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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 23, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> you must mandate vaccination. >> parents can choose to vaccinate or not. >> we just became the california to require vaccinations for students. the latest from overnight. kumasi: protection for the most vulnerable americans. getting covid-19 booster shots to vulnerable groups. reggie: backlash against the biden administration about migrants. kumasi: also this morning, a high-tech pet robot. the machine that will follow you around just like a dog. we will explain. reggie: now. kumasi: getaway. unless you have snacks. reggie: why do we need a robot dog? go down to your local shelter.
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good morning on september 23. kumasi: we want to start with a ofur forect with mike. mike: hi, everybody. friday eve. is the first full day of autumn on the calendar. you can see the marine layer is back, but it is very shallow. it is about 1000 feet pete -- 1000 feet. this will chase away and bring us a lot of sunshine before high clouds roll in. we have a little bit to talk about. you're waking up to cooler conditions this morning. 50's, but clouds are gone by this afternoon. 70's around the bay, 80's inland. thankfully, the high clouds will keep us from overheating too much as we reach 70 in san francisco and near 80 for the rest of the bay. cooler. i will see you and a bit with the 70 forecast. kumasi: this morning, students
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in oakland are gearing up for a big change in school. they will soon be required be vaccinated for cover 19 if they are eligible. school board made that decision in a meeting that lasted until early morning. amy: they didn't take this vote until after midnight. it has motivated a lot of discussion. the oakland school board voted to be the first in northern california to require students to get the covid vaccine. it was a 5-1 vote. there will be exemptions allowed for medical and personal belief reasons. if a student is not vaccinated, they will face a weekly covid test. before the vote, the board heard from supporters and opponents of the plan. >> please, vaccinate and make it a mandate. it is a simple mandate to preserve our community. >> i'm opposed to vaccine mandates. parents and students must have the choice of whether or not to
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the vaccine. amy: oakland will be the first school district in northern california to have passed a vaccine requirement for students. l.a. has passed a similar requirement. oakland still has to figure out the details of how to implement this new rule. they need to give students time to go and get that vaccine. in the city of oakland, only 54% of kids ages 12 through 17 are vaccinated. they have not said when this will be in effect, but the superintendent says it likely won't be enforced before january. life in the newsroom, any hollywood -- amy hollyfield. kumasi: all eligible students will be required to get vaccine doses by december. reggie: the fda has third shot for senior citizens and other high-risk groups. health experts believe the booster shot provides more
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protection for the most vulnerable. jobina: the cdc meets today to talk about exactly who gets the shots and when. the director is expected to lay out the full guidelines by tomorrow. yesterday, the fda acting commissioner gave an example of who the agency has in mind for the shot. when it comes to high-risk, the list includes health care workers, teachers, child day care staff, grocery workers, people in homeless shelters, among others. here is a doctor, a member of our vaccine team. >> hopefully, the director will come out on friday and get final wreck dacians about who is on high-risk and who needs the vaccine booster shots. we need more data and need to wait. jobina: americans who received moderna and johnson & johnson will also after wait a few weeks for approval from the federal government. we should note about 2 million americans will copper must mean systems already have been cleared for visors booster
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shots. kumasi: a pop-up covid vaccination clinic has returned to the largest church in oakland. it will be putting shots and arms starting today. it's his video from another vaccination event at the church. ier thr, thep clinic -- actuall actuall actuat opened today through saturday from 10:00 to three clock. online, tv stations are holding an online town hall. dr. anthony fauci will be answering questions about scenes, booster shots, mandates, and more. it will also be offering guidance on issues like talking to vaccine hesitant family and friends. you can watch what's new and what's next on our streaming app or on reggie: the biden administration is facing bipartisan backlash about the migrant crisis at the
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border. despite repeated assertions they would be expelled from the country, roughly 5000 -- 5000 migrants remain under a bridge in l real, texas. -- del rio, texas. >> this is well about the numbers i'm asking for. you don't know how many have been returned, how may have been released into the u.s. reggie: home and secured officials did really some of those numbers. 400 haitian nationals have been returned to haiti on 12 different flights on sunday. on sunday, another 3200 are custody awaiting expulsion. kumasi: many here say th stunned by the images coming from the u.s.-mexico border this week. they say migrants are acting out of desperation, fleeing poverty, disease, and lack of
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opportunity, trying to find a better life in america. >> there is no unity, no respect, like a human being, like everybody should be. it is like we lost out. >> let that speak to your humanity and you should speak to your representatives and tell them how outraged you are at these first injustices are occurring before us. kumasi: representative barbara lee says the country needs to support patients in terms of the process and not treat them differently than we are treating the afghans or other migrants who are coming to america. reggie: $15 billion. that's how much the state is putting toward fighting climate change. the legislation will be signed in sequoia national park this morning at the site of the kmp complex fire. it will be used to fight wildfires, support drought response, promote sustainability, and protect other committees from extreme risks like heat and rising sea levels.
