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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 29, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. the meeting at the white house just a short time ago. president biden and top democratic leaders and their urgent efforts to save his agenda. will the house still vote tomorrow on that $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure deal already passed in the senate? money for roads, bridges, broadband, clean water. nancy pelosi and chuck schumer leaving the white house just moments ago. with progressives saying they won't support that bipartisan bill unless there's movement on the larger human infrastructure bill, expanding health care, child care, early education, fighting climate change. moments ago, speaker pelosi was asked, will there be a vote tomorrow? and how she answered. rachel scott live on the hill. news on the pandemic tonight. the cdc issuing a new and urgent
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health advisory tonight for pregnant women, after they say 22 pregnant women died of covid last month. and covid vaccine mandates now kicking in. workers now losing jobs. united airlines firing more than 500 employees kwr not getting vaccinated, saying it's for the safety of their passengers and the company moving forward. the explosion and partial building collapse in dallas. several firefighters injured. three in critical condition. and neighbors now say they smelled gas last night. america's top generaling grilled in the house and what the chairman of the joint chiefs general mark milley warned today about the terror threat inside afghanistan, saying a possible resurgence of al qaeda or isis could happen as early as six months from now. martha raddatz standing by. overseas tonight and new images of that lava floe on the canary islands now reaching the ocean. and now the new concern, the mix of super-heated lava and ocean
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water. authorities tonight releasing disturbing surveillance, a day care worker in florida accused of abuse. what's happened to that worker? and breaking news at? hour in the britney spears conservator ship case what the judge has just decided involving her father. good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin tonight with the tense negotiations in washington. the meeting a short time ago at the white house, president biden's domestic agenda on the line. two massive infrastructure bills at stake. the bipartisan one for roads, bridges, broadband internet in rural america and jobs. and the much larger one expanding health care, k450i8d care, early education and fighting clil mat change. house speaker nancy pelosi and senate majority leader chuck schumer have just left the white house. but the standoff continues between moderate democrats and progressives.
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house progressives say they'll vote no on the smaller bipartisan plan unless there's movement on that larger human inf infrastructure plan. and all eyes tonight on two moderate democratic senators who have not said what price tag they'll accept on that larger plan. senator fisten cinema had three meetings at the white house in the last 24 hours and today white house advisers went to her. the other moderate, senator joe manchin, saying he still finds the price tag too high and the statement he issued just a short time ago. late today, speaker pelosi leaving the white house. she said she would never bring a bill to the floor that she doesn't have the votes for in the past and she was asked before we came on the air tonight, will there be a vote tomorrow?3 how she answered and rachel scott leading us off on the hill tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the president summoning the two top democrats to the white house, hoping to salvage his economic critical ve.ight before the >> we're obviously at a mportant time in these discussions. >> reporter: the house is scheduled to vote tomorrow on the $1 trillion bipartisan
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infrastructure package. it's already passed the senate and would create an estimated 500,000 jobs, rebuild the nation's roads and bridges and expand rural broadband internet. but house progressives say they'll vote no unless congress passes a separate $3.5 trillion package covering everything from early childhood education to funding to combat climate change. >> i'm a hard no tomorrow. i'm an absolute no, you can write it on the wall with cori bush next to it -- no. >> reporter: progressives are frustrated because two moderate senators won't sign off on the larger package. one of them, kyrsten sinema of arizona, had three meetings at the white house yesterday, and today, the president sent his top aides to her office. >> there's literally one senator, senator from arizona, who is the obstacle. and the president needs to, i think, talk to that senator and say, let's get onboard with the
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party's agenda. >> reporter: actually, senator joe manchin of west virginia is also unwilling to support the $3.5 trillion bill. but neither he nor sinema will say how much they're willing to spend or which parts of the bill they can't support. so the fate of tomorrow's infrastructure vote, up in the air. speaker pelosi, if progressives though are still threatening to block this bill by the end of today, can you still move forward with the vote tomorrow? >> well, we take it one step at a time. >> reporter: but then pelosi herself upping the ante, setting a condition for the infrastructure vote. >> i think that if we come to a place where we have agreement in legislative language, not just principle, in legislative language, that the president supports. >> reporter: manchin says no way that happens by tomorrow. do you think it's possible the legislative text to come together now before this vote? >> no. no. i don't think that's possible. >> reporter: and tonight, manchin releasing this statement -- "i cannot and will not support trillions in spending or an all or nothing approach that ignores the brutal fiscal reality our nation faces." >> well, there you have it,
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rachel. you've laid out the stalemate that continues in washington. i know the house speaker after leaving the white house a short time ago, was asked, will there be a vote tomorrow on the bipartisan bill after already moving that vote that was planned for monday to tomorrow. >> reporter: yes, david of. just moments ago, house speaker nancy pelosi was asked if that vote will go forward. she said that is the plan, but she said she's taking this hour by hour. pelosi has been clear. she does not bring bills to the floor to fail. and right now, it is clear, david, she does not have the votes to get this passed. >> rachel scott leading us off tonight. rachel, thank you. and now to the other major news this wednesday night, the showdown over vaccine mandates and now workers losing jobs because they won't get vaccinated. united airlines for one firing more than 500 workers, saying it's for the safety of passengers and the company moving forward. also tonight, the strong new recommendation from the cdc for pregnant women and other women who are planning on starting a family. after 22 pregnant women died last month from covid. here's eva pilgrim.
