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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  October 9, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> and the giants win game one of the national league division series. liz: giants fans are looking forward to tonight pivotal game two against the dodgers. last night, the orange and black flanked l.a. to take a one at oracle park. now the giants are looking to go up 2-0 later today. good morning on saturday, october 9. you are watching abc 7 news at 8:00 a.m., live on abc seven, hulu live, and wherever you stream. i'm liz kreutz, and let's start with a look at the forecast with lisa arden. lisa: 40's now and the northbay, our inland valleys. tonight will be no different,
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but we are looking at a batch of moisture that totally missed us overnight, leaving us with low routes, pretty view here from ballmer peak, view from our exploratory in camera. numbers in the 40's from santa rosa, novato, with 44 to 48, 49 and fairfield. 51 in concord and livermore. sunny and breezy afternoon along the coast. upper 60's in the city, mid 70's inland. by noon time, we are all in the 60's, so it will warm up quicker, and some numbers below average, despite the warm up today. we will make up for that tomorrow, but also have red flag warning to talk about sunday night. liz? liz: the historic series between the giants and dodgers continues today in san francisco. elise peña was at game one, where both fans were pumped up
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for the start of the season. >> beat l.a.! elise: and that's exactly what happened. the giants delivered a game one playoff win. >> giants won. giants won. giants won. we are taking it in game three. elise: you have a dodgers fan right next to you. what do you want to say to them? >> you guys are my friends, but you know it is dodgers in five. elise: inside oracle park, fans came to cheer the two best teams in the league. >> it's fun to have the dodgers fans in here to watch the giants beat them tonight. elise: in a rivalry that runs deep and gets between families and friendships. what did you tell each other when you came to the game, when you knew it would happen in san francisco? >> we have been talking trash morning and night.
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i have been saying the giants are going to win, he has been saying the giants suck, but we all know the giants are going to win. elise: thank you for chatting with us. we hope you will still love each other after this. >> one of us is going home crying, so -- elise: who is that going to be? >> this guy. elise: the only tickets left, standing room only. are you glad you are here? >> definitely. elise: and those who couldn't make it to the park found a way to be there during the historic series. how jealous are you of your sister right now? >> not jealous, just mad. liz: and a masterful performance on the mound by logan webb. as alvarezasitmoho the giants earned their win. >> the is home run, buster posey
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, san francisco and the win, but the true story of the game, 24-year-old logan webb, who is dominant on the mound against the dodgers. seven-two thirds, becoming just the fourth giants pitcher with 10 strikeouts or more in the first post using game. >> it was the composure, the demeanor, the poise. big stage, incredible atmosphere, and web, he just kind of channeled all that into his performance. >> he's got the ability to get guys out in a lot of different ways, and it's a recipe for success, that's for sure. >> it's really cool. i feel like i keep saying this, but you kind of dream of these moments, growing up as a player. just to be able to be a part of the and do it is something that's special, for sure. chris: larry beil will have highlights of this game coming
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up later in sports. tonight, six: 07, first pitch at oracle. back to you. liz: giants fans were the only ones -- weren't the only ones celebrating. kate larsen went to events from the marina to the mission district for fleet week. >> it's my birthday and we have been coming since 1982. kate: for 39 years, fleet week has been her birthday party. >> it's a birthday tradition. >> yeah, the food and the booze will fit in there. we've got rollers. we are good. kate: then there is the noise not this noise, but this noise. we see them.e a ut
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pandemic caused their party. this year's flybys came with some extra emotion. >> i got the chills. i wanted to cry because i feel so patriotic. kate: also buzzing? the bars. >> a lot of navy guys will be out with us. it's the giants -- we moved here last year under quarantine, so this is our first true fleet week experience. that sounds fun. kate: how does the jets sound to you? >> scary. kate: in the mission district, the band marched down valencia street. staff sergeant eric gonzales is in town from camp pendleton. >> you meet cool people, you make long-lasting friendships through fleet week as well, so it's awesome to be a member of san francisco for the six days we are here. >> it's so awesome. honestly, i haven't felt this much pride in our country in a while. kate: the owner of the civic gathering space manny's hosted the marines. it's the first time the fleet week event has moved away from the waterfront to the mission. >> this is the beating heart of
