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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 7, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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to building overseas. the 5.5 quake that is killing dozens of people. kumasi: in texas, how a fight led to a shooting and how bullying may be a factor. kumasi: and -- reggie: and masks being required in the bay area. kumasi: video of a stunning sunset. we are used to this kind of beauty. mike: we don't usually get to see it. kumasi: we have some good sunrises. reggie: some of us are up too late on a regular basis. mike: i was out there by myself on that one. reggie: good morning, it is thursday, october 7. you watching abc 7. kumasi: we are happy that mike is back. we will start with the fore-check of our forecast. mike: i was up late last night
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watching who the giants will play. live doppler 7 is picking up on all that cloud cover that will keep us cooler than average. you may feel a sprinkle, but more than likely, no. it will add some humidity to the air, so be damp and cool today. and he showers are possible tonight and they are around the south bay in the east bay. we will show you that with future radar coming up. let's talk about temptress heading out. most of us are in the 50's, some 40's in the valleys. 60 to 64 by noon. 65 to 66, that is it. temperatures by the middle and upper 50's by 7:00. two chances of showers. i will see you later. kumasi: tracking a situation unraveling overseas. the 5.9 quake struck southern pakistan at a depth of nearly 13 miles just after 3:00 local time
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this morning. here is video of the damage look behind. jobina: so far, 20 are confirmed dead, seven our children. power outages and damage across a remote mountainous strict. a road leading to the district has been blocked by a landslide. pakistan's prime minister has tweeted that he is ordered for emergencysse t area for the victims. the last time a major earthquake hit the area was back in 2013, when a 7.7 earthquake killed 300 people and injured more than 400 others. reggie: classes are canceled today after -- in eight texas high school after a shooting happened yesterday. it was at timber view high school in arlington, outside of dallas. a fight broke out in the classroom and that's when the shooting started. one student told abc news his class heard a cry for help. >> she out for help about two or
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three times. by the third time, i teacher went out to go help. not more than three seconds later, i heard six gunshots. thn our classroom who went to the back. me into other people went to the door it held the door to make sure nobly came in. reggie: the suspects family said he was trying to protect himself or bullying. he left from the school and eventually turned himself in. all of the victims are expected to be ok. kumasi: san mateo kenney will open the event center today to administer pfizer boozer charts -- booster shots. right now, there are four dates for this clinic. today, tomorrow, and tuesday and wednesday of next week. appointments are not required, but you do have to be eligible for a easter shot. if to be six to five years old or up, you have to have received your pfizer shot at least six
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month ago, have underlying conditions or be at an increased risk because of exposure. the clinic will offer first and second doses of pfizer as well. what will it take to lift indoor mask mandates here in the bay area? we are expected to get an answer to that question later today as local county health leaders and out criteria for lifting that criteria. amy hollyfield joining us live with some details on this and how people are feeling about it. amy: good morning. it looks like the summer search of covid has come down. we are expecting authorities today to tell us what it's going to take to let us walk into a place like us without our masks on. that should be coming today. we expect to hear the guidelines that each county will need to meet before lifting the mandate. they will include vaccination rates in covid cases. we talked to one gym owner who is ready for his customers to be able to decide for them selves. >> it gives you another layer of
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protection. if you are still worried, of course wear your mask. but it's time or we put the response ability on the people, not on the small businesses. amy: we talked to some doctors who are still encouraging caution, pointing out that last year's winter search started in the last week of october. the differences here of course is we now have a vaccine. this current mask mandate has been in effect for two months. it was announced august 2. health officials today are excited to release a roadmap for how each county can get out of this mess mandate situation, how they can get lifted, so that roadmap is expected to come out today. live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: most of you already have your proof of vaccination somewhere in your phone. you're going to need if you travel to l.a. anytime soon. it will have one of the strictest covered rules in the
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country, but not quite as strict as here. the mayor signed an ordinance requiring proof of vaccine in restaurants, bars, gyms, bars, shopping centers, and entertainment values. exceptions are allowed for religious or medical reasons. we'll also be allowed to show a recent negative covid test instead. it is similar to mandates we already have in the bay area. san francisco requires proof of vaccination to enter indoor restaurants, bars, clubs, gyms, and large outdoor events. in san francisco, a negative covid test does not exempt you from this vaccine mandate. kumasi: as mike mentioned, the giants know now who they are going to be playing tomorrow night in the national league vision series. >> swing and a drive. deep left field it is way back. kumasi: chris taylor the walkoff home run giving the doctors a repeat one victory over the cardinals. there are a limited number of
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tickets available for both tomorrow and saturday nights games, as well as a potential game five thursday. today, the team will begin selling the tickets at 2 p.m., storm ever that time if you want to go. reggie: the first time in a year and a half, a full capacity crowd was allowed to see the warriors play. it was there first preseason home game. vaccination is required for talkers old and up. a under have to show a negative covid test, since they are not eligible for the vaccine yet. warriors say safety is their priority. >> from the very beginning, with said we want the che center to be the safest building in the country. we have demonstrated that there the pandemic. >> we want to be extra cautious, so my friend here is saying we should wear two masks. we put two masks on and want to be safe. reggie: there are a few more games, another one tomorrow night.