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>> reporter: tonight, the cdc sending out a nationwide health alert, urging pregnant women and nursing mothers to get vaccinated. >> we absolutely have the data that demonstrates the overwhelming benefit of vaccine and really very little safety concerns at all. >> reporter: last month, 22 pregnant women died of covid. compared to other covid patients, they are twice as likely to need intensive care and 70% more likely to die. samantha kelly was 32 weeks pregnant but unvaccinated when she wound up in a coma with covid. she's now recovering after doctors safely delivered her baby. >> a lot of decisions being thrown at you and, you know, you try, as a mom, make the best one. but i unfortunately -- i think i made the wrong one and i should have gotten that vaccine. >> reporter: but only 31% of all pregnant women are vaccinated and just under 16% of pregnant black women.
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it comes as hundreds of workers across the country tonight are out of job or suspended for not getting a mandatory vaccine shot. united airlines is firing up to 593 employees who didn't get vaccinated by the company's deadline. nearly 99% of united employees are vaccinated. >> while we're focused on safety and we care about the safety of our customers and our employees, this is also the right thing to do for getting our business back on track. >> reporter: more than 4,200 american airlines pilots are still unvaccinated. pilot unions for american and southwest are asking the white house for exemptions to the president's vaccine mandate, warning of travel chaos during the holidays. >> we want to make sure there are pilots on the flight deck this holiday season when this mandate kicks in. >> reporter: the number of people getting that first shot has fallen to its lowest level since the vaccine was introduced last december. on average, just 172,000 doses a day. and for parents hoping for a vaccine for young er children b halloween, dr. fauci saying
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today it could be a longer wait. >> we were hoping that would be by halloween, but if it spills over into november, it spills over, because that's the necessary amount of time that the fda needs. >> reporter: in chicago, sisters sydney and sophia hughes just got their second moderna shot as part of a vaccine trial for 6 to 11-year-olds. >> i think it was really important to have their de demographics represented. >> reporter: the family hopes taking part in the trial shows other african-americans who may be hesitant that the vaccine is safe. >> i have been exposed to covid and now that i'm in the vaccination trial, i realize how important it is. >> reporter: and the cdc is also recommending the vaccine for women who are trying to get pregnant, as well as those who have recently given birth. officials are concerned about the low vaccination rates and say they are seeing more data showing pregnant women getting
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seriously ill with covid. david? >> yeah, those were very alarming numbers we learned today. eva, thank you. next tonight here, to the explosion and partial collapse in dallas. firefighters injured, three in critical condition tonight. the firefighters were investigating a possible gas leak, but then caught there when the blast occurred. part of the building turned to rubble. firefighters on the pile. abc's marcus moore on the scene in dallas tonight. >> reporter: three firefighters in a fight for their lives tonight and families in this south dallas neighborhood are homeless. after a powerful explosion leveled part of this apartment building just before 10:30 this morning. >> truck 25. truck 25. we need rescues! truck 25. >> looks like we have a total collapse of the front half of the apartment. >> all of a sudden, i just heard a big boom and the glass -- the glass shards just started flying. looks pretty significant. and officially, we cannot imagine that there would be anything to salvage. >> reporter: the blast injured
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four firefighters. three of them are in critical condition tonight. three other people hurt but expected to survive. >> i'm just grateful, i mean -- i only left like 30 minutes prior to the explosion, so i thank god for sparing my life because if i had been in the unit i'd be -- i'd be on a gurney right now. >> reporter: neighbors on the scene saying they smelled gas as far back as last night. >> we're going to do everything we possibly can to make sure anyone who needs shelter, who needs food, who needs water, who needs anything gets it. >> reporter: and david, at the scene right now, crewing are tearing down what's left of the damaged homes. just a heartbreaking sight here. so unstable that investigators couldn't go in to look for a cause. but there is good news tonight from the scene. one of the firefighters who was injured has been released from the hospital as three others recover from critical injuries, david. >> all right, marcus, thank you. now to top u.s. military leaders facing tough questions in the house today after the chaotic and deadly withdrawal from afghanistan. and tonight, what the chairman of the joint chiefs general mark milley said today about the potential terrorism threat in