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this comes as we are getting an up close look at the mission to save some of the oldest trees in sequoia national park. the complex is currently threatening that part. the park service says so far, none of the historic trees have suffered damage. the fire has burned more than 20,000 acres and there is no containment. kumasi: drought researchers in california are getting tough on trees come up with a breed that can survive with little water. plant breeders are testing water tolerance measures created by a uc davis professor. this almond orchard and the sacrament of valley is a research facility. researchers call it the torture orchard. they are stress testing 20 different varieties and 30,000 seedling trees to learn how much they can withstand. >> in some cases, it has been quite surprising how smart those trees are and they can kind of avoid that stress by reading deeper into that wet soil, if there is wet soil. kumasi: researchers hope the
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lessons they learn cannot only apply to agriculture, but also to landscaping. reggie: check out the spectacular time lapse of the full moon rising behind the iconic bay bridge. a san francisco based photographer capture these stunning images on monday. he shared a caption along with the video saying it was a perfect clear sky. we rarely get that during san francisco summers. that is a special effect. kumasi: that did not look like that to me. what moon was i looking at? [laughter] kumasi: that is still pretty. mike: he really teed that one up. double digits, collude than yesterday. let's start in our neighborhoods. we will go to the east bay, where we have 52 in san ramon. a lot of low to middle 50's
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can see the clear sky from our walnut creek camera. a little bit of fog developing across the north bay. look at napa, 46 degrees. down the road, 57. middle to upper 50's along the bayshore and down to the south bay. how are inlet east bay valleys are going to be some of our hottest temperatures. 61 at 8:00, but 82 binding. low to middle 90's from 1:00 all the way through at least 6:00, then dropping down to 80 at 8:00. definitely a little warm if you're going out for an evening stroll. if you are at home, ac is most lightly needed. hot cars and hot pavement if you're going to be out. good news, air quality is going to be moderate on this abnormally warm day. cooler air on the way, cleaner air is on the way for your outdoor activities. i will show you the temptress coming up in the accuweather 7 day forecast. get that check of traffic with enough. jobina: we are just right here.
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look at the fog on the north bay. look what i put on my graphic for people who are writing along 101. you may run into that low visibility. a light picture here in emeryville, showing off headlights traveling westbound. this is our busiest corridor right now. i wanted to bring in a live picture of the golden gate bridge because it looks very different from yesterday. i also want to ask you,ou,ou,ou, been enjoying walking or biking along just to drive? it has been closed since the beginning of the pandemic. the question is if it should remain that way. we ask the regulation -- we asked the rec launched a campait community feedback. there will be to camp -- there we to events on september 30 and october 3.
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reggie: i hiring push today ahead of the halloween -- holiday season. what you need to know if you're looking for a job. ku
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kumasi: an east bay community came together to honor a crossing guard. the 45-year-old died earlier this month saving kids from a car that didn't stop at a crosswalk. ♪ kumakumakumakumakumakumakumakuma members, and students at stanley middle school all showed up for the celebration of life yesterday. the crossing guard worked in i.t., but he went to stanley when he found out they were short of crossing guards. friends say this was his way of giving back reggie: reggie: to the committee where he grew up. new tay tales about a shootout in oakland. an officer wounded and the suspect also shot. this happened yesterday morning when police are spotted to a man acting erratically.
