talked with her. >> you cannot ask people to put down guns if you don't give them nothing to pick up. j.r.: she would like to see better recreation centers with pathways on how to become an entrepreneur. carter says much of the violence stems from what is being said in songs. >> the music is spreading these messages so people think they have to defend themselves. j.r.: she lost her son and grandson years ago to gun violence. she is part of a gun-control advocacy group and says oakland has a major problem with ghost guns or those without serial numbers, those that can easily be put -- >> your child can go online a purchase a ghost gun without you knowing it and take it with them and take a life. >> nobody ever introduces these
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kids to what is possible. in order for me to be relevant or get some type of attention, i have to commit a crime. j.r.: this year in oakland, 100 homicides. lester at this time, 71. >> we have to stop the killing and start the healing now. ama: a temporary way to house the homeless is coming to san francisco. the city will build its first tiny cabins. 73 quick build cabins will be placed on the site which will open sometime this fall. it will cost $1.7 million and be covered by nonprofits. oakland and san jose have similar villages. dan: san francisco streets are shut down for a convention. how one of the biggest companies is adapting its event due to covid. >> the realization of going back
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to work is overwhelming. ama: it seems like finding employees and is not the only problem but keeping them is as well. dan: have you taken a look at the sky? a sure sign that summer is coming to an end. ama: first, jimmy kimmel. jimmy: are you up? >> have you been doing this for how long? jimmy: long enough to be totally infected. how are you doing? is your family ready for an emergency? you can prepare by mapping out two ways to escape your home, creating a supply kit, and including your whole family in practice drills. for help creating an emergency plan, visit
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a little preparation will make you and your family safer in an emergency. a week's worth of food and water, radio, flashlight, batteries and first aid kit are a good start to learn more, visit
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ama: an unwelcome trend in the dating world is seeping into the restaurant hiring process. it is called ghosting. bay area restaurant owners say they are seeing recent hires disappear without a trace. >> as san francisco prepares to reopen post-pandemic, we caught up with one restaurant owner on the road shopping for restaurant supplies. >> we hired back half of the team members we need. one thing we have noticed in the interview process is a lot of ghosting. >> a term typically reserved for dating when someone ends communication without warning or explanation. she says she has been ghosted repeatedly from entry-level positions all the way up to management. >> maybe he's out of town. maybe something happened to them.
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no. >> the only time she does not see it happening is if it has been a recommendation by someone she knows. as for why. >> maybe the realization of going back to work is overwhelming. maybe they are looking at other opportunities and they discard anyone else they have been talking to. it is happening more often. it is impacting us pretty substantially. >> bob partrite is an owner of a portfolio of five restaurants and says ghosting is nothing new. >> employees will get a different job that pays a little more money and they blow off. >> availability contributes to moving around. >> ghosting feels like a maybe or perhaps they will come back. at the end of the day, if they are interested, they would have gone back to you right away so we will take that may be as >> a
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no. > treating treating be the antidote to ghosting. they said they have escaped the trend by retaining the same team year after year. dan: a scaled down dream force can -- convention set to begin tomorrow. the annual conference by salesforce usually draws 170,000 people but this year's sales force says that in person events are invitation-only because of covid protocols. everyone else can watch it online. ama: you may want to look up to this guy before going to bed to see this sign that summer is coming to an end. here's a view from locations across the bay area. the closest moon from the equinoxes making its view. it is pretty spectacular. the location of the moon near the horizon causes the harvest moon to turn bacon orange in
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color. low hanging moons are reddened by clouds and dust. dan: i have a small telescope. i looked at it last night. just amazing. sandhya: it is just stunning out there. if you had a chance to take a look, that is great. if you didn't, i want to show this to you from our time-lapse exploratory and camera showing you how gorgeous it was. the full harvest moon as it was rising under the bay bridge tonight. this was shortly after 7:00 this evening. skies is so clear that you could see this. we are expecting the skies to remain clear. it was a warm to hot day. 87 in oakland. upper 80's around san jose. temperatures a good eight to 15 degrees above average for this time of year. we are still hanging onto some of the warmth.
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60's and 70's except near the coast. high pressure building in. we have the warm to hot weather today. we will do it over again tomorrow to end the last full day of summer. 8:00 tomorrow, 50's, 60's. into the lunch hour, it is already pretty warm. by the time we get into the early afternoon, we can see the 70's to 90's showing up. you can clearly see across the city, across the bay towards the city tonight, clear and mild. rapidly warming in the afternoon and fall begins on wednesday at 12:20 p.m. i want to show you smoke from the area will be moving up from the south. you will notice that it is hazy here especially in the south bay at 5 a.m. tomorrow and other parts of the bay area into the afternoon. definitely a spare the air for
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your tuesday declared by the air district. morning temperatures in the 50's and 60's. a mild start under clear skies. warm to hot day tomorrow. 96 in gilroy. 93 in the south bay and san jose. in the peninsula, upper 80's to low 90's from san mateo to palo alto. it will be a beach day. 80 in the sunset district. summer arrives along the coast and in the city around this time of year so enjoy it if you like that kind of weather. 88 in oakland. inland areas will be on the hot side. 95 in san ramon. you don't like the heat, watch what comes back in -- the fog -- as we go into wednesday afternoon and evening. warm to hot. fall begins wednesday at 12:20
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p.m. and the temperatures will fall. autumn heat back on thursday with the heat easing into the weekend. saturday through monday will be a dramatic
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dan: a 79-year-old scooter riding navy veteran is the latest tiktok star who made his debut recently but only became famous when his scooter broke down. ama: he posted a video about it and that is when it took off. he was hoping to raise a few hundred dollars but within hours, viewers contribute $5,000. >> i didn't think i would get $1000 and look what happened. famous. dan: he sure is. the gofundme account surpassed
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$90,000. he will use the money to pay down
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>> good evening. he is in up to the second look at the american league wildcard race. for teams vying for two spots and the a's looking to hold off the mariners. elephant hats, fashion meets function. third inning, kyle seeger with the bases-loaded double. two runs will score. manea allowed four runs in five innings. khris davis for the double.
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chad pinder will come around to score and that will make it 3-1. matt olson strands a pair and does not like that. next batter, finishing the job. a's fall, 4-2. two huge injury updates from the warriors. klay thompson is on pace to return for the season. he's expected to be ready for control drills during camp. james wiseman's recovery is progressing well. they will be ready for full jumping by october 15. the first preseason game is october 5 and the season begins october 19 against the lakers. the 49ers improved to 2-0 against the eagles but now all of the running backs are nursing injuries. jimmy karate low had a career-high 11 rushing attempts and scored his first rushing touchdown since 2019.
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the effort did not go unnoticed by george kittle. >> we had a running quarterback, jimmy g. i love it. i like it because he gets sore. no, he got hit and tackled. he gets to physically feel it. >> well worth it for the w. >> next up, the packers. if you paid too much attention to mr. cheese head, you forget about aaron rodgers. the packers take the lead. they went on a tear in the second half. 11 yards for one of his for touchdowns. after the game, senor cheese had found a way to give him a some railroad.
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