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afghanistan. so, let's get right back to our chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz following this again tonight. and those words were sobering today. >> reporter: they certainly were very sobering comments today from general milley. he said that while we are safe right now, conditions are more likely than not for al qaeda and isis to reconstitute in afghanistan and that could happen in as little as six months, aefding that al qaeda could have aspirations to attack the united states. and with no u.s. forces in afghanistan and the taliban in charge, the general acknowledged that countering that threat will be much harder, david, but not impossible. david? >> all right, martha raddatz with us tonight. martha, thank you. overseas tonight now, to that toxic gas threat in the canary islands on the spanish island of la palma, after that lava has finally reached the ocean. the lava hitting the water, tossing steam, tiny glass particles and hydro coloric acid into the air. tonight, residents have been told to seal their windows and
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doors. and abc's james longman reports. >> reporter: for ten days, lava has march across spain's la palma island. tonight, that molten rock has finally reached the sea. the danger of toxic gas now descending on this tourist get away. clouds of white steam streaking up as the more than 1,800-degree river of red hits the water. kems released can trigger acid rain. authorities are advising masks be worn in the two-mile exclusion zone. more than 740 buildings have been destroyed. more than a square mile turned to ash. days ago, we got as close as we would get. the thing that really strikes you is the noise, jut listen to tat. explosions are still rocking the community, unsure if more cracks in the earth will open up and release more dangerous magma. and tonight, what was dubbed the miracle house for avoiding disaster as the lava snacked around it, word coming in it has succumbed.
3:44 pm
and david, tonight, officials are testing the air quality and while they do that, residents have been told to stay inside and to tape shut their doors and windows. david? >> james longman, thank you. and back here at home now and to the developing headline at this hour. a judge in los angeles and what she has decided involving britney spears' father and that conservatorship. here's abc's kaylee hartung now. >> reporter: tonight, victory for britney spears. after more than 13 years, a los angeles judge suspending her father as the head of her conservator ship. but not going as far as dissolving the entire arrangement. britney's lawyer pleading for jamie's immediate suspension, telling a judge, mr. spears cannot be in my client's life for one more day. ♪ stronger than yesterday ♪ >> reporter: today's ruling putting britney one step closer to the freedom she's been fighting for. since 200, when the singer suffered a public meltdown, her father has been in charge of the pop star's now estimated $60 million estate. in june, britney testifying
3:45 pm
against the conservatorship publicly for the first time, calling it abusive, saying her father should be put in jail. telling a judge, i just want my life back. tonight's court decision comes as new documentaries present vivid claims of wide-ranging surveillance of britney's actions and communications. >> her phone, her own phone and her own private conversations were used so often to control her. >> reporter: in the documentary "the new york times presents controlling britney spears," a former employee of black box security claims the firm hired by jamie put an audio recording device in her bedroom and monitored her iphone. an attorney for the security firm telling abc news in part, black box have always conducted themselves within legal bounds. and a lawyer for jamie spears everything he did was done with the approval of britney, her attorney and/or the court. and david, the judge here saying she felt the toxic environment that's been described to her required that jamie spears be
3:46 pm
suspended effective immediately. matthew rosen guard, britney's attorney, telling me, "i left it all owl on the field and the judge did the right thing. the judge did what's in britney's best interest." david? >> kaylee hartung tonight. kaylee, thank you. a tragic loss for the military at ft. drum. three suspected suicides among its forces within just two days. the ldrs were m division. onwa among the l to return afghanistan. officials don't believe his deployment was the primary reason for his death. the three incidents are being looked at separately. when we come back here tonight, the surveillance images. a day care worker charged with abusing a 1-year-old boy and 4-month-old baby. and then later here tonight, christiane amanpour and her personal battle.