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san francisco. every year they should come to the mission. kate: and it's only just begun. the festivities continue through the weekend. kate larsen, abc 7 news. liz: and if you want to see more from this, but from the comfort of your home, head to our website, we have the highlight of the airshow and the parade of ships you can watch. if you want to check out fleet week in person, the schedule of events is also posted on our website. also today, a busy weekend, the worriers our hope is sting -- hosting -- the worriers are hosting an open practice in front of fans at the chase center. tickets cost five dollars. fans will get to see former warrior sean livingston before practice starts. if you are going, you must show proof of vaccination to go inside. fans 11 years and younger must show proof of a negative covid test. doors open at 11:00 this morning. in the south bay, tonight's soccer match at paypal stadium
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has been called off because of the violence at the earthquakes game friday night. eight people were arrested at the stadium and surrounding parking lots. one person was grazed by a bullet. police say it might have started when a fan ran onto the field and punched a quakes player. today's friendly will be postponed until next year because of security concerns. lisa, it's chilly, but things might start warming up a bit. lisa: we have sunshine and clouds on the way. in emeryville, temperatures in the low to mid 50's, going from a high of 70 today. we will be breezy the closer to the coast you are, but temperatures leveling off tomorrow before we talk about lots of wind and more cool air coming our way. my forecast is next. liz: lisa, thank you. also high-rise hostage , situation. video captures the moment a the
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liz: new this morning, a suspect who took a woman hostage this weekend after committing a series of violent crimes in los angeles is now dead. a warning, the video you are about to see might be difficult to watch. bystanders captured this video, the suspect can be seen holding a gun to the woman's head inside a high-rise on wednesday. the man committed at least four crimes, including opening fire at a family and grazing a 14-year-old boy before taking the woman hostage. the woman did not know the suspect. a swat team entered the apartment and shot and killed the suspect. the woman was taken to the hospital and is expected to be ok, but a scary situation
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there. a big boost from governor newsom for bars and restaurants. the to go cocktails that we loved during the pandemic and drinking in parklets are here to stay. business owners tell us that during the pandemic, those extra income streams kept them afloat. >> cheers to bars and best trenton -- bars and restaurant owners across california. governor gavin newsom friday signing legislation that will give businesses that temporarily expanded to sidewalks and parking lots a grace period to apply for permanent expansion. >> now we know the footprint for our business is going to be larger, which gives us the flexibto know that we can hire more people without having to let them go again once we have the parklets removed. >> sushi confidential owner knows that the move is in line with customers still feeling more comfortable dining outdoors. additional legislation will give restaurants, bars, breweries and wineries the green light to g -- sell alcoholic beverages to go
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with food orders through november 26. >> as big as the during the pandemic was, let's take what we learned and make it permanent. >> and while it is welcome news to most, one bar owner says the demand for to go cocktails has completely gone dry. in a statement, the owner told us, i don't think it's the cocktails that most people want, it's the interaction. they were a temporary solution, but will not be the answer to get our industry back where it once was. but it's a start. the owner says it's one of the few silver linings it has had to offer the service industry. he calls it another revenue stream as owners work to recoup losses. now, the worry turns to winter weather. will rain dampen outdoor dining? >> the wait and see approach. but yeah, we are here to fight through it. we fought through covid, we will fight through the winter. >> i'm amanda del castillo you,
