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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 3, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> celebration, still on ice. after 100 six wins, the giants still need another win or some help to clinch the nl west. it comes down to the final game of the season this afternoon. it is sunday, october third. you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 a.m. live here on abc seven, hulu live in wherever you stream. let's start with a quick look the weather with francis. francis: if you like yesterday, you will like today. we are looking at live doppler 7. and the satellite radar image,
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we have clouds off to the coast again. here is a view of the marine layer, shallow, spilling in new the golden gate bridge. we are expecting poor air quality for the inland east bay. tomorrow, things start to improve because we have onshore flow and a beautiful view across the bay. sunrise at 7:07. most temperatures in the 50's. sunny and hazy once again. temperatures will be warm to hot. inland reaching the mid-90's, around the bay. mid-80's -- around the bay, mid-80's. sunset at 6:49. the cooling starts tomorrow and i will talk about the chance of rain, once again. liz? >> about. one person is dead after a freeway accident in hercules. this happened just before 1:30
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this morning on interstate 80. the chp says multiple cars were involved, including two that overturned and blocked all lanes for about 15 minutes. the on-ramp from route four remains closed. it is unclear how any people are injured or what their condition is at that time. -- this time. we will keep you updated. the giants journey to clinch their first division title since 2012 continues today. a sold-out crowd packed into oracle park and did their best to cheer on the giants against the padres. after the giants lost, 3-2 in 10 innings, the dodgers had a chance to stay alive in the nl west standings. with a win over milwaukee, the dodgers did that. the giants are still in control of their own destiny, going into today's regular-season finale. >> we would have liked to punch our ticket today and do it ourselves. but, you know, that's baseball. i thought we played a helluva game,ll aroun
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's unfortunate we l we will win tomorrow. liz: a win today would set a new franchise record for wins in a regular season, at 107 games. first pitch at oracle park is at 12:05 this afternoon. oakland is morning -- mourning another life, after the city's 150 murder. an activist known for his blog. luz pena spoke with neighbors mourning a friend and concern for their safety. >> oakland police responded to the latest homicide in this city. this time, two victims, shot inside their home. >> my husband has been shot. a suspect moved into the home and shot him. >> oakland police did not clarify the circumstances behind this homicide. a next-door neighbor, feeling helpless. >> i heard the shots. >> minutes later, police arrived
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and he heard the worst news. his neighbor, and friend, had been killed. >> he was a friend. and i stayed up all night, until i saw him leaving in the harness. >> he remembers hearing a total of two gunshots. >> the second victim, shot in the arm. >> he identified his neighbor as an education activist with a blog, gradeschool voices. the second victim, his wife. he was pronounced dead on scene. his wife is in stable condition. oakland homicide investigators were at the house, searching for answers. police have not released any information regarding the suspect. >> i'm the same age as the person who was shot. i'm sleeping at that time. what can i do to protect myself? should i get a gun? >> shaken by the news, resident
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steve, is one of the neighbors asking city officials to help. he says, in the last three months, i have noticed an increase of gunshots in the once quiet maxwell park neighborhood. >> we need leaders who not just listen, but some kind of action taking place. >> neighborhood watch? >> that's my hope. >> claudia bought a dog, hoping he can protect them. >> it is scary. >> the killing is the 105th death in oakland this year. >> 106 is right up the corner. if this person is arrested, there is another one out there. liz: did you feel it? an earthquake shook up arts of the bay area yesterday, after another friday night. kate larsen talked to scientists about what the quakes mean so close together. >> two quakes in two days shook
