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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  September 23, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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"sex and the city." the biggest role in his life was dad to son, nathan, whom he adopted in 2010. garson was a longtime advocate of adoption. his son nathan posting, "i love you so much, papa, rest in peace, and i'm so glad you got to share all your adventures with me and were able to accomplish so much, i'm so proud of you." he was just 57. rest in peace. that's "nightline." you can watch all our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for staying up with us. good night, america.
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>> building a better bay area,
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> you must mandate vaccinations. >> parents can decide to vaccinate their children or not. >> the oakland unified school board is meeting at this late hour as board members try to decide if covid vaccines should be mandated for eligible students. >> the meeting has already gone on for hours. parents weighing in. j.r. stone has been monitoring the meeting and has details. >> teacher after teacher in oakland sounding off and making a strong push for mandatory vaccinations for those 12 and over in. the oakland unified school district. >> vaccinations are a must. please. vaccinate and make it mandated. it is a simple mandate to preserve our community. >> the school board took the matter up wednesday night, but not before parents questioned the current safety of their kids schools. >> how dare you make it saf
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my son to be in school. you taking a gamble with our children's lives. >> but not everyone was on board with the idea of a student vaccination mandate. some fired back, saying parents should decide what goes into their kids bodies, not schools. >> i am opposed to vaccine mandate, parents and students must have the choice of whether or not to take the vaccine. >> student leaders who attended said there are still many questions from teenagers who would be required to get the vaccine. >> students expressed concern about alienating students and families with a strict policy, particularly considering parents and guardians have the ultimate decision-making power. >> some students wanting the vaccine and not being allowed to get it because of families or vice versa, details on the extent of the exceptions yet to be discussed as board members
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are still deciding on a final decision that they meeting has been extended to 1:00 a.m. j.r. stone, abc7 news. >> also in the east bay, piedmont unified voted to require all eligible students to get the vaccine doses by september -- november 17. they must get vaccinated within eight weeks after they are eligible. berkeley unified is discussing a student vaccination policy. >> a key decision from the fda about covid-19 vaccine booster shots. the administration gave the go-ahead for some, not all americans, to get a third pfizer vaccine shot. megan norwood has when the boosters can roll out. >> the fda giving the green light to pfizer's booster shots for seniors, high-risk americans, and frontline workers. it paves the way for third shots in arms as early as friday with a vote for the cdc expect. soon >> it is a reasonable
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decision to provide a third dose for people for whom it appears immunity is waning and severe infection is an increasing risk in the age of delta. >> the fda authorization comes as the summer surge spills over into fall. in wisconsin, cases, hospitals running out of icu beds. >> we have not seen a turning of the corner. >> hospitalizations on the decline in florida. the governor has already put a ban on mass mandates in schools, and announcing a new rule letting parents choose whether to quarantine their child if they have been exposed to covid-19 and are symptomatic. defying existing guidelines for some school districts and guidance from the cdc to quarantine when exposed to the virus. >> quarantining healthy students is incredibly damaging for their educational advancement. it is also incredibly disruptive for families through the state of florida. >> samantha kelly finally able
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to hold her newborn. she was 32 weeks pregnant when she got covid. spending days on a ventilator. she regrets not getting vaccinated sooner as she got sick the week she was scheduled to receive her first dose. >> a lot of decisions being thrown at you. you try and make the best one as a mom, but unfortunately, i think i made the wrong one. i should have gotten the vaccine. >> as the u.s. p as the u.s. against a fall wave of covid infections, president biden announcing the u.s. will buy another half billion shots of the pfizer vaccine for the rest of the world. morgan norwood, abc news, los angeles. >> tomorrow, abc owned television stations are holding a virtual town hall. the medical correspondent and dr. fauci. tuning into vaccines, what is new and what is next on our streaming app, or our website,
1:14 am in oakland that left an officer wounded and another shot. a call about a man acting erratically at 12 avenue. the suspect shot the officer almost as soon as police arrived. >> this is a reminder of how dangerous the city of oakland is. >> we came within a hair's breath of losing two police officers today. these officers responded to a citizen's call, essentially ambushed. >> and two officers returned fire. the suspect ran into an apartment building, a standoff followed. the man stabbed himself several times. the officer and suspect are expected to survive. we have had extensive coverage of the crime plaguing oakland. this city is past 100 homicides this year. you can find more interviews on our >> website, >>san francisco leaders expanding a plan for theft in
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the city. the mayor spoke directly about viral video showing grabbing merchandise in stores and making a getaway. in a renewed crackdown, the police department will expand their crime unit from 2:00 until 6:00. they will expand ambassador program going from eight positions to 25. putting retired police in commercial corridors to deter crime. >> there has to be consequences. because we cannot continue to allow what we see as lawlessness continue to dominate our city. >> when people report retail theft online, there will be a section to include a suspect description. the information will be key to helping investigators. >> the biden administration is facing bipartisan backlash over its handling of the migrant crisis at the u.s.-mexico border. some migrants from haiti are