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abc 7 news. liz: and in covid-19 headlines, pfizer says it is ready to ship pediatric doses nationwide as soon as it gets the green light for kids five to 11. san francisco has announced a vaccine mandate for city contractors, this applies to those who work alongside public employees. the deadline to be fully vaccinated is december 31. cruise ships are returning to san francisco. on monday, the majestic princess will sail through the golden gate, the first of 21 arrivals expected by the end of the year. and solano counties health officer is calling out other bay area counties, saying there is no benefit to an indoor mask mandate. >> none of the counties that have such a mask mandate showed any benefit. all of them should have seen a reduction with disease and at most two weeks. none of them did. liz: but other health officials strongly disagree. abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra has that story. stephanie: as most of the bay area inches closer to lifting indoor mask mandates, the county
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that never had one stands by its decision, despite having the highest transmission rate. >> we ask ourselves, why would we do that? stephanie: for months, he said requiring masks for vaccinated people in indoor environments did not make any sense, given county data did not support that is where transmission was occurring. solano county reports more than 10,000 cases per every 100,000 people, the most of any other county. >> we have higher rates of disease than other bay area counties, but it is not passing in indoor public spaces. stephanie: given what we know about how transmissible the virus is, how can you be sure? >> that's a great question. we investigate every case and do contact tracing. every case we would interview would say oh yeah, i went to a party and three other people were also sick. these illnesses are occurring in family and social gatherings. stephanie: he says the county
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has yet to receive any data of the virus passing in indoor environments, but it's unclear whether that data is made available to the public. wouldn't you say it's better to be safe than sorry? >> better safe than sorry is a philosophy. not science. if this mandate made a difference, we should of seen evidence of it, and said, did those counties who implemented it show a faster reduction in disease and those counties who didn't implemented? the answer is no. stephanie: but other bay area health officers disagree. >> the indoor mask mandate definitely had an effect. there was a decrease in cases. stephanie: dr. mason says there is no question there has been a benefit to an indoor mask mandate, but the success cannot be attributed to one intervention. >> you have many things going on here. you have vaccine verification. stephanie: sonoma county's case
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rate did not reach the height of solano county during the latest surge, but there have been more than 220 cases of viral spread traced to indoor events like restaurants and bars. stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. liz: ok, the first snow in the sierra was a welcome sight to many, but it does not mean that the region is out of the woods for the rest of the fire season. right now, the caldor fire south of lake tahoe is still burning, and is 96% contained. >> things are still quite dry in that area. up in general in the sierra, people should be aware, even though there has been some precipitation, it is not really enough to get some good wetting down into the ground. liz: during the extreme drought conditions, the small amount of moisture from the first snowfall is not enough to put out a fire. early next week, 50 mile-per-hour winds are expected, bringing a new round of fire danger. and four people injured while fighting a wildfire in the sequoia national forest have been released from the hospital. one is a cal fire employee and three others remember of the
8:18 am
call-up and you conservation corps. they were hit by a falling tree thursday. a crew from valeo fire came to their age. the department released this photo, saying these four firefighters are also trained paramedics. they climbed a steep hill and rushed to help those who were hurt. great work by them . and pg&e is warning of a potential public safety power shut off in 14 california counties, including areas of napa, sonoma, and solano counties. the utility is expecting strong winds, with peak gusts from 35 to 50 miles per hour. pg&e says the blackouts are necessary to keep the fires from starting. the psps coincides with a fire weather watch. lisa, get more details on that one. when will we get that one? lisa: monday, tuesday, everything is dead up there, except for the trees. we are preparing for a couple of nice days before the winds kick
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up. they will be onshore shore today and tomorrow. see the system offshore? there were a couple of systems that brought rain to southern california from la jolla to los angeles, even bakersfield, the southern sierra, the northern sierra and for the bay area, nothing. this system swept off the coast. look at san jose. some clouds left over, 53 in san jose, 55 in san francisco and oh and with 40's and morgan hill. half moon bay is cool and a hazy golden gate with mid 40's to upper 40's. santa rosa, nevada, napa, 51 in concord and livermore. finally, 53 degrees in santa cruz, a gorgeous morning there with temperatures in the 60's today, so we will be warmer by a little bit. temperatures just shy of average and gusty winds coming into play tomorrow night through monday, even into tuesday. five degrees cooler from novato