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the game and ali begins i i i ii november. kumasi: new water restrictions could be coming to san jose. mayor says he is set to propose significant measures to step up conservation efforts in the city. >> this is a very serious drought. there is a very significant risk that here is going to be even worse. we have got to take measures now. kumasi: the mayor says he will be authorizing a memorandum that he will send it to the city council. it will restrict outside watering to just two days a week, bringing the city in line with the san jose water company. the water ordinance to ban lawns and other ordinances. reggie: if you need to perk up this morning, take a look at your screen. it is a beautiful sunset as fog rolls over the area. a photographer capture this time lapse. it shows the mists gliding over
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the golden gate national recreation area. this was september 26. the photography says -- the photographer says everything was so pristine this day. my goodness. the rainbow of colors is spectacular. mike: the fluid dynamics is impressive that's the cloud movement. his look at what is going on temperature wise. it is mostly cloudy this about everywhere is morning. the marine layer completely wiped out. thank fully, we don't have to worry about frog -- fog or a drizzle. enjoy temperatures mainly around 54 1058 for the east bay. a little bit cooler in the north bay, as you would expect. napa and santa rosa at 48 and 45. 55 in san carlos. 60 in antioch. an see just how clean the areas.
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look at that. green everywhere today. not only today, but for the next several days, so get out there and read deeply and enjoy that wonderful air. whether you are at home or outside, make sure that limiting sunshine. how about fleet week? cloudy conditions a day -- today and again tomorrow. increasing sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures as we head into saturday and sunday in san francisco. average high, our warmest day,ay that was 72 a couple days ago. it is supposed to be 71. we will be elevate cooler than that from 62 to 64 today. 64 to 69 next week. jobina: we are following a crash right now on west on 80 before richmond parkway. it doesn't look like injuries are involved here. the chp just got to th a live look at the golden gate
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bridge as they switch over the lanes. sometimes, it is hard for us to catch this. we have got it this morning. also at the limit in emeryville. on westbound 80, people are moving toward the maze. reggie: thank you. walk or flight? take your pick. the robot that can do both. kumasi: things that won't be handed out regularly at california restaurants anymore. reggie: making it easier to take a covid test at home. the work now to quadruple the supply for americans by the end refreshing peppermint, enter york mode. ♪ rich chocolate candy and creamy caramel. that's how you rolo. ♪ in business, setbacks change everything. that's how you rolo. so get comcast business internet and add securityedge. it helps keep your network safe by scanning for threats every 10 minutes.