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this was at 21st street and telegraph avenue. the officer was shot almost as soon as police arrived. >> this is a sober reminder of how dangerous it is in the city of oakland. >> we came within a hair's but of losing two police officers today. these officers responded to a citizens call and are essentially ambushed. reggie: a complete say to officers returned fire, then the suspect ran into an apartment lobby the man stepped himself several times before he surrendered. but the officer and suspect are expected to survive. all week, we have had extensive coverage of the crime legging oakland. we have already passed 100 homicides this year. kumasi: san francisco are planning tobat retail theft in the city. there are viral videos like this one that was shot by our reporter leanne melendez. this was inside a walgreens in
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san francisco. any of these videos show thieves grabbing merchandise inside stores and then just running away. and a renewed crackdown, the police department will be expanding its retail crime unit from two to six full ambassadors. they will put retired police officers in commercial corridors to determine crime. -- to deter crime. >> there has to be consequences because we can't continue to allow what we see as lawlessness continue to dominate our city. kumasi: also, when you report tell theft online, there will not be a section to include a suspect description. the police chief says the information will be key to helping and best gators. reggie: amazon is reportedly going high-tech in its planned open to permit stores. wall street journals as possible plans include you using your close -- your phone to pick out
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close to try on, then workers going to get them. the source could open it soon as next year. kumasi: happening today, fedex is holding a national hiring event. the company plans to fill more than 3700 or -- cops right here in the bay area. the positions include package handlers, drivers, and other support positions. many seasonal hires may become a full-time job opportunities. the jumper is being held in tracy at the fedex is to be should center on could wait from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. you can also apply online at reggie: youtube is allowing people to download videos directly to their desktop. people who often should be able to see a download option. kumasi: let's talk about this.
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this small robot that will fully around like a dog and carrier thanks. -- carrie your things. can carry up to 20 pounds of cargo for more than 20 miles. users can store the items they want in the robot and then the robot uses a bunch of cameras and sensors to follow you around. it will be available in the u.s. starting october 15 and it is going to cost $1800. reggie: for $1800, i will fall you around. i want that. mike: your personal sherpa. kumasi: what is going to stopop someone from picking up the robot and going down the street with all my stuff? mike: maybe a security code or something. kumasi: but then what? mike: don't compare it to a dog. to me, it is a rolling color that i could use at the beach or the park. reggie: that's what that is.
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kumasi: you are so positive. mike: don't spell. [laughter] reggie: just carrier stuff. kumasi: get a backpack or big purse. mike: don't be lazy. partly cloudy today. we will go from low clouds to high clouds. heat spikes today as offshore breezes develop. now, it will feel more like fall as the onshore breeze rushes in and takes control. next week, a couple cold front will bring our temperatures below average. a slight chance of showers in the north bay and parts of week. the lows from yesterday is moving on. the high pressures building in and the pressure between the two is what is bringing us the offshore breeze. because of that, it will be much warmer today. let's take a look at the numbers. south bay, 85, 86. some 90's sprinkled throughout.
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77 in san bruno. everyone else around 86 degrees. we will have our sunshine at the coast as low clouds will be chased away. the high clouds will keep you right around 70, middle 70's for downtown. low to middle 90's through the north bay with high clouds and sunshine. along the east bay, 76 at richmond, 80 at oakland, 86 in fremont. it will still warm up into the middle and upper 90's. if you're going to the game, they really need your help. we lost three in a row and are following -- falling further hide. -- falling further behind. temperatures tonight in the 50's and 60's. you can see the onshore breeze taking over as we head into friday and especially saturday, which is our last warmer than average day. next week, cooler. it will finally feel like fall. kumasi: thank you.
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coming up, the seven things you need to know this morning. reggie: can you guess the top the artist? kumasi: a happy birthday
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. it's official, the oakland school district will be requiring students to be vaccinated against cover 19. the school board voted in favor of amended overnight. exemptions are allowed for medical and personal belief reasons. if a student is not vaccinated, they will have to get a weekly cover test. reggie: number two, the fda has authorized pfizer shot for high-risk citizens and senior groups. the cdc will meet today to talk about who gets a shot and win. the cdc director is expected to lay out the full guidelines by tomorrow. kumasi: number three, the former secretary of defense testified in the trial of elizabeth holmes. in hindsight, he is as appointed by her lax -- her lack of transparency. reggie: it will it will it willl
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billion to fight wildfires to respond to drought and provide to send ability across the state. mike: are you ready for warm weather? i know it is full day of autumn, but we will be three to 12 degrees warmer than average. kumasi: -- jobina: n n n n n so far your drive is looking good this morning. kumasi: harry and meghan markle are in new york city. their meeting with the mayor and the new governor this morning i had at their appearance at the global citizen live event on saturday. >> happy birthday. reggie: had a birthday she will not forget. this is president obama wishing
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her a happy 100. she is the country's oldest national park ranger and she is a beloved richmond resident, author, and civil rights activist. in honor of her milestone, a school in elsa brontë is now renamed after her. >> it means that a number of children will go into the world knowing who i was. and what i am doing here. maybe it will make a difference. reggie: she now works via zoom at a museum sharing her extents as a black woman working during world war ii as a file clerk and a soaker grated in hall. when asked the secret to her long life, she couldn't pinpoint one thing, but genetics certainly plays a role. her mom lived to be 101. her grandmother, who was born a slave in 1856 lived to be 102.