8:20 am
to concord. certainly having those more tunnel nights, but we will get into this fire weather watch that will bring the temperatures down, by the way, because they will be warmer today and tomorrow, but you can see the highlighted areas start out in the upper elevations. the winds up to 25 miles per hour, gusting 40 to 50, which brings the relative humidity down to the single digits. here are the winds today. they are on today, they are gusting to 25 and 35 miles per hour. early monday morning, 40 bite 48 miles per hour here, and look at the wind and to monday afternoon. very gusty out there into tuesday, and we will see dry winds bring that cold air behind it. this is a system that will miss us, so we get into monday and tuesday, and when we have snow forecast for the northern sierra
8:21 am
, again in the southern sierra, and the back edge of this system is the wind that we get tomorrow night. we will be watching that, and a lot of sky today from blue angels, with mid to upper 60's today. tomorrow, downtown, the rest of the bay, 74 in concord, breezy winds in half moon bay. 73 in morgan hill and tonight, we do it all again, giants at 61 degrees, first pitch, 6:07. upper 60's i the ninth inning. a pretty nice weekend with a lot of sunshine, a little breezy at times along the coast today and high fire danger monday, tuesday, and by wednesday, things will relax. we are getting warmer, typical october weather into the end of next week, thursday and friday. liz: certainly starting to feel like fall this week for sure. just ahead, suing a school district. a big deal on its own, but this
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liz: the san francisco unified school district is facing a $116 million shortfall for 2023. the school board voted last week continue spending money to try to cover up controversial murals at washington high school. the senior education reporter has that story. >> as of this day, they have spent 148 thousand dollars defending the school board's fight to cover up the controversial murals at high school. >> the initial vote of 6-0 was to whitewash or remove the murals. when the national and international outcry, five to six weeks later, they reversed that and changed it to a 4-3 boat to just cover the murals.
8:25 am
1 >> over the summer, a superior court judge ruled against the school district. but last tuesday, the school board voted 6-1 to continue pursuing the case. the district would not comment today because of the pending advisory council coordinator did. >> our board has deep values and are very committed to equity, so we have to make tough decisions a little while. but we don't need to be wasting any more money on lawsuits, in my opinion. >> this came the same day that the state department of education warned the school district to keep their spending under control. >> time is of the essence here. tackling it bite by bite, piece by piece, we can't eat this whole pizza at once. >> in addition to the mural litigation, the district has spent $60,000 on lawsuits when it tried to rename 44 schools.
8:26 am
one hundred 15,000 to defend against a lawsuit filed by one of its own board members, allison collins. the district is now facing some hard choices as it wants to avoid a state takeover. >> the state is giving us support. we have time to make a balanced budget and prove to them that yes, we can avoid that kind of situation where they would need top in. mend, ws it's haunted mansion. you have a new movie called muppets haunted mansion. reggie got a chance to interview two of the film's stars. >> gonzo, in this movie you go to disneyland. whole challenge is -- >> whoa, whoa, whoa -- reggie. it's not disneyland. at the haunted mansion. >> oh, the real haunted mansion.
8:27 am
so definitely not disneyland. haunted mansion, you spend the night there, and you are trying to just survive the evening. gonzo, in the past -- >> what are you looking at? >> you didn't even tighten your tie. >> you got home about an hour ago. >> where were you? >> we had a premiere last night and things went a little long. >> pepe went clubbing. liz: disney is the p p p company of abc 7. still to come on abc 7 mornings, the battle of executive privilege over white house january 6 investigation. president trump is threatening a showdown in the courts after president biden releases controversial documents it. in california is the first state that will allow some
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. liz: good morning, everybody. this is abc 7 news, live on abc seven, hulu live and wherever you stream. we'll start with another look at the weather with lisa arden. i was so cold yesterday, watching the blue angels. boy, was there a lot of wind. lisa: you need the jacket, but today the wind is not as gusty, unless you will be at the coast. many of you will be for fleet week. 55 downtown as well as oakland, 58 in mountain view, and low 50's in san jose. a pretty view of vollmer peak, you can see some haze and left over moisture from the fog. mid 40's in santa rosa with 50 in nevada, so they are coming up out of the 40's with all that son, and low 50's in concord and livermore. a week system slept by -- weaker system swept by along the coast