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these ideas are terrible. we can give them all osmo. it's technology that turns a tablet into a super-fun, learning device. they won't even realize they're learning... ...until it's too late. -muahahahahahahaha! -muahahahahahahhahaha... -muahahahahahahhahaha... -muahahahahahahahaha! muahahahahahahahaha! fun. educational. genius. kumasi: a man shot by a napa police officer is in the hospital this morning. police say the shooting happened after the man pointed a gun at his father. the police respond to a family dispute just after 1:30 after the afternoon. officers reported hearing shots when they first went up to this home and they salty my six euro demand with a weapon acting in a
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running manner. an officer fired a gun, hitting him, and it is not clear what type of injuries he has. the officer is on paid admin straightly while the napa county sheriff's office investigates. reggie: in today's gma first look, a prominent lawyer is now accused of master mining a screen -- scheme for a wrongful death. reporter: in this morning's gma first look, a new twist in a sucker line of murder mystery. alex murdaugh accused of skimming the sons of his former housekeeper out of aliens of dollars. that money was supposed to be paid to his children -- to their children after died. according to court documents, he allegedly worked with two of his friends pocket money from the
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$4.3 million settlement which should have gone to the family of his former housekeeper. >> they want to know what happened to the money that was recovered in connection with her mother's death. they have to answer for what they did. it's a tremendous stain on the justice system in our state. reporter: we will have much more the mistry coming up at 7 a.m.. reggie: there are new develop meant in the alizarin us -- elizabeth holmes trial. the lawyer told was impressed. he wanted to bring blood test -- what tests to stores. when they failed to meet timelines, he pressed him for details. >> with this is doing is putting the focus back on elizabeth holmes and saying this is the carnage that got left behind by her actions. there is an element here of buyer beware. they need to be doing her homework as well. i think the defense is going to hang on that. reggie: auror was
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yesterday. she expressed concerns about how her nudist faith may affect her decision. an alternate juror took her place. kumasi: more at home, 19 tests to be coming to store shelves and hopefully a better price point. this week, the fda arrived -- approved another test. the white house announced a $1 billion investment to manufacture these tests. >> we are on track to quadruple the supply of tests to more than 200 million per month. >> they were difficult to locate and when i did, they are pretty expensive. i think the idea of having affordable at home testing kits is absolutely a good move. kumasi: the white house says the test will cost less than $10 per test. now that the school year is helg people together safely. another mini factor of rapid test kits, and austrian company,
5:17 am
has recalled a 200,000 test that were shipped to the u.s.. that is because of an unexpected higher rate of false positives. those were shipped to cvs, target, and amazon. reggie: do you want a catch a packet next time you order takeout new california law means you have to ask for it. we saw with straws, now it is expanding to condiments and utensils. this is all in an effort to reduce waste. the governor signed into law this week. it prohibits restaurants and other food facilities for providing condiments and utensils unless a customer requests it. this also goes for third-party food platforms. kumasi: caltech engineers have developed a robot can seamlessly move between walking and flying. reggie: oh. kumasi: i wasn't ready. this looks like halloween.
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this is leonardo, short, short,t on board a drone. he is still a prototype, but engineers say he could be used in the future to do dangerous jobs people don't want to do. leonardo will hop his little legs over there and do it. is he dancing? ok, no, not the skateboard. reggie: at least make it look friendly. kumasi: it does look like it's coming for you. mike: it kind of looks like the grim reaper. kumasi: how do you jazz that up? reggie: it needs a big smile on its face. mike: don't put a hockey mask on it though. when they shut everything down, i will be paul revere. one by land, two by air.eeto knt now that they comply. that will be my job. that will be on me. kumasi: here's a look at the
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golden gate bridge. there is that lack of fog i was talking about. let's talk about our accuweather highlights. mostly cloudy include than average today and tomorrow. we have two systems bringing us a chance of showers. we will get flake from the south tomorrow and from the north tomorrow night. after that, fire danger. it is possible monday and tuesday. those of the things we are watching. that's expand upon that. today's temperatures, look at the shell of clouds. there will be a breaker to like yesterday, but for the most part, a very great day. -- grady --gray temptress in the middle to upper 40's for the rest of us are in the 50's. a chance of showers in the hills surrounding the south bay an our inland east bay neighborhood. this is storm one coming at us from the south. storm two is up in the gulf of alaska. that comes up from the north. you can see it is cloudy all
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day, all the way up until 11:00. tonight, there you go. you can see a few green spots down in the south bay and inland east bay. there's the possibility of light rain. we have sunshine for the rest of the driday and f over c then we have some more coming in from the north. this will be more of an ocean storm. it has more moisture, so the closer you are to the coast, the more likely you can wake up to damp conditions saturday morning. already by 10:00 saturday morning, we are looking at increasing sunshine. we drop into the 50's and 60's tomorrow, but with that sunshine saturday, we are back in the 60's and 70's. we could even get to near 80 inland on sunday with more sunshine. then, those nasty breezes come in. we will keep an eye on monday and tuesday. we have a chance of reaching critical fire conditions. reggie: thank you. you will soon notice a change in your change. u.s.-made has released the final designs for the first five women to be honored in the corridors program.
