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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 21, 2021 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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since taking office. reassuring the lead in the global stage. >> taken inside pixar imagination. a look at creating those beloved shorts inside the emeryville headquarters. >> that is really neat. i've had the chance to do that. that was one of the highlights. good morning on this tuesday. you are watching you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike, i was in shorts yesterday at 645 p.m. and i wasn't freezing in san francisco. you tell me who's living good? >> it make sure you get that tank top out we've got the high-pressure sitting on top of us.
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we've got a complete lack of marine layer as you can see from our camera. today is temperatures are going to warm it rapidly into the 70's and 80's by noon and then 90's everywhere else away from the coast. it is still 70's and 80's at 7:00. >> as mike mentioned, you might want to hang out inside. a focus on climate and environment is part of our commitment to building a better bay area. we are live in san francisco with why certain areas might be impacted more than others. amy: if you're heading to san francisco, officials are begging to take public transportation, to not drive and help cut down on the ozone pollution.
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officials are expecting to see higher levels of ozone pollution today. we have a smoke forecast model for you to look at. this shows how smoke from the complex fire burning in the sequoia national forest could impact the bay area today. >> are forecasters will be working day today to make that call. this is a one day episode. we have lingering air-quality issues after the ozone levels go down. amy: today is our spare the air day. it's a better year than last year when we had 52 alert days. if you aren't coming to the city today, the high ozone day could cause problems for people who have breathing issues. they recommend you stay indoors if you can, especially this
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afternoon. >> you can keep track of the weather conditions where you live at any time. this shows current air quality plus the seven day forecast and live doppler 7. you can download our app to your streaming device. >> the complexes grown to 23,000 acres. crews are trying to protect the sequoia grove. a national guard unit is trying to help out. the air quality is showing hazardous. there are -- is good news, the fire is not without direction. it is been burning for 10 days and there is no containment. highway 50 is set to reopen. it has been closed for a month. caltrans will reopen the highway . the highway was closed and then stayed closed so caltrans could clear burned trees.
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local residents were out -- allowed access to the highway. the caldor fire is 76% contained. now to the mystery around gabby petito. an autopsy is set this morning. they believe the body is gabby. we have new details about a search warrant. >> the fbi searched brian'sd b's after agents in wyoming found human remains believed to be gabby petito. this is a live look right now from florida where investigators are looking for him. police are calling him a person of interest in the disappearance. he returned from their trip september 1 without her. a search warrant is revealing the odd final text message from his phone to her mother. can you help, i get his voicemails and missed calls. stan is the grandfather.
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she never called him stan, he may have not sent the text. officials released the 911 call made when someone you saw claim to see the domestic dispute between the couple before she was last seen. >> he was slapping the girl. we stopped. they ran up and down the sidewalk. he proceeded to hit her and they drove off. >> that appears to contradict the police report, which said no one reported he hit her to the officers. this morning, victims right activists talk about the case. >> he shows up at his parents home after four years on the road with his fiancés vanna, but she's not in it. they lived in the house. he is there for 1 there for 1 t1 he's got 10 days to scrub the
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van, to take a way anything that's in the house. jobina: a park ranger said she warned that the relationship seemed toxic. >> wear hearing from bay area kids who were part of the pfizer vaccine trial. the pharmaceutical company announced the vaccine is safe for kids 5-11. they receive their first injection in june. they got their second and july. the trial is blinded so they don't know if they got the placebo or the real vaccine. mom says they had low-grade fever's after the shots. >> i feel good. i feel proud that i got into it. >> i wanted to do it so i can have more time with my friends. >> pfizer says it plans to supra -- submit its data within weeks. the fda and cdc will review the data and make recommendations.
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it's possible to vaccine may be authorized by the end of october. now hiring crossing guards in the north bay. the national labor shortage means there are fewer crossing guards looking out for kids who walk school. two spots in nevada are without guards for the first time ever. the transportation authority is playing -- pain for newspaper ads. >> salesforce convention is going to be scaled-down. you might not notice it's happening because they are only drawing 5000 people. usually, they draw 170,000 people. the convention will begin tomorrow. the annual conference usual u draws 170,000 people. this year, the event is invitation-only because of covid protocols. everyone else i'll will have to watch it online.
