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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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tomorrow walgreens says people eligible for the shots can schedule appointments starting tomorrow as well and several bay area counties announcing they're ready to go some may bring back those mass vaccination sites that we saw earlier this year abc 7. reporter stephanie sierra is tracking new developments. she's in the newsroom for steph yes, dan the last major work group meeting has just wrapped up before the state will finalize its implementation of sea guidance and we're told covid booster shots will likely be rolling out across most bay area counties by next week and for some pharmacies like cvs starting today. in the final stretch of the covid booster timeline, california just hours away from adopting the cdc's guidance giving the green light to counties across the state recommendations. i'm sure will be provided to the respective governors over the next you know, 24 hours stanford infectious disease physician, dr. grace lee is a voting member on the cdc's advisory committee
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on immunization practices. the state is moving forward with a plan that will advise counties how distribution will work to prioritize anyone 65 and older long-term care facility residents and people with under medical conditions or who are at high risk, like healthcare workers high risk can be interpreted as a pretty broad category. does this mean essentially anyone who feels at risk can go and get the shot my understanding at this moment. is that similar to what's been done in the past? it'll be self attestation at most sites self attestation means you don't need a doctor's note to get a booster shot. but simply a test to the fact you meet the eligibility requirements. you see sf's chief of emergency medicine dr. maria raven. concerned some may abuse that depending on people's judgment about what their own risk is. i definitely think there's a room for people to overstuff and for it to be a little bit of a free-for-all with boosters and that may happen abc 7 confirmed all nine bay area counties will be working with medical partners to open a network of vaccination
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sites ranging from doctors offices clinics to pharmacies in san francisco the health department plans to administer 25,000 doses per week across a hundred sites. that will be within a 15 minute walk in every neighborhood. we now know the vaccine doesn't need to be stored and negative 80 degrees in a special freezer. it makes distribution much easier meantime, and we're in county a large indoor vaccination clinic is aiming to reopen by next week. it won't be a mass vaccination site. they'll be multiple people getting vaccinated again. we're aiming for 1500 people today preparations are underway to reopen the san mateo county event center as a mass site within days if smaller run clinics become overwhelmed in of the matter of a few days most counties anticipate peak demand will last for about a month as health departments work to get doses to those eligible groups, but dr. lee really stressed. there's no need to rush out today to get a shot if you're not past that six-month mark of your second dose among those priority groups and thankfully
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for this rollout. supply here locally will not be an issue stephanie sierra abc 7 news. yeah, steph can let's talk a little bit more about the self attestation. strict are these clinics and pharmacies actually going to be you know, dan. this is not very strict. we know even before. for this guidance came out people have already been getting additional doses at local pharmacies or directly with their provider, but dr. lee was quick to point out the list of what's considered high risk is going to be continuing to change and that the bottom line is if you feel you are at risk, whatever your situation may be you can just show up and of that and we'll get the shot. hey, tristan. all right, stephanie. thank you. booster shots are just beginning or have they already that's something dr. alok patel. of our abc 7 news vaccine team explained when we talked to him on abc 7 news at 4 booster shots have already been given out before. recommendations and you know, i have a feeling that these pharmacies are gonna be overrun from people who might be scared
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from the headlines not be worried about their situation and are just going to go out. i don't know if they're actually checking to see if you meet the criteria and people have already started to mix and match vaccines as well. so i think the underlying thing is that people are gonna do ultimately what they feel is best for themselves, but also we need to be focusing on the unvaccinated we're still driving cases. it's not those women vaccinated any boosters who need to focus right now. well a bizarre situation played out on the view today. there seems to be something happening here that i'm not 100% aware of can someone please a prize me of these situation? the two of you to step off for a second. okay, anna and and we're gonna be back later have okay. yes. really strange it turns out co-host sonny hostin and anna navarro. ana navarra should say both tested positive for cases of covid they had to be removed from the set moments before they were to interview vice president kamala harris as a safety precaution. harris was not loud to go on set
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and producers delayed the interview until harris could get to a remote location. save spot run valuerun valuerune you joy and to everyone and listen. i did i sunny and anna are strong women and i know they're fine, but it really also does speak to the fact that they're vaccinated and vaccines really make all the difference because otherwise we would be concerned about hospitalization. the view airs here on abc 7 at 10 am every weekday in one week, san jose is going to enforce a stricter vaccination mandate for all city employees and today there was considerable pushback about the rules abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains how the city and employees continue to work on a resolution. what do we want? when do we want it freedom choice? no more mandates a clear message from dozens of people rallying in front of san jose city hall.
