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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 30, 2021 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news, a new deal to avoid a government shutdown at midnight tonight. but this morning a far bigger drama playing out that could affect all americans. democrats now threatening to sink president biden's economic agenda. the battle over $3.5 trillion in spending on everything from education to child care. why one senator calls it insanity. the urgent warning to pregnant women. the new message from the cdc about their risk from covid. plus, the story of a 10-year-old who died after her parents said she took sick classmates to the nurse's office. britney's big win. a closer look at the judge's decision. what's next in the pop star's
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battle to regain control of her life. new mystery surrounding brian laundrie, the missing fiance of murdered 22-year-old gbby petito. what we're learning about the phone laundrie bought this month. plus, the man found dead with a winning lottery ticket in his pocket. and the battle over this iconic billboard outside macy's to the rising cost of bringing home the bacon to one congressman's legislative home run, it's thursday, september 30th. good thursday morning, everyone. i'm andrew dymburt. >> i'm elizabeth schulze. mona is off. we begin with breaking news from washington. a possible deal to avoid a government shutdown tomorrow. >> in addition to the looming shutdown, there's lots of other drama unfolding in washington that could affect every american family. members of congress gathered for a charity baseball game last night with president biden's infrastructure bill hanging in the balance because
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of what's being described as a revolt. >> the $3.5 trillion spending plan, and one key senator calls the plan insanity. >> alex presha has the latest on both issues, the looming shutdown and battle over infrastructure. alex, good morning. >> reporter: yes, today could be decisive. president biden last night well aware making a last-minute effort to drum up support at a baseball game. ahead of what happens of most critical votes of the biden administration, baseball, ice cream and politics all converging in washington. intense negotiations during last night's congressional baseball game just hours before potential government shutdown and a crucial infrastructure bill vote. house speaker nancy pelosi in the dugout on the phone and president biden seen visiting with democrats and republicans. the game a warm-up for the big showdown later today. lawmakers expected to first vote on funding to avoid a government shutdown.
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they reached a deal overnight and will vote today. >> that will supply the result that we all expect, which is to keep the lights on. >> reporter: the house also scheduled to vote on president biden's $1 trillion infrastructure package. it already passed the senate and would create an estimated 500,000 jobs and rebuild the roads and bridges. >> i'm a hard no tomorrow. i'm an absolute to. >> reporter: house progressive threatening to vote no unless congress passes a separate $3.5 trillion package covering everything from early childhood education for funding for efforts to combat climate change. progressives are frustrated at two mod yacht authorities who won't support the larger package. one of them kyrsten sinema of arizona had three meetings at the white house in one day alone this week. the other, west virginia's joe manchin who in a statement said, spending trillions on new program was as
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a definition of fiscal insanity and he cannot support an all or nothing approach that ignores the brutal fiscal realities our nations faces and the fight over the debt limit. if congress doesn't act fast to either suspend it or raise it by october 18th, treasury secretary janet yellen warns the government could face a financial crisis and possible recession. andrew. >> alex presha breaking down the latest in washington, d.c., thank you. and turning to the pandemic, an urgent new warning from the cdc for pregnant women. urges pregnant women or those e- planning to start a women to get vaccinated. the cdc says pregnant women are twice as likely to end up in the icu with covid and they're 70% more likely to die from the virus than other patients and only about 30% of pregnant women are vaccinated. two parents from virginia are using their daughter's death from covid as a warning to other families. 10-year-old teresa sperry died monday less than a week after reporting symptoms. her parents are both vaccinated had and they say teresa
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was healthy but say she often walked her sick classmates to the sick nurse's office. >> she came home and was telling me her class job. her class job was she was class nurse and it was her job to take the sick kids from her class to the office. >> her mother says teresa's death should be a remainder to others to get vaccinated, wear a mask and keep your social distance. klete keller is the latest to plead guilty to a felony in connection with january's attack on the u.s. capitol. keller was spotted wearing his team usa jacket during the riot. he could face two years in prison. meanwhile, an air force veteran has now been sentenced to 45 days in jail for his role in the riot. congresswoman liz cheney reflected on the capitol riot as she slammed her fellow republicans for attacking joint chiefs chairman mark milley. he and other top military leaders grilled on capitol hill for a second day yesterday, this time at a politically charged house hearing.