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-- love to see her. is there an artist you're most excited to see in person this fall? apparently harry styles is the answer for most. ♪ reggie: the popstar is currently on tour and coming to california in november. luke combs is number two and the rolling stones are coming in third. on the musical festival front, the electric daisy carnival in las vegas is the most in demand, followed by san francisco's outside lands. don't have tickets. kumasi: i can't go. i've made peace with it. rihanna has been working on her next album. she says you're not going to expect what you hear. ♪ kumasi: since you last released an album with this kit on it, work.
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she is taking time to experiment, so her next album is going to sound a bit different. there is no release date, so we can get you to excited, but she is been busy. she is not only creating music, developing her fashion career and fashion show. it drops tomorrow on amazon prime. the last one was good. did you see it? reggie: i didn't see the last one, but i saw the real that she has coming up for this one. everyone is there. kumasi: there were a lot of people last year too, so i don't who is there this year. it's going to be good. reggie: whatever she serves as music wise, -- kumasi: you don't care. reggie: i will be eating it up with the big spoon. she could be chanting and i think chanting is hot. that's what we do, we do chanting. [laughter] reggie: celebrating
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the trend experts are expecting this year. kumasi: an apology that has b this is a gamechanger, who dares to be fearless even when her bladder leaks. our softest, smoothest fabric keeping her comfortable,
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protected, and undeniably sleek. depend. the only thing stronger than us, is you. (vo) single-serve fancy feast petites are just for her. just the right size. just the right gourmet flavor. no artificial preservatives or colors. just what she needs. just what you want. fancy feast petites. love is in the details.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: now mandate debate. there has been a decision in the east bay. details coming overnight from oakland unified's plan to require students to get the shot. kumasi: a witness just came forward on the gabby petito case. reggie: testimony from the former secretary of defense on elizabeth holmes. kumasi: a bunch of new bay area restaurants have just been recognized by the michelin guides. we will take you to the places you want to try next. reggie: good morning.
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where life right now on hulu live and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to start with a check of our forecast. mike: happy friday, everybody. i want to take it to the north bay and show you what's going on. fog. of inhales, it is warm with an offshore breeze come of that is capping the atmosphere and putting a lot of moisture into the valley. visibility is down to less than one quarter of a mile. it will be that way through the better part of the morning commute. you can see a nice blanket of clouds at about 1000 feet sitting on top of most of the bay. it will not translate into our east bay neighborhoods. the offshore breezes will chase away the low clouds. even at the coast, wilsey a lot of breaking of the clouds. look at what comes in along the high clouds. we have 66 and 84. 84 around the bay, 94 and lent. definitely an ac day.