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october 1st, all city employees must be vaccinated against covid-19 as a condition of their employment. the problem is is that they don't give you a choice so we have to come up and to try a toa get some of our rights back our rights have been taking away except for everyone that we don't have a choice and we're gonna be terminated because of what the government wants to do to our body? so firefighters and police officers are part of the mandate the san jose police officers association told abc 7 quote. we are an ongoing negotiations with the city over the potential catastrophic impacts to safety of san jose residents if there is a mass exodus of sworn officers, they say most city workers can be hired off the street, but it takes up to two years to train police officers. 7% of sjpd is vaccinated or in the process of think vaccinated
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91% of firefighters and all other city employees already submitted their proof of vaccination. despite the opposition the city says they are moving forward with their mandate. it's important to know that the reason why we're doing this is to keep our workforce and our community safe from covid. essential that we be able to provide services to our community without having an outbreak san jose will use a staggered disciplinary system starting october 1st, so they won't lose too many employees at once in san jose dustin dorsey abc 7 news. and if you have any questions about covid-19 vaccines you can ask them of our vaccine team. just go to abc 7 news com slash vaccine click on that big blue box you see and along with a public health crisis the covid-19 pandemic of course is also created an economic crisis in the united states. weight and around the world a statewide eviction moratoriums end next week and an attempt to extend those aquariums narrowly failed in contra costa county,
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but help is still available abc 7 news reporter. ryan curry has a look at what you can do. in a tight three to two decision the contra costa county board of supervisors voted to lift the eviction moratorium put in place by the pandemic. this means on september 30th, some people who have not found rent relief could find themselves facing eviction if the state runs out of rental relief funding then there's really no protection for people who can't pay their rent. john julia was one of the supervisors who voted to keep the moratorium in place. he worries lifting the moratorium will hurt those most impacted by the pandemic. we're hard hit communities suffer greater impact, for example african-american and latino latin. next communities are harder hit by this pandemic in terms of impact on finances with resources like the emergency rental assistance program or e-wrap some board members think the moratorium is no longer needed. we're not quite there with the equilibrium. you know, we have more demand for employees in some sectors
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and fewer in others, but people can start working again. according to california's rent relief program. housing is key many californians are still in need of rental assistance in september. they are reporting a 14.8% increase in applications for rent assistance and a 17.8% increase in demand for rental funds deborah bollinger is with monument impact and helps with rental. she fears that a lot of people will be impacted by this decision in contra costa and i'm honest familiar with other counties. that money will will be running out eventually. if worse comes to worst eviction moratorium could get put back in by the board and that's something that boasts supervisors would be for they're just wanting to see what is going to happen with the pandemic, especially with winter on the way in the east bay ryan curry abc 7 news as the end of the eviction moratorium approaches 7 on your side is here to help. you can reach them on our website. just go to abc 7 news com slash 7 on your side and tonight
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michael finney joins us live with a devious new action by burglars. it appears. they've figured out how to defeat home security cameras. i'm meteoralgia sandia patel cooler weather and improving air quality is all in your weekend forecast. i'll have the details coming up. i'm leslie brinkley in bay where pricey pumpkins could give you a scare this halloween. ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. [inflammation] let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me. xiidra works differently, targeting inflammation that can cause dry eye disease. [inflammation] what's that? [inflammation] xiidra? no! it can provide lasting relief. xiidra is the only fda-approved non-steroid treatment specifically for the signs and symptoms of dry eye disease. one drop in each eye, twice a day.