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>> and up close view of the race gone terribly wrong. >> a new word on the game changing addition to a bart station that will connect thousands of people to a faster commute. mike: 61 in the financial 269 right now in the sunny side after a high of 83 yesterday. the warmest day this year. other areas goi
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>> san francisco not the only game in town when it comes to the 60's. pittsburgh and tracy are at 61. the rest of us are in the 50's. these temperatures up to seven
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degrees warmer than this time yesterday. we have that northeasterly wind, that is going to put surging warmth into our homes today. the cars are going to be hot. if you're exercising, the pavement will be too hot for animals. let's talk about air quality. right now, it is moderate in oakland. it is good elsewhere as we head into the afternoon hours. it's going to be the santa clara value has the poor air quality. just about all of us are near 90 or in the 90's except along the coast where we have 80's today. another hot day is common up as we head through the seven day forecast. jobina: we have a major crash underway in san jose that has been upgraded to a sig alert. you can see speeds are down to seven miles per hour.
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i want to bring you a live camera from that area. this is a live picture of caltrans in san jose showing 880 and the traffic is stopped. we have three lanes blocked and major injuries have been reported. please avoid the area. we also have a crash close by, also in san jose. it involves a motorcycle and ana they are injured. this is an unfortunate situation. i want to let you know about new developments on the bart station. our media partner reports the pedestrian bridge could open this fall. the bridge crosses over several railroad tracks. the tracks block access to the bart station. thousands of homes. commuters of have to take a shuttle to get around the tracks to get to the station. a date for the bridge opening has not announced.
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reggie: a racecar driver in new hampshire has survived a terrifying crash. watch what happens when his gas pedal get stuck to the floor. he careened off the track and hit a tree going up to 115 miles per hour. the camera captured the crash. he said he was lucky to get out of the racecar without a scratch. his safety equipment that it's job. >> combating gun violenc gun vic oakland. >> back to president biden's big address. what to expect with he speaks in less than an hour. >> getting down to drama here on
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[ sfx: ding ding ding ] [ phone buzzing ] [ sfx: bing bing bing ] [ sfx: bing bloop ding ding bloop bing ] the day can wait... enter the golden state, with real california dairy.
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begging people to come together to stop violence. to give you some perspective, san francisco's homicide number is 39, san jose 27 homicides of been reported. at this time last year, oakland had 71. the group east oakland violence interrupters wants the city to create pathways to entrepreneurship. a gun-control advocacy group believes the problem is with ghost guns which have no serial codes. >> your child can go online and purchase a ghost gun without you knowing it and take it to school or take it with them. >> nobody ever introduced these kids to what's best for them.
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>> oakland police since last monday there been 10 homicides, for the last four days. joe biden will deliver his first speech before the u.n. general assembly. let's give you a live look from the u.n. building right now. diplomats and staffers are arriving as we speak. it should happen sometime afterr 7:00 a.m. it will pump -- focus on the pandemic and climate change. official said the president will stress ending the war in afghanistan will open a new chapter of intensive diplomacy. abc news will air a special report when he speaks. you can watch it live right here. who better to serve as an opening act for the world leaders then bts.
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the south korean boy band spoke at the u.n. about climate change, vaccines, the world's youth. they unveiled their new music video for their latest single, which was filmed u.n. headquarters. >> now to the premiere of dancing with the stars. they gave their all in hopes of impressing the judges. that is -- they are in the highest score. 29 out of 40 points. they made history on the show as the first same sex dance couple. others talked about the pressure they felt. >> you have one opportunity, here we are. we are live and you have to make it happen. >> i sat down next to her and cried a little bit. this is so much hard work. it's an emotional release.