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being released into the u.s. that is despite repeated assertions they would be expelled from the country. roughly 5000 migrants remain at an encampment under a bridge. members of congress are demanding specifics from homeland security officials about what the plan is. >> any estimation of the numbers i'm asking at all, you don't know how many have been returned, released into the u.s.? >> homeland security officials announced some of those numbers. 1400 haitian nationals have been returned to haiti on 12 different flights since sunday. another 3200 in border patrol custody awaiting expulsion. >> haitian americans in the bay area are responding to the situation unfolding at the border and pleading for something to be done. tim johns has the story. >> in northern california, hundreds of miles away from the southern border, the feelings of shock and horror run deep. >> no dignity, no respect, like
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a human being, like everybody should be. so it is like we lost that. >> she's the cofounder of haiti on the rise. a haitian immigrant herself, she was left stunned by the images coming from the u.s.-mexico border. for many members here in the bay area, the treatment migrants received at the southern border represent issues that go far deeper. joanne eloi immigrated from haiti to california when she was a child. >> huddle up farm animals, doing it to black people. it puts an association in people's heads black people are less than. >> she believes migrants are asking at -- acting out of desperation, fleeing poverty, disease, and lack of opportunity, trying to find a better life in america. >> let that speak to your humanity and representatives, and basically tell them how outraged you are at these gross
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injustices occurring before us. >> a sentiment heard all the way to washington, representative barbara is calling for action. >> we have to support the haitians, in terms of due process, and not treat them any different than we are treating the afghans or any other migrant coming to america for a variety of circumstances. >> until that action takes form, local haitian americans say they will keep working to do their part. >> we are strong, resilient, and we will -- it is in our dna. no one can take that away from us. >> in san francisco, tim johns. >> coming up, and apology centuries in the making. the injustice san jose city leaders are apologizing to the chinese community for. >> the torture orchard. however california scientist is pushing plans to their limit to save water. >> a barria woman celebrating her 100 birth day.
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>> a celebration of life at a lafayette middle school to honor a crossing guard. ashley diaz died earlier this month saving kids from a car who did not stop at the crosswalk.
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families, commu commu commu comu students all turned out to tribute to diaz. he lived in san francisco and worked in i.t. he crossed the bay to help out at stanley when he found out they were short on guards. it was his childhood school and friends say it was his way of giving back to the community he grew up >>. in the south bay, san jose leaders will issue a formal apology to the chinese community for injustice beginning centuries ago, tackling issues of race and social justice is key to building a better bay area. amanda del castillo you learns how acknowledging history is hoping the community heal. >> the city of henn jose was once home to a total of five china towns. chinatown deliberately set on fire in 1887. 1400 people were displaced and given no option to rebuild. >> on the city said no, it is a vile community and we don't want it downtown.
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>> present day, leaders are asking for apology, -- the chinese historical and cultural projects says even centuries later, the community is finding itself in another stretch of anti-asian hate. she commends today's city leaders for stepping up. >> with the environment we see today, it is an important step to acknowledge the wrongs of the past, but trying to see if we can move forward. >> we need to recognize accountability helps heal these wounds. >> an important part of growing in a multicultural society like today's san jose. the resolution to be voted on tuesday addresses chinese immigrants and their descendants. >> it is appropriate every generation we do this, we remember this. tragically, these lessons are lost from one generation to another. even more tragically, history repeats itself. >> at the former fairmont hotel, the site of the second market street chinatown, a plaque.
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what does ian t t was an awakening for me. >> commending the tragedy 100 years later. following tuesday's city council meeting, there will be a special ceremony wednesday, with prominent chinese leaders in the community acknowledging and accepting that apology. in san jose, amanda del castillo. >> when it comes to issues of race and social justice, abc7 news is helping you take action. check out our list of resources on how to find your ally at abc7 >> we are getting an up close look at the high-priority mission in the sequoia national park to save some of the oldest trees in existence from fire. crews lead cameras into one of the sequoia groves, threatened by the kmp complex fire. the park service reassures us none has suffered damage. the governor plans to visit tomorrow to sign legislation aimed at preventing these
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wildfires. the fire has burned more than 28,000 acres. there is no containment. >> drought researchers in california are getting tough on trees to come up with the breed water.vive with very little plant breeders are testing water tolerance measures. this almond orchard in the sacramento valley is a university research facility. researchers call it the torture orchard. they are stress testing 20 different varieties and 30,000 seedling trees to learn how much they can withstand. >> some cases, it has been surprising how smart those trees are and they can avoid that stress by rooting deeper into that wet soil, if there is wet soil. >> researchers hope the lessons they learn cannot only apply to agriculture, but also landscaping.