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maya angelou, dr. sally ride, nina otero warren, and anna may wong, will appear on cordis next year. a total of 20 women will be highlighted through 2025. kumasi: coming up the seven things to note this money. -- to know this morning. making higher education more attainable. aiming to make education more formal
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kumasi: if you are just joining us, here the seven things to know this morning. number one, fate area health officials architected to announce new criteria today for easing cover 19 resurgence. there be deciding when individual counties may drop their requirements for wearing masks inside businesses. reggie: number two, a business vaccine booster clinic is opening. some breaking pfizer news we have learned just the past 10 minutes, pfizer has filed for emergency use authorization for its vaccine for five euros to 11 euros. fdaeengut -- on october 26.
5:24 am
kumasi: a federal judge has blocked a texas abortion law. reggie: the facebook whistleblower was beat to the committee investigating fee junri six insurrection act soon as today. frances haugen says facebook prioritized profits over the safety of users. mike: number five, check out the next four days. i want to go all the way through the weekend and show you we are going to have a wonderful air quality. i hope you enjoy it. jobina: number six, we are calling a couple of crashes today. this is on northbound 280. injuries have been reported here. also in fremont, injuries have been reported on southbound 680. kumasi: number seven, which is investigating a data breach after several high-profile user0 numbers are back up and running
5:25 am
this morning. a number of reviewers called us after they couldn't reach toll-free customer service lines for several companies. we reached out to wells fargo and capital 1, 2 of the companies expensing these issues. wells fargo says it was an issue with the phone provider. capital one says it was technical difficulties for itst- found a new way to warn you about conversations that could be intense. another one has a reminder of twitter values. twitter says this is a work in progress to support healthy conversation. kumasi: google wants to make it easier for you to live a more eco-from life. they just will -- rolled out new features for travelers. you'll now see the amount of pollution that whites produce and hotels that meet certain
5:26 am
standards that have eco-certified labels. google maps will let you select the most fuel-efficient route. the nest thermostat has a new energy shift mode which on medically sets attempt are in the house to use the least amount of energy without sacrificing your comfort. the updates are part of the company's goal to provide carbon free energy by 130. alexa is apparently earning how to be a little bit more patient. there is a feature to now give you some extra time to ask your questions or give commands. even if it takes you a little bit more time together your thoughts, alexa will wait instead of actually just cutting you off. if you want to use it, you will need to switch that feature on in the alexa app. reggie: the noisy activity many of us will be looking forward to in san francisco this afternoon. kumasi: also was himself a resident are being asked to not share their backyard. reggie: all decked out for halloween. the house with disney inspired décor. kumasi:a lioo
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. breathe with these masks on. >> i'm still i'm still going to prefer outdoor dining. reggie: mixed emotions about masks. the future face coverings in the bay area. the information county officials are finally expected to reveal. kumasi: covid-19's total -- toll on children. blessing impact on an entire generation. reggie: look up. at times, you may see the blue angels practicing ahead of the fleet week air shows this weekend. good morning this thursday, october 7. where live on abc seven. kumasi: we want to start with a check of our forecast with mike, in case we see them at their practicing. mike: it will be nice in terms
5:30 am
of temperature. there will be a lot of cloud cover out there, just like the last couple of days. keep that in mind, but don't let that stop you from heading out there. the marine layer is completely gone, so we are dealing with mostly cloudy conditions in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. temperatures are running in the middle 50's -- middle 40's to middle 50's. as we head into the lunch hour, you can see the cloud cover is still very gray out there. the rest of us are in the low to middle 60's as we head into the afternoon hours. a few pockets of sunshine trying to bleed through this thick deck of clouds. we will hit the 60's to barely a few 70's out there. if you are heading out this evening, back into the middle 50's to low 60's. temperatures well below average. a couple chances of showers coming up i will show you that in a bit. kumasi: thank you. we have breaking news for pfizer this money. they have officially submitted paperwork to get urgency authorization for kids ages five
5:31 am