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the east bay. >> it was a pretty strong jolt but very quick. >> on friday night at 7:00, a three .0 earthquake. saturday, a 3.5 magnitude quake. both were centered in nearly the same spot, two miles from san leandro. martha franklin -- franco lives in san leandro and felt both quakes. >> this is how it behaves. -- the fault behaves. at some point in the future, we will expand into a large earthquake. these were not those, thankfully. >> keith says the quakes were felt throughout the bay area. as far north as vallejo and as far south as san jose. he lives about 18 miles from san leandro. >> i felt a rumble and i thought that might have been an earthquake. >> he said earthquakes tend to happen in clusters and there have been five magnitude three or greater quakes in the past 10 years in the same area. >> these are small patches
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rupturing on a creeping fault. >> it is kind of scary because it makes you think about the big one. >> he says at some point, there will be a large earthquake on the hayward fault. the likelihood of that diminishes 24 hours after a previous quake. kate larsen, abc 7 news. liz: they want to thank everyone who reported shaking on usgs's did you feel it website. he said the data points provide seismologists with valuable information. if you want to check out resources including a guide for what to prepare in a go-bag, head to our website, on capitol hill, the countdown is on to pass the stalled bipartisan infrastructure bill. nancy pelosi set and october 31 deadline. that is when highway legislation is set to explore -- expire. mary alice parks has details on where negotiations stand. >> president biden, sounding
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confident he can get both in infrastructure and reconciliation budget bill across the finis le. pres. biden: i believe i can get this done. i believe when -- the american people will get this done. >> moderate house democrats were pushing for an immediate vote on the bipartisan $1 trillion infrastructure bill that would revamp the nations bridges and airports. progressive wanted to hold off -- progressives wanted to hold off on the boat until there is agreement on the sweeping reconciliation budget bill, to create new social programs and fight clammy -- climate change. >> are we going to deliver universal pre-k to this country? or not? >> sources tell us during a meeting on capitol hill, president biden told lawmakers about a possible comp or mice, scaling back the budget bill to around $2 trillion in spending. that $2 trillion, to cover budget proposals that include
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free community college, paid medical leave and more. pres. biden: two more votes. two. >> the head of the caucus was encouraged the president was willing to wait and push both bills together. >> it was clear we need to get both bills done. that is what we will do, get both bills done. >> even if progressive and moderate democrats agree on a top neudgetre detailto be outrod th sweepingagreement among democrats with the climate and renewable energy provisions in the budget bill. mary alice parks, abc news, capitol hill. liz: senator bernie sanders will talk about the state of negotiations as the democrat party seeks unity on the infrastructure bill. you can watch the interview on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning on abc 7. francis, it was so beautiful yesterday. francis: we have another
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beautiful day on tap. looking across the very calm day and clear skies overhead. temperatures will warm up once again, well above average. that will change, starting tomorrow. liz: thank you, francis. thousands hit the streets of san francisco and cities around the y rly inpowom' rights. the message i also, the blue angels are set to arrive today.
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liz: authorities in florida made a sad announcement that the body believed to be 19-year-old miya mark cano has been found -- marcano has been found. she was last seen on september 24 at her apartment complex in orlando. the day she went missing, a master key belonging to armandoo
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was used to into the victim's apartment. >> miya's bed is always made up, she has everything set up a certain way. and we got there, it was in a mess. >> armando died by suicide monday.
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some saidsome saidsome said be higher this year. >> abortion rights under attack, what we do? >> a rallying cryts. >> i'm here so be protected andr rights. men don't control our bodies. >> my name is marla rodriguez, i am a registered nurse and abortion is a health care right for women. >> a law that bans abortion after six weeks went into effect. the supreme court not a request to block the texas bill. >> i can't stand it that a woman can choose what to do with her body. that we have to have the supreme court -- we don't have to -- but we have the government intervening in our lives. >> by noon, thousands of people had joined this march.