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in the east bay, a birthday wish from president obama for betty reeves hoskin, who turned 100. she's the oldest natural park ranger, a beloved richmond resident, author, and civil-rights activist. in honor of her milestone, a school was named after her. >> it means a number of children will go into the world knowing who i was. and what i was doing here. maybe it will make a difference. >> i'm sure it will. she now works via zoom at the rosie the riveter museum sharing her experience as a black woman working during world war ii as a file clerk in a segregated union hall. what a life she has lived so far. >> so far. an inspiration to all of us. happy birthday to her. meteorologist sandy patel is here. >> beautiful weather today for
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the celebration. n. a cooler start. i want to show you a time lapse. fog rolling in, sea breeze came in. temperatures came down as much as 20 degrees. such a beautiful view of our natural ac that we see around this time of year. we will see a change in the patterns. high-pressure building and behind the low that brought us cooler weather. winds will switch more offshore. we are already starting to see the change in the winds. down sloping wind is a very dry wind. it will pick up about 25, 30 miles an hour in the northbay hills. around this time of year, with record dry fuels, exceptional drought, the concern is fire danger. no warnings posted, but remain vigilant. the same wind will kick temperatures up. we will see them by lunch hour in the 80's, 90's.
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60's co-sides the fog lingers. upper 90's into the afternoon. we will see hazy skies with the northeasterly wind dragging smoke from the northern california fires. if you are sensitive to smoke, limit your time outside. it will carry over into friday. the fog is in. visibility starting to drop. something to watch out for in the morning. moderate air quality. saturday and sunday will be good for many parts of the bay area as it cools off. looking at the fog and across 80, visibility is fine. fog along the coast. hazy and heating up in the afternoon in the inland valleys. cooler and more of a late fall feel. live doppler 7 showing fog near the beaches. temperatures have dropped nicely in the 50's and 60's. good sleeping weather tomorrow afternoon. -- tomorrow morning. upper 40's to the mid 60's.
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fog will be thick as it begins to compress. watch out commuting in the morning. hazy and hot inland. 98 in fairfield. 80 in oakland. low 90's from san raphael to thunderosa. 88 in san jose. next week, i want to show you something interesting. tuesday, chance of rain. it will help the firefighters in northern california. we are watching for potential for wet weather. gusty in the hills, heat spikes, hazy with the heat. for the weekend, dropping temperatures. it will be noticeable going into next week when you have 70's inland. 60's co-side. chance of some wet weather. >> that is exciting. >> one of the bay area's most legendary restaurants saying it doesn't do indoor dining until next year. how
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the restaurant has delayed reopening until next year. in an instagramheiowamplicated e attributed to concerns about covid and ramifications. the restaurant had been set to open in october. the new goal early next year. take out and a sunday market. >> if you are interested in the bay area's other best restaurants, the newest list of restaurants. 20 bay area restaurants made the list. all offer a full meal with desert about $40 or left. a full list of website larry more interested in the eight dollars and less. >> who doesn't like a good bargain? another late night. >> nobody loves a four hour
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>> sports on is sponsored by your local toyota dealers. >> the giants turned to scott kazmir. 37-year-old pitcher cut by the team in june. winning a silver medal. rejoins the giants, starting in san diego. the gamer geezers dressed for success in socal. kris bryant, bases-loaded. he unloads them with a three run double. 3-0 giants. the early lead. look at this play by brandon crawford. m.v.p.. the piro at to get wil myers. he was like yes. camilo doval with the bases loaded.
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double play to escape. lamonte wade jr. highlight rvr single. giants busted open and hanging on for dear life. adding to their lead atop the west. the dodgers lost. dodgers in colorado. a sam hillyer. here it comes, there it goes. rthe rockies win 10-5 -- there he goes. the rockies win 10-5. looks a little bit heavy. bob melvin frustrated. he is out of here. a lot of frustration for the a's. top up for kyle seeger takes cole irvin. 1-0. a's kind of circling the drain right now. that is gone. seattle would build a 3-0 lead. a's with only one run all night. in front of about 4000 fans. max chapman with his 27th. junior drove 750 miles to see him. the a's falling.
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the sharks open training camp tomorrow. evander kane will not be there. he was just cleared on gambling accusations made by his estranged wife. the league is looking into domestic abuse allegations, so he will not take part in training camp. joe lake is just got signed 50 -- find $50,000 for saying he did not want to trade for ben simmons. he did not even mention him by name, but the league considered it tampering. tampering with agents and gm's behind closed doors. he wants out of philly, but not a good fit on the warriors. abc7
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>> that is going to do it for tonight. thank you for watching. >> for all of us, we appreciate your time. julianne moore on jimmy kimmel.
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>> oh, yeah. >> i will be buying a ticket there. >> the whole thing about lightning never striking twice. it has there. >> $3 million and $4 million. i'll take it. i mean, it's not $400 million, but it's also not nothing, which is currently what i'm getting. coming up, america's oldest park ranger who just turned 100 years old. plus the dramatic police body cam video showing officers desperately trying to free this little girl's head from that railing. the intense search for brian laundrie. the area officials are zeroing in on. you're watching "world news now."
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