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jesus took over his dad's roue when he retired after 47 year. now he's showing a new generation what recology is all about. as an employee-owned company, recology provides good-paying local jobs for san franciscans. we're proud to have built the city's recycling system from the ground up, helping to make san francisco the greenest big city in america. let's keep making a differene together. was just destroyed before dawn today. look at this a multi-car crash of the bay bridge just before 5 am. shut down three lanes sky 7 flew
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over a massive backup that extended all the way to san pablo along i-80 and into oakland on 580 and highway 24 by 7:30. all lanes reopened, but the damage was already done for the commute. look at that. we use the abc 7 news app to send out this alert warning drivers about the delay and giving them a chance to change their commute download the app now and enable push alerts so that you'll find out about breaking news like that as soon as it happens. well plan to leave a bit early if you're traveling through san francisco this evening and through the weekend tonight caltrans is closing the central freeway ramp connecting westbound interstate 80 and northbound highway 101 crews will replace a guard rail that was struck and damaged by a big rig last october the seventh street on ramp onto interstate. he will also be closed keep in mind now. this will affect traffic coming to and from the bay bridge the closure starts at 10:00 tonight and is scheduled to run five on monday morning 5 am. we're a week away from the start of october of thelloween the sct
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though might be the price of pumpkins. the pandemic has kicked off a domino effect that's affecting their availability abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley is live after talking to vendors and pumpkin patch owners today about what's happening this fall les. hi alma. yeah, it's a lot of fun to always come out to these pumpkin patches and see what there is. year though at the ones i went to today. i saw plenty of people suffer from sticker shock in some cases $40 $50 pumpkins much more they said than last year and that's the problem. you can blame it on the drought the pandemic and the lack of workers. one don't be startled if youf yu find a shortage of pumpkins this halloween season and knowing you might be haunted by higher prices, marty martinez has been buying pumpkins for 25 years at orchard. nursery in lafayette in some cases.s almo pe the specialty
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white ones that are very hard to come by like other businesses. they're trying to not scare away customers and are keeping prices as low as they can it started with the pandem. last year and no one being able to work and a lot of the patches just went out of business. they just didn't. get theirs they gave up they gave up add to that the drought it's hit hard in the pumpkin capital of half moon bay because the drought you know, a lot of guys are a lot of farmers didn't plant you to you know water. and so we we normally plant. we would plant probably 10 acres. we only did half this year making this an especially tricky year is the lack of seasonal labor. no one looking for work to pick the pumpkins out in the patch small family farms are relying on community college baseball teams and friends to help them out.
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us through kind of harvest season. oh 22 pumpkin lovers are grateful. i'm just gonna decorate my front porch with these pumpkins. and so to me, it's just a joy to look at them. so you'll find pumpkins out here right now. you might notice the prices higher depending on whether someone or the business has passed on that price increase to the customers and you will notice some shortages. i think from what i've heard on and dan going forward over the next few weeks as there's a problem with even the trucks bringing those pumpkins from the farms to the stores this year back to you. so we better get our pumpkins early if we want to get a pumpkin do we need to get our christmas? tree now what's happening for the christmas tree market? might want to give that a little bit of thought i mean those those trees aren't going to be here anytime soon, but i was
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told that christmas trees again a lot of these christmas tree farms went out of business last year during the pandemic there have been fires that have wiped some out and then you've got the workers shortage the trucking problem. and so i was told today by some of these can farms that are connected to christmas tree farms that you will see fewer trees and they might start to run out as the season goes on. so another thing for us to handle back to you. all right. thank you, leslie. so many people have been impacted by the pandemic the fires. it's just a tough situation it is whatever what a scene behind here with all this right. it looks like fall mama behind leslie there all those pumpkins. so is it going to be feeling like fall this weekend? because it is falling in case anybody exactly and it will feel like late fall believe it or not, dan and alma this weekend and almost like halloween because it's gonna cool off considerably, especially inland. i want to show you live pictures as to what's going to drive those temperatures down.