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>> i'm out here with all of these people, women, men, differently gendered people of all nationalities, because we respect that women are human beings and have to have this basi my body. >> my choice. >> protesters marched to san jose city hall. >> i'm proud to stand here with you all, to stand up for our very own human rights. >> activists fear the supreme court could take up cases challenging roy v wade in the future. -- roe v. wade in the future. >> should we rely on the supreme court to defend women's rights for abortion? >> no. >> ok. liz: as pro-choice rallies were
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held throughout the country yesterday, several of them were met by counter protesters, who are against abortion. although, some of the interactions were highly contentious, most of them remained peaceful. meantime in california, a major oil spill up the coast of orange county has forced the cancellation of the final day of the pacific airshow. officials say the decision to call off the air show was made so they can focus on the cleanup today. the mayor of huntington beach says 120,000 gallons of oil leaked to the coastal waters to newport beach. both beaches are closed. this bill is believed to have come from a pipeline leak. the blue angels are scheduled to arrive in oakland international airport this evening. it signals the return of fleet week celebrations. the event is back after being canceled because of the pandemic. officials say while there will be some adjustments, the tradition will largely be the same, which means the blue angels and the parade of ships.
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law enforcement says they will be out in force. >> we will ensure that we have staff out there, our plainclothes staff will be in uniform. the most important thing is to be visible to any shenanigans that may occur. liz: the arts show starts next saturday and will run through the weekend. all right, francis. next weekend may not be as nice as this weekend. francis: it will be a lot cooler. maybe 20 degrees cooler compared to what we are experiencing -- were experiencing yesterday and also today. we have another hot day expected, lots of sunshine. hazy skies once again with some diminishing air quality. we will start off with live doppler 7. mostly clear conditions around the bay. we have some coastal clouds and
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some cloudy areas at the beaches. live shot from suture, looking toward downtown san francisco. the waters are calm right now. in san francisco, it is 57 degrees. oakland, 56. san jose, milder at 61 degrees. 43 degrees at happel and bay at the bay. it will be busy with the games and activities. incentive rosie -- in santa rosa, 50 degrees. concord and livermore in the upper 50's. let's get to the temperatures today. it will be similar to yesterday's numbers. in san jose, sunshine and 89 degrees. morgan hill up to 93. 84 at santa cruz. a gorgeous day there. we have comfortable, low 80's in
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san bruno and san mateo. once again, at the beaches, it will be cooler, with a little bit of an onshore flow and some clouds as well. upper 60's in the sunset district. downtown, san francisco is at 77 degrees. look for low 90's through many parts of the north bay. east bay numbers, warm as well. berkeley, 81. union city, 88. the hottest spots inland once again, will be in the mid to low 90's. concord, 93. brentwood, 94. livermore, 92 degrees. tonight, we will see some of the clouds and fog move in once again. but, not spreading across the bay. it will be mostly clear. around the bay, look for upper 50's. san francisco, 57. we will see a few low 50's out there. redwood city at 60 degrees. i want to show you what to expect. very warm day still for today.
5:20 am
in livermore, average high is 82. we are 10 degrees above average. it starts to drop on monday. notice, by the middle of the week, or by the end of the work week, temperatures will be about 20 to 25 degrees cooler for inland areas. that is because we have a system heading our way. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. the air. it will be similar to yesterday's conditions. and then, warm on monday. slightly cooler. even cooler on tuesday with better air quality. notice by thursday and friday that the system starts to drop through and we are keeping and i on a chance of rain -- an eye on a chance of rain. it is not looking great. friday into saturday is our best chance, liz. liz: thank you, francis. a family walks into a historic find for a six-year-old boy. what he found on the ground.
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coming up. >> disney is solid writing halloween with a month full of tricks and treats for the whole -- celebrating halloween with a month full of tricks and treats for the whole family.
