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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> breaking news, a brush are ae burning in sonoma county. >> and consequences for anyone involved in the growing crimes. >> and voicing concerns about rv encampments. >> the food and drug administration has just authorized booster shots of pfizer's covid-19 vaccine. the boosters will be given to people 60 five and older. those who are at high risk of severe covid-19, and people whose jobs expose them to the virus at a higher rate than others. that includes health-care workers, teachers, daycare workers and grocery workers. the fda says boosters can be
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given to people at least six months after their second pfizer shot. medical experts say today's fda authorization is important, but we should all focus on convincing unvaccinated americans to get their first shot. >> there i i i i level of transmission and we have enough people who are unvaccinated, even with our high vaccination rates, that are susceptible, including children under the age of 11. >> and influential panel estill meeting and is expected to vote tomorrow, meaning people could start getting those shots by the end of the week. >> breaking so-called fremont fire that broke out about 2:30 at the area of fremont drive and napa road. sky seven shot this video about an hour ago.
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calfire says the fire has burned at least 40 acres. no buildings or threaten, but traffic is impacted and there are reports that smoke from the fire is drifting into solano county. dan: turning to our other major story that we are following for you. >> we can't continue to allow what we see is lawlessness continue to dominate our city. dan: san francisco with a plan to fight brazen retail thefts that are causing a big concern among san francisco business owners. this is surveillance footage showing shot lifter -- shoplifters getting away with handfuls of stuff. owners say they have been hit a number of times just this year alone. today the mayor joined police chief bill scott to talk about a
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new plan to crack down on retail theft. the mayor warning if you commit a crime like this, there will be consequences. our reporter kate larson is breaking down the new strategy. kate: when it comes to rampant retail theft, the mayor said not to mistake san francisco's kindness. we cannot continue to allow what we see as lawlessness to dominate our city. we are better than this. >> the mayor and police a man who has since been arrested shoplifting a garbage bag full of items from a walgreens. >> people then start fearing crime even if they haven't been victimized. >> the retail crime you -- unit has been expanded from two to six full-time investigators.
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when filing a there will be an opportunity to include a suspect description. >> in the meantime, a lot of it is the eye test. if you are out shopping or doing what you do in this city and you are seeing these things occur, we want you to see less of it. we don't want you to see it at all. >> surveillance video shows helpless store employees watch the steel $10,000 worth of merchandise in just seconds. >> we are on pins and needles all the time. >> margaret o'leary said her store has never been robbed until this year, when she has been hit three times. >> my employees are scared. some of them have quit. >> they have 12 stores across
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the u.s. and she says only one gets robbed. >> just fillmore street. there has to be prosecution. there has to be. >> the door is locked and only open for customers and only a few items are placed on the counter so there is less to grab. the hangers are backward so it is harder to pull items off the rack and expensive leather goods are placed up high and at the back of the store. also every employee now carries a panic button. if the thefts continue, o'leary said she will be forced to close her store on fillmore street. >> a truck on the hayward side of the san mateo bridge around noon. it has proven difficult to clean up. sky seven was over the crash about an hour ago.
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thankfully the driver was rescued and is ok. wildlife officials have responded for 100 gallons of spilled diesel fuel. as the police department works to get a handle on the searching gun violence rate, police officer is in recover after being shot during an intense standoff. >> this is a sobering reminder of how dangerous it is in the city of oakland. >> an early morning 911 call about a man acting erratically with the weapon quickly turned violent when police say the man shot one officer almost as soon as he is -- he and his partner arrived. >> we are very fortunate as the officers currently being treated for non-life-threatening injuries. we came within a hair's breadth of losing to police officers today. the officers responded to a citizens call and essentially
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were ambushed and engaged in a gun battle. >> the suspect ran to an apartment lobby where a team spent hours negotiating with him. >> he is still armed with a knife and has stabbed himself multiple times. >> the 50-year-old did turn himself over to police. >> our ultimate desire is for him to make the choice to peacefully surrender. >> surrounding sidestreets remained close for most of the day while police investigated. >> it is the latest example of how officers are increasingly at risk on the streets of oakland. >> at what point are the residents going to wake up and understand that having a running gun battle with police officers
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out on telegraph avenue is not how you want your city to be. dan: it is c it is c it is c its uncommon sight in the bay area, rvs lining streets. residents of san francisco's bayview say they want the rvs gone, they are tired of the drug dealing and illegal dumping, and frankly, the human waste. they say they witness it day in and day out. >> it's a basic rule offf society that you don't do this on the street. dan: they are demanding the city do something about this. melanie woodrow has their story. >> a driver rvs. a closer look reveals trash, human waste, and needles. residents say in addition to being unsightly, much of this is a fire hazard.