result to 11 years old. fda has a meeting set for october 26. the fda is expected to make a decision shortly after that meeting and if everything goes according to plan, code shots to be available to this age group i early november. reggie: today is today -- today is the day. how the bay area will get out of its mass medics. businesses have been waiting for months to get guidance on what metrics we need to hit in order to stop requiring masks. abc 7 news reporter any how i felt live in one a creek. amy: we're still hearing some hesitation, some people who just aren't ready yet to shut their masks. we are expecting to hear today from health officials what it would take to be able to walk into a restaurant like this one without our masks on, if that is the choice we would like to make. the summer search of covid appears to be rates dropping. health officials recognize
5:32 am
people one and off ramp. today, we expect them to tell us today what the metrics are that each county would need to hit to drop the mass mandate. we are hearing from people, including the mayor of oakland, saying they just aren't ready to take the step yet. >> rule or no rule, still going to be wearing my mask inside. i'm going to prefer outdoor dining or outdoor events whenever possible. i bet that i'm going to be like a lot of people in the bay area that would rather play it safe than sorry. amy: we talked to one doctor who also wants to keep his mascot, pointing out last year's winter surge started last week of october. the difference this year, of course, we now have a vaccine. one gym owner told us because of that vaccine, he is ready for this to be a choice for people to make, saying it is hard for his clients to work out with their masks on. he is ready for this mandate to be lifted. lots of opinions out there, lots of people will be watching for this announcement expected today.
5:33 am
live in walnut creek, any holyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: president bynum will be traveling to chicago today to promote vaccine requirements. ahead of his is it, the white morning. rerthi many organizations have increased vaccination rates to over 90%. as those rates rise, it appears we are turning a corner independent. number of covered cases in the u.s. dropped 40% in the last few weeks. there have been 50% fewer deaths since mid-september. >> we are finally turning a corner on this specific search. there been some peaks and valleys and it's hard to tell if this is going to stay low forever, but at least we are in good shape. kumasi: new york city is considering a vaccine mandate, multiple mandates for police and firefighters. l.a. has passed any mandate requiring proof of vaccination or a negative covid test to enter indoor restaurants and businesses. reggie: researchers are looking
5:34 am
into the pandemics lasting impacts on an entire generation of children. more than 140,000 kids have lost a parent, grandparent or caretaker since 2019. jobina: the cdc and nih conducted the study. researchers found that among the tens of thousands of kids impacted, black, hispanic, and native american populations were hit especially hard. between april of last year and this past june, an estimated 142,000 children lost a parent or caregiver to covid in the u.s. in california, that number is more than 60,000. the best majority of kids impacted in california i did fight as hispanic. an author of the study recently spoke with a six euro girl who lost her father. >> she said this to me and she has given me permission to share it. this is for anyone to have an interview with. this is what she said. people with covid in our country
5:35 am
, most of them do recover, even though my daddy didn't. however, i will never recover. i would not have my daddy with me when i go to the prom to take pictures beforehand. he will not walk me down the aisle, he will never be with me for another special event in my whole life. kumasi: to get a better picture of just humbly kids are impacted, the researcher says an average of one kid at every public school has lost a parent or caretaker to covid. the study did not cover the racial disparity and why it consists -- why it exists, high covid rates in minority communities have contribute it to a lack of health care and covid information, which we have covered extensively. kumasi: developing news in the battle over abortion rights. a federal judge has ruled in favor of the biden administration walking enforcement of a new law in
5:36 am
texas, which many consider to be .poourerter. reporter: the most restrictive abortion law in the country is now on hold. >> this is a really major victory for the biden justice department. reporter: a federal judge ruled in favor of the biden administration against the texas abortion law. the judge wrote this court will not tension or more date of this offensive deprivation of such an important right. the law in texas allowed private citizens to sue anyone for helping a woman access and abortion. if she is further along than six weeks pregnant. >> rather than the state in forcing itself, that is an extraordinary law and this is an extraordinary ruling. reporter: texas is already appealing the ruling, meaning the law could end up in front of this up in court again. last month, the supreme court allowed a lot to take effect after judges refused to rule on the constitutionality.