8:31 am
this morning, but we will recover four or five degrees today. that keeps us a little below average and again, that onshore flow at the coast will keep cool , but we will have another chilly night tonight. we will talk a warmer sunday and windy monday, coming up. liz: lisa, thank you. now, to the battle over executive privilege. the biden administration clearing the way for the trump white house documents to be sent to the committee looking into the events surrounding the attack on the nation's capital. abc's white house correspondent has the details. >> this morning, former president donald trump threatening a showdown in the courts. the biden administration green lighting the release of some confidential documents from the trump white house, saying they should be turned over to the house select committee investigating the attack. the committee wanting to know what former president trump and his closest confidantes were doing moment to moment that
8:32 am
day. >> we are n attempts to undermine our democracy by the president. >> bidens white house counsel says they could help the committee get to the bottom of the events that day, and any assertion of executive privilege is not in the best interest of the united states. many past presidents have fought against turning over sensitive communication, citing their right to confidentiality. former president trump said the documents should be protected and blasted democrats, saying they are drunk on power, but this dangerous assault on our constitution and important legal precedent will not work. the house committee also subpoenaed several trump aide's to testify. a few days ago, trump seemed to suggest he would >> be fine with them talking. > i would like for them to go in and say what they have to say. we did nothing wrong. >> but steve bannon's lawyer
8:33 am
saying the questions of executive privilege should be resolved first. liz: new developments out of texas. a federal appeals court is allowing the state to resume banning most abortions. a federal judge suspended the new law, but the state appeals to the fifth u.s. circuit court, and that court granted the state's request. the law allows private citizens to sue clinics or anyone who assists a woman in obtaining an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. millions of elementary school children may be weeks away from getting their first dose of the pfizer covid vaccine. ty hernandez has the details. >> more clarity on the timeline for the millions of young children next in line for the vaccine. if the fda authorizes the pfizer shots for five to 11-year-olds after its october 26 review, the cdc could give the final green light as early as november 3.
8:34 am
the pfizer vaccine for children is expected to ship immediately after that. >> now that we know hundredsedss millions of people have received this vaccine, i think we feel all the more confident in the safety of the vaccine. >> right now, the number of pediatric covid cases is falling, but experts say the risk lingers. meantime, as the number of new cases falls from coast to coast, states including montana, alaska, and west virginia are dealing with big surges. >> we are an 18 bed emergency department. at one point today, 14 of those 18 beds were covid positive patients. our i see you is full. we had a few people who needed i see you, so we had to find a way to transport them to different facilities. >> vaccination efforts continuing across the country. federal officials say 400
8:35 am
million doses of the covid-19 vaccine have been administered. now, spirit airlines is the latest carrier to announce vaccine mandates for employees. the airline set to announce the specific soon. ty hernandez, abc news, new york. liz: and california is the first state that will allow adult children to add parents to their insurance plan as dependence. adults must rely on their child for at least 50% of their total support. it only applies to people who buy their health insurance on the individual markets. the law will not go into effect until 2023. and new details about the devastating oil spill off the coast of southern california. the pipeline that spewed tens of thousands of oil into the ocean may have been damaged months ago. abc news reporter syringe shop has -- syringe shop
8:36 am
originally thought to have started just one week ago. it could have been actually caused by multiple anchor strikes up to a year ago. >> there was one initiating incident that occurred several months to a year ago of an anchor drag situation. we are confident now that it was a large vessel. >> video shows marine growth around the 13 inch crack, which spewed up to 144,000 gallons of oil. investigators planning to examine all ships traveling over the pipe the last year and a major climate event that happened late january. this coming as tarballs have been showing up 60 miles away in san diego county. officials trying to determine if they originated from the spill. >> altogether, or it could be a gradual crack that could have been in place for a long time, getting worse over time. >> and 1500 people helping out with cleanup operations, some of them trying to save these birds and other wildlimeanwhile, orany