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>> something has to be done. >> shirley moore says she is against a proposed vehicle triage center at the boat launch site of candlestick state park. the proposed plan would provide spaces for un-house people living in rvs and cars. >> all we want is equity in the community. we feel sorry for the people who are un-house, but spread the people who are disenfranchised throughout the city. >> she says the vehicle triage center would investigate residents growing concerns. >> the ultimate goal the u connect them to long-term housing. i cannot tell you what is happening in other areas in terms of why we would not put this there, but i can tell you that people who are living in vehicles right now are already
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here. >> residents say it threatens to further marginalize a community already subject to tenuous economic conditions. >> it is clear that the city's policies are to move the problem into the bay area. >> i would not propose it as a solution if i didn't think it was going to be successful. >> supervisor walton said there will be additional community meetings that will then go to the board of supervisors for about. melanie woodrow, abc seven news. dan: a plan unveiled today to combat homelessness in san jose calls to increase the un-house population by 20%. the mayor said it is built on new rapid built housing consisting of prefabricated modular units. a woman who has been -- said --d
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enabled her to find a permanent home. >> i want other people like myself to succeed in their job search, housing, everything. my husband and i just signed our lease yesterday for an apartment and we are moving out today. dan: construction on a new new built housing site is scheduled to begin within the next 60 days, pending approval from the city council. >> the former defense testified about his time on the there are no --theranos he said he would've had a different view of the company if he had known the limitations of the blood testing device, including that it could only run about a dozen test on its own system. his testimony is key to the
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prosecution's case in one of the most closely watched broad trials in years. california governor gavin newsom signed two bills today designed to protect access to reproductive health care. the second bill establishes este protest buffer zone around abortion clinics. in addition the state launched the future of abortion council which will work with lawmakers to expand access to reproductive health care for californians and those from out-of-state seeking services here. dan: coming up, new developments in the scott peterson case. >> showing your proof of vaccination is about to
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killer scott peterson. the judge denied a request by peterson's attorney to depose the juror the defense claims lied during jury selection process back in 2004. she ruled she would approve the issue of a subpoena -- issuing a subpoena requiring the juror attend a future hearing. there also developments regarding peterson sentence for killing his wife lacey and her unborn son. the judge said she planned to rescind its peterson to life in prison in november. the search for brian laundrie, a person of interest in gabby petito's death. search crews are combing through
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swampy land in florida to try to find him. they now say someone seen on a wolof camera in that area was in fact not him. while the case receive nationwide attention, many cases of missing women, particularly women of color, simply don't. there is one such case out of southern california. >> the massive search effort for gabby petito has her asking why her own sisters missing persons case has not received the same attention. >> it just brought back that pain. we just wish we had the same urgency as gabby. >> her sister was last seen nine months ago in the chula vista home she stares -- shares with her husband and three children. her husband has been named a person of interest. she says investigators are working hard to solve the case
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and have uncovered thousands of leads. >> in the beginning, there wasn't that sense of urgency. >> over the remains were found in a national park, three weeks after she was reported missing by her family. she wishes they had the same manpower during the search missions to find her sister. gabby petito is one of many reported missing each year. at the end of 20/20, the fbi had over 89,000 active missing person cases and 45% of those were people of color. california, there are nearly 3000 missing person cases, with 46% of them people of color. the disparities highlighted by gabby's case has focused attention on other still missing persons like a 30-year-old who went missing in yucca valley in
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late june. her family responded to the comparisons made between the two cases. we understand the frustration many of you have expressed about how and why certain cases received national attention. ultimately, these two cases are not the same, and the differences run deeper than what meets the public eye. >> closure soon. >> a new partnership plan b major airlines is facing a huge challenge. dan: michael feeney is here with consumer updates for you. michael: it is not a merger, but american airlines and jetblue want to form an alliance. officials in six states joined the justice department to follow lawsuit to stop the airlines partnership. the northeast alliance deal was announced live last year and was
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approved by the u.s. transportation department. american airlines is currently the largest airline in the world and the lawsuit claims that if this alliance came together, it would cost consumers hundreds of millions of dollars. apple wallet will soon let you score your covid -- store your covid vaccination card. it will be part of an update to ios 15 that will allow people to download and store verifiable health records in the health app, including the covid-19 vaccination status and health results. apple plans to take it a step further by letting people add vaccination cards to their apple card. will you get into the holiday spirit this halloween? the national retail fional retal said spending is expected to reach an all-time high, $10.1 billion, up from just more than eight going dollars last year.