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it's a deepening marine layer from from our east bay hills camera this is really going to take an impact and our weather this weekend right now 69 in santa rosa 87 in fairfield, novato 79 concord 89 today are inland high temperatures were in the mid and upper 90s. so it was a hot day from our kgo roof camera as we look along the embarcadero here a little bit of a breeze blowing already gray and hazy over the bay 60 in san francisco. it is 65 in oakland 74, san jose. so it is cooling off nicely and half moon bay is we do have fog on live doppler 7 right near the coastline. temperatures dropping look at napa you've already come down about 15 degrees 8 degrees cooler in san jose and the golden gate bridge is barely visible because of the fog. so here's a look at the forecast cooler weather this weekend still hazy tomorrow better air quality sunday, and we have a slight chance of showers early tuesday morning. so as we go into tomorrow, you might still notice what you're looking out outside right now,
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which is haze in the air due to smoke in the upper parts of the atmosphere from the wildfires burning in the state, but watch the winds on sunday a stronger sea breeze starts to push that smoke out of the bay area. so better air quality is expected then until then air quality advisory through tomorrow moderate for most parts of the bay area inland e space south central bay good but notice sunday. we do have fresher air for everyone to get out and enjoy morning temperatures 40s to 60s fog right around the coast and the bay will also have some high clouds overhead and then in the south bay temperatures will look like this really mild as a post to hot. in san jose 84 gilroy 75 sunnyvale on the peninsula you're looking at low to upper 70s 78 in redwood city 70 degrees in millbrae low 60s coast side with that fog hanging around well into the afternoon 60 in daly city 65 downtown san francisco a nice breeze will be blowing through north bay temperatures, sausalito 64-77 in san rafael.
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hazy skies, make sure of smoke and high clouds upper 70s around santa rosa 76 napa in the east bay 69 in oakland 7 in fremont had inland it's going to be hazy as opposed to hot. we'll call it mild to warm 86 in fairfield in livermore. 85 in pleasanton. now, we're going to show you what's ahead as we head into early next week. we actually have some rain. well for northern california where those fires are burning we obviously need it crescent city 72 hundreds of an inch expecting the pacific northwest to pick up some much-needed rain here in the bay area can't rule out drizzle or a couple of light showers early tuesday accuweather 7-day forecast coolers still hazy for your saturday even cooler sunday. i mean temperatures bottoming out in the low 80s as we go into early next week increasing clouds leading to an early morning chance and windy conditions before or we drop the winds clear out our skies and warm it back up for you dan okay. sandy. thanks very much a new wind farm
6:21 pm
is now cranking out energy and livermore at the altamont pass the scott haggerty wind energy center took three years to complete it will use a number of wind turbines to deliver clean energy to more than 47,000 homes in the east bay community energy district a ribbon cutting ceremony took place today for the project. that officially went online in june officials. hope this is only a stepping stone to providing more people with clean energy. i mean this is truly an achievement. this is the dream coming together. as we continue to move through repowering project here. might we need to keep our eye on the prize and that's providing sustainable energy to the people that we represent. alameda county used 20 million dollars in tax money to help fund this project. how do you get kids to keep their masks on while in class when san francisco school tried out an idea a
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brought to you by regeneron.
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area are finding creative ways to encourage students to keep their masks on one school in san francisco is using student ambassadors to make sure their peers stay safe abc 7 news senior education reporter liam melendez tells us each ambassador is now taking on a leadership role. please put your mask on over your nose over your monday a chance mia rodriguez is an ambassador helping to keep el dorado elementary covid free using this card. she shows them the correct and the wrong way to wear a mask.
