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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 8, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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in game one against the job -- the dodgers tonight. anchor 2: the governor's decision will the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury.
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at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. reporter: and historic date as the giants and the dodgers played a playoff game. reporter: a huge weekend of events all over town. the sights, sounds, and crowds are loving it. meteorologist: trucking light showers overnight tonight. we take a look at the forecast. anchor: the governor giving restaurants and bars a helping hand. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> and the giants win in game one of the national league division series. anchor: giants fans hungry for eight win in their -- a win in
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their first playoff game against the dodgers, fans already ready for another showdown for tomorrow. i'm dan ashley. ama: i'm ama daetz. let's get to luz pena, who is live in oracle park. luz: hey ama, this is exactly the win giants fans were hoping for. giants started strong with this very good win, and you could see behind us, people cheering for the giants and the presence of this win is still strong in this area. over 30,000 people packed oracle park. >> go giants! luz: and that's exactly what happened tonight with a packed house and a sea of orange and black. the giants delivered a game one playoff when. -- playoff win. >> giants won. we'll take it in three. lu
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luz: you have a dodgers fan right next to you. >> dodgers, defending world champs. luz: inside oracle part, fans across the state came to cheer the two best teams in the league. >> really fun to have the dodgers fans in here to watch the giants beat them tonight. luz: a rivalry that runs deep and gets between families and friendships. what you tell each other at home knowing you were going to come to the game? >> you know, we've been talking trash, morning, night. i've been saying the giants are going to win. he's been saying the giants suck . but we all know the giants are going to win. >> doctors are going to win. not even close. luz: thank you for chatting with us. i hope you're still going to love each other after this. >> it's great. my best friend, rivals, talk trash the whole time.
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one of us is going home crying. luz: who is that going to be? >> this guy. luz: the only tickets left, standing room only. t still found a way. how jealous are you of your sister right now? >> more mad than jealous. luz: this series is not only bringing life back to the city, but also boosting economies, hotels and parking garage is here. we spoke to several people paying between $40 to $90 from parking spot nearby. if you are planning to come to game two tomorrow, keep that in mind and take public transit. we will see what happens tomorrow. luz pena, abc 7 news. dan: the giants had big at-bats tonight, and chris alvarez was at oracle park and has more on how the giants earned this big
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win. chris: the giants scored all four of the runs tonight via the home runs, buster posey, kris bryant, brandon crawford all went deep. logan webb was dominant on the mount against the dodgers. he went 7.2 innings of scoreless baseball, striking out 10, the fourth giants picture with tense records or more in their first post season games. >> the composure, the demeanor, the poise, big stage, incredible atmosphere, and webby kind of channeled all that into his performance tonight. >>'s got the ability to get guys out and a lot of different ways and that's a recipe for success. that's for sure. >> it's really cool. these moments growing up as a player, just the able to be a part of it do it is something
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that's special for sure. chris: they reveal will have complete highlights coming up later. the giants have a 1-0 series lead, game two tomorrow night. back to you. ama: thank you. giants fans were not the only ones celebrating tonight. fleet week festivities went on well beyond the story. >> it's my birthday and we've been coming since 1982. reporter: for 39 years, fleet week has been there birthday party. >> it's her birthday, too. reporter: the same group, same bench, same picnic. >> i looked at my suitcase and said it will all fit in there. reporter: and then there's the noise. not that noise. this noise. >> i am definitely the loudest screamer. >> they look for us every year.
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they wave at us. they look and they wave. and we see them. reporter: but last year, the pandemic caused their party, so this flyby came with extra emotion. >> i got the chills. i just wanted to cry because i feel so patriotic. reporter: also buzzing, the bars. >> a lot of drinks. a lot of navy guys out with us. the giants. we moved in last year under quarantine, so this is the first true fleet week experience. >> had to those jets sound to you? >> honestly, scary. reporter: in the mission district, the first marine division band marched down valencia street. staff sergeant eric and dollars is in town from pendleton. >> you meet while people, -- wild people, cool people, awesome to be a member of the san francisco six days here. >> awesome. honestly, i haven't felt this much pride in our country in a while. reporter: mayonnaise hosted the
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marines, the fourth time it moved away from the waterfront to the mission. >> this is the beating heart of san francisco. every year, they should come to the mission reporter: and it's only just begun. kate larsen, abc 7 news. ♪ >> some other sig sig sig from our abc 7 news cruise today. check out what our cameras spotted while filling the air show. that's a coyote spotted running around and seemed oblivious to the planes flying overhead. >> parking can be tight on game night, this place had a spot. and just a block away from the arena, as long as you were willing to pay $95. >> this rabbit didn't have to worry about paying for parking. when alex isn't cheering on the giants, he is comforting his own.
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dan: the weather was just magnificent for all of the events today, so how about the weekend? let's go to drew tuma to see what we have in store. drew: a lot of sunshine saturday and sunday and temperatures very fall like. but changes in the night sky as we speak. live doppler seven, you probably noticed the increased cloud earlier this evening. we're watching it a we -- watching a weak ripple of air and will see drizzle along the immediate coast line. if you are heading into the this city, tomorrow finds some morning clouds and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60's. game two at oracle park tomorrow , not nearly as windy as tonight was. i thought it does turn windy.