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floor, fracturing his leg. she is accused of hitting the boy while he was in a swing and on the same day, accused of hitting a 4-month-old baby. a second worker charged tonight for not reporting the abuse. when we come back here tonight, a big change on youtube when it comes to vaccine misinformation. and we hear from christiane amanpour, a turning point in her personal battle. shingles? camera man: yeah, 1 out of 3 people get shingles in their lifetime. well that leaves 2 out of 3 people who don't. i don't know anybody who's had it. your uncle had shingles. you mean that nasty red rash? and donna next door had it for weeks.
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finally tonight, september is ovarian cancer awareness month. in june, veteran cnn journalist and our former colleague christiane amanpour revealed her ovarian cancer diagnosis. it can be a silent killer. in her case, it was detected early. and now she wants to help other women, revealing to robin roberts on "gma" that tomorrow is her last chemo treatment. she's on the road to recovery. >> well, robin, i'm so glad we can be together like this. >> reporter: september is ovarian cancer awareness month, and earlier this year, beloved journalist christiane amanpour became the center of her own story when she revealed her ovarian cancer diagnosis. >> reporter: telling robin, she has been lucky. doctors, treatment, early
3:57 pm
detection. >> most especially, it was early detection on my part and on my doctor's part. i would not be swayed when i felt a pain that was unusual. and i pursued it to the very end of getting my very first ultrasound, which is the benchmark for then having a baseline to know whether you've caught it early and time and therefore cure it or not. >> reporter: christiane saying ovarian cancer is very difficult to detect. >> this ovarian cancer is known as the silent killer. in general, some shocking 80% of cases are caught late, ie stage three and four. in which case, there is no real, at least now, hope for a cure. ovarian cancer mimics some other issues, whether it's a uti in a woman, whether it's irritable bout indroem. >> reporter: she urged everyone to listen to their body. >> you've been on the front
3:58 pm
lines. what have you learned about yourself during this time? >> well, i will tell you that for one minute, i said to my surgeon, why me? and i think everybody says that, and i'm going to be very honest. it wasn't a very noble moment. i just felt, i put my life at risk as you mention and those front lines. why not? but then i immediately stopped and i said, i am not going to tap into my warrior queen, instead, somehow, i tapped very deeply, it was discovered that i have a humble gene somewhere and i felt -- i felt the humility of not being able to be in control, not feeling that i needed to be in control but knowing that this is bigger than me, it's bigger than anyone who has these kind of illnesses and to give myself over to the care of the experts. >> well, christiane, we at abc are behind you, too. her show on cn announcer: building a better bay area.
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moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: we begin with breaking news. two pursuits that caused some big scares an even bigger backups in the east bay, both ending two hours ago. this wild east bay car chase with a black sedan going the runway in berkeley, started with the robbery report in hercules. the driver sped into emeryville, eventually going the wrong way on 580. sky seven shows us the car driving in circles on the freeway, hitting at least two other cars. the driver eventually got off at macarthur boulevard in oakland, and drove into emeryville on city streets. the driver and two passengers hopped out and started running one woman was caught near the abandoned vehicle. another surrendered while standing on someone's balcony. police also arrested one woman. police were there -- abc 7 news were there as police searched
4:00 pm
the car and found a bag of cash in the street. larry: just before 2:00, police started chasing a car on highway 24 in berkeley through a tunnel. police say it was used in robberies last night. the driver stopped on the freeway just past the tunnel, and he and the passengers came out with hands up. this shut down the freeway for a little while and made traffic to contra costa county a huge mess, but it is getting better now. with that, good afternoon and thank you for joining us, i am larry beil. kristen: and i am kristen sze. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kristen: you are watching "getting answers" live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. larry: wildfires are certainly a big problem across the state. at least a dozen major fires still burning in california right now. we're hoping that number doesn't go up.