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more of us plan to celebrate, an estimated 65% of americans say they intend to enjoy some sort of halloween festival, that is nearly at pre-pandemic levels. the survey also found that on average people plan to spend about $103 on costumes, candy, decorations and greeting cards. who knew? >> coming up autumn is officially underway and parts working at recology is more than a job for jesus. it's a family tradition. jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year.
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now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on, on the inside. it's true, if you have diabetes, you know high blood sugar is the root of the problem. but that excess sugar can cause the blood vessels to be seriously damaged. and when that happens, this could happen, vision loss or even blindness. that's right, diabetic retinopathy is a leading cause of blindness for adults in the u.s. but even though you can't see it, there is something you can do about it. remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is an incredibly important part of your long-term diabetes management.
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except if you were far inland in places like fairfield. how about double-digit drops in san francisco, down 20 degrees. 15 degrees cooler in napa. you could definitely feel it there. here's a live look as to why, we have the marine layer back and hire clouds as well and a sea breeze. it's in the 70's in napa, 94 in fairfield. in stockton and on the golden gate bridge, hard to see with all the fog, 70 in oakland and mid 80's in san jose. a chilly 57 in half moon bay. a trough moving through to the north set the stage for a deeper marine layer and cooler weather today. still some hayes lingering so the air-quality advisory remains up for today. modern air-quality thursday and friday, good to moderate saturday as we notice some changes coming. air-quality is definitely
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suffering through the central valley where the fires are burning. here in the bay area many areas reporting good air quality but there is moderate air-quality in san jose. the smoke forecast will show you what is happening. tomorrow morning, if you're sensitive to smoke, try to limit your outdoor time. and obviously as we go into the weekend, things will get a little bit better. the marine layer expands overnight and the temperature is rebounding, especially inland. cooler and more of a late fall feeling this evening. the fog hangs around near the beaches for most of the day, which is why coastal areas will not be that much warmer near the beaches. 50's and 60's in the morning, watch out for that fog. afternoon highs with hot and hazy conditions. 69 in half moon bay, 80 in oakland, 90 in san rafael.
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this is next week, rain coming to the pacific northwest and northern california where the fires are burning may get a little drizzle out of it. if things change, the north may see a few clouds next week. still hot inland but a cooling trend gets underway for the weekend. it will be a whole different pattern for the upcoming weekend. we are talking mid 80's inland, low 60's coast side. next week dropping to the 70's, so below average as we head into tuesday. dan: coming up next, a spe honor for a
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dan: finally tonight, a big a bg celebration for icon soskin who turned 100 today. ama: she received a special gift, a school named after her. a special ceremony was held for the renaming of the school. she is the country's oldest national park ranger.
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the key fda decision is now in on boosters for millions of americans. this decision involving a third pfizer shot. tonight, we have late reporting for whom and when. at the same time, a cdc advisory panel also meeting. they'll decide now on official guidance moving forward. steve osunsami reporting from the cdc. also tonight, the new images coming in. the urgent police search for brian laundrie. divers and drones now called in, searching 25,000 acres of swampland. a person of interest in the case of gabby petito and what we're now learning. rioo while students were waiting for police in louisville calling the scene, quote, horrifying and devastating. this scene along the


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