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being recognized for their life-changing work to build a better bay area. the macarthur genius grant is a prestigious award that highlights the best and brightest across the country. dustin dorsey introduces us to two local recipients. >> creative, innovative, committed to making the world a better place. those are a few of the characteristics of the macarthur fellow. two brilliant people working to build a better bay area are recognized as macarthur genius grant winners of 2021. >> what this class of fellows are doing each in their own fields is so important and gives me hope for the future. these are super good people who are making the world a better place and i am enormously grateful to be counted among them. >> michelle and josh will each receive $625,000 to continue their work. after josh had acid thrown onto his face in an attack as a
5:25 am
child, he lost his sight but gained clear focus for what would become his life's work. as an adaptive researcher for amazon, he enables the blind and visually impaired through adaptive technology. >> accessibility for blind people means access to information. it is super important to make sure that technologies are easy to access. that they are inexpensive and readily achievable. that's why what i do is research , invention and activism. >> dr. michelle gets -- works to give children with brain cancer that same hope. >> my work is really the intersection of neuroscience and cancer biology, trying to understand how these brain cancers of childhood form in the context of the developing brain and how we might better treat them. i am hopeful that this award will help me to push past those boundaries. >> the macarthur foundation
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expects a fellow to offer a promise of a bright future through their advances. dr. michelle and josh are proud to fit the bill. liz: a six-year-old boy went on a hike with his family. little did he know, he would make a rare discovery. julian and his parents were walking in dinosaur hill nature preserve at michigan -- in michigan. he says he stepped on something big and when he picked it up, it looked a tooth. turns out, he was right. researchers at the university of michigan museum of paleontology confirmed it belonged to a mastodon. the animal dates back 12,000 years. >> i was going to get -- i thought i was going to get a million dollars. i want to be an archaeologist. i think that was a sign that i am going to be a paleontologist. liz: as a reward for his discovery, julian will meet with
5:27 am
a paleontologist for a behind-the-scenes tour at the museum. he is so cute. still to come on abc 7 mornings, wildfires that burned through the bay area one year ago are still having an impact. also, pushing for more equity in tech. how a bay area company is helping employers consider workers for their skills and not their resume.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: thanks for watching us on abc 7 news, live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. we will start this half hour with another look at the weather. francis, it was gorgeous last night. i love a warm night. francis: it will be gorgeous again tonight because we have a similar weather pattern. we are starting off with clear skies once again and some clouds off to the coast. live doppler 7 and the satellite rater image, a beautiful --
5:30 am
radar image, a beautiful view of the golden great -- golden gate bridge shows the marine layer. we expect poor air quality for the inland east bay. try to walk or bike or take mass transit. it will improve tomorrow and we will have cooler temperatures as well as the sea breeze picks up. as we look at the east bay, a nice and pretty shot there as well. temperatures mostly in the 50's for the next couple of hours. sunny and hazy once again with temperatures warm to hot this afternoon. at the beaches, upper 60's. around the bay, look for mid-80's. inland areas will top out in the mid 90's. the sun sets at 6:49. it will be clear and mild and temperatures cool down tomorrow. liz: thank you. now to the pandemic, 70 million americans remain unvaccinated as the u.s. has passed 700 thousand
5:31 am
deaths from covid-19. this comes amid a sweeping push for vaccine mandates across the country. karina mitchell has the details. >> president biden, remembering lives lost to covid-19 after the pandemic death toll in the u.s. top 700,000. residents saying on twitter that we must remember each person and the life they lived. nearly 70 million americans have yet to receive the vaccine. >> vaccination is our best defense against covid-19. we have the scientific tools needed to put an end to this pandemic. >> in new york city, unvaccinated teachers have until monday morning to provide proof of vaccination or face possible termination. >> i am 1000% willing to lose my career over this. >> california's governor, announcing the state will be the first to require covid-19 vaccines for students and teachers. full update approval is granted for each age group.