6:25 pm
you see these two people keep your mask on they seem to listen to each other a lot more than they listen to the adults and i feel that they're taking that responsibility that ownership. it doesn't feel like they're being told what to do once a week the student body nominates eight new ambassadors, so there was a strategy when selecting that first group of ambassadors the school intentionally picked those students who are having a hard time keeping their masks on that lead by example approach worked let's let's turn it around. let's give them this opportunity to show some agency some leadership iman pearson another ambassador told us. he's a sea results and he some kids. like 50% better than than zeroee true students are reminded that they're not really safe unless they follow that one goal to keep this community safe and
6:26 pm
keep the coronavirus out of ours. it's god, please in san francisco. coming consequences pg&e answers to criminal charges filed today for a wildfire that claimed lives. here's a question have burglars found a high-tech way around your doorbell. cam. i'm michael finney to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time.
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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. all charges against pg&e filed today for a wildfire that claimed the lives of four people including an eight year old girl the shastic has brought the charges almost a year to the day that the zog. are sparked eventually burned more than 56,000 acres abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story and the utilities company's response. let's be clear. my co-workers are no co-workers pg. ceo responding to new criminal charges filed against the utility company today shasta
6:30 pm
county's district attorney announced 31 criminal charges against pg&e including involuntary manslaughter charges in connection with the zog fire. we have sufficient evidence to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the pacific gas and electric company is criminally liable for their reckless ignition of the zog fire and the deaths and destruction that it caused for people. including an eight-year-old girl, the da said pg&e has a duty to mitigate fire ris. by removing hazardous trees from around the electrical lines. this is a picture of the tree that fell on a pg&e line causing the zog fire. pg&e contractors had marked this tree as hazardous for removal and 2018, but it was never removed. pg&e ceo said the company accepted cal fires determination of the fire's cause but we did not commit a crime. she says the decision to not remove the tree was a judgment call between october 2018 and last year's zog fire.
6:31 pm
two trained arborists walked this line an independent of one another. determined the tree in question could stay their failure was reckless and it was criminally negligent and it resulted in the death of people the district attorney also referenced pg&e's repeated criminal behavior, including its prior conviction in the campfire and current prosecution for the kincaid fire this repetitive conduct further illustrates their recklessness and their criminal negligence when it comes to vegetation management. pg&e. ceo said the company is not sitting idly by we have established a new standard for our lines in the vegetation near them because it poses such a real risk to. our communities the utility companies ceo also said pg&e has already resolved many victims claims arising from the zog fire melanie woodrow abc 7 news a palo alto woman now charged with purposely setting the fonfire in shasta county may be linked to other arsons across the state
6:32 pm
several witnesses reported seeing 30 year old alexandra souvenir near the place where the fun fire started investigators say she was acting strangely and trespassing on private property a cig. lighter and carbon dioxide cartridges or later found inside her pocket after the fire started. she was contacted by cal fire coming out of the brush. where the fire had started with an operable lighter in her pocket? she was then arrested. she's been charged with felony arson and committing arson during a state of emergency. a lot of crimes have been stopped or later solved at least by video captured by home security and doorbell cams. you may have one of these so what would happen if the thieves came up with a way to stop those? cameras from recording 7 on your side's michael. finney is here with just that possibility. oh my goodness. they've tried to hack this too. yeah. okay. listen to this look. more mystery, you know that youu
6:33 pm
got to say, why was my home targeted. who was the burglar? well a recent burglary in san jose comes with a third question mark was the thief a high-tech cat burglar. this mystery begins like so many others in the middle of the this is jim grubbs front porch. that is his dog. you hear bark. we woke up went downstairs the front door ajar slightly and thought wow we must have left the door jar last night the next morning new clues jim found items missing including a laptop and a drone. i went to the nest. video camera, that's our on our front door. the burglar was was in the front yard. you can see a flashlight. right and occasionally you could see his beanie cap. and then as i'm looking at the video i'm starting to see these gaps in the video. and i have many gaps gaps in the
6:34 pm
video where we might have been able to make out the thief's face. jim contacted nest customer support and was told the video doorbell had no interference communicating to the router until the incident happened. and so i was like, i can't believe this and so i started doing a little research. and i found out that you can buy one of these little microcontrollers that will actually deauthorize the clients that are on your wi-fi network and and essentially cause interference. they cost seven dollars for 50 bucks. jim found a wrist model that offers more exacting control. jim knows he doesn't have proof, but he fears thieves. maybe jamming wi-fi's google is not so sure telling 7 on your side in part google. ask his committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers. we are aware of a single nest. hello doorbell issue and our team is actively investigating. there is no evidence that the