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>> all 15 couples returned next week. by the end of the evening, one couple will be sent home. i just watched cody. he started out on the bike. then he got -- it was good. he had on all pink. he had good energy. >> they are pretty close. it's in the top half. does cody look like tim johns? >> i've got to pull it up. >> that's a compliment, by the way. i just noticed it. >> ok. >> tim johns is going to show up in reggie's peloton feed. he would be happy with that. >> make it happen. >> let's do it. coming up on 6:20. today is going to be the hottest
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day this year in san francisco. let's take a look at some other action going on out there. the marine layer is gone from the east bay hills. stagnant air and some smoke moving in along with these hot temperatures. mainly cleared tonight, we will have a few clouds along the coast. we have above average lows becoming more prevalent as the cooling trend will take hold and bring us back to more autumn like levels. look at how bone look how well it warms up this afternoon. the dryer the ground, the easier it is to heat. 89 in miller park, everybody else is 90-93 on the peninsula. it will be 88 in downtown.
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it will be near 80 in south salina. it will be 97 degrees in cloverdale. east bay, some upper 80's. it's really uncomfortable everywhere else. the uncomfortable level is higher inland. more people have air conditioners here. tonight, you can see a few clouds along the coast. a couple try to spill into the bay. it starts tomorrow with 50's and 60's in the morning. temperatures are 12 degrees cooler as astronomical autumn begins. autumn heat comes right back thursday. everybody is noticeably cooler saturday and sunday. reggie: good one america is,. >> ginger has a look at what's ahead. >> it's great to be with you.
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we do start with the latest on the search for brian laundrie. the fbi has swarmed his home and we are live in florida. we are going to talk to a victims act a bit about the case and get his take on the investigation. now may be the best time to sell your car. we will tell you the first thing to do if you thinking about it. leslie odom junior joins us.
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>> the complexity of the situations is not something that can be summed up easily. she says she is honored to be stepping into the shoes of the late alex trebek. last week, they were
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share hosting duties through the end of the year. richards stepped down his house after past offensive comments resurfaced. can watch jeopardy at 7:00 right here on abc 7. >> iphone users can share your health app with your doctor. a sharing function has been added to the device. it's part of the update. six health record companies have signed on. we are getting look at the future filmmakers pixar. it's an all you documentary this week. >> we started the program to allow some new ideas into this. we gave a chance to people who have something interesting to say. >> in the sneak peek of the documentary, to directors struggle to inspire their crews and bring their personal visions to the screen. you can see it on disney plus
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this friday. disney is a parent company of pixar and abc 7. >> some vaccine progress. >> your final chance to see the harvest moon. you only have a few minutes left as we say goodbye to summer. >> signs that the back. >> it's going to be a woman. be prepared. we will be right back.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. reggie: you are taking a live look at must goni center. the dream force returns, the first time since the pandemic. supporting information to know. >> from one dose to two, new data shows a single dose shot may be more effective if you get a second one. the increased protection and the timeline for boosters. >> the new york stock exchange as we await the opening bell. looking for signs of optimism. we are getting a check on your stocks. good morning morning on this tuesday. i'm going to get it out eventually. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: we want to show you what's going on down in the south bay
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and set the table for one of the hottest days this year, especially for san francisco. notice the lack of marine layer clouds. notice the colorful sunrise that is chasing our harvest moon away. moon sets at 7:30 a.m. that is some of the smoke coming back. that's why we have a spare the air. the heat really hits later on, we are in the 50's and 60's this morning. look at the 70's and 80's everywhere. 80's and 90's just about everywhere at 4:00. those 70's along the coast are not warm enough. even at 7:00 this evening, most of us in the 70's and 80's. >> an unprecedented number of migrants from haiti are traveling through mexico to get to the u.s.. the texas governor is expected to give a security update. we are live with new video showing what is happening there.