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ama: this, head to our website, we will have the highlights for the air show today and the parade ships. it is also posted on our site. dan: to go alcohol is here to stay, but some local bar owners say while the new law is nice, they are having to worry about other issues. ama: and new fallout after violence at site san jose soccer game. the move that will mean discipline for fans this weekend. dan: new details about face ill of an oil, how they are spinning it in a new direction. ama: plus, what is coming up on jimmy kimmel live. jimmy, i know you are sleepy, but i need you. little did we know that in 1991, said don't call it a comeback, i've been here for years, you would still be here in another 30 years. [applause] that's crazy, right?
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that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically reco. it has helpemen ful e clearly. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. dan: a big boost from the governor for bars and restaurants, to go cocktails and drinking parking is here to stay. it is part of building a better bay area, and business owners tell abc 7 that during the pandemic, those extra income streams kept them afloat. reporter: cheers to bar and restaurant owners across the bay area. governor gavin newsom friday signing legislation that will give businesses that temporarily expand to sidewalks and parking lots of one year grace period to apply for permanent expansion. >> now we know our footprint for our business is going to be larger, which gives us the flexibility to know that we can hire more people without having
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to let them go again once we have the park it's removed. reporter: sushi confidential owner says customers are feeling more comfortable dining outdoors. additional legislation will now give restaurants, bars, breweries, and wineries to go alcoholic averages with food orders through the end of 2026. >> as big a catastrophe as this pandemic was, let's take the good that we learned during this emergency and make it permanent. reporter: and while its welcome news to most, the owner of the underground bar says the demand for to go cocktails has completely gone dry. in a statement, the owner told us i don't think it's the cocktails most people want. it's the interaction and social atmosphere. the to go cocktails were a temporary solution. there won't be a long-term answer to get the industry back where it was. but it is a start. it's one of the few silverlining's the pandemic is set to offer the service
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industry. he calls it another revenue stream as owners continue to work to recoup losses. now the work turns to winter weather. amn r din>> the wait-and-see ap, but we are here to fight through it. we are going to fight through the winter. reporter: in san jose, i'm amanda del castillo. ama: pfizer says it's ready to ship pediatric doses nationwide as soon as it gets the green light. san francisco announced a vaccine mandate for city contractors. it applies to those who work alongside public employees. the deadline to be vaccinated is october 31. crew ships returning to san francisco. the majestic princess will sail through the golden gate. it will be the first of 21 arrivals expected by the end of the year. dan: tomorrow night soccer match in san jose has been called off because of the violence at the earthquake's game last night. eight people were arrested after fights broke out at the stadium
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and in surrounding lots. one person was grazed by a bullet. police say it might have started when a fan ran onto the field and punched a san jose player. the earthquakes say tomorrow's friendlyilbe postponed until next year because of security concerns. ama: new developments out of texas, an appeals court is allowing the state to resume banning most abortions. a federal judge suspended the new law, but the state appealed to the fifth u.s. circuit court, and that court granted the state's request. the law allows private citizens to sue clinics or anyone who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion after a fetal heart has been detected. dan: the u.s. coast guard released details into the investigation of last week's oil spill off the coast of orange county. officials say multiple ship anchors could have struck and displaced the underwater pipeline. it could have happened several months, up to a year ago. the findings were based on marine growth found on the pipe.
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officials estimate the size of this bill is lower than anticipated and could range from 25,000 gallons to 131,000 gallons. ama: look at this video. the first snow in the sierra was a welcome sight for many. but it doesn't mean that region is out of the woods for the rest of the fire season. the caldor fire is still ongoing. it is 96% contained now. >> things are still quite right in the area, so just in general over the sierra, people should be aware even though there's been some precipitation, it's not really enough to get into the ground. ama: during the extreme drought conditions, the small amount of moisture isn't enough to put out a fire. early next week, 50 mile-per-hour winds are expected, bringing a new round of fire danger. dan: we're very glad to say that four people injured while fighting a wildfire at sequoia national forest were released from the hospital today and back home tonight.
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one is a calfire employee and the other three are members of the conservation corps. they were hit by a falling tree yesterday. a crew from vallejo fire came to their aid in the department released this photo, saying these firefighters are also trained paramedics. they climbed a steep hill and rushed to help those who were hurt. ama: pg&e warning of a potential shutoff tuesday in 18 it could include areas of napa, sonoma, and solano county's. they are respecting strong winds, with peak gusts. pg&e says the blackouts aren't necessary to keep wildfires from starting. psps coincides with fire weather watch. dan: the weekend is here, off to a great start in terms of the weather around the bay area. ama: maybe a little less wind than we had earlier today. drew: certainly less breezy. those winds were gusting well over 30 miles per hour, ushering in those cooler temperatures in the afternoon.