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cheney blaed lawmakers for loyaanof them day are still attempting to obstruct the investigation into that attack, attempting to whitewash what happened. general milley, you found yourself in your constitutionally prescribed role standing in the breach. i want to apologize for those members who have done so and for standing in the breach when so many including many in this room failed to do so. >> milley was criticized for reassuring the chinese that the u.s. was not planning to attack them in the final days of the trump administration. we turn now to britney's big win. the pop star scoring a major victory in court as she tries to regain control of her life and finances. abc's kaylee hartung has reaction from los angeles. >> it's a re a really big deal. >> reporter: this is the moment britney spears and her fans had been waiting for. a los angeles judge suspending
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britney's fatheronsesh and saying the toxic environment required it. >> this is the goal and britney is very happy and therefore, i'm very happy. >> reporter: since 2008 when she suffered a public meltdown her father, jamie, has been in charge of the $60 million estate. the judge did not dissolve the conservatorship entirely instead appointing a temporary conservator recommended by the singer and her attorney. and her supporters like kevin wu say that's a win. >> it just feels great to know that we were able to effect positive change, both for britney and for everyone else who is trapped in the system. >> reporter: wu joined the free britney army in 2019. they're a group of super fans who built a movement around freeing britney from the conservatorship. this court hearing coming just days after bombshell allegations made in the new documentary "the new york times" presents "controlling britney spears." >> her own phone and her own private conversations were used so often to control her. >> reporter: in the film a
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former employee of the firm hired by britney's father, black box security, says they monitored her communications even putting an audio recording device in her bedroom. in june, britney testifying against the conservatorship publicly for the first time ssna telli a judge, i ane backh >> britney spears in her own words said not only that she wanted out of this conservatorship but how unfair it had been. obviously the judge has given credence to at least some of britney spears' allegations. >> reporter: i spoke to britney's attorney mathew rosengart just as he lefted courtroom who told me, i left it out on the field and the judge did the right thing. what the judge did he believes is what's in the best interest of britney spears. kaylee hartung, abc news, los angeles. >> the next court hearing is in november when the judge could end the conservatorship
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altogether. spears herself has not commented on the news but overnight she posted this video of her flying on a plane with the caption, on cloud nine. and breaking overnight hawaii's kilauea volcano is erupting once again. it started yesterday sending lava to the crater's surface. officials say there's no threat to any nearby communities. the previous eruption lasted five months. about 89,000 miles away, lava from the volcano erupting in the spanish canary islands is spilling into the atlantic and residents are sheltering in place sealing windows and doors with tape and wet towels. the mixture of lava and saltwater can form acid rain and toxic gases. time now for at look at your thursday weather. heavy thunderstorms pounded parts of northeast texas. hail about the size of golf balls bounced along the roadside about 80 miles from ft. worth. in west texas, slow-moving are expected to drop up to 6
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inches of rain today. also a new cold front is moving into the pacific northwest bringing more than an inch of rain to parts of washington and oregon. below normal high temperatures expected in the northeast today, nly in the 50s and 60s but 70s and 80s across much of the midwest, 87 in miami. coming up, the man who jumped out of a plane and onto the wing in miami. the latest on the search for brian laundrie,
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back, now, with video of an airline passenger who police say opened an emergency door and jumped on to the wing of the
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plane, as it taxied to the gate at miami's airport. pla police say the man is a u.s. citizen that arrived from colombia. he was arrested without incident. now, to the gabby petito case, the 22-year-old that was found murdered in wisconsin. the fbi is looking for her fiance, brian dralun laundrie. surveillance video from where laundrie went camping has been turned over to the fbi. authority says brian went to the campsite with his parents, not far from their florida home, after he returned from a cross country trip without his fiancee, gabby petito. the fbi has obtained surveillance video from an at&t store, where brian purj purchased a phone three days after returning home. he left that at home on september 14th, when he went for a hike, the last time he was seen. the fbi also in possession of that phone.