8:37 am
prosecutors announced a criminal investigation into amplify energy, the company that owns the park -- pipeline. it was discovered the ship never traveled directly over the pipeline. abc news los angeles. >> a judge has thrown out a lawsuit over subways tuna sandwiches, but did not make any determination about whether the tune is real. the plaintiffs in the case had alleged the sandwiches did not include actual tuna and subway was therefore committing fraud. the judge said the plaintiffs did not meet a legal standard for filing the case and did not prove that they bought any sandwiches based on misrepresentation by subway. that way is praising the judges decision. star trek fans are eagerly awaiting when william shatner crosses over from fictional space to the real thing. on tuesday, shatner, who played
8:38 am
the iconic james t kirk in the original series, will launch into a -- launch into space and a rocket built by blue origin. fans were excited by the news that he will finally blastoff. >> i think it is so awesome he is getting ready at 90 years old to go into space. that is fantastic. i really love that. liz: blue origin confirmed two people with bay area thais will also be on the flight. audrey powers is a blue origin employee and dr. chris is a former nasa employee, whose headquarters is in san francisco. and we are still weeks away from halloween, but retailers are already setting their sights on christmas. how it could help make up for all those covid cutbacks. here is a live look outside this morning, it's been a beautiful sunrise here as we have been watching the sun come up on this
8:39 am
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liz: happening today, the 29th annual festival of india and do wally in fremont. it's the premier south asian festival in the bay area and today, there will be live performances, lots of food and drinks, and a parade. festivities run from 9:00 to 5:00 on paseo padre parkway. lisa: if you were up up up up us, it was certainly cool, but we did not see any rain. 54 in santa cruz, going for highs in the 60's. a little breezy, but slightly warmer across the bay area. tons of sun today, tomorrow, even warmer, then we get on the backside of a system that will bring snow to the mountains and when to the bay area. my forecast is next. liz: also next, buster posey gives the giants a first inning lead. we have all the highlights of
8:43 am
the game
8:44 am
8:45 am
liz: tonight, the giants will try to take a commanding 2-0 lead over the dodgers in the national league division series. kevin gassman lirez. >> the giants had a homeeee record for franchise runs this season and continued in a national league vision series against the dodgers. legends in the house. steve young and jerry rice leading the beat l.a. chance. buster posey down the line off f walker buehler. you barely see righties at oracle, but souvenir. a great defense here. a glove flip backhand -- dp
8:46 am
they make this look effortless. it's not that easy. webb was so good, he was ridiculous. did not allow around, struck out 10 pretty decent postseason debut. bottom seven, chaya, deep, deep, means goodbye. brandon crawford, who said he learned up in pleasanton learning to dislike the dodgers, that is out of here as well. the giants win the opener this best-of-five series, four-zero. here's buster. >> was impressive to me is him being able to control the extra energy and nerves, not only in ut the's really taken it up a n. >> two great teams who want this and are prepared for it.
8:47 am
i definitely think the environment was right where we wanted it to be tonight. >> lebron and the lakers, prsteph curry had 30, three of 4 from deep, though. irby lobbying with the refs. jordan poole looks like he is a splash brother. knocked down six threes, 28 points. 56 threes -- this is how they are going to play they hit 20. they win, 121-114. rookie trey les will make its first nfl start sunday in arizona. jimmy gurule although out with a calf injury. it's now question whether they will have the all throat tightened, who is doubtful with a calf injury of his own. david shaw and herb edwards all smiles as stanford and arizona state -- arizona is pretty good. hiheou t tie p
8:48 am
elijah b asu pulls to victory, 28-10. that's your wrap on morning sports. let's see if the giants can do it tonight. a 6:07 start against the dodgers. we will have the highlights later on tonight. have a great weekend, everybody, i'm larry beil. liz: everyone's crossing their fingers. lisa: we know it is going to happen. as we look at this system passes, exactly what it did overnight. it brought range of the northern and southern sierra. another system gave los angeles, bakersfield, some rain. low clouds, a very pretty pictures and cool, temperatures from 55 in san francisco and oakland, low 50's for morgan hill, stuck in the mid 40's for a while. d3 on the coast and here's a look at our exploratory in camera. the winds kick up later, 44 in santa rosa.