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this is almost a one off. we will take a look at some really cool weather coming up in the accuweather 7 a forecast. reggie: oakland unified canal saves one of the first in the bay area to require everyone eligible, including students, to be vaccinated. any for holyfield is here with how this played out. amy: it was a long night. oakland school board ended up voting 5-1 to require all students 12 and older to be vaccinated against covid. those who aren't musket tested every week for the virus. they heard from parents who said parents should get to make that decision, not the school board. here is a sample of the support they heard for the mandate. >> our city and country needs strong leadership on the side of truth and science. vaccination is a must, not an issue to be vacillating around. every day that you make vaccines
5:33 am
mandatory and are not there, the higher the number of infections in our county. amy: the board agreed to allow for medical and personal belief exemptions. they also agreed to give this some time so they can work on outreach, a plan to implement this enmity -- this mandate, and time for kids to get the shots. about 54% of oakland children are fully vaccinated. they did not say when this will go into effect, but the superintendent said it would not be for january. life in the newsroom, any holyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: as police try to piece together what happened to gabby petito, another witness has come forward in his case. she claims she has seen gabby and her boyfriend back in august, when the couple was being kicked out of a restaurant in wyoming. jobina: nina says she vividly remembers the couple sitting next to her family -- she posted
5:34 am
on his to graham saying it appeared gabby and brian were being kicked out of the restaurant and gabby got aggressive with -- brian got aggressive with the staff. >> she was standing out on the sidewalk and crying and he walked in and out several times, screaming at people. jobina: the managers have contacted the fbi. nina told gma that his level of anger was unwarranted. >> whether they were displeased with the food or whatever, it still doesn't seem like that much anger is worth something like that. in that moment, gabby reminded me a lot of how she seemed and that bodycam video of the cops. she just seemed distraught. she was being apologetic toward the restaurant staff for his behavior. she wanted to diffuse the situation. kept saying let's go, but she
5:35 am
was visibly upset and crying. you could feel his temper. he was angry. he was passed off. jobina: you can watch more of this interview on gma. the restaurant incident happened on august 27. last text sent from gabby to her mom was on august 30. brian returned home in september alone. they're still trying to locate him. reggie: the former secretary of defense just testified in the fraud trial of elizabeth holmes. that trial is currently underway in san jose. >> and this morning's gma's first look, a new twist in the trial of elizabeth holmes. the former secretary of defense, better known by his name mad dog mattis, taking the stand on wednesday.
5:36 am
he testified that holmes personally pricked his finger to demonstrate the technology and said she was aggressive about trying to work with the department of defense, something that never came to be even though she allegedly claimed it did. he has since distanced himself from elizabeth holmes, coming his home -- calling his involvement a mistake during a 2019 interview on pbs. >> it was obviously a mistake on my part to be part of it. >> what's up next and the trial and for elizabeth holmes? it's all coming up at 7 a.m. with your gmail first look. -- gma first look. reggie: new episodes come out every tuesday. kumasi: people in one san francisco neighborhood are demanding action this morning to deal with this. hundreds of rvs parked along the permit or of candle stick park. they said there fed up with the waste, trash, and needles littering the streets.
5:37 am
there are unhappy with the proposal from the government to deal with this. residents the plan will further marginalize an already struggling community. the san francisco supervisor for that district says the btc would address residents growing concerns. >> it's clear that the city's policies are to move this problem into the bayview. >> 24 hour security, restaurants, wraparound services, and the ultimate goal is to connect them to long-term housing. kumasi: the supervisor says there will be additional community meetings about this and then it will go to the board of supervisors for a vote. reggie: the epa will announce a new rule today to drastically reduce the amount of pollution we put into the air. the agency plans to limit the manufacture of hfcs.
5:38 am
these are highly potent greenhouse gases used in river traders and air-conditioners. meeting these will reduce emissions by about 4.5 billion that are tons of carbon dioxide by 2050. that's equal to nearly years of admissions from the u.s. power sector. abc 7 is dedicated to all issues in combating climate change and the solutions to help build a better bay area. you can see more of our climate watch coverage on our bay area connected tv at and you can download that wherever you stream. kumasi: a former apology centuries in the making. the past wrongs san jose leaders are acknowledging. reggie: you don't have to fork over a lot of money to get great food at a great price. san francisco restaurants named on a brand-new michelin guide. mike: it looks like i need to make reservations early. let's look down at the south bay. low clouds moving across.