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>> i would not want to be brian right now because if he's out here, we're going to find him. >> reporter: and joining the manhunt, dog the bounty hunter. wednesday night, the tv personality was seen with canines searching an ireland not far from the laundrie's campsite. >> we found nothing that he was out there recently. this is how you hunt. >> reporter: brian has not been charged in petito's death, only named a person of interest. it comes as more protesters gather outside of the laundrie home, demanding answers from brian's parents regarding liz whereabouts. on friday night, some support for laundrie's family. a pastor was seen speaking to the family from the front door. he tells the news, he is praying for both families. >> it's been quite some time since someone was praying for the laundrie family. >> brian's father was seen outside of the home to pickup
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back, now, with the death of a lottery winner in michigan. gregory jarvis was found dead on a beach with a $45,000 winning lottery ticket in his wallet. police do not expect foul play. they believe he lost his footing, fell in the water and drowned. new information about the delays in the shipping industry. delays are blaming a cargo shipment. a top industry group warns that the entire global transport system could collapse if governments don't do a better job of vaccinating transportation workers. meanwhile, changes are coming in the mail. andrea fujii reports that a slowdown is on the way. >> call it snail mail. >> reporter: snail mail is about to get slower. the postal service will delay delivery times for some mail. postmaster general louis dejoy announced the changes to save
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billions of dollars. >> we're not structured properly. we have fallen out of step with the marketplace we serve. >> reporter: the changes meaom along with magazines, flyers and other periodicals will arrive later, especially if traveling a long distance. the current one-day to three-day service, will lengthy one to five days. after that, the delays and critics aren't happy. >> medical shipments have gone missing. many small businesses cannot get products to customers. and people are getting hit with late fees for bill payments that did not arrive on time because of mail delivery delays. >> reporter: under the new plan, first class package deliveries are not expected to be affected. they include most medications and food deliveries. beginning this sunday, it will cost you more to send commercial and retail packages. the higher prices are expected to last through christmas. >> the mail is already slow. a lot ofnd on the mail. a lot of people need the mail.
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i think that will be not a good thing. >> reporter: some post offices will also see reduced hours. postmaster general dejoy has come under fire for slower mail delivery around the election and during the holiday season last year. but supporters are praising his plans to upgrade mail processing equipment and technology, even with the postal service mired in $161 billion in debt. as for the changes taking effect tomorrow, people sending first class mail are being warned to plan ahead. andrew? elizabeth? >> andrea, thank you. in sports, the nba has adopted a no-shot, no-pay policies for unvaccinated players. the league says players will not get paid if they are forced to sit out for proed comes in san francisco and new york. richard sherman is the latest big-name player and former all-star to sign with tom brady's buccaneers. sherman joined the team after
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and provides lasting energy. there's no denying delicious quaker oats are the grain of all time. quaker oats. a super-trusted superfood. ♪ time to check "the pulse" and we begin with a surprise at dollar tree stores because it turns out you'll need more than just a dollar. >> the company is raising prices because of inflation. it's warning some items will be two or three times more expensive. >> of course, there's been plenty of reaction. the dictionary twitter account asks the question has the definition of dollar changed? maybe it is changing. next, a fight over the iconic billboard outside macy's. >> it's next to the flagship store in new ueracy'nd
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since 1963. >> but here's the thing, the lease ended in august and according to a lawsuit the company who owns the billboard made a deal with amazon. macy's now wants to block to sale saying a competitor shouldn't be able to use the billboard. next america's breakfast just got more expensive. >> the price of bacon has soared to record highs, the highest in 40 years. in the last year alone the average price of bacon jumped by 30%. >> wow. the spike is blamed on pandemic-related supply issues. inside baseball. >> one lawmaker hit a real home run the take a look at republican congressman greg steube of florida, the bail sailing over the fence. >> it's the first true home run in the game in 40 years. crank that to left field. finally if you're dreaming of winning the mega powerball japo dam on. >> nobody won last night's $570 million jackpot. that means saturday's drawing will be about 620 million.
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alert with a red flag warning in effect right now. we have team coverage tracking the dangerous fire conditions for you. kumasi: government shutdown averted but president biden's infrastructure agenda is still in jeopardy. the pushback from both sides. reggie: the mask mandate lifted in one county. the impact it could have another parts of the bay area. it is thursday, september 30. kumasi is you are watching abc seven mornings live on hulu live and wherever you stream. kumasi: i'm glad to be back. let's get a check on the forecast. >> can't wait to hear about it. glowing. share it. will set the table by looking at mount tam and the lack of marine layer clouds. we have the breezes in the north bay. when you were with us yesterday we were talking about a fire weather watch.


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