6:35 pm
device was purposefully tampered with tristan perry is a tech blogger from wales. he's been looking at this issue for a while and says it is. not really a surprise as we all know wi-fi can have issues whether it's your phone messing up or the zoom stream have an issue or netflix dream pausing. they can all have issues. he's written about ring video doorbells. i thought quite a few people. leave with this problem to say there was somebody, you know looking into the windows and looking a little bit suspects and then they go in their ring app, and there's no recordings at all. and there's a result have been something investigating and looking into a bit further. we asked ring for comment it declined. so until we have more information be aware a wired cam can't be jammed. we know that for sure wireless. that remains a mystery interesting. okay. thanks, michael. we don't want your money. we want your voice. your voice can make a bigger
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difference than a donation find out how from the man behind a out how from the man behind a 24-hour global e ♪ ♪ ♪ out how from the man behind a 24-hour global e easy tools on the chase mobile app. simplicity feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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can participate in a global concert and make a difference in the world without even leaving
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home the event called global citizen live kicks off at 10 am tomorrow will last for 24 hours. stocked with celebrities coming together to make a difference in the world abc 7 mornings. anchor reggie aqui spoke with the ceo of global citizen hugh evans about the event including the performer who caught his attention. hugh you had me at jlo so, you know once you say jlo i'm in and i know there's lots of other people before me over the 24 hours, but also jlo. jlo is g is g is g is g is g part of global citizen live. she has some huge surprises in store actually spoke to her team last night. oh and her performance like always will be off the charts. oh, i cannot wait. there's a lot to tackle. your organization is really trying to get a handle on so many things of course, it's hard to to get to climate change and poverty without first going through the barrier that covid-19. has presented for itself
6:40 pm
especially in parts of the world that have been challenged by just getting access to the vaccine. i know that as a huge part of this campaign. as many parts of the world the us the european union crossover 50 or 60 or 70% of people fully vaccinated across sub-saharan africa, you're talking talking about less than 4% of the should have even had access to a single dose. that's why we need citizens across san francisco across america and around the world to take action to call on governments to ultimately ensure vaccine equity for everyone because we're not going to see code covid in our rear view mirror anytime soon. so when people are watching the bay areas own her performing demi lovato elton john stevie wonder billie eilish. let's just goes on and on. what do you want people to do as they're streaming this 24-hour event. i want to stop by saying this is not a telephone. we don't want your money. we want you to download the
6:41 pm
global citizen app and start taking action. it runs you through different actions. you can take like tweeting at a world leader or making a call to your member of congress on the climate change emergency all of these actions are new points and you can use these points to come to the global citizen festivals for free or to earn rewards within. area i have one final question for you hugh. this is now the second time in just a few months that you've had megan and harry involved in one of your events. are they in your phone? could you text them right now if you wanted to? well, i should say that prince harry and meghan the duke and duchess of sussex are extraordinary champions of the issue of vaccine equity when we spoke very recently they were interested to make sure that social media platforms like those that are housed in the bay area. don't spread misinformation on covid-19. but also there were champions of making sure that vaccines actually get to the poorest n
6:42 pm
urgently they are true champions of this issue. that's why they're appearing live this weekend for global citizen life for the first time together since the birth of their second child. we couldn't more on it to have their support and we hope that everyone will be part of it. so they are on your phone. i'm gonna take that as gonna t he didn't say no the event begins streaming at 10 am tomorrow. all the information is online at and you can get you here on abc 7 sunday night at 7:00. that will be fun and important. we'll get ready for a weekend warm down. by a slim chance of rain next week see sandia's seven-day forecast. that's next plus watch out for your pets coyotes have been snatching them up in the east bay. bay. we'll explain why it could people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx. four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better
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attacks in the east bay could get worse. we first brought you the concerns of one danville resident last night. well tonight. we're going to hear from a wildlife expert about what's going on. exactly. here's abc 7 news reporter tim johns. over the past several months the town of danville has seen a string of coyote attacks on neighborhood animals.