5:37 am
the judge in his ruling last night appeared to take a shot at those justices, writing, the american legal system cannot abide a situation where constitutional rights are only as good as the states allow. >> what he writes here is just an utter rebuke of what texas did. reporter: similar abortion laws in georgia, kentucky, and other states have been blocked by federal courts. the fight has a we just begun both in texas and in many states across the country, where women's rights are currently under attack. kumasi: in addition to the emergency injunction, there was an injunction to pause his ruling, so the water is now on hold. kumasi: the whistleblower who accused facebook of prioritizing profits over safety is expected to meet with a committee investigating january 6 insurrection as soon as today. frances haugen is a former project manager for facebook who
5:38 am
just testified on capitol hill this week. much of the information she obtained during her time at the company hasn't been made public yet. ceo mark zuckerberg has blessed her claims, saying they are not true. she wants senators to pass laws that create more transparency. she also wants a federal agency to see -- to oversee social media companies. reggie: massive cargo ship that may be responsible for causing that major oil spill in california is now more to at the port of oakland. we just learned that the coast guard has ported that ship. this is new video of the ship being unloaded last night. investigators are looking into the possibility the ships anchor snagged and bent the pipeline that ruptured. there are new clues the associated press reviewed data showed unusual movements while anchored close to the pipe for the leak started. it is believed that more than 104 4000 gallons of oil spilled intohe ocean, closingeaches and on't is ifu hear the blue s
5:39 am
today. practicing ahead of tomorrow's fleet week air show. that should happen between 1:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. the u.s. navy has also opened ships up for public tours. this gives you the chance to see a day in the life of a u.s. sailor and the national guard. you get to walk through the corridors and the flight deck. part of the ships interior will be closed to the public because of the pandemic. it's not just bay area residents who are excited for this event. this is the first time at some servicemembers will get to explore san francisco. >> i'm a really big fan of your citroen and chinatown. i'm pretty excited to see the golden gate bridge. and a lot of other things san francisco has to offer. kumasi: all right. ship tours on peer 32 and 35 will be open on monday. i know you want to know about their shows. they run tomorrow through sunday between golden gate bridge and alcatraz. if you want a full list of the events, you can find that on our website.
5:40 am
a family hitting a snack with the u.s. immigration system. this is a story jobina has been following for months. reggie: lighting up the neighborhood at night. the family really getting into the halloween spirit. but first, let's check in with mike. mike: i love that. i thought we would talk more about fleet week because it has been so cloudy, but guess what? it's going to turn slightly warmer and sunny as we head into the weekend. tomorrow, the clouds would keep us at 62. saturday, with increasing centron, 65. sunday, 67 degrees. he may want to grab the sunscreen both of those days if you're going to be out for a while. a talk about neighborhood temptress. under a mosley cloudy sky, temperatures in the middle to upper 50's and most inland east debate neighborhoods. -- east debate neighborhoods. the rest of us around 50. oakland at 58. air quality couldn't be much
5:41 am
better. everybody is green this morning. as you look around the state, we only have one area, ship, that is sensitive. -- sensitive groups need to be worried about that. here's a look at 880. clo hgi t cool and clean air. this weekend, maybe you're thinking about going to tahoe. let me show you the first sign that winter is coming. chance of thunderstorms today, but it turns over to a possible snow down to 7200 feet tomorrow morning. temperatures below average all weekend, then another chance of snow on monday. temperatures remained below average tuesday and wednesday. it's not a lot of snow, but it's a start. jobina: i will take it. i am to follow a crash in san jose right now. the back of his now on northbound 280 at 7th street. they did update the location for us.