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it's making a lot of people upset. >> to our questions about what we are seeing and how the department of homeland security is promising an investigation. this is drone video showing what's happening on the riverbanks and del rio. border patrol on horseback trying to stop migrants from crossing the river. it appears they are trying to whip migrants as they try to get away. this is the last leg of their very long journey. >> we have seen lots of migration before. we have never seen this many people from haiti. it's unbelievable. >> haiti is coming off a presidential assassination. 19,000 patients have applied for temporary asylum in mexico. that is three times higher than 2020. many plan to make the u.s. their final destination. they are making their way by buses and cars, anything to
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reach the u.s.. >> the u.s. plans to ease travel restrictions on some foreign nationals. in november, fully vaccinated travelers from europe and the u.k. will be allowed into the u.s. with showing proof of vaccination. the cdc is putting stricter contract tracing in place. >> business and leisure travelers are half of the torah moon -- tourism industry. the city's hotel council says the occupancy rate is still struggling at 35%. normally, it's around 85%. they are hopeful for a full recovery. conventions, business, leisure all need to be back in full swing. >> how far away from that do you think we are? >> three years, it could potentially be for years. >> we will see the city back in
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full swing during peak travel seasons. >> the salesforce convention is back in person. it's one of the first large conventions to return since the pandemic. covid will have a big impact on the event. we are live this morning. amy: look at this activity high in meat. dream force is back. they are setting up for the first time in two years. it will look different than years past. health will be the priority. they usually have 170,000 people for this convention. today, it will be invitation-only. they are not saying how many people will be here. it won't be 170,000. they say are here will be required to show vaccination. the convention is three days
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long. this section of howard street shut down. with fewer people, you won't see quite the congestion issues. the ceo will be giving his welcome address. there is talk of some big names on the list to speak. reggie: an economics professor said the onset of the pandemic and remote work does not mean the death to superstar cities like san francisco. it's making cities your. we spoke with them. part of the time, they are still required in the office a few
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times per week. employees have to live within driving distance of large cities. mezzo -- metro areas are expanding it. kumasi: new data about the johnson & johnson booster shot. the second dose can increase antibody response. it is 94% effective. nearly 15 million people in the u.s. have gotten the single-dose johnson & johnson shot. the head of research talked about next steps this morning. >> the data or with the fda right now. we are awaiting their opinion. when they that typically goes to the cdc. kumasi: you can watch the full interview on gma at 7:00. reggie: amazing news from the north but -- northbay.
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marin county is nearing one how to percent of fully vaccinated eligible residents. county data shows more than 90% 12 and older are fully vaccinated. more than 97% of those eligible have received at least one dose. marin has the highest vaccination of all california counties. if you have questions about covid-19, ask our vaccination team. go to and click on the big blue box. kumasi: testimony is getting back underway. what we expect in court. reggie: this is you and headquarters where we expect the president will speak in probably about 20 minutes or so. kumasi: white you will be spending more to do online shopping exterior. that is part of your morning money report. jobina: we are going to start
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with a live look at the tall class at. we have a minor backup, not as much as we traditionally see. most of the crashes have cleared except for one. this is going to be on northbound 101. this is involving a motorcyclist and injuries. we want to let you know the feedback on how to move forward. the transit agency wants to restore service to pre-pandemic levels. the the the the the the the the frequent. it would increase service on high ridership lines. the third is hybrid. it's a blend of the first two. >> we've gotten a couple of questions, why are we doing this?
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the shothe shothe shothe shotheo has changed a lot of things. jobina: options would put more destinations in reach of all san franciscans. they may not go with those of writers don't want them. you can take the survey on their website. mike: it's going to be warm. let's take a look at temperatures on the peninsula. 's in the mid 60's in san bruno. you can see how clear it is on the peninsula. we've got microclimate. it is 56 in palo alto. it is 68 right now in san raphael. your roads are free of fog.
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it's going to be warm to hot as you had back home during the afternoon hours. we do have an air quality. this is where you will find poorest air quality. limit your time outside if you can. we see some smoke on the camera coming up from the south. that along with ozone it today,, as we head through tomorrow and into the afternoon, you can see the wind shift. some of us will want it, some of us without air conditioning. it is 87 in richmond and 90's everywhere else. here is a look at some other hot temperatures around the bay.
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homelessness in the city. getting homelessness into health -- safe housing has been at work. we are digging into this plan. jobina: the by demonstration has promised to house 100 thousand americans by the end of the year. more housing is coming to the east bay.
6:43 am
oakland will house 1500 homeless residents in 16 months. the city is building 132 new units of permanent affordable housing. the mayor made the announcement during a virtual event. they launched house america. oakland will receive $11 million to help residents obtain stable homes. according to our media partner, the san francisco mayor announced a plan at year to create 6000 new housing and shelter. san jose's goal is to house 1100 people by the end of next year. kumasi: a temporary way to house the homeless is coming to san francisco. according to the chronicle, 70 prefabricated cabins will be placed on the site. it will open sometime this fall.