8:49 am
the votto, 48 and napa with 49 by the delta and 51 for our friends in the east bay valley. we will enjoy a lot of sunshine today. temperatures still shy of average downtown, and the wind will keep it kind of cool. it will be sunny today and tomorrow, milder each day with below average today, near average tomorrow, and gusty winds, the play late sunday into monday. two to five degrees cooler this morning for some of you, and this fire weather watch will turn into a red flag warning by tomorrow. we are highlighting the areas where we will see winds over 25 miles per hour, maybe even 40 and 50 mile per hour gusts. some cold air with it, relative humidity below 10%. we could see it below 5%, so if you have a generator or portable generator, charge of those devices, because pg&e already saying they will shut off power in some areas. as we look at our wins by the afternoon, they are breezy along
8:50 am
the coast. later on today, 25 to 35 miles an hour, but the napa a areas really get windy behind the systems. look as we get into monday and tuesday. dusty to a couple of inches in lake tahoe and yosemite, and when we get those gusty north lee wins, that drives things out. the winds are onshore today. mid-60's to upper 60's, so nice downtown. tomorrow is a warmer day for everyone and as we look at the highs today, they are comfortable, autumn light with 70 in lake port and richmond. san rafael in the mid-70's, lower 70's inland. san mateo, 70 with that onshore flow. a repeat performance tonight at 61 degrees, 6:0 7, 50 7 -- it gets chilly as the evening wears on. bring the jackets. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny days today, tomorrow, cool nights with the
8:51 am
onshore winds over the weekend, and in the wind shifts to an offshore component for red flag warning's. windy conditions that will last through tuesday. on wednesday. thuray and friday, back into theliz: it's all over the place right now, but i am not ready for it to get too cold yet. i will take a little more warmth before it gets too cold. takes, lisa. the fast approaching holidays could be a happier time for merchants and consumers. here to last year, when covid impacted income and spending. a new national survey indicates people have seen their incomes rebound and have money and the confidence to spend it. david louis looks at rising optimism. >> what a difference compared to a year ago. retailers and shoppers are optimistic about the upcoming holiday shopping season. the international audit tax and consulting firm says 67% in a
8:52 am
new survey say their income has returned or exceeded pre-pandemic levels. nearly one in three plan to shop in stores on black friday, twice as many as last year. >> we have a lot of people now saying black friday is a bit of a sport, and i am looking forward to getting into stores on black friday to do some shopping and take-home products with on that day. >> online product shopping willl remain strong. however, consumers will need to prepare for potential shortages online and in stores due to cargo shipping delays and supply chain issues. for that reason, six in 10 surveyed say they plan to start their holiday shopping this month. what normally would take a couple of weeks or even a week has stretched out to about a month or so. >> michelle johnson manages this chocolate shop in willow glen. many are expected to see a rebound from the pandemic downturn as vaccination rates
8:53 am
raise confidence in holiday socializing. >> what that means, they are going to expend more money. >> kpmg and -- consumer spending to increase over the year. the biggest change could be an extending courtesy one -- when shops get crowded. >> they will wait at the door. we have a small little shop. we will wait at the door and let the other customer take care of their needs. liz: next, boo at the zoo.. all the festivities happening at the oakland zoo for its annual halloween celebration.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
and the next jackpot increases $ilcallgllst weef there will be a spooky, animal themes gather endure -- scavenger hu reserve tickets in advance. the event is happening every friday, saturday and sunday this month. let's get one final check of the forecast -- warmer today than it was yesterday, lisa. lisa: and we still have the onshore wind, so it will be cool and below average downtown. upper 60's cooler than below-average in oakland, 70 in san jose, but more 70's today than 60's. we will look for the wind to kick up late tonight. in the meantime, the giants have to play a game. sers will 9:00. and we get a we shift on the winds go offshore for monday and
8:57 am
tuesday, increasing wildfire danger with the red flag warning. the winds will calm down by wednesday, and then we warm up thursday and friday. but definitely chilly overnight. liz: thank you, lisa, and thank you for joining us on abc 7 mornings. we have a full day of espn college football ahead. next at nine :00 a.m., sixth-ranked oklahoma battles number 21 texas. ways e state -- boise state will take on by after the game wi the game beil at 8:00 p.m.. we continue our newscast at 11:00 p.m.. have a great day and go giants. ♪
8:58 am
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