5:42 am
if this is part of your morning commute, a heads up to you there. also, fremont. won't run into a slowdown here on souboth of those injuries han reported. things are moving smoothly on the san mateo bridge. traffic is getting busier for people making their way toward the peninsula. a live look at oakland, showing you our 880 at the coliseum every day in business brings something new. so get the flexibility of the new mobile service designed for your small business. introducing comcast business mobile.
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kumasi: -- reggie: new this morning, some encouraging and implement a verse. the u.s. labor department just released the weekly jobless claims report. 326,000 unemployment claims were filed last week. that's a decrease from last week. continuing claims or just down over two points of one million.
5:45 am
about 97,000 less than the prior week. tomorrow, they will release the september jobs report. kumasi: many people don't understand how complicated our immigration laws and processes can be unless you are living it. jobina: you can clearly see, all of us here, the crisis unfolding at our southern border. some challenges are not as visible. here's a preview of my special report that airs tonight. >> no, i don't have anything, this is my only son. jobina: this is the moment i met this family in 2019. their son tj moved into his freshman dorm at uc berkeley. the family is from india, has lived in america since 2013, and now has hit a major snag. with the u.s. immigration system. >> it's very difficult to -- i tried to keep myself positive. jobina: the data works for a private consulting firm and has
5:46 am
an h-1b visa. it is popular among international workers. his wife and son have a dependence visa, meaning they cannot work. tj is a junior emco engineering student at cal and needs an internship to land a job after graduation. >> it feels really bad to see him putting in all these efforts. jobina: he needs his visa converted to a different one. the family bit of the paperwork in july of 2020. that's just a snippet of the issue we will get into tonight. i will talk about how this could force tj to leave uc berkeley in the country. i will spell out how covid and the trump administration plays a role in this families problems and many others across the country. that is tonight at 7:00.
5:47 am
reggie: looking forward to it. college could soon become more affordable and accessible in california. more than a dozen lawmakers with the governor as he ceremoniously signed seven bills in the law. this was at cal state northridge yesterday. some of the new things include opening more slots for in-state students at california universities, increasing funding for financial aid and affordable student housing, and a zero cost textbook program. >> there is no equation to address the issue of income and wealth disparity unless we provide opportunities and create pathways to close those gaps. reggie: these latest bills come on the heels of massive investments in higher education in california this year. in july, the so-called california comeback plan included a historic $47 billion for u.s. -- uc, csu, and other college systems. kumasi: some residents had a chance to weigh in on salem beach.
5:48 am
it has been listed for $3.7 million. it already has a lot of potential buyers, including sonoma county. they were focused on the possibly that the county might use this as a navigation center for people expensing homeless s -- homelessness. >> i don't understand why we are putting homeless people on a beach or beach like area, where there are not a lot of jobs. >> they are people. as a community, we need to do something about it. kumasi: the 10 acre property includes 10 cabins, eight lodge, and a campground. reggie: house decked out for halloween is drawing a crowd in fresno. this family created -- re-created the black pearl from parts of the caribbean. it is entirely handmade with cannons, sales, and a ghostly crew. they have done an -- they have done elaborate holiness place for the past 17 years. >> we do it for the kids.