5:39 am
we are looking at 280 and 17. 75 up in the hills. you can see the warm air is working right above the marine layer. that is white temperatures will hang in the 50's for the better part of the morning commute we have 50 in napa. 54 in san francisco. as far as the south bay, our bay average high is 80. we will already be there by noon. you can see the mid to upper 80's from 1:00 all the way through 6:00, even with low clouds giving away to high clouds and sunshine. it will be about 73 during the evening hours. once a sunsets, it will feel pretty good. all of us yellow today, moderate, which is still healthy air. you can see on the forecast that we will stay pre-much in the blue all day today, maybe a little bit higher in northern napa and solano counties. there is not an alert or advisory. even tomorrow, we will start to
5:40 am
get cleaner air. how about a look at what is going on as far as your commute? with issues to deal with, and that is the fog in debate. jobina: aside from the fog, everything is looking pretty nice. no blocking issues, no advisories coming in. this is a live look at the san mateo bridge. things are moving at the limit in both directions and traffic isn't building for people that are making their way toward the peninsula right now. bringing in oakland 880 for reference. carling southbound, eggs are looking nice there. the fog. that is the big story this morning. coming out of santa rosa, along 101, make
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kumasi: in the south bay, san jose leaders will soon be issuing a formal apology to the chinese community for injustices that started centuries ago. tackling issues of racial -- race and social justice is key to building a better bay area. san jose was once home to five china towns. the most well-known was the 2nd street chinatown, which was deliberately set on fire in 1887. 1400 people were displaced and given no option to rebuild. today's city leaders are asking for forgiveness. >> with the environment we are seeing today, this is an important step, to acknowledge the wrongs of the past. trying to see if we can afford. >> it's appropriate that every generation, we do this, that we remember this, because tragically, these lessons are lost from one generation to another. even more tragically, history does repeat itself. kumasi: a resolution to be voted
5:44 am
on tuesday addresses chinese immigrants and their descendant. there will be a special ceremony on wednesday with prominent chinese leaders in the community acknowledging and accepting this apology. when it comes to issues of race and social justice, bc seven is helping you to take action. you can check out our list of resources on how you can find an ally and be an ally. go to our website reggie:. initial unemployment claims are moving in the wrong direction. the u.s. labor apartment just released its weekly jobless report. 351 thousand unemployment claims were filed last week. that's an increase of 16,000 from revised numbers from the prior week. economists expected free hundred 20,000 new claims. continuing claims also increased to more than 2.8 4 million. that's about 103,000 more than the revised numbers from last week. kumasi: for the second year in
5:45 am
the row, the fremont festival of arts is not happening. it was set to take place this weekend, but the chamber of commerce called it o baucerns o n hardngafy often draws more than 300,000 people. a famed berkeley restaurant has delayed reopening its dining room until next year. and instagram post is complicated. it was set to open in october. the new goal is early next year. the restaurant also do takeout and a sunday market. reggie: michelin star restaurant quality on a budget. nearly two dozen local restaurants are being recognized for their delicious meals available for $40 or less. this is a michelin guide award. restaurants all over the bay area make a list. here are two of the spots in the
5:46 am
south bay. >> after a year off, the michelin guide announced 40 54 months across the bay area. >> always wonderful to be recognized. we work very hard, care about what we do. we take no shortcuts here. the level of family and the people that are employed here is deep. it will mail moloch for them. >> to be eligible, yet to get a two course meal for around $40. the people on this list in 2001 teacher the best people with the best food at the best price. a taco truck in redwood city rings a taste of authentic mexican flavors to the bay area. >> we couldn't five anything like this, authentic. that's why we decided to bring this here. >> there is never a shortage of people lining up for the food
5:47 am
and i, of course, had to try out a famous dish myself. that is so delicious. you can taste the freshness in the meat and flavors, all from a food truck. it is under three dollars. not too bad. ending up on this list doesn't happen by accident. it takes a certain amount of heart and pride to bring the best food to our area, even after such a difficult year on restaurants in 2020. they continue to do their best for them selves in the community. >> it such an honor that we pulled together, stay together, and focused to make a high-quality product as we were going out to tracks and we got an amazing level of support from the community, giving us even more energy to make us want to stay here and be here. >> next time you're in the south bay, you know what to do. reggie: yum!. you can find the fullest in thii
5:48 am
map on our website, i'm just looking at some. kumasi: all i know ist cover tt bay, so i think we should go to horn barbecue. reggie: have you gone? kumasi: haven't been, but i have had their food. i got to eat at an event. i'm volunteering for that assignment. mike: even with our off-hours? kumasi: it's so good. i'm happy there on the list. reggie: i want to go to this tumbling home. mike: that sounds comforting. reggie: we will work on this. mike: i think there's one in the area i live, so i will cover that one. we will come back after the weekend and talk about it. here's a look at oakland in the coliseum. lights still on there. a day game today. temperatures will be warming near 80, so be ready for that.