5:32 am
parents coming down on both sides of the issue. >> i will, for sure, pull my kids out of school. >> if it is mandatory to put my kids in school, of course. >> many parents are eagerly awaiting vaccine approval for children. one third of parents with kids age five to 11 years old will get their kids vaccinated right away, once eligible. meantime in missouri, front-line workers at cox medical center in branson are being given personal buttons that call security when pushed. that's after the number of assaults on hospital staff tripled last year. >> staff are being grabbed, held and a variety of other things. we are thankless to have this as an option. -- thankful to have this as an option. >> karina mitchell. liz: this clinic was held yesterday at broadmoor village in san mateo county. people who attended the pop-up event were offered the pfizer
5:33 am
and johnson & johnson vaccine. the board of supervisors president says the vaccination rate in the county is 94%. 72% in broadmoor village. >> our goal is, in san mateo county, the drive to 100%. we will get there. i'm confident we will get there. it is these pop-ups like this that will get us there. liz: on thursday, a mass vaccination site for booster shots will be opening at the san mateo county event center for people 65 and older. you can ask our vaccine team your questions about the covid-19 vaccine. go to abc and click on the big blue box. families in the south bay are rallying to try and put a stop to school closures in their community. a series of cost-cutting recommendations will be voted on for the next school year due to a lack of funding. some of those recommendations include permanently closing two elementary schools.
5:34 am
the vote will happen at the next board meeting on october 14, just two weeks after announcing the closure proposal. if approved, this will be the first time the district closed any schools in 40 years. oakland unified is saying the schools temporarily shut down this week due to a flea infestation are on track to reopen tomorrow. last wednesday, students and faculty from esperanza elementary and korematsu discovery academy were sent home for a deep cleaning of the two sites. they noticed a flea problem and believe the infestation was caused by a nearby park and wooded area. experts believe that raccoons may have led to the flea problem. more tech companies are taking a closer look at job applicants, considering skills and pedigree. we turn our attention to the
5:35 am
changing workplace. amanda on a mountain based business connecting candidates to good jobs. >> tech experts in silicon valley say they are seeing a shift in the traditional hiring process. residents, gpas gpas and universities attendance, carrying little weight if you can't do the job. he is the cofounder and ceo. a mountain view based company bringing recruiters through a service that reviews a candidates skills in real time. >> i will preview this once more to see if that did anything. >> a saving grace for luke brower, after his first year, he found difficulty getting his foot in the door. >> i had a resume. i had no idea what you needed to do to get into these companies and i had a lot of failure. i did not get an internship after my first year. that was really the problem for me. >> he says preparation helped him land a software engineering
5:36 am
internship at walmart labs. a tech expert candidates on a level playing field. someone from the iv leak is not being held to a higher esteem than someone at a state university. -- ivy league is not being held to a higher esteem than someone at a state university. this approach makes it so time is not being wasted. >> looking at the company, saying i need some buddy who knows python and java. test this person. >> founders tell me they are leading the effort to put and keep an emphasis on equitable hiring. >> it used to be a little bit of an option battle. but today, the movement israel. i can feel it. -- movement is real. i can feel it. liz: in the east bay, a
5:37 am
remembrance was held yesterday to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the oakland hills fire storm. in 1991, the fire burned over 1500 acres and destroyed over 3000 structures. it is the third deadliest wildfire in california history, killing 25 people, including an oakland firefighter and a police officer. >> a fire battalion chief, whose body was later found on top of the woman he was trying to evacuate, trying to actually shelter her life with his own. that is the quality of sacrifice that these public servants bring to this job, every day. liz: the event was held at the rockridge station, where the project was erected in 1994. it displays 2000 hand-painted
5:38 am
tiles, honoring those who were fought -- who fought and those who are lost in the storm. we are learning about the impact the ccu complex fire had on the lumber industry. the lightning sparked fire roi through parts of san mateo and santa cruz counties last august and september. it destroyed 86,000 acres, 20,000 of rich were used for timber harvesting. >> estimated losses from that are over $340 million. grant you, this is over a period of several years. right now, they are in the process of still doing some cleanup. liz: one lumber mill lost nearly all of its timber forests. the company is focusing on producing salvaged wood, which it may have to do for another year or two. still ahead, salmon and school.l this lesson is about saving
5:39 am
lives. the time is 5:38 on this sunday. we will check in with francis about the gorgeous day we have
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liz: some folks around the bay area stunned to see a. -- a giant light streaking across the sky on friday night. it was likely caused by a meteor. this video was shot from a dash camera in oakland. a local astronomer tells us there were several reports of a meteor in the area around this time. very cool, francis. francis: and here is a live shot -- [laughter] from our tower, looking down toward san francisco. it will be another clear evening with temperatures above average once again today. it is a spare the air day.