5:49 am
it is an alternate hood, so we want to kind of get kids to come and enjoy the ship and hopefully to come trick-or-treating at our house. reggie: the family will light up the display every night until halloween. disney is a parent company of abc 7. that's commitment. kumasi: it is. handmade. reggie: i know. mike: i'm in for that. road trip. it's take some of these kids i know, since minor tooled. kumasi: never too old, mike. put them in the car and you well. reggie: -- mike: we will either go to fresno or our friend in tracy. reggie: can we stop in tracy on the way to fresno? mike: i'm not going past tracy. you know that. it's a good ride. t's talk about the weath hi, everybody's thursday morni's a look at clit will remain mosty
5:50 am
with below average highs not only today, but tomorrow too. tonight, we begin our first chance of showers that begins in the south and east take. tomorrow, we will say goodbye to that chance of showers and hello to warm sunshine as temperatures turn back to average levels. in the clouds, we have some moisture and it is trying to fall out. the cloud -- the clouds became kind of fuzzy yesterday and looked like they had a bit of a tale. that's when the clouds are releasing moisture, but it is evaporating before it hits the ground. 61 at san francisco, oakland 65, san jose at 69. near 70 in our inland east eight neighborhoods. upper 60's to near 70 in the north bay. tonight, a little clearing begins in the north bay. look at all those 40's the rest of us we cloudy with 50's. a little bit of green showing up in the south bay. we will start at 7:00 this morning and you can see a few
5:51 am
holes in the cloud cover, but for the most part, a gray day. whether possible tomorrow morning, our inland east bay and south bay neighborhoods. sunshine in the afternoon. near the coast ready night and into saturday morning, there is another, better chance of measurable rain. then, we have increasing sunshine. here's a look at the potential. you can see a couple of hundredths if you're lucky. here is our 70 forecast. cooler tomorrow my temperatures in the 50's and 60's. the sunshine pushing us into the 70's and 80's away from the coast this weekend. it gets really windy on monday and tuesday. i will be watching for heightened fire threat these two days. as we get closer, we will lock in on that. reggie: thank you. new at 6:00, the latest fashion trend revival. hopefully you still have this in your closet at home. it's now all the rage for the seasons to come. kumasi: now a
5:52 am
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kumasi: in the south bay, there is a fruit quarantine this morning because seven oriental fruit flies were discovered. tracking issues impacting the environment is key to keeping a better bay area. these insects attacked -- attack fruit that is still on the tree. that can ruin entire crops. the quarantine covers 96 square miles from the fairgrounds north toothy adam rock neighborhood, then south to santa teresa county park. those in the quarantine zone are being asked not to share their backyard fruit to keep flom sprea >>rsnehe me ti growing t food. they probably have to do more pesticides, which no one wants to do. it will be more difficult for
5:55 am
them to export things to other countries because they don't want this. kumasi: treatment is already underway, targeting the male fruit flies. the county's commissioner says it could be nine months before this quarantine is lifted. reggie: the clean cars for all program is back. it helps you retire your old car and get an assistance buying a more eco-friendly vehicle. the pending on your income, residents 9,500 toeplace aas powered ct wi a hybrid, hybrid plug-in, electric car, or to get a transit card or bike. >> the clean air cars program makes clean air cars affordable for residents living in areas of high pollution. this is critical if we are going to really be able to address this issue, we have to be able to include low income communities. reggie: people living in dozens of bay area zip codes can apply. the amount of the great varies by income and the number of residents in the household, as well as the type of car you buy. mike: if you saw my facebooky fc
5:56 am
post, i could really use that. my car is in the shop. it might be the end of it. it has 307,000 miles. i was hoping to get just a little bit more, but. kumasi: i treated it well. -- it's sad. mike: i treated it well. and it treated me well too. middle to upper 60's as we had dropped the rest of the 70 forecast. this isn't the only area that is going to be cooler than average. 79 in the south bay. our warmest day will be 76. in the north bay, our average is 72. our mistake will be 77. kumasi: new at 6:00, fighting wild fires before they happen. a new law signed by governor newsom aimed to cut down on fire chases. reggie: los angeles passing one of the strictest vaccine mandates in the country. there is one big difference between their version and the one that we have here in san francisco. kumasi: san jose could see new
5:57 am
water cutbacks. we will tell you what that means for you. the mayor's new move to bring it one step closer to reality. mike: a look now from sky seven. -- reggie: a look now from sky seven. this
5:58 am
5:59 am
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moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: a powerful earthquake rocking pakistan overnight. have died, hundreds injured. reggie: new developments on huntington beach oil spill disaster. the cargo ship that may have caused the pipeline rupture park there overnight. we have just learned it is on the move. we are going to track that development. >> swing and a drive, deep left field, this is way back, walk it off! kumasi: giants fans, meet your match. a familiar foe. a big game in the bay area friday. reggie: let's take a moment to enjoy the beauty of the bay area perfectly captured by a photographer at sunset. this is at pacifico late last month. we just wanted you


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