6:46 pm
one of those attacks was on reassigny's dog bella literally a person of our family. taken from us and was killed in front of our eyes the incident left shiny traumatized, but it's one that wildlife experts say could. continue to happen and even become more frequent. this is in large part due to well, no other way to put it drought basically peter flowers works with the lindsay wildlife experience. he says this thing's like wildfires and droughts continue to worsen that puts increasing pressure on wild animals forced to move out of their natural habitats and into places where they can find food and water so they venture into areas where they feel they can find these items if there's any good news, it's that flower says coyotes generally don't attack humans something that's been a big. concern among danville residents children that you know are of an age that could be like out walking on their own are generally too large for them.
6:47 pm
and the only time you're going to see something like that is if a coyote has something wrong with it such as a disease as for the town of danville they say they're very aware of the problem with one town councilmember telling abc 7 in a statement quote. we are working with fish and wildlife they have asked us to report all incidents. so a clear picture can be made on where the concentrations of coyote attack. are located in danville when this information has been received fish and wildlife can trap relocate or euthanize the animal. it's a small relief for the family of bella who say something has to be done. i want anyone to ever have to experience what we did and i know what's happening often. in the east bay tim johns abc 7 news all right time for one last check on our weather here. just sandhya patel is here sandia. yeah, dan and alma. i want to show you visible satellite picture of the smoke. that is right across parish portions of the central valley. i mean, you can even see how much smoke it's putting out traveling for miles.
6:48 pm
so some of the smoke in the upper parts of the atmosphere getting involved here. so we're looking at to unhealthy air quality through the central valley here in the bay area. we're not seeing it at the surface but aloft and that's why we have an air quality advisory through tomorrow fog along the coast on live doppler 7 will advance tonight tomorrow. we're in for a cooler day mid 80s inland low 60s coast still some haze, but that haze goes way on sunday when even cooler weather arrives with a stronger sea breeze and as we head into early next week small chance of a few light showers northern california will get much needed rain. we do have a fire weather watch for monday afternoon evening for the sierra, nevada accuweather 7-day forecast cooler better air quality second half of your weekend slight chance of showers really next week dan. very good. all right, sandia. thank you. all right. let's get a sports director larry beil with the latest on andrew wiggins. yes. i'm a dan andrew wiggins has the decision to make get vaccinated. or don't play at least not in san francisco and don't get paid
6:49 pm
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sponsored by river casino good evening decision day rapidly coming for andrew wiggins the warriors forward remains. unvaccinated doesn't want to get vaccinated and if he sticks to that position would not be allowed to play in home games at chase setter because of san
6:52 pm
francisco's covid protocols. last april wiggins said he would not shot unless he was forced to well push is about toomve already rejected. against attempt to get a religious exemption and the city of san francisco would have done exactly the same thing training camp is opening on monday wiggins can practice with the team but as of october 13th, he cannot play in games unless he gets vaccinated wiggins would lose 300 $50,000 per game if he does not get does a shot. that's a lot of money on the line math simple right now for the giants nine games left. they have a slim one game lead over the dodgers atop the national league west opening up a weekend series in colorado, which is often a graveyard for pictures. but fun for kids look at the tongues blue and red cotton candy. yes sugar up first battle of the game. here we go in colorado tommy la stella a sugared up lead off home or one i think giants in a flash third time at 11 days.