5:42 am
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prevagen. healthier brain. better life. liz: a huge day of sports on tap in the bay area this afternoon. we have mentioned it. the 49ers will try to rebound from last week's loss, against the seattle seahawks. the giants will try to clinch the nl west against the padres. first pitch is at 12:05 at oracle park. the a's close-out their season against the astros at minute maid park. the giants fell in extra innings to san diego while the dodgers kept their division hopes alive in l.a.. here is chris alvarez with the
5:45 am
details in this morning's sports. >> the giants won 106 games and need one more victory to capture the nl west title. a 101-year-old giants to see a celebration. austin slater pinch-hitting and that is the giants 18th pitch -- pinch-hit homerun. 2-1, san francisco. we are tied at two. brandon crawford has had an m.v.p. type season, to deep center. he will try to do it himself but trim gratian fights the sun and makes the catch. we go to extras. base hit into right field. victor is going to score. padres take a 3-2 lead. bottom 10, 2 outs. mark is on. giants lose >> it is the story of the season. i think, overall, the group, was
5:46 am
disappointed after the game today. feeling like we had some opportunities to win the game. but, ultimately, the dodgers are a good team too. we have 106 wins and we have to go into game 162 to try and decide the division. >> as longoria mentioned, it will come down to game number 162 because in l.a., justin turner, a three run homerun to open the scoring against milwaukee. dodgers ahead and a.j. pollock will add a two run shot in the fourth to make it 6-1. the giants need to win or have the dodges lose on sunday to take the division. if the giants lose and the dodgers win, it is game 163 for the nl west crown at the oracle on monday. honoring jim plunkett, trey lance is there. nine seahawks later today. cardinal untim
5:47 am
down. thdewe go to overtime, tied at . cardinal get the ball first. mckee fires a slant to john humphreys. perils his way in. -- barrels his way in. fourth and eight and it is incomplete. cardinal upset oregon again. great for stanford but the pac-12's playoff chances are effectively dead. let's rush the field, a huge boost the cardinal. >> down by a touchdown with 1:30 left, we still have what it takes to do it because we have done it before. we did it against a number three oregon team. we know what we are capable of now. now, we understand we can go into games, when it is close, we can go into it with that confidence. >> that is ss. 'send ick to you. liz: let's get a check of the forecast. a beautiful day in store. francis: lots of sunshine. we will see hazy conditions this
5:48 am
afternoon. there is a spare the air well. here is a look at the live doppler 7 satellite image, some clouds off to the coast. mostly very c for the bay area. deteriorating air quality for ts the inland east bay. here is a live shot. very pretty, as we look toward san francisco, from sutro tower. it is 57 in san francisco. oakland, 56. san jose, 59. halfway bay, still cool at 45 degrees. you will see some of the bog -- fog with this live shot. marine layer spilling into the bay. it will not make a big push because it is a weaker marine layer and that is why temperatures will warm up once again. in santa rosa and nevada, 50 degrees. concorde and livermo 50's right now. lots of sunshine heading our
5:49 am
way. temperatures will be very similar to yesterday's numbers. in san jose, a high of 89 degrees. morgan hill will hit 93. santa cruz, 84 degrees. we have some upper 80's in palo alto, mountain view and los altos. if you had to the coast, things will be cooler with a little bit of cloud cover and a slight onshore flow. sunset district at 70 degrees. if you are heading to the giants game this afternoon, you will need the sunglasses and sunscreen. near 80 degrees. it will feel quite warm for the game. low 90's for many areas in the north bay. santa rosa, 92. sonoma and napa at 90. it will be warm in the east bay. really nice and comfortable. in richmond, 80 degrees. we will warm up as we head farther south toward fremont, 87 degrees. the warmest spots in wind -- inland will hit right around midnight he. 94 -- will hit right around
5:50 am