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two local nonprofits will cover the cost. oakland and san jose have built several cabin villages. reggie: the state will launch a campaign that will improve literacy rates in the next five years. he hopes it will help all third-grade students be able to read. learning to read by that age has been a key benchmark in measuring and predicting student success. the campaign would create a task force to help teachers and get more books into the hands of students. kumasi: day five of the fara knows trial. the the woman who testified last week about her concerns regarding the blood testing machines. the scientists said she made copies of internal communications and documents before resigning from the company because she was worried she might be blamed. she told the jury she did not think they were ready for patient samples. reggie: the first major test of
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the texas abortion law. abortio. a doctor admits to violating the law is now being sued. the doctor told the washington post he acted because he had a duty of care to the patient as i do for all patients and because she has a fundamental right to receive this care. he faces two lawsuits, both filed by disbarred attorneys from out of state. neither of them claims to be antiabortion. >> this makes sense in light of the way the law is drafted. they have no connection to the parties. they will have the ability to go to court and have the court hear his case. the constitutionality of the law was challenged. >> if you are thinking about selling your car, you are in luck. the market is hot. demand is high.
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some customers are selling their cars back to the dealership for more than they paid. dealership managers say the best time to sell the extra car might be right now. it >> we can get more for the used car. most have tech -- taken care of their car. it's less rest to put it in place to resell. >> there is no automaker that has been hindered when it comes to sales. they have no inventory. kumasi: find out the first thing you need to do if you are trying to sell your car back to a dealership. shipping costs are making online shopping more expensive. fedex says the home delivery rates will go up nearly 6% starting in january. this is the first time in eight years that annual increases have topped 4.9%. ups will announce rick -- rate
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hikes soon. all mart has a program for people who want to shop with more than price in mind. they are aiming at a collection of brands that are committed to personal well-being, reducing the impact on the environment. let's take a look at the new york stock exchange. the s&p had the worst day of trading since may. this is because of the chinese real estate market. the dow closed down 1.8%. you can see this morning quite a difference. >> new date -- details from canada, they reelected justin trudeau. he is projected to be the winner after a tight race. his party fell short of taking the majority in parliament. the liberal party needed 170 seats, they only have 157 seats with 95% of polls reporting.
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kumasi: the space agency is targeting 2023 as the date for exploration. they are hoping to explore ice on the moon's surface. mountain view is playing a big role. they revealed a critical detail of the mission. >> it is my pleasure to announce the first lunar rover will land near the western edge of the relay crater. kumasi: the space agency has never explored that region of the moon. part of the reason it is chosen as its proximity to earth. reggie: the full moon is out. it's the harvest moon and it's a sign that summer is coming to an end. today is the last day of summer. the harvest moon is the last full moon of the season.
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this is what it looked like in san jose. it's beautiful. mike: the moon sets at 7:30 a.m. it is harder to see. let's take a look at what's going on. we do have a spare the air alert. part of it is the smoke you see, and from the south. also, the hot temperatures today. there is absolutely no clouds to be found. the marine layer is wiped out. autumn begins technically at 12:20. this is when the sun will be directly over the equator. summer heat again for thursday and friday, it will taper as we head into the weekend. today, 90-96 degrees. santa cruz is warm at 85 degrees.
6:50 am
we've got 89 in midland park. just like that 79, 88 in downtown san francisco. 87 in south san francisco. we have mid-along the coast. we have clean conditions, blue skies with a tent of haze. 80's for hercules and richmond. everybody else, 90-93. we still have a high fire danger along the foothills. we have mid to upper 90's, and 89 in l.a.. the entire state is getting warm. most areas are 50's and 60's. some that will spill into the east bay. that's a sign that the marine layer is coming back.
6:51 am
thursday is going to be a lot like today, especially inland. friday is going to be above average. highs will be mainly in the 60'' and 70's. kumasi: after more than a month from being separated, pat has been -- pat has been read at it his family. this is stevie. his owner released him when the fire approached their home. a woman spotted stevie more than one month later. i wasn't ready for the close-up. they were able to track down the family and reunite them. the river fire burned 26 hundred acres and was fully contained last month. reggie: i have some more animals.