6:53 pm
the stella has gone deep to open a game rockies got two in their half of the first top two brandon crawford. that is annihilated 442 feet career high number. two for crawford would be talked about more as an mvp candidate. we're tied to alex wood working into the fifth already has six strikeouts. they are in the fifth right now and we are tied at two in the a's are hosting the astros of the coliseum. let's talk nfl when they met in the nfc championship game in 2020 niners and packers rahim most at ran for $220 yards and four touchdowns. they will meet again this sunday most are hurt along with most of the niners backs to michael hastings out elijah mitchell kind of iffy trace sermon the rookie just clear. concussion protocol so he may be the man in the backfield for the first time since that nfc title game win against the packers in january 2020. the niners will actually have fans humans in the stands at levi's for an official game on sunday night george. had great success against the
6:54 pm
packers ten catch is 160 yards receiving and a touchdown in two regular season games and now on top of that you add the faithful summers really excited that their first experience back at levi's gonna be a night game. i know they're gonna bring it and we're gonna play at our at our highest level for them because like you said, they haven't been there for since justin with 2010 and it's just been a minute. so we miss them and we know they miss us, so we're excited to have our fans back. let's talk some college football stanford will have fans at home for the first time since their season finale against notre dame november of 2019. they will host ucla tomorrow. this is a big pac-12 opener for both schools. it's also their first home game period since november 2020 against colorado, it's been a seven game road trip for the cardinal because of covid issues which led to kind of a funny moment this week with cornerback caillou blue kelly. you remember where the home locker room is? the red uniforms look like i mean a little bit a little bit. it's been a while. you know, it's really exciting,
6:55 pm
you know, just come back with all the students here too with fans. you know, i last game colorado it just felt like a scrimmage against another team. you know, you lose that element of college football without the fans about the noise and stuff like that just brings fun to the game again. so yeah, we're really excited for that. yes, and cal is at washington in their pac-12 opener as well. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino one last thought on andrew wiggins because obviously, you know, it's a dicey situation. you put them in a room with draymond green. close the door. he'll end up getting the shots. i just layer another the powers of persuasion that draymond has or the strong arm tactic solid. thanks very much. all right coming up tonight on abc 7 8, it's the wonder years followed by home economics do catch 2020 at nine tonight's episode shares detailed information about a deadly love triangle and cold case involving a millionaire a former nfl
6:56 pm
player and a mother and abc 7 news at 11 finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters we're dealing with another worrisome pandemic in this country besides covid. it's spreading and a vaccination won't stop it neither will wearing masks in fact masks and vaccines may be making the pandemic i'm talking about even worse. can't test for it and there's really no way to know when the next outbreak will happen. it's been spreading quickly unseen and insidious enemy causing lasting damage and decay. now this virus has been breaking out on freeways stores restaurants and lately airplanes viral videos of passengers refusing. wear masks confronting sometimes even fighting passengers and crew more than 3,000 incidents reported over masks yesterday flight attendants urged congress to crack down on unruly passengers to take legal action and today delta which has put more than 1,600 people on its no
6:57 pm
fly list is calling on the other airlines to unite sharing their lists. good enough is enough. what really matters act right or stay off planes? i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc 7. all right, that's it for this edition of abc 7 news. thanks for watching. i'm a day and i'm dan ashley for sand. larryville all of us. we appreciate your time. have a great evening. we'll see you again tonight at 11:00. oh, look at that.
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6:59 pm
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