5:49 am
no clouds, no mist, no drizzle. the morning clouds will be chased away by a morning breeze that is developing right now and some high clouds that will come in on that. today is our hottest afternoon in the 70 forecast. tonight, it will be a little bit milder than this morning with low and high clouds hanging out. this we can remains dry, while our afternoon temperatures finally topple down to autumn like levels. not today, though. 82 in san jose, 84 in cupertino. we dropped down to 77 in sa bruno. we will be near 70 along the coast today. .ow 70's for downtown eryonels around 90 to 96 degrees through our northbay valleys. upper 70's hercules and berkeley. everyone else in the east bay, 80 to 86.
5:50 am
inland, upper 90's. around the state, if you head into the san joaquin valley, unhealthy air quality, so be careful if you have to travel through there. coming back home, you can see to temperatures tonight will be in the low 50's to low 60's. the heat will hold inland tomorrow, while 60's and 70's take over the coast and bay. we will break out of the 90's and eventually break out of the 80's tuesday, with a slight chance of showers across the northbay. reggie: thank you. a lot of people are planning to get into the halloween spirit this year. the national retail federation says the spending on halloween items is expected to reach an all-time high. $10.1 billion. that's up for more than $8 billion last year. an estimate at six he percent of americans say they plan to enjoy some sort of halloween activities. it is close to pre-pandemic levels. kumasi: new at 6:00, a
5:51 am
devastating three days is now over. a police department just returned a priceless gift to its owner. reggie: troubling depictions on social media. ask birds talking about tiktok and how it may lead to alcohol abuse in young kids. kumasi: ahhh. beautiful day in baltimore
5:52 am
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reggie: now to a parenting alert about tiktok and alcohol. a new study takes a look about how bringing is glorified on the social media app. researchers looked at 100 of the most popular tiktok videos with the #alcohol. rachel simmons is talking about this on gmail. popular videos of underaged ringing is sending a troubling message. >>ing underage
5:54 am
like this becomes normalized and it is so dangerous. it causes damages physically and emotionally. reggie: she has pertaining this isn't happening is not an option. parents have to talk with their kids. you can watch a full report on tiktok, alcohol, and your kids right here on gma. kumasi: olympic gold medalist dickey says -- olivia lee dickey -- the seven-time all the seven-time olivia gold medalist spent the last five years down on the farm, where she worked with u.s. national team coach while earning a psychology degree. she plans to serve as a volunteer assistant coach on the gators staff. reggie: where clarifying questions about colors on the seats of its new train cars. they want 49ers fans to have no doubts.
5:55 am
they created this helpful graphic showing that the seats are in fact not the exact colors of the seattle seahawks. the tweet even takes a shot at the niners rivals in l.a., saying if we really wanted loser colors, we would go with the rams. kumasi: so shady. reggie: they respondedespondedeo tweet with a gift that just says rude. i really love the new trains, but i don't know about the colors. mike: just along as they are clean. kumasi: that's the truth. reggie: not to clean. mike: not even the new ones? kumasi: the new windsor pre-clean. mike: it sounds like we have a lot to talk about. we will circle back to it. look at this.
5:56 am
pretty toasty around 6:00. still kind of warm, 75 to 85 at 9:00. no real change around the state. looking at our reservoir, some continue to drop. compared to average for the state, compared to their capacity, we are still dropping and places like trinity. we only 12% in san luis. it could be a long couple of months. kumasi: thank. at 6:00, a single color has been crowned color of the year for 2022. it could be your next favorite shade. we are exciting the reason behind the selection. reggie: plus booster shot next steps. awaiting a decision on who was first in line. one vaccine team expert is explaining the key things to look forward -- to look for kumasi: kumasi: going forward. a crisis at the mexico border.
5:57 am
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building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: right now at mandate while you are asleep. one of the biggest districts dis needing more than homework and books for class.
6:00 am
>> you must mandate vaccination. >> parents can decide to vaccinate children or not. reggie: the vote perhaps now paving the way for your school district to follow. kumasi: first, just stop and enjoy this. san francisco showing out. look at the moon. great way to wake up this thursday. reggie: honestly looks like something from lucasfilms but it is real. i am stunned. [laughter] good morning this thursday, you are watching abc 7 news, you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. mike: good morning. great when we can harvest beautiful video like that. unfortunately it is not easy to see the moon in the north land. the coastal valleys socked in with fog.


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