6:52 am
the south bay celebrating the return of beaver. a while like camera shows two beavers in action, working to build a dam. they've been scarce in the area for nearly 100 years. the fact that they are returning is a sign the waterway is healthy. >> the committee because rallied around our creeks. we are coming up on one million pounds of trash removed. these are the results of all that hard work. reggie: we are happy to see the beavers back and glad the river doesn't look like this. aren't good to the environment. kumasi: a limit gold medalist simone biles is kicking off her
6:53 am
cold over america tour. it starts in tucson. they will be in the bay area on sunday. the show is called goat. it brings together celebrated gymnast. simone has a preview of what to expect. >> it's fun. it's golden. it's just amazing. it's pretty crazy. we do have the best of the best on this tour. 35 cities, seven weeks. are you ready? it's going to be super exciting. for them to be able to come out and watch what we worked so hard on is going to be really exciting. kumasi: they will be i will be i on sunday the 26th and chase center on the 28th. a 79-year-old scooter writing navy veteran is the latest
6:54 am
tiktok star. kenny made his debut recently, he only got famous recently because his scooter broke down. he posted a video about that. he was hoping to raise a few hundred dollars. viewers had created -- contributed $5,000. >> i'd think it would get thousand dollars. look what happened. kumasi: the gofundme has gofunds surpassed $90,000 at this point. besides his scooter, he's going to pay down debt and help out fellow veterans. where is he going in that scooter? reggie: he's going fast. reggie:he has appointments. he is from minneapolis. he said that he was overwhelmed and got on the floor and cried he found out people were supporting them.
6:55 am
the other thing i was. it's about, she is the neighbor. she got the videos going. she teaches sign language at a school for the deaf. i know all of this. it's really sweet. he is an emotional guy. kumasi: i think so. reggie: i would rather watch him then these other fools who are doing nothing. kumasi: the seven things you need to know today. reggie: you can watch all of our newscast through the connected tv app. you can download that and start streaming. kumasi:
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our special report right now. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report.
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now reportig, david muir. >> good morning, and we're coming on the air at this hour because president biden is about to step onto the world stage addressing world leaders at the u.n. general assembly the first time since taking office. the president hoping to win back some of america's closest a eyes. he's confronting a number of issues including the fallout from the withdrawal out of afghanistan. the first decade the u.s. is not at war. they are also at tension with france. the u.s. calling its ambassador to the u.s.. the president repeatedly proclaiming america is back. some european leaders may need convincing today. the white house says the president plans to reassure allies of their commitment to them. the white house announced plans to ease covid restrictions for travel for 33 countries, allowing fully vaccinated visitors into the u.s. that begins in november.
6:59 am
the president expected to drive home the message the u.s. is opening a new chapter of intense american diplomacy following the withdrawal from afghanistan as we await the president. i want to bring in our chief correspondent cecilia vega. we were talking about who would precede president bush. president bolsonaro of brazil who is against vaccinating himself, though he just told world leaders he supports vaccination efforts in his country. the new york city mayor said don't come. here he's anyway. there is an honor system. he speaks before president biden. so they are cleaning the podium? >> reporter: they are cleaning the podium as we speak, david. we are told by officials here at the u.n. and the administration, they're going to take the microphone covers that protect the microphones there and replace them.
7:00 am
you can see it happening there. replace them between each speaker. there are a number of other precautions they are having to take. keeping folks in separate green rooms, bringing extra air purifiers. we've seen people, you can see there in the audience, some of the world leaders wearing masks. this is a really big deal. jair bolsonaro is an avowed vaccine skeptic. and president biden himself has been vaccinated. the white house was asked leading up to this if they are nervous about this. they said that they are taking all the precautions necessary. david, we mentioned yesterday we were talking about the scene out here. the honor system that's in place. there is still this vaccine truck parked right across the street from the united nations in case any world leader would like to take advantage of that. it's a j&j vaccine that's being offered there. but again, the new york city mayor coming down really hard publicly against president bolsonaro specifically of brazil for his anti-vaccine stance ahead of this. it's a


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