90. one more hot day with well above average temperatures. tonight, you can open the windows and cool down again. upper 50's in many areas around the bay. san francisco, 57. antioch at 63. low 50's through lakeport and santa rosa. we have been talking about this chance of rain for next week. unfortunately, it is looking pretty dismal. friday into saturday, we are talking 20% chances of rain. some models bring us some rain and some models say no rain at all. there is a look at the accuweather forecast. it is spare the air today with warm to hot temperatures. tomorrow, you will notice things start to cool down a bit. it will be much better by tuesday, with better air quality as the sea breeze picks up. we will be below average on
5:51 am
wednesday. next weekend, temperatures inland will be about 20 degrees cooler, compared to today. we are hoping for the chance of showers. it is slight at this point. liz: hopefully you will leave a little something. francis: i hope so too. liz: as california faces a dire drought, students are making -- are offsetting impacts on our economic system. i got a chance to see firsthand how students are helping keep salmon alive during the drought. >> sixth period at casagrande high school looks different than yours did. it certainly does for me. that's because the students are part of a one-of-a-kind fish hatching program, learning first-hand about conservation. >> he's cleaning the side of the waterlines to make sure grime does not build up. >> typically, thesebecause of en called upon to do sometngt.
5:52 am
they have taken in thousands of salmon that are at risk of extinction. >> this summer, after covid, mr. hugh said the drought is so bad that these other hatcheries need help. >> dan huber on her -- hubachere said the salmon are cared for at lake sonoma but the water temperatures are so hot that they needed to find the fish a new horn -- home. >> we ended up with fish from mendocino county and santa cruz. >> this hatchery opened in 1993. this is the first time in the program's history that the students have been approached and asked to care for coho salmon. >> they are so endangered and being part of that is a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> they need our help. they are extinct and they are part of our ecosystem. -- nearly extinct and part of our ecosystem. >> a short-term solution with a
5:53 am
lot of impact. >> we help out with the fish, but it also allows long-term, looking at these young adults being able to step in, it gives them hope for the future as well. >> seeing that we can make a difference, it is amazing. it will stay with us for the rest of our lives. liz: really cool to see them do that. the teacher explained that coho salmon are a species that is sensitive to environmental change. the fact they are struggling tells us about what is happening in our ecosystem. powerball fever is about to get even hotter. the results from last nights 635 million-dollar drawing. and how much higher the jackpot will be tomorrow.
5:54 am
5:55 am
liz: tomorrow night's powerball jackpot is estimated at $670 million after nobody matched all six numbers last night. >> now for your winning powerball number. it is one. your power play multiplier is
5:56 am
two. liz: their they are. those were the winning numbers for last night's jackpot. let's show them to you one more time. 28, 38, 42, 47, 50 two. the powerball number was one. the last time a winner picked all six numbers was june. since then, the jackpot has grown from $20 million to the current level after more than 40 drawings. next on abc ornings at 6:00 a.m. an education activist, gunned down in his own home. the 105th murder in oakland this year. nancy pelosi sets a deadline on the infrastructure bill after democrats lay a vote. why president biden says he is confident he can get it across the finish line.
5:57 am
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(train sound) ask your doctor about nucala. (train door closing) >> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> celebration still on ice. after 106 wins, the giants still need another win or some help to clinch the al west. good morning. this is abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m., live on abc seven or hulu live, wherever you stream. good morning. >> good morning. we are waking up to clear conditions around the bay area. it is gorgeous outside right


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