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tomorrow, a lot of sunshine by the afternoon, but tonight, tracking light showers through parts of the bay area. the last hour, we had a report of napa of light showers from middletown, even just to the east of cloverdale. we're watching a quick, weak ripple of energy sliding to our coastline and likely bring some isolated drizzle to parts of the region over the next six to eight hours. here is future weather and what we are describing. cloud cover overhead, the coastline the best chance for finding what weather overnight tonight. first thing tomorrow morning, up early at 7:00 a.m., mostly cloudy skies and coastal drizzle. but those clouds break down quickly. by noon, expecting total sunshine across the entire region. tonight, we see a live look, those clouds upstairs right now, some isolated pockets of drizzle, as well. that onshore flow will continue bringing in fresh air. tomorrow and sunday, your air quality is good across the
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entire region. numbers were dropping into the 40's in some spots, 48 in clear lake, mid 50's to low 60's, 50 in san jose, 56 right now in the city. overnight tonight under mainly cloudy skies, some coastal showers, very light in nature. some chili spots in the north bay dropping to the 40's. places like santa rosa, napa, lakeport, may want to grab the winter jacket as it's chilly outside, mid to upper 50's around the bay shoreline. we start the morning with a lot of cloud cover. those clouds quickly break down. the afternoon is bright and really seasonable for this time of year, 67 in the city, 73 in santa rosa, 70 in san jose, 74 that high and concorde. as we fast-forward into sunday, much of the day, winds are generally light. it's in the afternoon and evening the wins will really ramp up. by sunday night, a fire weather watch will begin. this will last through 5:00 p.m.
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tuesday. watching two time frames, late sunday night and monday night for these gusty winds that will heighten fire danger. the next seven days for you, tomorrow sunday -- sunny after morning clouds. by tuesday evening, the wi are out of here and it's a nice end to the afternoon. ama: thank you so much. dan: the legal saga over subways tuna sandwiches may be over for now. by the judge throughout the i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill, dovato is as effective as a 3-drug regimen... to help you reach and stay undetectable.
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ama: i judge has thrown out a lawsuit over subways's tuna sandwiches but didn't make determinations whether the tuna israel. the plaintiffs in the case alleged the sandwiches didn't include actual tuna, and subway was committing fraud. the judge says the plaintiffs didn't meet a legal standard for filing the case. they could improve they bought standards based on misrepresentation by subway. the case can be refiled if the plaintiffs address that issue. subway is praising the judge's decision. dan: let's move on. one down, two to go to the giants. ama: larry? larry: crowd was amazing. jan's opening the playoffs against the dodgers. you could not script it any better.
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larry: the drain set a franchise record for home runs this season, and the hit parade continued in game one of the national league division series against the giants tonight, three bombs and an absolute gem from logan webb. legends in the house, steve young, jerry rice, "beat phthalate" -- l.a." chants. bouncing into the cove, just missed a splashdown. you rarely see righties homered to right field at oracle. justin turner, ground ball.
11:29 pm
club flip, backhand to brandon crawford they make it look effortless. it's not that easy, folks. 7.2 innings, did not allow a run, struck out 10. pretty good postseason debut, i would say. giants got kris bryant for games like this. bottom seven, high, deep, a humming's goodbye, so jack, 3-0 giants. bottom eight, brandon crawford grew up in pleasanton learning to dislike the dodgers. gone. giants take the opener in this best-of-five series, 4-0 is your final score. right now, here's buster on logan webb. >> i think what's impressive to me is hidden being able to control -- him being able to control the extra energy and nerves, not only this game, but the last game of the season, and has really taken it up a notch. >> obviously two great teams who want this and are prepared for
11:30 pm
it. and i definitely think the environment was right where we wanted it to be today. larry: keeping the bay area versus l.a. theme, lebron and the lakers, preseason action. steph curry, 4-3 splash. scored 30 points, three of 14 from deep, some lobbying with the refs. jordan looks like a splash brother. he'll be fine while clay is recovering, 28 points, six threes. 56 from downtown. this is how they're going to play this year. as we expected, ricky trey lance will make his first nfl start sunday in arizona. jimmy gurule flow out with a calf injury. the question is whether he will have george kittle to throw to. he is doubtful with a calf injury of his own. college football friday night, david sean, hermann all smiles. his favorite play is the fade.
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eliza higgins to the touchdown, 7-7. all sun devils the rest of the way. elijah badger finds the seam and he's gone. 22 yards, arizona state roles to a victory, 22-10. sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino, game two, giants and dodgers tomorrow night, 6:07 p.m. first pitch, kevin gausman against jose korea's. i don't know if i should stay here tonight for tried to get over the bay bridge tomorrow with the game and the blue angels and everything going on.
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but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. ama: thank you for watching.
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i'm ama daetz. dan: and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. right now, o >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- ll cool j -- nick robinson -- and music from tems. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. thank you. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thank you for coming. very nice. thanks for watching as we are -- [ cheers and applause ] thanks for being here. we are at our headquarters here in hollywood where it's both pumpkin spice and flu season. [ laughter ] not a coincidence. every year -- it seems like fl


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